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How do I write a narrative essay on nurture?

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When you have been assigned a specific type of essay, the first thing to do is ensure you understand the assignment.  For this particular essay, this means understanding what a narrative essay involves as well as understanding what you mean by an essay on nurture.  Many essays dealing with the topic of nurture focus on the nature versus nurture debate, but that topic is more compatible with an argumentative essay or compare and contrast essay than it is with a narrative essay.  

A narrative essay tells a story and uses the story to support a thesis.  Therefore, your first step when writing a narrative essay is to try to figure out your thesis.  Some writers like to start with their thesis sentence and build their essay from that point.  Other writers may actually write much of their essay and then work on the thesis statement.  However, even if you decide to wait to write your thesis statement, you should have some idea of your thesis while you are writing.  If your essay does not support your thesis, then you need to either change your thesis or change the text of your essay. 

To write about nurture, we suggest thinking about a time that you felt nurtured.  For many people, being a child and having a parent’s loving care is probably the best example of being nurtured and taking care of a pet is many people’s first experience with being the nurturer.  However, your essay will really stand out if you choose a different example. People nurture in different ways and it does not always seem like being nurturing.  If you can think of an example where a gruff person actually nurtured and cared for you, people love to read stories like that, so it would make a great narrative essay nurture topic.   

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