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Need Help with a thesis statement on different portrayals of King Arthur in books, tv series, and movies?


I have an essay due and the topic I have selected is the different portrayals of King Arthur in books, tv series, and movies. But I cannot put this thought into a thesis sentence/statement can you help me? 


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King Arthur has been a steady feature in pop culture since the original stories of him were told hundreds of years ago.  In fact, he retains a mythical status because of the quasi-historical nature of the stories told about him, leading to many people wondering if King Arthur is actually a real person.  The consensus appears to be that he was not an actual person, but that there were real people whose stories contributed to the stories of King Arthur.  It is no surprise, then, that he continues to be a compelling character in books, movies, and tv shows.  Even less surprising is that how King Arthur is portrayed in those various forms of media depends on the perspective of the work in general, and whether the work endorses the traits for which Arthur was known or questions the cultural assumptions that equated those traits with goodness.

Here are some ideas for thesis statements about how King Arthur is depicted in various representations:

  1. How a creator chooses to depict King Arthur is a reflection of the surrounding political culture.
  2. Depictions of King Arthur in popular media reveal a lot about underlying attitudes towards women, including internalized misogyny that may not be overt in the actual representation of Arthur.
  3. King Arthur was only a good guy to people on his side in the Crusade and media depictions exploring Arthur’s flaws are much more common in places and times that explore the historical context of the Crusades.
  4. Depictions of Arthur, particularly of…

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