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Continuation of Business Plan

Words: 3316 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93533774

Adidas Business Plan

The following pages present an in depth business plan on Adidas developing a customized footwear line. This is the updated version of the preliminary plan submitted previously. This project plan describes in detail the necessity of Adidas developing a customized shoe line in accordance with the strategy behind NikeID. The project objectives, scope and deliverables have been updated in order to satisfy the changing needs that Adidas must face on environmental level. Project risk and the responsibility matrix have also been improved as a requirement of project plan updates. The Schedule and Constraints section addresses each activity included in the project in detail.

The competitive environment in which Adidas develops its activity requires the company to establish innovative strategies on product development and marketing. With Nike investing significant resources in product innovation, but also in modern marketing techniques, Adidas is forced into copying its competitor's strategy in…… [Read More]

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Customized Shoes Project

Words: 1373 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88455857

Customized Shoe Service

he project is represented by developing a customized shoe service for Adidas' customers. he idea is replicated after Nike's ID service. he success of Nike's customized shoe service determines Adidas product development researchers to develop such a project that their customers can enjoy. Basically, the service consists in personalizing customers' shoes with glow in the dark paint in a variety of prints.

he importance of the project relies on the service generating increased sales for Adidas. his is also intended to increase customer satisfaction. It is likely that most customers that will address customized shoes already are customers of Adidas. However, a certain number of new customers can be attracted. he customized shoes project is also intended to help Adidas differentiate itself from other spot shoes producers.

Involvement by Other Departments

he development of a customized shoe service is a complex project that requires the collaboration of…… [Read More]

This is one of the reasons for which companies do not present their entire range of products in a TV commercial in the fast moving consumer goods industry. They prefer to only advertise the most important product of the range, or several products in different commercials. Therefore, by providing a customized shoe services that provides a large number of choices that must be made by customers, Adidas might not make the best decision regarding its business. Some of its customers might orient towards smaller brands that provide a smaller number of different shoes, which reduces the pressure associated top making a decision regarding the purchase in case. It is important that the company develops a thorough analysis on the implications and requirements, and consequences that developing a customized shoe service is likely to have on its business expansion strategy, and also on its profits.

Reference list:

1. Customize the latest from NikeiD (2013). Nike. Retrieved September 15, 2013 from
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Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry the

Words: 1665 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50429404

Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry

The brand caters a promise of reliability, in effect that one stand behind their product. Branding is not an action we can realize overnight. A successful brand is built over time from the hundreds of little things we do right. . The brand is, at its core, an declaration of a standard performance. It guarantees that the product or service carrying that brand will live up to its reputation. The merit of a brand rises or falls with the integrity of the people behind it. The principles of the principals build or rupture a brand.

When running shoes first came on the market, it was a marvelous development over the old sneakers and high-tops. But soon the market became crowded with shoes bearing a wide variety of features, at a wide range of price points. The main players in the sports shoe industry are…… [Read More]

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Continue Shoe Project

Words: 1172 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11351675

Shoe Project -- Phase II

Project/Service Description

As noted in the first phase of this series of reports, the objective of the Adidas customized shoe project is to offer a solution that brings Adidas into the same realm as its competitors while at the same time exceeding the similar offerings that the competitors offer. The Nike ID offering is obviously not unlike that of the Adidas offering but the Adidas Corporation will perfect and hone the offering in such a way that is clearly superior to that of Nike and other companies that offer a customized shoe option.

Project Scope

The scope of the project is quite simple. Adidas corporation will construct and develop a framework that allows for the exhaustive yet efficient mechanism for customer to custom-order shoes that are customized to the preferences and desires of the customer while at the same time allowing for a process that…… [Read More]


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Consumers Buying Behavior Consumer Buying Behavior Marketing

Words: 942 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95876758

Consumers Buying Behavior

Consumer Buying Behavior

Marketing of Two Brands based on Consumer Buying Behavior Models

Marketing of Two Brands based on Consumer Buying Behavior Models

The report on Case

Performance expectancy

Effort Expectancy

Social Influence

Facilitating Conditions


Hedonic Factor (Enjoyment)

Marketing of Two Brands based on Consumer Buying Behavior Models

Marketing is a very important component in today's business. And for this purpose the businesses need to know the buying behaviors of the consumers. Chandon, Morwitz and einartz (2005) defined purchase intentions as customers' intentions to purchase or repurchase. They showed that purchase intentions are spontaneously directed to purchase behavior. Current paper is a report on the marketing strategies of two brands; Visio television and an Adidas Micoach running pacer based on the consumer buying behavior models.

For the current assignment I have two products. One is a Visio television that I have selected for my son to…… [Read More]


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Creating Competitive Advantage the Core

Words: 327 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10060538

It can often leverage the personality of the athlete to reinforce its core values such as the use of John McEnroe, the tennis champion noted for wanted to change the world of tennis. and, it can leverage teams and athletes as part of its marketing localization strategy such as the use of soccer in Europe.

4.Yes, Steve and arry's is a huge threat to Nike. Like Nike, the company is leveraging athletic superstars to endorse its product. NA player en Wallace appears on Steve and arry's home page. To date, the company appears to have a niche base of consumers who cannot afford the more expensive Nike products, but if it can convince consumers that the quality of its product is just as good as Nike's, it could attack Nike's broader market.


Urde, Mats (2003). "Core Value-ased Corporate rand uilding," European Journal of Marketing, Vol.…… [Read More]


Urde, Mats (2003). "Core Value-Based Corporate Brand Building," European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 37, No. 7, pp. 1017-1040.
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Quiksilver Inc Case Study Brief

Words: 2910 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82348010


This approach is highly congruent with the guidance of marketing experts such as Wheaton (2004) who advises, "There are synergies between different lifestyle sports industries and their media. Corporations make equipment for several lifestyle sports, sometimes under different brand names. Clothing companies like Quiksilver sell to a range of lifestyle sport markets including skating, surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding and have been quick to exploit the potential of emergent and rapidly growing activities like kite-surfing" (2004, p. 10). Because the company also designs and manufactures the core sporting needs for these sporting enthusiasts, it is important to identify defining characteristics of this market. These sports are characterized by a number of features of interest to Quiksilver's and its competitors' marketers with respect to their various core product and accessory lines, including those set forth in Table 2 below.

Table 2

Defining features of the surf and sports industries



Such…… [Read More]


'About Us.' (2012). Quiksilver, Inc. [online] available:

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Motley Fool. [online] available:

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Australian Financial Review 2-5-06 Illustrates

Words: 399 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61503781

Therefore, the company needs to aggressively pursue legal action against companies to ensure that the integrity of its brand is maintained.

A high profile event like the orld Cup can provide a platform for an athletic wear company, so that company must move aggressively to ensure that no other company steals the spotlight for which it has rightfully paid. This approach is necessary as well because of the lack of protection for intellectual property in some countries.

This article also illustrates the concept of expansion by acquisition. In order to bolster its presence in North America, the largest market for athletic apparel, Adidas purchased Reebok. The company can retain the brand it has purchased, or utilize the acquisition's distribution channels and market share for its own advantage. The strength of the acquired brand will in part dictate this decision. It should be remembered in such situations that the specific products…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Marinovich, S. (2006). Adidas puts boot in to protect hard-earned stripes. Australian Financial Review. 2-5-06, p.61
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Business Articles in Comparing and

Words: 1275 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72734195

It is preisely beause the ompany deentralized its ontrolling brands into less bulky pakages that the CEO ould streamline their prodution proess and ahieve greater results. However, the Hard Rok Cafe artile showed exatly the opposite business strategy. Whereas traditionally all Hard Rok Cafe's and Hotels provided their own entertainment, the new strategy that Hard Rok is attempting to reate will link many of these operations together through the internet and digital feeds. They argue that this will allow ustomers from loal venues to experiene the large venue attrations that Hard Rok is known for. They in effet believe that greater integration of its basi operations is the key to suess. This is a sound and logial strategy, beause the importane of providing "big time entertainment" in loal venues is a very appealing and proven method for getting more ustomers. Hard Rok's onsolidation strategy allows them to go to the…… [Read More]

cited in one of the articles, the company inevitably fails. Therefore to understand business management is to not only look at case studies attempt to find out what makes a particular business successful, but extract the overall themes of what makes all successful businesses cutting edge. The implicit lesson from all of these articles is that business is about vision and having great vision is about being able to break down a company into many different parts and recognize how to put it together to streamline its production cycle, supply-chain, and overall branding strategy.

On a personal level I learned from these articles that corporate strategies are shaped by the particular business, rather than strategies shaping business. The essential difference between these two interpretations was something that I have never really thought about until case studies across these three different articles. Business, as a living organism grows and matures, it never stays stagnant and nor does the market that it operates in. Therefore, I must treat business like any evolutionary science, to observe what changes need to be made to shape business to the cultural, social and political policies of the modern era rather than keep analyzing them based on their past laurels.
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Microeconomic Event Related to New Balance Athletic

Words: 2802 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54114818

microeconomic event related to New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

The shoes industry just like any other business activity encompasses of diverse footwear retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers. The chief wholesalers in the entire United States of America marketplaces especially the brand name owners obtain the shoes from the independent manufactures. The retail footwear organizations range entails the small shoes businesses that provide shoes to the local citizens to the multinational chain companies. However, most of the footwear industries all over the world operate in both the wholesale and retail arenas hence capable of increasing the profitable returns. Operating through both the wholesale and retail arenas also assist the shoe companies to reduce the risks the organization faces. For instance, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. incorporates all the retail and wholesale plants to acquire ready-made materials for the production of the final footwear product (Carroll, Archie and Ann 71).

Analysis of current…… [Read More]

Works cited

Carroll, Archie B, and Ann K. Buchholtz. Business & Society: Ethics and Stakeholder

Management. Mason, OH: CL-South-Western Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.
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Market Research and Company Overview

Words: 2520 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38036350

Athletics Supreme Marketing Plan

Company Overview and Market esearch

Overview of Company

Athletics Supreme is a company that has been in the sporting product industry for 10 years now. The main offices and largest retail store of the company is located in New York City. In particular, the company has become a household name in providing sports equipment, such as tennis rackets and balls, rugby balls and footballs. In addition, the company offers sporting exercise equipment, such as treadmills, weights, rollers and the like. The company has grown, both in scale and size, over the past five years. It has been able to open several other retail stores in different states across the nation. In addition, the company has also been able to expand globally with one store in Canada and another in the United Kingdom. In the contemporary, owing to the increase in demand from consumers and popularity, Athletics…… [Read More]


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Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight Reveals

Words: 984 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23819221

A high production value and an industrial feel throughout much of the song impart an engagingly chaotic and progressive feel to the song.

6. MC Lyte is one of the few successful female rappers. In "Paper Thin" MC Lyte raps over minimalist music that includes just the beats and the occasional sound of a synthesized but unidentifiable instrument playing an eerie melody. Lyte tells the story of a jilted lover, with an overall theme of empowerment. Occasional encouragement from background vocals and a chorus of "ooooh" refer to African music. MC Lyte also draws gender issues into the repertoire of rap lyrics.

7. The Beastie Boys "Paul Revere" stands out because of the reverse-played scratch sound. Synthesized maracas add sonic texture, but the focal point is the amusing story. "Paul Revere" is one of many New York area rap songs denoting a shift of content away from love of music…… [Read More]

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Competitive Advantages of Nike Is

Words: 1686 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8250087

In addition, it will be necessary for the company to continue to use technology to stay on the cutting edge of shoe innovation.


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Analyzing the Marketing Discussion

Words: 1268 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70161724


The positioning statement is also referred to as the brand strategy or positioning strategy. In particular, it is a statement that offers a concise, but detailed description of the core target audience to whom a brand is heading for, and a convincing depiction of how the marketer wants them to perceive the brand. The main products that I was enticed to purchase using social media were shirts from Target. The positioning statement the company used is "Expect More. Pay Less." This is an appealing and compelling description of the products being retailed by the company. This implies that the products that I would purchase would be cheaper and will be of a greater value. Social media portrayed this positioning statement in a very effective manner. First of all, the statement is perceived next to the name of the company every time a search for "Target" is done. In addition,…… [Read More]


Fleming, K. (2015). Why thousands of people are running with Kevin Hart. New York Post. Retrieved 24 February 2016 from:

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K-Swiss Company Description K-Swiss Is

Words: 1132 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64606178

ith respect to footwear lines, the industry is segmented. The segments are often by sport, with Classic being a non-sport addition. The leading sport is running/jogging, which was worth $3.16 billion in 2008; classic was second with $1.98 billion and kids was third with $1.78 billion. Sport-specific segments, including tennis, basketball, soccer, skate/surf, outdoor/adventure and sports sandals are smaller, but can be high growth segments. Many of these segments are intensely competitive and the major players tend to compete in all segments vigorously. Thus, while K-Swiss has attempted to carve a niche for itself, it still faces intense competition from other differentiated providers.

The industry is dominated by two major key success factors -- marketing and design. Firms in the athletic footwear industry spent billions on marketing, including endorsements deals with athletes, advertising, and securing distribution networks. For smaller firms like K-Swiss, distribution is more difficult to achieve, but it…… [Read More]

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E-Retailing Plan for Made-To-Order Athletic

Words: 3982 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53074972

Figure 2: Using the BCG Growth/Share Matrix To Evaluate Eleftria Market Opportunities

Star Products

Question Marks

Cash Cows


Source: (Anantachart, 2004)


e-retailing metrics

The e-retailing objectives for Eleftria Athletic shoes and their plans for attaining them are defined here. The first objective is to create an e-retailing strategy that capitalizes on multi-channel management, meaning that e-retailing site will be accessible over the Web, through specialized interfaces on Blackberries and PDAs, and also will have telephone ordering as well. The second objective is to create a completely integrated e-retailing system that connects to pricing, catalogs of shoe components, suppliers to validate the shoes being designed can be built, and shoe costs to ensure when compared to pricing the can be produced at a profit. This back-end system integration needs to be real-time as it allows for greater levels of responsiveness to the customer has a result. The third objective…… [Read More]


Saravudh Anantachart. (2004). Integrated Marketing Communications and Market Planning: Their Implications to Brand Equity Building. Journal of Promotion Management, 11(1), 101-125.

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Puma Nike

Words: 731 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1558753

Nike, Puma

Nike and Puma are two of the major competitors in the international athletic footwear and apparel industry. Nike was founded in 1964 and is based in Beaverton, Oregon, a Portland suburb. Puma was founded in 1924 and is based in Herzogenaurach, a small town near Nuremburg in the Franconia region of Bavaria. Puma was founded by two brothers, but they later split and one would form Adidas. Both companies operate internationally, with roughly the same business model of overseas production and marketing-driven sales. Nike makes more extensive use of celebrity endorsements, but Puma sponsors many sports teams as well. Nike has 34,000 employees while Puma has 9500 employees. Nike is the larger of the two companies. Nike has revenue of $20.8 billion and net income of $2.13 billion. Puma has revenue of €2.7 and net income of €202 million.

Slide Two: Both firms have faced ethical challenges, primarily…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Starbury Collection Stephon Marbury's Pricing Strategy to

Words: 542 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78059592

Starbury Collection

Stephon Marbury's pricing strategy to endorse a signature sneaker for $0.98 only demonstrates his objective for his brand to become the "cost leader" among sneaker products in the market. As a cost leader, Marbury's sneaker brand aims to appeal to a broader set of markets, offering them a sneaker collection that is similar to style, design and function as other leading brands in the market -- only, Marbury's sneaker collection, Starbury, is sold at a cheaper price than these leading brands.

The Starbury brand's positioning in the market reflects its pricing strategy. It appeals to a broader consumer group, which means Marbury's sneakers target a broad range of consumer groups. Starbury's customers range from young adults to adults. In addition, the inclusion of a clothing apparel line shows that the brand tries to be a 'lifestyle' brand to its target markets. As a result of its broad scope…… [Read More]


Barney, J. 2005. Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases. NY: Prentice Hall.
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Nike Inc

Words: 1787 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40015853

viable marketing plan for the footwear giant, Nike. The plan has been adequately substantiated with thorough research on different factors affecting the firm along with various ways of addressing future challenges. This research paper highlights that Nike is confronted with multifarious issues which need to be negotiated amicably. Result of the study concludes that there is still a world waiting for the Nike to be exploited, outsmarting its competitors employing its innovative and creative business strategy.



In 1962, two individuals from the University of Oregon established a small company with the name of lue Ribbon Sports (RS). In 1972, the company was renamed to Nike, the name adopted from the Greek goddess of victory. At present, Nike owns facilities in Oregon, Tennessee, North Carolina and The Netherlands. It also operates leased facilities for 15 Nike-towns, over 80 Nike Factory Stores,…… [Read More]


All Products,,view_all

Andris A. Zoltners, Prabhakant Sinha, Greggor A. Zoltners, Accelerating Sales Force Performance, April 2001

Catherine Colbert, Nike, Inc.,-inc./--ID__14254 -- /free-co-factsheet.xhtml
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Decathlon China Decathlon Needs to Determine a

Words: 2253 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53919191

Decathlon China

Decathlon needs to determine a social media strategy. The company has lagged in its growth since entering China, and faces intense competition. However, technological and social changes in Chinese society have provided an excellent opportunity for the company in China. Decathlon needs to determine where social media fits into its total marketing strategy, and from there it needs to determine what it needs to do to make its social media strategy a success.


Decision Statement

The decision at hand is how to best utilize social media. There are two components to this issue, the first being to determine a strategy and the second to determine appropriate metrics. The company needs to determine what forms of social media it will use, how it will use them, and what it can expect from them.


Before making a decision about the social media marketing, Decathlon needs to understand its…… [Read More]

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Environment Under Armour Is a Worldwide Company

Words: 814 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89690984


Under Armour is a worldwide company that produces performance sports apparel. In an environment where people are always looking for the "latest and greatest," a company with a high-tech and unique product can certainly flourish. In the world of athletics there is a desire for quality products that improve performance. Additionally, local and younger athletes look towards professional athletes to set the trend as far sports apparel, equipment and accessories are concerned. The technology used in the Under Armour products is new, and has potential to change for the better as technology changes. A wide range of athletes are looking for this type of performance gear, so products need be either very specialized or appeal to multiple demographics. There is a huge market not only in the United States, but in all parts of the world where an emphasis on athletics is prevalent. While these products are not traditionally…… [Read More]

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Economically Impressive History Nike Has Proven Both

Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92289388

economically impressive history, ike has proven both the potential enormity of the athletic apparel industry and the effectiveness of a good logo. That, and an empire of merchandise, celebrity endorsement and university and sports organization contracts have made CEO Phil Knight's shoe manufacturing conglomerate the top producer and retailer of athletic wear. And while the increasingly disseminated effects of economic globalization have made ike a consumer entity in some one-hundred and fifty countries, the prickliness of the issues inherent therein have been a considerable nettle in ike's insole these most recent years. Allegations of ike's illicit labor and production processes abroad have been a considerable help to the shoe company's closest competitors, and ike continues to take a public beating over the issue even now.

In 1998, as human rights activists and anti-globalization protestors took hold of the ike issue, Knight's perennial industry frontrunner became the leading target in efforts…… [Read More]

Nike has since recaptured its competitive edge and continues to be the leader in the industry, amid consistent runner-ups Reebok, Adidas and New Balance. But a most recent decision by a California court that has deemed Nike's business practices as unfair competition threatens that title. The legal move represents a new phase in the activist attack on Nike, which continues to bear the brunt of the most publicly hurled epithets toward consumer industry globalization. Nike's response to most of the previous allegations were embodied in its drive to spare its public image. Advertisements for the corporation abroad spoke of good factory conditions and ethical business practices. This has been deemed by a recent California Supreme Court decision as misleading use of ad space by a margin of 4-3.

This action, which imperils Nike's far lower production costs abroad, has the capacity to serve as a great boost to number's two and tree, in Reebok and Adidas respectively. However, it bears noting, Reebok has been guilty of very similar practices, as annual Reebok Human Rights award ceremonies, featuring activists and celebrities alike, have been employed extensively to obscure violent suppression of worker rebellions and sustenance of sweatshop conditions in Chinese factories. Adidas and New Balance as well, have relocated labor and production facilities from American and European bases to far-more cost-effective Chinese establishments, where production funds are as comparatively low as worker rights.

Nike suffers the indignity as a lone sacrificial lamb because it is the top seed in the industry and, likely, will continue that reign as its celebrity endorser stable remains the largest and most impressive in its field. However, if it is to stay ahead of further allegations, actions and injunctions against its business and competition practices, than it must be at the front of the race for delineation of global employment standards. Admittedly, a wide variant of living standards, national economies and cultural tendencies make this a complex and thorny endeavor, but the obviously unquenchable quest for globalization leaves little doubt that these methods of international production will continue. The dissention that surfaced in 1998 indicated that, in spite of Reebok and other peers, Nike's image is its own greatest competitor and its best vehicle to salvation.
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Sports Apparel

Words: 3353 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98795890

business world, many strategies have been devised to gain and retain customers. Phenomena such as globalization, market saturation, and better information technology have driven strategies such as customer awareness and long-term customer relationships to be favored above relatively short-term strategies to gain new customers, such as product price and quality (Kinuthai et al., 2012, p. 223). Indeed, creating brand loyalty in order to retain customers in the long-term has played a key role in long-term business success. To accomplish this, brands such as those operating within sportswear have emphasized strategies to appeal to consumers responding to products at the individual level. As such, customer loyalty is a significant determinant in the amount of product being bought and the frequency of repeat purchases.

On the basis of this, the dissertation will aim to examine brand loyalty among the youth of a developing country (Kenya) as compared to the same phenomenon in…… [Read More]


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Product That Could Be Marketed

Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20263228

Why do you feel this is a good statement? You may pick any company.

A good positioning statement is important, because it helps you and your customers narrow down your target market, your specific product and service and why it is better than your competitor. It is important for your positioning statement to be unique, so it is easily remembered and makes you stand out among competitors. It should also be believable and make a claim that is valid, as you want it to bring in customers, but also keep customers returning to buy more of your products.

Taco Bell has a perfect and simple positioning statement "think outside the bun." In this short statement, it gives an idea of the products sold and indicates why it is better than the competitor. With all the fast food restaurants throughout the country, Taco Bell is easily able to stand out, because…… [Read More]


Growth Connection, Good Examples of Positioning statement, retrieved at

Chanpory Rith (May 13, 2009), Branding 101: How to write a position statement, retrieved on May 12, 2010 at:
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African-American Culture Has Evolved Significantly

Words: 3517 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38153299

Without a doubt, the behavior of the basketball stars in the nineties heightened the reputation of the African-American community, and brought basketball into mainstream prominence. They proved their black masculinity through both leadership and statesmanship, and paved the road for the players of today's NBA.

Despite the exceptional standards that the players of the nineties set, the basketball culture in the new millennium seems to differ drastically. The Kobe generation of athletes desire individual achievement and personal glory rather than communal empowerment. These players hunger for basketball to validate their identity and crown their greatness. Dr. Mohammed of the University of Irvine argues that this modern generation of players ignores the contact hypothesis (Mohammed 13) because they perceive their black masculinity as innately tied to racial exclusion. These players want to revert to a more stereotypical definition of black masculinity, represented by street basketball and street jargon. The new black…… [Read More]

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Walton, Bill. "Kobe, Shaq and the disease of conceit." ESPN. 27 Dec. 2004. 10 June 2005
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Nike Strategic Analysis Nike's Strategic

Words: 3959 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35199372

For any strategic planning activity to be effective there must be the ability to quickly define process-level changes to increase competitive advantage. Mintzberg's critique of the strategic planning process is illustrated in the shortcomings of the Ashoff Matrix in this regard.

Lack of strategic prioritization of projects within the context of the Ansoff Matrix - the Ansoff Matrix does not provide for strategic criteria to be applied to specific projects. The portfolio management approach to strategic planning specifically has been developed to respond to the shortcomings of the Ansoff Matrix and other analytical constructs like it. Portfolio management is in fact the basis for Boston Consulting Groups' Growth/Share Matrix, or as it is commonly referred to, the BCG Matrix.

Lack of quantification of cash generation and modeling of future financial performance - the shortcomings of the Ansoff Matrix as a strategic tool relative to the needs of strategists, specifically at…… [Read More]


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Nike SEC Filings (2007) - SEC filings completed by the company. Accessed from the Internet on April 7, 2007:
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K-Swiss Inc Allocated Costs K-Swiss Has Operations

Words: 429 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11991515

K-Swiss Inc. Allocated Costs

K-Swiss has operations on numerous continents with multi-level departmental responsibilities for product and brand management. K-Swiss (2010) divisions create and manage product and thus acquire allocated costs associated with the manufacture and sale. "Adidas and eebok -- and to a lesser extent New Balance and K-Swiss saw big increases in orders from Foot Locker, Adidas, eebok and K-Swiss all report robust sales and big increases in their Foot Locker business..." (etail Top 100, 2003)

As such, these divisions facilitate orders to retail outlets for sale of product. The K-Swiss sneaker division, for example, has an allocated cost for materials, machinery, technology, and labor necessary to manufacture a set number of sneakers. Under many circumstances, these variables are simply called capital and labor. However, for the purposes of cost allocation at the departmental level, the importance of describing the specifics of the cost structure is critical to…… [Read More]


Retail top 100: It's all in the numbers. (2003). SGB, 36(6), 29. Retrieved from
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Nike Inc Operations Evaluation of Nike Incorporated

Words: 3551 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73869671

Nike Inc.

Operations Evaluation of Nike Incorporated

Marketing Mix Price

Marketing Mix Place

Market Situation

Factories Based on Region and Product

Current Situation of Footwear Industry

Marketing Mix Product

Nike Current Situation


Marketing Mix Promotion




Critical Evaluations

PEST Analysis

Growth Opportunities

Political Evaluation

Economic Evaluation

Social Evaluation

Technological Evaluation

Changes in Operations orkers at Factories

Code of Conduct Grade Assessment

Operations Evaluation of Nike Incorporated

Understanding how globalization affects a company will be analyzed to explore how Nike Incorporated handles the multiple risks and capitalizes on the benefits of such expansion. As Nike has faced immense growth and criticism due to the complex business model that has led to the number one position in the athletic footwear industry. It has been a challenge to balance strong organizational performance along with required corporate ethical standards expected for a global leader. A critical evaluation of Nike Inc. will…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Number 9-394-198. 2010.

Locke, Richard M. MIT. "Promises and Perils of Globalization" Nike. 2010. <

http://www. scribd. com/doc/31654319/NikeCaseStudy
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Lululemon Firm Activities Relevance of Strategies in

Words: 1639 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94316106

Lululemon Firm Activities

elevance of Strategies in Firm Activities.

Strategic Firm Activities at Lululemon

Strategic Firm Activities at Lululemon

In establishing and concretizing business operations in a market, it is vital to lay down the necessary strategies to determine the level of diversification of the products produced, their affordability and availability to customers. Some of these strategies worked upon are the corporate level, international, strategic alliance and cooperative strategies. The establishment of Lululemon Company has been at the limelight in addressing these strategies in compliance to its industrial trends and in addressing its comparative and capability gaps. The company has enjoyed exponential revenue rates and vantages towards its market. Considerable micro and macro environments have contributed to the progress of the company.

Lululemon's Strategies

Corporate level strategy is responsible for defining the market unto which a business stands. It is a business-level strategy that overlooks the functionality of a company.…… [Read More]


Droege, S.B. (2007). Strategy levels. Encyclopedia of Business. Vol 2.

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Medium Sized Company Sportzshoo Plc Makes a

Words: 2432 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78486029

medium sized company, Sportzshoo plc makes a range shoes sports. The company founded privately owned Steve Scott, entrepreneur Olympic gold medalist.

Marketing information

Types of marketing information needed by Sportzshoo

There are various types of marketing information that Sportzshoo PLC will need in order to succeed. It is important for the company to understand the procedures that are needed to gather, sort, evaluate, analyze and distribute the marketing information in order to ensure that marketers have accurate and timely information for their decision making. There are three major types of marketing information that the company needs in order to succeed. These are recurrent information, monitoring information and research or requested information Shepherd, Food, & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1997()

ecurrent information

This refers to information that is collected on a regular basis regarding the performance of the organization such as market share, sales volumes, product awareness, brand awareness,…… [Read More]


Allenby, G., Fennell, G., Bemmaor, A., Bhargava, V., Christen, F., Dawley, J., . . . Yang, S. (2002). Market Segmentation Research: Beyond within and across Group Differences. Marketing Letters, 13(3), 233-243. doi: 10.2307/40216637

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Brooks, G.R. (1995). Defining Market Boundaries. Strategic Management Journal, 16(7), 535-549. doi: 10.2307/2486974
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Words: 3095 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82580089

Product Placement in Console Games

A growing body of research confirms that one of the best ways to reach male consumers aged 18 to 34 years is to place products in console games. Originally, game developers paid advertisers to include their products in games to lend them authenticity and realism, but advertisers are now paying game developers to have their products placed in popular console games. The introduction of online gaming series has created additional opportunities for product placement and current trends indicate that advertisers will be exploiting this marketing tool even more in the future. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning product placement in console games, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

The introduction of video games such as "Pong" as home entertainment systems more than 30 years ago created an entire…… [Read More]


Andrews, A. (2009, April 1). Amanda Andrews on media: Getting in on the game. Marketing,


Christensen, J. (2009). Global experience industries: The business of the experience economy.

Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus University Press.
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China Manufacturing Chinese Manufacturing Industry the Social

Words: 1884 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32823557

China Manufacturing

Chinese Manufacturing Industry

The social group that I choose to analyze is the population involved with the Chinese manufacturing industry. I choose this particular group is because of three reasons. The first reason is China's economic develop is growing rapidly relative to the rest of the world. Another interesting fact is that compared with other countries, Chinese labor is much cheaper yet there is still a high skill level. Because of these factors, a large number of products are exported every year and some people have called China "factory of the world." The final reason is personal and it is because I am a Chinese, I have an intimate knowledge with China, and my family is also currently engaged in the manufacturing industry. I have access to information about the environment, economics, and politics that has led to the number of manufacturing companies in China that is currently…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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He, Z., & Liu, H. (2002). An analysis and strategic study of quality management in chinese manufacturing industry. IIE Annual Conference.Proceedings,, 1-6. Retrieved from
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E-Commerce the Game Known as

Words: 537 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72847757

Media outreach is significant to create awareness, which the founder and his staff has done by managing a Facebook account, blog, and twitter page. In particular, the site's blog creates a more in-depth description about products and on-going games. The posts are complemented with stunning visual pictures, videos, details about teams and their players. However, media broadcasting goes further by being connected to YouTube, Foursquare, and Flickr. The workings and maintenance of a business online can be improved by acknowledging the experience of consumers. As a result, Rei permits product reviews, testimonials and an email to contact the company. Patrons and companies live in an age of advocacy, where a positive experience can create more business for a company like Rei's, while an opposite account may result in abysmal failure. Thus, the connections made on Digg and Stumbleupon can foster the former or latter relationships.

The commodities relating to soccer…… [Read More]

Works Cited

World Soccer Shop. Bernard Rei, 2001. Web. 17 Mar. 2011. .
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Globalization in Franklin Foer and

Words: 932 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29731972

This can be translated as a reaction to the issue of globalization.

Finally, soccer represents a series of common values. The ad campaigns promoted by major sports endorsements have transformed the game from a lawn practice to a global affair. Indeed, companies such a Nike and Adidas, the symbols of American street culture are no longer prevented from offering sponsorship deals to the Chinese teams, especially given the fact that such companies are strong supporters of the Chinese and Indian economies, with factories and subsidiaries all over the world.

On the other hand, Appiah discusses the idea of globalization from a philosophical point-of-view. Thus he argues that there is a strong relationship between individuality as seen in the works of ancient philosophers and in those of Mill and the social structure that we are today (Appiah, 2007). More precisely, he does not consider a clash between individuality and our social…… [Read More]


Appiah, Kwame Anthony. The ethics of identity. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007.

Foer, Franklin. How Football Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization. London, Arrow Books, 2006.
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China's Power and Responsibility A

Words: 2220 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96980410

Week 6. China's Democratisation: Implications for International elations

Is it a fantasy to expect China's democratization through trade and engagement with the West?

It is rather difficult to consider trade as being a democratization tool. Indeed at the moment, political affairs and economic affairs are connected and interdependent. However, China represents a totally different political system and is one of the most important actors on the global economic scene.

The East -- West confrontation represented in the beginning an ideological confrontation between what communist and capitalism stood for in terms of human rights, economic practices, but most importantly political views. During the Cold War, the bipolar system of the world refused to accept any ties, other than symbolic UN -- type of communications between the two poles. Still the U.S., especially during the period of President Nixon reestablished ties with communist China, regardless of its ideological differences. This comes to…… [Read More]


David Zweig and Bi Jianhai, "China's Global Hunt for Energy," Foreign Affairs, vol. 84, no. 5 (2005), pp. 25-38.
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REI Brand Equity Recreational Equipment

Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53058153

The company's competitive positioning through brand equity can be seen in the variety of specialized out-door gears and clothing which is offered for any sex, age, and activity type. The fact that REI is very environment oriented and emphasizes on this fact in its advertisement and catalogs very much can also be seen as a major advantage, since its customers are the real out-door enthusiast which see the environment as a main part of their lives. Also the company offers travel services around the globe for its members and customers which increases the brand awareness for its products.

Major competitors to REI are companies such as L.L. Bean Inc., Patagonia Inc., and the Sports Authority Inc. The competitive factors for REI are the way their mission statement holds true to this day: "e inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship." Furthermore, the way the company…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Wikimedia Foundation Inc. (2010, Mai 19). REI. Retrieved May 26, 2010, from Wikipedia:
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Human Resource Issues in Taiwan

Words: 1470 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44369072

All these issues point out to the indubitable fact that the human resource in Taiwan is coming closer to the labor force in the highly developed western economies and that additional efforts will have to be made in order to succeed in the island.

Another human resource issue that is important to be mentioned is given by the different cultural values of Taiwan and the American multinational. Divided by language, religion and customs barriers, Taiwan is closer to the Japanese culture than the American one. This will unavoidably mean that our organization has to hire several human resource specialists to make a transition from the Japanese H issues to the U.S. implementation of human resource policies. Some other issues that have to be understood by our company refer to the decision making process, which is generally done in groups; a decision once made is supported by all individuals, regardless of…… [Read More]


Boje, D., Academic Studying Adidas, Reebok and Nike -- Taiwan, New Mexico State University, College of Business, last accessed on May 11, 2009

Gross, A., 1996, Human Resource Issues in Taiwan, Pacific Bridge, last accessed on May 11, 2009

2009, The World Factbook, Central Intelligence Agency,  last accessed on May 11, 2009
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Room I Came Up With

Words: 4449 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93314121

In conjunction with these car ads, car insurance companies took advantage of this by advertising their services as well. Car insurance companies that I noticed advertising through billboards were Safeco, Progressive, and All State. Progressive provided a catchy and positive note to its ad by having the slogan, "Happy drivers make good drivers." From what I can recall in the All State ad, it mentioned something about safe driving, again with a catchy phrase: "Safe driving bonus for not driving like a paparazzi." These car insurance ads, particularly for Progressive and All State, tackle issues relevant to motorists, their target market: both chose to discuss driving behavior, using different ad 'treatments.' Progressive addressed reckless/irresponsible driving by focusing on the ideal driving behavior and its positive outcome, that is, drivers must have a happy temperament in order to be a good driver. All State, meanwhile, chose to go the opposite route…… [Read More]

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Billabong Is Faced With a

Words: 2167 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56914917

Another strength is product development. Billabong must continue to fill stores with new, innovative product that shows leadership in the field. This can come from in-house development or from the purchase of smaller brands. The brand equity of Billabong also comes into play with respect to their reputation. They must be able to maintain their reputation, which can be done in part by retaining some credibility within the surfing community. This will require the ongoing development of products specific to that market, as opposed to just general athletic apparel.

Classification of other Competitors

There are two types of competitors that Billabong faces. In the surfwear segment, the company typically faces competition that operates a focus strategy - differentiation. These firms are more focused than Billabong, being specifically surfwear firms. The other type of competitor is the differentiation strategy and the low-cost strategy. Billabong faces this as a result of their…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Industry Attractiveness the Athletic Footwear

Words: 837 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21398038

Nike, for example, operates in approximately 150 countries around the world. Also, there is room for brand and line extension. This leverages core brands and competencies to move into similar business. In recent years, Nike has built its Hurley and Cole Haan lines in recent years using their manufacturing and distribution competencies, and Reebok has expanded its core brand into ice hockey.

There are many threats to the industry, however. First, the slowing in the U.S. market has resulted in an increase in competition as growth prospects slow for the key firms. The industry is also subject to economic slowdown, especially the top firms, who generally operate with a premium pricing strategy. As most firms in the industry operate with a model featuring global procurement, they are at risk to increases in transportation costs, which cut into their margins.

Another risk is intellectual property rights violations. Two of the key…… [Read More]

Works Cited

No author. (2007). Porter's Five Forces. Retrieved October 27, 2008 at 

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Nike Manufactures and Markets Sports

Words: 6524 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47122026

5% of total liabilities. Their retained earnings, on the other hand, total $5.073 billion. The heavy use of retained earnings is partially explained by their view of themselves as a growth company. hile they pay a dividend, Nike prefers to re-invest much of its profits back into expansion. They do not feel that the market has matured sufficiently to stop their aggressive growth strategy. Another consideration in their capital structure is the cost of capital. On account of its low volatility, Nike has a low cost of debt, approximately 6.8% using CAPM. Their long-term debt is primarily a revolving credit facility. The rate, based on their a+ rating, is LIBOR + 0.15%, which would equate to 4.12% based on the October 15th price of the 1-year LIBOR. If anything, Nike could become more financially efficient by increasing their use of debt financing.

Nike places strong emphasis on human resources. They…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Nike 2006 Annual Report. Retrieved October 21, 2008 at
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Calloway Callaway Golf Case Study

Words: 2459 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40814550

Ratio Analysis

Profitability Ratios

ROA % (Net)

ROE % (Net)

ROI % (Operating)

EBITDA Margin %

alculated Tax Rate %

EBT… [Read More]

Consider the text's chapter 8 Product Development & Commercialization strategic and operational process steps. In your opinion, which strategic and operational process steps in chapter 8 would Callaway Golf Company benefited most from using in the year 2000? Be specific (i.e. support your answers using PAGE NUMBERS and QUOTATIONS FROM the TEXT) and concise in your answers.

Despite the insistence of Ely Callaway and others that innovation, not market orientation or market planning should dominate the company's direction, they are in fact racing into a more mature market and do need to stay attuned to market demands. The first phase of the product development and commercialization process states that "corporate and marketing strategies should influence idea generation for products." (pg. 135) This is counter to the heavily innovation-based approach that Callaway has engrained into its culture. Second, Callaway tends to have their R&D function running independently of all other strategies and functional areas. As a result, by 1999, the company has earned the reputation of flooding the market with new product introductions, a strategy competitors can easily follow through product line extensions. The focal point of the product line race going on are the trade shows in Las Vegas and Florida where dealers evaluate new clubs to consider carrying. This proliferation of new products is meant as a strategy of outdistancing the competition yet is leading to confusion within the distribution channels as customers' salespeople grapple with how to sell existing golf club lines, often not having time to study and effectively sell the new ones. As the books states on page 136 "A proliferation of products and product variations might cause complications with little or no payoff."

R&D as a function needs to also be defined through guidelines established through cross-functional product development team leadership as well. Within the context of the case study Callaway is not actively involving Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management, two critical areas that can help R&D appreciate the constraints of the broader market and also provide greater insights into how R&D can make greater contributions to the value chain of the company. As is stated in the book, "The involvement of the process team from customer relationship management and supplier relationship management is central to managing the relationships across the supply chain (pg. 137)." Lastly Callaway needs to concentrate on having better focus on the strategic objectives behind each new product development effort, instead of just launching new products for the sake of speeding new product introductions through the industry. As the books states on page 140 "...better management of the product development and commercialization process can lead to sales increase as a result of rolling out successful new products, improving product availability, retaining existing customers and also attracting new customers." Taken together these are critical objectives for the company to base each specific product development project on, and selectively choose those that will lead to the greatest potential increase in profitability.
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Global Communications Benchmarking Practices of

Words: 960 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61300218

A major problem encountered by the company that sent most of its work abroad is that of controlling the operations undergone within foreign countries. "At the Canton headquarters of Reebok, Gregg Nebel tries to keep tabs on the foreign factories that churn out his company's products. Nebel's team is working with officials in Mexico to make sure suppliers there are meeting Reebok's standards for fair wages and worker safety. He says his job gets harder each day, because Reebok and its parent company Adidas rely on foreign manufacturers more than ever" (Nickisch, 2008). A crucial issue in this instance is given by additional expenditure. For example, the company had to settle a lawsuit for the death of a four-year-old with one million dollars, and this raises the question whether the money saved are efficiently spent.

Through a generalization of their operations and practices, it can easily be observed that the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Nickisch, C., April 18, 2008, the Problem of Outsourcing, WBUR, accessed on May 26, 2008

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Corporate Character Individual Res as

Words: 3677 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4261060

WorldCom (CEO Bernard Ebbers) supported by years of profitability arising from the deregulation of phone companies was a fast moving stock that was highly toted by stock specialists as a must buy, even while it was seriously hemorrhaging from bad and fraudulent business deals and its own shoddy accounting, cover ups and bad investment deals.

WorldCom quickly supplanted at&T as the favorite of many investors, based heavily on Grubman's recommendations. The investment world quickly sang WorldCom's praises as a result. A technology magazine, Network World, named it one of the ten most powerful companies, behind only Cisco and Microsoft. After listing its virtues, the magazine went on to conclude that, "MCI WorldCom will probably be a keeper on this list." 18 as for its investment virtues, Grubman claimed that it was a traditional "widows and orphans" stock, to be held for the long-term. Based partially upon his recommendations, Fortune listed…… [Read More]


Beauchamp, Tom. L. Bowie, Norman. E. Ethical Theory and Business 7th Ed. New York: Prentice Hall, 2003.

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Geisst, Charles R. Wall Street: A History: from Its Beginnings to the Fall of Enron. New York: Oxford University Press. 2004.
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Marketing Strategy Discuss the Conditions

Words: 1674 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81778112

being specific. In addition, the use of advertising and sales promotion also is used on products that are quickly purchased yet have a high level of customer loyalty associated with them. All of these conditions would favor using an advertising and sales promotion driven approach over a personal selling one. Examples of products in this category include soft drinks, groceries of all types, and low-end consumer electronics that are purchased quickly based on brand loyalty over intensive analysis. In general, products that have lower margins and are highly commoditized are those that are sold through this approach. Personal selling on the other hand is very expensive as a sales strategy are often is used in situations where the sales cycles are longer as customers evaluate options more thoroughly, and where the products being sold are much higher in price. The greater the price of a product, the less commoditized it…… [Read More]


Michael Burkett (2005, July). The "Perfect" Product Launch. Supply Chain

Management Review, 9(5), 12-13. Retrieved November 21, 2007, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 875601091).

Jari Collin, Dennis Lorenzin. (2006). Plan for supply chain agility at Nokia:Lessons from the mobile infrastructure industry. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 36(6), 418-430. Retrieved November 20, 2007, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1079220951).

Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne. (2005). Value innovation: a leap into the blue ocean. The Journal of Business Strategy, 26(4), 22-28. Retrieved November 22, 2007, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 888965931).
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CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate

Words: 3757 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99212088

This kind of competition can prove to be more effective than governmental regulations since firms are reluctant to follow government mandates.


Secondary research has been used as the main tool. Important journal articles, case studies and analyses have been included to understand the concept of CS and its use in gain competitive advantage.


Social responsibility is closely connected with concern for financial growth. According to this belief, firms seek to maximize their profits by investing in a healthy environment and other public good projects. The firms that have successfully attained the prestigious image of being socially responsible follow this ideology. These firms choose to be more socially conscious not because of any real intention of creating a healthier society but because their actions seem to influence buyer behavior in a positive manner. Companies are thus rapidly developing serious CS policies with exclusive departments dealing with this.…… [Read More]


Miller, H. "Businesses don't have social responsibilities; people do." The Miami Herald 21 July 2004.

The Good Company." The Economist. 22-28 Jan. 2005: 11.

Braungart, M; McDonough, W. Cradle to Cradle. New York: North Point Press, 2002.

Aaronson, S; Reeves, J. Corporate Responsibility in the Global Village: The Role of Public Policy. Washington, DC: National Policy Association, 2002.
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Theoretic Background Ansoff Matrix SWOT

Words: 3684 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54278168

3. Limitation of individual model - synergies obtained by combining strategic analyses models

All analysis models presented in the previous chapter represent useful but not exhaustive methods of deciding the future of a company or its products.

As there is no perfect model, the joint usage of them might bring most value to the company.

Ansoff analysis generally assumes that diversification will bring higher returns when higher levels of risks are undertaken (diversifying the market and/or the product), should not be practically used by itself, as it does not say anything about a company's capacity of venturing in new markets or sustaining the development of new products, as it also does not say anything about the acceptance of the new product on the existent market and/or of the existent products on new markets.

Therefore, other analysis that will take into consideration both internal and external variables of a company (like…… [Read More]


Adams, J. (2005), Analyze your Company using SWOTs, Supply House Times, Vol. 48, Issue 7, p. 26-28

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Bennett, a.R. (1994), Business Planning: Can the Health Service Move from Strategy into Action?, Journal of Management in Medicine, Vol. 8, No. 2
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China -- Not Necessarily a

Words: 4943 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28645935

12). Six weeks after that public relations disaster for RC2 Toys, other toy company, Fisher-Price, was obliged to recall "nearly 1 million of its most popular character toys, also because of lead paint," Field continues. Not long after those embarrassing recalls, Mattel and Fisher-Price announced "three more recalls from China" (Field, 12).

When an adult item is recalled, it doesn't make as big a negative splash as when items for children are recalled, so the toy industry was truly rocked by these events. One can also factor in the American economic downturn at the time of these above-mentioned recalls; that is, when people are out of work by the millions, and many are having their homes foreclosed, to have one's hard-earned dollars spend on a product that might sicken family members is doubly impactful on the negative side of the ledger.

Field explains that the recalls have had a "far-reaching…… [Read More]


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Financial Analysis of Nike

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Financial Analysis of Nike

Nike Corporation (NKE: NYSE) is a global leader in the research and development, design and global marketing of a series of apparel, accessory, equipment and footwear products. The company is globally recognized for its excellence in marketing with the Nike brand being considered one of the top ten globally every year in consumer surveys where unaided awareness is the basis of analysis (Kwon, Kim, Mondello, 2008). Nike has one of the most extensive supply chains of any global apparel manufacturer, with a series of supplier quality audits and compliance standards including Corporate Social esponsibility (CS) initiatives and programs are enforced across the thousands of companies it sources from (Doorey, 2011). Today Nike operates in 170 different nations, dividing their overall operations into six divisions including China, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, Western Europe and Emerging Markets. Nike has over two dozen product lines it sells…… [Read More]


Doorey, D.. (2011). The Transparent Supply Chain: from Resistance to Implementation at Nike and Levi-Strauss. Journal of Business Ethics, 103(4), 587-603.

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MNE Select Multinational Organizations Describe Main Line

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Select multinational organizations describe main line business organizations. Examine ways companies utilizes internet part marketing strategies. Identify current potential problems recommendations improvement.

Multinational enterprises (MNE)s: Nike and Kellogg

Multinational enterprises (MNE)s: Nike and Kellogg

A multinational enterprise (MNE) is defined as a firm that is based in two or more nations. Although they began as iconic American companies, Nike and the Kellogg Corporation have operations all over the globe and have customers in almost all of the developed and much of the developing world. But because of the different types of products they sell, the ways in which they reach their customer base -- particularly online -- are quite distinct.

The multinational company Nike uses the Internet to both advertise its products as well as to sell its products. Nike markets fashion-forward sportswear that is supposed to fill a functional purpose, but also is noteworthy because of its style.…… [Read More]


Holmes, Stanley. (2004, September 20) The new Nike. Businessweek. Retrieved March 3, 2011


Kellogg: Promotions. (2011). Homepage. Retrieved March 3, 2011 at

Nike. (2011). Homepage. Retrieved March 3, 2011 at
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Macy's Discussion Questions and Executive Summary a

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Macy's Discussion Questions And Executive Summary

A detailed description of the environment Macy's clothing store will face.

It appears that the department stores of the previous century are dwindling in size and popularity. The environment that was once the department store's territory has been consistently infiltrated by competition from every side. There are the up and coming specialty stores, the Internet, luxury chains, wholesalers and the shopping mall. Back in the early 1980s the number of department stores that spanned the country as national chains were 33. In the 21st century that number has declined to less than 15. The environment that Macy faces today is truly a challenge as the need for personal service has to some degree been replaced by convenience. For example with online stores, why go out to shop amidst a sea of traffic and shoppers to wait for services, when it is easier and much…… [Read More]

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4P's Marketing Mix Nike Marketing Mix Nike

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4P's Marketing Mix

Nike Marketing mix

Nike as a company was initiated by two visionaries from Oregon, Bill Bowerman and a runner at that time for the University of Oregon Phil Knight. They were then working together in athletic with Knight being the runner supervised by Bill. Bill saw the endless possibilities that existed within people in terms of sports potential and it was with this that they set the tone for the company in 1972. This has remained the inspiration that runs the company to date and keeps the employees of the company from one generation to the other motivated to uphold the motto of the company (Nike, 2011). The company has grown from being a U.S. based footwear distributor to a mega world supplier of athletic shoes, equipment and apparel whose dominance is unrivalled in the entire globe.

The goal of the company is to have a legacy…… [Read More]


China CSR Map, (2011). Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Retrieved November 23, 2011 from

Matthew Forney, (2004). Marketing: How Nike Figured Out China. Retrieved November

23, 2011 from,9171,995462,00.html

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Businesses Comparison and Analysis of Businesses in

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Comparison and Analysis of Businesses

In this paper we will assess two businesses, one successful and the other unsuccessful. We will attempt to contrast the two businesses in features such as their core business functionalities, sizes, financials and global presence. Our main aim will be to assess what has been the reason(s) for their success and failure respectively. We will also analyze some primary reasons for the different outcomes as well as give some recommendations as to how the unsuccessful one could have been made successful. For our choice we will choose the businesses from the field of e-commerce namely as the successful one and as the unsuccessful.


First, let's have a look at Amazon. It is an American multinational e-commerce firm which was founded in 1995, at first it served as a bookstore available online but soon it expanded its operations by selling different other…… [Read More]


Gray, R. (2007). A Climate of Success. Amsterdam: Elsevier/Butterworth Heinemann.

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Pokora, J. (2007). Coaching and Mentoring at Work. Maidenhead: Open University Press.
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SWOT Nike Air Max 2012

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In addition to these accomplishments, the company also branched into over a dozen businesses and has successfully created one of the most successful supply chains globally today (Barrett, 2003). Along the way to these stellar accomplishments however Nike has been accused of going too easy on suppliers who violate child labor laws and having questionable ethics (Doorey, 2011). It has also been experiencing high legal costs due to the various approaches the company takes to protecting its brand (Nike Investor Relations, 2012). As the company pursues high growth opportunities in women's apparel including shoes, one of the fastest growing markets it competes in, it is challenged with relatively moderate growth in sales, relatively flat gross contribution margins at 10% and a Return on Assets (ROA) of 14% with little growth over the period of analysis shown in the Appendix. On top of all these factors, the competitive climate of the…… [Read More]

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Marketing Ethics at Nike Crossing

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S. Court Systems don't happen again (Lewis, 2005).

In January, 1997 an unannounced audit by Ernst & Young uncovered violations of worker safety throughout a Vietnamese contract manufacturing plant where children were also found working well over the hours they were allowed to under international law (Lewis, 2005). The workers had no idea they were working for world-known Nike at the time. Not a single worker had been shown a code of safety conduct, been to a safety briefing, or had their injuries reported. If injured they were sent home, and also they were penalized for taking time off for weddings and funerals; it was actually glorified slavery (Lewis, 2005). Today with the rapid growth the social media these practices would have been even more detrimental to the Nike brand and sales overall (Bernoff, Li, 2008).


Nike's blurring of their compliance from a marketing standpoint and the stated compliance…… [Read More]


Bernoff, J., & Li, C. (2008). Harnessing the power of the oh-so-social web. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(3), 36-42.

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Lewis, L.W. (2005). The pragmatic and ethical barriers to corporate social responsibility disclosure: The Nike case. Journal of Business Ethics, 60(4), 359-376.
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Nike Athletic Apparel Company

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Nike apparel company is a steadfast company in the minds of most athletic gear and apparel consumers and in the industry as a whole, with substantial earnings growth even in the last few years of recession it has still managed to record substantial growth. The company has even coined household phrases like "Just Do It" a mark of American influence over the global market. Much of this success has long been attributed to the solid nature of its upper management, namely its long time CEO and co-founder Phillip H. Knight. Nike recently made international news when it announced the retirement of Knight to the press, which in the business world can mean at least short-term trouble. The announcement was made with less than sixty days to pass before what would call a revolutionary change for the company. Though Knight will stay on as Chairman of the board, his intention is…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Legal Structure and Management of a National Level Sporting Organization

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Legal Structure and Management of a National Level Sporting Organisation

Sports activities in the world today are becoming more popular and are attracting huge crowd. This is one of the reasons that have made sponsors to come in so as to help such clubs that are not able to support themselves financially. Through sponsoring, the sponsor is able to market and advertise its products within the stadium where the club is playing among other benefits. It is worth noting that sports are viewed as a means of income to each stakeholder including the players. Essendon football club has made Australia to be known worldwide because of the good performance the club has exhibited over the years.

Essendon Football Club is rated as a dynamic world class club in the Australian sporting arena. The success and competitiveness of the club is dependant on its set legal structure and proper management that…… [Read More]


Books, H. 2011. Articles on Essendon Football Club Including: List of Essendon Football Club, Honours, Anzac Day Class. America, AM: Hephaestus Books.

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Organization Change as a Result

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The change that outsourcing and SAs bring into organizations is, or should be, planned. It is the result of specific efforts by a change agent (individuals and groups who take responsibility for changing the existing behavior patterns), in this case managers. Planned change processes are a direct response to someone's perception of a discrepancy between the desired and actual state of affairs (performance gap). Performance gaps are at the same time problems to be resolved or opportunities to be explored through outsourcing and SAs.


All in all, outsourcing and strategic alliances are both concepts that will be found on the corporate strategic agenda for the years to come. The market dynamics and increasing pressures toward efficiency impose the need for organizational change. The benefits of the two strategic directions discussed are real, and through careful planning and implementation, organizations can gain a competitive advantage.


Berrio A.A. 2003, An…… [Read More]


Berrio A.A. 2003, An Organizational Culture Assessment Using the Competing Values Framework: A Profile of Ohio State University Extension, National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA), Retrieved from URL

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Lu Lemon the Contemporaneous Society

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We have put our recent efforts into creating a estricted Substance program, and have begun mapping our Water & Carbon Footprint" (Website of LuLuLemon Athletica, 2012).

6. Brand personality

The personality of the LuLuLemon brand is more so linked to yoga and the emotional perceptions related to yoga, rather than the actual apparel produced and sold by the company. And this brand is becoming more and more popular at both domestic level, as well the international scale.

And what is remarkable about the LuLuLemon brand is that the company has not invested tremendous sums of money into the development and implementation of a branding strategy. Given its reduced size and resources, the Canadian-based firm has focused more resources on products, with the brand being managed in a less strict manner. This makes the company's brand even more so interesting and powerful among consumers.

"The LuLuLemon logo and very distinctive (designed…… [Read More]


Gefvert, a. (2012). Competition is starting to stretch LuLuLemon, Seeking Alpha. on October 9, 2012

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Straus, M. (2011). Copycats keep LuLuLemon on its toes. / accessed on October 9, 2012

Glamour Nepal. on October 9, 2012
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Air Jordans as a Popular

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Membership in an exclusive, elite privileged club of those who own "the best" -- something that not just anyone can have. To wear Nike Air Jordans was to reify a sacred experience. It was a vehicle to feeling as if one were the hero figure, Michael Jordan" (Aaker & Biel, 1993, p.105). This excerpt demonstrates the extreme length of effectiveness of the complex and truly multi-faceted marketing campaign launched by Nike.

In conclusion, professional athletes have long exerted a strong influence over men's fashion and sports apparel. However, the case of Air Jordans represents a shoe where a celebrity endorsement truly revolutionized the product, the celebrity and the entire athletic shoe industry. Nike took a highly calculated and highly strategic risk when they started courting Michael Jordan and when they used such a tremendous bulk of their advertising budget on this particular campaign. However, their strategy paid off: they successfully…… [Read More]


Aaker, D., & Biel, a. (1993). Brand Equity & Advertising: Advertising's Role in Building Strong Brands. Hillsdale: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers.

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Globalisation Leading Cultural Damage Exploitation Uderdeveloped Nations

Words: 3420 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30290134

Globalisation leading cultural damage exploitation uderdeveloped nations peoples." It include (a) Definitions "Globalisation" (b) Logic linking globalisation free market processes liberal creed.

Negative effect of globalization to under developed countries

Globalization has been a widely discussed topic among various authors, economics and business analysts and its' from the studies and research that the essay has been built on.

First the essay will explain what globalization is and some of the characteristics of globalization; secondly essay will try and relate globalization to free market process and the liberal creed after which it explains why social responsibilities need to be integrated to the economic policies of a country, thereafter the essay embark on the topic of study and looks at the negative impact of globalization in under developed countries and the way it has caused irreparable damage to this countries' environment, society and culture without even closing the gap in terms of…… [Read More]


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Puma Sneakers Inc Puma Markets Sneakers Targeting

Words: 930 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43545143

Puma Sneakers Inc.

Puma markets sneakers targeting a market segment aged 15-30. I have chosen this target segment because it is the age where an individual is active and sporty. This applies to both male and female as the company offers a wide range of male and female sports clothing, a perfume line and shoe-wear. With differentiation, the company's focal point has taken numerous forms. Evidently, the needs of the target market have been addressed through alert attention. Puma's global Sneakers and lifestyle aims to capture approximately thirty percent of the organized retail sportswear market. This will be achieved through additional stores across the country (Pride & Ferrell, 2013).

The main customer base for Puma's sneakers are the company's primary target market predominantly females. The products are best standing based on their brand categories and premium pricing. This market is customer oriented and not demand oriented. Instead of fulfilling needs,…… [Read More]


Lamb, C.W. (2012). Marketing. Toronto: Nelson Education.

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Mochalicious Branding Pricing and Distribution

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Distribution Channel Analysis Identifying Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers, and e-Commerce

ingle or multiple channels of distribution can be utilized including the direct channel of the Internet using the company's e-Commerce website as well as the direct channel of sales teams. Multiple teams that specialize in different products of customer segments may also be utilized. Direct channels include catalogue sales and retail sales as well as the use of a wholesaler or distributor, which is described as a company "that buys products in bulk from many manufacturers and then resells in smaller volumes to retailers. The Value-Added reseller will work with end-users to make provision of custom solutions that including "multiple products and services from different manufacturers." (VanAucken, 2013) a consultant can be used to develop relationshi8ps with companies and make provision of various services types. A dealer may purchase inventory from a manufacturer or distributor and then resell is to an…… [Read More]


Cooper, L. (2013) Five Strategies for a Successful Global Brand. 1 Jul 2010, Marketing Week. Retrieved from:

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Marketing - Nike Company Analysis Nike A

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Marketing - Nike: Company nalysis


Genius World of dvertising and Marketing

The media bombards society with commercial messages daily, both written and spoken. There are, for example, the easily forgettable newspaper ads, the brightly colored billboards on the highway that one can see while driving, or on the side of buildings, the man or woman sitting on the side of the road with a flyer, or the boring radio commercials. There are also, of course, the funny messages on the television, and those jingles and seem not to want to escape constant humming. In other words, merican are simply surrounded by these various marketing tools that say "buy this" or "try this."

In fact, according to Consumer Reports, an average merican is exposed to 247 such messages daily.[footnoteRef:1] Other sources, however, beg to differ with this estimate and offer much higher ones. For example, lf Nucifora, who is an…… [Read More]

A relatively free spirited company has, now, proven itself to be a strong establishment in quality, in the social forum and, perhaps most importantly, financially as well. [35: "The New Nike." Bloomberg Businessweek. (2004)., accessed July 2011.]


Nike is one of the top sportswear and sports equipment companies in the world today. The presence of a small company started in Oregon has truly grown to massive proportions, and has been aided by fantastic advertisements and witty marketing strategies throughout the 1960's and 1970's, and innovative strategies from the 1980's onwards, the most recent of which have taken advantage of the internet social networking boom to promote new ways of creating a shoe and of promoting the company's goals. Due to the company's cornering of the market and the fact that it is truly difficult to propose any new strategies (as the company has done them all), Nike will probably be around for a very long time.
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Amusing Ourselves to Death

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Amusing Ourselves to Death

Media has a very powerful impact on people, which is the reason its advantages and disadvantages are discussed so very often. With every new technology entering our world, we start wondering just how this would later impact our society, culture, consumer market etc. This is because every medium brings along a message and while we believe that message is more important, some social critics maintain it is the medium, which was more powerful than the message itself. Neil Postman admittedly based his book, Amusing ourselves to Death" on the aphorism. 'Medium is the message' which was coined by media expert Marshall McLuhan in 1959. In his book Medium is the Message (1967), he wrote, "The medium is the message because it is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action. The content and uses of such media are as…… [Read More]


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