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Active NGOs in Sierra Leone
Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39409415
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World Vision in Sierra Leone
In 1996 after the civil war in Sierra Leone, the World Vision-Sierra Leone was launched. The organization’s vision was to support the 15000 farm families’ recover in agriculture in the eastern and southern regions and offer nutritional support to the more than 140,000 internally displaced persons in Bo town. They NGO also played a vital role in aiding the IDPs resettlement soon as the agriculture in the southern and eastern region had begun to flourish (World Vision, 2015). After achieving these milestones by February in 2003, the organization expanded their vision by transitioning to community-oriented area development programs (ADPs). The programs had long-term goals to effect change in the communities. More than 25 ADPs were effective by 2016 with the organization serving more than 58,000 children nationwide.
World Vision’s Mission
The organization is founded on international relations of Christian believers who follow the Christian teachings…

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