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Ballad Essays (Examples)

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Frost Hughes Alexie the Meaning of Home
Words: 1380 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 83366662
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Frost, Hughes, Alexie

The Meaning of "Home" in Frost's "Hired Hand," Hughes' "Landlord" and Alexie's "I ill Redeem"

Robert Frost writes in "The Death of the Hired Hand," "Home is the place where, when you have to go there, / They have to take you in" (122-3). Implicit in these lines is the notion that "home" carries certain rules. "Home" is not just a place devoid of higher meaning, but an abstract idea -- a concept bound by a principle of belonging, of submitting, of caring. Just as Langston Hughes shows in "Ballad of the Landlord" (with the tension between negligent landlord and suffering tenant) or as Sherman Alexie shows in "hat You Pawn I ill Redeem" (Jackson sharing a portion of his winnings with Mary, whom he considers family -- "It's an Indian thing"), the principles of "home" are understood and upheld by those who realize its deeper meaning.…

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Community and the Impact on the Individual
Words: 2326 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51852173
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Community and the Impact on the Individual

How do individuals exist as part of a community and what does this means to a person's individuality? This is a key question explored by Zora Neale Hurston in Their Eyes ere atching God and by Carson McCullers in Ballad Of The Sad Cafe. Zora Neale Hurston and Carson McCullers both include a setting that represents the community. In Their Eyes ere atching God the setting is the porch, while in Ballad Of The Sad Cafe the setting is the cafe. The two settings both represent people existing as part of a community, rather than individually. The two settings also represent the conflicts that occur because people exist as part of a community. Overall, Zora Neale Hurston and Carson McCullers both show the conflict that occurs as an individual tries to align their own needs with the needs of the larger community. In…

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Night the Crystals Broke Write Where You
Words: 3364 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66231725
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Night the Crystals Broke

Write where you got inspiration from?

The inspiration from this poem comes from my grandmother and her family, who lived through the pogroms and just before the Nazis took over Hungary. The title refers to the Kristallnacht, the event in which the Nazis burned synagogues and their religious items, and broke the windows. They also broke the windows of the local businesses. This poem also refers to the journey that was scary and arduous, over the Atlantic in the ship to Ellis Island. The statue at the end of the poem is the Statue of Liberty, which welcomed the "poor" and "hungry" masses, like my grandmother's people.

(2) Which author and poem did you refer to when writing this poem?

There is no one author or poem I referred to here. This is a completely original work. However, it is written in the form of a…

Beowulf as a Hero Lesson
Words: 8817 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 81934961
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Your answer should be at least five sentences long.

The Legend of Arthur

Lesson 1 Journal Entry # 9 of 16

Journal Exercise 1.7A: Honor and Loyalty

1. Consider how Arthur's actions and personality agree with or challenge your definition of honor. Write a few sentences comparing your definition (from Journal 1.6A) with Arthur's actions and personality.

2. Write a brief paragraph explaining the importance or unimportance of loyalty in being honorable.

Lesson 1 Journal Entry # 10 of 16

Journal Exercise 1.7B: Combining Sentences

Complete the Practice Activity on page 202 of your text. After completing this activity, read over your Essay Assessment or another journal activity you've completed.

* Identify three passages that could be improved by combining two or more sentences with coordinating or subordinating conjunctions. Below the practice activity in your journal, write the original passages and the revised sentences you've created.

* Be sure to…

Fiction Analysis of Passage From
Words: 1309 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95964709
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Analysis of passage from The Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Other Stories by Carson McCullers (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1951; rpt. 1971), pp.3-5

Carson McCullers' short story "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" is set in a town that is immediately established as remote, rural, and Southern: it is located near a cotton mill, there are peach trees all over the area, and there is only a single church. Even the buses are three miles away, which suggest the stranded and isolated nature of the residents. The main street is only two miles long, and there is "nothing whatsoever to do" during the long, hot summers. Even the nearest train stop (the significantly named 'Society' City) is far away. The largest building looks lonely and is boarded up completely. This large building, half-painted and left unfinished becomes a kind of metaphor for the town, as well as the woman…

Tori Amos
Words: 2109 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35417906
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Tori Amos

In music, most artists will face a number of challenges. This is because there are struggles they will endure to become successful. At the same time, they have to be able to remain relevant and adapt with the music. This means creating a unique sound which can combine a number of elements together. In the case of Tori Amos, she was able to create a one of a kind genre that took the traditions of the singer -- songwriter from the 1970s and augmented them with an alternative -- punk sound. This created a new form of women entertainer, who wanted to use this as a way to highlight social messages in their songs. While at the same time, it is giving women a sense of empowerment in the way they carried themselves and performed.

As a result, there will be an examination of the influences of Tori…


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Coleridge & 18 Thcent Tradition Samuel
Words: 1523 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25263539
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His belief that literature is a magical blend of thought and emotion is at the very heart of his greatest works, in which the unreal is often made to seem real.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge effectively freed British (and other) poetry from its 18th century Neo-classical constraints, allowing the poetic (and receptive) imagination to roam free.

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Samuel Taylor…

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Charles Ives' Music
Words: 1179 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92387636
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Charles Ivey Song Lyrics

"Charlie Rutlage" by Charles Ives (1920), from Cowboy Songs and Other Ballads

The song "Charlie Rutlage" by composer Charles Ives was released in 1920 as part of Ives' collection Cowboy Songs and Other Ballads, and the work is distinctive of his signature style. The lyrics are mournful and melancholy, as Ives eulogizes "another good cowpuncher (who) has gone to meet his fate," telling the story of Charlie Rutlage, a hand on the XIT ranch who was killed after his horse fell and crushed him underneath. Ives sings the opening lines of the song with a celebratory bravado, lauding Rutlage by saying "Twill be hard to find another that's as liked as well as he" to suggest that the fallen cowboy was beloved by his friends and family. In my estimation, this passage is used by Ives to form an emotional connection between his listener and the…

Kubla Kahn Imagery in Coleridge's
Words: 1010 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43880158
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In other words, the simile is more concrete and memorable than the green hill it is supposed to describe. The lack of 'realism' of the poem becomes even more evident through the use of such strange language: the use of language is more important than describing something 'real' like a hill.

If this were not extravagant enough, Coleridge piles yet another image on top of this one that asks the reader to imagine in terms of 'as if': "A mighty fountain momently was forced: / Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst/Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail, / or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail." Again, the image of the fountain is actually less striking than the simile, the grain being threshed and the fierce hail.

Images piles on top of images, similes upon similes to the point that by the time the reader arrives in Kubla's palace, he or she has…

Guns N Roses Guns N'
Words: 1835 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60969585
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As a whole, the piece is far more rhythmic and structured than many earlier Guns N' oses song, and its has definitely lost some of the rawness that made the band so popular in the first place. It has been replaced with contemplation that still raises a challenge to listeners and critics, however, as well as to former band mates. Slash's lack of presence on the guitar is evident, but what is played provides a support for Axl's voice in a way that Slash's playing never really did, if it was even attempted. It is true that the collaborative spirit of the group has diminished, and this is definitely evident in the isolation and emphasis of ose and his singing -- and lyrics, incidentally -- but the music still goes on. Ax ose continues to listen and to incorporate changes in the rock scene as well as the growing use…


Luukkonen, J. (2008). "The History of GN'R: The Shocking Truth." Accessed 23 September 2009. 

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American and Asian Music as
Words: 2888 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63747129
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This, along with the older Psalter by trenhold and Hopkins, was the main influence of the Bay Psalm Book printed during 1640 in Massachusetts. This can be compared with the first musical influences on and compositions by Li Jinhui. The traditional forms were explored thoroughly before new ideas in music were explored.

Culturally, the new Americans at the time were deeply religious, following the Puritan tradition on which they based their way of life. Their music therefore reflected this tradition, and the earliest genres were mainly religious in nature. As such, the musical format was unaccompanied by musical instruments, as these were viewed as secular and therefore sinful. The same type of division can be seen in the later genres of Asian music, where Cantopop began to lose its popularity in the face of new and more trendy developments. In contrast, however, the Chinese does not have as clear a…


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Florence The Machine -- Kiss With
Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47603487
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Florence + the Machine -- "Kiss With a Fist"

Florence + The Machine's "Kiss With a Fist" is a ballad that describes the volatile relationship that the singer had with a former boyfriend. In the song, the singer contends that any sort of emotional response is better than none. Florence sings, "A kick in the teeth is good for some/A kiss with a fist is better than none." In the song, violence is not limited to one party, but rather is reciprocated by both people in the relationship. The song describes all the terrible things that the couple do to each other from hitting, kicking, slapping, and smashing plates over the head. Despite the violent tendencies of both parties, the singer contends that they can force their relationship to work. This idea is expressed through the lyric "break the lock if it don't fit."

The tone of the song's lyrics…

Mephisto Examination
Words: 966 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88437222
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Mephisto (1981)

Main question: How to keep identity and integrity in time of horror/terror?

One of the main questions that the film Mephisto by Istvan Szabo is the question of whether one can keep one's identity and integrity within a time of horror and terror. Szabo seems to be implying that it's almost impossible to do this, and seems to toy with that notion throughout the film. The film already takes place within a loaded and terrifying time in world history. This is the era of World War Two, when fascism and the Nazis were coming to power. Looking back on this era, it can seem absolutely shocking that the Nazis were able to come to such a supreme level of authority, power and evil, but fundamentally this occurred, because they were allowed to. The Nazis came to power because the rest of the world allowed that to happen. Thus,…


Svabo, I. (1981) Mephisto. Cinegate Europe

English Romanticism in the 1790s
Words: 3717 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45643615
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"O Sylvan ye! thou wanderer thro' the woods, / How often has my spirit turned to thee!" ( Now, the poet wishes to "transfer" the healing powers of nature that he himself has experienced to his sister. By stating."..Nature never did betray / the heart that loved her" ( ordsworth assures his sister that she will also find peace in the middle of nature if she believes in the communion with nature. This prediction is an artifice of the poem and is not simple. "ordsworth's ability to look to the future to predict memories of events that are happening in the present is ingenious and complicated. But ordsworth beautifully clarifies this concept by using nature as the ideal link between recollection, foresight, and his relationship with another."(Eilenberg, Susan. Strange power of Speech: ordsworth, Coleridge, and Literary Possession. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992).

Moreover, by imagining the future of his…

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Bonnie and Clyde Who Were
Words: 2537 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 54856680
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That they were recognized as "America's most famous outlaws" ("Bonnie Parker Biography") would have been enough to encourage them to continue for the sake of popularity.

But Bonnie and Clyde did not commit their crimes for psychological reasons alone. Greed, and the desire for wealth, led them to commit their crimes for financial reasons as well. Bonnie's poetry seems to communicate this as well. In her "The Story of Suicide Sal," whose female protagonist can be read as the idealized image that Bonnie had of herself, Bonnie writes that "one year we were desperately happy; Our ill gotten gains we spent free" ("Bonnie Parker"). The association between money, happiness, and love in this stanza can be used to argue that this is what Bonnie, herself, felt towards the gaining of wealth. Further, it is noted that "their motivation was personal greed" ("Bonnie Parker").

Still, Hendley points out that Bonnie and…

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Shakespeare Used Music in His Works William
Words: 1098 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2626142
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Shakespeare used Music in his orks

illiam Shakespeare (1564-1616), English playwright and poet, is recognized all over the world as the greatest dramatist of all times. His plays have been performed more times than those of any other dramatist and have been translated in almost every major language. (Kastan) hile many aspects of Shakespeare's plays have been discussed and analyzed, it is perhaps not so widely known that music has also played an important role in many of his plays. In this paper we shall review the historical background of music in the Shakespearian era and discuss how and why music was used in Shakespeare's works. The type of music used by the playwright as well as some examples of music in specific plays shall also be described.

Historical Background of Music in the Shakespearian Era

The 16th century in which Shakespeare was born was a period when England was…

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Dudley Randall A Poet's Poet
Words: 1569 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 7561290
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"Ballad in Birmingham" expresses this sentiment eloquently. Love can also be something intimate that only two people can share. In addition, an artist must love his or her work in order to be successful.

Dudley Randall is a poet's poet. His work illustrates just what a poet should be: compassionate, passionate, open, honest, and real. His work brings his messages home to the reader and through imagery, symbolism, and rhythm. "Ballad of Birmingham," "A Poet is Not a Jukebox," and "The Profile on the Pillow" are excellent examples of Randall's techniques and style. e will always remember the image of the mother who discovers her daughter's shoe as well as the image of the poet that refuses to told what to say. Love becomes a theme in his works, as he always comes back to the notion that we will only survive as a people when we are open to…

Works Cited

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-. "The Profile on the Pillow." Calvin Thomas Adams Online. Mr. Africa Poetry. Information Retrieved August 4, 2009.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge the Cliched Image of
Words: 4280 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12835525
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The cliched image of the Romantic poet is of a solitary tortured genius; it is ironic that the work of the poets collectively regarded as the 'Romantic School' is marked by collective and co-operative effort as much as by individual creativity. For none of the great figures of Romantic poetry is this so true as it is for Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The first-rate poetic output of this extraordinary, multi-faceted man lasted only a few years, from approximately 1797 to 1802, and he has even been regarded by some historians and critics as 'merely a channel for the work and ideas of others' (Jasper, 8) rather than as a creative figure in his own right. It is as if his own creative character has become lost in the extraordinary wide-ranging and complex interplay of relationships between poets, thinkers, writers and critics which swirled around him. It is also…

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Nan Goldin
Words: 4021 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18522332
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Nan Goldin Photography

Nan Goldin -- Empathy and Obsession

Nan Goldin is a famous American photographer who was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1953 (Williams 26). From an early age, she demonstrated a passion for photography, often using it in her teens to document the gay and transsexual communities she frequented with friends. Her earliest works are considered provocative, voyeuristic, and controversial and noted for their depiction of sex, desire, obsession and empathy (O'Brien 151). Although her current work is much more subdued (i.e., landscapes, etc.), she still continues to create powerful motifs involving couples, intimacy, addiction, HIV / AIDS, prostitution, and homosexuality.

Goldin attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. There she created The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, arguably her most noteworthy body of work (Danto 33). The 700 image collection set to music presented friends in intimate scenarios in slide show format. It is…


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Wordsworth and Coleridge's Response to Nature
Words: 1383 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 93894117
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ordsworth and Coleridge's Response To Nature

Nature has played an important role in inspiring poets throughout time and illiam ordsworth's involvement in discussing this topic is especially intriguing, considering the strong connection that the poet seems to have with the natural world. By taking into account Samuel Taylor Coleridge's perspective on ordsworth's writings, one can gain a more complex understanding concerning the latter's feelings with regard to the environment. ordsworth practically worshipped nature and this is reflected by most of his poems, especially considering that the emotions he described make him one of the Romantic era's greatest nature lovers.

This proposal is meant to discuss with regard to the relationship between ordsworth and Coleridge and to how this respective relationship was deeply influenced by the feelings that the two poets experienced with regard to nature. Coleridge's poem "To illiam ordsworth" actually relates to how the poet understood his friend and…

Works cited:

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Rudyard Kipling Born in Bombay
Words: 2369 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21796304
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In the novel, the reader is allowed to travel along with Kim and his master the Lama all over northern India, where they are constantly reminded of how life can take a very different path when one least expects it. The Grand Trunk Road along which Kim and his Lama travel could be seen as a symbol of the River of the Arrow, the object of their quest.

When Kim was first conceived, Kipling has just married Catherine and was eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child while living in Vermont. For Kipling, this was a time of much inner contemplation and his thoughts were invariably directed to the two subjects closest to his heart, being childhood and India. Like most writers, Kipling distanced himself, at least in his mind, from all the turmoil and tragedy that was occurring in India during the early years of the 20th century…

Some of Kipling's later works include Debits and Credits (1926), Thy Servant a Dog (1930) and Limits and Renewals (1932). On January 18, 1936, at the age of seventy, Rudyard Kilping died after a short illness, leaving behind his daughter Elsie.

As an author, Rudyard Kipling deserves much more praise and recognition than he has received recently. After all, by the time he was thirty-three years old, he had written and published thirteen books, comprised of poetry, novels and short story collections. Some of his best work was also accomplished at this age, such as Barrack-Room Ballads, the Jungle Book, Captains Courageous and the Second Jungle Book. As a literary specialist, Kipling has been noted for inventing India as a literary subject, at least in the West, admired for his poetical output, classed as an innovator of children's literature, and viewed as one of the leading exponents of the short story format.

In addition to his Nobel award for literature, Kipling received many high honors in a number of fields which only increases his importance in English letters. In 1926, he was given the Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Literature which placed him in a very influential group of authors, such as Sir Walter Scott and Thomas Hardy. Kipling also received honorary degrees from Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Edinburgh and several other prestigious schools. Thus, Rudyard Kipling occupies an important niche in English literature and surely was one of the most innovative and creative authors that came to prominence during the years of Queen Victoria's reign.

Music an American Popular Music
Words: 1302 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49921818
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" Instead of those key lines, a wailing voice suggests that prayers for love remain unfulfilled. The stress is on lines like "without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own," as the wailing replaces the rest of the chorus. Elvis's "Blue Moon" is truly blue: filled with sadness and unfulfilled longing.

To enhance the reinvented theme of "Blue Moon," the instrumentation is stark. Throughout the recording, only a bass and a drum accompany the sultry vocals. The effect is clearly and intentionally that of a cowboy song. The rhythm of both the bass and the drums convey a horse gently trotting, carrying its lone rider through the Wild West. Evoking cowboy movies and mystique is one way the arrangement sends a far different message than the one that ogers and Hart had intended. In Elvis's version, the male vocalist is totally, utterly alone. He is a…


"Blue Moon: by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart" (n.d.). Retrieved online:

"Blue Moon." Versions performed by the Boswell Sisters, Elvis Presley, and Rod Stewart. Retrieved on YouTube.

Music Cultures of the World Japan
Words: 3188 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45084349
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relationship of music and culture and history in Japan. The music of Japan is as rich and diverse as the culture of Japan's people, and it has a long place in Japan's history. Several different musical forms and instruments make up Japan's musical history, and it has ancient beginnings in the earliest history of Japan in many cases. While the Japanese have held on to their musical past, they are also not afraid to create new musical traditions, such as the karaoke fad that swept the world in the 1990s and beyond.

Ancient Japanese Music

Many scholars believe that Japanese music has its roots in the music of China, an ancient culture that dominated Asian culture from the earliest recorded history. However, studies indicate this is really not the case. Japanese music historian Egon Wellesz notes, "It might be expected that Japanese music would exhibit considerable Chinese influence; but it…


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Samuel Taylor Coleridge During Samuel
Words: 1277 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20006808
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" However, refutes Ernest Coleridge, whatever may be said about Coleridge for or against, as an "inventor of harmonies," his self-criticism was the most stern of all. He continually wrote and rewrote his work in order "discover and reveal the hidden springs, the thoughts and passions of the artificer."

One would be wrong to believe that it was only his family that thought his work excellent. Many later critics have been just as positive about his writings. Suther (5) said, for example, that Coleridge's greatness was due to his "dogged refusal to pretend that the problems and paradoxes of human life are any less vast, ineffable, and terrifying than his intuition revealed to him they were." In his efforts to come to terms with life using words such as "tragedy," "sin," "guilt," "redemption," "grace," "eason," "inspiration," and "God," to describe phenomena he was helping others deal with the paradoxes that…


Coleridge, E.H. (1912). The Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. London: Henry Frowde.

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London: Routledge.

Suther, M. (1960) the Dark Night of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Contributors: Marshall New York: Columbia University Press.

Biography of the Ink Spots
Words: 985 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41484471
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Ink Spots

"An all-Negro show, headed by the rejuvenated Ink Spots, has everything it takes to be a top entertainment piece. The Spots, making their periodic visit here, were never better. Ella Fitzgerald takes second billing to the Ink Spots, but more than holds up her end with I've got hythm, Do Nothing' Till You Hear From Me ....Ink Spots come on with Shoo-Shoo Baby ["Cow-Cow Boogie"?] followed by Lovely Way to Spend An Evening and Don't Sweetheart Me ... Encore with My Heart Tells Me and beg off to thunderous hand with the inevitable If I Didn't Care" (Billboard Magazine, 2/6/44, courtesy More Than Words Can Say: The Ink Spots and Their Music, Goldberg, 1998).

Were the Ink Spots really the "heavyweight champions of quartet singing"? If you believe soul singer Jerry Butler -- founding member of the Impressions who was quoted in the ock & oll Hall of…


Du Noyer, Paul. The Billboard Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music. New York: Billboard

Books, 2003.

Goldberg, Marv. More Than Words Can Say: The Ink Spots and Their Music. Lanham,

MD: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1998.

Victor Hugo Romantic Writings of Victor Hugo
Words: 2912 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64431488
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Victor Hugo

Romantic ritings of Victor Hugo

The romantic period was partly in reaction to the impact that the industrial revolution had on the psyches of artists of all stripes. The move toward an industrial culture had moved many people from the pastoral scenes of the country into the grungy hearts of the cities. Many of the people worked in the factories six days a week for many hours a day, or they worked in mines and other industries to support the industry in the cities. The response from the artistic community was to remind the public of two things. They wanted people to remember where they came from and they wanted to help people see the true emotion of life.

One of the most influential writers of the period was a young Frenchman who was known for his poetry early in his career (Halsall x), but who gained international…

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Folk Music the Evolution of Folk Music
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Folk Music

The Evolution of Folk Music Vocals

By its definition, folk music technically refers to indigenous forms of music created by local, regional or native populations as a way of engaging in cultural expression. This means that at its core, folk music is not intended to command a commercial value nor is it necessarily folk music by definition once a form has been co-opted by an outside culture. However, this is also a definition for folk which has long been rendered obsolete by the aesthetic and vocal qualities that listeners tend to associate with the genre today. This is because the most historically significant instances in which folk music converged with the commercial zeitgeist would come to produce a highly distinctive set of sounds.

Indeed, when we think of folk music, one tends instantly to conjure image of a young Bob Dylan with harmonica rack and guitar, wheezing his…

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Plato's Phaedo and Stc's Christabel in Phaedo
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Plato's Phaedo and STC's "Christabel"

In Phaedo 80ff, Socrates outlines Plato's theory of Forms, particularly attempting to prove that the eternal Forms are of divine origin. Through analogy with the living body and the dead body, Socrates in dialogue with Cebes forces his interlocutor to admit that the body-soul dualism admits to a qualitative difference between the two, and then Socrates begins to describe the separation of body and soul, such as we would describe as a ghost:

"And, my friend, we must believe that the corporeal is burdensome and heavy and earthly and visible. And such a soul is weighed down by this and is dragged back into the visible world, through fear of the invisible and of the other world, and so, as they say, it flits about the monuments and the tombs, where shadowy shapes of souls have been seen, figures of those souls which were not…

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Contemporary Music
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There is an old cliche that contemporary music, especially popular music, is without lasting significance or quality. The truth is just the opposite. Contemporary music is extremely creative, and employs a wide range of styles and draws on many traditions around the world. In fact, contemporary composers and singers encompass all the known traditions and rich styles of the past, in both western and eastern cultures, in mainstream society as well as indigenous groups. Contemporary music is all music -- from string quartets like the Kronos Quartet, whose classically trained string quartet offers jagged, minimalist, modern music that has won many fans, to the seminal and groundbreaking work of popular singer/composers like Paul Simon, who in his Rhythm of the Saints album, employed African and tribal percussion. Contemporary music can be rock and roll, rap, classical, gospel, jazz, country western, or world music (music of other cultures).

So how…


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W B Yeats and Eavan Boland
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W.. Yeats and Eavan oland

While William utler Yeats and Eavan oland may be united by a common nationality and literary heritage, they are divided by almost a full century. Eavan oland, as an Irish poet living after Yeats, has certainly been indebted to his influence. Ignoring such a debt would indeed be impossible, and oland herself has even admitted to the importance of Yeats' Irishness to her:

There were great and wonderful Irish male poets, all of whom I found inspiring in different ways. It meant an enormous amount to me in a very tribal way that William Yeats was Irish. And I would have liked, I suppose, to include in that tribalism a woman as well.

The Stoicism of Love")

oland here admits that she sees herself in a line of Irish poets and that she has a literally "tribal" kinship with other Irish poets. While, this may…


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Sensitive Work of Cindy Sherman
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Cindy Sherman: Empathetic Artist

Should Cindy Sherman be viewed an artist poking fun at society and the disenfranchised people or as a photographer encouraging society to re-examine its obsession with youth and status?

Cindy Sherman has been described as one of the most celebrated artists of our time. Sherman in many respects has mastered the art of reinvention: she has proven herself adept at constantly turning herself into something else and consistently mastering the art of transformation. As one journalist has summarized, "Over the course of her remarkable 35-year career she has transformed herself into hundreds of different personas: the movie star, the valley girl, the angry housewife, the frustrated socialite, the enaissance courtesan, the menacing clown, even the oman god Bacchus. Some are closely cropped images; in others she is set against a backdrop that, as Ms. Sherman describes it, 'are clues that tell a story'" (Vogel, 2012). Given…


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Narco Cultura Film Mexican History
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Running head: Mexican historyaccording to Narco Cultura film Mexican historyaccording to Narco Cultura film 9Mexican history, according to Narco Cultura filmThe Mexican drug war has been going on for more than a decade, but it has little to no success. Beheadings, mass hangings of bodies, killings of innocent citizens, car bombings, abuse, and assassination attempts of various community members, including reporters and political figures, are part of Mexicos drug war. More than three hundred thousandhomicides have been committed since 2006, when the government declared war on the cartels. Besides these crimes, the violence has spread deep into Mexicos interior, with organized crime groups diversifying their criminal activities to extortion, kidnapping, auto theft, and other illicit enterprises (Bietell, 2013). Violence is a central feature in the trade of illegal drugs. Many criminal organizations use violence to settle disputes and maintain employee discipline and is directed towards the government and news media.The…

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U S Labor Movement and Grapes
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21, 388). Steinbeck's tone throughout is one of the owners' impending doom. ut their violent and cruel methods keep them in control.

The labor perspective is posed against this. Tom angrily mentions a strike. He says, "Well, s'pose them people got together an' says, 'Let 'em rot.' Wouldn't be long 'fore the price went up, by God!" (ch. 20, 336). He is told that the owners find out who the labor movement leaders are and jail or kill them. y the end of the novel, there is not much redeeming. The workers are exploited. The closest they come to organizing in unions is in the migrant camps. This does not help them overcome the powerful owners. Strikes are broken up because there are just too many people who are desperate for anything. Yet the Joad family falls into luck with cotton picking. This is symbolized in chapter twenty-eight with their…


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Western Civ V The Philosophes
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) and towards the more practical needs for Aryan survival.

c. hy did a growing number of Germans support Hitler and the Nazi Party in the years leading up to his appointment as chancellor?

There are many arguments to this question, but one that surfaces more often than others focuses on economics and self-preservation. The German people were humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles -- their military and economic system had been stripped away, their debt unbearable, and their economy was being controlled by other countries. The ideas of National Socialism were attractive to many: unification of the German Volk, reestablishing the German lands as a country dedicated to certain ideals, focusing on ethnic and linguistic similarities, the overthrow of Versailles, the idea of German self-determination, lebensraum (room for Germans to live, grow and prosper), and an improvement over the crippling inflation and economic woes of the eimar Government, seen…

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Forgotten Yet Essential Soladaras in
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However, over the years, history book publishers have not followed suit and described the soladeras in a positive way. For instance, one of Casaola's most well-known photos is of a harried soldadera in a train station. The photograph's saturated colors make the scene deeply emotional and compelling, with a feeling of urgency and dynamic motion. The spontaneity of the picture and transparency of reality provide an historical accuracy and high degree of precision. Yet, the caption of one history book, for example, relates how many of the soldaderas were forced to ride on the rooftops of the trains, instead of inside the wagons. Many of the women died early deaths when the train sped through dangerous ravines and cliffs. This was anything but a supportive interpretation of the photograph and not why Casola took the photographs.

On the other hand, Casola's photographs, especially this one in the train station, did…


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Creative Resources Three Works of
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The message stays with us because the music and lyrics are memorable. Precious provides images that we can carry in our minds. Unlike text, where we must use our imagination to create pictures of characters and scenes, film does that for us. Anyone who has seen Precious surely finds it difficult to forget the images of violence and despair. The Things They Carried is part memoir. Author O'Brien has written other books about Vietnam, but this one is much more personal. It is the work with which most of us can most identify because there are a variety of character types and one is bound to resonate with the reader, reminding him of himself, perhaps, or someone he knows. O'Brien wrote the book in part as self-therapy. He carries the weight of what happened to him and his fellow soldiers in Vietnam.

The Burdens Teachers Carry

As teachers, we carry…


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Systems Administration v Network Administration
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The subject matter of systems administration includes computer systems and the ways people use them in an organization. This entails knowledge of operating systems and applications, as well as hardware and software troubleshooting, but also knowledge of the purposes for which people in the organization use the computers.

The most important skill for a system administrator is problem solving. The systems administrator is on call when a computer system goes down or malfunctions, and must be able to quickly and correctly diagnose what is wrong and how best to fix it. In some organizations, computer security administration is a separate role responsible for overall security and the upkeep of firewalls and intrusion detection systems, but all systems administrators are generally responsible for the security of the systems in their keep. (, 2011)

Network Administrator

What is a computer network? According to McGraw Hill Online Learning Center, "a network is two…


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Saussure's Definition of Sign Every
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She finds herself in a strange entanglement with her husband's ex-lover, the friendly man, and the young woman who wants "to hold him fast in a re-enactment of the Old Scottish ballad that re-echoes throughout the story" (aterston, 262). However, neither one of these women is able to hold the man fast; "I can't make two women happy," he says (Munro, 103).

The whole idea of "holding someone fast" resonates in different ways throughout the story. Hazel was not able to hold her husband fast and she must come to terms with the fact that she, in some ways, abandoned him before he died -- not "striving toward him" in the past or in the present in memory (Munro, 104).

The song sang in the story is about a young man who is captured by fairies and wants more than anything to go back to human life. The young man…

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Ethnic Dining Experience Miami Has
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There was a conspicuous lack of cigars, however, perhaps a nod to modern American views on smoking in restaurants.

To finish the meal, it is an essential part of the experience that one has Cuban coffee. This can be obtained at your table, but Versailles also has a coffee counter outside, which is a more authentic experience. The coffee counter is a take-out window at which Cuban coffee can be ordered. The intent is that it is consumed on the spot. If one watches the locals, there is an entire system and lingo for ordering Cuban coffee at Versailles that can be difficult to penetrate without a strong working knowledge of Spanish. However, a simple shot can be ordered. The cost is absurdly cheap compared with espresso in most coffee shops, but the coffee counter at Versailles has very low overhead and high turnover. The coffee is thick and very…

Program Notes Schubert Schubert's Wanderer
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The first movement, Allegro con fuoco ma non-troppo is a stormy kaleidoscope of notes, swift yet ominous, cascading in a burst of sound, then lulling to brief stops. There are periods of piece and respite, then of motion, much like a person wandering. The second movement, the Adagio that contains the original song is stormy, much like the poem that inspired Schubert to write. Quintessentially Romantic, brooding, and in a minor key, it is a true 'tone painting' of the Romance of a loss of national place of the poem. It may be defined as the heart of the work. The Presto section incorporates many of the themes of the original section, but in a faster and frenzied fashion, as if the loneliness of the wanderer has finally affected the man. The final Allegro movement is more pacific and brings the work to a surprisingly upbeat closure. Originally, Schubert had…

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May 21, 2009.

Lilian Baylis Birth of the
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Denis and Michael enthall used the space for productions and actor training. From 1963 -- 76 it was the temporary home of the National Theatre of Great ritain (see Royal National Theatre). riefly closed due to funding cuts, it reopened in 1983. Again threatened by lack of funds, it was purchased and preserved by a charitable trust in 1998. In 2003 Sir Elton John became the theater's president, a restoration drive was organized, and the formation a new Old Vic company was announced. Directed by the American actor Kevin Spacey, the group is intended showcase new theatrical talent (Old Vic, 2003).


During the 1920s and '30s Lilian aylis put on all of Shakespeare's plays, opera, and ballet. She and her troop did it all on a shoe string: ginger beer crates made up the scenery, and the casts were so poorly paid that Lilian often made dinner for them…


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Life in a Medieval Castle
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The Cid is a fair and just man, which is part of the knightly image, and he lives a good and just life. He is pious, and he commands respect, as the growth of his forces during his exile indicates. The image of the knight is also extremely brave, especially in battle, and both books hold up this image. The Cid and his men are extremely brave on the battlefield, and they support each other, as well. In one battle, one of his knights loses his horse. Simpson writes, "His lance is broken, but he grasps his sword and smites mightily, now on foot" (Simpson 33). This is one of the enduring images of the knight, that he is brave among all other things, and that he is extremely brave in battle.

Another image of the knight in both books is that they share a camaraderie and sense of working…


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Remembering the Alamo The Alamo
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On February 26, Travis began to order fire power conservation in anticipation of further battle. The Texians burned more huts and were also engaged by Colonel Juan Bringas. One Texian was killed on this occasion.

On March 3, 1000 further Mexican troops reinforced Santa Anna's army, which now amounted to almost 2,400. Santa Anna began to plan a direct assault on the fort on March 4. A visit from a local woman to negotiate a Texian surrender, according to historians, is likely to have increased Santa Anna's impatience for battle. It was decided that the fort would be attacked on March 6. On the evening of March 5, the Mexicans strategically ceased their bombardment of the fort, and as planned, the Texian army fell into exhausted slumber.

Planning for the final assault began just after midnight on March 6, and Santa Anna gave the order to advance at 5:30 AM.…


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Physically as if the Top
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A similar use of rhyme and meter is deployed in ballads and other traditional poetic forms. Poetry's advantage in heightening language but also revealing character as well as creating plots and dramas is shown in the theater, such as the Greek, Roman, and Elizabethian theater.

Perhaps the best definition of poetry is not that it uses certain forms, such as sonnets, or contains a specific metrical style, such as iambic pentameter, but that is language where the conscious and deliberate use of language matters just as much as the plot, character, or the point of the sentence structure. Poetry has been seen as the voice of a collective, as in ancient times, or of the individual writing against society, as with the English Romantics Keats, Byron, and Shelley, and the American Romantic poet Emily Dickinson. Some poets today use no form. Others create new forms, or infuse old forms with…

Pierre Schaeffer's Musique Concrete Pierre
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The basic materials might include tin cans, fragments of speech, a cough, canal boats chugging or natural snatches of Tibetan chant (all these are in a work called Etude Pathetique).

Musical instruments are not taboo: one piece used a flute that was both played and struck. Differences in balance or performance can also be used to extend the range of materials. All of this is very similar to the way that the sample integrated into popular music have included news actuality, political statements and fragments of other people's compositions." (2003) Nisbett additionally relates that the "preliminary concrete recording was described analytically in terms of a variety of sound qualities" as follows:

Instantaneous content - frequency spectrum or timbre (which might contain separate harmonics, bands of noise or a mixture of the two);

The melodic sequence of successive sound structure; and Its dynamics or envelope (the way sound intensity varies in…

Bibliography of Electronic Music." Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1966.

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Guillaume De Machaut Historical Account
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What has been determined to date is Machaut's masterful use of language and syntax to help amuse and entertain his intended audiences, and in an era absent the Internet, cable television and the popular press, it is not surprising that his works were well received. For instance, as De Looze points out, "Guillaume de Machaut gravitates toward equivocal signs: insomnia, colors that can have diametrically opposed meanings, plays on words, and so on" (1997, 13). This point is also made by Leach, who reports that Machaut was titillating without being vulgar about it: "In middle French courtly lyric the word merci signifies a broad range of favors that the lady may grant her lover; its meaning overlaps with 'pity,' but it also carries the sense of remuneration, reward or even salary -- the pay-off in the economy of noble love. Within Machaut's usage it has a specific resonance and range…

Globalization Has Made Access to
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This has been represented through both advertisement campaigns highlighting individual beauty and greater media attention to those who do not bear resemblance to traditional images of beauty. In "sex, lies and advertising," it is evident that the use of magazines and other advertising mediums are the direct correlation to why so many women feel that they need to change themselves. These images however all false in nature since they do not accurate depict what the feminine form and beauty is. There is no strong conflict of interest between women's magazines and beauty products because the idea of beauty is now so deeply entrenched in social and cultural frameworks those magazines will not shake the desire of women to want to be beautiful. Furthermore, the prevalence of women's magazines only makes the problem appear more subliminal and give people the false sense of acceptance that is not in fact present.


Elvis and Black Music the
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Blues music however did not cross racial lines, with the majority of famous blues musicians still residing in New Orleans and various other well-known black music entertainment venues of the South.

Gospel music has been an African-American church tradition with influences from traditional African music and especially prevalent during the slavery era. Later (most likely because of those particular ignominious associations and all they implied, especially in the South) gospel music was strongly discouraged within mainstream society and actively suppressed.

Similarly, blues music represented a blending of black musical traditions with a centuries-long history originating from the earliest days of American slavery. Sammy Davis Jr. And Nat King Cole, were and remain today among the best-known of early black entertainers within the (then) up-and-coming rock 'n roll genre of the 1940's. Each had a heavy influence upon Elvis himself.

Obviously, though, the blending of Southern musical traditions was not started…

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Harmondsworth, Eng: Penguin, 1982.

Du Fu's Song of War
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" Du Fu, of course, is speaking of the An Lushan Rebellion, which was not put down for nearly a decade in mid-eighth century China.

Emperor u's wars have essentially decimated the land. The lands are barren -- in more ways than one. The consequences of war are numerous: the men are gone, so in villages where couples should normally be uniting and having children, no children are had. The image Du Fu uses is of stark fields where "nothing grows but weeds," but the image could easily be construed as being representative of the lack of new life in the "two hundred districts / And in thousands of villages."

The next image Du Fu employs is one of heartbreaking sorrow: "and though strong women have bent to the ploughing, / East and west the furrows are all broken down." Du Fu's image is akin to the ballads of Ireland,…

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Gestalt Psychology Theory in
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"The song was there before me, before I came along" Dylan answered. "I just sorta came down and just sorta took it down with a pencil, but it was all there before I came around…" (].

Meanwhile Ginger explains the practical application of Gestalt theory from the perspective of Fritz Perls: a) "we all know that each of us perceives the world from our own personal perspective…" and yet people look in vain for the objectivity that comes from science; b) we also know that the "how" is more important than the "why" and that the "spirit in which something is done is important… but we are still mostly interested in the 'bottom line'" (Ginger).


As alluded to earlier in this paper Gestalt has indeed been controversial and clearly it is misunderstood after years of its myriad applications. However, this paper supports the value that is Gestalt, in its…

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Victorian Period Literature- Status of Women in
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Victorian Period Literature- Status of Women

Women in English literature have always found a subservient place akin to that of a second-class citizen. It was more pronounced in the Victorian period when it was believed that marriage was the only possible career for women. They were expected to prepare themselves for courtship, make themselves skillful enough to be liked by men and finally land themselves a good husband. That was the be-all and end-all of their lives. However not everyone subscribed to that viewpoint and some tried to raise a voice against the status of women in the society and how it was contributing to their poor standard of lives and deteriorating lot. Interestingly one such person was Elizabeth Barrett Browning whose ballad "Lord Walter's Wife" was refused publication in 1861 on the grounds that it could lead to public outcry since it talked of man's love for a woman.…


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Cullen Poem Cullen's For a Lady I
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Cullen Poem

Cullen's "For a Lady I Know": Biography in Poetry

Counte Cullen, a prominent poet of his time and a standout from the Harlem Renaissance, illuminates the extremely controversial issue of racism towards African-Americans as well as societal class issues in "For a Lady I Know." His short poem (only two stanzas) is terse as it illustrates the inequalities African-Americans face as well as the ignorance and superior attitude rich white people often have towards them. It is not often that such a short work can accomplish conveying copious amounts of information and elicit numerous feelings in one reading but "For a Lady I Know" certainly does.

As popular as he was, it is interesting to learn that Counte Cullen's life is shrouded in mystery. He was born Cullen Porter in 1903 but the location of his birth is much debated even today. New York City and Baltimore have…

John Woo's Face Off John Woo's 1997 Face Off
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John Woo's Face/Off

John Woo's 1997 Face/Off was only the Hong Kong filmmaker's third American feature, preceded by Hard Target (1993) starring Jean-Claude van Damme and Broken Arrow (1996) starring Christian Slater and John Travolta. Travolta would star again in Woo's third Hollywood effort alongside Nicholas Cage. The film's solid success with critics and at the box-office would move Tom Cruise to hire Woo to helm the second installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise. But that film would prove to be the apex of Woo's success in America: his next two films would draw scant positive reviews and box office receipts. By that time, Woo had traded his inimical style for more overtly transcendent themes of sacrifice and spirituality: Windtalkers heavily embraced both Christian and Native American spirituality and Paycheck (based on a Philip K. Dick story) was more psychologically driven than action-oriented (like his more popular films before that).…

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Romantic Era Began in the Late Eighteenth
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omantic era began in the late eighteenth century as a reaction against the Age of Enlightenment and was a period of great change and emancipation. The movement started as an artistic and intellectual reaction against aristocratic social and political norms of the Enlightenment and against the scientific rationalization of nature. During the Enlightenment literature and art were primarily created for the elite, upper classes and educated, and the language incorporated in these works was highly poetic, completely different from that spoken by the masses. Artists of the omantic era accessed the ballads and folklore that was familiar to commoners, rather than from the literary works popular with the aristocracy. This shift in emphasis was most strongly manifested in the visual arts, music, and literature. This was the beginning of a period of artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativity. The movement stressed strong emotion, imagination, freedom from classical correctness in art forms,…


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Passionate Shepherd to His Love
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The physical structure of the poem is also interesting with these two poems. Naturally, as Raleigh's nymph is turning Marlowe's shepherd's letter of its ear, the same structure is used for the second poem, along with the same metaphors. The imperfect rhyming is also consistent between the two poems. It is unclear what the purpose of the imperfect rhyming ("love" and "move") might be, unless pronunciations were different when these poems were written. If the pronunciations where not different, they could perhaps indicate that the shepherd is not the most literate, and is guided more by passion than by impeccable verse.

The response is effective in part because it contradicts the heavily romantic imagery that the shepherd is using -- madrigals, beds of roses, fragrant flowers. That these are directly argued against in the nymph's reply ("flowers do fade," for example) makes the point that no matter how glorious romance…

Full Monty
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Monty at Fisher

On October 31, the national tour of the musical "The Full Monty" was performed at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Fisher Auditorium. The musical is the story of six unemployed buddies who come up with a "foolproof" plan to make money and conquer their fears. The musical was a British film that was made into a musical.

First of all, this musical is funny. It is billed as a musical comedy, but sometimes that is not really the case. This musical is funny, and the lyrics to the songs are witty and sometimes caustic. "Michael Jordan's Ball" was especially funny, and the way it was written, in a bouncy, very masculine tone, made it really seem like the court action of a basketball game. "Big Black Man" had a jazz feel, and the brass and drums kept it light and yet very modern at the same…