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Crisis at Footwear International Case Summary a

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Crisis at Footwear International

Case Summary

A multinational shoe manufacturing company has been accused of deliberately designing a shoe with an insole that is offensive to Muslims. Footwear International consists of a number of companies that are semi-autonomous with regard to operations, and are governed by boards of directors that include local business community members. The Footwear International company in Bangladesh experienced severe criticism from local activist student groups who interpreted the design of an insole to include the name of Allah. Further, the students charged the manufacturing company of being owned and financed by Jews, and somehow linked the entire episode to Salman Rushdie. The designer of the shoe -- a devout Bengali Muslim who does not speak or read Arabic -- declared that the pattern integrated into the insole design was inspired by Chinese temple bells that she purchased. Further, the insole design had been considered and approved for inclusion in the manufacturing by the designer's supervisor.

Issues. The primary issues related to the footwear design crisis in Bangladesh are as follows:

The student protest escalated into a criminal charge under Section 295 of the Bangladesh Criminal Code which considers "deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious…… [Read More]

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Response Team Problems

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The following is a response to a major disaster in the Asian coastal country of Bangladesh. A major and destructive typhoon has recently hit the country and there are significant problems. The result of this typhoon has seem massive death, destruction and population displacement, and to worsen the situation, data indicates that cases of a diarrheal disease consistent with cholera have been reported.

This essay will highlight the priorities of work that need to be addressed in order to respond to the cholera outbreak that appears imminent. This response will recommend certain actions that need to be implemented and which agencies to seek assistance from to help in making the plan work. Pre-deployment preparations for those flocking to the disaster will also be discussed to give a more descriptive form to the problem.

Impacts of Cholera Outbreaks

It is important and preliminary to understand the problems and risks associated with an cholera outbreak. To know the enemy in this fight is invaluable to creating an effective and efficient strategy to combat the ill effects. The World Health Organization provides some enlightening guidance in their reports such an occurrence. The report stated "The potential impact of communicable diseases is often…… [Read More]

Tappero JW, Tauxe RV. Lessons learned during public health response to cholera epidemic in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet]. 2011 Nov [date cited].

The World Health Organization (2006). Communicable Disease following natural disasters. Risk Assessment and Priority Interventions. Retrieved from 
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Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies at Rana Plaza

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Audit Management DQ

Consider the governance of the company owning Rana Plaza and describe the regional expectations as well as best practice in this area and the benefits that adoption brings. Evaluate the governance of Rana Plaza during and after the collapse of the building against these and explain how this helped or hindered Rana Plaza.

The management of Rana Plaza failed to ensure employee safety. In such a case, workers and suppliers equate the weakest points in relation to conditions of order and input dependency, footloose sourcing practices, and hand-to-mouth contracting. One of the incidents that happened in 2013 at Sadia Garments Ltd. saw new unionized workers facing aggressive campaigns on factory management (Ayres, 2014). Workers faced threats of violence while lead organizers were sent death threats. Later, one factory supervisor attacked the Union General Secretary for Sadia Garments with a pair of scissors while demanding for the resignation ( (n.d.). Apparel companies have shaky relationships with the major contract manufacturers from low-cost countries and often become transient as they work on contract-to-contract grounds. The deals can last shortly after the brands have a continuous pursuit of lowest cost operations and average thirds or quarters of the brand contractor…… [Read More]

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Terrorism Who Leads the Group

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While the main bases are still located in the Bangladesh area, there are branches in almost every country (Muktadhara, 2001).

Most of the crimes committed by the Jamaat were done in Bangladesh and surrounding areas. The actual locations vary between Shrines, local businesses, celebrations, airfields, and sporting events. As funding increases, both their crime locations and base of operations continues to increase (Muktadhara, 2001).

The Jamaat organization dislikes the United States and other Western cultures for two main reasons. First, they challenge the western methods to achieve social and industrial reform. According to the Jamaat, their method provides more opportunity for equality and change from within, rather than changing the industry, and leaving the citizens to starve. Secondly, the Jamaat dislikes the capitalistic ways of the Western world. They view the values and methods of the United States and other western nations as actions taken against Islam, and view those actions as punishable by Jihad (Muktadhara, 2001b).

The Jamaat justifies their activities in the name of Islam, and jihad. According to their beliefs, anything that goes against the teachings of Islam is punishable, and to be fought. Their funding for such jihad's comes mostly from other nations and drug trafficking…… [Read More]

Jamaat e-Islami Organization. (2002). Vision and Commitment. About Jamaat. Obtained October 24, 2004 from Jamaat e-Islami. Web site:

Jamaat e-Islami Organization. (2002b). Objectives, goals, and approach. Organization. Obtained October 24, 2004 from Jamaat e-Islami. Web site:
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Combat Commanders Revised Mission Statement

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Their job is: to ensure that all regions are receiving the proper amount of support, to prevent opposition forces from taking advantage of the situation and to communicate with local government / military officials / NGOs / nonprofit organizations. This will streamline decision making and ensure that there is effective collaboration among personnel. Moreover, this individual has experience in working with disasters and other security operations. (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")

The lower levels of command will be subdivided among various battalions, companies / air wings and platoons / flights. These individuals will be responsible for achieving the different mission objectives that are provided by the theater of operations commander. This will ensure that there are reduced levels of bureaucracy and effective procedures for addressing any kind of potential challenges. (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")

As a result, there will be a combination of land, air, sea and Special Forces that are utilized during the operation. These units will quickly respond to any kind of issues and provide the flexibility to adjust to changes in the mission. When this happens, everyone will be more effective in addressing a number of different challenges. (Warning Order) ("Navy Warfare Development Command")…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Air War College Distant Learning. War Fighting, 2011.

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Indian-Israeli Relations Valuable to India's

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' Indians across the political spectrum, especially the country's powerful nuclear weapons establishment, are critical of the NPT, arguing that it unfairly warps international hierarchies to the disadvantage of the non-nuclear-weapon states" (1998:15). In its efforts to balance the pressures from the international community with its own self-interests in formulating foreign policies, the position adopted by India has been starkly different than other countries. In this regard, Karp concludes that, "Most states party to the NPT accept the unfairness of the treaty as a tradeoff that serves their own and global interests. India's leaders insist that fair and genuine nuclear disarmament must start with the nuclear-weapon states themselves, a demand formalized by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in his 1990 global nuclear disarmament initiative" (Karp 1998:14).

As a result of these events, the 20th century witnessed the formation of various positions in Indian foreign policy that would endure throughout the Cold War era and beyond (Wadlow 2003). These foreign policy positions were primarily based on India's official foreign policy of nonalignment, an approach that was adopted early on in an effort to help India maintain its independence and navigate its way in a bipolar world (Ghoshal 2003). According to Ghoshal,…… [Read More]

Berlin, D.L. 2006 "India in the Indian Ocean." Naval War College Review 59(2): 58-59.

Chollett, D. & Lindberg, T. 2007 "A Moral Core for U.S. Foreign Policy." Policy Review 146: 3-
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Slavery Among Women and Children

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Globalization and Social/Human Injustices

Human slavery/sex trafficking

The menace of slavery and trafficking for purpose of sexual exploitation is a menace that greatly neglected or not talked about by the high and mighty yet it is a problem that ravages families on a daily basis. Across the globe, there are people who benefit from the modern day slavery and there are countries that act as source, most of them being the underdeveloped nations where poverty is high and unemployment is also significantly high. These two factors when combined, often push affected families to willingly or otherwise let go of their daughters into the forced labor or sex slavery in more developed nations. The women and children are the most affected groups in the slavery business since they are the most vulnerable in the society. Against the common belief that slavery is obsolete, the opening up of more borders and easy transportation system occasioned by the globalization trends has immensely increased the modern day slavery. There are between 700,000 to 4 million people who are shipped across borders against they wish on an annual basis (Kegley C.W. & Blanton S.L., 2011:Pp539).This population, upon landing on the other side of the borders…… [Read More]

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Diversity of the Entering Class and Enhance

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diversity of the entering class and enhance the educational experience of other students. First, I have lived in various places outside of the United States, including Africa (I participated in internships there) Bangladesh (I attended high school there), Germany, and Tanzania (my family lives there). Living in different countries has provided me with an opportunity interact with and meet people from different cultural, economic, educational, political, religious, and social backgrounds. In addition, living in various countries has enabled me to gain an understanding of various cultures and also to gain insight into the different needs and ways of thinking among various groups.

Next, I have used my background and experience to my advantage during my collegiate education at the University of Virginia. During college, I was involved in a lot of group work, often with groups that were very diversified racially and otherwise. My ability to interact with, relate to, and understand individuals from different cultural, economic, educational, political, religious, and social backgrounds enabled me to resolve various issues in a non-adversarial fashion while remaining focused on the objective of the group work. As a result, the group work that…… [Read More]

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Networking and Cellular Phone Service In India

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Therefore, the suggestions forwarded would most definitely be different if the discussion had been about another country or another industry. But even so, there are some rules compulsory to be implemented, without which the organization will not retrieve the desired beneficial results. These general recommendations include:

Clearly analyzing the features of the new market in order to get an idea of the product demand and the needs of the customers, as well as the strategies implemented by the competition

Developing a marketing plan that is extremely well adapted to the unique features of the new market

Positioning the product in such a manner that it reveals the core benefits of using the item and makes it appealing to the target audience (Kotler and Keller, 2006)

And most importantly, always treating the customers with the utmost respect and striving to serve all of their needs


Bellman, E., Networking: In India, Rural Poor Are Key to Cellular Firm's Expansion, the Wall Street Journal, September 24, 2007

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Country Profile - India, BBC News, February 6, 2008, accessed on March 25, 2008

India - Internet Usage Stats and Telecommunications Market Report,…… [Read More]

Bellman, E., Networking: In India, Rural Poor Are Key to Cellular Firm's Expansion, the Wall Street Journal, September 24, 2007

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Poverty Reduction Occur on a Local Scale

Words: 3310 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88283918

Poverty Reduction occur on a Local Scale or must it be in a Broader Scope to be Meaningful? Discuss with Reference to Specific Examples.

One of the biggest issues that a host of governments and international organizations are wrestling with (i.e. The UN) is how to effectively eliminate poverty. This is because, a number of different programs have been implemented in the past that were suppose to have a dramatic impact on reducing levels. Yet, in reality they are having limited effects at addressing the underlying causes. Instead, most of the money that is intended to tackle these challenges is squandered through: government bureaucracy and corrupt leaders.

A good example of this can be seen by looking no further than Tanzania. After gaining independence in the 1961, the country began to experience 6% economic growth. This caused many international aid organizations and donors to provide increased amounts of funding for a variety of activities. These were designed to encourage economic development and the reduction of poverty. However, many of the governmental institutions were squandering these funds and focusing exclusively on supporting economic growth. Over the course of time, this made any kind of programs ineffective. At which point, the country…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
2011 World Hunger and Property Facts, 2011, World Hunger. Available from: < > [31 May 2011].

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Tragedy of Commons and Clean

Words: 1848 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24574941

The solution that Hardin proposes is that of a coercive method; as always he gives a lucid example to support the point that he proposes. Hardin reminds the reader that society mutually agreed to make it illegal to rob banks, rather than appeal to the sense of responsibility to those who wish to rob banks as a means of deterring them. Bank robbers (real and potential) know that very immediate consequences await them, such as police chases which could end in injuries or fatalities, jail time and other comparable results. These consequences are real and immediate because they're reinforced by the state, the judicial system and by the police force. This form of coercion prevents more people from attempting to rob banks. Our natural resources of water need to be treated as though they're as valuable as banks filled with money. Dumping chemicals such as fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and personal care products into sources of water should be viewed as a felony by the state and judicial system and be enforced as such.

After the numerous Wall Street scandals caused major corporations to be instructed to stop the spread of greed and corruption within their organizations by praising and rewarding good…… [Read More]

Environmentalgraffitti, n.d. 7 Extinct Animals: Rare Photographs. [Online]

Available at:
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Microfinance My Project Is to Open a

Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58156004


My project is to open a microfinance bank, which specializes in low value, non-collateral loans for small business, typically in underprivileged parts of the world (, 2013). This will open in New York, serving people in the city's poorest communities, especially those struggling with unemployment. In some parts of the city, the annual median household income is below $10,000, and people in those communities become trapped in poverty (Venugopal, 2011). Microfinance was instituted by Grameen Bank in Bangladesh by Mohammed Yunus, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for the project (Grameen, 2013;, 2013). The project would utilize funds raised in New York's banking community to provide loans for people in New York's poorest areas, and to provide business skills training to help them to improve their earnings and standard of living.

Model and Competition

The business model of microfinance is different from that of a conventional bank. Microfinance does not aim to maximize profits for its shareholders but to maximize opportunity for its customers. The financiers of microfinance typically earn a nominal return on their investment, while most profits are plowed back into more lending, which helps to grow the bank. It is necessary, however, to strike a…… [Read More]

Bloomberg. (2013). Consumer interest rates. Bloomberg. Retrieved October 11, 2013 from

Chen, G., Rasmussen, S. & Reille, X. (2010). Growth and vulnerabilities in microfinance.
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Indian Art Reflection Activity Ashoka Why Is

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Indian Art

Reflection activity: Ashoka

Why is the reign of the third Mauryan emperor, Ashoka, important to the study of early Indian and Buddhist art?

Ashoka was one of India's greatest emperors whose reign covered a vast region. He conquered Kallinga which had not been done by any of his predecessors. However, this conquest claimed massive numbers of casualties and was destructive. He later converted to Buddhism after some of his experiences in the war which introduced Buddhism and its art to a vast population in India.

Discussion activity: Stupas

To what extent do these examples share the core characteristics of all stupas, and in what ways do they differ from each other? Bodhnath, Nepal (example 1) and Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka (example 2)

The stupa generally has six parts that have symbolic meaning that the stupas share. The Bodhnath stupa appears to be more modern and contains cables that connect to the lotus. The Anuradhapura stupa is the biggest brick structure in the world and the stupas in this area are more bubble shaped than found in other regions.

3. Reflection activity: Stupas

What is the most important ritual performed at a stupa?

Buddhists visit stupas to perform rituals that…… [Read More]

British Museum. (N.d.). Sandstone figure of the seated Buddha. Retrieved from British Museum:

Dhejia, V. (1990). On Modes of Visual narration in Early Buddhist Art. The Art Bulletin, 374-392.
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Ecofeminism Attracting the World's Attention

Words: 6366 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94121518

Women and water in India. In the villages of North Gujarat in India, so much groundwater has been removed that water supplies are now becoming scarce, according to Bhawana Upadhyay, writing in the journal Agriculture and Human Values. Women in North Gujarat are basically looked upon as "…domestic water users while men are seen as productive water users, despite the fact that women make significant use of water for productive purposes as well"

(Upadhyay, 2005, p. 411). Domestic water usage in India goes well beyond drinking and cooking, Upadhyay writes. Dalit women in Nepal for example grow commercial vegetable crops with the water they draw; they utilize a drip system, which costs just $12 to install, and it results in a profit of around $80 annually. Without a source of safe water, the livelihood of these women would disappear. Still, women's use of water tends to be classified as domestic, and hence is not counted because of the gendered system of accounting in some regions of India (Upadhyay, 2005, p. 412).

Upadhyay's article argues that based on empirical evidence from North Gujarat, if women were officially recognized as multiple water users -- and not just domestic water users -- that…… [Read More]

Buckingham, Susan, 2004, 'Ecofeminism in the Twenty-First Century', the Geographical Journal, Vol. 170, No. 2, 146-154.

Crow, Ben, and Sultana, Farhana, 2002, 'Gender, Class, and Access to Water: Three Cases in a Poor and Crowded Delta', Society and Natural Resources, Vol. 15, 709-724.
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Populations in Developed Less

Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56330593

There may be other reasons that have to do with cultural implications as well when it comes to population / fertility growth. Some people in LDNs may have religious reasons for not wanting to use birth control and may have major issues with abortion. In DNs, most women go to college, they have a career, they put off marriage, and when they do decide to get married, they may have one or two children. However, in LDNs, women may marry quite early, sometimes as early as fourteen, and may believe that having as many children as possible is what life is about. There are so many cultural factors in LDNs that people in DNs are unaware of.

It's interesting to note that in some countries in Europe especially, the government is actually trying to promote pregnancies because of the slow population growth rate. While this hasn't happened in the United States, as the population seems to be growing steadily, it is interesting to consider. However, in 2010, Bangladesh was estimated to be on of the ten most highly estimated countries in the world, just under 160 million (Asian Info 2011) and this is a country that is half the size…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Asian Info. (2011). Bangladesh. Asian info. Accessed on January 29, 2011: 

Food and Agricultiral Organization of the United Nations. (2011). Media Centre: Feeding
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Development in the World

Words: 1377 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62820639

preferences by countries can led to different forms of the challenges that they face and the strategies they choose to address these challenges. However, in an increasingly globalized world, many modern challenges are increasingly affecting the world's population as a whole; like climate change for example. Thus the next generations of challenges will require solutions that involve an unprecedented level of global collaboration. Furthermore, these challenges can be thought of in terms of social, economic, and environmental challenges. This paper will briefly outline three development challenges that are facing development in the 21st century.

Climate Change

Climate change, also known as global warming, is an environmental phenomenon that has attracted significant global attention in recent decades. This is arguably an issue that can be thought of as an existential issue. Climate change stands the potential not only to threaten many animal species around the world in a new global masses extinction event, but also has the potential to virtually change the climate system in a way inhospitable to future generations of humans. With the world population recently climbing to over seven billion people, many researchers are questioning the natural ecosystem's ability to support the global population (Hanna & Osborne-Lee, 2011).…… [Read More]

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2003 I Went on a

Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32588322

I was touched by the dedication of the eldest brother to feed his siblings and by the way he ate last only after caring for them, and only if there was any food left after they ate. To me, it was depressing just to see; for them, it was their daily life. I gladly gave them two hundreds taka (about 3 dollars).

Even that experienced paled in comparison to what I saw in the homes of the poor. Millions of people in Bangladesh can't afford anything resembling what we here would consider a "house" by any stretch of the imagination. They live in huts made from straw and scraps of wood; there are no floors inside either, just the hard ground with a roof on top. Still, it is a place that provides a sanctuary from the filthy streets. Naturally, these huts are all blown away and flooded during the monsoon season and their inhabitants must start over building another hovel. Inside these homes, there are no televisions, bathroom, tables, sofas, and no electricity. Their inhabitants slept on dirty rags.

My visit to Bangladesh left me with a desire to understand the difficulties and struggles people go through in impoverished…… [Read More]

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Social Enterprise What Is Meant by the

Words: 2339 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9807950

Social Enterprise

What is meant by the term 'social enterprise' and what do social enterprises contribute to society and the economies in which they operate?

The acceleration with which the world is changing day by day is continuous. A majority of organizations that have a motto of 'not-for-profit' are looking out for prospects with the help of which they can begin or widen their projects in order to get their missions fulfilled and offer the needy the earned profits. Thus, any organization or scheme that brings about the mentioned twofold objectives is considered a social enterprise. Social enterprises sell mission-related goods or services and by doing so they try to create a more impartial and fair environment through specific market-based strategies (Bornstein & Davis 2010).

In other words, a business is regarded as a social enterprise when the main objective is to cope up with the prevailing societal problems and bringing improvement in communal life, peoples' circumstances and positive environmental change. Though it seems that social enterprises work as charities, they do not. They are businesses but of different sorts. Just like other businesses, social enterprises create and accomplish things that produce capital and generate earnings.

However, their objective is…… [Read More]

Baptiste, T. (2009). Being a Leader and Making Decisions. 1st. ed. New York: Chelsea House.

Beerel, A. (2009). Leadership and Change Management. 1st. ed. Los Angeles: SAGE.
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Personal Statement My Country of

Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14745766

(Quite recently, she recently passed away, and the loss has been devastating to me and my family. To give tribute to her memory, I continue to press on in my work, and hope that my eventual degree will be a lasting credit to her memory).

The method of teaching in America was very different than what I had experienced in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, students listen and take notes, and accept what the teacher says as the gospel truth. In America, students are encouraged to argue and debate with the professor, and if they do not they are regarded as less engaged with the material. In my eyes, the attitudes of my American colleagues seemed startling and challenging.

A far higher level of personal independence was expected in America than in Bangladesh. Students were encouraged to select their classes with relatively little assistance. Because of the large nature of UTA, there is little support for the student in selecting a reasonable workload, finding academic assistance, and in seeking counseling for a future career. My grades suffered as a result.

As I grew more accustomed to the freewheeling nature of the American school system at UTA, my grades improved during my second…… [Read More]

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Bureaucratic System as it Is

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" It is additionally stated that the results of corruption are that public resources are channeled to the rich while the poor suffer because "their access to public services, such as public health and education, is reduced while drugs and textbooks are stolen from public facilities and sold privately and while doctors and teachers have high rates of absenteeism from their public jobs and sell their services privately." (Bonn, 2005) Bonn reports that the faith of citizen's in the government is greatly lowered as the government corruption deters both foreign and domestic investments which are needed in Bangladesh and that the government further 'undermines the ability of Bangladesh's development partners to sustain their support for the country."


Mauro (1995) made an examination of the results of corruption through use of the Business International (1984) index and growth rates of per capital GDP spanning the years from 1960 to 1985. (Summer and Heston, 1988) Stated is that through use of these variables it was shown by Mauro (1995:702-3) that "a one-standard deviation decrease in the corruption index significantly increases the annual growth rate of GDP per capita by 0.8%." (Akai, Horiuchi and Sakata, 2005)


It…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Blackburn, K. & Forgues-Puccio, G. (2005) Public Expenditures, Bureaucratic Corruption and Economic Development - the School of Economic Studies, the University of Manchester in its series Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research Discussion Paper Series No. 54. Online available at

Ifediora, John O. (2005) the Effects of Bureaucratic Corruption on Economic Development: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa. The Nigerian Village Square. 18 April 2005. Online available at .
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Entrepreneurial Leaders Charismatic Richard Branson and Visionary

Words: 1717 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38834334

entrepreneurial leaders, charismatic Richard Branson and visionary Muhammad Yunus, and discusses their leadership styles and major business principles.

Richard Branson

Who would have guessed that this high school dropout would become a billionaire and world-renowned entrepreneur? Born Richard Charles Nicholas Branson on July 18, 1950 in Surrey, England, Branson launched his first successful business at age 16. Branson struggled with dyslexia until he dropped out of boarding school to launch a youth culture magazine called Student. The publication was run by students, for students and sold $8,000 worth of advertising in its first edition. The first run of 50,000 copies was disseminated for free, after Branson covered the costs with advertising (Bio, 2011).

Branson went on to become the founder of the Virgin Group, an international conglomerate of some 350 companies, all of them combining for more than $8 billion in annual sales. He became Sir Richard Branson when he was knighted by the Queen in 1999 for "services to entrepreneurship." (Sukhiy, 2007).

Branson credits the origins of his leadership style to his mother, who taught him to stand on his own two feet. At age six, his mother would shove him out of the car and tell him to…… [Read More]

Bio. (2011). Muhammad Yunus biography. Retrieved October 21, 2011 from:

Bio. (2011). Richard Branson biography. Retrieved October 21, 2011 from:
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Joshua's Goldstein Book 5th Edition

Words: 7033 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98881068

history of events in the twentieth century, one might surmise that the twenty-first may not be all that different. Why? Because human nature and the pursuit of self-interest has not changed from one century to the next. To explain what drives international relations, Joshua Goldstein provides a brief history of the world, in addition to information about the geographical features and the consequences of different nation's economies. (Goldstein, 2003) The beginning of the twentieth century was marked by relative peace in the world. The Franco-Prussian wars were at least three decades into the past. Nobody would envision that the worst horrors of a global scale wars were in the near future. In as much as Goldstein avers that the First World War was wholly unnecessary and it was, at least in its inception, a macho exercise (p. 37), one can believe that war is part of human nature.

After the two World Wars, one might assume that a state of peace might have existed engineered by those that did not want to ever revisit war. Even smaller skirmishes could be avoided since a lot of nations also became independent at the same time from their colonialist rulers. But towards the…… [Read More]

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Economic Globalization Is Regarded as

Words: 4337 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5935419

By means of automation, specialized works that were predominantly done by men in the manufacturing industries situated in the developed nations were diminished. Conversely, non-specialized jobs mainly in the electronic parts manufacturing industries, particularly the microchip, in which unskilled women in a number of developing nations find employment, became bigger. Thus, the electronic parts manufacturers, instead of investing in huge capital-based units, had favored to make use of manual workers based in nations wherein inexpensive, quiet, and for that reason mostly women workers was quickly accessible. (Mitter; Rowbotham, 1995) Hence, women in Asia could get several jobs from the electronics manufacturing industry. Fresh high school passed out graduates from the tiny villages moved to the cities for jobs available in the semiconductor units. Usually the daughters of those villagers who were high-incomes, these young females, irritated by the absence of clerical as well as semi-skilled employment prospects in their villages, move to semiconductor units in the cities as their choice. About 90% of the employees in the electronics manufacturing industry in America are females and approximately half of those workers are of Asia as well as Latin America, inclusive of those from Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico and Azorean. And several…… [Read More]

Ahmed, Fauzia Erfan. (2004, Summer) "The Rise of the Bangladesh Garment Industry:

Globalization, Women Workers, and Voice," NWSA Journal, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 34-45.
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War in Iraq

Words: 1370 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56696632

War in Iraq

The top story for May 1, 2005 in the New York Times concerning Iraq was titled, "Iraq Insurgents Continue Wave of Attacks." The Chicago Tribune had no top stories on Iraq for this date and the Washington Post's only story on Iraq concerned Iraq's power grid problem. The LA Times' top story is titled "Iraq to Purge Corrupt Officers." Therefore the two domestic stories concerning Iraq come from the New York Times and the LA Times. The two foreign stories discussed were links found on the Iraq Daily web site. One is from The Independent Bangladesh and the other is from Dawn, a Pakistan English newspaper.

The New York Times article is an Associated Press report concerning the Sunday attacks in Iraq. It reports that insurgents' attacks are continuing for the third straight day and have included ambushes, car bombs, and drive-by shooting, bringing the death toll since Friday to "at least 79," including six American soldiers (Iraq pp). The article suggests that the recent attacks of violence are well coordinated and that the timing points to a deliberate attempt to deflate the hopes in "Washington and Baghdad that the installation of the Iraq's first democratically elected…… [Read More]

"Iraq2 still crippled by violence." The Independent Bangladesh. May 1, 2005.
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Globalization Multi-National Corporations and Labor

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However, if people were to fight in order to put across their principles they would have almost certainly had more to win out of the exploit. Instead, they ended up with no job and longing for the miserable derisory salaries they earned from working for Disney. It is obvious that developing countries need to be assisted in ways meant to help people understand their rights and the value of their work. There are a series of individuals guilty for the situation in Bangladesh, starting from the simple worker, to the harsh employer, and eventually to large companies like Disney and Walmart.

Perhaps it is less detrimental for the people of Bangladesh that corporations decide to abandon factories there, as this may serve as a wake up call, teaching them that their lives are not reduced to slaves working 15-hour shifts for salaries that barely get them through the day and which are incomparable to the lowest salaries paid in more developed countries. Even with that, some are likely to enjoy working for low wages, since it is better than doing nothing. People are capable of performing miserable jobs when they go through difficult times and feel that a low income…… [Read More]

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Traditionally the European Union Has

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It also seems that a regionally integrated market can increase foreign direct investments (FDIs), mainly due to the fact that this will appear as a better regulated market and as a market offering more opportunities than a smaller market. For example, in EU's case, we are talking about a market with almost half a billion consumers and coordinated with unified economic policies from Brussels. A highly stable market and with good growth potential, this will attract foreign investors. So, as a regionally integrated market, the EU also offers the advantage of a regulated market, with practical approaches that make the market successful.

Other advantages of regional economic integration are particular to specific countries. In the EU, this is the case of less developed countries, such as Greece, Portugal and Spain (at the moment of their adherence) or the countries of Eastern Europe (in the present). The fact that these countries adhered to the European Union meant that they had to commit to specific macroeconomic reform, as specified in their treaties of accession. This virtually not only improved macroeconomic conditions, but also significantly improved living standards for the citizens of those countries. Basically, accession to the EU was conditioned by the…… [Read More]

1. Regional Integration: Concepts, Advantages, Disadvantages and Lessons of Experience. May 2005. On the Internet at retrieved on September 15, 2007

2. Bangladesh Country Note. Promoting Regional Integration in South Asia: A Private Sector Perspective. October 2004. The World Bank/International Monetary Fund 2004 Annual Meetings. Washington DC. On the Internet at retrieved on September 15, 2007
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The Future of the Death Penalty

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Death Penalty

Schaefer, K., J. Hennessy, & J.G. Ponterotto. (2000). Race as a variable in imposing

and carrying out the death penalty in the U.S. Race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, violent crime: The realities and the myths. The Haworth Press, 35-45.

The research question was: given the extent to which the death penalty has been arbitrarily imposed, to what extent are there unbalanced racial demographics in death penalty sentencing?

The hypothesis was that race is a factor in terms of how death penalty sentencing is allocated.

Research was accumulated through the analysis of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports from 1976 to 1995. This source provided information about the race of perpetrators. DOJ capital offender data files were also analyzed for the demographic data for each of the 5,580 of the prisoners condemned to death versus those of offenders from states without death penalties (Schaefer, Hennessey, & Ponterotto, 2000, p. 39).

Q4. The research yielded the finding that while Blacks and Hispanics made up the majority of the population of incarcerated individuals for homicides and the populations of these racial groups in prisons was increasing overall, "Whites were the majority among the executed capital offender population, comprising 172 (55%) of the cases"…… [Read More]

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Microfinance the Commercialization of Microfinance

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81). Thus, current research suggests that mixed attitudes toward microfinance and commercialization are currently preventing commercialization from taking place. I aim to provide some hard, quantitative data regarding commercialized microfinance institutions in order to displace some of this mystery.

Methodology & Conclusion

Thus, I aim to provide real, quantitative data by choosing two microfinance institutions to study. One of these institutions will be a private, non-for-profit organization, while the other will be a for-profit, commercialized institution. A close comparison regarding treatment of clients, interest rates, services offered, loans dispersed, and money earned will allow me to point to the institution that does the best job managing clients and boosting the economy.

Thus, microfinance was an ingenious institution, but controversy and expansion have brought it to the time of assessment. This thesis will help dispel certain rumors about microfinance, especially dealing with its commercialization.

Charitonenko, S. (2003). Commercialization of Microfinance: The Philippines. Asian Development Bank. Available from, the Asian Development Bank. Web Site:

Charitonenko, S. (2003). Commercialization of Microfinance: Indonesia. Asian Development Bank. Available from, the Asian Development Bank. Web Site:

Charitonenko, S., Champion, a., and Fernando, N.A. (2004). Commercialization of Microfinance: Perspectives From South and Southeast Asia. Asian…… [Read More]

Katz, R. (2008, April 17). The Commercialization of Microfinance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Retrieved March 21, 2009, from Next Billion: Development Through Enterprise. Web Site:

Microfinance: Business or Charity." Retrieved March 21, 2009, from the Council on Foreign Relations. Web Site:

O'Neil, M. (2005, June). University of Chicago and Northwestern Conference on the Commercialization of Microfinance: A Practical Look at the Future. Retrieved March 21, 2009, from the United Nations Capital Development Fund. Web Site:
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Kohl's Case Study Kohl's Corporation

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The main objective is to therefore maintain a stable level of market share or even to increase it. It is best that Kohl's activates in a stable environment. Therefore, given the latest economic trends that affect the global economy it is expected that the company will register sales and income decreases, the same as its competitors.

Therefore, it is recommended to implement strategies that allow the company to maintain low costs, so that prices will not be increased. This way, the company is able to ensure the same number of customers as before the financial crisis.

Such a defender type company should best rely on long-term planning, given the slow modifications that characterize the macro-environment. However, it is recommended to implement a short-term strategy also, in order to overcome the negative aspects that emerge because of the financial crisis.

SWOT analysis

The company's strengths are:



National presence

High quality

Acceptable prices

Customer-oriented strategy

The company was established a few decades ago and the fact that Kohl's has continuously developed since its beginning proves that stability is one of the most important strengths a company could have. Even more, given the financial crisis that characterized the global economy, customers…… [Read More]

Kohl's Corporation Reports September Comparable Store Sales - press release (2008). Kohl's Inc. Retrieved October 26, 2008 at

Corporate Governance - Highlights (2008). Kohl's Inc. Retrieved October 26, 2008 at

Energy Management Programs (2008). Kohl's Inc. Retrieved October 26, 2008 at
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History in the Making Fight for Rights

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History In the Making: Fight for Rights

There are numerous definition of history that are adapted by different groups. Of interest though is the fact that they share a period that is in the past. Among the many definitions fronted by Word Net (2011) is "the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future." This definition arouses interest in our case study as it spans from the past into the present happenings in the world.

It is apparent that history can be made and it is never static but is continually being made by people and events that surround us. Among the most recent noticeable events of our time in the history making are the events in Asia and China. In these two political demography there have been numerous fight for rights that have taken place in the past decade to the recent years and months, these events are worth noting since they have contributed immensely in the historical development of the rights of the people in these regions.

One of the makers of history in China is Kadeer who is the most popular leader coming from the Western China…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
BBC News, (2009). Afghan Women Fight for Rights. Retrieved March 7, 2011 from

Human Rights Watch, (2010). China: Rights Abuses Belie Success in AIDS Fight. Retrieved March 7, 2011 from
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Domestic Violence in United States

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Moreover, most of the police officers believed that criminalization was not an appropriate or effective method to deal with batterers because it "leads to the break-up of the family" (Ganapathy).

According to a 2004 study of 1,200 women in Bangladesh, some 67% reported having experience domestic violence, and 35% during the past year (Islam). Domestic violence was higher among women with a dowry agreement, and was also higher among women with a registered marriage and women who cover at least some of their expenses (Islam). Khairul Islam reports, "The proportion experiencing domestic violence was non-significantly lower among women with more than five years of education than among less educated or non-educated women" (Islam).

However, in the United States, much progress has occurred during the past thirty years regarding the recognition of domestic violence as a major problem, resulting in the development of numerous services by different professional disciplines to address the legal, social service, and mental and physical health needs of the survivors, perpetrators and child witnesses (Forgey).

Domestic violence is now being recognized in many countries as a major health issue, resulting in the availability of medical, social and legal services for battered women.

Works Cited

Forgey, Mary Ann.…… [Read More]

Forgey, Mary Ann. "Evaluation study of an interdisciplinary social work and law curriculum for domestic violence." Journal of Social Work Education. March 22, 2006. Retrieved September 28, 2006 from HighBeam Research Library.

Ganapathy, Narayanan. "Between the devil and the deep-blue sea: conceptualising victims' experiences of policing in domestic violence in the Singaporean context." Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. April 1, 2006. Retrieved September 28, 2006 from HighBeam Research Library.
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Burger King Mexico Entry Plan Bk Mexico

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Burger King Mexico Entry Plan

BK Mexico Entry Plan

The author of this paper is asked to propose a marketing and staffing plan to make entry into the Mexico market under the Burger King name. The author will lay out how the menu and other aspects of the chain should manifest itself in Mexico. The author will also offer a general staffing plan that accounts for wage and benefit levels and human resources policies in general.

Marketing Plan

Any person familiar with international marketing knows that using a one-size-fits-all approach to chain stores in different countries at the same time around the world is just silly if not dangerous. For example, marketing pork products in dominantly Muslim areas will raise some eyebrows as well marketing hamburgers in India. Both of these are a bad idea because the prevailing culture in question look dimly upon the consumption and mass marketing of those sorts of products for cultural and/or religious reasons. However, in the United States the hamburger is a social icon and will not be leaving that perch anytime soon.

As it pertains to Mexico, most people know that they have their own niche of food offerings including burritos, tacos and…… [Read More]

Barstow, D. (2012, April 21). At Wal-Mart in Mexico, a Bribe Inquiry Silenced - The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. Retrieved September 8, 2013, from

Garside, J. (2013, September 5). Workers' rights 'flouted' at Apple iPhone factory in China | Technology | The Guardian . Latest news, world news, sport and comment from the Guardian | | The Guardian . Retrieved September 8, 2013, from
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Worse the Passage the More Welcome the

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Worse the Passage, the More Welcome the Port

The above quotation comes from the mind of the famous 17th Century English author Thomas Fuller, as he described the appreciation one develops through hardship. I believe this ideology truly embodies my strong desire to achieve my future goals. Even though my journey has certainly been quite tumultuous and demanding, my will to succeed has only grown stronger. Growing up in Bangladesh was an experience rife with adversity. The poverty in my community was certainly striking and continuously left me questioning the reasons behind its existence. Fortunately, I never had to truly experience the horrors of poverty in my country first hand. Though my family surely had its fair share of problems, I was always lucky enough to have a roof over my head and food on my plate. Nevertheless, despite the fact that my family provided me with all that I needed to live and grow, my home life represented a substantial source of stress throughout my younger years. There was always a great deal of strain on my relationships with my parents and peers. Throughout my early life I felt closest to my grandmother. Though my parents also put a…… [Read More]

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Outsourcing the Advances in Both the First

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The advances in both the first and third worlds in addition to the development of technology has caused a shift in what countries do what from an industry standpoint and the measures that businesses are able to take and choose to take as it relates to keeping costs down. There are benefits to the consumers and the businesses but there are also some notable drawbacks and downsides, at least to the perception to many, in these shifts of industry and what countries specialize in what work.

The United States' industrial/professional composition has shifted at least two times in a major way since the inception of the country. When the country was started, it was dominated by agrarian business and economic components. The Industrial Revolution in the 1800's brought a shift to manufacturing. In the last few decades, there has been yet another shift towards service sector and professional-level jobs such as accountants, lawyers and doctors. Parallel to that is the tactic of many businesses to shift many lower-level service jobs as well as a lot of manufacturing positions overseas or south of the border in Mexico to save on labor costs. Indeed, many countries do not even come close…… [Read More]

CBS. (2013, October 9). Bangladesh garment factory fire kills 10 - CBS News. Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment & World News - CBS News. Retrieved October 9, 2013, from

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Ethics the Author of This Report Is

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The author of this report is asked to discuss ethics as it pertains to a topic of the author's choice. The author of this report chooses to discuss the ethics topic of using factories in Asian and surrounding countries like China and Bangladesh with questionable if not outright deplorable labor laws and/or working conditions. The author of this report will now answer five questions surrounding that topic.

Ethics of Using Foreign Countries in Asia to Make United States Goods

The first question asks the author to discuss culture, values, ethics and other such elements that lead to differences in social culture (Hill, 2013). The United States obviously mimicked a lot of Asian countries in terms of working conditions and lack of labor laws and protections until about 1930. Since then, the social safety net and the associated labor and retirement frameworks have been created to help and protect workers from having nothing in retirement and no protections in the work place. Examples of the United States doing this include the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Social Security, Medicare and even the Civil Rights Act and its amendments in the 1960's and 1990's could be looped in because of the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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Reed, S.M., & Bogardus, A.M. (2012). PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources certification study guide (4th ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub.
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Operating a Global Business the Right Way

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Citizen of the World

There are generally two types of people when it comes to daily life, culture and so forth. There are those that like to be in their own cultural space. They wish for that space to be free from interference and from influences from other cultural forces. On the other hand, there are those that actively prefer to interact with and seek out alternate and different viewpoints, societies and cultures. The expansion of global technology, communication technology in particular, has made the world much smaller and this has had major impacts on how different peoples talk, how often they can talk and how businesses are run. The business world itself has been greatly impacted because international and global business arrangements are much more common and entrenched. Due to the different and sometimes clashing cultures involved, this has led to the need for more cultural sensitivity, more cultural awareness and the redefinition of what is ethical and what is not when it comes to the interactions of all these cultures. While insisting on remaining within one's own cultural realm in terms of practices and habits might still work in many situation, it will create problems both ethical and…… [Read More]

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American Terrorism for Many People

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The USA Patriot Act: This was a law that was passed after September 11th. It is giving the police and intelligence officials the power to go after terrorists organizations easier. As it lifted various Constitutional protections when investigating these offenses.

Counter Terrorism: These are the activities that: federal, state and local officials are taking to prevent future terrorist attacks.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD): These are weapons designed to inflict large amounts of casualties. These include: chemical, radiological, biological and nuclear.

These different terms are important, because they will help to avoid confusion and will focus the reader on understanding the overall scope of the problem.

Limitations of the Study

The limitations of the study are that the information we are presenting, could be pointing out a number of different problems. Yet, beneath the surface they are failing to identify possible changes that could have already been implemented by federal officials. Meaning, that they may have already executed a strategy to: address these issues, but will not disclose this due to the sensitivity of counter terrorism operations.

A good example of this can be seen with the recent arrest of Khalid Ali-M Aldawsai. He is Saudi Arabian born U.S. citizen.…… [Read More]

39% Say Government. (2011). Rasmussen Reports. Retrieved from: 

Al Shabaab American Recruits. (2010). ADL. Retrieved from:
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Physical Geology the 'Indian Ocean

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In fact, the entire damage was caused by the tsunami itself along with other factors like the geology and geography of the region. The damage that the tsunami caused to mainland India, a seismically quiescent region, was concentrated mainly on the eastern coastline but some damage due to diffraction also occurred on the southernmost tip of the western coastline. A factor which played a major role in the scale of devastation that occurred in this region is the bathymetry of the Bay of Bengal. The Bay of Bengal is quite shallow with an average depth of 2600 meters. The shallowness can be attributed to the huge amount of sediment that the Ganges River deposits in it. (Strand; Masek, 40)

After the earthquake, the bay was sealed off by the deep Sunda Trench and the tsunami waves were reflected back towards the Indian Ocean striking the eastern Indian coastline within two hours. As the waves traveled across the Cocos Basin, they gradually got amplified. The long-term geological impacts were more visible in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The peaks of a submarine mountain range constitute the Indian islands of Andaman and Nicobar. These mountains lie over a major tectonic fault zone.…… [Read More]

Bernard, Eddie N; Robinson, Allan R. The Sea Tsunamis.

Harvard University Press. 2009.
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Status of Women in Leadership

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). Lever suggests that sexist ideas, among both women and men, come from "omnipresent cultural messages" (Hally Z.). These messages suggest that women are excellent caregivers, but that men are good leaders. As such, "any woman stepping out of her area of expertise, such as by taking on the job of manager, president, or CEO, is viewed with suspicion" (Hally Z.).

To overcome the perception that women are not good leaders, they must often take on, and even exaggerate, masculine traits like toughness and selfishness. For example, Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister, was often seen as tougher than many of her male counterparts. Since masculine traits are seen as unnatural for women, women who are tough and assertive are often seen as "*****y" or emasculating. Unfortunately, women leaders who choose not to be tough or assertive are seen as weak or ineffective (Hally Z.) as a result, women leaders must combine both compassion and assertiveness, a combination not always required by male leaders (Lips, 2007).

Women in leadership positions are also often the focus of much attention on their sexuality. Hillary Rodham Clinton's leadership campaign has seen a large amount of attention paid to supposedly low cut necklines (Lips,…… [Read More]

Hally Z. Women Still Viewed as Unqualified for Leadership Roles. Accessed May 27, 2008.

Published Mar 07, 2007.
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Monsoons What Is a Monsoon

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They then separated the core, according to Science News, into 2-mm layers. Those 2-mm layers were carbon-dated (a very accurate way of telling how long a substance has been in the ground) and carefully examined for G. bulloides.

As a result of this research, the team was able to check the intensity of monsoons for as far back as 1,000 years. And what did they discover regarding monsoons over the past one thousand years? There was a "low in monsoon wind intensity" around the year 1,600, the article reports, but since then there has been "a steady increase." And moreover, the abundance of G. bulloides shows the scientists that there has been "a more marked increase in monsoon during the past 100 years.

Researchers attribute the rise in wind intensity from monsoons over the past 100 years to global warming. The reason scientists involved with this research feel sure that global warming is causing the more intense monsoon winds because in Asia, global warming may create "a greater summertime disparity between land and ocean temperatures," according to Anderson. As a result of this contrast in temperatures, monsoon intensity logically will rise. "This study provides additional evidence of anthropogenic climate change,"…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
McKnight, Tom L.; & Hess Darrel. Monsoons. Physical Geography. A Landscape Appreciation.

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall
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International Conflict Resolution for Policymakers

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States like Bangladesh, Egypt, and Indonesia have severe challenges due to the risks of flooding, drought, and deforestation. Recently Bangladesh was hit by a powerful Typhoon (same as a hurricane), which caused thousands of deaths and was so severe it was beyond the capability of its weak government to deal with the disaster.

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has been working for many years to try and help with a solution for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The violence between these two states has been going on for many years, and numerous previous attempts to find a lasting peaceful solution have failed. In a document called "A Performance-Based roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," the DOS plan includes three phases. The first is the most crucial and pivotal - an end to the "terror and violence" and an attempt to normalize Palestinian life - in conjunction with building up Palestinian institutions.

This is an example where the tools that policymakers must use are interconnected; the military aspect of government must be kept in check, there has to be economic stability in both nations, and the political systems of each of the two nations must be allowed to…… [Read More]

Textbook Chapter 8 "Post-War Reconstruction."

Dixon, Robyn. (2007, Dec. 15). Zimbabwe may shatter, but Mugabe holds firm. The Los
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American Company Expanding to a

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Also, opening of exports to foreign markets would improve the balance of payments of the country and increase the revenues for the economic entities involved in export activities. Removing the important constraints would also improve the life conditions of ordinary citizens, offering them a large variety of products at superior quality. The estimates in the economic forum present India as a new force in the international market, so when the market, both commercial and financial, would be fully liberalized, both the Indian people and the international investors seeking new business opportunities will have to win from this situation.

IV. Foreign exchange market

The national currency of India is the Rupee, with the 1000 value as the highest printed denomination and the currency with the lowest value is the 25 paise coin. The majority of the Rupee banknotes present the former political leader and opinion formant, Ghandi. The value and the policy of the Rupee is set and monitored by the National Bank, through different direct and indirect measures of monetary policy - reserve level, discount rate, etc. Due to the commercial transaction with its neighbours, Indian national currency is accepted both in Nepal and Bhutan. In the past the national…… [Read More]

1. Rosser, Yvette. Curriculum as Destiny: Forging National Identity in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh (2003) University of Texas at Austin

2. Geer Hofstede web site:
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Third World Development What Are the Growing

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Third World Development

What are the growing problems of ethnic tensions and violence in the developing world?

It is impossible to state all of the growing problems of ethnic tension and violence in the developing world, because old tensions are constantly being revived. Because most instances of ethnic tension do not lead to large-scale violence, when violence does erupt, it can be a surprise, even to seasoned observers. Of course, it is not always a surprise. Currently, Africa is the area most plagued by ethnic tension and resultant violence. Africa's conflict death tolls far surpass those on other continents, despite the minimization of violence in Africa (Shah, 2010). Moreover, Africa has a huge number of refugees and internally displaced people (Shah, 2010). The legacy of colonialism and the artificial boundaries it established among different ethnic groups make Africa ripe for growing ethnic tension (Shah, 2010). Moreover, the fact that many areas of Africa are resource poor for things like food and water means that violence will almost certainly result from those tensions, as people fight over things that are necessary for survival. In addition, there is little hope that these tensions will ease or that the violence will decline, because…… [Read More]