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Batman Essays (Examples)

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Dark Knight Returns Almost Since His Debut
Words: 2003 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 821904
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Dark Knight Returns

Almost since his debut in 1939, the character of Batman has alternately been condemned and celebrated as an image of male homosexuality, and the various subsequent iterations of the character have frequently alluded to this characterization, whether implicitly or explicitly. In his seminal 1986 book The Dark Knight Returns, author and illustrator Frank Miller takes uses the potentially homosexual signification of Batman's character as a means of exploring his psychological motivations by presenting Batman's anger, drive, and physicality as indicative of repressed homosexual tendencies. These tendencies reemerge in his interactions with the new (female) Robin, a highly feminized Joker, as well as Batman's relationship both female and male characters, such as the former Catwoman Selina Kyle, retiring police commissioner James Gordon, and the leader of a violent gang called the Mutants. By examining these interactions in light previous scholarship concerning Batman's potential for homosexual signification, one is…

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Dark Knight Rises Has Had a Very
Words: 1501 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 10190649
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Dark Knight rises has had a very strong fan following ever since the release of Batman Begins (2005) and the Dark Knight (2008). Therefore, it was not surprising to find the excited and anxious crowd in a very huge number. The crowd had already set the mood of the film as they cheered and roared with excitement to watch the film, thanks to the trailers that had filled the crowd with a lot of hope for this film.

Usually the best seat to have in a theatre is in the middle of the theatre and in the centre. So that it is not much elevated or has a side perspective of the film. All this said, I was not very lucky to get the seat in the extreme centre, but I did manage to get four seats away from the centre (middle row). The view was not bad so I…

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Film Auteur Theory in Tim
Words: 2585 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 61136258
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Gotham is a dark place, which manifests evil in the character of the Joker (Jack Nicholson). Bruce Wayne, Batman, is the force with which evil must reckon. Batman, however, has his own dark side, which is manifest in his costume, his gothic style mansion, and the technology he employs to combat the Joker and other criminal elements.

In this film, Burton needed only a few big name and talented actors -- Jack Nicholson (the Joker), Michael Keaton (Bruce Wayne aka Batman), Billy Dee Williams (Harvey Bent), and Kim Bassinger (Vicky Vale) to attract that audience that might otherwise have opted out of a comic book to film production. Yet the actors in this instance by virtue of their talent need minimal direction, and that allows Burton to focus on the structure of the film. The film is not structured around the actors, but the actors fill the structure of the…

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Dark Knight
Words: 1332 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23133883
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Dark Knight Hero

Myths are extremely important in navigating through the human experience. Their practicality and methods of delivering a message are rather powerful and can be conducted in a variety of ways. One such way of telling a myth is through movie and film. The movie The Dark Knight, released in 2008, is a fine example of how, through motion pictures, the importance of a myth can be revealed to the viewer.

The purpose of this essay is to analyze The Dark Knight through Seger's essay to help illuminate the relationships between myth and modern culture. To accomplish this, this essay will use the 10 step process of the "hero myth" Seger described in her writings. Through this analysis the importance of myth can help be explained by using the character of Bruce Wayne or Batman as the central figure.


Seger's interpretation of the hero myth are described…


The Dark Knight. Directed by Christopher Nolan. 2008, Legendary Pictures. Film Seger, L. (2003). Creating the myth. In S. Maasik & J. Solomon (Eds.). Signs of life.

Boston: Bedford/St. Martin

Superhero Ksaos
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89927000
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superhero is no easy feat or task. In order to be a successful superhero, one must possess a universal set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Based upon Christopher Nolan's interpretation of Batman, it can be argued that Bruce Wayne/Batman possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a superhero.

In order to be successful as a superhero one must know the difference between right and wrong. This ability to discriminate between right and wrong allows a superhero to establish his or her mission. Initially, Bruce Wayne was unable to distinguish between right and wrong and was, in fact, contributed to the evil that he came to revile. In Batman Begins (2005), Wayne is shown to gain first-hand knowledge of the criminal underworld through observation and participation. Through this knowledge, Wayne is able to develop a mission that was supported by his knowledge and experiences. Additionally, knowledge about the limitations…

Tim Burton - Movie Director
Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82882260
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Amazingly, all of the movies mentioned above ranked in the top ten at the box office. atman was the most financially lucrative with a number one box-office rating and a total gross of just over $251 million followed by atman Returns with a number two box-office rating and a total gross of nearly $163 million. Ed Wood was the least successful and came in at number nine at the box office and grossed about $5.8 million (Tim urton FAQ).

In 2001, urton's Planet of the Apes was panned by the critics, leaving some to question if urton had lost his luster. (Andac). About the same time as Planet of the Apes, both of urton's parents died within a short space of time (Jackson and McDermott, 2004). In 2003, he bounced back with ig Fish, a story of a man trying to reconnect with his dying father. This was one of…


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Graphic Novel Watchmen by Alan Moore It
Words: 1823 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17152139
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graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore. It is basically about what inspired Watchmen's themes, story, and characters. As well as what Watchmen has influenced and how it has been influenced by other comics and heroes like Batman and uperman among others. Watchman and its influences

Watchman, authored by Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colourist John Higgins was created in 1986 / 1987 in response to contemporary anxieties and as means of critiquing the superhero concept.

Watchman recreates history where superheroes emerged in the 1940s and 1950s who helped the U..A. win the war against Vietnam and later is involved in preventing nuclear war with the U...R. Most former superheroes have retired or are working for the government, so contumely freelance vigilantes are arbitrarily and voluntarily doing the job of protecting the country. The protagonists actively fight and strategically plot to help retired superheroes survive and they work to stave…


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Activities to Reduce Inappropriate Behaviors Displayed by
Words: 10021 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93835103
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Activities to Reduce Inappopiate Behavios Displayed by Childen With Autism and Othe Developmental Disabilities

The pupose of this dissetation study is to test the effectiveness of an eveyday activities-based potocol (Holm, Santangelo, Fomuth, Bown & Walte, 2000) fo managing challenging and disuptive behavios of 13- to 23-yea-old esidential students (male and female) with Autism who live at Melmak Homes, Inc., of southeasten Pennsylvania, and attend school o adult day pogams. Applied behavio analysis and a focus on eveyday occupations (activities) will be combined duing the intevention phase. Reinfocement will be fo subtask completion and duation of paticipation, NOT fo absence of taget maladaptive o disuptive behavios. Behavio analysts, howeve, will document the fequency/duation of the taget behavios duing each condition. Inteventions will occu daily, Monday though Fiday. A single-subject, multiple-baseline, acoss-subjects design with nine subjects will be used to evaluate change in behavios unde altenating conditions. Data will be analyzed…

references, and favorites)

Child and Family Assets

(Abilities, strengths, skills, accomplishments, and capabilities)

Functional and Meaningful Interactions

(Purposeful interactions; ways interests and assets are used in everyday life)

Christopher Nolan Technique the British-Born
Words: 627 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9041837
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Nolan's Dark Knight deals directly with the idea of a hero's control over his world by pitting the emblem of anarchy (the Joker) against Batman (a mythological hero, supported by technology that borders on the totalitarian). Nolan questions the degree of power that someone like Batman should possess and whether or not he actually possesses it. Much of the film is spent analyzing this philosophical query, with Batman's tech-support man Lucius Fox even weighing in with his two cents. Regardless of the film, Nolan inserts the same preoccupations again and again.

For example, in the Prestige, Nolan advances the speculations of philosopher Martin Heidegger by examining the illusion of time with a nonlinear narrative: "For Heidegger, authentic temporality concerns itself above all with the future, whereas the film's notion of time is tied to repetition. According to the logic set forth by the Prestige, the idea of time as linear…

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Tezuka and Miller -- Compare
Words: 1087 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58402739
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Indeed Tezuka takes great liberties with Buddha, invents scenarios, but his Manga generally stays true to the life of Buddha (Siddhartha) and his spiritual journey to battle injustice (including the caste system), to help those in need during famine, warfare and drought.

Hence, Buddha is editorially far, far apart in style and in concept from Dark Knight, which in comparison, is frivolous and cliched. Aside from the superhero antics -- and saving people from villains -- Dark Knight is a pithy formula-riddled comic that delights readers in a totally different way from the readers' pleasure while going through the many volumes of Buddha. Indeed, many people who are not Buddhists, and have no real knowledge of Buddha and his travels, have been getting an education of sorts by reading Buddha.

Tezuka has brilliant story-telling abilities but his ability to combine the story with the dramatic visual effect brings out a…

Use of Pop Culture in Education
Words: 3380 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70112171
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Popular Culture in the Classroom

From the wide range of materials teachers can use in the classroom, popular culture is one of the best sources. They appear to public attention as the indication of the rapid growth of the society. Many of the pop culture icons are mostly well-known, regionally and internationally. Students enjoy working with pop culture that they are familiar with. Some of them think that such materials are less intimidating than heavy textbooks. With appropriate use and organized application, the pop icons can be remarkable teaching tools in the classroom. eading sources and mass produced resources are widely available in all seasons, giving teachers plentiful options.

Despite the 'pop' reputation, the community does not need to worry that these materials would wreck the traditional schooling rules. Modern people are quite erudite to recognize popular culture items more than just as second-class articles. In fact, the culture symbols…


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Spiegelman and Miller in Dark
Words: 1626 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45303215
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e like to make believe in some kind of happy ending, even to an overwhelmingly gloomy story. Even the hero of Miller's The Dark Night Returns is hardly the hero that any of us would want to follow. Miller's Batman is an unapologetic reactionary who in the process of an interrogation of a prisoner, he threatened a man he had put in a neck brace and crutches and mocked him when he claimed, "I got rights (Miller 45)." The new Batman seems to be an even bigger reactionary than the person who trained him (ibid 199). The darkness of the Bat Cave brings the tale full circle as the heroes have become like what they are fighting, dark and corrupt without any inherent light. Only outside and artificial light illuminates imaginary Gotham of Miller's dark knight as it does the New York City of Spiegelman's mouse man as he sees…

Works Cited

Miller, Art. The Dark Knight Returns. New York, NY: DC Comics, 1997. 1-224. Print.

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Wrong in Catwoman The Movie
Words: 4113 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93694301
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(Catwoman: Catholic News Service)

SWOT Internal:

Capital: The movie Director, Pitof has put in $100 million unceremoniously in the newest attempt at cinematic comic book franchisedom which is an ample proof that a bad idea at Hollywood must be containing nine lives like that of a cat. Hally Berry gave her performance closely an unbearable as the one she gave accepting her Oscar award, assumes the role of Patience Philips, a graphic artist for a cosmetics company managed by George Hedare and his wife who is a model Laurel played by Sharon Stone. Instilled with the mystical cat Mojo, Patience does not just takes the features of a cat- consuming cans of tuna fish, climbing up the furniture, hissing at dogs but also gains new strength, confidence and also love, in the form of Tom Lone played by Benjamin Bratt. Nearly as perplexing as the motives of Pitof what really…


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How to Take a Position on a Favorite Action Character Using No Logic
Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 50753097
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superheroes in comic books and movies. The writer apparently is fixated on Marvel Comics' Wolverine character because he blasts all other comic books and raves about Marvel and the Wolverine character plus another Marvel feature, X-Men. His conclusion is that spending money on any action movie -- or "summer blockbuster" -- other than the Wolverine or X-Men is wasteful. His basic theme throughout his presentation is that all action figures in comics and in movies pale in comparison to his favorite, Marvel (the Wolverine and X-Men).

What are the reasons?

The reasons that this writer raves about the Wolverine and other Marvel characters is that if his cousin Vinnie says the Marvel Comics characters are by far the best, it must be true. Of course his justification for taking the positions he takes is loaded with hyperbole but his reasons are clearly to make it known his favorite action comic…

Development in the Life of a 4 Year Old Boy
Words: 4110 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 49067556
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Old Boy at a Children's Museum Play Area

Soren is a 4-year-old boy. He has light blonde hair that is cut short on the sides and is longer on the top. He is a generally smiley child. He likes to interact with his surroundings and likes to run and hop, crouch and spring into action with a cry of delight as though he were taking great amusement in catching the world by surprise.

He is viewed at a play area in a children's museum. The observation begins just before noon and continues until a quarter past 1 pm.

The play area is very crowded and full of children around his own age, with parents standing nearby watching their children. Most of the children are playing on their own, looking at the environment around them, engaging with the activities (puzzles, blocks, interactive equipment, play sets, scooters, and jungle gym equipment). Soren's…

Legal Psychology and Victimization
Words: 1130 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65337631
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The impact of the psychological profiles of the offender and victims on the court evidence presented by the prosecutor and defense teams and witness use

Psychological profiling involves developing a composition of behavioral attributes. It combines psychological and sociological review of the offender. The process of profiling is anchored on the premise that if the crime scene is analyzed carefully and accurately, there is a good chance that the type of person involved in the offence will begin to surface. Therefore, it is based on the idea that some types of people manifest certain behavior tendencies and patterns. A jury informed of such patterns, is better equipped to ascertain probale suspects (Ebisike, 2007).

Profiling driven by psychological processes has an impact on the strategies and suggestions for evidence presentation by both offenders and victims. In the offender's case, profiling suggests the most effective style of interviewing to apply when such…

American Express Media Strategy Objectives
Words: 1804 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36508496
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aid Mr. Harris: "We are always looking at new ways to reach our customers through innovative digital platforms." Mobile works well since "There is rapid growth in mobile devices supporting more and more of the everyday tasks that people want to perform."

Another highly successful mobile application has been that of American Express' Android version of its free mobile app, which has had more than 1 million views since 2011. The mobile apps are free as are the apps that AE has implemented via social media (ibid.)


The American Express (AE) Credit Card Company markets itself in various ways. avvy with its promotional and publicity performance, it has put together a variety of tools -- some of them innovative -- that it uses for its own promotional ends. These include extensive featuring of celebrities, innovative media campaigns, cause activity promotional ends, innovative use of social media, as well as…


CNN Money "World's Most Admired Companies 2011." Fortune. 

Facebook Members Project from American Express 

Gillin, Stephen (September 7, 2011) Altruism drives AmEx small-business strategy

Film History
Words: 8657 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24941469
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movie industry in America has been controlled by some of the monolithic companies which not only provided a place for making the movies, but also made the movies themselves and then distributed it throughout the entire country. These are movie companies and their entire image revolved around the number of participants of their films. People who wanted to see the movies being made had to go to the studios in order to see them. They made movies in a profitable manner for the sake of the studios, but placed the entire industry under their control and dominated over it. The discussion here is about some of those famous studios inclusive of that of names like Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Culver, RKO, Paramount Studios, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Universal Studios, Raleigh Studio, Hollywood Center Studio, Sunset Gower Studio, Ren-Mar Studios, Charlie Chaplin Studios and now, Manhattan Beach Studio.…

"What better way to annoy the Hollywood liberals than to remind them every single day that

George W. Bush is STILL the President?" Retrieved from Accessed 15 September, 2005

"What's interesting about the business is that it's no longer the movie business" Retrieved from  Accessed 14 September, 2005

Sculpture Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent Are
Words: 879 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46206266
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Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent are a husband and wife team working out of Sebastopol, California. Amiot salvages discarded material, mainly metal, for the use and re-use in the assembly of semi-public art. Laurent paints the sculptures and provides the detailing that, according to the artists' website, brings them to life. The work of Amiot and Laurent can be too easily dismissed as lowbrow, when in fact, the underlying meaning and message of the sculptures is one that is socially conscious and politically profound.

Most of the Amiot and Laurent sculptures are figurative and representational. Although there are abstract elements in each of the compositions, they each depict either a fictitious or historical figure. For example, the sculptures on display in Sebastopol include one of Yankees legend Babe Ruth. Batman also makes an appearance in a Amiot and Laurant sculpture garden.

hat makes the Amiot and Laurent sculpture garden…

Work Cited

"Patrick Amiot & Brigitte Laurent Sebastopol Sculptures." Retrieved online:

Media Consumption
Words: 4745 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73159402
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media consumption and subsequent behaviour?

Profiling the criminal behavior of rampage perpetrators is one of the main areas of focus in the social science research community. Gender, mental health issues, social exclusion, genetic susceptibility or predisposition, and ultimately, violent media, are most of the factors that guide researchers in the field, seeking to develop broader frameworks of understanding rampage violence. Over the past three decades, 78 cases of public mass shootings have been registered by the Congressional Research Service (2013). An FI report indicated a rise in typical mass shootings, from 6.4 incidents occurring between 2000 and 2007 to an average of 16.4 incidents between 2007 and 2013 (2013). Most of these public mass shootings have been found to occur either at workplaces or at schools across the United States.

The proliferation of mass shootings over these past few decades has further brought into the public and academic's attention the…


Anderson, C.A., Berkowitz, L., Donnerstein, E., Huesmann, L.R., Johnson, J.D., Linz, D., Malamuth, N.M. And Wartella, A., 2003. The influence of media violence on youth. Psychological Science in the Public interest, 4(3), pp. 81-110.

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That 70S Show Episode Analysis
Words: 923 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26661285
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70s Show -- Season 2, Episode 5 - "That 70s Halloween"

Episode 5 in That '70s Show's second season provides an intriguing look in the lives of the show's central characters. The fact that the episode's main theme is Halloween translates in these respective characters sharing their idea of a perfect celebration. The show starts with Eric, Hyde, Donna, Kelso, Fez, and Jackie trying to come up with a plan to celebrate Halloween. A combination of flashbacks and documents the teenagers find are designed to present viewers with a glimpse in the characters' past.

As one of the shows' main ideas is to provide information on Fez without actually revealing where he is from, this episode makes no exception from the rule, as it shows the character being amazed at the prospect of getting candy for free -- a thing that would never happen in his home country. Even with…

Examples of Symbols Used Today and Interpretations
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86100187
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Symbol is an image that conveys an idea to the viewer. For instance, the Golden Arches symbol used by McDonald's conveys the idea of fast-food -- a burger and fries with a Coke to go, picked up at the drive-thru window. One little symbol puts in the mind an idea and can even put in the will a desire for something that was not there a moment ago. Symbols have the power to ignite one's imagination and to move one's will to behave in accordance with the ideas embodied by the symbol. Thus, the Christian cross can be a symbol that reminds one to behave like Christ, to serve as an example of goodness, mercy, charity and truth to the world. However, not all symbols have the same effect on people. While the Golden Arches of McDonald's might inspire hunger in some, it can inspire revulsion in others (depending upon…

Huge Fan of Christian Bale
Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14496252
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The viewer can't help but be drawn in; Bale manages to make Bateman a sympathetic character, to the point where I was cheering to see his weak, spineless coworkers brutally murdered.

The rest of the cast serves as little more than people for Bateman to interact with, but they're recognizable and serve their purpose: Reese Witherspoon plays Bateman's clingy fiance, while Jared Leto becomes a victim of the killer's envy. Willem Dafoe is unsettling as always as a private eye who is either completely inept and unable to see Bateman's guilt, or brilliantly not letting on what he knows. The actors all seem to realize that this is Bale's film, and as a result are subservient and gutless, in contrast to Christian's defiant and confident attitude.

The direction is very well-done; Mary Herron, on her second major film, isn't afraid to draw scenes out, especially when Bateman is getting set…

Kid the Persons Who Seemed
Words: 758 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40316029
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The book became my all-time favorite. It was the star of my childhood playtimes. I showed it to all my friends that visited me at home. And I read it all the time! Months later, I knew most of the things in that book at heart.

During high school, I joined the Red Cross Youth Club where we invited young students who were interested in learning how they could help during the times of calamities for trainings. One of the most memorable training we conducted -- the one I could never forget -- was the one when a seven-year-old boy looked at me with triumph in his eyes and called out, "Sir, thanks for the lessons. Now I can be a hero like my dad." I was inspired with what he said, but what really struck me was what one of my colleagues said. "That boy's father died saving a…

Flags SWOT Analysis in Analyzing
Words: 707 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 86180272
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Fourth, the company in 2005 had a full senior management turn-over, signaling such a turbulent and uncertain internal economic environment. This resulted in very low levels of expertise on the board of directors as well. Sixth, the company had a very high and unpredictable level of spending in 2005, hiring 31,500 temporary workers for example. All of these factors taken together pointed to 2006 being a very difficult year from a profitability perspective.


Six Flags has consistently shown the ability to manage third party licensing and partnerships, as evidenced by the licensing of Warner Bros & DC Comics for example. The future of the company needs to concentrate on additional quick service restaurant (QS) partners who have high brand name recognition. These include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald's and others in the QS category. Second, the company could capitalize on the interest conglomerates have in investing in this industry, and sell…


Mark Hyman (2006, May). The Batman and Robin of Six Flags. Business Week (3983), 98-99. Retrieved December 5, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1031988391).

Interlocking Systems Child Abuse and
Words: 909 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62791426
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Patriarchal domination really coincides with domestic violence. This is usually widely seen in Asian countries where poverty is widespread.

Disturbing and alarming, it cannot be denied that men and women (children and adults) are witnessing an act that is very unfair. People should respond to this problem not only relying to the leaders but also to one's own effort to eliminate the problem. It will be of great bliss if there are lots of people who are helping the victims to express their long-endured pain. This problem deserves public attention and resources because it can kill everyone and systematically be a cycle to every generation. National and local governments should put an attention to this by forming a special task force. Task force shall constitute a wide array of persons who themselves experienced such agonies and torture. This also includes psychiatrist and psychologist to help the mentally incapacitated.

The long…


C.J Newton. "Domestic Violence: An Overview." Find Counseling Network Feb. 2001. .

Strauss, Murray A, Gelles, Richard J., and Smith, Christine. 1990. Physical Violence in American Families; Risk Factors and Adaptations to Violence in 8,145 Families. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers.

The Commonwealth Fund, Health Concerns Across a Woman's Lifespan: 1998 Survey of Women's Health, May 1999.

Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act
Words: 11509 Length: 42 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 356695
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The Trafficking Victims Protection eauthorization Act

Final Project / Dissertation

Degree: Juris Doctorate Specialized


Specialization: Constitutional Law

Full Address:

The Trafficking Victims Protection eauthorization Act

This paper reviews the rights and protection that a state and federal government official provides to citizens that have been the subject of human trafficking crimes. Citizens need the protection of the police and other law enforcement officials to report human trafficking crimes and to protect and assist those that need their assistance. This paper will seek to explain the definition of human trafficking, how it works, victim support, issues with upholding and implementing legislature and the solutions which can be used to satisfy the public.

Table of Contents



Elements of Human Trafficking

Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000

TVPA (2008)

Mann Act

Travel Act

Alien Smuggling, Harboring and Transportation

United States

New York State's Human Trafficking Law…


1. The Crime of Human Trafficking: A Law Enforcement Guide to Identification and Investigation. (n.d.).

2. Trafficking in Persons Report. (2006). Washington, DC.: U.S. Department of State.

3. United States Constitution Bill of Rights. (n, d.). 

4. 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery (1865). (n.d.)

Crime the Purpose of This
Words: 2753 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71668087
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Many people using illicit and illegal drugs often have no impulse control and may turn violent or to another form of crime. Once an individual's mind is altered from the constant use of drugs, he or she will often steal, lie, and cheat to make the next dollar to obtain more drugs.

Many people could share family related drug stories that have led to criminal activities. About 10 years ago, several acquaintances under the influence of cocaine robbed a pharmacy and stole thousands of narcotics. The man and women then stole a car and cocaine from a dealer and drove across the country; several days later they were both apprehended and sent to jail for a long time. This example illustrates that one impulsive behavior after another can lead to a series of crimes committed. Freud's Psychoanalytical Theory offers a rationale to why individuals would use illegal drugs -- impulse…


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Competitor Analysis There Are Dozens
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Competition therefore often takes place at the distributor level, as gaining access to retailers is critical. Even a company like only carries a select handful of manufacturers.

The implications for this are significant for Kidage. The chosen strategy of marketing just one bag is probably the wrong strategy. In order to meet the needs of major manufacturers, Kidage is competing against firms that offer a wide range of children's bags, of different types. For Kidage to gain access to retailers, it will need to match the range offered by major competitors like North Face and Firefly. In doing this, Kidage can gain access to important retail channels. Then, the company can put the benefits of each particular bag up against the price/benefits of whatever company's bags are competing in a given retail channel.

The Kidage bag has a number of distinctive features, and these make the product unique from…

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Photographer and His Images How
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In other words, revealing the character by celebrating the human form in a highly stylized and beautiful fashion was critical to Ritts' art. Even his ordinary subjects look like models. In "Vladimir: Hollywood 1980" a man smoking a cigarette with a stocking cap on his head looks almost sensual in his delight at this act, as if he is advertising the brand as well as simply enjoying a smoke.

Ritts' studies of African natives, far away from exposure to the estern media, are lit in ways that recall his Calvin Klein ads and other commercial representations from America like "Dijimon with Octopus." This work shows an African native with braided, octopus-like hair. (Images available from the website text and image catalogue "Herb Ritts on Show," 2000) Ritts suggests that even celebrities have a personal and human side, and even ordinary Americans and Africans have the power to speak to the…

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Commodification of Sport and the Implications for Youth Sport
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Sports have graduated in the last half of the twentieth century from hobbies or pastimes into the pure, unadulterated pursuit of profit. In short, shorts have become a commodity to be exploited as far as the market will allow. The history of American sports has seen this process play out in a stepwise fashion; every several years developments come about that enable the enterprise to expand and increase profits. The latest changes in business that have allowed sports to enlarge have been globalization and communications technologies. Clearly, these two go hand in hand to some extent. Still, both have contributed to the acceleration of the commodification of sports; they have aided its degeneration from a pastime, into the form we see today.

If you were to ask the average American what they thought was wrong with professional sports today they would likely tell you that the amount of money athletes…

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Chris Lord-Alge Include a Brief
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In his own words he is -- "more like a chef, because I bring my personal taste in sound." (Waves. com (b))

6) Who were/are the engineer's important artists?

Some of the most noted works were for these musicals -- "Genesis the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway & a Trick of the Tail are masterpieces the others are -- Deep Purple Machine Head, Frampton Comes Alive, Led Zeppelin, the Who Quadrophenia, Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here, Def Leppard Hysteria and Chic Good Times." (Waves. com (b)). Some noted songs were Joe Cocker's Unchain My Heart album, Tina Turner's Foreign Affair album, remixes of Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita', Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark', 'Cover Me', and 'Born in the U.S.A.'. Carly Simon's Coming Around Again album and 12'Khan's Destiny album, the olling Stones' "Too Much Blood" and more like the ocky IV soundtrack, Some sound tracks he produced include the…


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Tech. L.J. vol. 4, no. 1, 1989, pp: 147-151.

Problematic Concept Does Add Discussion People Understand
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problematic concept? Does add discussion people understand topic? hat stake discussion? In words, a group people vindicated definition? You graded categories: content, organization, grammar style conventions, resources, references, APA formatting.

hat is a hero?

hile images of superman, batman, or iron man pop up every time someone thinks of a hero, the truth is that anyone can be a hero as long as the respective person has the willpower to do so and comes across circumstances enabling him or her to do so. People need to understand that everyone can be heroes and that morality is one of the primary attributes that a person needs to have in order to be able to take on heroic behavior. Many people fail to understand what a hero is and they guide themselves in accordance with the saying "heroes are born, not made." In reality, exceptional circumstances are primarily important when considering heroes…

Works cited:

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Talented Mr Ripley That Patricia
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Faced with a social system that has no place for him, Tom does not rebel or repress himself, but merely creates a place for himself by dissolving into the background, becoming part of the hidden (and criminal) world that is a de facto product of any inequitable social system.

As mentioned above, Highsmith wrote for a number of comic books in the 1940s, and almost all of them were concerned with white male superheroes who had been given extraordinary powers or technology. There is a subtle joke about this fact early on, when Tom notes that his most recent victim "was a comic-book artist. He probably didn't know whether he was coming or going" (Highsmith 14). Thus, almost from the beginning Highsmith has made a connection between Tom and the world of comic books, a connection that helps explain Tom's eventual narrative journey.

hen looking at Tom's story in broad…

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(2004): 93-.

Myths Along With Fairytales and
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In modern society, myth is identified with something of the past, something historical taught in schools and read in books. However, one needs to acknowledge that communication has enabled people to receive information in various ways: television, cinema, video games, comic books, books. These are the elements that demonstrate the presence of archetypes within modern mythology. One ancient Greek hero is one Spiderman, or Batman, one moral leader is Frodo, the hobbit. Thus, ancient archetypes resemble modern ones, making Jung's theory viable.

In Greek mythology, a hero was not just the personage who fought monsters, but a hero that was able to fight his own ego and come to terms with his nature, his goal in life. In this respect, Oedipus was thought of as a noble hero who was subjected to making mistakes because of a faulty judgement. By disregarding the divine will and giving in to an inner…

Corporate Social Responsibility
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Product Placement in Console Games

A growing body of research confirms that one of the best ways to reach male consumers aged 18 to 34 years is to place products in console games. Originally, game developers paid advertisers to include their products in games to lend them authenticity and realism, but advertisers are now paying game developers to have their products placed in popular console games. The introduction of online gaming series has created additional opportunities for product placement and current trends indicate that advertisers will be exploiting this marketing tool even more in the future. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning product placement in console games, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

eview and Discussion

The introduction of video games such as "Pong" as home entertainment systems more than 30 years ago created an entire…


Andrews, A. (2009, April 1). Amanda Andrews on media: Getting in on the game. Marketing,


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Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus University Press.

Mainstream Culture the First Installment of the
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Mainstream Culture

The first installment of the Iron Man franchise can be analyzed in the context of whether it either reaffirms or criticizes mainstream culture. Indeed, the film does a bit of both. The movie script itself as well as the underlying method and motives of the filmmakers and actors in terms of how the film is being marketed and portrayed potentially irrespective of what is being asserted directly in the movie itself will also be assessed.. Iron Man and films like it play a two-sided game of both glorifying and condemning ideas that are political and ideological in nature but often does so in a way that is not even-handed or is otherwise not grounded in reality.

Iron Man Observations

hat is clear straight away with the interactions and the developments surrounding Tony Stark (Downey) and Obadiah is that the movie is making a statement about corporate greed and…

Works Cited

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Divergent Film Analysis
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Transmedia Property. Case study related a media property (e.g., comic, film, television, ). This analysis existing property development a transmedia plan property. Break movie's elements starting introduction, music, back ground, audience engage movie, flow movie All typed papers assignments double-spaced, 12- 11-point font -inch margins.

Summary of the property

The transmedia concept is not a novelty these days, as the concept was first patented at the beginning of the 1990s. According to researchers, "The term transmedia was coined in 1991 by then-USC professor Marsha Kinder, while the transmedia storytelling concept was developed by current USC Annenberg professor Henry Jenkins. He describes transmedia storytelling as "a process in which integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience. Ideally, each medium makes its own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story." (Tenderich, 2013) More precisely, transmedia…


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Divergent Fans. 2014, available at

Giancarlo Giannini Is Perhaps Most
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The director was Rainer erner Fassbinder and took place in Nazi era Germany. "Shot primarily in English and then presented on American screens dubbed into German with English subtitles, it is an exercise in displacement: the Nazis are either benign, ineffectual, or secretly good guys; the Jews are wealthy and comparatively safe. (Insdorf 121) Giannini plays the role of Robert Mendelsson and although does a good job in his role, is a far cry from the characters in his earlier films. He plays a Jew who has to listen to "Lilli Marleen" as a form of torture.

Giannini performed several films in English. A Night Full of Rain another film directed by ertmuller stars Giannini opposite actress Candice Bergen. Here he also has a love-hate relationship with the female protagonist much like in Swept Away. hat makes this film different from the other however is the reaction ertmuller got from…

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People's Characterizes
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People's Characterizes

Chadha's absorbing first novel depicts a family of first-generation immigrants in upstate New York encountering the difficulties of survival, wanting to belong in a world that looks down on minorities and also longing for home. It has amazing characters such as the Teenager Vic Singh who has an amazing fascination with butterflies and then starts noticing strange things going on in the house odd lately. There is clearly a lot going on with him for instance he has blog, recounting all of his sightings and meditations on nature, is a clever device advancing the plot. Vic has continuously been a victim of bullies for the reason that his Sikh heritage but it doesn't bother him, particularly after he falls into a sinkhole in the woods that leads him to his own secret place. Then there is his sister Vic's sister, Isabella has been persuaded by her best friend…

Why There Is No Objective Justice in Today S World
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Blind" Justice In The Modern Era

There are three different types of justice that can be understood within the frame of the readings: revenge, eye for an eye, and advantageous justice (the outcome is beneficial for society). hile justice is an abstract notion that all can, to some extent, agree is a good thing -- in reality, the exercise of justice is less certain, regardless of the type. Indeed, in many cases, the type of justice that one pursues has a fundamentally subjective character to it, whereas objective justice is often missing from the public discourse. The reasons for the lack of objective justice could stem back to the erection of the modern era, when Lady Justice herself became "blindfolded" as Miller notes (2). hy should justice be blind? Does that not mean that it cannot see what the object that it intends to strike? Such are the questions that…

Works Cited

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Why Stand Your Ground Should Be Repealed
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Stand Your Ground vs. Duty to etreat: Why the Former Should be epealed

Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina and Nevada all have passed Stand Your Ground laws, whereas Maryland, New York, New Jersey, hode Island, Connecticut and Delaware all have Duty to etreat or Castle Doctrine laws. Just by simply acknowledging the geographical location of these states and their respective laws, one can see a common theme: the Northeastern states adopt a more pro-active approach to avoid conflicting (if one can retreat to a place of security, one must do so rather than impose violence on another); yet in the Southern states, there is a more defiant position in terms of if one is somewhere he/she has a right to be, then he/she has a right to fend off any attack and to use physical violence if physical violence is used against him/her. The difference between these two perspectives…


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How the History of Film Has Developed
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Films and Filmmaking

As Spike Lee noted in the 25th Anniversary celebration of his film Do the Right Thing, "the only reason why my generation went to film school was we couldn't get our hands on the equipment" (Macfarlane). Do the Right Thing had an independent feel to it, largely because of Lee's hands-on oversight of production, direction, writing and editing -- but it was ultimately a Universal picture. Since its inception, the film industry had been by and for the dominant culture in society. As the technology developed (from silent shorts to silent epics to sound film and the first talkies on up to the world of independent cinema, where taboos and cultural cues were challenged and explored), so too did the face of cinema. This paper will discuss how the history of technological innovations in the filmmaking industry favored the dominant culture of the era, how social and…

Works Cited

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Observing a Child S Psychological Development
Words: 5491 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 70906506
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Early Childhood Observation

year-old Andrew is a Caucasian male. He was dressed in brown khaki trousers and a navy blue shirt. Andrew' trousers have their pockets on the side. He is of average height and body mass. He loved this catchy haircut and put on a pleasant smile. He has this buoyant and controlling demeanor. He loved to play with his age mates, especially the boys. There are times when he played alone, especially when he noticed that matters were becoming too physical and here he demonstrates the withdrawn-rejected aspect of development. His psychosocial character is evident at times, for instance, when he goes off to meet his friends and have some games with them. However, Andrew carefully observed his cleanliness and grooming. He showed signs of being egocentric, viewing the world from his own perspective. The latter character was uncommon among the children in the children's park playground. This…


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Super violence in the Media
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Super-violence is a new term that defines violence in a grand and exaggerating way. (Klare 16) Seen as an era of constant warfare and violence, it has made its way into entertainment and media. hether it is chopping the heads of people and seeing the blood from their bodies gush like champagne fountains or seeing throats slit by children, today's media has taken on a new level of violence that thanks to visual effects and special effects makeup, shows just how intense the public has become in their quest for savagery. But why does the public desire more and more violence in their stories? hat turn will this take in the future?

The recent invention and use of virtual reality just may be the way people will participate in the increasingly violent nature of media. Through virtual reality people can feel as though they are right in the middle of…

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Measuring the Reading Skills of a Student
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Next door to where we live is a family with an 8-year-old boy who is in the third grade. He says that he does not like to read but that he has to for school and he hates it. “I don’t like reading in class. It’s hard to say the words and everybody laughs at me.” I asked him if there was anything he enjoyed about reading and he said, “Yeah, when we can stop.” I decided to try a different route to see if I could get his participation any better and introduced the topic of comic books. “Do you like Batman or Spiderman?” I asked. “Oh yeah!” So I offered him a few comic books to look at and he enjoyed them, but there was still the question of whether or not he was enjoying them because of the pictures or whether he was able to actually…

Warner Research the Compelling Truth
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This was not the case in the early days of film, however.

Instead, the studios either owned or worked in close collaboration with movie theatres, the vast majority of which had only one screen at the time. Instead of being able to choose which movie one wanted to see upon arriving at the theatre, choosing a movie meant choosing which studio's latest picture seemed most appealing, and going to that theatre. The arner brothers did not have a lot of money to build theatres with; they managed to construct a few in major cities, but that was it until Harry arner talked to independent theatre owners and convinced them to advertise arner's films for a small price (BOS 2).

The boost that arner Brothers Studios got from these advertisements allowed them to grow their business, and even obtain a large loan from Goldman Sachs that was used to build more…

Works Cited

Animation USA. "Warner Bros." Accessed 26 November 2009. 

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Mass Shooting Could Have Been Prevented The
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mass shooting could have been prevented. The key to knowing what to do in the future is to understand how to recognize signs of mental illness and stability. In this case, the gunman "had been expelled, possibly for behavioral problems." It is clear the school understood that this student had problems. Yet even after the expulsion, the school did not do enough to ensure Goh's mental stability. The issue was not necessarily bullying, as the headline suggests. Students might have been teasing Goh in a good-natured way. After all, a large number of Americans speak English as a second language and it would be odd for someone to get maliciously teased for it. Goh reacted in an extreme way because he was mentally unstable. He had suffered trauma (after the unresolved death of his brother) and had a history of behavioral problems. Students like him need monitoring, counseling and intervention…


"Japan tsunami reconstruction money 'misspent'," (2012). BBC. Oct 31, 2012 Retrieved online: 

"Oikos University Shooting: Suspect In Deadly Attack Was Upset About Being Teased Over Poor English Skills, Police Say." Huffington Post. April 4, 2012. Retrieved online:

Flags Unfortunately for Six Flags it Looked
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Unfortunately for Six Flags, it looked like the heavy debt burden and the challenges of running a seasonal business, would more than likely sink the company. While many positive changes had occurred that indicated a positive future, it is unlikely that Six Flag was going to have any lasting success immediately. It's true that in 2006 more families were returning to parks and spending more money and that the guest approval rating had reached a five-year high, with employees accomplishing a tremendous amount in what was a very transitional year for the company. Heavy discounts for tickets were eliminated and more aggressive sales techniques were adopted as well. Even though there was an increase in guest spending, something which appeared to continue at a strong pace, and the elimination of deep discounts was there to help re-establish the integrity of the brand and to stop teenagers who don't boost…


Ryan, P.A. (2006). The 2006 Business Turn Around: Six Flags. Internet Mini Case #15