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things fall apart novel analysis
Words: 1666 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81029852
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Chinua Achebe’s classic novel Things Fall Apart describes a critical juncture in Igbo society: the first point of contact with missionaries. Even prior to their arrival, the protagonist of the story, Okonkwo, contends with both personal and collective crises in his community. Okonkwo “was well known throughout the nine villages and beyond,” an introduction to a man whose power and prestige have become the cornerstones of his identity (Achebe, 1958, p. 1). However, Achebe (1958) also describes Okonkwo’s dark side: his severity, the way he would “pounce on people,” acting with violence and aggression to achieve his egoistic goals (Achebe, 1958, p. 1). As the community of Umuofia falls apart due to historical changes, external threats, and a leadership crisis, Okonkwo also falls apart due to his own existential crisis. Things Fall Apart has a strong ethical overtone, offering the reader insight into Igbo society but also into universal norms…

Joseph Reaves's Book Taking in a Game
Words: 1947 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82887510
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Joseph eaves's book, Taking in a Game -- a History of Baseball in Asia, which was published in 2002. The book studies the growth of baseball in Asian countries and how it merged into their cultural and social fabric.

Joseph eaves reads like a newspaper account of some event and this is not some coincidence. eaves has been involved with sports journalism for almost three decades and has worked with newspapers and magazines of repute including United Press International, the Chicago Tribune, and eader's Digest. eaves is a well-known reporter with sound credentials. He was nominated for Pulitzer Prize four times for his realistic coverage of various issues including war and economy. He was also involved in teaching journalism from 1999 to 2001 at Northern Arizona University. The author has written more than one book on his favorite subject i.e. baseball and thus possesses indepth knowledge of the game and…


Joseph A. Reaves's Taking in a Game: A History of Baseball in Asia, Univ. Of Nebraska, 2002

Taking in a Game: A History of Baseball in Asia: Review by George Grella, Retrieved online March 5th 2004:

Book for Academic Audiences Has
Words: 1705 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38576182
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Each chapter provides sufficient entertainment material to draw the interest of lay people, while balancing this with a good amount of academic information for those who wish to study the country and its people. The narrative throughout the book is bound together well by starting each chapter with a narrative about Gloria or those who share her world. Another strong connecting factor is the quotation at the start of each chapter, which is relevant to the specific topic of the chapter as well as to the general ideas in the book as a whole. While these are excellent techniques, I think the structure of the chapters themselves could have been handled better by more consistently organizing the information in each.

One shortcoming of the book is the internal structure of each chapter, which can be haphazard in some cases, and also a lack of consistent focus on the laughter element.…

Book the Titans of Takeover
Words: 846 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 59437841
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Robert Slater

This report is based upon the book Titans of Takeover by Robert Slater. This book was originally published in 1987 by Englewood Cliffs, and then re-published and copyrighted in 1999 by Beard Books.

Introduction of the Author

The book Titans of Takeover was authored by Robert Slater, who is famous for his strong stand against President Ronald Reagan's attempts to make the U.S. marketplace a free economy by doing away with the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Laws. He proved to America that although such a move would appear to yield immediate benefits by putting the nation's economy on the map against the vibrant economies that gave no room to antitrust laws, it would, to an equally large extent, produce devastating outcomes on the economy in the long run. Slater has authored a couple of other bestselling business books and authored several articles on the Wall Street Journal, in…

Book Critique Fee and Stuart
Words: 2003 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 82236310
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, pp.69-70.] [5: Ibid., p.85.]

The rather stern critique offered of Fee and Stuart herein should not indicate that this book is entirely without value, merely that its presentation in title and chapter headings is somewhat misleading. There is plenty of common sense in what Fee and Stuart are doing here, but the difficulty is that very often an intelligent decision on their part is mingled with an overall failure to highlight many of the most important issues involved in the interpretation of a iblical text. Their last chapter on Revelation indicates both the best and worst of their method. In some sense, Fee and Stuart are going to be on their most careful behavior in this passage, as the idiotic handling of Revelation by any heretic with a penchant for paranoia has been well-evidenced over the past two millennia. ut the history of this particular iblical book, such as…


Fee, Gordon D. And Stuart, Douglas. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. Second Edition. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1993.

Book Review of Bethany Moretons To'serve God and Walmart
Words: 3001 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44444114
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Bethany Moreton's "To serve God and Walmart: The making of Christian free enterprise." (Harvard University Press, 2009)

Author Bethany Moreton's work provides an insight into Walmart's corporate history and its swift climb, within 50 years, from a little discount retail chain opened up by Sam Walton to an international retailing giant. The author goes beyond readers' expectations to include Walmart Country's religious, social, and cultural history (the term 'Walmart Country' would refer to its politically charged birthplace and surroundings of East Oklahoma, north-western Arkansas, and south Missouri). It is a place where the retailer's customers, supervisors and staff collaborate with missionaries, evangelical housewives, and pastors, within a doctrine of free enterprise and community service.

Moreton has penned an in-depth and captivating analysis of the popular global retail giant, America's largest private-sector employer, and the largest global public company. Through an elaborate case study, the author has effectively assimilated its cultural…

Book Why Can't We Make Money in Aviation
Words: 1921 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30293011
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Aviation Book

According to Pilarski (2007), "the financial situation of the airline industry, especially in the U.S.A., has been between disaster and catastrophe," (p. 3). Financial wizards like Warren Buffet have made "bombastic pronouncements" related to the economic illnesses of the airline industry (9). Dynamic entrepreneur ichard Branson, himself seduced by the desire to own an airline, has likewise stated, "How do you become a millionaire? Start as a billionaire, and then buy an airline," (cited in "In-Depth Drilldown Of The Airline Industry - Part 1, 2012). Airline companies operate with razor-thin profit margins, if any at all. Moreover, the situation was bad enough befofre but has grown worse since September 11. "Since 9/11, we've seen tremendous changes surrounding the airline industry: security, regulations, and operational costs. Overall, these variables have had tremendous, and far-bearing, negative impacts on the industry," ("In-Depth Drilldown Of The Airline Industry - Part 1," 2012).…


"Global airline industry profits to falter at $3bn in 2012," (2012). New Statesman. June 11, 2012 Retrieved online: 

"In-Depth Drilldown Of The Airline Industry - Part 1," (2012). Retieved online: 

Pilarski, A.M. (2007). Why Can't We Make Money in Aviation? Burlington, VT: Ashgate.

Pilarski, A.M. (2010). The fallacy of airline mergers: Two drunks holding unto each other will not walk straight. Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. Retrieved online:

book'strangers in their own land
Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63982501
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Strangers in Their Own Land, Arlie Hochschild presents what she calls the "great paradox" of American society: why ultra conservatives vote against their best interests. By almost all accounts, red states are poorer economically, have much poorer health and educational outcomes, and a lower quality of life overall than blue states. That being the case, why would the reds continue to vote for the same platforms, even going so far as to make their situation potentially worse by voting in Tea Party candidates or the likes of Trump? The answer, according to Hochschild, is that conservatives tend to vote for emotional reasons. Because of its inherent irrationality, the great paradox cannot necessarily be resolved, as Hochschild points out. However, the great paradox can be understood with an empathetic viewpoint. Using empathy encourages understanding, which can in time tear down the cognitive and emotional barriers that create divisiveness and impede social…

Analysis of Ageing based on Psychology Interview
Words: 1525 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98419489
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Interview for the Analysis of Ageing

Mae was a first generation American aged 90. Mae was born on June 1927 in Bethlehem, PA. When Mae was a young girl, she moved to Queens. Married at the age of 18, Mae well-being and general health issues are normal with no major health problems despite the usual high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stents that come along with old age.

The objective of this essay is to explore the experience of late adulthood and ageing using the case study of Mae. This study analyzes the interview questions to identify the health and social issues associated with old age.

Analysis of Interview Question

One of the problems associated with old age is health issues. However, findings from the interview with Mae reveal that Mae is still in a good health despite her age, and she does not have any major health issue. However,…

Book Analyses on Moral Life and Theme Little Women
Words: 891 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15711532
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Morality in Little omen

In Louisa May Alcott's Little omen, Josephine March is able to be moral despite the great pressures and responsibilities imposed on her by her gender, the economic and political circumstances of the time, her role as elder sister, and her immense creative talent. However, Jo is also notoriously stubborn, proud, and easily provoked to anger, vices that consistently challenge her moral resolve throughout her adolescence and early adulthood, but ultimately Jo is able to overcome these vices with the help of moral guidance given to her from her family and upbringing so that she matures into a humble, charitable, and temperate character, far more mature than the fiery character of her youth.

The first instance of Jo's vices getting the best of her is when she remains angry at Amy for burning her manuscript even after Amy apologizes. The next day Jo does not warn Amy…

Works Cited

Alcott, Louisa May. Little Women. Google ebook. Boston, MA: Roberts Brothers, 1868. eBook.

Retrieved from:

Book as it Relates to Education
Words: 1388 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 253807
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orse Than atergate: The Secret Presidency of George . Bush, by John . Dean: Implications for Modern American Education

The book orse Than atergate: The Secret Presidency of George . Bush, by John . Dean (Little, Brown, 2004) has as its central theme the excessive secrecy of what Dean calls the "Bush-Cheney presidency (xi) or the "Bush and Cheney presidency" (21)since, according to Dean, Cheney, not Bush, often makes key decisions. Dean asserts that "in many ways it is a co-presidency" (11), with Bush as the front man, and Cheney, being the actual decision-maker, preferring the shadows. Both men are excessively secretive, and their secretiveness, argues Dean, threatens democracy, liberty, and public accountability, and also encourages incompetence by allowing Bush and Cheney to escape public scrutiny (185-88). Moreover, Dean portends the potentially harmful effects the Bush-Cheney presidency has had, and may continue to have, on the rights and protections of…

Work Cited

Dean, John W. Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush. New York:

Little, Brown, 2004.

Book of Mark
Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94898842
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The Book of Mark

According to Burton Mack's analysis of the synoptic gospels, A Myth of Innocence: Mark and Christian Origins, the Gospel of Mark was likely written in 70 CE in Syria. The Gospel of Mark tells the story of a Jesus who is not born in an overly divine fashion in the sense that it contains no story of Mary's impregnation by the Holy Spirit nor Jesus persecution by Herod. Nor does it contain an extensive Judaic linage of the figure of Jesus, or extensive sermons, like the book of Mark. Instead, it begins with Jesus' baptism as a teacher by the hands of John the Baptist.

According to Mack, the Jesus of Mark's envisioning is an angry, rather terse parable-teller and speaker of wisdom literature, designed to be obscure in meaning than easily understood. He is a man whom stands outside of conventional, Judaic society and…

Works Cited

Cameron, Ron. The Other Gospels. Westminster Press, Philadelphia, 1982

Mack, Burton. A Myth of Innocence: Mark and Christian Origins. Fortress Press, 1988 Edition.

Robbins, Vernon K. "Last Meal: Preparation, betrayal, and Absence." (Mark 14: 12-35)." In The Passion in Mark: Studies on Mark 14-16, edited by Werner h. Kelber, 21-40.

Book Questions in Nursing
Words: 2694 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 83696536
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Nursing Leadership

Thinking Critically, Making Decisions, Solving Problems

LO1: Response

The critical-thinking process can be used by answering 4 questions related to practical experiences. They are:

the underlying assumptions, interpretation of evidence, evaluation of arguments and the possible alternative perspectives.


LO 2: response

Creativity can be fostered by preparing, incubation, insight and verification.


LO 3: response

Decision-making and problem-solving skills can be improved by defining the problem, gathering of information, analyzing of the information, developing solutions, making a decision, implementation and evaluations of the solution.

Ref: page 11 and 112

LO 4: response

The major difference between individual and collective decision making process is the possibility of the exchange of ideas in the latter through brain storming sessions.


LO 5: response

For a leader, the stumbling blocks to making decisions and problem solving are the personality traits of the leaders, the experience, lack of adaptability and ideas…

Book Reaction US History Peaceable Kingdoms
Words: 1184 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47917824
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American colonies can be divided into those in New England, those in the middle region of the country, and those in the South. The histories of each section were different, and though all were basically British by the time of the American Revolution, other European nations had founded or developed different parts of the New orld. New England was developed by the British and the Dutch; the South was settled by the British, Spanish, and French at different times. The image of the Puritans of New England has become emblematic of the colonial era for most Americans, though, and historian Michael Zuckerman describes the life of a community in Puritan New England in the eighteenth century in his book Peaceable Kingdoms (1970), pointing out the importance of the town meeting and other influences of the community as a whole that kept the peace and served as government, police power, and…

Works Cited

Zuckerman, Michael. Peaceable Kingdoms: New England Towns in the Eighteenth Century. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1970.

Book of Acts History or Theology
Words: 1497 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30008445
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Christian Holy Bible known as Acts, many people who read Acts may feel or be inclined to believe that it is a book of historical record and fact. However, there are many theologians and scholars that do not look at the book this way and this report shall look at the work of Powell and Boring when it comes to this fact. There are many in the Christian faith that assert that the Holy Bible should be taken "as is" in terms of what it says and so forth but there are others that put forth a great amount of caution when it comes to this idea and they have specific examples when it comes to the same. While many Christians may be inclined to take the book of Acts at its word, there are many reasons why this is less than wise.

Straight off the top, Powell is…

Analysis of Friedmans The World Is Flat
Words: 2944 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94711964
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World is Flat" is taken from a metaphorical point-of-view to highlight the development and advancement of technology in the world. The author, Thomas Friedman, asserts that the world has become flatter because technology together with other factors has turned the world into a smaller place. The author describes the manner in which technology has made the world become more competitive and elucidates what is necessary to compete in this new world that is deemed flat. For instance, Friedman offers a description of how manufacturing firms have relocated the location of their plants to international areas to make the most of cheaper labor and raw materials.

This is towards objective of coming up with products that are cost-effective and more competitive in the marketplace. This particular aspect of outsourcing has disseminated into the service industry also. Friedman describes various instances where tax returns of companies in the United States are accounted…


Caldwell, J. (2005). Book Report On The World Is Flat. Retrieved 17 October 2015 from: 

Friedman, T. L. (2005). The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. New York: Picador

Griedsom, T. S. (2007). Book Review. The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. Retrieved 17 October 2015 from: 

Lee, M. (n.d). Book Summary: The World is Flat (Thomas L. Friedman).

Book of Margery Kempe Is About Late
Words: 916 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89101367
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ook of Margery Kempe is about late medieval English life. The central theme is not about simply a woman, but a woman thoroughly rooted in the world. She portrays the manners and the tastes neither of the court nor of the nunnery, but the piety, the culture, the profit-oriented values, and the status-consciousness of the late medieval town.

Margery's disengagement from conventional female roles and duties and consequently her daring rejection of the values of her fellow townspersons s a response to her growing commitment to her spiritual vocation. Her attempt to gain personal, financial, and spiritual autonomy is a tale of radical reversal that touches us on many different levels. Margery does what very few are able finally to do, and the fact that she does so as a woman enhances the force of her story.

Her story begins conventionally enough. She is married, soon thereafter conceives her first…


1) The book of Margery Kempe

Book Review From Gordon
Words: 903 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 87045450
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Asia Was the World by Stewart Gordon

A Discussion of a Period in which Asia Thrived

For roughly a millennium, Asia represented on of the most advanced societies in the world at a time in which the West was undergoing a period which was later referred to as the "Dark Ages." China, by contrast, was a cultural and economic powerhouse in which religion, commerce, and intellectual capacities flourished. This contrast would have been readily apparent and enthralling to any individuals who visited the East from the West. Many people made the trip to the West to engage in trade and many of the merchant travelers kept a journal of their experiences visiting this culture. Stewart Gordon bases his work on the actual accounts of merchant travelers and people who lived and worked in the region. These personal accounts provide unique insights into the period in which "Asia was the World"…

Analysis of Murderers Alex and Derek King
Words: 1622 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33619072
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Offenders: Alex and Derek King (12 and 13 when they killed their father)

Theory: Sampson and Laub's Age-Graded Theory of Informal Social Control

One basic premise of the Age-Graded criminology and informal social control theory was that, whilst experiences of childhood and personality traits are vital to comprehending behavioral stability, teenage and adulthood experiences can readdress criminal paths either more negatively or positively. Laub and Sampson discovered, particularly, that marital relationships and employment stability were a key factor in adult criminal change. With increased strength of familial and workplace bonds, deviancy and criminality in the non-delinquent control group as well as in criminals decreased. Further, Laub and Sampson looked keenly into qualitative narratives' ability to facilitate a more individual-centered life course examination. According to them, narratives of life history, together with quantitative techniques may be utilized for creating a more complete and richer image of why certain adult males…

Book Trade between Europe and China Article Analysis
Words: 615 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46666290
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Article Analysis in Relation to the Nature of the Book Trade between Europe and China
Written by T.P. Yang, The New Book Trade in Shanghai, is an amazing article that attempts to define the roots and growth of the new book trade establishments in China. Appearing in The China Weekly Review, the article not only highlights the factors that contributed towards the said growth, but also the reasons for the depression in sales during the previous year (1930), and the various approaches that merchants adopted in an attempt to remedy the situation.
In relation to the factors that contributed towards the growth of the new establishments, the author highlights five key points. These include; the growing demand from the reading public, the opening of outfits keen on spreading propaganda, the profit potential of the sector, the need to offer an alternative to the rigid processes of earlier entities, and the…

Book Mother to Mother
Words: 1118 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82974735
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Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Magona. Specifically, it will critically analyze the book. The book "Mother to Mother" is a touching and elegant story of race relations and misunderstanding in South Africa. The author bases her book on a true incident, but looks at it from the eyes of a mother who loves her son but recognizes his inadequacies. It is a devastating look at apartheid, violence, and anger in a society long split between black and white. Well-written with emotion and pathos, it is a book that discovers the difficulties of reconciliation and continuing with life after the death of a loved one.

This emotional book looks at both sides of a young white woman's murder in a black township in South Africa. The book begins with the haunting line "My son killed your daughter" (Magona 1), and that line grabs the reader from the beginning, and makes them…


Editors. "Magona Gives Voice to a Forgotten Mother." 2000. 16 April 2004. 

Gray, Rosemary. "An Electronic Interview with Sindiwe Magona." English in Africa. 1 May 2002.

Harlow, Barbara. "Book Review." Race and Class. 1 Jan. 2000.

Magona, Sindiwe. Mother to Mother. Boston: Beacon Press, 2000.

Book Trade between China and France An Assessment
Words: 4613 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76277952
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The Nature of the Book Trade between China and France


In the past, it was apparent that the Chinese government’s approach to matters culture and art did not significantly differ from its stance on a variety of other factors that involved various internal affairs of the nation. However, while it may have exercised some control on the distribution aspect of culture and art, it has largely remained ineffective as far as control on the consumption front was concerned. In general terms literature has always been an important item of culture and art. In recent times, more and more current authors are exploring modern literature. Towards this end, geographical boundaries no longer act like a limiting factor. As a matter of fact, this is increasingly becoming a competitive frontier amongst contemporary authors. Chinese authors, who have been missing in action in this particular case, are catching up. In addition to…

Book Why Can't We Make Money in Aviation
Words: 1495 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92632670
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Money in Aviation: An Examination of Support

The history of American flight is generally one of pride and wonder. Historical figures associated with the first airplanes are generally revered by history books and society as a whole. These are figures like the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and others who most agree made a positive impact on human life and symbolize a leap of mankind towards advanced technology and increasing modern times. Modernity. Technology. These are all things that airplanes and flight represent to Americans and they're widely viewed as things which have improved life on this planet for the better. This begs the question as to why the airline industry still remains one of the most volatile, low (or no) profits business around. The book, Why We Can't Make Money in Aviation, by Adam M. Pilarski, seeks to both scrutinize and illuminate the general failure of the airline…


Bluejay, M. (n.d.). What's Wrong with Bicycle Helmets? Retrieved from Bicycle Safe: 

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Pilarski, A. (2007). Why Can't We Make Money in Aviation? Burlington: Ashgate.

Book the Prince of Tides
Words: 1718 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8383400
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City and Country in 'The Prince of Tides'

William Shakespeare's comedies often differentiate between the staid, political atmosphere of the court and the city, and the raucous carnival atmosphere of the forest and the countryside. Often, characters will escape the court to the forest to explore their inner depths and their passions. The result is a dichotomy that permeates several of his plays: even from close textual analysis of one passage in a Shakespeare comedy, the reader is able to discern whether the scene takes place in the court or in the forest.

There is a similar breakdown in Pat Conroy's "Prince of Tides." Scenes and flashbacks switch between New York City and the low-country in South Carolina. Like in Shakespeare's comedies, "Prince of Tides" also makes it very easy to discern exactly where each scene is taking place. In a novel of violence, deception and denial, the low-country in…

Book the Deputy
Words: 1307 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36547883
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Discussing "The Deputy" by Rolf Hochhuth is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks ever and I would consider it almost as difficult as discussing Niezsche's "Antichrist" or any other controversial works, modern, contemporary or from any past period of time.

It is not easy discussing a book that accuses a pope, representative of Christ on Earth, of tolerating genocide and ethnical purification, of tacitly approving them and of thus being part to one of the most terrible and tragic things humanity has been forced to witness throughout its history. Indeed, modern culpability has been, in some way or another, been associated with the extermination of the Jews during the Second World War. Over 6 million Jews have died during that period. The number itself is overwhelming, however, we also need to consider that this came as a result of a systematized and concerted process of extermination. Over 25…


1. The Pope and the Holocaust. On the Internet at

2. Robert A. Hall. Jr.Il Rapporto Gerstein: Anatomia Di Un Falso (review). On the Internet at 

In my opinion, when discussing the controversy, we should always try to base our arguments on historical facts. However, the problem is that these facts are generally created either by Pope supporters or by Pope adversary and it is hard to find facts that belong to neither. Hence, it is difficult to discover where the truth actually is.

On the Internet at

Book the Future of the Race by Henry Louis Gates Jr And Cornel West
Words: 742 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30776537
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Henry Louis Gates and Cornel est, The Future of the Race is an exploration into and reflection of .E.B. Dubois's ideas surrounding the African-American predicament in America, from education to community life. Dubois, heralded as one of the most influential American scholars of the 20th century, emphasized the need for the educated and affluent to assist those not so fortunate. He believed that the top 10% of the race (referring to education and socioeconomic status) should dedicate themselves to helping the remainder, an idea he referred to as "The Talented Tenth." Gates and est, both admirers of Dubois, show how his ideas can be translated in a modern day context to the problems of the black community. They also, however, point out internal flaws in "The Talented Tenth." Their conclusions are not "concrete." They do not pretend to have the answers to the problems within the black community, nor do…

Works Cited

Gates, Henry Louis and Cornel West. The Future of the Race. New York: Alfred

Knopf. 1996.

Analysis of NIke Form 10K
Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30297777
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Nike addresses futures ordering on page 64 of its FY 2016 Form 10-K. The futures ordering program "allows retailers to order five to six months in advance of delivery" at a fixed price. This program allows Nike to gain some advance knowledge of future demand, assisting the company to schedule its production accordingly with expected future demand. The company notes, however, that this program does not prevent excess or short inventory in the future, as not all retailers use the program and ultimately demand is not fixed. Excess demand results in inventory write-downs, or moving inventory around the market, or other tactics to recover the cost. On page 92, the company specifically addresses inventory reserves. When the company estimates that the realizable value of its inventory is less than the cost of the inventory, it will create an allowance on the books for this expected loss on that inventory.…


Nike FY 2016 Form 10-K. Retrieved November 13, 2016 from

book review on why evolution is true
Words: 3371 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98219258
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The book Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne presents a cogent case for evolution, a concept that can be controversial for some but accepted fact for others. This paper will work through the book -- the case that Coyne makes -- and offer reflections on my own journey of understanding the concept of evolution and its manifestation in the natural world.

Understanding Evolution

Evolution is not "fact," so much as a theory that is supported by a wealth of evidence. Just this alone lies at the heart of a lot of the misunderstanding about evolution. First proposed by Charles Darwin as a theory based on his observations of the natural world, evolution reflects the processes of adaptation that species go through, over time and successive generations. In adapting to their environments, species undergo changes that will, given enough time and dramatically different environments, result in the development of…


Coyne, J. (2010) Why Evolution is True. Penguin Books.

Analysis of a Critical Theorist Take on Education
Words: 1853 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62288309
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Freedom in the Classroom

The first chapter asks why theory, especially Critical Theory, matters in today's classrooms. The very first chapter essentially sets the stage for the kind of "freedom" that is aimed at achieving in the classroom: freedom from "historical norms" such as marriage being between a man and a woman (Hinchey, 2010, p. 1). Granted, this is just an example of the way ideas become entrenched in society, and Hinchey proceeds to apply this observation to the ways in which schools become bogged down by accepted norms -- such as the use of standardized text books, the division of work into subjects, and the amount of time spent in a class room as opposed to outside of it. The purpose of this chapter is to draw attention to the cultural habits that keep us from questioning conventional attitudes about the way things are done -- especially when it…


Hinchey, P. (2010). Finding Freedom in the Classroom. NY: Peter Lang Publishing.

Analysis of Forensic Sciences in the UK and the USA
Words: 1767 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61451268
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Forensic Sciences in the USA and the United Kingdom

Over the last two decades, the forensic science has assisted in producing valuable evidence that has contributed to a successful conviction and prosecution of criminals and exoneration of innocent citizens. Typically, an advanced in forensic science and DNA technology have been a great assistance for law enforcement agency for an identification and prosecution of criminals. In the United States and the UK, many cases that have been formally unsolved have now been solved based on the great assistance of the forensic science investigators. (National esearch Council, 2009). Forensics or forensic science is a field of investigation drawing different scientific disciplines in law, criminal and civil services. This practice requires an application of scientific knowledge, quantitative, qualitative and empirical skills to collect and analyze data that will assist in presenting evidence in a tribunal or court of law. However, the method the…


Butler, J.M. (2015). U.S. initiatives to strengthen forensic science & international standards in forensic DNA. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 18: 4 -- 20.

Goulka, J.E. Matthies, C. Steinberg, P. (2010). Toward a Comparison of DNA Profiling and Databases in the United States and England. Technical report (Rand Corporation).

House of Common (2013). Forensic Science. House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

Mallett, X. & Evison, M.P. (2013). Forensic Facial Comparison: Issues of Admissibility in the Development of Novel Analytical Technique. J Forensic Sci, 58 (4):859-865.

Analysis of Two Articles
Words: 722 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 38742655
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tattoo ink that is used in everyday and normal tattoos and how the ink and other materials used in those tattoos might be harmful to the people that adorn themselves with them. The audience is presumably doing this article as a caution to those that have tattoos, are planning to get tattoos and/or know someone that is in either of those first two classifications. The style, form and structure are rather nice. Rather than getting right into the negative details and the technical aspects of the issue, the author of the article waxes eloquent about who gets tattoos, why they get them, how proud they are of them and so forth. The author of the article also admits having some of their own tattoos. However, the article then gets down to business about how some of the components of tattoo ink can be toxic. There is also talk of to…

Analysis of Two Short Stories
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Husband" is a story that focuses on marriage and finding someone. Mme. Carette is the mother to Marie and Berthe. While Berthe tries to seek independence, working an office job, Marie is simple-minded, hoping to marry. Their mother, Mme. Carette is the one who wants her to find someone all while wishing for someone for herself. In one way or another, they all find that marriage often takes center stage in a woman's life.

Mme. Carette is a religious woman. Although she tries to hide parts of herself, she shows how much she wants a husband not just for her children, but for herself. On page 306, Mme. Carette explains how a husband can help her up the step of a streetcar and lay down the law to Berthe. These are things a daughter cannot do and therefore are reasons for Carette to want someone. Marie wants someone as well…

analysis of organization with different lenses
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Lens One: Structural Theories

Organizational structure refers to how work activities or tasks are divided, and how relationships are established and maintained (Corlett, n.d.). Bureaucratic organizations are structured formally and may result in a pyramidal shape with the bulk of employees at the bottom with the least amount of decision-making power (Corlett, n.d.). The bureaucratic organization can also take on the image of a machine (Morgan, 1998). Morgan (1998) adds that structural theories offer precision in the design and implementation of organizational details. For example, the work of teachers is highly formalized down to the details of lesson plans and the measurable outcomes in terms of test scores. A core goal of a mechanistic, bureaucratic organization is predictability. The machine image also demonstrates the ways an organization emphasizes speed, clarity, and efficiency. Structural theories illustrate how educators participate in chains of command, and there are legal and contractual bases of…


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Analysis of Kohl's financials
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JC Penney Acquiring Kohl's

Kohl's Financials

Often, a firm that is taken over is struggling financially. One of the reasons is entirely pragmatic -- a struggling firm likely has a lower stock price, making the takeover more affordable. Over the past four years, Kohl's has seen its revenues flatline. evenues were $19.2 billion in FY 2016. The company's cost of goods sold is steady as well, at 63.8%. So in that sense, Kohl's is a very stable firm financially. This stability should actually mean that its stock price fairly accurately reflects the present value of future cash flows, making it difficult for the acquiring firm to earn profit from the transaction, given that they have to pay a premium to Kohl's shareholders.

The company has seen its selling, general, and administration expenses increase gradually over the past couple of years, which has resulted in shrinking operating income. The operating profit…


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Role of Marriage in the Book of Ruth
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Book Of Ruth and Marriage: An Analysis Into Religious and Secular Conventions of the Time

The Gospels of the Old Testament provide the structure of Judaism. Yet, they also provide an interesting examination into the anthropological activities of an ancient people. For example, in The Book of Ruth, there is significant content that helps describe the nature of marriage between both individuals and between God and his mortal followers. Along with exploring the ceremonial and religious ties to marriage, The Book of Ruth also helps define what an ideal archetype of a Jewish wife was during the ancient time period the gospel was written; she is an obedient servant who is seen almost like property of her husband.

The Book of Ruth is the gospel from the Old Testament, and thus has its roots in ancient Hebrew tradition. Yet, it is also included in the Christian version of the holy…

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Woman The Book 'Aren't I A Woman '
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The book, 'Aren't I a Woman?' explores the challenges that women faced in the antebellum America. The author has focused to address the challenges of sexuality and racism that affected many women of this age. The author, Deborah Gray is a Professor at Scott University, who has focused her study in examining the issues of justice and social inequality in society. She is interested in this study as she attempts to explain the challenges of sexuality and racism that has affected the women from minority races in the United States. Her focus is to lead the readers of her work to begin understanding the challenges that women have faced from the antebellum America to the current day. Through a better understanding of these issues, better remedies may be developed to help the affected women in the society. Indeed, without an in-depth understanding of the issues of sexuality, and racism,…


White, Deborah, 1985, Aren't I a Woman? Female Slaves in the Plantation South. New York:

W.W. Norton and Company. Print

Alexander the Great Books on
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Hamilton notes the biographies of Alexander often reflected the backgrounds of authors who wrote about him. For example, Sir William Tarn, a Scottish gentleman of the ritish imperial era, characterized Alexander as a chivalrous Greek gentleman with a missionary zeal to spread Greek civilization. In contrast, Fritz Schachermeyr, a German historian who had experienced the rise and fall of the Nazi Germany, described Alexander as a ruthless and cruel ruler, indulged "in deceit and treachery to gain his ends, as a 'Titanic' figure aiming at the conquest of the world."

oth Tarn and Schachermeyr are among the great modern historians of Alexander but even they could not escape personal biases.

The irony of Hamilton's book is that, although he is at pains in his discussion of the difficulty of writing about Alexander and is critical of biased historians, the book starts with a straightforward admission of a bias. Rejecting the…


Freeman, Philip. Alexander the Great. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2009.

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Ibid, p. 323.

Stiglitz Analysis of the Price of Inequality
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Analysis of the Price of Inequality

In the year 2013, issues of socioeconomic inequality are perhaps as pressing and problematic as they have ever been. This is the assertion at the crux of Joseph E. Stiglitz text, The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future (ISBN-13: 9780393345063). Released in 2012 by .. Norton & Company publishers, the 560-page text is a timely and compelling contribution to the current public discourse on our need for greater economic equality in the United States.

Understanding the orientation of the text at the center of this analysis requires a more complete understanding of its author, the economist, Columbia professor and winner of 2001's Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. According to his self-composed biography at the Memorial Foundation site, Stiglitz (2001) was born in Gary Indian in 1943. By his own report, his interests as a young student would lead…

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Security Analysis' Has Been Current for More
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Security Analysis' has been current for more than 60 years. Graham and Dodd are not only astute observers but also veterans in the field of investing. They have seen investment markets and businesses plunge and raise themselves and have observed investor's behavior under all conditions.

Although their books are classics, Graham and Dodd manage to write in a clear and contemporary style that is just as applicable today as it was then. They provide details and techniques for achieving success as investors as well as the responsibilities of businesses to be transparent about the affair of their businesses for shareholders and potential investors.

The brunt of the book, however, is its timeless advice to students that careful assessment and review of balance sheets is the essence and key to success in investment.

The fact that Buffet writes that he has been following their "road map" for 57 years and that…


Graham, BG & Dodd, DL. Security Analysis: Principles and techniques. McGraw Hill, 2010.

Sea and Poison Analysis
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Sea and Poison

Shusaku Endo's novel The Sea and Poison was published in 1958. Although it is set during orld ar II, The Sea and Poison is about much more than the war. The novel is about bioethics. The fact that The Sea and Poison is set against the backdrop of one of the bloodiest wars in history is appropriate from a literary perspective. Morality of war is juxtaposed with the morality of self-serving doctors. The decisions that doctors make in their own interest is depicted alongside the decisions that generals make to take prisoners of war and strip them of their humanity. Therefore, Endo's novel is multilayered and complex. The lessons Endo tries to teach through the moral turpitude of The Sea and Poison remain salient today, especially in light of the growing conflicts of interest in a for-profit American healthcare system.

The Sea and Poison is as realistic…

Work Cited

Endo, Shusaku. The Sea and Poison. Trans. Michael Gallagher. Tokyo: New Directions, 1958(1972).

American Gospel the Book American
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Another drawback of the book is that it didn't have much perspective of what it has meant to be pluralistic or worldly in the context of the rest of the world. During the American Revolution, a country with no official religion was an odd idea. It was a general concept that the world had always been governed by a King by Grace of God, and in return protected God's true religion from heretics and blasphemers (esterlund, 2006).

In addition, the author did not discuss the major difference between the "divisive arguments about God and politics" in the late eighteenth century and today. Thus, without state support, religion flourished in the United States, and now as today is the most religious nation in the estern world. The strength of Americans' religious faith enlightens the determination of a "public religion" that even now continue to worry unbelievers and secular thinkers (esterlund, 2006).…

Works Cited

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A 7, 2006

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Gifts of the Jews Thomas Cahill's Book
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Gifts of the Jews

Thomas Cahill's book The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the ay Everyone Thinks and Feels demonstrates what happens when a great idea is ultimately brought down by a lack of critical and rhetorical rigor. This is not to suggest that The Gift of the Jews is not worth reading, or that its insights are not valuable, but rather that every surprising fact or remarkable contribution is lessened somewhat by a longing for what the book could have been, had Cahill simply been more precise in his language and extensive in his sourcing. As it is, The Gifts of the Jews is an entertaining, surprising examination of Jewish history and culture, albeit one whose evidence ultimately falls short its boldest claims. By examining the book's central thesis regarding the Jewish contribution to the conception of time and historicity alongside the more…

Works Cited

Cahill, Thomas. The Gifts of the Jews. New York: Anchor Books, 1999.

Michael Krause Has Written a New Book
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Michael Krause has written a new book that provides eight sales strategies that are supposed to help increase sales, engendered a more motivated sales staff, and help sustain both. The eight strategies are: USP and UVP; Strategic planning; SWOT analysis; Engage your ideal clients; Build a cash reserve; Core capabilities and realistic goal setting; Balanced scoreboard, and; Do you have what it takes? The author looks at the entire organization and not just the sales staff, but he tries to tie all of what he says into sales.

He loses some credibility because he uses some terms wrong, but this is not problematic necessarily as they are the sailing terms he employs as part of the illustrations in the book. However, he does make some questionable suggestions regarding the fourth strategy.

Analysis of "Sell or Sink: Strategies, Tactics and Tools Every Business Leader Must Know to Stay Afloat"




Aspen Institute. (2009). Organizational behavior. Retrieved from 

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Frege's Much-Discussed Book the Foundations of Arithmetic
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Fege's much-discussed book, The Foundations of Aithmetic, is an influential and valuable insight into the philosophy of mathematics. A Geman mathematician and philosophe, Gottlob Fege was unwaveingly devoted to impoving the philosophical undepinnings of mathematics and science. In the Foundations of Aithmetic, Fege delves deeply into not only an undestanding of numbes, but he also looks into much lage questions suounding meaning and tuth. Fege agues against the idea that aithmetic is based on psychology, and instead notes that logic is the main undepinning of aithmetic. The Foundations of Aithmetic ultimately agues that analytic judgments goven the laws of aithmetic, and thus these laws exist a pioi. This impotant contibution bought him geat paise fom many academics, but his wok was not without flaws. Impotantly, The Foundations of Aithmetic has been citicized fo a elatively weak undestanding of basic tems undelying the discussion of psychology. This is an impotant and…

reference: the sense of the words determine the sense of the sentence; and the reference of the words determine the reference of the sentence."

In conclusion, Gottlob Frege's The Foundations of Arithmetic has made a lasting and influential contribution to the philosophy of mathematics. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the philosophy of mathematics, and is also invaluable for anyone interested in the broader field of analytical psychology. The Foundations of Arithmetic provides a convincing argument that logic is the basis of arithmetic, rather than psychology, and also makes the important argument that analytic judgments govern the laws of arithmetic, and thus these laws exist a priori. It was in these discussions that Frege likely made his greatest contributions to the philosophy of mathematics. Despite his great critical success and long-lasting influence, Frege's works were not without their weaknesses. Importantly, many psychological terms within The Foundations of Arithmetic are not thoroughly defined, and critics have argued that Frege occasionally twisted definitions in order to suit his purposes. These serious criticisms are tempered by Frege's willingness to address these oversights within his texts. Despite these criticisms, The Foundations of Mathematics remains an influential book that is worthy of the great praise that has been heaped on it in the years since its publication nearly a hundred years ago.


Barbosa, Rosario. A Must for Any Philosopher of Mathematics, September 23, 2000. Reviews. 24 November 2003.

Frege Biography. Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege. 24 November 2003.

Macho Paradox Jackson Katz's Book
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One such example is amply described in chapter 10, referring to "Guilty pleasures: pornography, prostitution and stripping." As throughout the book, the theoretical discussion is keenly doubled by lots of breathtaking examples of acts of violence.

The chapter starts in this manner with the case of a young woman gang raped and filmed while she was unconscious. The case reveals on several different levels how the underlying factors and a misogynist society are in fact the deeply rooted causes of such an event. First, there is the level of the young men who committed the crime: their acts are closely related to a culture where pornography dominates, especially at that age, the lives and, as could be seen with that case, the sexual expressions of the male individual.

However, the second level is in fact much more worrying, because it comes from the young men's lawyers and, as such, can…


1. Katz, Jackson. The Macho Paradox. Sourcebooks Inc. April 2006.

2. Tracy, Steven. Book Review: The Macho Paradox. Priscilla Papers. Vol. 23. No.1. 2009

Katz, Jackson. The Macho Paradox. Sourcebooks Inc. April 2006.


Cold Blood an Analysis of
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He has to object to it to keep from confronting it in himself. The Oklahoman is not so cynical, however, for he immediately grasps hold of Parr's contradiction and cries out, "Yeah, and how about hanging the bastard? That's pretty goddam cold-blooded too" (Capote 306). The Oklahoman objects to the murder, which he views as a product of that coldness which he hears in Parr's words. The Oklahoman may represent a kind of outsider, not yet tainted by the American thirst for blood and sentimentality. To save the killer, he is willing to grant mercy, if only it will help put an end to the coldness.

At this point another man, the Reverend Post, interjects his thoughts. He seems to understand something of mercy, but at the same time he despairs of ever seeing it: "ell,' he said, passing around a snapshot reproduction of Perry Smith's portrait of Jesus, 'any…

Works Cited

Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood. NY: Vintage, 1994.

Gender and Islam Books the War in
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Gender and Islam Books

The war in Iraq has shone attention on the plight of women in the Middle East. For many scholars, the issue of the rights of women as mandated in Islamic texts and the role of Muslim women in the contemporary Islamic world is one of the most pressing issues.

This paper examines two works that shed light in this regard -- Islam, Gender, and Social Change edited by Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad and John L. Esposito and Leila Ahmed's Women and Gender in Islam: Historical Roots of a Modern Debate.

Both books provide a rich background of the history and modern-day context women living under the Islamic religion. The first part of this paper gives a summary of selected readings from Islam, Gender, and Social Change and of Ahmed's work. The second part then gives a critique of the works. In the final section, the paper relates…

Fifties the Book the Fifties
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S. air force. However, the first attack on the U.S. military by the Chinese was made on November 1 in North Korea. A large army of Chinese soldiers attacked the U.S. 8th Cavalry Regiment from the north, northwest, and west. This forced the retreat of UN forces.


General Matthew Ridgway took over after General Walker's death on December 22. The former was the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division in Wold War II. Ridgway received command of all the forces serving in Korea, along with relative freedom to act as he saw fit. Although his initial aim was to undertake an offensive in Korea, he soon realized that the army was not in sufficient shape to accomplish this. Instead, General Ridgway undertook to rebuild the army. After a successful Chinese attack on New Year's Day, the Allied forces had to withdraw to the "D line," extending from Pyongtaek to…

Elliot Sclar's Influential Book You
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The workers for the private firm are compensated at a level that is barely livable and these workers place a greater burden on the communities' social services.

Sclar's arguments comparing the differences between why privatization works in jobs involving low-skilled and high-skilled jobs merit some consideration and are easily understandable but there are some considerations that Sclar overlooks that should raise some concern as to the validity of his approach. As previously noted, Sclar's basic premise is that the goal of privatization is to reduce costs and that unless costs are lowered privatization has been a failure (Sclar p.63). Using this as a premise, Sclar argues that the overall benefits of privatization are largely negligible but what Sclar fails to consider is the benefits accrued due to true free market conditions existing as a result of true privatization.

Sclar's study and theorizing was done on a model where privatization was…

William L. Megginson and Jeffry M. Netter, From State to Market: A Survey of Empirical Studies on Privatization, Journal of Economic Literature: pp. 321-389 (2001).

Shaker A. Zahra, R. Duane Ireland, Isabel Gutierrez and Michael A. Hitt, Privatization and Entrepreneurial Transformation: Emerging Issues and a Future Research Agenda, The Academy of Management Review: pp. 509-524 (2000).

Critical Book Review

E-Myth Revisited This Book Takes on the
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E-Myth Revisited

This book takes on the ambitious task of defining from a perceptual standpoint why the vast majority of businesses fail in the U.S. today. The author contends that the greatest error in judgment is attributable to the mistaken belief that understanding the technical aspects of a business guarantees that a person will also understand a business that does technical work. These two areas are diametrically opposed, a point the author invests pages of the book illustrating through practical, pragmatic examples. The three roles of any business owner include entrepreneur, manager and technician. It is the misaligning to time in each of these three roles that further makes the daunting tasks associated with launching and running a business even more difficult to overcome. Throughout the book, the provide ample examples and insights into how entrepreneurs can more effectively balance these roles and increase their odds of having a successful…

Financial Analysis the Report Provides the Comparative
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Financial Analysis

The report provides the comparative analysis of Sun Trust Banks Inc. (STI) vs. U.S. Bancorp. (USB) using the following valuation tools:

Price/Book Value,

Price/Earnings per Share

Price/EBITDA per Share.

The paper also compares these ratios to industry average.

Price/Book Value

A Price/Book Value is a valuation ratio used to measure the market value of a company after all the liabilities has been deducted from the company assets. In other words, Price/Book Value is a valuation ratio generally used by investors to compare a stock's per-share price (market value) of a company to its book value (shareholders' equity). Typically, it reveals the estimation of value of a company after it has been liquidated showing remaining net assets entitled to shareholders after a company is liquidated.

There are two methods to calculate the Price-to Book Value of a company. First, we can divide the company market capitalization by company's total…


Yahoo Finance. (2013). Sun Trust Bank. (STI). Yahoo Finance Inc.

Yahoo Finance. (2013). U.S. Bancorp (USB) -NYSE. Yahoo Finance Inc.