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Felix Longorias Wake Bereavement Racism and the Rise of Mexican American Activism

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Felix Longoria’s Wake Book Review
In his book Felix Longoria’s Wake: Bereavement, Racism, and the Rise of Mexican American Activism, Patrick J. Carroll narrates how the death of a World War II Mexican-American soldier Felix Longoria influenced Mexican-American activism. Owing to his exemplary service in Philippines during World War II, Longoria received several awards, including a Good Conduct Medal, a Purple Heart, a Bronze Service Star, and a Country Infantryman’s badge. Upon his death in Philippines, however, the only funeral home in his hometown of Three Rivers declined to accord him a wake as he was Mexican-American (Carroll 2). As Carroll demonstrates in his book, this discriminative act immediately turned out to be a crucial moment in the progression of Mexican-American activism, with figures like Dr. Hector P. Garcia being in the forefront. Following intense activism, Longoria was finally buried in Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery. Based on research and interviews…… [Read More]

Work Cited
Carroll, Patrick J. Felix Longoria’s Wake: Bereavement, Racism, and the Rise of Mexican American Activism. 1st ed. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2003.
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Biblical Preaching by Robinson

Words: 3253 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99921697

Haddon W. Robinson first published Biblical Preaching in 1980. The book quickly became a classic in its field because of Robinson’s straightforward writing style and his ability to synthesize the necessary ingredients for an effective, scripturally grounded but also emotionally strong sermon. The seminal text to guide, instruct, and inspire existing and aspiring preachers, Biblical Preaching is currently in its third edition. Most of the original material in Biblical Preaching has been preserved, and the author has added additional prefaces to update the message and reach a new generation of spiritual advisors, leaders, and communicators. With few if any overt flaws, Biblical Preaching contains an unparalleled wealth of wisdom that can easily be blended with other approaches to sermon development and exegesis. Although certainly not the first book on expository preaching, Robinson’s (2014) is essential reading for pastors, Bible instructors, and Christian community leaders. Biblical Preaching is divided into ten…… [Read More]


Robinson, H.W. (2014). Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic
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Texas Women Their histories Their lives

Words: 690 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67008525

An ambitious scholarly work, Texas Women: Their Histories, Their Lives includes almost two dozen essays detailing different aspects of Texan history. Readers may be initially perplexed by the fact that Texas Women was not published in Texas at all. In fact, Texas Women is one of a series of books on southern women published by the University of Georgia Press. As such, Texas Women places the subject in the greater context of southern society. Most of the stories show how Texas women negotiated power in their communities within the overarching patriarchal structures, norms, and institutions. Texas Women is divided into three parts, arranged chronologically. The first part covers 1600-1880, from the time of the Spanish to the end of the Civil War. Although they gloss over pre-conquest Texas, the essays cover the important nodes in antebellum Texas. Part Two covers 1880-1925, a relatively short, but critical period of time in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Turner, Elizabeth Hayes, Stephanie Cole and Rebecca Sharpless. Texas Women: Their Histories, Their Lives. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2015.

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The Princes in the Tower Alison Weir

Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86079487

The Princes in the Tower: A Review
Alison Weir examines one of England’s oldest murder mysteries in her historical investigation into the deaths of the Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York. While most English readers are familiar with the treachery of Richard III thanks to Shakespeare’s play of the same name, Weir throws a magnifying glass over the facts of the case to explore whether the popular legend (that Richard III killed the two young princes) is true after all. The book reads like a spellbinder, supplying the reader with all the background story, clues and details to draw the reader to the conclusion that Richard III was indeed the culprit and that his treachery was what enabled him to soar so quickly to political heights—only to fall just as rapidly under the weight of his own duplicity. As Weir notes, her objective with Princes in the…… [Read More]

Works Cited
Weir, Alison. The Princes in the Tower. NY: Ballantine Books, 2011.
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Women and Education in Hard Times

Words: 1132 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 724453

In Hard Times, Charles Dickens makes the commentary that young people need more than just “facts” in order to be considered educated.  The narrow-minded headmaster who opens the book by insisting on facts and “nothing but facts” (Dickens 1) serves as the symbol of a narrow-minded modern world devoid of soul.  For Dickens, women often represent the beauty and grace of a soul filled with life and creativity.  Yet it is this life and creativity that is driven out of the soul by the arrival of Industrialization and its brutal textile mills where women and child were forced to work by the “hard times” of the age’s social and economic conditions.  Dickens himself characterized these mills as “dark” and “satanic” (Tuttle).  In Victorian England, Charles Dickens was showing his readers that young people needed more than facts and mills:  they needed to have their hearts and minds educated and their…… [Read More]

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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98497666

Principles of Ethics and Self-Determination ‘Me Before You’
“Me Before You” looks at two issues a love story and the debate of the right-to-die, which is combined to give an excellent storyline (Moyes, 2012). Will Traynor is a young quadriplegic man who met an accident two years before and is lucky to have an assistant like Louisa Clark, a 26-year-old girl. Louisa is also Traynor’s caregiver and companion although it is challenging because Will is cynical and seems to have given up hope to live. The emotional support Louisa gives to Will Traynor has become more pressing because he is depressed by his health condition to the point of considering death as an option. Nonetheless, Louisa is more determined than ever to show Traynor that life is more worth living than he thought and a series of adventures changes both their lives (Moyes, 2012).
The case of Will Traynor would…… [Read More]

Guido, G. (2014). Legal and ethical issues in nursing (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
Moyes, J. (2012). Me before you. New York, NY: Pamela Dorman Books/Viking.
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Kate Browns argument in Plutopia

Words: 1244 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25884584

Summary of Kate Browns argument in Plutopia
Kate Brown’s book, titled “Plutopia: Nuclear families, atomic cities, and the great Soviet and American plutonium disasters” discusses the first nuclear disaster in history to have happened locally. Kate relates factors such as urban planning, scientific research, labor history and public health. According to her, the Soviet and American societies were largely transformed following the production of nuclear weapons. She claims it created a whole new kind of society with newly defined safety risks. This essay seeks to critically analyze Brown’s book. The term plutopia refers to those unique, aspirational communities that satisfied postwar societal desires in the Americas and the Soviet Union. Prosperity then was at such an enticing level that many citizens ignored the piles of radioactive waste accumulating around them (p. 4). Brown goes on to analyze the state policies in the U.S.S.R and U.S.A that influenced the creation of…… [Read More]

Brown, K. L. (2013). Plutopia: Nuclear families, atomic cities, and the great Soviet and American plutonium disasters. Oxford University Press, USA.
Feldman, J. (2014). Review of Brown, Kate, Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters. H-Environment, H-Net Reviews.
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Here is New York by EB White

Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85270879

“Here is New York” by E.B. White

Many of author E.B. White’s observations in his essay “Here is New York” still resonate today. Perhaps one of his most profound observations is the idea that is bestows “the gift of loneliness and the gift of privacy” (White 659). This seems paradoxical, given that New York is a very crowded city. But the proximity of other people enables city-dwellers to live in a state of anonymity, not needing to talk to one another at all. Of course, living alone and living in isolation from a community of people who are like yourself (given New York’s fabled diversity) can also make New Yorkers very lonely.
The fact that New York is made up of strangers, of people who have “pulled up stakes” to make their home in the town is also why it is a mecca of entertainment, art, commerce, and sports (White…… [Read More]

Work Cited
White, E.B. “Here is New York.” 1946. Web. 14 Nov 2014.,%20Here%20Is%20New%20York.pdf
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Novel Review Character Development

Words: 1357 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13199089

Character Development: Novel Review

Novel Review: Character Development

The novels, The Red Badge of Courage' by Stephen Crane and 'The Things they Carried' by Tim Obrien, are among the best depictions of the role played by introspection in helping individuals better understand themselves. This text depicts the journey to maturity of the protagonists in both novels, and how their development contributed to the full meaning of the work.

Character Growth and Maturity during ar

In the novels, The Red Badge of Courage' by Stephen Crane and 'The Things they Carried' by Tim Obrien, the authors effectively make use of introspection to depict their journey towards a greater understanding of themselves. This text demonstrates how they were able to achieve this. More specifically, it assesses how the concept of introspection has been used by both authors, and how it affected their later actions. It begins with a brief plot summary of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage. New York, NY: Courier Corporation, 2004. Print.

O'Brien, Tim. The Things they Carried. New York, NY: Broadway Books, 1990. Print.
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Book Mother to Mother

Words: 1118 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82974735

Mother to Mother by Sindiwe Magona. Specifically, it will critically analyze the book. The book "Mother to Mother" is a touching and elegant story of race relations and misunderstanding in South Africa. The author bases her book on a true incident, but looks at it from the eyes of a mother who loves her son but recognizes his inadequacies. It is a devastating look at apartheid, violence, and anger in a society long split between black and white. Well-written with emotion and pathos, it is a book that discovers the difficulties of reconciliation and continuing with life after the death of a loved one.

This emotional book looks at both sides of a young white woman's murder in a black township in South Africa. The book begins with the haunting line "My son killed your daughter" (Magona 1), and that line grabs the reader from the beginning, and makes them…… [Read More]


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