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Brick And Mortar Essays (Examples)

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Amazon vs Bricks and Mortar
Words: 1003 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78389159
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Cyber Monday came and went this week in America—and it was the biggest shopping day of the year. More people logged onto their computers to make purchases than went out on Black Friday, the traditional day for shop-til-you-drop purchasing. The torch was passed: online retailer Amazon’s stock soared, as reported by Durden at ZeroHedge, with the report that the online retailer had trounced its bricks and mortar competition. Bricks and mortar store traffic fell by 1% from the previous year. Online purchasing rose by 17% (Durden). If anyone had any doubts about it, bricks and mortar retail is on the ropes and the online giant Amazon is perched to defeat its competition with a stunning KO.

The specific problems plaguing traditional bricks and mortar stores are that it is simply easier for consumers to log on and check out with the click of a button. Amazon Prime has enabled consumers…

Bricks and Clicks the Internet
Words: 742 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97108524
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Second, students must have the necessary time to devote to their studies. Just because they are not driving to the campus does not mean they will be spending less time in class. Individuals with time-consuming work or family responsibilities should think twice about pursuing a degree. It may be better to take a course on trial. Third, individuals save money on gas, but it still costs the same per credit of the normal university.

Students should also be careful of the level of education. As with any enterprise, there is the good and the bad. Numerous so-called "universities" that are not accredited are seeing this as an excellent way to make money. Also, warns David Noble, a historian at York University in Toronto and co-founder of an advocacy group called the National Coalition for Universities in the Public Interest, although universities originally say their courses are going to be led…


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Group Publishing.

Click and Mortar Strategies Click-And-Mortar
Words: 662 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3382091
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When asked, an employee was able to talk about the site-to-store shipping process, but did not know much about the online sale or other online features.

While the shopping experiences at and at a Walmart store are similar in many ways, the shopping experience at and an Old Navy store are quite different. was not offering any exclusively online sales at the moment, but many of their offerings on the website are available only online. They do not seem concerned with driving sales to their physical storefronts. Their store locator requires several click-throughs, and while it does provide a map of nearby stores, it does not provide a list of their comparative distances or their local sales.

In addition, does not provide the convenience of free site-to-store shipping, nor does it tell you, like the Walmart site does, whether an item you are looking at online…

References  /

Ecommerce Business Plan Mary's Gourmet
Words: 685 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 65150673
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The two primary gift basket markets are the individual gift-giver and the corporate client (How to start a gift basket service). About half of all this business is during the holidays, with Christmas leading the drive followed by Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Secretaries' Day (How to start a gift basket service). Mary will rely heavily on Google AdWords to attract new business and will increase her advertising during peak gift basket buying times. She will also attempt to retain customers by sending them reminders of their previous orders during the previous year and asking them if she can fulfill another gift request. In the beginning, Mary will also generate market awareness by mailing gift catalogs to her target audiences.

Mary will outsource all of the e-commerce related information technology activities to create and maintain her online site. She will require a new team to assemble and ship…


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Disaster Recovery Plan
Words: 2114 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66350719
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disaster recovery plan outlining several strategies that must be taken into consideration. The paper will further take into consideration the e-commerce as well as the brick and mortar operations. The reference page appends three sources in APA format.

Disaster Recovery Plan

When unprepared organizations are hit by disasters, the consequences are not only dire but often prolonged thereby robbing the companies of not only financial stability but also their hard earned established brand name and image. Since RJ compressors have an unwavering reputation for their high quality products and its compressors are known worldwide for their reliability and durability, it has to be prudent in making plans and formulating strategies in order to keep its reputation and established brand name intact. This is because, every firm entering the global market and wanting to stay there for generating handsome profits must not leave room for risks, disasters and threats in all…


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How to create a disaster recovery plan;  (July 3, 2003)

Tale of Two Cultures the
Words: 1986 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64883975
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Rather than attempting to increase the diversification of product offerings, management at Best Buy have found small and subtle ways to adjust the retail experience, making stores (or more specifically, certain areas of each store) more tailored to specific classes and types of consumers. Sales staff have also been trained to use different language styles and sales efforts when dealing with different consumers, again tailoring each individual consumer's experience to their own personal needs and preferred methods of conducting business. By simply presenting and describing the largely technological offerings available at Best Buy stores in different manners to different consumers, sales have increased and the store's profitability has risen, as well. The continued success of the company depends on its ability to continue this process of incremental innovation, adjusting and developing as new consumer trends come to the fore.

Encouraging managers and employees to become intrapreneurs, making profitable incremental innovations…

Maxx Company -- Strategic Marketing Plan Tk
Words: 4400 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81957153
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Maxx Company -- Strategic Marketing Plan

TK Maxx Strategic Marketing Plan

TK Maxx is expanding beyond the brick and mortar footprint that helped it rise to the top of retail operations in the United Kingdom. As with its competitors, TK Maxx has entered the mobile digital market and is implementing multiple distribution channels (McVey, 1960). The company has a clear target market that transcends the various channels over which its goods are marketed. This is the case because the market segment targeted by TK Maxx is made up of digital natives or consumers who have discovered the benefits of being technologically savvy -- particularly for shopping.

The marketing objectives for TK Maxx were identified as follows:

To increase market share for kid's shoes by 25% by September 2018.

To increase market share in home textiles by 15% by September 2018.

To increase e-commerce sales of designer bags and accessories by…


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Case study: Total Logistics takes it to the max for TK Maxx. (2001) Total Logistics. Available at

Message and E-Tailing Background- E-Commerce Is the
Words: 1302 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95070585
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Message and E-Tailing

Background- E-Commerce is the buying and selling of products and services over electronic means, usually the Internet. As Internet usage grows, so does trade conducted electronically, allowing for a number of improvements and innovations that follow suit. Most economists see e-commerce as a market segment that leads to intensive price competition and consumers armed with greater knowledge. In two particular industries, e-commerce has actually changed the way the market works on those industries, causing the brick and mortar versions to fade away. One of these is the book industry, in which larger e-commerce firms like, use economies of scale to drop prices, increase variety, and capture the market (The Click and the Dead, 2010).

Levels of Interaction- E-commerce has changed business models globally. The United Kingdom actually has the largest e-commerce market in the world, even higher than the United States. This has certainly changed the…


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Management Part I The Biggest
Words: 1848 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12591157
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(Bhatnagar, 2004)



The following Decentralization orksheet contains some observations on decentralizing. As you review each of the statements, provide an example that illustrates why this statement is important and related problems and benefits of the situation or condition indicated in the statement. SELECT ANY 2 Decentralization orksheet: A large number of factors determine the extent to which a manager should decentralize. Clearly, anything that increases a manager's workload creates pressure for decentralization because only a single person can accomplish a finite level of work. As with many facets of management, there are advantages and disadvantages to decentralization.


The greater the diversity of products, the greater the decentralization.

An organization, such as a national supermarket chain, that sells a diversity of products will benefit from decentralization because decentralization allows local and regional managers to tailor the selection of goods to the specific market -- and also prevents…

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Aetna SWOT Analysis of Aetna
Words: 993 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 26979319
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After all, what happens when certain services do not work on the web site? Such interruptions of services can cause the customer distress and distrust in the Internet venue. It is important Aetna remain one step ahead of the game by employing staff to maintain and update the site. This can be costly over time. Still the type of dedicated 24/7 services that is expected is also typical of the insurance industry with respect to size, position and customer base. Aetna has done a good job in utilizing e-commerce to its advantage. On the other hand, while not being too flashy, it is also possible that Aetna could slowly introduce other services to the web site. In this way, they remain on the cutting edge of the technology and set the Internet presence for another companies within the industry.

Aetna has many traditional offices throughout the United States to better…


Aetna Insurance Company. Retrieved April 29, 2005 from the World Wide Web: .

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Supply Chain Ann Supply Chain Management Annotated
Words: 1352 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 48600224
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Supply Chain Ann

Supply Chain Management Annotated Bibliography

Chopra, S., & Meindl, P. (2010). Supply chain management: Strategy, planning and operation (4th ed.).Upper Saddle iver, NJ: Prentice Hall

The text by Chopra & Meindl (2010) is an excellent starting point for this discussion, primarily because it serves as a rather exhaustive introductory reading on the subject. Providing academic explanation of the basic premise of supply chain management and an extensive investigation of the strategies used for maintaining and evaluating this business dimension, the Chopra & Meindl text is a highly useful primary and frequently employed reference source on the subject.

Lee, H.L. (2002). Unleashing the power of intelligence. International Commerce eview: EC Journal, 2(1), 61-73.

The above source is well-supplemented by the article from Lee (2002), which adds a discussion about technological and practical advancement to the subject. Here, Lee identifies shifts both in capability and orientation, particularly vis-a-vis the…


Schoenfeldt, T.I. (2008). A practical application of supply chain management principles. Milwaukee, WI: Quality Press.

Slone, R., Mentzer, J., & Dittmann, J. (2007). Are You the Weakest Link in Your Company's Supply Chain? Harvard Business Review, 116-127.

Moore & Kearsley Strategic Planning
Words: 934 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 37245983
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There is no formula to fall back on when trying to address the real needs and perceived needs of various elements in the organizational hierarchy: hence the challenge for the administrator.

The administrative budget is often the aspect of the online learning environment most tempting to "skimp" upon, given that administrative savings are supposed to be one of the benefits of the online environment, "Good management means extensive planning and this needs market research and other studies which are more difficult to justify to the faculty for the public than creating new courses, hiring more academics staff, or buying new technology." But scheduling constantly overlapping semesters of students and teachers, distributing dates for course registration and tuition payments; completion of the course assignments, examinations, and graduation procedures are required for the university to work as it should, and to maintain a high-quality reputation. Scrutinizing the quality of instruction in a…

Management Pharmaceutical Drug Costs in
Words: 2612 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55471858
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These four dimensions are the tools for developing the company's marketing strategy and deciding which product line to cultivate, preserve, yield, or get rid of. Strong products should be grown or maintained. eak or unprofitable lines should be sold or discontinued as soon as possible. "Four basic factors are critical in the decision to manage individual product lines.

Consumer demand

Cost to produce

Gross margin

Total sales volume" (Berry, 2012).

Going through the process of developing a marketing plan will help CVS to figure out how they are going to draw people into their stores and sell them things beyond discounted generic drugs. A provides the market with a source of discounted drugs among other products. This market need is important today as many Americans are faced with the dilemma of using their limited income on food or meds. A pharmacy should seek to fulfill the following benefits that are…

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Global E-Business Business Consultancy Owning
Words: 5821 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59896914
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Now, the way to get found is through the internet. There are several different methods that can be used, too, and may businesses will choose a combination of methods so that they are able to reach out to the largest number of people without spending too much money. Even the largest and most prosperous companies have a budget, and they probably do not want to (or cannot) go over that budget in order to get results. With that being the case, these companies have to focus on the most popular ways to reach out to customers. To do that, the company needs to know the market it is targeting with its product or service (Amor, 1999; Beynon-Davies, 2004; Frieden & oche, 2006; Tcakz & Kapczynski, 2009).

A target market is vital to success, because any business (online or not) has to market to people who want and need what the…


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Information Systems for a Nostalgic Record Store
Words: 834 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96807768
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Information Systems for a Nostalgic ecord Store

Benefits and Drawbacks of Information Systems

Comparison of Five Systems' Cost and Benefits

Launching a new record store that concentrates on nostalgic music can potentially be lucrative as many music fans like to listen to their favorite musicians and artists who may not be played on popular radio today. For a small brick -- and mortar music store specializing in nostalgic music, it is recommended that a series of five systems be considered for managing the business. These five systems include the following:

Accounting System

CM system

E-Commerce Website and supporting system

Point-Of-Sales System

Pricing and Merchandise Management System

The benefits and drawback of each of these systems id briefly described in this paper.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Information Systems

Each of the systems that the record store needs in order to operate profitably are defined in this section along with their benefits…


Sarapovas, T., & Cvilikas, A. (2008). The evaluation of e-commerce impact on business efficiency. Baltic Journal of Management, 3(1), 71-91.

Wichmann, H. (1983). Accounting and marketing - key small business problems. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 7(4), 19-19.

Marketing in Order to Incorporate the Electronic
Words: 1297 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74994431
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In order to incorporate the electronic education business into Med Ed, Learner is going to need to set out some performance benchmarks for the unit that reflect the bricks-and-mortar Med Ed educational leadership. There are a few different issues, therefore, that need to be covered. The first is the setting of performance benchmarks, which should reflect both the competencies of Cyber Health and the mission of Med Ed. The second issue that needs to be addressed is how these different performance benchmarks contribute to the organization's overall objectives.

eb Site Design

There are several different benchmarks for web site design. Kim, Shaw and Schneider (2003) have proposed six categories of benchmarks for e-commerce: business function, corporation credibility, contents reliability, website attractiveness, systematic structure and navigation. These cover most of the critical areas, but because with electronic education the students actively interface with the school over the web, there will…

Works Cited:

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Kim, S., Shaw, T. & Schneider, H. (2003). Web site design benchmarking within industry groups. Internet Research. Vol. 13 (1) 17-26.

Product Distribution Is Changing the Much-Predicted Demise
Words: 705 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87553638
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Product Distribution Is Changing

The much-predicted demise of the middlemen, including the fundamental re-ordering of entire distribution networks including the onslaught of the direct selling model, has failed to materialize. The revolution and rapid ascent of disintermediation is being replaced with a much more potentially disruptive force in many industries, and that is a fundamental change in how customers choose to learn and buy products (Shunk, Carter, Hovis, Talwar, 2007). Ironically the disintermediation that was to occur in computer hardware and technologies has given way to a re-intermediation of the value-added reseller (VA) where knowledge and insight into meeting customer needs is replacing what had been purely theoretical frameworks showing how disintermediation would create more efficient value chains (Mills, Camek, 2004).

Analysis of Disintermediation In The Age of Knowledge-Based Competition

The traditional role of the middlemen, specifically focusing on streamlining the transaction from a manufacturer or service provider to the…


Mills, J.F., & Camek, V. (2004). The risks, threats and opportunities of disintermediation: A distributor's view. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 34(9), 714-727.

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SCM Problem
Words: 1338 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 36588598
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Jolly Jumper Memo

Melanie Tan, CEO Jolly Jumper

Casey Manager, Corporate Solutions, Inc.

Ms. Tan: This overview is in response to your recent request from our office that we examine the current operating paradigm for Jolly Jumper and make recommendations to three major issues: 1) Change management and impact; 2) Design, Production and Ordering processes (Supply Chain Management; and 3) Consumer metrics and target demographics.

Company Overview -- Jolly Jumper was established in 1973 and currently has almost 40 full time employees. The company is based in Australia, purchases high-quality jumpers from China, and sews creative and innovative designs onto the jumpers for resale. The company has no brick and mortar stores, but sells directly to independent retail outlets. The demographic for the current customer is a higher-end stakeholder expectation willing to pay a higher price for handmade, high-quality clothing.

Major Issues - Jolly Jumper currently works to fill orders…


Benefits from Outsourcing. (2009). Outsourcing Effects. Retrieved from:

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Overstock a Large Retail Company -Identifies Overstock
Words: 578 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61461200
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Overstock.., a large retail company -identifies: "Overstock. A technology-based retail company offering customers a wide variety high-quality products, great, superior customer service. The company customers opportunity shop bargains offering suppliers alternative inventory distribution channel.

The main similarity between Overstock and a company such as Wal-Mart is the price, as well as the targeted segment of consumers. With low prices in both cases, companies such as Wal-Mart and Overstock aim to attract medium and low income consumers who prefer to purchase a bargain rather than shop in more expensive places. The key element in Overstock's business model is the idea of a bargain: the bargain concept involves not only lower prices, but also the possibility of being able to purchase an important brand at a low price.

Overstock's business model relies on excess inventory: the company intermediates the sale of excess inventory through its website at bargain prices. With this business…

Internet & Electronic Marketing Website & Business
Words: 3210 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24152864
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Internet & Electronic Marketing

Website & Business Model

Target Market & Consumer Behavior

Building & Maintaining Customer elationships

F. ecommendations for Website Improvement

G. Conclusion

H. eferences

Pace University is a comprehensive non-profit university that offers its educational services to online students and to the more traditional brick-and-mortar student. As the university competes with global universities, the web presence must convey the value and quality of the education as well as enable the student to make an effective impact on the professional or academic world. The career services center at the university is one of the best at providing Co-op job services to its undergraduate population, the ability to find these positions is available online through the university's joint venture with the Experience Network.

Pace has delivered value to its customers by providing the opportunity to leverage either the online or brick-and-mortar education into an internship at a major company…


Comegys, C., Hannula, M. & nen, J.V.i. 2006, "Longitudinal comparison of Finnish and U.S. online shopping behaviour among university students: The five-stage buying decision process," Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 336.

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How E-Commerce Has Changed an Industry
Words: 1089 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3779003
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E-Commerce in the Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry has changed dramatically over the past decade as 800 numbers and mail order catalogues have shifted to Web sites and orders online. Jewelers are discovering new ways to benefit from investing in e-commerce to make their sites fully functional and profitable, according to researchers and small businesses experts. For retailers, they are many advantages to developing a business strategy that takes advantage of the power of the Internet (NSW, 2003).

Retailers in the online jewelry market have been able to seriously increase their revenues as a result of e-commerce (Tracy, 2000). According to recent research, the United States market will grow from $77 million in 1999 to over $1 billion in 2004. In addition experts predict that growth of the online jewelry market will be faster than that of consumer e-commerce in general and of Web adoption in the U.S. In general.…


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The Effects of Ecommerce on Business
Words: 15906 Length: 52 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29133846
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E-Commerce on etail Trade 20/09/2015

E-commerce has gone on to alter the way retail was done for centuries. Many facets of retail trade have been changed. The influence of e-commerce is undeniable and unreversable especially on retail trade. However there is much scope for further advancement of e-commerce into the retail industry. In this paper we will look into the aspects of e-commerce that have influenced retail trade. We will also look into the factors of e-commerce that affect the cost and productivity in retail industry and the impact that e-commerce has left and the factors of e-commerce that impact the cost structure in the retail industry.

Both primary and secondary data collection methods were employed for the research. Analysis of primary and secondary data was done to arrive at a result in the research and the research used and paid equal importance to secondary and primary data and their…


Allen, J., Clark, C. and Houde, J. (n.d.). Market Structure and the Diffusion of E-Commerce: Evidence from the Retail Banking Industry. SSRN Electronic Journal., (2015). Global Retail E-Commerce Keeps On Clicking - Full Report - A.T.A Kearney - A.T.A Kearney. [online] Available at: [Accessed 18 Sep. 2015].

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E-Learning & Successful Online Teaching
Words: 2579 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67273007
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Group activities play an important role in the classroom. However, learning in the e-classroom typically takes place on an individual level, with students in different buildings and settings. With some effort, these elements can still be, and must be, a part of the student's classroom experience. The teacher can facilitate this type of interaction with some planning and ingenuity.

Online debates can take place in chat rooms or through video-conferencing software such as elluminateLive!, a web conferencing tool specifically designed for the e-learning environment. The teacher can simulate the one-on-one interaction that is present in the brick and mortar classroom. There are many elements that are similar to holding classroom debates and activities that are similar to the brick and mortar classroom. It is important to establish the ground rules of the discussion and make certain that students are polite to one another. The teacher must act as moderator and…

Online Retailing Operates What Kind of Problems
Words: 9794 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10008187
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online retailing operates, what kind of problems they face and the kind of environment they operate in. The author has also focused on Asian online retailing and special focus on Hong Kong online retailing. It has 22 sources.

Access of basic necessities of life has followed the conventional method of buying and selling. This pattern changed in the last decade with the emergence of information technology age. When consumers have the ability to access information instantly, technologists thought why not access to products has as well. Thus emerged the concept of retailing online.

Online market had initiated with selling of information but today one can interact on the internet and buy physical products without any fear, atleast in some parts of the world. The main concern for consumers today is not whether their regions have access to the internet or not but rather focused on how fast and how online…


Author not available, Poor Customer Service Kills Online Shoppers' Holiday Spirit, and Online Retailers' Bottom-Line, Says Jupiter., Business Wire, 12-19-2000.

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Exchange of Goods and Services Between Two
Words: 5883 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55867612
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exchange of goods and services between two or more people, otherwise known as commerce, is as old a practice as mankind. In recent times commerce has added a twist, pairing it with electronic resources. With the invention of the computer and the creation of the Internet business done online became known as Electronic Commerce (e-commerce). E-commerce combines technology, information systems, and the long reaching arm of the Internet to bring together businesses and customers in a paperless exchange of business information. It has proven to be an alternative means of conducting business that formerly was done in person, by phone, or in a brick-and-mortar store.

Business-to Business electronic commerce facilitates inter-organizational interaction and transaction. Here two or more business entities interact with each other directly or through an intermediary (Kumar & Kumar, 2009). In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, taking an academic computer network and transforming it…


Koh, T., Fichman, M., & Kraut, R.E. (2009). Trust across borders: buyer-supplier trust in global B2B e-commerce. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, 1-6. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

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Internet Way A Unifying Theory and Methodology
Words: 4205 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81889341
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Internet Way: a Unifying Theory and Methodology for Corporate Systems Development

The face of business has changed drastically since the advent of the Internet. Traditional brick and mortar businesses are finding themselves with new marketing avenues. The Internet has led to the invention of a new comer to the business world as well, the e-business. These businesses exist only on the Internet. They do not have a traditional brick and mortar structure. In these businesses, customers place orders by phone or online, Pay for it via credit card, bankcard, or e-check. The item is shipped right to the customer's door.

This new type of retail store offers many advantages over the traditional brick and mortar storefront. Often e-stores can offer items at a fraction of the cost of traditional stores. They do not have the expenses involved in maintaining a storefront. The customer must pay for shipping; however, in many…

Change Management
Words: 3839 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30685639
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A change management plan to implement a new process in the workforce to allow for a business to provide more personalized service is needed in the retail industry (Aloysius, Hoehle, Goodarzi & Venkatesh, 2018). Brick and mortar stores must do something to differentiate themselves from e-commerce businesses, which can provide more convenience to shoppers who prefer not to have to leave their homes. In other words, brick and mortar retailers need to give consumers a reason to come in—and that reason is personalized service. This has been demonstrated successfully by companies like Best Buy, which introduced the Geek Squad to provide a service-oriented approach to consumers so as to get them physically into the store (Meyer, Shankar & Berry, 2018). This paper will discuss the topic of implementing a service-oriented approach to consumers for brick and mortar retailers as a change management plan, using examples such as Best Buy…

Retail Supply Chain Analysis Company X Is
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Retail Supply Chain Analysis

Company X is a well-established online retailer based in Great Britain. It sells a variety of food and non-food related products and delivers them to the consumer's doorstep. In an era in which consumers are increasingly turning to online retailing as a convenient way to shop and "add more hours to the day," a number of online retailers are becoming even more aggressive in the UK market, thus infringing on Company X's profits. Company X's Board, upper Management, and stakeholders are concerned about the future strategic direction of the company, specifically holding on and growing market share. To that end, the Managing Directory and strategic planning departments believe that Company X should expand from the online only model to at least 20 new brick and mortar sites in major cities (London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool).

Positioning Strategies - Currently, Company X is considered to be "middle…

Works Cited

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Business Scenario Type the Document
Words: 17664 Length: 45 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 991985
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This means that you must continually monitor and communicate about possible changes, pertaining to the overall scope of the threat. Once this occurs, is when an entity will have an effective security procedure that will adapt to the various changes that are taking place.

This is significant, because this information can be used to corroborate the overall nature of security threats that could be faced by the SME. Where, this information is useful in helping to identify and address possible operational considerations that must be taken into account. As a result, this will help to provide not only a glimpse of possible security challenges that will be faced, but it will also help to establish an effective IT security protocol.

When you compare this with the previous source, this information can be used to highlight specific security threats that the company we are examining could face. Where, it discusses the…


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E-Commerce Has Helped to Redefine How Businesses
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e-commerce has helped to redefine how businesses operate, subsequently changing how they interact with consumers. Due to the rise of e-commerce, channels of distribution are also changing and are giving consumers more purchasing options. As a major contender in the sale of consumer electronics, Apple has had adapt to the changing business model and provide consumers with new purchasing options.

Several methods of distribution can be employed to deliver goods from manufacturer to consumer. The two most commonly used channels of distribution are direct, in which the consumer may purchase goods directly from the manufacturer, and indirect, in which goods are sold through a third party, most commonly an authorized dealer.

Through the utilization of direct channels of distribution, Apple provides the consumer with many options not available through third party product distribution. Apple sells computer hardware, accessories, and software through its website, as well as its brick and mortar…

Reference List:

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Decline of Retail Documentary
Words: 634 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 23430827
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Part 1
1. This film follows the daily workings of retailers in the dying bricks and mortar retail centers of an urban area. It pays particular attention to the piling inventory and the slowing sales. It shows the emptiness of stores and alludes to the ominous presence of e-commerce and Amazon hanging over the heads of these bricks and mortar retailers.
2. This will be an informative documentary that will include aspects of the talking heads form as well as the journalistic form. Ken Burns’ documentaries are always inspiring for me but I want this one to be contemporary.
3. Yes, I will be doing interviews: a) I will interview bricks and mortar retailers and customers; b) I will find them by going to the urban area and talking to them; c) to make the film visually interesting, I will use shots of these stores while interviewees’ words are…

Wal-Mart International Expansion International Expansion Wal-Mart Company
Words: 2351 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39639510
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International Expansion

International Expansion (Wal-Mart)

Company Background

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is the prime retailer in the world, the world's second-largest company after Exxonmobil and the nation's leading nongovernmental company. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. operates retail stores in a variety of retailing layouts in all 50 states in the United States. The Company's selling operations and functions serve its customers mainly through the operation of three segments. The Wal-Mart Stores segments comprise its discount stores, Supercenters, and locality Markets in the United States. The Sam's club segment comprises the warehouse membership clubs in the United States. The Company's subsidiary, McLane Company, Inc. gives products and allocation services to retail industry and institutional foodservice customers.

Layout plan

Industry Analysis

The Threat of New Entrants: The discount retailing market was dominated by large players, which by themselves served as substantial barriers to entry for new players. At the micro-level this was accomplished by:…


About Wal-Mart. (2004). Retrieved March 15, 2011, from .

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Subsuming the Heterogeneity of the
Words: 5532 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Seminar Paper Paper #: 70825338
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697). Rutherford goes on to submit that Graham's narrative is more about the city within a city (cyberspace), in "all its forms and functions," than it is about the utopian of "dystopian visions of technology" that some authors have alluded to.

As for Graham's book, in the Introduction he explains that he has put together a book with a myriad of inputs from scholars in several technology-related fields; and, in publishing this 2004 classic he intended to "transcend the Anglo-American domination of recent English-language debates on ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) and cities" (Graham, p. 23). In other words, there are competent authors and journalist in Europe, South and East Asia, Latin America, Australia and elsewhere that have worthy scholarship to share.

hat Graham's book accomplishes, according to Graham's assessment (p. 22), is to take the "hybrid" concept of "cybercity" to lay out in clear narrative the "inseparable fusion of…

Works Cited

Basset, Elizabeth H., and O'Riordan, Kate. "Ethics of Internet Research: Contesting the Human

Subjects Research Model." Ethics and Information Technology Vol. 4 (2002): 233-247.

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New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1996.

Human Resources in Retail
Words: 2298 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55361120
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Pesent an oganization oveview, including stategic impeatives.

Fo this pat, we choose an oganization that has business inteests in etail tade. The business is now pimaily based in one county -- the U.S., and is an anticipating expansion to othe counties. The etaile has a lage numbe of bick and mota stoes to sell poducts but is now focusing on the enhancement of sales though its online platfom.

Hence in addition to the new stoes within the county and new counties which the company wants to establish, thee is pessue fo the employees to adjust to the new and soon moe to be used online platfom.

The stategic objectives of the company behind this move ae as follows:

Geneate moe evenues by opening up and focusing on a new selling platfom -- the online platfom

Enhance and incease maket pesence in the existing makets and incease maket shae in…

references. Journal Of Public Transportation, 14(4), 109-130. 

Royse, D. (2009). Needs assessment. New York: Oxford University Press.

Zahid Iqbal, M. & Khan, R. (2011). The growing concept and uses of training needs assessment. Jnl Euro Industrial Training, 35(5), 439-466.

Brand Image of Sears
Words: 2050 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80371160
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Executive Summary

Sears is a retail company that offers a range of products and services via brick and mortar locations and online shopping portals. Its brand focuses on offering quality proprietary brand products and in-home services in an industry that is currently led by larger retailers like Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon, the e-commerce giant that is single-handedly changing the nature of retail today. In order to stay competitive, Sears is focusing on building brand loyalty among the young target market with disposable income—the 25-30 year old demographic; it is differentiating itself from its competitors by focusing on providing quality products and services as opposed to only discounted options. Sears’s main selling point, therefore, is its quality brand products—like Kenmore and Craftsman—that appeal to homeowners, especially to new homeowners who are in a prime position to develop brand loyalty to the types of appliances and services that only Sears can offer.…

Marketing and Financial Plan for Webvan Case
Words: 3581 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 82032266
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Webvan Case Analysis

This analysis will consider the Webvan strategy and its market position to serve as a basis for recommendations to Webvan's management team. Webvan was once the largest online grocery enterprise in the United States. However it is now considered a classic large investment failure despite the fact that the total industry volume was over one billion dollars per year while the online segment was over two hundred million dollars annually. Webvan failed to live up to its expectation despite the large amount of capital it had at its disposal.

Webvan began in 1998 as an innovative business idea that excited and drew support from investors already caught up in the dot-com phenomenon. However, the company finally botched the opportunity to attract and develop a customer base large enough to justify the large investments it made in the development of technology systems and elaborate distribution warehouses.

It was…

Policy Issues in Education Settings AB Association
Words: 1478 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30979536
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Policy Issues in Education Settings AB

Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU). (2010). "A-P-L-U-Sloan National Commission on Online Learning"

Retrieved from:

"The A-P-L-U-Sloan National Commission on Online Learning was formed in May 2007 to engage the A-P-L-U Presidents and Chancellors in a discussion about the utility of online education as a means to achieve broader institutional priorities, such as diversity, retention, internationalization and accountability." This resource specifically examines the policy and infrastructural issues dealt with by four-year colleges and universities experimenting with online learning and/or hybrid courses. The longitudinal study is meant to offer comprehensive data about the specific challenges of integrating online learning into traditional college experiences.

C.J. Bonk, The Perfect E-Storm: Emerging Technologies, Enhanced Pedagogy, Enormous Learner Demand, and Erased Budgets (London: The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, 2004)

This is a comprehensive publication reviewing the infrastructural challenges, including policy concerns, effecting colleges who integrate e-learning…

Higher Educational Programs Higher Education
Words: 1710 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 90611730
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The efficacy of learning in a purely online format, from email and even from streaming web lectures is questionable when compared to an interactive seminar format, and learning from students face-to-face outside of class. Finally, fellowships and assistantships are wonderful 'resume builders' for a new graduate in the field and learning opportunities in and of themselves. The anxiety of the pressures a full-time employer might place upon me during my education was the final 'tipping point' that prompted me to reject online education for graduate study.

orks Cited

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January 7, 2009.

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Learning Programs." Search arp. May 6, 2008. January 7, 2009.

Norman, Matt. Disadvantages of Online Education. EZIB Network.…

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Amazon Com and Projects Whether or
Words: 2585 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20373472
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New-found competitiveness for Small- to Medium-Sized Companies

The outlook for smaller companies is much stronger today than it was at Amazon's founding. That's because several of the advantages enjoyed at the time by Amazon have been commoditized or made easier and less expensive to implement.

As the number of users has climbed since 1995, smaller businesses can now take a market-maturing step and segment their customers in an ever-finer fashion (Rangan 1992). While no one can compete with Amazon on sheer number of SKU's, specialist suppliers can seek customers "at the fringe," and develop expertise in esoteric areas in which Amazon or other mass-market retailers cannot offer the same focus or expertise.

The ability to go after smaller niche markets has been augmented by recent changes in the Web -- both in terms of finding customers and completing transactions. This is the so-called "long tail," which means that, while most…


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FedEx. "FedEx Express, FedEx Logistics Named Industry's Best in Annual Quality Survey." 2000. (Accessed November 11, 2007).

Education Industry Marketing Distance Learning Online Advertisements
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Education Industry Marketing Distance Learning?

"Online advertisements by traditional and institutions is an indication of a new trend in mass marketing of education. The strategies are based on traditional transactional marketing approach where each transaction is treated as an isolated event" (Shaik, 2005).

The opportunities for getting a degree without having to physically attend classes have grown exponentially the past twenty years or so, thanks to the explosive growth of distance learning (also called online education). This paper delves into the marketing of distance learning, and presents a wide range of approaches by various educational institutions and marketing eb sites that promote distance education.

According to, a eb site that markets online colleges and universities, there are 222 colleges currently offering distance education, and there are 5.6 million students taking courses online. The site sells ads to online colleges and universities and offers a link to each…

Works Cited (2011). College Scholarships, Colleges, and Online Degrees.

Retrieved October 26, 2011, from . (2011). Colleges and Universities that Offer Free Courses Online.

Retrieved October 25, 2011, from .

Macquarie Bank Online Broking
Words: 2483 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81589337
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e-Broking industry and how Macquarie bank can capitalize on it. It has 3 sources.

Online banking have been a phenomenon a few years back but today, the new trend is the inclusion of e-broking a concept that is being accepted by most of the online customers as ideal and convenient. Macquarie is one such firm that endeavors to exploit the opportunities that exist in this industry and aims to recruit and secure a market share that rivals its competitors.

Opportunities and threats

Most of these broking firms specialize in financial services that are similar to the offline brokerage companies. These include product lines like "ancillary services such as equity research, real-time quotes, news and market data, analytical tools, and alert systems which send a message to the customer's PC, pager or mobile phone when a particular share price has reached a trigger level." [Evans, 2000]. Macquarie is no different from…


Evans, J. Oct, 2000, U.S. players top the online brokerage world. Private Banker International.

Goldberg, ST Oct, 2000, Online Trading's Agony & Ecstasy. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine.

Case from Aidan McDermott and Macquarie Bank is gratefully acknowledged.

Additional Readings

Evolve or Die in Business
Words: 1336 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 32149457
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Lowe's Logistics

The author of this response has been asked to answer several questions about logistics relative to an organization of the author's choice. To that end, the author has selected Lowe's. The questions that will be answered include how the organization's logistics can be improved, what gives Lowe's a logistical advantage and how they perhaps fall short of other competitors that sell some or all of the same goods. While Lowe's really only has a handful of direct competitors and while there are some good that can (or should) only be bought in a brick and mortar store, Lowe's and their logistics practices and options are not as nearly as airtight and effective as they might want them to be.


When it comes to direct competitors, about the only two obvious chains that come to mind are Home Depot and Menard's. However, there are other competitors that eat…


BBC. (2005, April 27). B&Q owner warns of falling profit. BBC News. Retrieved October

12, 2014, from 

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Hardware, Paint, Flooring. Retrieved October 9, 2014, from

Overview of Article About Online Offline Shopping
Words: 2377 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88556783
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Schroder and Zaharia (2008) looked at the buying habits of retail consumers in Germany, in particular how consumers behaved with respect to multi-channel shopping. They had noticed a trend that retailers were running multiple channels, and that there were times when these channels would complement one another. An example would be a company that has an online store and bricks-and-mortar stores. A consumer might research the product in one, and then purchase in another. The authors looked at the flow of information from company to consumer, and how consumers used that information in their purchasing habits.

Multi-Channel etailing

One of the core concepts of the paper is multi-channel retailing. etailers have utilized multiple channels for decades, but the issue has become more prominent with the advent of online retailing. Online retailing has lowered the barrier to entry to retailing, so that most offline retailers now have an online shop…


Schroder, H. & Zaharia, S. (2008). Linking multi-channel customer behavior with shopping motives: An empirical investigation of a German retailer. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. Vol. 15 (2008) 452-468.

E Commerce Strategy That Amazon Utilizes
Words: 2760 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 28161655
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Amazon is the world's largest e-tailer, and a technological leader in the field. This paper will outline the ways in which Amazon has built out its technological leadership, and how its different technology strategies help to support its overall business strategy. Ultimately, Amazon excels on the basis of the strong customer focus in its use of IT, as it recognizes that meeting customer needs is a critical component to growing its business in the long run.

Overview of the Company

Amazon was founded in July 1994 and came online in 1995. The company sold books initially, and its first book was sold in July 1995. This made the company an early adopter in terms of online retailing, and it soon began to leverage that position by plowing back the early revenues into technological innovation. The company responded to the reality of an increasingly competitive market with innovations such as the…

References (2015). History of innovation. Retrieved October 5, 2015 from 

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E-Banking Its History and Current
Words: 12488 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 20740024
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Third is a series of passwords and personal information chosen by the customer. On top of this they guarantee customers that if they are victims of fraudulent activity on their Egg accounts, any losses are covered in full. "This has never happened," says Andrew. "There has never been any breach of internet security." ("- -- : Safety Net for" 2001:44)

Again internet and bank security are largely overexagertated yet they are occurring more frequently all banks and many other institutions are taking daily active precautions to reduce risk to customers and they are largely successful in doing so Electronic banking can take many forms. A recent trend that is a direct threat to banks is the development of e-money which takes the jurisdiction of stored financial value away from banks. The trend is growing as an alternative way in which to do online commerce transactions without utilizing bank systems including…

Figure 5 Online Banking and Ecommerce in Europe (Meyer 2006: )

Figure 6 Security Breech Experience is Rare in Europe (Meyer 2006:

On Line Banking Applications
Words: 1744 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53086851
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Online banking, the ability to conduct banking transactions on the Web, is revolutionizing the way that consumers bank. ehind this transformation is information technology. With its use, banks have been able to scale and secure transactions, provide the same and often more functionality than brick-and-mortar banks and evolve from mass marketing to one-to-one marketing.

Consumer Readiness

The popularity of online banking is soaring with more than fifty million adults banking online in the United States as of November, 2004, an increase of forty-seven percent during the past two years (Sullivan, 2005). It is the fastest-growing Internet activity. Home broadband connections are credited with driving consumer adoption. Those with broadband access are about twice as likely to have tried online banking as users with dial-up connections because broadband encourages users to do more activities online. Demographic characteristics of those more likely to have broadband access include consumers between the ages of…


Fields, J.(2001, September). CRM and financial Services: like money in the bank. CRM Magazine. Retrieved February 14, 2005 from Web site: 

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Miranda, A.L. (2002, June 21). Information technology in financial services. Retrieved February 14, 2005 from Web site:

Electronic Commerce
Words: 1796 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77305391
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This project is about e-commerce and how it has helped Apple in its business objectives. The purpose is of the paper is to illustrate the wide-ranging ways in which e-commerce can provide opportunity to corporate entities. Apple makes a good case study because it has successfully emerged as an e-commerce powerhouse in recent years. It was able to gain market entry into music sales using e-commerce and the company has now become one of the world's largest online retailers as well.

The project will cover Apple's successes in e-commerce, both as a player in the entertainment industry and as a player in the personal electronics and software industries. The scope will include some brief analysis of Apple's financials, as the numbers will support the discussion of Apple's e-commerce strategy. There are articles both in the business press and in academic journals that outline a lot of what Apple has…


Ito, T., Ochi, H. & Shintani, T. (2002) A group buy protocol on coalition formation for agent-mediated e-commerce. International Journal of Computer & Information Science. Web. Retrieved from

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Why Did the Dot Com Industry Crashed After the Boom
Words: 11033 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10104395
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Com industry crash after the boom

This is a paper examining some of the factors that caused the dot-com crash

Many believe the root cause of the dot-com crash was over valuation of stock prices relative to the actual underlying value of the companies themselves. Stocks of Internet companies traded at Price-Earning ratios of higher then 30, buoyed by a speculative bubble. When reality set in for investors many realized that the companies that they were so heavily invested in were little more then money sucking black holes with no upside potential in the near or long-term future. This triggered mass self-offs of not only Internet related stocks but soon impacted the market value of many companies associated with computer, network or telecommunications industries.

This paper will show in fact that over valuation was more a symptom of the speculative boom and was only one of the multifaceted factors that…


Baldwin Carliss Y. Clark Kim B. "Modularity After the Crash" working paper Managing the Modular Age: Architectures, Networks And Organizations,

Brick Michael, " Closing Up Shop" November 11, 2000 ( March 27, 2003

Buckman Rebecca, "Who Caused the Dot-Com Crash?" The Wall Street Journal, Monday, March 5, 2000 p. 42

Cassidy John Dot.con: "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" 2002 HarperCollins

Expedia Is a Holding Company
Words: 2975 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53038184
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This experience also extends to partnerships throughout the industry, for example with major hotel chains and airline groups. Expedia is able to work with those companies to package off unused capacity in exchange for superior pricing and exclusive deals on attractive packages.

It must be considered that the combined effect of Expedia's experience, strong brand and high traffic, along with its ample financial might, enables the company to compete as a cost leader in the packaged vacation business, as well as operate a differentiated strategy. The Expedia website will be able to consistently offer very low prices, because it does substantial volume. The high traffic also allows the company to offer packages that other travel agents simply cannot offer. Expedia can gain exclusive deals, based on its partnerships within the industry, and these will be tough for most competitors to match.

In addition, Expedia's family of brands allows it to…

Works Cited:

2009 Expedia Annual Report. Retrieved December 8, 2010 from (2010). Retrieved December 8, 2010 from 

ASTA. (2009). ASTA releases landmark survey study on U.S. packaged travel industry. American Society of Travel Agents. Retrieved December 8, 2010 from (2010). Company facts & history. Expedia. Retrieved December 8, 2010 from

Promotional Campaigns Predictions From the
Words: 2345 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 49939083
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Bestseller Bargains

Former bestsellers, now in paperback, discounts on hardcover.

For those who prefer having hardcover books.

Allows price of Hardback to be within range of trade or PB.

More for gifts of collectibles.

Friday Sale

Deep discounts at Amazon's outlet

All product categories

Deals dependent on close out, etc.

Designed to drive traffic to site on low e-commerce day.

Gift Cards

Gift cards sent or emailed to anyone, anywhere

Keeping fiscal shopping with Amazon even if one cannot decide on a particular gift.

Gift cards are extremely popular in the contemporary gift giving market.

Also can be used as part of a wedding or baby registry.

Gold Box

Timed deals in all merchandise, changes every 4 hours.

Up to 70% discounts on many items.

People who like to shop; ex. HSN and ShopNBC types.

Sometimes great bargains, but one must check regularly to find them.

Music Deals/



References Not Citied

Barnes, S. (2007). E-Commerce and V-Business: Digital Enterprise in the

21st Century. New York: Butterworth.

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Quarterly. 98+.

Banks Achieve High Performance Banking
Words: 2631 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9480706
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Spatial tracking systems that make banks' floor plans and product positioning more effective;

5. Intelligent interactive displays that reflect the interests of the watcher;

6. Use of wireless tablet personal computers (PCs) for client interviewing; and,

7. Videoconference virtual experts for collaborative selling (56).

The same features that characterize high performance banks in their brick-and-mortar operations appear to relate to the use of technology as well, with the best performing banks having identified the optimum mix of services for the markets they serve. For instance, Grasing reports that, "Banks are taking a variety of approaches in implementing technology to make improvements in retail delivery. The methods differ, depending on the bank management's mindset toward the purpose of the software and its valued place in the new business or service delivery processes" (3). The main point in this area is that high performance banks apply technology in ways that help minimize…

Works Cited

Bielski, Lauren. (2007). "Today's Elements Tomorrow's Branch: The Branch Was Supposed to Phase out. It Hasn't and May Never. What Will the Branch of the Future Feature? Self

Service and Collaboration." ABA Banking Journal 99(6): 55-57.

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Performers Stretch Their Lead." ABA Banking Journal 91(11): 36.

Managed Cos In December 2008
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The attraction of mazon lies in the way that the company has achieved its growth. They have taken a fairly simple concept and it the span of 14 years gone from nothing to one of the largest, most successful retailers in the world. mazon has done this by keeping their core business simple, but building upon this basic model. The result is a business that is simple, yet has achieved a level of complexity seldom seen in retailing. The way that mazon has been able to manage multiple, sometimes conflicting core competencies simultaneously while never losing focus of the fact that they must meet the needs of the customer is admirable. The way that mazon has been able to focus on being both a technological leader and an expert merchandiser; a domestic retailing giant and an international retailing giant is admirable.

There is much to learn from a company that…

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Apollo Group Inc - University
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Potential for denial of service attacks.

Section 4. ecommendation.

Based on the company's current adult student enrollment percentages and identified trends and opportunities, it is recommended that Apollo Group, Inc. more aggressively pursue the domestic 46 years-and-over market which currently stands at just over 10%. As Arsenault and Anderson (1998) emphasize, "The needs, interests, and expectations of retiring baby boomers will be significantly different than those of their parents and grandparents. Future generations of elders will seek continued personal growth in their retirement years, and hence the demand for educational programs and services designed to meet the needs of older adults will intensify" (p. 27). The positive aspects of this recommendation include the fact that this segment of the American population is growing more rapidly than most others and as Arsenault and Anderson point out, "Older adult learners are in an envious position because many have the luxury of enrolling…


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Strategic Planning in a Bank's
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While many banks are closing branches, that is not necessarily the best strategy for banks attempting to stay close to their customers.

Transaction costs: Of course all banks want to reduce transactions costs, but how many look at their customer's cost/value trade-offs. A win-win may be online banking at Wells Fargo, or a tie-up with Quicken and Microsoft Money, assuming the customers in focus are computer-savvy and are happy with low touch. Transaction costs exist on both sides -- the bank and the customer. A bank's strategic plan should insure that the customer sees time-savings, lowered costs or improvements to his/her business.

Promotion: Promotion, advertising and other techniques should be the result of the above thinking. Once a bank decides on its chosen market and what services it wants to deliver, the decision on marketing strategies is much easier.


The preponderance of evidence indicates that banks which employ strategic…


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This is clearly difficult to derive, but an excellent study on the G7 countries found robust proof that large and smaller banks do best. Source: (Scholtens)

Rise of the Internet Has
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Appoximately one in six students enolled in a college o univesity, o ove 3 million individuals, paticipated in one o moe online couse in 2004. This was despite the fact that a leveling off was expected.

Anothe epot fo 2005 by Sloan showed that 850,000 moe students took distance couses in the fall this yea than 2004, an incease of nealy 40%. Once again the slowing o leveling did not come. Many seconday schools ae putting consideable esouces towad online leaning, in expectation that this appoach will be moe economical than taditional classes and also expanding thei each.

In addition, a suvey by the consulting and eseach fim Eduventues found 50% of the consumes who planned to enoll in a highe education pogam stated they would instead like to take some of thei couses online. About 80% of online students ae undegaduates, but ae nomally olde and moe apt to…

references when there is a contingency change. The relative response strength is changed by differential reinforcement of alternative courses of action. It is then that behaviors change. It is possible to conclude that adult students' observations about educational technology will change when the contingencies toward participation are strengthened. The clientele of higher education, its students, now enroll in college with expectations of learning about and to learn with technology (Green 1999).

How students deal with change and their ability to accept it has much to do with their observed satisfaction of the course that implements the most up-to-date technologies.

Merriam and Caffarella (1991) say that the more that is known about adult learners and the changes they go through and how these changes motivate and interact with learning, the better educators will be able to develop learning experiences that respond and stimulate development. This is an essential factor in adult learning and requires additional research regarding the implications for quality educational programs. This present research acknowledges the influence of the adult learners' attitudes and observations toward change. However, so that the emphasis remains on learning styles, no data will be collected to measure change in attitudes and perspectives.

Tools for Measuring Distance Education Courses

It is essential that there is an evaluation of educational curricula to determine what is and is not efficient in relationship to learning style. Technological courses have altered the evaluation process due to the additional factors of equipment, cost and knowledge of using technology. It is critical to keep in mind, however, that educators control technology, since technology is only one of many different tools. Technology is easy to assess; one knows immediately if an software does not work. It is necessary for instructors to spend more time considering the educational experience that they want to create and what is not working properly in terms of education results. Are students interested and engaged? Are they communicating with one another? Do they find the information challenging and productive? Are they receiving enough feedback from the instructor? Ultimately, an effective evaluation tool will help the teacher recognize if the conditions for quality learning are present or need improving and that the instructors and students feel their use of technology was considerably helpful.

E-Learning_how Technology Effects Education the Internet Allows
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E-Learning_How Technology effects education

The internet allows for more information to be spread at a lower cost

The internet allows for constant communication between teachers and students

The internet allows for greater convenience of study and more engaging lessons

Spreading information at low cost

Textbooks cost more than publishing text on the internet

The internet provides cost-effective publishing options for educational materials

Bates, 2005, p. 8 citation

Classrooms cost more to maintain than web hosting

Constant communication

Today's world is defined by an ability and expectation to be constantly available

Development of the internet and smart phones influences today's constantly connected culture

i. Mealy, Loller (Eds.), 2000, p. 233 citation

IV. Greater convenience

A. Students can learn on their own schedule at a location of their choosing

B. Students can engage in multimedia lesson presentation, thus engaging their interests

a. By providing easily-accessed multimedia integration, students do not find their…


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Ecommerce Application at Spanx the Aima Atlanta
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Ecommerce Application at Spanx

The AiMA (Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association) awarded Sherpa: Web Studio as the most effective search engine marketers for the year 2008. Sherpa was chiefly highlighted for their outstanding search engine marketing for Spanx by Sara Blakely. Spanx is primarily an ecommerce website and with its association with Sherpa the online business was able to amplify the sales by 550%, by means of search engine driven traffic. The world of ecommerce is becoming compact day by day, this attribute has not just enhanced the working of the online business, but it has also eased the brick and mortar business to the e-tails and online shopping cart ease.

The present state of this online business is the end product of the 10 years ceaseless working and innovations of the owner Sara Blakely. She initiated the store from, a single brick mortar business and a capital of $5,000. But…


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