Pros And Cons Of Online Business Of The Traditional Brick-And-Mortar Essay

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Global e-Commerce and Networking

E-commerce controls the larger part of the current business engagements globally. People are now moving to the online platform for business because of the belief that it is more efficient and interactive unlike other models like face-to-face. Since people can communicate regardless of the geographical differences and within the least time possible, it is a testimony that the online platform is more profitable than the physical world businesses. Today's interactions have seen the current world moving towards the creation of platforms that save both time and money. Online-based businesses are fast and efficient with the ability to bring many people on board and serve many clients at the comfort of their homes. Mardi Tan came up with an online system meant to connect Asian and Australian business people. This was motivated by the fact that many businesspeople, to the tune of 6.4 million were already on the internet platform (Gorman, 2007).

Global Business Networks

Finding Global developers can be very challenging,...


This is because the skills required are high and the need to have people who have connections at the global level. Mardi Tan faced the challenge of assembling a good team to make the program work well. This challenge was physical given that people failed to meet the minimum criteria for the execution of the necessary mandate for the program (Kalakota & Whinston, 2011). This challenge made it hard for the program to commence given the fact that the people needed to be entangled together in a network that could allow them to interact well. In any case, the challenge that moved the people to the point of social and business interactions was the advent of the understanding that brought them together. Business over the social networks supported by the internet requires that there be large numbers of people connected and that they should be easy to interrelate (Haynes, 2012). This challenge brings the people to the common understanding of the market at large. Culture and its related elements affected the way the people interacted in the platform. In most case, developers only come up with systems that resonate with their culture and may not suit those of the customers. Therefore, Mardi chose the developers with the issue of culture in mind. It enabled him to decide selectively on what needs to be highlighted as per the market…

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