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Business Case Analysis Essays (Examples)

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Business Decision Analysis
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82895437
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Business Decision Analysis -- Cipla

Yusuf Hamied pioneered the Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, which is more popularly known as Cipla, in India. The main function of Cipla was to reverse engineer some of the most demanded medications in the market and then reconfigure or re-synthesize them in a different manner (to avoid patent law suits) and sell them to the masses at affordable rates. The problem for Dr. Hamied, though, was a recent upgrade in patent laws that were meant to be applicable from 2005 in India. This new upgrade was being implemented on a global scale by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and was officially called Trade elated Aspects of Intellectual Property ights (TIPS) and it mainly required India to accept the patent laws with regards to pharmaceuticals and other intellectual inventions that had been standardized for over 2 decades. This would mean that a majority of the…


Deshpande, R. (2006). Cipla. Harvard Business School, President and Fellow Of Harvard College, 9-305-085.

Business Impact Analysis
Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45940302
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Business Impact Analysis

The heart of any major business, beyond its human capital, is usually its technological resources and status. A business that relies on internet access and an arsenal of computer hardware and software must collect and harness the necessary knowledge, people and tools to manage this technology in an efficient yet effective way. Doing otherwise can expose trade secrets and customer data. Loss of productivity can also be exceedingly damaging.

Mission Critical Functions

As it relates to technology, there are three major functions that are mission critical. The first, and most important, is the network itself. If the network goes down, any networking and Internet functions will grind to a halt. Having such a happenstance drag on for a considerable amount of time can cause massive amounts of damage in terms of client deliverables not being provided and necessary administration work not getting done. It is true that…


Give IT employees what they need to thrive, research finds. (2009, August 03). Newswise.

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Apple Mini Business Case
Words: 1286 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37357937
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Business Case Analysis

Apple's Winning Strategies


Apple's Winning Strategies:

How has Apple developed extreme loyalty among customers that has resulted in an almost cult like following?

Apple operates in the high growth and highly dynamic information and technology industry. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and onald Wayne on April 1, 1976, the company's primary aim was of developing and selling personal computers. Mac line of computers, the iPod media player, the iPhone smartphone and the iPad tablet are the products of the company that are the most well-known. It has been declared as the most valued brand in the world and is very cash rich.

According to Interbrand, the brand consultancy agency, Apple's brand was number one among all the brands in the world in October 2014 as Apple was announced to have a brand value of 118.9 billion dollars (Crum).

The company enjoys enormous popularity among the…


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Business Requirements Analysis for Long
Words: 2720 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55691620
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Where pricing integration typically fails however are in the handling of exceptions. Columbus (2003) makes the point that the use of automated approaches to managing special pricing requests can be one of the highest OI activities of any company. The focus for LOM then is in turning the one-off loan request specifically including a differing rate or structure into a competitive advantage by quickly being able to fulfill it. The use of automated special pricing requests applications and techniques as defined by Columbus (2003) are strong competitive tools that could be used as part of FlashQuote and BFOT overall.

FlashQuote Use Case Analysis

Identifier: FlashQuote Use Case Analysis

Name: BFOT System component that includes quoting, pricing, loan interest rates and the ability to electronically upload the loan, once approved, to the LOS.

Purpose: To more accurately and completely capture the quotes given to prospects over the telephone, the Web, and…


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Business Data Analysis - Writing
Words: 1089 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 67581825
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3. SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are likely to affect the outcome of launching the electronic commerce at Blue Cut Fashion. The strengths and weaknesses derive from internal features and amongst others, may refer to financial highlights and previous expertise. The opportunities and threats are generated by the external environment and may refer to commercial trends and technological advancements. All these are presented in the following table:

Table 1: SWOT for e-commerce at Blue Cut Fashion



1. International recognition and favorable image on the market, facilitating as such the penetration of the online market

2. Blue Cut Fashion possesses sufficient financial resources to engage in an electronic commerce venture

3. The existent logistics system could be extended to cover the delivery of the online sold clothes and shoes

4. Blue Cut Fashion employs dedicated workers which produce high quality products…


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Business Data Analysis A Group
Words: 2695 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 86787581
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The analysis of the scenario involves copying by hand devoid of utilizing excel formulae. The terminology 'What if ' scenarios mainly refer to the underlying base case of the numerical figures in the tables of the financial planning business model. It is significant to undertake checking of the entire changed cells that have altered back to their corresponding original numerical values prior to processing to a new 'What if '.

In order to aid Kitchenware Product in visualizing the underlying table that pertains to figures within the scenario 3,an individual require to draw a graph utilizing Excel's chart depicting the prevailing comparison of the corresponding profits for the diverse sales volumes taking note of the profit peak within year 3 (ARLOW, 2005, pp23-56). In the underlying report that pertains to every scenario's of net profit after tax is adequate. Nevertheless, in case there is complete spreadsheet details are demanded for…


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Kirca, O., Koksalan, M., 1996, "An Integrated Production and Financial

Business Case Study A Lack
Words: 945 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86245244
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Alternative 2

Although there's some room for deception and fraud, the risk for AC is minimal, especially since it recruits mostly from colleges. Therefore, AC should not invest in new resources to resolve its problems. Instead, existing recruiters such as Carl Robins should make every effort to identify application, transcript, drug screening, training material and training schedule issues and resolves these with the help of human resources.

Alternative 3

AC cannot afford to hire new staff, not can it afford to do nothing about its current employment issues. Alternative 3 recommends a process audit to identify employees that are not currently following their job procedures along with corrective actions to make the process run more smoothly in the future. Although AC cannot afford to automate training room booking at this time, it can streamline its booking procedures through one individual to prevent conflicts.

A d.

Proposed Solution.

Alternative 1, the…


Drug-free workplace policy. (2004, January) SDSU Foundation Human Resources. Retrieved February 20, 2005 from Web site: 

Tips on how to avoid hiring a crook. Retrieved February 20, 2005 from Web site:

Business Case and Quality Analysis
Words: 1276 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85312526
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Business Case Quality

Quality, value, and cost are elements or aspects that are inherently connected and firmly combined (Homer et al., 2004). Quality improvement programs have yet to disseminate as fast as possible all the way through medical facilities and hospitals (Swensen et al., 2013). Possibly, this is owing to the reason that there is a vague comprehension regarding the financial benefit to the healthcare organizations themselves, away from the benefit to the consumers and society. The purpose of this paper is to present a business case of quality improvement in the healthcare industry. In particular, the objective of the case will be to make the argument that optimal quality and improved patient outcomes have an efficacious impact for well-being (Swensen et al., 2013).

The program presented for quality improvement encompasses provider-covered or insured employee plans. As stated by Swensen et al. (2013), improvements in ambulatory and primary care results…


Bailit, M., Dyer, M. B. (2004). Beyond bankable dollars: Establishing a business case for improving health care. The Commonwealth Fund.

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Institute of Medicine. (2008). Creating a Business Case for Quality Improvement Research: Expert Views, Workshop Summary. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press; 13Y17.

Business Cases Does Blowing the
Words: 1080 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75292869
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Issue 11: Is Employer Monitoring of Employee Social Media Justified?

Summary of Sides

The rise of social media and the near ubiquity of its use has led to an increasing trend of employers screening potential hires and monitoring existing employees through their social media activity on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The ethicality of such monitoring has been questioned by ethical scholars Brian Elzweig and Donna K. Pepples argue that employers have a responsibility to their organizations to ensure that employees are not negligent in their actions that directly affect the company or that might negatively reflect upon the company. More to the point, these authors argue that there is no real expectation of privacy on social networking sites and that employers could not be violating any such expectation, as "a general expectation cannot be relied upon just by using the privacy settings" (p. 195). Employers are upholding their duty…

Business Case Should Patenting Genes
Words: 537 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 9742152
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Annabelle Lever makes a very strong argument for her case, and is ultimately convincing in her assertion that the degree of manipulation necessary to create a patentable gene warrants their continued patentable nature without ethical fears entering the picture. While it is important to respect life and the building blocks of life and to ensure that these building blocks do not suddenly fall under ridiculous legal restrictions or controls, it is also important to encourage progress in the new and still emerging area of gene creation and manipulation. Continuing to allow patents for genes and recognizing the ethical good that these patents can produce is important as brave new worlds of medical and technological capabilities are continuously invented, and limiting these patents out of a misguided fear that they will lead to control over life or the reduction of medical efficacy would be a great disservice to humanity.


Business Impact Analysis
Words: 423 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27616311
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Business Function and Criticality Matrix Worksheet

Organization: Homeland Security

Business Function

Business Process









Critical Equipment Needs



Critical Staffing and Assignments



Interdepartmental Liaison



High Level (Pentagon, CIA, FBI, President)



Discretionary Funding



External Media Liaison



Supplies needed for Critical Operations



2nd Tier


Human Resources




External non-critical communications (Web site, etc.)



Accounts Payable



All other supply requests



Regulatory Issues



Non-Critical Equipment



1. Unlike a manufacturing or service company, many of the regular business processes can be put off a few days in the event of a critical issue.

2. Critical issues for Homeland Security are those that will likely affect most of the country (Natural or man-made disasters, attacks, etc.).

3. Critical issues focus on allowing the…

Case Analysis of Unfair Labor Practice
Words: 1019 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 97571873
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Unfair Labor Practice for Company's Position

Case Analysis

True or False: "The comment "We know about your little chat" would help management in a Wright Line test."

True or False: "If Jack's production numbers were higher than most, this data would support management in a Wright Line test." "

True or False: "Since this is an employment-at-will state and there is no union in place, management can legally terminate Jack without considering any Wright Line test results." "

True or False: "Jack had a right to tack the brochure to the bulletin board per standard organizing rules." "

True or False: "The union would see the comment "We're watching you" as an unfair labor practice under Section 8(a)1 of the NLA."

True or False: "Promoting Jack to supervisor in the last restructuring would have been a legal way to avoid his union participation." "

True or False: "The company can…


National Labor Relation Board (2015). Interfering with employee rights (Section 7 & 8(a)(1)). USA.

Organizational Case Analysis
Words: 2539 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 25863249
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Organizational Case Analysis

Organization Overview

Apple Inc. is a multinational companies specializing in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of mobile communication devices such as personal computers and digital music players. The company also sells varieties of mobile telecommunication devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac. Additionally, Apple Inc. sells some professional software application such as Mac OS, iOS, iCloud and other varieties of communication accessories. Apple Inc. sells its products through retail stores, online stores, value-added resellers, direct sales, wholesalers, and through third party cellular network carriers. (Apple Annual eport, 2011). Apple Inc. was Incorporated in 1977 in California, and presently Apple Inc. has become one of the most successful companies in the United States and globally. Apple Inc. is committed to bring best computer experience to its customers, and the company business strategy is to develop high quality products to reach more customers. Major customers of Apple Inc.…


Apple Annual Report (2011). Apple Annual Report 2011. Apple Inc.2011.

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Nassau University Medical Center Business Case Quality Report
Words: 1696 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77636692
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Business Case Quality for Athens Medical Center

A cost reduction, and high quality healthcare delivery are paramount to the values of a healthcare organization. Typically, a cost reduction is driven by operational quality, and clinical improvement leading to removal of harm, variation and waste. The objective of this paper is to present a business case to achieve quality improvement for Athens Medical Center to deliver optimal quality improve patients outcomes. Moreover, the business case develops the implementation plan to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery for our Medical Center. The implementation plan will focus on health education for diabetes patients. After 6 months of the plan implementation, the paper previews that 50% of diabetes patients who receive the health education will record a lower HA1C by 1 point. At least, 25% of the patients will be able to lower their HA1C by 2 points. (Homer et al., 2004, Swensen et…


Bailit, M., Dyer, M. B. (2004). Beyond bankable dollars: Establishing a business case for improving health care. The Commonwealth Fund.

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Management - Case Analysis the
Words: 1005 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27339271
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I will address the group with a general overview of the problems the company is facing, with the assertion that I believe it can be rectified. I will ask each employee to work together for the good of the company and its survival in the e-business world. The purpose of the conference will then be to involve every employee in restructuring the company in a more effective way.

To achieve this, I would divide the employees into smaller groups of 10 members or so each. The first issue to address is the vision, mission and goals. Each group will be asked to come up with suggestions. The second step will be to identify the various actions to reach the goals, and the third step will be to more effectively restructure the company. For the latter, the groups will be provided with a list of the divisions within the company. They…

HR Case Analysis
Words: 2007 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10463689
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HR Case Analysis


This report is a combination review of the article "Verizon Communications, Inc.: Implementing a Human Resources Balanced Scorecard" and also a review of the process of balanced scorecard. Companies today can only get what they measure. hen it comes to Human Resources performance management, how can they be sure they are measuring the right things? Or, are the communicating the right information to the right people? There are new tools to help companies address issues such as these. The tools allow companies to align and support key processes and to translate strategy into operational objectives, measures, targets and initiatives. The report will try to identify and discuss the key issues and problems related to the cohesion between an organization's existing business strategy and its Human Resource Management strategy and practices. This will be done by analyzing how and why an organization creates business missions and strategies.…

Works Cited

Epstein, Marc J., Cott, Jeremy, and Srikant, Datar M. "Verizon Communications, Inc.: Implementing a Human Resources Balanced Scorecard." Harvard Business School Review (2001).

HR Case Analysis

Goodyear Case Analysis in the
Words: 1344 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 98576447
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By choosing to sell through Sears, Goodyear will be relinquishing its brand exclusivity. It will also have to become more sensitive to retail marketing practices and may lose control over its own retail policies.

By going with Sears proposal, the company will be accepting a dual distribution option. But this option also means catering to a different clientele. Different channels cater to different kind of customers.

Selling through Sears may at first appear like a defensive move. Some may even question the loyalty of the new management to old policies and strategies of Goodyear's. however before any final decision is made, the company needs to consider important things like sales made through Sears and compare them with sales of replacement tires made by Goodyear tire dealers.

From the case we find out that

Sears has 5.5% of replacement tire market share

Goodyear's market share of replacement tires is 15%


Business Environment Analysis
Words: 697 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88908531
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Hometown Deli -- Environmental Analysis

The Hometown Deli was established by grandfather in 1952 in our hometown. The Deli has a product mix that consists of many different kinds of specialized coffees, teas, a full service bakery, homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads. The Deli has been a local hotspot for many years and has served as a community gathering place. Unfortunately, business has been steadily declining over the last five years and there has been rumors emerge that another Deli, Wall Street Deli, might enter the market as a local competitor. Although grandfather was an expert at running the deli, it lacks any modernization and many of the orders were previously taken with pen & paper or even just memory; the Deli essentially still operates the same as it did in 1952. This analysis will be comprised of a Porter's Five Forces analysis that will help the Deli kwon more…

Words: 2309 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 57498605
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These core competencies are the focus of the recommendations given to McDonald's for the resolution of the described problems. By striving to improve their core competencies, McDonald's will be able to improve the customer service they offer to customers considerably as well as to satisfy their customers better Hammer & Stanton, 1999()

Improving production consistency

The big secret behind the success of McDonald's is that the company has long strived to embrace innovation and striving to achieve consistency in the operations of its outlets. Since the "Made for you" production process has been tested and assured to be a workable process for McDonald's this should be implemented on a storewide basis despite the huge upfront expenses to be incurred by the company. These upfront expenses will be compensated by the huge returns and improvements in quality of customer service that come from the company's use of this new production system…


Hall, G., Rosenthal, J., & Wade, J. (1993). How to make reengineering really work. Harvard Business Review, November-December, 119-131.

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Howard Schultz Case Analysis - Howard Schultz
Words: 1889 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90287298
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Howard Schultz

Case Analysis - Howard Schultz Starbucks

Coffee Company


Case Analysis - Howard Schultz Starbucks Coffee Company

Company Overview

Starbucks Corporation is the first organization to specialize in marketing and retailing of specialty coffee in the world. Established in 1985, Starbuck operates in more than 50 countries, and the company sells varieties of coffee and tea beverages through the company trademark. In addition to the Starbucks trademark, the company portfolio also includes Starbucks VIA, Seattle Best Coffee and Tazo Tea. The vision of Starbucks Corporation is to become one of the most recognized respected brands in the world, and the company has tried to achieve this goal by expanding outside the United States. Between 2007 and 2011, the company has been able to increase its net revenue by more than 24%. At the end of 2007 fiscal year, the company recorded the net…


Auch-Roy, H.R. (2004). The Starbucks Corporation: Past, Present and Future. Ambai University Research Paper.

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Market Case Analysis for Verizon Fios TV
Words: 2795 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 51919022
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market case analysis for Verizon FiOS TV offered by Verizon Communications. The analysis consists of product, pricing, promotional, and distribution strategies which Verizon Communications should follow in order to operate in the industry in the most competitive and profitable way. The analysis of industry and competition is also given as a part of marketing research strategy.

Verizon Communications is one of the leading communication services providers in the World. Its major products and services include Verizon FiOS TV, FiOS Internet, FiOS Digital Voice, set-top box, and receiver sets. This paper presents a marketing analysis for Verizon FiOS TV -- one of the most successful communication services offered by Verizon Communications in the United States and some other countries. Verizon FiOS TV is a high quality fiber optic cable network for home television entertainment. Verizon Communications offers its Verizon FiOS TV in all the major cities and towns of the United…


Kotler, P., Brown, L., Burton, S., Deans, K., & Armstrong, G. (2010). Marketing, (8th ed.). U.S.: Prentice-Hall

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Xiameter Case Analysis Advantages of Needs-Based vs
Words: 2653 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 48654706
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Xiameter Case Analysis

Advantages of Needs-Based vs. End User-Based Segmentation Strategies

Suggestions for Xiameter Product and Pricing Strategies

Advice and ecommendations

Xiameter's success as a subsidiary of Dow Corning is predicated on the successful differentiation of an entirely new business unit based on the concept of reducing operating expenses and passing on the savings to the customer. The Web-only, highly automated approach to order fulfillment, complemented by a reduced product lien footprint and terms of sale that stressed velocity over complexity were also what many customers of the company were looking for (Bloemhard, 2012). Where Dow Corning succeeded and others have failed with e-commerce strategies revolved around the key factors and decisions that shaped the business model and marketing strategy for Xiameter. The advantages of needs-based vs. end-user-based segmentation are evident in the success of the Xiameter e-commerce strategy. These advantages o being needs-based are analyzed in this paper as…


Bacheldor, B. 2005, "Innovation Engine: Dow Corning invests in change," InformationWeek,, no. 1047, pp. 36-36.

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Shanghai Tang Strategic Case Analysis Strategic Case
Words: 2593 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94303167
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Shanghai Tang Strategic Case Analysis

Strategic Case Analysis: Shanghai Tang (ST)

Fashion and Clothing Industry Overview

Shanghai Tang (ST)

Business Strategy

Global Business Expansion

Strategic Placement

Analysis of Environmental Factors

Suitability of Shanghai Tang Strategy


Business Focus

The strategic review of Shanghai Tang is conducted in order to explore brand presence, business focus, and other related functional strategies. The business is quite well placed in terms of its growth, revenues, and profitability. The company has also expanded its business line in other business. It is regarded as a flair for growth. However the expansion in unrelated businesses also creates an impact on the focused approach for young businesses. The fashion industry overview provides a significant account of the industry trends and key variable influencing the business. The micro and macro environmental analysis along with the SWOT analysis also provides a significant understanding of the business. The assessment of Shanghai…


Bhardwaj, V, & Fairhurst, A2010, Fast fashion: response to changes in the fashion industry, The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 165-173.

Caniato, F, Caridi, M, Moretto, A, Sianesi, A & Spina, G 2013, Integrating international fashion retail into new product development, International Journal of Production Economics.

Choi, TM 2011, Fashion supply chain management: industry and business analysis, IGI Global, USA.

Gillespie, K, Jeannet, JP & Hennessey, HD2010, Global marketing, South-Western Pub, USA.

Appex Case Analysis Summary of
Words: 1962 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57447442
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The implementation plan needs to be firmly based on a change management strategy each division leader believes in, and buys into. This change management plan is the first phase of the successful development of an implementation plan in that it brings in the most critical factors for success of the initiative, which is support of the managers, supervisor and employees. It is the responsibility of Mr. Ghosh to initiate and maintain this phase to completion with this direct reports.

The second phase of the implementation plan defines how the organizational structure will be implemented. This will include a definition of specific roles and responsibilities for each member of the functional teams. This is the actual definition of the functional structure of the business. The divisional managers will handle this aspect of the implementation plan, in addition to coordinating with first-line supervisors and employees to ensure they understand their key roles…


Fitzgerald, Susan, and Nicola S. Schutte. "Increasing Transformational Leadership through Enhancing Self-Efficacy." The Journal of Management Development 29.5 (2010): 495-505.

Morgan, Gareth. 2006. Images of Organizations. Upper Saddle River, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN: 1412939798.

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Domino's Pizza Case Analysis Domino's Pizza Is
Words: 524 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 22222154
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Domino's Pizza Case Analysis

Domino's Pizza is a dominant competitor in the home delivery market for pizza, which averages $15B in revenue on an annual basis. Domino's was founded in Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1960 and steadily grew to 200 stores by 1978 and 9,000 stores located in all 50 U.S. states and in 60 international markets. By 2009 the company had attained $1.5B in sales and earned a profit of $80M. Despite this rapid growth, Domino's has gained a reputation for having poor product quality, with every area of delivery through supply chain aspects of ingredients and their freshness being problematic. As a result of these shortcomings, Domino's was facing customer attrition and a reduction in sales.

IT Analysis of Domino's

The company initially began with its own proprietary Point-of-Sale (POS) system, Pulse. This system was architected as a thick client, meaning it required each franchisee to have a laptop…


Boorstin, J. (2005, Feb 07). Delivering at domino's pizza. Fortune, 151, 28-28.

Cebrzynski, G. (2008). Pizza competition turns to technology, menu items. Nation's Restaurant News, 42(26), 110-110,112,114.

Ryanair Case Analysis Vella O'Leary and Kelly
Words: 1226 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 33695171
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Ryanair Case Analysis

Vella, O'Leary, and Kelly (PPS Publications, 2008)

Ryanair certainly has had an interesting history and represents an extraordinarily successful company. The company has pioneered the low cost leader strategy and crafted a niche for themselves in the European market in record time. Furthermore the company developed this niche to become the industry leader. Despite the company's success however, the industry is evolving and new challenges are constantly emerging. It is recommended that Ryanair maintain its position as well as possible during the economic downturn while simultaneously looking to increase its market share and expand through acquisition. In the long-term it is recommended that the company focus on improving their customer service levels as well as their employee relations position.

Company Overview

Ryanair was founded in 1985 by the Ryan family with a relatively low operating budget and just 25 employees. The company has grown from its humble…

Works Cited

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Zara Case Analysis Zara It for Fast
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Zara Case Analysis

Zara: IT for Fast Fashion is a unique case study in that it powerfully illustrates how a lack of IT integration and process efficiency can over time force an organization into complacency, lowering the standards of performance due to a lack of real-time market and operations data and analytics. The POS terminals that are running on a discontinued version of the Microsoft DOS operating system is a metaphor of the entire company's approach to using IT more effectively. Adopting a more agile IT architecture based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is needed. Integrating ordering fulfillment, distribution and manufacturing is needed.

Case Synopsis

Zara's management teams are being pulled in spe4rate directions as the company continues to aggressively expand, operating 11,558 stores in 45 countries as part of the Inditex group, 550 of which are branded as Zara stores. Inditex is on pace to open one store a…


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Rival Products Case Analysis the
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On the other hand, when understood as subsidiary of parent company Jarden Corporation, its scope is that of supporting Jarden in reaching its own financial, marketing and business objectives by strengthening the company's competitive position and increasing its financial results.

The growth strategy at the ival Products Company is centered on the identification and satisfaction of the customers' needs and wants, with special attention to the features of the modern day society. The implementation of such a strategic position, combined with the efforts made in sustaining the achievement of the previously mentioned scope and objectives constitutes a clear and sustainable competitive advantage for ival. Another advantage is given by its belonging to a greater organization, which provides support and specialized assistance in business operations.

4. The Pattern

Through the observation and analysis of ival's strategic approach, a pattern can be identified in that the company is striving to unite all…


Rival Products Company Website,  last accessed on October 13, 2009

Jarden Corporation 2008 Annual Report,  Retrieved from on October 13, 2009

Strategic Management Case Analysis Business
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"Our growth strategy is to increase the number of customers benefiting from repeatable supply chain solutions, particularly in the healthcare, high tech and retail sectors, and to increase the amount of small package transportation from these customers. We intend to leverage our small package and freight customers through cross-selling the full complement of UPS services" (UPS 2008 Annual eport).

Focus on environmentally friendly operations -- UPS has already declared a supporter of environmentally friendly operations and in order to prove this standpoint they have already purchased 200 hybrid electric and 300 compressed natural gas vehicles. The move not only increased their fleet to the largest private fleet in the industry, but also made a strong statement. UPS has also invested in the purchase of hydraulic hybrid automobiles, a new technology that promises to reduce emissions and fuel consumption (UPS 2008 Annual eport).

3.2. Available Strategic Courses of Action

Given the…


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Financial Perspective Case Analysis Despite Having an
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Financial Perspective

Case Analysis:

Despite having an exceptional pace of growth throughout the early years of their existence, Saatchi & Saatchi is facing client attrition and declining revenues. What had happened through their continual restructurings was the corporation lost track of their core vision, mission and values. The distance between these three core attributes of their business and financial performance had drifted apart so far that financial results were showing the increasingly disjointed nature of their corporate culture (Greenhalgh, 2004). The reliance on a balanced scorecard to unify their core vision, mission and values back to financial performance was needed (Niven).

As a result of the continued deterioration of financial and customer performance, management at Saatchi & Saatchi put into place financial and customer-driven goals for the company. The financial objectives included the foundation of their company's resurgence and comeback, including growing the revenue base faster than market rates, converting…


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Regulate Competition Case Analysis Report
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Company members falsifying, altering, destroying or otherwise tempering with organizational documents risk punishments between fines up to 20 years imprisonment


Organizational staff members notifying their superiors or the legal authorities of fraudulent operations are protected under the whistleblower protection provision. People who retaliate against the individuals who offer condemning information of the company are punished with anything between a fine up to ten years imprisonment (Prahalad, 2008).

As an addition to these provisions, it is automatically implied that the auditor will keep an objective opinion and will perform his tasks within the highest standards of professional quality. Yet, since it is possible for the auditor to have shares in the respective organization, have a child employed there or other such situations, he is asked to identify the existence of any conflicts of interest and withdraw from the audit process.

At a first level, the Sarbanes-Oxley act was expected…


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Individual Report Style Case Analysis - Ford
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Individual eport style Case Analysis: - Ford Motor Company - IN TEXT CASE 18 Case Objectives 1. To examine external internal forces affect competitive strategy. 2. To investigate choices business corporate-level strategies a highly turbulent industry.

Ford Motor Company

The modern day society is still striving to overcome the impediments of the economic crisis that commenced in 2007 in the United States real estate sector. The crisis left people unemployed, losing their life savings, and the economic agents in hurdle. Still, in these difficult times, the leading American manufacturer of automobiles reemerges as a strong and stable organization.

Ford Motor Company has not used federal funds to overcome the crisis, but has focused on reconsolidating itself in order to restore its balance and financial stability. Today, the organization is revealing the first signs of this stability, yet challenges still remain.

General information about Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company was…


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Citibank Case Analysis How Does
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The decision to integrate all process workflows with the core business, rely on it to act as an accelerator of accuracy and performance, and create value as a trusted advisor is what eventually helps the company to help redefine the value chain of this industry, as Porter predicts in his analysis of competition (Porter, 2001).

Citibank's strategic intent is to convert its traditional money management business into an e-business framework. How does Citibank transform its traditional assets into digital assets? What issues, if any, do you envision that Citibank must overcome in order for the implementation to be successful?

Inherent in the plans to convert its traditional money management business into an e-business framework are broader implications of disintermediating part of the value chain in commercial banking at that point in the industry's lifecycle (Andal-Ancion, Cartwright, Yip, 2003). Citibank relies on its intensive level of business process expertise, combined with…


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Toyota Analysis Comprehensive Case Analysis an Analysis
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Toyota Analysis

Comprehensive Case Analysis

An Analysis of Toyota Motor Company



Toyota's Objectives and Strategies

Toyota is an industry giant and has been known as a global innovator in the manufacturing industry. The company has upheld a customer concentrated orientation that has allowed them to be responsive to their target markets. The company is constantly monitoring consumer needs and wants and develops their product mix respectively. One development in the external analysis that was identified within the industry is that Toyota will have to adapt to be more responsive to consumer needs in smaller and more segmented geographical locations. For example, car buyers in developing countries may have vastly different preferences in vehicles then those in the U.S. market. As a consequence, Toyota needs to develop a more regional strategy that is tailored to individual markets.

The external environment that Toyota operates…

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Sylvan Case Analysis in Order
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s we have seen, for example, Sylvan had split its business activity into two main business segments, Sylvan Learning Center and Sylvan Education Solutions, both operating on specific sub-markets, both on the K-12 customer segment. For the postsecondary customer segment, again there are two different business levels, Sylvan International Universities and Sylvan English Language Instructions. So, as we can see, diversification seems to be a key strategy in this phase, mainly because the education industry has different customer segments, generally depending on the customers' age, but also on their locations or abilities.

If in some cases, the company chose to develop in-house solutions, it was often the case that a serious and aggressive acquisition strategy was applied in order to complete the company's products. This was the case, for example, in the postsecondary market segment, but also in what some of the international ventures were concerned. ccording both to the…

As we have seen, for example, Sylvan had split its business activity into two main business segments, Sylvan Learning Center and Sylvan Education Solutions, both operating on specific sub-markets, both on the K-12 customer segment. For the postsecondary customer segment, again there are two different business levels, Sylvan International Universities and Sylvan English Language Instructions. So, as we can see, diversification seems to be a key strategy in this phase, mainly because the education industry has different customer segments, generally depending on the customers' age, but also on their locations or abilities.

If in some cases, the company chose to develop in-house solutions, it was often the case that a serious and aggressive acquisition strategy was applied in order to complete the company's products. This was the case, for example, in the postsecondary market segment, but also in what some of the international ventures were concerned. According both to the company's CEO and to the final evaluation for the company's future, it seems that this trend will continue after 2000, with a distinct emphasis on the international aspect.

The diversification strategy that the company has been using so far is quite adequate at present, mainly because of the increased fragmentation of the market that we have referred to, but also because this trend is expected to continue in the future as well. The problem with such a strategy is that the businesses Sylvan has acquired were not only very costly, but also with high operating and fixed costs. As such, it may be advisable if not to reduce some of the business segments in which the company is operating, at least to watch them closer in order to avoid losses.

Finance The Business Case Is a Living
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The business case is a living document that drives program activity in light of the changes in the business' external environment and lessons from the program scope. These factors are used in preparing the business case to ensure that the program is and will continue to be viable, desirable, and achievable. Therefore, the main goal of the business case is to direct program activity towards the ultimate realization of the vision and to provide mechanisms from periodic evaluation of several aspects of the program. These evaluations provide information on whether the program should progress to the next stage, be suspended until further review is carried out, or be terminated. This implies that the development of the business case is an important practice in promoting the success and effectiveness of the business. It's a process that should not be taken lightly but accorded the necessary consideration and attention it deserves.…


Aldershot, GB 2006, 'The business case', in Benefit realization management: a practical guide for achieving benefits through change, Gower, Burlington, England, pp.201-210.

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Forbes, IFW 2013, Case Study, The Borlein Local Health District: A Case Study for Strategic


Exxon Valdez Case Analysis Common
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Like most litigations on such complicated issues the company had little to do but show reasonable accommodation, adopt better surface practices and wait out a lengthy period before their liability was reduced substantially by the courts.

Ethical analysis:

The key ethical issues of the case are pretty clear, did the captain knowingly endanger the environment by continuing to retain his position and navigate tankers through the area and did the company know that such was the case. Both ethical dilemmas are clear and were ruled upon by many hours of court time and subsequent appeals, though the final Supreme Court ruling on Exxon's liability for the spill was split 4:4 every other deciding body laid full responsibility on Exxon's lap. ("Exxon Valdez Damages educed," June 2008, NP). An additional ethical issue, though much less openly understood or known by the average American is weather it was ethical to pay fishermen…


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Management Communication Case Analysis Gather
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In the long-term, we need to focus on improving the financial performance and improve out financial position. Based on the brief market analysis, we identified those products that are more popular among consumers and the type of consumers we should address these products to and we will try to focus on them. We will also take under consideration the cost structure of our production and try to focus on those products for which the ratio of costs to sales is the lowest. The marketing department will run a more thorough analysis on market structure, cost structure and consumer behavior so that we get more accurate signals of market changes, because it seems that the market is becoming more dynamic every day. In terms of boat shows, we will continue to participate to most events Yellowtail participated in the past, while trying to strengthen our relationship with existing suppliers and develop…

Quantum Corporation Case Analysis Current
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Jerry Lopatin is the senior vice president, engineering at Quantum, having joined the company in March 2008. He served in a similar capacity at ONtor, and previously worked at companies such as Iomega, amsung Electronics, IBM.

III Opportunities/Threats

According to Quantum's Web site (2008), it is in a very favorable position in terms of opportunities. By nature, the it world is developing with increasing rapidity, with computers and software developing almost more rapidly than companies can upgrade. Quantum's position is then such that it can make use of this phenomenon by providing companies with solutions that are effective for their changing needs. Change is therefore the main driver of opportunity for the company.

A further driver of opportunity is development. First-world companies are increasingly developing sophisticated it software, as mentioned above. With this, the sophistication of storage needs is increasing. Quantum's team of innovation experts then have the opportunity to…


Quantum Corporation (2008). Data Storage Solutions. .

Quantum Corporation (2008, Aug 13). News Release: Quantum Achieves Major Milestone With 20,000th Shipment of Scalar i500 Tape Automation System.

Quantum Corporation (2008). Board of Directors. /BoardofDirectors/Index.aspx' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Sadafco Case Analysis What Are the Strengths
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Sadafco Case Analysis

What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of SADAFCO?

SADAFCO has several strategic strengths that have given the company a defensible market position in their core markets. In addition to their brand strength, their distributions agreements with Bagalla continued to be a highly effective barrier to entry. With 13,000 freezers installed in Bagella stores, SADAFCO has not only captured shelf space, they have also captured mindshare and supply chain planning and forecasting with this large retailer. Bagella generates 40% of all ice cream sold in the market and is considered the leading retailing that competing Multinational Corporations (MNC) must work with in order to gain shelf space and sales. SADAFCO has successfully thwarted their attempts to replace the coolers in stores, holding onto a valuable competitive advantage over the long-term. What makes these distribution agreements so effective is the streamlined supply chain that SADAFCO has created and continues…

Airline Case Analysis Explain the
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On the price dimension of the marketing mix, the company continues to compete with low-end and state-funded carriers, who arguably have a competitive advantage due to their funding source. Nonetheless, 1 Time is fighting the good fight of customer service and delivering value at their price points (Mantshantsha, 2007).

Of all aspects of the company's marketing mix, this one is struggling the most as it strives to capture more of the business traveller market. The promotional strategies are tied to the company's website and to limited direct marketing through social networks, yet is weak at defining a connection between the extensive MO strengths the company has and the ability to translate that into customer value. The lack of connection between the reliability base the company has and the success of its business travellers is a major weakness in the promotional strategy.

On the place dimension of the marketing mix, the…


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Sigtek Case Analysis the Total Quality Initiative
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Sigtek Case Analysis

The Total Quality initiative launched by Telwork for its subsidiary Sigtek represents a common practice for Corporate America; "remaking themselves into significantly better competitors" (Kotter, J. 1995. P. 59). For Sigtek, the manufacturer of "printed circuit boards for signal handling" (Harvard Business School. 1990) the task was to transform an organization that "began to face serious competition in its marketplace" (Harvard Business School. 1990), showed declining revenues, and demonstrated considerable mismanagement in implementing strategic operations. The Telwork-Sigtek Total Quality program as with all ostensible change dynamics has as the "basic goal to make fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a new, more challenging market environment" (Kotter, J. 1995. P. 59). Yet, these change efforts in most cases fall dramatically short of their intended marks, a reality which is explicated via the Kotter change model; an eight phase process outline which…


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Review. March-April 1995. PP 59-67. Retrieved July 29, 2011 from

Human Resource Management Case Analysis
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This way, each job/position in the company is aligned to the organizational structure and objectives; more importantly, each position is optimally functioning or utilizing for greater performance and efficiency in the company.

As a supplement to the staffing development in the company, Plastec would also greatly improve when job specifications and positions were properly aligned also with the individual needs of the employees, specifically provision of quality health benefits, compensation, and incentives for high-performing and diligent employees. It is suggested that an employee program be developed as a response to this need, and the HR department will be the best department that will address these employee needs.

Issue #2: Better assessment and evaluation of Plastec workforce more serious concern in the company is the conduct of trainings that aims to provide education to employees, specifically on the issue of workplace relations and interactions. As determined in Paul's exit interviews of…

Craft Marine Corporation Case Analysis
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Foreign markets - at some point, the national and the Canadian market will be saturated or close to saturation. This means that the company should think about expanding its activity abroad, and to especially approach the European market.


Current economic situation - given the circumstances created by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it is expected that some of the prospective customers looking to buy a boat might postpone their decision until more favorable economic conditions.

Budget Alternatives

Competitive parity method

One of the most important boat manufacturers in the United States and also an important competitor for Craft Marine Corporation is Genmar Holdings, Inc. Genmar's sales are estimated at $1.2 billion. It is estimated that Genmar spends approximately 0.9% of sales on advertising. Given these figures, Craft Marine Corporation's advertising budget should be:

2001 sales - $120.5 million

Estimated growth - 15%

2002 expected sales - $138.5 million


Reference List

1. Corporate Marine Corporation Case Study.

Gonzales vs Oregon Case Analysis
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According to eno congress had not intention "to displace the states as the primary regulators of the medical profession and as not to override a states' determination of that which "constitutes legitimate medical practice in the absence of a prohibitive federal law.

In November of 2001 Attorney-General Ashcroft "issued an interpretive rule, known as the Ashcroft Directive that reversed his predecessor's legal analysis of the conflict between the DWDA and the CSA." (Pew Forum on eligion & Public Life, 2005) The Ashcroft Directive "asserts the authority of the attorney general to identify and establish a uniform national definition of 'legitimate medical purpose' as used in the CSA and its implementing regulations" (Pew Forum on eligion & Public Life, 2005)

That very same year the Supreme Court made a decision in the case United States v. Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Coop. (2001) which gives weight to the Directive. Furthermore, the Office of…


Stevens, Kenneth R., Jr. M.D. (2005) Community Conversation Panel: Assisted Suicide v. Death with Dignity. University of Oregon Online available at http:.//

Supreme Court Considers Challenge to Oregon's Death with Dignity Act: Gonzales v. Oregon and the Right to Die (2005) The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. September 2005.

Hamilton, N. Gregory et al. (2005) Competing Paradigms of Response to Assisted Suicide Requests in Oregon. Physicians for Compassionate Care Educational Foundation Online available at .

New Court Mulling Assisted-Suicide Law (2005) Catholic Sentinel 6 October 2005 Online available at .

Post Office Square Park Case Analysis Guidelines
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Post Office Square Park

Case analysis guidelines:

Post Office Square Park was the brainchild of a prominent Boston developer. His hotels were located near a dilapidated park that was leased by the city of Boston to a parking garage owner. To enhance the beauty and utility of the location, Norman Leventhal proposed that a public park be created, with an underground parking garage. Private sector funds and tax exemptions would pay for the project, and eventually the city would pay for the construction through the parking fees collected by the developer. After the city's debt was paid off, ownership would revert to the city, resulting, theoretically, in a win-win scenario for both parties. Leventhal, the orchestrator of the plan and the owner of the nearest hotel clearly saw it in his self-interest to improve the area, given that the unattractive garage was visible from his hotels. Employees already enjoyed lunching…


Scott, Esther. (1993). Post Office Square Park. Case Study: Kennedy School of Government.

Woodmere Products Case Analysis Problem
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2. Assuring the coexistence of the current and time-based logistics systems


eveals the benefits of both current and time-based logistics systems

Fosters innovation in a context of maintained traditional safety

Allows for a period of testing of the new logistics system

Allows for a relevant and direct assessment and comparison of the two logistics systems

The combined model would support the creation of a new strategic approach, a relationship with the supply chain and as such an increased competitive position (College, 2009)

Finally, the dual system would create a more mobile and flexible supply chain, which would better allow the entity to respond to the challenges of the modern day market and industry (Supply Chain Management eview)


Implies additional costs with the maintenance of both systems, including capital, technologies and human resource costs

The work conducted through the dual logistics system is complex and could even be perceived…


Andries, B., Gelders, L., 1995, Time-based manufacturing logistics, Logistics Information Management, Vol. 8, No. 6

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Hise, R.T., September-October 1995, the implications of time-based competition on international logistics strategies, Business Horizons

Fraser Inn Case Analysis The Fraser Inn
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Fraser Inn

Case Analysis: The Fraser Inn

According to rian Anderson, it will be easier to determine all that is needed for the business once it is up and running. While that may be acceptable for small, home-based, inexpensive business ventures, it may not be the best approach for a large-scale operation such as The Fraser Inn. One has to question whether a "seat of the pants" approach is the right one when creating a type of business that is beyond the scope of what has been done by any of the principals in the past (Fullen, 2004).

The Andersons are still very young, and they not only lack experience, but they also lack a deeper understanding of all that may be required for the successful operation of their new venture. The fact that they were successful with the All Ours Diner in the past is admirable, but the 20…


Fullen, S. (2004). Opening a restaurant or other food business starter kit: How to prepare a restaurant business plan and feasibility study. New York, NY: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc.

Nelson, B. (2007) The fundamentals of running a restaurant. Forbes. Retrieved from 

Download: Restaurant business financial plan models. (2011). Restaurant startup and growth magazine. Retrieved from

Blockbuster Case Analysis Summary of
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The high level of debt capitalization inheent in how they have financed thei stoes, which is infeed fom the case study, also could be applied to a moe effective cloud-based delivey achitectue. Netflix did this and was vey pofitable as a esult. Thid, Blockbuste has fa to go in tems of ceating a moe effective custome expeience. Thee is significant potential fo geat upsell and coss-sell as a esult.

The theats include a highly commoditized and shinking move ental maket in the U.S. And globally, including the apid commoditization of titles that ae easily gained though othe channels. In addition, the gowing theat and costs of piacy is vey significant fo Blockbuste and evey othe etail chain as well. Thid, the cost stuctue of the chain is slanted towads etail and epesents a significant financial isk in tems of continually financing the debt.

Poblem Statement

Blockbuste is continually on the…

references. Become a very focused marketed on the customers with the highest potential for Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) and the lowest churn rates possible.

Beans 'N Cream Case Analysis Beans 'N
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Beans 'n Cream Case Analysis

Beans 'n Cream Coffeehouse is an organization that has existed since 2003, when it was founded by Caroline McCourt and Beth Mielcarek as a hobby. The business was founded in attempts to provide customers with a third spot or alternative to home and work. Actually, Beans 'n Cream is regarded as a comfortable place where customers and establish and develop relationships while enjoying a good cup of coffee. In addition to its establishment as a hobby, the inception and eventual growth of Beans 'n Cream Coffeehouse was fueled by the belief that good things take place over coffee. Since the inception of the business, it has continued to experience tremendous growth that is characterized by its growing customer base and expansion to new markets. Despite the success and productivity of the business since it was established, the founders are faced with a dilemma that could…

Ritz Carlton- Case Analysis Ritz Carlton Is
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Ritz Carlton- Case Analysis

Ritz Carlton is one of those few companies that firmly understand the significance of good service. While there are many firms that would label themselves as service oriented and customer-centered but there are only a handful that actually understand the meaning of those terms. Ritz Carlton is fortunately one such firm that believes in providing quality service to all its customers regardless of who they are or what kind of service they expect or demand. For this reason, Ritz Carlton focuses on the training of those who extend service to the customer i.e. The employees.

Ritz Carlton management believes that proper training of the employees is what leads to better service which eventually translates into quality. A firm in the services sector has to be extremely careful about this. It must not forget that its entire reputation is based on the kind of service it extends…

Tylenol Case Analysis Johnson and
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Johnson and Johnson issued a public relations response immediately naming their number one priority: to aggressively protect any consumer from the potential hazards that may be present in any of their family of products.

Symptoms of the Problem -- Quickly, the crisis reached epic nationwide coverage. The panic that ensued, somewhat as the result of the twenty-four hour media coverage, fueled this panic into a frenzy. One hospital in Chicago, for instance, received 700 calls in one day; while Johnson and Johnson received averaged almost 150 calls per day. Across the country people were admitted into hospitals on suspicion of cyanide poisoning (Tifft, 18). Johnson and Johnson worked rapidly and decisively with the media to disseminate information. When the news spread, copycat criminals began to tamper with the products on the shelves of stores, which only deepened the crisis. ndeed, the FDA confirmed more tampering had taken place, but this…

Identification of Goals - in 1982, Tylenol controlled 37% of the pain killer market, approximately $1.2M and was the leading painkiller in the American market, outselling Anacin, Bayer, Bufferin, and Excedrin. Seventeen to eighteen percent net earnings of Johnson and Johnson were from Tylenol sales. Profits placed Johnson and Johnson in the top half of the Fortune 500 (Berg, 1998). The company had been doing well for years. Stock analysts had actually predicted that Tylenol's market share was poised for up to a 15% growth. In fact, Tylenol was to the product that would lead this company to further success- hat is until the Tylenol laced cyanide crisis came to be. This calamity changed the strategic plan, management goals, and parent to subsidiary goals across the organization -- within a 24-hour period. Instantly, an immediate crisis mode was assumed and a reassessment and reprioritization of their goals and immediate actions required jolted every executive, manager and employee in the organization (Mikkelson, 2004).

Immediate Goals once Crisis was Revealed-

Reacting to the news, when Johnson and Johnson was faced with the initial situation; it had to make some tough decisions that would severely impact the future of the company. Rather than think in financial terms only, CEO James Burke immediately turned to the

Porsche Case Analysis the Intent of This
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Posche Case Analysis

The intent of this case analysis is to evaluate the buye decision pocess the typical Posche custome undetakes when seaching fo a new high-pefomance spots ca. The Posche spots ca enthusiasts' decision pocess is significantly diffeent than that of the Cayenne and Panamea customes, and these diffeences will be discussed. The factos that contibuted to Posche selling significantly moe lowe-piced models in the 1970s and 1980s is also analyzed. An explanation of the positive and negative attitudes towads bands like Posche is povided, in addition to the ole the Posche band plays in the self-concept of buyes.

Analyzing the Decision Pocess of the Posche Custome

The coe custome base of Posche has a self-concept of being exceptional in evey aea of thei lives, fom thei ability to set and supass vey challenging objectives, to thei ability to ean above-aveage incomes and have exceptional lifestyles as a esult.…

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JOB: Case analysis

Problem Identification:

Malaria is a killer in many parts of the world and it specifically affects a large population of young children around the globe. I need to write a report that would inform the public about the threat that malaria poses to lives and health of millions of people who due to lack of better health facilities and treatment are dying unnecessarily. These lives could have been protected had better services been available to these people. Bill Gates foundation has undertaken the task of reaching out to this underprivileged population globally. I need to write a report which can be downloaded from the website but before they do so, I need them to know about the significance of the report so the people wouldn't download it without knowing what it contains.

Since people from various walks of life visit the Bill Gates foundation website, I am…

Ethical Case Analysis JOHNSO62 on
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The Tasman Spirit crew and financiers should work to investigate acute health concerns as well as the marine ecosystem surrounding Karachai. The American Club, likely one of two involved parties with the financial resources to affect significant change in the region which actually suffered the effects of the environmental disaster. ather than working against each other with suits and counter suits and the assorted other motions and legal actions underway, it would be most effective and positive for those two companies to work together with environmental awareness and protection agencies to restore the region.

Step Three

Affected Parties

This portion of the analysis is concerned with the specific affected individual parties. While it is important not to allow empathy for a specific group to outweigh the impartiality of an effective analysis it is also important to understand the relevant human components of a situation especially one which has such a…


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