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Business Code of Ethics

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The concept of business ethics arises from the tensions that exist between the different stakeholders of business. One of the central ethical questions of business is "In whose interests should firms be managed?" (Moriarty, 2016). There are different perspectives to this issue, usually perspectives of different stakeholders. For example, Milton Friedman's famous view that business exists to increase its profits is, more or less, adopting a view that only shareholders matter as stakeholders, and that managers have a sole responsibility to the interests of the shareholders, and further that the interests of shareholders are narrowly defined as increasing wealth. But there are other perspectives as well, and the stakeholder approach reasonably looks at these other interests – of employees, of customers, of communities and of the environment. Where these interests are unaligned, there is often tension and from this tension arises ethical dilemma.
Thus, many businesses create guidelines for ethical…… [Read More]


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Spotting Conflicts of Interest

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Ability to Spot Conflicts

The modern society is characterized by numerous issues on ethics, especially in the increasingly competitive business environment. Corporate scandals have become common in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, which raises concerns regarding ethics. The increase in corporate scandals in these sectors is partly attributable to the relatively deteriorating ethical standards in the society. While nonprofits are generally considered to be uncorrupted by the desire for profit, recent events have demonstrated that they are vulnerable to ethical lapses that undermine the public’s trust in the entire sector. A critical aspect of these corporate scandals in the non-profit sector is conflict of interest. There seems to be a conflict of interest in the operations of nonprofits and involvement of some of their stakeholders in corporate scandals.
Conflict of interest is a major issue in the modern business environment given its strong link to corporate scandals and ethical…… [Read More]


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