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Laws Relating to Different Businesses Laws Related

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Laws Relating to Different Businesses

Laws Related to Different Businesses

Entrepreneurship is the hallmark of the U.S. economy and more people are starting their own ventures today than ever before. While starting a business, one of the most overlooked aspect is the laws and legal requirements. A good amount of time and effort should be spent on understanding and implementing these related laws because they will make the operations and expansion easy in the future.

Federal, State and Local Agencies

The exact agencies and laws that govern your business depend upon its nature. Starting a pizza business comes with permits and licenses from different health agencies. The local health department of your city or county is responsible for issuing a permit, requesting an inspection or filing a complaint. Your business also needs a business license or tax permit from the city or county revenue department (SBA, 2011). For a web design business also, you need a business permit from your local county or city.

The agency governing biotech companies and approving their final product is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They oversee the potential use of the drug, its after-effects, patenting and other legal procedures. The Congress also plays…… [Read More]

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