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Cartoon in the Albuquerque Journal on September
Words: 409 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23885357
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cartoon in the Albuquerque Journal on September 15, 2009. The gist of the article revolves around choices in healthcare and who is responsible for those choices. In the first panel, and insurance salesman is talking with an average American asking, "Are you tired of having your health care decisions made by a big, unfeeling corporate bureaucracy?" In the next frame, his wife asks, "ho was that?" -- The husband, holding a brochure entitled Obama Care, responds, "Somebody from a huge, unfeeling government bureaucracy, offering to make our health care decisions."

This is clearly focused on the healthcare debate and the fact that American is under pressure from all sides in its healthcare conundrum. e know that at least twenty percent of America's population has either no insurance or is underinsured -- and that this is the highest percentage in the developed world. This is particularly alarming noting that more money…


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Underinsured in America: Is Health Coverage Adequate? (July 2002). Kaiser Commission

on Key Facts -- Medicaid and the Uninsured. Cited in:  =14136

Cartoon Guide to Statistics and Chapter 3
Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12908132
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Cartoon Guide to Statistics and Chapter 3 from Statistics in Plain English. You can assume your friend has read this material.

The concept "standard deviation" refers to how close or how far from the mean i.e. The average person or thing) certain things or people that are studied are. To give an example: let's say you're studying people's pattern of diet and their calorie consumption per day. The mean stands for the average calorie consumption of the average amount of people studied. Study of the typical consumption will probably turn out to be normally distributed with most results clustered around the mean. Some people, however, may eat a lot less or a lot more and their distribution will be further away from the mean than that of others.

In the above shape the normal bell structure), the standard deveiaiton SD) is small because all clusters are obviously bunched together towards…

(Example adapted from )

Part IV: Complete your discussion of the role of standard deviation by discussing its role in z-scores and normal distributions.

The standard normal deviation (as see the bell curve above) has a mean that is 0 and an SD that is considered 1 (i.e. one SD away from 0). The standard normal distribution is also called the z distribution. A z-score relates to the number of standard deviations that the person's score is above or below the mean. For instance, if a person scored a 70 on a test with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10, the person scored 2 standard deviations (2*10) above the mean.

Danish Cartoon Controversy the Danish
Words: 753 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18190026
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Still another depicts him with a black patch over his eyes and he is carrying a machete. The fact that the cartoons mock the prophet is part of the reason for the anger in the Muslim world; but moreover, many Muslims despise estern values, estern politicians and the est in general (partly because of the est's support of Israel), and so Muslims are outraged that estern journalists would publish these cartoons. The angry Muslims believe estern values have crept into their culture already, and they resent it (Arab politician wearing estern-style suits and ties, for example). Now with the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the est's support of the U.S., add derogatory cartoons into the mix and an explosion of rage occurs; it is a clash of principles and values.

My personal opinion: I agree with journalist Reza Aslan, that the conflict isn't just about "secular democratic freedoms" versus "arcane…

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Political Cartoon the Claim of
Words: 321 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 987136
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The backing of the warrant includes the drawing of different parachutes. If the artist only drew one parachute then the reader would infer that the stimulus package is monolithic. Instead, the artist portrays the stimulus package as being multifaceted and potentially saving jobs in multiple business sectors. The fear on the skydiver's face and the cry of "Faster! Faster!" are used to back the claim that Americans may be worried for nothing.

Possible rebuttals to the cartoon include the following. First, a reader might note that many of the parachutes appear not to be working or have yet to be deployed. Second, the artist does not show how close to the ground the jumper is. These two facts add doubt as to how effective and efficient the stimulus plan is. Opponents and critics of the existing stimulus plan are directly addressed and will also identify strongly with the skydiver.

Freedom of the Press and
Words: 5379 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 31422897
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Authors Donald Lively and ussell Weaver describe Hustler Magazine as Falwell's "antagonist (p. 79)," no doubt representing for Falwell abuses of our Constitutional freedoms.

"In 1983, Hustler Magazine decided to parody Falwell using a Campari Liqueur advertisement. The actual Campari ads portrayed interviews with various celebrities about their 'first times.' Although the advertisement actually focused on the first time that the celebrities had sampled Campari, the ads portrayed the double entendre of the first time that the interviewees had engaged in sex. Hustler mimicked the Campari format and created a fictional interview with Falwell in which he stated that his 'first time' was during a drunken incestuous rendezvous with his mother in an outhouse (p. 79)."

The Oregon Commentator, May, 2007

There is probably no limit to the outrage that was felt by Falwell, and by his support base, both of which would have been offended, first, by using Falwell…


Block, H. (Artist) (1979). Spiritual Leader, Washington Post, Field Newspaper

Syndicate, April 8, 1979. Found online at Pop Art Machine, ..., retrieved March 1, 2010.

Chunovic, L. (2000). One Foot on the Floor: The Curious Evolution of Sex on Television

From I Love Lucy to South Park. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, MI.

Silly Putty Claymation
Words: 402 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89851427
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Can you determine the position and viewpoint of the artist based on the message and meaning of the cartoon? Explain.

While good political cartoonists will likely exploit any opportunity to convey a point of topical interest irrespective of their political affiliation, this editorial cartoon depicted in Figure 1 above suggests that the artist is a staunch Republican who views the president and his political party as being highly ineffective to the point of malfeasance. After all, the country's credit rating has been adversely affected, and this translates into higher interest rates for government borrowing in the future, adding further constraints to the country's economic recovery following the Great Recession of 2008. he political cartoonist in this case also makes it clear that the Republicans are well situated to take advantage of this ineffectiveness on the part of the Democratic leadership in general and the president in particular in the future.…

The "twist" in this comic is the apparent inability or unwillingness of the president to stay the course set by his party in the negotiations over the debt ceiling. In the end, the cartoonist makes it clear that the president caved and the Republican leadership prevailed, prompting the unenthusiastic "oops" response from the Democrats and the "spineless" characterization by the Republicans.

Can you determine the position and viewpoint of the artist based on the message and meaning of the cartoon? Explain.

While good political cartoonists will likely exploit any opportunity to convey a point of topical interest irrespective of their political affiliation, this editorial cartoon depicted in Figure 1 above suggests that the artist is a staunch Republican who views the president and his political party as being highly ineffective to the point of malfeasance. After all, the country's credit rating has been adversely affected, and this translates into higher interest rates for government borrowing in the future, adding further constraints to the country's economic recovery following the Great Recession of 2008. The political cartoonist in this case also makes it clear that the Republicans are well situated to take advantage of this ineffectiveness on the part of the Democratic leadership in general and the president in particular in the future. In the final analysis, this editorial cartoon portrays the sorry state of political affairs that exists at a certain point in time during this critical juncture in the country's history.

Hanna Barbera History of the
Words: 2960 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58007477
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It was a film based on a novel authored by E.B. White and it received widespread critical acclamation. The limited animation technique posed threat to the success of the company later in the 1970's. With the earning of $60million a year Hanna Barbera now failed to produce new characters and shows. Hence in 1987 the Great American Communications Group acquired the company. Further in the year 1991, Turner Broadcasting System was purchased by Hanna Barbera. In 1992, the Cartoon Network was aired by Turner Broadcasting and this set the need for library of cartoons. So the Hanna Barbera buy provided them with 3000 half-hours cartoons. The marketing strategy of Hanna Barbera was now changed with the help of Fred Siebert, the company's president. More importance was given to the international market as a result of shift in its production to Asia. The extension gave birth to new characters and a…


Austen, Jake. TV a-Go-Go: Rock on TV from American Bandstand to American Idol. Chicago Review Press, 2005.

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Disney's the Tortoise and the
Words: 2363 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27150824
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Succinct structural form marks all Disney's pictures and makes other animated cartoons, no matter how ingenious they may be, look pallid."

The narrative source of the production is consistently the characters themselves, and the film's style is a mixture of realism in terms of the lush and colorful scenery and a caricature of the protagonist and antagonist, Toby and Max, as the bullied and bully, the show-off and the showed-off, respectively. As Nowell-Smith points out:

The technical advances explored in the Silly Symphonies partly arose from a rivalry with the Fleischers, who, among all the other animation studios that survived into the sound era, consistently produced excellent cartoons in the early 1930s. Unlike the Disney product, which tended increasingly to an 'illusion of life' live-action imitation, the earlier Fleischer cartoons reveled in stylization, caricature, unrealistic transformations, elaborate repetitive cycles, direct address to the audience, and illogical developments which seem inherent,…


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It Was Saturday Morning and
Words: 1462 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66936287
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I asked him if he felt like the commercials made him want to have the
things he saw on TV. Initially he said no, but then corrected himself and
said that many times he would see a toy or game on television on a
commercial that he would like to have, but did not expect to receive at any
time immediate since it would appear to be too expensive or the time from
birthday or Christmas was too long. He appeared to know a lot about the
toys that were on the commercials and he told me that many of his friends
would have one toy or another, and would say whether the other child liked
the toy or not, whether it was "cheap" or not. My friend and I watched two
episode of Avatar, and one episode of another show called Drake and Josh.
The latter is a live…

Astro Boy-Marketing Japanese Anime to
Words: 2021 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2922377
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4. Do you think that Astro Boy will be successful? Why?

This is a difficult question to answer simply and unequivocally. On the one hand, it is relatively certain that the character of Astro Boy will be a success in a financial and commercial sense. Part of the reason for this is that the impetus and popularity of global youth culture is behind anime and characters like Astro Boy. The large companies like Sony have taken cognizance of this global enthusiasm and popularity and they are fully prepared to exploit it and to raise the character to the level of cult status through marketing, advertising and film.

However, there is a certain degree of danger in this commercialization. It may have the effect of alienating the hardcore fans and fan base. Anime as a global youth culture has been firmly rooted in the unconventional aspects of the medium and in…


Kahn R. And Kellner D. Global Youth Culture. November 12, 2007.

Walt Disney Including A History Leader- Page
Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1742366
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alt Disney including: a history leader- page applying leadership traits-: inspiration, goal setting, praise recognition, training/coaching, problem solving, planning,

alt Disney: Leadership style

alt Disney was a creative man who built an empire around his vision. Love or hate his product, he created a distinct, family-focused 'Disney style' of entertainment. Before alt Disney, cartoons were regarded as largely derivative forms of entertainment, as a warm-up to the feature film. Disney placed cartoons front and center of the American entertainment experience during a time when movies were one of the central ways in which Americans came together to enjoy a commonly-enjoyed fantasy. He later parlayed this success into television, and even into theme parks which brought the cartoon experience to life. Disney was able to create his cutting-edge vision through near obsessive control of his product and tunnel-vision focus upon his goals. He was a transformative leader, inspiring his subordinates with…

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Advertising Ad Analysis Undifferentiated and
Words: 2014 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7449017
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..hile older children and adults understand the inherent bias of advertising, younger children do not, and therefore tend to interpret commercial claims and appeals as accurate and truthful information," said psychologist Dale Kunkel, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at the University of California at Santa Barbara and senior author of the task force's scientific report. (Kunkel,, 2004)

The Lego ads, when seen by younger children who "do not understand persuasive intent in advertising," might feel as if the balance of the world really does hang in their hands -- and an older child might be confused by the overlapping techniques of advertising, which blur the lines between advertising with a persuasive ulterior motive to encourage consumption, and entertainment in the form of cartoons. This confusion might be another reason for the greater efficacy of movie and product tie-ins with children's advertising."(Briesch, Bridges, & Kim, 2004) This fact is seconded by…

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Knowledge: The Effects of Accessibility and Cognitive Capacity on Perceptions of an Influence Agent." Journal of Consumer Research. Vol. 27. Pp.69-83. Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at

Warner Research the Compelling Truth
Words: 1461 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59069934
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This was not the case in the early days of film, however.

Instead, the studios either owned or worked in close collaboration with movie theatres, the vast majority of which had only one screen at the time. Instead of being able to choose which movie one wanted to see upon arriving at the theatre, choosing a movie meant choosing which studio's latest picture seemed most appealing, and going to that theatre. The arner brothers did not have a lot of money to build theatres with; they managed to construct a few in major cities, but that was it until Harry arner talked to independent theatre owners and convinced them to advertise arner's films for a small price (BOS 2).

The boost that arner Brothers Studios got from these advertisements allowed them to grow their business, and even obtain a large loan from Goldman Sachs that was used to build more…

Works Cited

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Pulitzer Joseph Pulitzer and His
Words: 3734 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75282459
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His dedication and intelligence allowed him to eventually become not simply passable in his English speaking skills, but a lawyer, a U.S. Congressman, one of the best journalists of his era (and, according to some biographers, of any era), and an incredibly eloquent (if somewhat bombastic) speaker and letter writer -- not to mention one of the wealthiest men in the world, especially in the field of newspaper publishing (Brian; Seitz).

In 1878, not even fifteen years since his arrival in the country, Joseph Pulitzer bought his first newspaper company -- the St. Louis Dispatch. The paper was in disarray, but fate intervened in the form of the Evening Post and its owner, John Alvarez Dillon. The two papers were combined and began issuing a joint newspaper that very same day, with Pulitzer immediately taking over the editorial page, which he was quick to put to use then and after…

Works Cited

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Positive Publicity
Words: 570 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14503512
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Global Comic Company (GCC) is a comic bookstore that publishes paperbacks and electronic comic resources. This bookstore is known throughout the world for their innovate use of technology for comic distribution. The company has just launched its newest use of technology, cell phone application. The cell phone users can download the GCC application, where they can get their comics directly to their phone. This feature is new in the comic sector and GCC is leading the way. This is a very exciting breakthrough for the organization. Customers can use their cell phone application to download cartoon clips, and electronic comic books to their cell phone. In this paper I will discuss a marketing strategy and public relation strategy that will help launch this new technology.

The first step in marketing this new product will be to understand the target population. Every company that sells a product has a target population,…


McDaniel, C. (2004). Market Research. United States: John Wiley & Sons.

Taylor et. al. (2010). Focus and diversity in information systems research: meeting the dual demands of a healthy applied discipline. MIS Quarterly. 34 (4) 647-668.

Why I Identify With the Genie in Disney's Aladdin
Words: 1223 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 90448394
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Disney Character: Genie from Aladdin (1992)

I identify with the Disney character The Genie from Aladdin for three main reasons. First, the Genie is protean: he is capable of taking many forms and dealing with a broad variety of circumstances. Second, the Genie is powerful. Although he uses magic to exhibit his powers, one could argue that people use their own creativity and intellect in a similar way. Finally, the Genie knows his own limitations. He knows when he needs the help of someone else to escape the lamp in which he's trapped. In claiming that I identify with the Genie, I am not suggesting that I myself have magical powers: no human being does. But the Genie does seem to be a profound symbol for imagination, creativity, and possibility. As I hope to demonstrate in my conclusion, it is these aspects of the Genie -- rather than his bright…

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American Women's History There Were
Words: 1529 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: A-Level Coursework Paper #: 48783405
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Boycotting British goods meant that American women were going to have to make sacrifices, and stop consuming goods that were imported from Britain. The cartoon of the women of Edenton, NC signing a non-consumption agreement represent American women involving themselves in the political and economic boycott of Britain by the American colonies. ("A Society of Patriotic Ladies") However, it is actually a criticism of women's involvement in political affairs by representing the women who signed as silly women engaging in silly activities. The entire cartoon is designed to give the impression that women are not able to take on political issues seriously and deal with them effectively. Instead, the women in the cartoon are engaging in sex, playing, drinking, and are generally distracted from the important issue at hand.

orks Cited

"A Society of Patriotic Ladies- North Carolina Digital History." LEARN NC. eb. 14

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Mazda Is the Mazda Lorax Ad Good
Words: 1278 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11112430
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Is the Mazda Lorax ad good?

The Mazda CX- 5 SUV was advertised in 2012 with a tie-in to the Lorax movie. The advertisement promotes the SUV using Lorax themes. The Lorax is a Dr. Seuss book that is based around the concept of corporate greed creating environmental degradation, and the book has a strong environmentalist message. The ad seeks to improve the environmental perception of Mazda, loosely promoting the company's Skyactiv technology. This technology is not really explained other than it seeks to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. The CX -- 5/Lorax ad is not good, because it represents the concept of greenwashing. The cartoon Lorax character and its themes are used to present this vehicle as environmentally friendly, which is deceptive.

Greenwashing refers to the use of marketing techniques into to mislead customers into thinking that certain products or their production processes are environmentally friendly. Typically,…


Godelnik, Raz. "Lorax Tie-Ins Go Overboard: Is It Greenwashing?" Triple Pundit. Retrieved from . 2014.

Carty, Silke. "Greenwashed Car Ads Make People Feel Good about Polluting" The Huffington Post. Retrieved from . 2014.

New Yorker December 1 2008
Words: 729 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 64330425
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This, like many of the New Yorker's cartoons, is supposed to be funny, but falls short of that mark. Besides the ultimate simplicity of the joke (which might appeal to second-graders, there is the question of WHY this bandaged man sat down to play another game of chess with his violent opponent. The joke is overly simple and at the same time it doesn't make a whole lot of sense -- I would not have published this.

In Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s article, "Family Matters," the author details his families oral history and the way modern science is changing that picture. Descended from an unknown white man and the mulatto Jane Gates of the pre-Civil War era, it had long been family legend that this line of Gates had been fathered by Jane's owner Samuel Brady. The author's research and DNA testing proves this wasn't the case, and the article…

Recording Artists and Publications Are
Words: 677 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56850266
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I am also very confused by the author's decision to switch over to talking about the impact a Danish publication had especially because it did not relate to music and it did not deal with issues in the U.S. While the author intended to demonstrate the power of the press, he/she should have chosen an example applicable to the U.S. Moreover, the author appears to confuse a political cartoon that deliberately sets out to polarize the audience with traditional art, which sets out to be a tool for an artist's expression of thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

The concluding paragraph is fraught with hypocritical inconsistencies. The author began by claiming that the First Amendment gives individuals the right to free speech and yet, he/she set out immediately to determine what an artist could and could not say, and what they should and should not say. Furthermore, in this last paragraph, the…

Business Marketing Ethics
Words: 633 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63377140
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Business Marketing Ethics:

Snuff Out Joe Camel

Business Marketing Ethics: Snuff out Joe Camel

Reynolds is acting in an unethical and socially irresponsible manner

R.J. Reynolds' use of Joe Camel smacks of "target marketing" toward children. The use of a "cool" cartoon figure surrounded by admiring friends and an attractive girlfriend seems tailor-made for enticing children, who are drawn to cartoon figures and crave acceptance and "coolness" at least as much as adults crave acceptance and "coolness." The targeting of children for an "adults-only" product is particularly reprehensible because children are a recognized vulnerable group; the vulnerability of children is the reason for so many laws treating them as "infants" who cannot decide for themselves. In the face of our society's treatment of children as a vulnerable group that must be protected, Joe Camel is an anti-social use of marketing.

Marketing to children is particularly harmful when that marketing encourages…

Finally, assuming for argument's sake that R.J. Reynolds did not initially target children, Joe Camel apparently did create hordes of child-addicts and RJ. Reynolds knew or should have known that and reacted as an ethical company. R.J. Reynolds is a wealthy company that probably keeps careful track of who smokes its cigarettes and an ethical company would have stopped using Joe Camel after realizing that: the percentage of smokers under 18 who smoke Camels has risen from less than 1% to nearly 33% since the company began using Joe Camel; nearly one-quarter of Camel's sales are to underage smokers; kids smoke the most heavily advertised brands, and Camel has been the second most advertised brand since 1988. Rather than "pulling the plug" on Joe Camel in the face of all that information, R.J. Reynolds was apparently secretly thrilled with the child-addicts and kept using Mr. Camel quite heavily, even when attorneys' general from more than 27 states petitioned the FTC to sue the company and ban Joe Camel.

2. How my decision will affect the stakeholders of R.J. Reynolds and which stakeholders should be pleased first and second

Using the broadest definition of "stakeholder," the anti-smoking stakeholders such as children, parents, anti-smoking groups, U.S. "society" and the U.S. Healthcare system will be favorably affected by a ban on Joe Camel because the ban will stop this method of marketing an addictive "adults-only" product to a vulnerable group. Meanwhile, the pro-smoking stakeholders such as R.J. Reynolds, its employees and its stockholders, will be harmed by the ban because the ban will stop an effective marketing tool. Parents should be the first stakeholders pleased by the ban because their children are no longer targeted by Joe Camel and are less likely to smoke. Secondly, the U.S. Healthcare system should be pleased because fewer child addicts will mean fewer adult addicts, which should reduce the strain on our health system from smoking.

American President as a King Would Have
Words: 462 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97890412
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American president as a king would have been one of the greatest insults in the early 19th century, merely decades after the United States won its independence from the British crown. Andrew Jackson's policies and leadership style both reminded the American public of monarchic rule. Here, Jackson is depicted as a loathsome king who tramples on the American constitution and wants to veto any legislation Congress tries to pass. The veto power refers to Jackson's vetoing of several congressional bills including those related to the creation of federal banking systems. At the top of the cartoon, the words "Born to Command" underscore the comparison with Jackson and a dictatorial ruler. Interestingly, Jackson touted himself as being the "man of the people," not "King Andrew." One reason why Jackson did engage his veto power as often as he did was that he viewed his role as being to protect the people,…


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Tezuka and Miller -- Compare
Words: 1087 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58402739
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Indeed Tezuka takes great liberties with Buddha, invents scenarios, but his Manga generally stays true to the life of Buddha (Siddhartha) and his spiritual journey to battle injustice (including the caste system), to help those in need during famine, warfare and drought.

Hence, Buddha is editorially far, far apart in style and in concept from Dark Knight, which in comparison, is frivolous and cliched. Aside from the superhero antics -- and saving people from villains -- Dark Knight is a pithy formula-riddled comic that delights readers in a totally different way from the readers' pleasure while going through the many volumes of Buddha. Indeed, many people who are not Buddhists, and have no real knowledge of Buddha and his travels, have been getting an education of sorts by reading Buddha.

Tezuka has brilliant story-telling abilities but his ability to combine the story with the dramatic visual effect brings out a…

Jackson Era the Years in
Words: 823 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83852237
Read Full Paper  ❯ He also made the electing process more democratic by having conventions where he had representatives from every state nominate a presidential candidate to represent their individual parties. This would provide a more accurate representation of who the people themselves saw as President.

Jackson also had great influence on the economic situation of that era. In order for Americans to start to buy more American goods, Jackson wanted to pass a tariff on all English goods. Although this meant that America would get more of their things sold and purchased, it also meant that Americans had to pay more for necessary goods that came from abroad (McGraw-Hill, p.338). This angered the South who owned property and were most affected by the rise in these tariffs. This was the beginning of the Nullification Act. This act was made as a compromise to steadily reduce the tariff placed throughout the years, but…


McGraw Hill. The American Republic to 1877: Unit 5: The Growing Nation:

Chapter 11: The Jackson Era. The McGraw Hill Companies and Glencove.

2004, 2nd edition. Print.

"Learn about the Jacksonian Era." Digital History. n.d. n.p. 27 May 11

Simpsons the Death of the
Words: 1508 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55972698
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That is the viewer must be more attuned to pop culture to enjoy each episode because they're not watching the show for it's story arc or character development within each show (like in the earlier years), they're watching it to see what snarky political and social commentary the show will make or what movie the storyline of the episode will parody. This reflects a change in the media cultural milieu. We've become a society that watches former reality TV stars on new reality shows. In other words, it was once enough to comment on a bad movie or a pop-culture meme within an episode, but now animation shows must fully parody these phenomena. In a sense it's beyond post-modernism and intertextualization, it's an attempt of defining a show exclusively in terms of pop-culture.

It was Churchill who said, "Change is the price of survival." And perhaps The Simpsons needed to…

Popular Culture vs High Culture
Words: 1538 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70524590
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Pop Art on Society

During the fifties, America experienced tremendous growth in many aspects of society. As a result, technological advancements led to sophisticated aspects of American life. Media and advertising became mass media and the invention of the television paved the way to a new generation of communication. This was also an era of exploration among generations. Traditional forms of art began to experience growth and "culture" expanded into many sub-cultures.

Some of the trends that surfaced were New York City turning into an "international center for painting and architecture" (Davidson 1147), mass circulation of paperback books, network television suddenly becoming the world's most powerful form of mass communication, and rock and roll becoming the language of youth (Davidson 1147).

The explosion of such artistic expression was greeted with optimism, but mostly with pessimism, "warning against moral decadence and spiritual decline" (1147). On one had, the "highbrow intellectuals" argued…

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Frontier Myth the E-Frontier The
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Such ads have become increasingly common within the last fifty or so years, as other elements of cultural life tell Americans that the western frontier is closed. Therefore, commercialism is playing off our yearning for a new frontier, one which we can still romanticize.

The next step of the western frontier is through the World Wide Web. As print advertising has moved into massive online advertising, the western romanticized image has also gone digital. The online world itself represents a new frontier to be conquered, both by capitalism and the individual consumer; "Like the western frontier, the e-frontier is vitally significant to American economic and strategies of interests that were manifested first in continental (and now wired) expansion;" (McLure 458). It embodies the feeling of discovering a whole new world, a whole new playing ground which is then to be settled and explored. According to research, "the cyber frontier also…


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Psychological Counseling Session for Wile
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Likewise, it seems that the patient may also have sublimated repressed his anger at and maybe a perpetual rivalry with at his father by dedicating his entire life to achieving the one accomplishment that his neither his father nor any of his siblings ever achieved: catching a road runner.

Furthermore, it would seem that the patient is mainly driven by ego-based issues; specifically, he has devoted his life to fulfilling the definitions established by his father and family of origin of personal worth. Consequently, he has over-valued the goal of catching the road runner far beyond its actual worth as a meal. The fact that much of the ridicule to which he was exposed during his psychosocial developmental stages occurred during the anal phase is consistent with his rigid focus and his obsession with perfection in the form of the achievement of a hunting goal.

The patient has also apparently…

Educational Path While Other Children
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In my personal studies, I have proven my ability to solve difficult math problems, as well as understand economic trends and international and domestic economic reports. In 2006, I entered the United States in order to study business at community college. After adjusting to life in the United States and learning of the opportunities available to me, I set my sights on the best -- the University of Michigan.

I am convinced that the opportunity to study economics at the University of Michigan will give me the best preparation for a career in financial analysis. The University of Michigan is highly regarded for its tradition in teaching economics and business to students around the world. I hope to nurture my economic and financial interests and abilities at your school in order to become a greater asset to…

While other children watched cartoons and read picture books, I was consumed by the world of finance and economic development. Spending hours watching documentaries about national competitiveness, in addition to the influence of my father, who worked in the financial world for many years, primed me for a career as a financial analyst. I know that only the University of Michigan is the institution that can prepare me for such a career, as its reputation as a school with excellent business, finance, and economic departments is well-known. As a motivated, goal-oriented individual, I believe I can contribute to the academic discussions on this campus through my prior knowledge, unique background, and willingness to learn.

A native of Korea, I made myself a pledge as a child to become a reputable professional in a respectable field. Choosing to undertake a course of study in financial analysis was no easy task, but an examination of my talents and abilities convinced me that it was the best choice for me. As the field of economic analysis requires professionals to have a vast understanding of economics, mathematics, and international relations, my experience in business and economics will aid me in completing my goal to become a financial analyst. In my personal studies, I have proven my ability to solve difficult math problems, as well as understand economic trends and international and domestic economic reports. In 2006, I entered the United States in order to study business at community college. After adjusting to life in the United States and learning of the opportunities available to me, I set my sights on the best -- the University of Michigan.

I am convinced that the opportunity to study economics at the University of Michigan will give me the best preparation for a career in financial analysis. The University of Michigan is highly regarded for its tradition in teaching economics and business to students around the world. I hope to nurture my economic and financial interests and abilities at your school in order to become a greater asset to society.

Male Child Cognitive Development the
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" (Anderson, et al., 2003) The study reported by Roberts, Christenson and Gentile (2003) provided a summary of a study that is unpublished but that states findings of a "positive correlation between amount of MTV watching and physical fights among third- through fifth-grade children. In addition, children who watched a lot of MTV were rated by peers as more verbally aggressive, more relationally aggressive, and more physically aggressive than other children. Teachers rated them as more relationally aggressive, more physically aggressive, and less helpful." (Anderson, et al., 2003) Anderson et al. also reports the study of Rubin, West, and Mitchell (2001) who state findings that young people listening to heavy metal music "held more negative attitudes toward women." (Anderson et al., 2003)


The male child is more likely to view violence against females as well as sexual aggression against females to be acceptable if the male child…


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Animated Sitcom While Many People
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This is, however, surprising because his thinking is antisocial and he is generally in favor of immorality. It is difficult to understand how society tolerates a character as art Simpson and accepts it for the trend that he virtually is. The fact that his father constantly uses violence against him is even more worrying, as children might be inclined to believe that violence is the only solution in certain cases. However, when looking at matters from an objective point-of-view, one can discover that this is merely an exaggeration of stereotypes presumably meant to educate the public in regarding to the difference between right and wrong. Or at least this is what producers are likely to say in order to get away with promoting antisocial behavior. The bottom line is that the persons behind these sitcoms are mainly motivated by profits and as are willing to put any kind of concepts…


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Movie Proposals These Would Be the Mission
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movie proposals. These would be the mission for the firm and its basic proposals, the company's "must" objectives, the company's "want" objectives and the estimated ROI for each of the for movies. This report will evaluate each of the movies as perceived by the four criteria previously mentioned and will subsequently make an overall evaluation and reason the best choice for the company.

The first movie, "My Life with Dalai Lama," perfectly complies with the main ideas of the company's mission. First of all, from a creative point-of-view, the idea to present the life of a personality through the eyes of a snake and through the eyes of other animals befriending him is new, interesting and creatively a positive aspect. Further more, to some degree it is also championing environmental concerns by presenting the role of animals in the life of a personality of 20th century history, bringing the animal…

American and German Perspective in WWI
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World War I

The First World War began in the summer of 1914 with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The conflict lasted through late 1918, concluding with the treaty of Versailles. The war to end all wars, as it was commonly known, was dominated by trench warfare. Due to numerous advances in defense technology and a lack of tactical advances, both the Allied Nations and the Central Powers, were stymied by a lack of military advances. Early victories in France, by the German army, and in Serbia by the Austrian/Hungarian forces proved to be less than decisive, due to miscommunication between the two Central powers.

Not only was this the First war between so many great world powers, additionally this was the first war to be affected by, and ultimately fought, not only on the battle field but also in the press rooms. Due to expansion in…

Religion of Islam Compatible With
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No doubt, such feelings are greatly exacerbated by the current hard-line policies of the U.S. government in the Middle East,


There is a general perception in the estern world that the religion of Islam is inherently incompatible with the ideals of democracy such as individual liberties and freedom of speech. The recent controversy over the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, published by a Danish newspaper, and the violent reaction of Muslims has further solidified the impression. A deeper look at the basic Islamic beliefs and history indicates that such a perception may be misplaced. The apparent unbridgeable gulf between Islam and modern day democratic societies can be breached if the commonalities between the two instead of their differences are highlighted.

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Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?" Oxford Analytica International. September 14, 2004. November 12, 2006.

The Last ord:…

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TV Violence on Children the
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In contrast, TV influences children in abandoning the theories they were taught and embrace other concepts, most related to violence. Also, after being exposed to TV violence children feel that it is perfectly natural for them to behave similar to the characters on TV (Langone, 1984, p. 48).

It is extremely important for a child to be assisted by an adult when watching TV. Studies have shown that children are influenced by the way adults perceive TV programs, meaning that a child is likely to gain a better understanding of right and wrong when he or she is supported by a mature individual. Even with that, TV violence can negatively influence children, as they will merely hide their aggression in the cases when they are assisted by an adult who disapproves of violent behavior in watching TV (Langone, 1984, p. 56).

Children are generally willing to do anything in ordered…

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School-Based Bullying Prevention Programs the
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They predict age and gender variations relate to bullying concerns. Of the 25 cartoons implemented in the study, two depict characters with different shades of skin color where skin color appeared to be an issue. One cartoon relating to sexual orientation was not used in several countries. Smith et al. report Olweus to assert bullying to be characterized by the following three criteria:

1. It is aggressive behavior or intentional "harmdoing"

2. which carried out repeatedly and over time

3. In an interpersonal relationship characterized by an imbalance of power. (Smith et al., 2002, p. 1120)

In their study, Smith et al. (2002), participating researchers in the 14 countries to completed the following

1. Listed and selected bullying terms as well as social exclusion in the applicable language.

2. Used fundamental focus groups with participating children to confirm usage and extensive comprehensive of terms.

3. Using cartoons, sorted tasks to…


Anti-Bullying programs for schools. (2009). Retrieved March 3, 2010 from 

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116 . Retrieved March 3, 2010 from

Animated Sitcom
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Family Animation

Animated Families

When cartoons were first popularized back in the silent movies days, they were intended for children's eyes. This practice continued through decades of American culture, until the first adult oriented animated television was put on air in the late 1980s. These shows, starting with the Simpsons and then continuing with Beavis & Butthead, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and others, represented a huge shift in television programming. For the early era of television, most programming was broken until comedy, drama, and news. Situational comedies were a staple of acting and actors, and animation was far too sloppy to be considered as anything acceptable to adult standards of television. Technology has advanced, however, and adult cartoons are more popular than ever before. Animated television for adults, which airs in primetime slots on various television networks, created an entirely new genre of sitcom.

These shows often over…

American Splendor
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American Splendor

How does an artist communicate? In the paintings of the great classical artists, the colors, expressions of their subject's faces, and the surrounding activities all contributed to a mood and content of the times in which they wrote, as well as their own emotional connection to their painting. During the time of Michelangelo, when the human body was considered an art form his paintings and sculptured were created in fine detail, of beauty and specific realism. At the turn of the 20th century, Artists had a new idea, a new flavor to express in their work. The European art world had been dominated by the Michelangelo, his contemporaries, and his imitators for so long that public sentiment in the art world moved in new directions. In response to, or more aptly in reaction against, Claude Monet shoes a unique style, which communicated the beauty of the content, but…


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Renaissance Art Greatest Painter
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aphael: Artist of the enaissance

aphael was the son of Giovanni Santi, an educated man that was able to provide his young son with a remarkable life exposed to much art, many artistic geniuses, and the remarkable culture of the Umbrian court. aphael was blessed during his childhood in terms of wealth and culture and would never have to know the life of a struggling artist nor the sense of begging for handouts or working in squalor. However, aphael did suffer great tragedy: his mother died when he was eight years old and his father died three years later when aphael was eleven years old. Thus, as a tender child, aphael was no stranger to tragedy, something that no doubt instilled his life, making an imprint on him as an artist. One thing that aphael's father did before his death that had a profound influence on the child and how…

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Life of Walt Disney Two Questions How
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Life of Walt Disney [...] two questions: How did Walt manage each functional piece of the business and develop needed organizational capabilities? In addition, how did Walt achieve strategic and financial objectives?


Walt began his career in Kansas City, Missouri, where his family lived, and for years, the business teetered on the brink of collapse. Disney learned how to manage what little funds he had, and continue with his work from these early experiences. While still in Missouri, he incorporated a company called "Laugh-O-gram Films." With his last $500 from the venture, he began a series of cartoons based on "Alice in Wonderland." When his money ran out, he headed to Hollywood, where he set up a "studio" in his uncle's garage, and "wrote to M.J. Winkler, a film distributor, announcing that he was 'establishing a studio in Los Angeles for the purpose of producing a…


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Bill Tytla and Robert Mckimson
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hen it was introduced in 1954, executive producer Edward Selzer considered it "distasteful" and ordered it retired, however Jack arner loved the cartoon character and ordered additional cartoons created (Robert). By 1991, the Tasmanian Devil's popularity had reached cult status when "Taz-Mania" joined the Fox network's afternoon lineup (Robert).

For the most part, McKimson's cartoons were faster-paced and more graphic than those of other directors, and he is known for having a "squarer" style (McCorry). For example, Kevin McCorry points out that McKimson's "Bugs has droopier eyes and in earlier cartoons squatter and fatter legs, his Daffy has wider beak, and his Sylvester has fluffier, white cheek hair" (McCorry).

Vladimir (Bill) Tytla (1904-1968) is considered as "Animation's Michelangelo" (Vladimir). His most famous characters include the evil puppeteer, Stromboli, in "Pinocchino," the winged devil, Chernabog, in "Fantasia," and the baby elephant in "Dumbo" (Vladimir). As Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston recalled,…

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Marketing Tobacco Marketing Get Them Young or
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Tobacco arketing: Get Them Young or Not at All

The tobacco industry has been in a battle to capture the youth market for decades mainly because of the degree of brand loyalty that is characteristic of cigarette smokers. Cigarette companies have a lot at stake in making sure that their brand is one of the first tried by the young smoker. In its bid to obtain young smokers, R.J. Reynolds created the Joe Camel campaign with a cool character that youths found highly appealing and the company created fierce advertising, promotional, and sales campaigns to take their message to market. The Joe Camel campaign proved to be one of the most successful bids to capture young smokers in tobacco history. Ultimately, its tremendous success was in part the reason for the campaign's eventual downfall, as public outcry demanded that cigarette companies stop marketing to adolescents and as courts gained…

Magazine Ads. (26).

Boyles, Salynn. "Joe Camel May Be Gone, But Legacy Lives On." WebMD Medical News, Aug 15, 2001. (26 Nov. 2002).

Tobacco Marketing To Young People, Young People: A Key Expansion Market. (26).

Ha Jin's in the Pond
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Ha Jin's "In the Pond"

Ha Jin's book "In the Pond" tells a beautifully crafted tale of one man, Shao Bin, who is forced to work in the Harvest Fertilizer Plant as a mechanic. Bin is a talented calligrapher and artist, and it is clear that he is frustrated by the way his talents are going to waste working as a mechanic. Plus the job is sometimes hard on his hands, which he needs for his art and writing. Even though Bin is one of the senior workers at the plant, he and his family are denied the chance of living in an apartment in the new complex because his bosses and their close friends take all of the big apartments. While Bin is generally a kind and calm man, he is angered and disturbed by this, and he decides to get back at his employers the only way he…

Edit of a Paper on Walt Disney
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Walt Disney is the epitome of success through perseverance and hard work. The animator, filmmaker, and entrepreneur once said, "All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Disney had dreams that many did not think was possible to come true, and yet he continually proved to the world that anything was possible. The world of magic that we know of today would not have existed without the dreams and accomplishments of Walt Disney, who built veritable empires out of his own imagination. It is impossible to picture children's entertainment or theme parks without invoking the contributions of Walt Disney. His innovation and personal sacrifices required to make those innovations tangible realities have given us a world of magic and a world with no limitations to our imaginations.

Many have known Walt Disney to be the man who built the theme parks, particularly Disneyland…


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Simpsons the Movie the History
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However, despite the fact that the film provides its viewers with a somewhat logical story which has all that it takes for a movie to capture the audience from beginning till end, it has kept the original personalities of its characters throughout the motion picture. Another remarkable resemblance between the movie and the TV series is presented as the movie leaves the spectators with the same feeling as a common episode did.

The fact that the movie is intended to make the viewers interested is observed as despite the fact that the personalities of the characters had not changed, each of the members of the Simpsons family is presented closer than in the series and more attention is given to the personal life of the individuals.

The Simpsons movie had indeed been a hit world wide and it kept the audience watching until the end, making most of its viewers…

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Regional Narrative Ideas &Bull a
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After she got cleaned up and put down her bag, they went out to eat at a diner. Lexi wanted to order the beef that tasted of home, but Grandma and Pop-Pop said that would be too much for a little girl and ordered her chicken fingers instead. "Every kid likes chicken fingers," they said. Lexi hated chicken, and she also hated the Jell-O that came with her kid's meal. Her grandparents ordered from a menu called 'Early Bird Special.'

Lexi found riding around in the car after the long plane ride from Texas really boring, but she didn't say anything. That was Lexi's usual technique, to say nothing. Her dad called her the strong and silent type.

"What do you do all day in the middle of nowhere?" said her grandmother. Lexi imagined herself on a map labeled 'nowhere.' She knew what her grandmother meant, and kind of felt…

Vicarious Learning Amongst Children Within
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(1996) that do not this particular element as a deciding factor in the procedures (e.g., Meltzoff, 1988).

esearch Question will explore the dimension and effect of vicarious learning and its importance in today's world at a very early stage of a person's life: school life. Does vicarious behavior and observance or peer pressure/influence have an effect on the viewer or observer's behavior? Is this effect long-term or short-term, good or bad? How do the students adopting the behaviors and others around react to these changes?


In order to see the practical implications of vicarious learning in students, we will observe them in strict everyday curriculum and extra curricular activities that are interlinked with their school activities. Even though they will be observed in familiar surroundings, the influence or modeling will be coming from both familiar and unfamiliar people and fellow students whether in the same age group or not…


Bandura, a. (1965). Influence of models' reinforcement contingencies on the acquisition of imitative responses. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1, 589-595.

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Barr, R., Dowden, a., & Hayne, H. (1996). Developmental changes in deferred imitation by 6- to 24-month-old infants. Infant Behavior and Development, 19, 159-170.

Children's Cereal Advertisements A Frosted
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There is always a question as to who is really the purchase-driver of children's foods. One school of thought suggests that children, through the 'nag factor.' drive the purchases of sugary cereals. On the other hand, some might say that it is always the parent who puts down the final dollars for the product. The contemporary Frosted Flakes advertisement shows Kellogg's savvy in understanding that it is both: Tony the Tiger's image draws children in, yet parents are comforted by the fact that the cereal apparently contains some nutritional value.

Unlike the earlier box, however, this ad is quite misleading. Its stress that the flakes are "full of energy" hides the fact that 'energy' is being used as a synonym for calories and sugar. Even a Snickers bar, after all provides energy. The advertisement of today is more holistic in its audience target. It also reveals that the way people…

Works Cited

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Mcwilliams James 2010 July 22
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The question as to what is more influential in affecting children's predilections for unhealthy food -- taste or packaging -- would be more useful to explore, but was not fully brought to light within the construct of the study, given that children were offered an choice between two identical assortments of sweet treats and vegetables at the same time.

The focus on cartoons advertising children's food is a distraction, says McWilliams, from the more difficult-to-control pressures that do influence childhood obesity. Parents that can afford healthy foods and parents that have the time and the energy to ensure their children have safe places to exercise tend to have slimmer children. It is easier to ban cartoon advertising for cookies, politically, then to end subsidizes to industrialized farms that make cheap, sweet corn syrup used in processed snack foods and to make urban areas safe places to play. McWilliams uses his…


McWilliams, James. (2010, July 22). What we know, and don't know about children and junk food. The New York Times. Retrieved August 2, 2010 at  obesity&st=cse

Negative Effects of Television on
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For small amounts of viewing, achievement increased with viewing, but as viewing increased beyond a certain point, achievement decreased. That function was found for each of the 3 ages studied, but optimal viewing time -- the apex of the function - was different at each age and decreased with the age of the students. (Razel, 2001)

Research Showing Positive Effects on Children

On the other hand, there is some research that disagrees that television has a profound negative effect on a child's behavior, health and cognitive ability. This research does not support the hypothesis that television is bad for children. There is observation

Television and Children 7 research that shows that television can be a positive influence in a child's learning process. The television can inform, entertain, and educate children in many ways.

Even though there is an abundance of children's shows that promote violence and other generally un-educational topics,…


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Video Violence Assessing and Curbing the Effects
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Video Violence: Assessing and Curbing the Effects of Television

Violence within Youth Programming in the United States of America

In today's day and age, technology has become a cornerstone of the American existence. With each passing day, new and improved technological devices turnover in order to bring the outside world into the individual American home, but the television has remained unaffected. The television and its programming have remained a constant yet changing staple in the country that brings with it an unparalleled ability to shape its watchers, with the most affected being the children and youth of America. While so many individuals immediately connect the phrase "children's programming" to harmless programs like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, the truth remains that along with this wholesome educational programming, violence has also become a constant in many of the television programs geared toward children today. In viewing the research that is…


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Children TV and American Values
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children, television and American values. The writer collects and reviews empirical evidence about the way television affects American values in the children of the nation. The writer uses a survey approach and conducts a study of children age 5- to 10-year-old and combines the results in this paper.

American values are as American as apple pie. When one has children one of the things they hope for is that they can raise those children to have strong American values, which might include respect for others, hard work and the ability to accept diversity. Often times the lack of American values is blamed on the things that children watch on television. Experts claim that the television shows that are popular today with children send a message to the children that they do not have to have values to be well liked and successful in life. Research is firmly divided on the…

Tex Avery
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Tex Avery: Facts and History

Tex Avery was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 6, 1908. His real name was Frederick Bean Avery and he was interested in cartoons and animation from the time he was very young. He was related to Daniel Boone, and after he completed high school he got a job as a painter at the alter Lantz studios in 1929 (Tex, 2003). His only previous experience was doing the drawing and illustrations for his high school yearbook (Tex Avery, 2003). In 1936 he got a job as the cartoon director for arner Brothers, and he worked in that job until 1941. He was credited with creating Bugs Bunny's ever-famous "hat's up, Doc?" And he often voiced many of the hysterical and hilarious laughs that some of the characters had (Tex, 2003).

He left arner in 1941 and went to work for MGM, but he left there…

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History of Pop Art
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Mull over the relationship between art and popular culture since 1950. Focus your discussion on 3 or 4 artists.

The world of art has seen two distinct trends in recent decades since the mid-20th century. On one hand, high art has become less central to most people's lives. Other, more visceral forms of popular media have claimed the attention of the public in the incarnations of photography, film, and television. There is no longer a reliance upon visual representations such as sketching and painting to commemorate historical and personal occasions. But as a result of this divide between popular and high culture and the increasing significance of pop culture, high art has begun to adopt many themes and even the visual style of many popular works to justify its existence. As pop culture becomes part of every person's framework of reference, the elements of pop art have been co-opted and…

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Negative Effects of Media on
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As we are exposed to more and more sex and violence, these things begin to mean less to us, and indiscriminate and uncaring behavior appears to be one of the major results of this. In order to change the situation without impinging on this country's basic freedoms, media producers will need to shoulder the responsibility and provide content that is more conducive to a happy, well-adjusted, and more neighborly society.


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