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Central Bank Essays (Examples)

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Bank Insure That the Level
Words: 1883 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 44435249
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In 2003, new procedures were created and they state that "companies accredited with receiving money relating to public subscription in securities must take all necessary measures to ensure the legality of the sources of the money used in the payment of such securities, in compliance with the provisions laid down in the Prevention and Prohibition of Money Laundering and its Implementing egulations" (Terterov and euvid, 2005).

Banking institutions are also focused on reducing money laundering and the principal actions they implement in this endeavor are those of fully complying with the regulations imposed by the central banks and the legislations in their home countries. More recently, the banks can access technological innovations to fight money laundering, such as LexisNexis's Bridger Insight XGTM (Tech 4 Law). But since the access to technologies is different at each bank, a conclusion is drawn that the internal reactions to money laundering are different. The…


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Bank for International Settlements Bis
Words: 3026 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75432570
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From its creation to 1988 it undertook banking functions and opined generally on the international banking system.

2. Starting in 1988 it began to assume the role of an unofficial international bank regulator. Although it had no official international status, its members -- central banks of the major banking countries -- were obligated by the nature of their membership to abide by its edicts and the rest of the world took them seriously.

3. Starting in the late 1990s, it began to consider itself the equivalent of an international bank regulator. Every subject of significance was within its jurisdiction and, although its legal powers were no greater, it assumed that it had a right to make rules for local banks to observe in the conduct of their businesses.

4. Sometime in the future there is a widespread anticipation that it will be given, through some treaty mechanism, the power to…


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Bank for International Settlement
Words: 571 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78947668
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Bank for International Settlements

The inception of the Bank for International Settlements

The Bank for International Settlements was created in 1930 pursuant to the Young Plan, also known as the Dawes Plan under the Hague Agreement (Baker 2). At its inception, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was to assume the responsibilities of the Agent General for Reparations in Berlin which consisted of collecting, administrating and distributing the annuities that were payable as reparations (BIS History -- Overview 1). These original responsibilities were the source of the BIS' name (BIS History- Overview 1). According to the BIS eb site, "The BIS was also created to act as a trustee for the Dawes and Young Loans (international loans issued to finance reparations) and to promote central bank cooperation in general" (BIS History -- Overview 2). As these original responsibilities were satisfied, the purpose of the BIS has also changed as discussed…

Works Cited

About BIS. (2014). The Bank for International Settlements. [online] available: http://www.bis.


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CT: Quorum Books, 2002.

Bank for International Settlements 2010
Words: 2522 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37657704
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The increase in profits (at certain points) highlights the overall risks vs. rewards, as they can see substantial growth of 5% each year. Moreover, the performance of various strategies used in management of hedge funds experienced a greater feat, despite having less asset classes to choose from.

Over the years, the hedge fund industry has shown consistent growth and increase in its regulatory issues. This is because managers are using strategies that: increase the overall amounts of risk, while offering the possibility of greater financial rewards. As a result, the odds improve that investors could experience significant losses in these areas (which increases the overall amounts of regulatory scrutiny).

Hedge funds will experience more changes that will lessen its variance in comparison with mutual funds. Where, it will determine its investors and techniques of management without being greatly influenced by: institutionalization or regulation of the finance industry. In 2005, Ibbotson…


Hedge and Pension Funds, 2011.

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Reserve Bank of New York, pp. 1 -- 7.

Banks Improper Foreclosure and Mortgage Practices in
Words: 2595 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 65893364
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Improper Foreclosure and Mortgage Practices in the Banking Industry

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Real Estate Bubble

Sub-Prime Mortgages

Overview on the Value of Banks

Arguments against Financial Intermediaries

Ethical Violations

This research paper aims to shed light into what led to the global financial collapse that, for the most part, began in the U.S. housing market and the ethical implications that followed. Many researchers agree that the primary drivers that led to the real estate crisis was the lifting of the Glass Steagall Act, the fostering of sub-prime lending, and the creation of derivatives and credit default swaps which were used as complex financial instruments. This offered the big five banks an entire new range of operating opportunities. All of these financial tools were justified by the efficient market hypothesis and as a consequence provide evidence for the lack of a truly efficient market. As a result of the financial…

Works Cited

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Securitization and Bank Liquidity the
Words: 4798 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13613783
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.." The Federal Reserve continues to keep a watch on both "current and potential exposures..." And are in the process of a review of the collateral valuation methods of the banking industry." (Kohn, 2008)

Kohn states that disruptions in liquidity in some financial markets have resulted in banking organizations facing challenges and specifically at present "significant liquidity demands can emanate from both the asset and liability of the bank's balance sheet." (Kohn, 2008) Kohn relates that when liquidity is reduced in the markets specifically for "certain structured credit products the creation of challenges and concerns relating to valuating spreads into other sectors and "illiquidity in some credit markets may make it difficult for some market participants, including banking organizations, to hedge positions effectively." (Kohn, 2008) Kohn states that the banking industry in the U.S. is up against some very serious challenges however, the Federal Reserve in cooperation with banking agencies…


Berger, Allen N.; and Bouwman, Christa H.S. (2007) Bank Liquidity Creation. 15 Jan 2007

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Estrella, Arturo (2002) Securitization and the Efficacy of Monetary Policy. Economic Policy Review. Vol. 8 No.1 Federal Reserve Board Bank of New York. Online available at

Federal Reserve Bank
Words: 3511 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20291336
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Federal eserve Bank

Financial services as an industry has progressed to become one of the widely transforming sectors of the global economy, having significant changes in information transference and processing, innovation in terms of commodities and processes, and rapid competition among the financial institutions -- among themselves and also among their several customers. The industry and its part in the transformations in the economy show that the supervising and regulatory structure also needs to be reevaluated periodically. The aim of bank regulation is mostly the same -- to attain maximum static and dynamic efficiency levels in the midst of a politically and economically permissible framework which is stable and equal. However the profits are always associated with a cost by means of stability and equity. A more stable and equal financial system usually need sacrifices with regard to efficiency. (Saunders, p. 3)

A properly functioning, effective banking system is necessary…


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Foreign Banks in China
Words: 624 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 64184634
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Foreign Investments

The banking industry in China is essentially run by the state. All of the major banks are state-owned enterprises, and all are heavily regulated by the central government There is a central bank, the People's Bank of China, and a regulator for merchant and retail banks. There are13 national-level banks along with over one hundred city-level banks. Most banks today compete with each other, even if they had niches when they were founded -- for example, the names Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, etc. reflect the roots of those banks, but they have long since expanded out of those niches. But because they are all state-owned banks that are ultimately overseen by the central government, they do not compete intensely with each other.

The biggest factor that attracts foreign banks to China is the size of the market. Even though there are many restrictions for foreign banks in China,…

Mashreq Bank Evaluation
Words: 1758 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70472637
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Mashreq Bank UAE

Introduction of the company (write about the company and its activities)

Mashreq Bank is the oldest bank in the United Arab Emirates. It has provided banking services and financial solutions to its valued customers and enterprises since its inception in 1967. The Mashreq Bank, formerly known as Bank of Oman, was established in Dubai under decree of the uler of Dubai, Shaikh ashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum; this occurred before the UAE was formed.

The bank renamed itself as Mashreq Bank in 1993 and became one of the biggest banks in the UAE. It is a household name in the corporate banking sector and retail segment of the Middle East, having branches in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt. Mashreq Bank is the most inventive of banks in the Middle East having robust customer-centric business policies. The Mashreq Bank network is spread all over UAE with as many…


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Random Walk Down the Streets of Central
Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50187893
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random walk down the streets of central oscow will lead one to adopt a false perspective of the convertibility of the ruble. There are scores of small stores quoting rates for "pokupka" and "prodaja," bid and ask, prices for the U.S. Dollar and the Euro. These spreads generally amount to about.3 rubles; less than a penny. This reflects the relatively stable system of exchange that has predominated since the 1998 Russian bank defaults, steadily depreciating from 28 to the dollar to the current approximate exchange rate of 31.5. The Putin administration, until 2003, had favored a steady fall against the dollar and Central Bank officials had expressed confidence that the exchange rate would reflect only a slight weakening of the Ruble over the course of the next year; the exchange rate was expected to reach 33.7:1. According to the oscow Times, The bank has also had to reverse direction on…

Moscow Times, 20 February, 2003. Russia's New Secret Weapon

Moscow Times, Feb. 26, 2003. Ruble Looses Steam Against Greenback.

Moscow Times, Friday, Feb. 21, 2000. Reserves Swell to 51.4 Bil.

Forming a Bank Holding Company
Words: 14343 Length: 52 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8100572
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Forming a ank Holding Company - Structure, Governance, and Regulations

Understanding anks

Forming and Expanding a ank Holding Company

Financial Holding Company Requirements

HC Regulations

Capital uilding Options for ank Holding Companies

Pros and Cons of Forming a ank Holding Company

Stocks and Governance

Corporate Governance and anking Law

The Role of ank and Holding Company Audit Committees

Data Gathering Method

Database of Study

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Forming a ank Holding Company - Structure, Governance, and Regulations

This research paper describes the process of forming a bank holding company in the United States. The behavior of a bank holding company is strongly linked to the success of the banks it holds. Therefore, if business leaders can pinpoint how to set up a successful holding structure, they may have a better chance of successfully progressing their business.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Statement of the Problem

Over the past few decades,…


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Why the Banks Issue Credit
Words: 709 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41190638
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Predicting the Future Interest ate

It is likely not possible to forecast the interest rate accurately, as the Federal eserve has been keeping it new zero for several years now and more recently has been promising rate hikes yet holding press conferences in which the tone is far more dovish than hawkish. Thus, from expectations of four rate hikes a year totaling a 100 basis point rise, expectations are reduced to one, perhaps two, rate hikes, as the "data-dependent" Fed sees bad jobs reports, a stagnating global economy, and other factors putting pressure on the decision to normalize rates (Durden, 2016).

Once rates do hike, however, there is likely to be a sharp correction in the stock market as investors seek less risky investments (even a mere 25 basis point raise is enough to cause investors to flee the market for safer havens, as the previous rate hike showed) (Phoenix…


Durden, T. (2015). This is what happens after three years of negative interest rates.

ZeroHedge. Retrieved from 

Durden, T. (2016). "Data Dependent" Fed Chickens Out Again: Blames "Global" Risks

For Unchanged Rates, Cuts Rate Hike Forecast. ZeroHedge. Retrieved from

Second Harvest Food Bank What Does Hunger
Words: 796 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24081610
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Second Harvest Food Bank

What does hunger look like? The image many people hold of what hunger is and who it afflicts does not reflect reality. With changing economic conditions in Florida, as well as the entire country, the face of hunger now reflects the images of our friends and neighbors. It is the mission of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida to battle hunger in Central Florida in order to achieve freedom from hunger in the region.

There are several objectives and activities established by Second Harvest in order to work toward achieving a hunger-free Central Florida. One of the most primary activities conducted by the Food Bank is the provision access to grocery items and food to individuals and families in need. ecipients of this service are diverse and do not fit into one mold, whether it be, race, age-group, or perceived social class.

Another main activity…


Krepcho (2011). Top 10 Reasons for Central Florida's Need. Retrieved 12 February 2012 from

Living Hungry: Hunger in Central Florida (2010).  

Furniture Bank Over the Past Few Years
Words: 2073 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 82903923
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Furniture Bank

Over the past few years Furniture Bank has differentiated itself from other charity organization through its commitment to industry innovation which has made it one of Canadian most famous organization (Peter & Donnelly, 2006). The marketing abilities of the Organization have enabled it to compensate for its initial otherwise tight financial circumstances to establish an excess cash record over few years of operation whose main sources were; donations from the government and other corporate entities (Slack et al., 2010). The main vision of the Furniture Bank Organization includes constant achievement of operational excellence, conducting business in a safe environmentally sustainable and economically optimum way and manufacturing and supplying furniture and other households as well as services that ensure customer satisfaction in as far as their needs are concerned (Ahlstrom & Bruton, 2009). The Organization also has a few objectives that include realization of potential of their staff, maximum…


Adeniyi, M.A. (2007). Effective Leadership Management: An Integration of Styles, Skills & Character for Today's CEO. AuthorHouse.

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Sociology Debate A Central Debate in Sociology
Words: 1938 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53731869
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Sociology Debate: A central debate in sociology revolves around whether the power elite or pluralist view is correct. Which do you believe and why? Explain your answer.

The Power Elite view seeks to look at the way the elites rule and influence the running of the American society as a whole in the day-to-day basis. One scholar in sociology, Smith Mark (2009) in his analysis of C. Wrights work, tries to explain the rule of the elite in terms of institution that are formed to ensure the elite has a firm hand on the power controls. He identifies three main institutions that occupy the key positions in the society; major business corporations, the federal government and the military. He says that those in command of the three institutions do and will always have the same values and interest. They coalesce and interconnect to form a single ruling minority.

Among these…


Don Albrecht (2005). Minority Concentration, Disadvantage, and Inequality in the Nonmetropolitan United States. Midwest Sociological Quarterly, 46:503

Impact Lab (2009). The 10 people most responsible for the Recession. Retrieved April 7, 2011


Justin Lahart, (2010). Job Losses Continue, ADP Surveys Suggest. Retrieved April 7, 2011 from

Herding in Bank Panics
Words: 3113 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33463129
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Herding in Bank Panics

The work of Devenow and Welch (1996) states that the most basic of human instincts is likely to be that of "…imitation and mimicry" which are the primary characteristics in what is known as 'herding' which often specifically occurs related to such as "fashion and fads…" (Devenow and Welch, 1996, p.603) Devenow and Welch go on to state that among financial economists there is a belief that "investors are influenced by the decisions of other investors and that this influence is a first-order effect." (p.603)

It is reported in the work of Donaldson (1992) entitled "Sources of Panics: Evidence from the Weekly Data" that panic is defined by Jevons (1884) as "a rapid rise in the rate of discount, a sudden flood of bankruptcy and a fall in consols, followed by a rise" (p.8). It is additionally reported that Calomiris and Gorton (1991) "define a panic…


Avgouleas, E. (20008) Reforming Investor Protection Regulation: The Impact of Cognitive Biases. Retrieved from:  .

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Chen, Yehning, 1995a, Bank runs: Panic of efficient monitoring, Working paper (UCLA, Los Angeles, CA).

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Desk Staffing Trends Banks J And Pracht
Words: 1566 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73832228
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Desk Staffing Trends

Banks, J. And Pracht, C. (2008). eference Desk Staffing Trends: A Survey. eference & User Services Quarterly 48(1), 54-59.

Banks and Pracht (2008) carried out a quantitative research to investigate the current staffing trends at reference desks of academic libraries. The research is conducted from a theoretical framework perspective asserting that there have been changes in libraries, as services are merged and eliminated, users are taught on information literacy, provision of web-based and online reference databases threatening the traditional reference desk. The researchers' main question is whether these changes are causing a change in staffing patterns for reference desk employees. To investigate this problem, survey questions were administered via the internet to respondents comprising of librarians from 191 academic libraries across the U.S. The study results indicate that of those interviewed, 44% show that there was a decrease in questions asked at the reference desks, which linked…


Banks, J. And Pracht, C. (2008). Reference Desk Staffing Trends: A Survey. Reference & User Services Quarterly 48(1), 54-59.

Boynton, P.M. (2004). Selecting, Designing, and Developing your Questionnaire, BMJ publications, 328-396.

Black and White Binary Central to Race Discussion
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97301537
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1. Black/White binary been central to the discussion of race?

Black/White binary been has been central to the discussion of race because of Perceived racial discrimination (PRD). This is even more so with Black women. Precisely, there has been a decline in obvious racial discriminatory conduct (segregation, rights to vote) and quick rise in subtle racial discriminatory behavior. At the center of these issues for Black women is a struggle over nationality, power, and control that rotates around not just, but gender.

Black/White binary has been central to the discussion of race because indirect racial discrimination has likewise been theorized as racial microaggressions. Racial microaggressions are defined as an everyday exchange that sends demeaning messages to individuals of color for the reason that they belong to a racial minority class. All these conceptualizations highlight the secondary nature of this new racism that is entrenched in undecided attitudes in the direction…

Tyra Banks Is Fat One
Words: 701 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 1194521
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Far beyond the "ideal" female form in the minds of many, modelling creates a paradigm not only of impossible perfectionism in terms of face and posture, but also in terms of size. As such, modelling is not about being "sexy," but rather about the common misconception that thin is also necessarily beautiful. This tends to be a female-focused paradigm rather than a sexist one, where one might define sexism as a male-imposed paradigm upon the female body.

In this light, I do not believe that the "Tyra Banks is Fat" scandal is so much racially or even sexism-informed as it is informed by the generally human paradigm of enjoying the flaws in a person who was previously assumed to be "perfect." Models are envied, mostly by women, for their lack of body fat. This is an ideal that women tend to strive for, generally encouraged by media images of the…

Probability & Measures of Central Tendency Solve
Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73342215
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Probability & Measures of Central endency

Solve the following problems showing your work:

In a poll, respondents were asked whether they had ever been in a car accident. 157 respondents indicated that they had been in a car accident and 117 respondents said that they had not been in a car accident. If one of these respondents is randomly selected, what is the probability of getting someone who has been in a car accident?

he data set represents the income levels of the members of a country club. Find the probability that a randomly selected member earns at least $88,000

total, 14 of them at or above $88,000 means the probability is:

In a certain class of students, there are 15 boys from Wilmette, 5 girls from Kenilworth, 9 girls from Wilmette, 6 boys from Glencoe, 2 boys from Kenilworth and 8 girls from Glencoe. If the teacher calls upon…

Tutorial on Measures of Dispersion, Retrieved February 12, 2011, from

Overview of Measures of Dispersion, Retrieved November 12, 2008, from 

Standard Deviation in the Stock Market, Retrieved August 27, 2008, from

Politics the Central Theme of
Words: 3679 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65228615
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They are only trying to justify their actions; they are handing excuses, telling the events as they happened. And in the end maybe these characters do find an excuse, the one that they are both human, bound to fail and to be influenced, sharing the same planet and dealing with the same kind of people. The two personages enjoyed having power and realized in the end that having power doesn't necessary make them omniscient.

oth Robert McNamara and Yuri Orlov had the lives of numerous people in their hands. Maybe these characters felt the need to retell all their stories, in order to let all the demons trapped inside their conscious out.

The characters presented in the two movies were able to depict the laws and needs of man and rose above law; they become a sort of demigod. In Yuri's case this was shown during his tramping across west…


1. The Fog of War. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Last modified on Mar 8, 2007, retrieved Mar 16, 2007 

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4. Military-industrial complex. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Last modified on Mar 8, 2007, retrieved Mar 16, 2007

Staff Development Plan Staff Development Is Central
Words: 2691 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82430207
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Staff Development Plan

Staff development is central to the quality performance of activities in any organization. In order for an institution to achieve its goals and objectives, a clear staff development plan is necessary in order to set priorities and initiate a common spirit of all the staff members. This study examines the necessity of a key staff development plan in an envision higher learning institution. The study explores the importance of staff development to the quality of higher education. Currently, many higher learning institutions do not consider the necessity of proper staffing and development as a key to quality performance. Instead, these institutions fail to achieve their goals or objectives, and consequently low quality of higher education.

Higher education institutions highly depend on people to deliver their missions and objectives. In this regard, the quality of staff and the motivation they receive from the institution's management highly influences their…


World Bank. (1994). Higher Education: The Lessons of Experience. Washington DC

Blackwell, R. (2003). Towards Strategic Staff Development in Higher Education. Berkshire:

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Learning from Experience. London: Common Wealth Secretariat.

ECB Can Be Successful at Emulating the
Words: 16733 Length: 53 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36972206
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ECB can be successful at emulating the stategic model set foth by the Geman Bundesbank. The discussion will focus on the fact that the ECB is facing diffeent poblems as it is still in the developmental phases. The investigation will seek to detemine whethe the tools of the Bundesbank can povide suppot fo the ECB in achieving economic stability in the Euopean Monetay Union.

Reseach about this paticula topic is impotant because the Euopean Union is expected to expand in the yeas to come. In addition, many membes of the Euopean Union have opted to have a single cuency. This means that economic stability is even moe essential in ensue that the Euopean Monetay System is economically efficient.

The methodology fo this eseach will encompass seveal foms. Fistly, the eseach will contain backgound infomation about the ECB and the Bundesbank. In addition, the eseach will contain a liteatue eview to…

Negative Interest Rates Analysis
Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33775041
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In the contemporary financial environment, individuals who deposit money in the banks earn interest from their deposits. Similarly, commercial banks also receive interests from lodging funds with central banks. In other words, banks compensate savers by adding some percentages of the amount saved in the banks. In a sense, savers are lending their money to banks in order to be used elsewhere. In return, banks compensate savers interest incomes. Meanwhile, the interest rates are quoted as APY (annual percentage of yield) and savings account earns 3% APY. However, negative interest rates reverse this arrangement where savers or depositors are obliged to pay banks for holding their money. Moreover, central banks penalize commercial banks for depositing their funds with them. For example, The ECB (European Central Bank), some smaller European banks, and Bank of Japan have introduced the negative interest rate policy where banks, as well as other financial institutions, will…

Existence of an Individual Which
Words: 782 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11659629
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There were certain moments in my life which did not allow me to pursue my study programs as desired; yet it was precisely this set of obstacles which consisted a challenge for me and determined me ever more strongly to pursue my goal. Therefore, I am due to graduate in May 2008 with a presentation entitled "Have Central Banks and Private Agents Become Wiser?" conducted under the supervision of Dr. Dennis Novy who has also offered me considerable support in trying to address issues such as inflation, the role of central banks, and their relation with private agents. His precious advice has led me to follow lines of thought different from the ones already addressed by the literature and has opened new research directions I intend to analyze in my future studies.

Aside from the traditional academic environment created by the universities I attended, another important input represented the experience…

Apple expansion into Myanmar
Words: 3643 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55154244
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Global Economic Conditions

Apple operates in over 100 countries already, but there are still some markets available for the company. The one that has been chosen for the next international expansion in Myanmar. Apple already has a presence in most other Southeast Asian countries, but Myanmar has only recently become a democracy. It is a poor country, but relatively large, and is starting to see some strong economic growth. Foreign companies are starting to make their market entry. The trends for Myanmar are all quite recent. Five years ago there was little economic activity in the country, regular brownouts and a military junta. Today, there are signs of economic life. Moreover, where five years ago there was almost no broadband and it was prohibitively expensive, broadband in the country has been rolled out to most populated areas and is affordable.

Myanmar\'s economic story is mostly internal, but there is some…

Financial and Monetary Economics Since
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During times of extreme pressure from the supply or demand side, the central bank is prepared to go in and support the currency, to help provide stability. This is significant because traders around the world; will use the major currencies as a way to hedge themselves against different risks. Where, they will view the weakness of one country's currency as a sign that they could be facing a number of different economic challenges. (Fixed vs. Floating Exchange Rate, 2007) a good example of this can be seen with the ritish pound, where the ank of England decided to keep interest rates at .5%. This is important, because the increase in rates could be seen as a sign that economic stability could be returning to the country, which would help to reverse the downward pressure on the pound. However, the fact that they decided to keep interest rates unchanged, means that…


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Effect of the Eurozone Today on the Global Financial Markets
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The Effect of the Eurozone Today on Global Financial Markets

Global markets are so intertwined today that what affects one is definitely going to have an impact on another. Case in point, the recent issues in Greece and other European Union (EU) countries have had a global effect and have wrought havoc on the Eurozone. Because if this global connectedness, large banks and organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are even more important today than they were in the past.

The EU's finances are powered by the countries that have become member nations, but those finances are guarded by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the IMF. The ECB is the institution that is responsible for the Euro, the currency of the EU, and it is also the organization responsible for negotiations regarding the economic difficulties of EU member nations. Since Greece, Spain, Italy and others have had…

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Value of U S Dollar
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Down? The Value of the Dollar

International Currency Exchanges

Current Trends and Initiatives

Impact of the Euro on Dollar Valuation

Analysis of Current Trends and Initiatives on Dollar Valuation in the Future

Up or Down? The Value of the Dollar: A Historical Analysis of the Valuation of the U.S. Dollar

According to Michael Artis, Elizabeth Hennessy, and Axel eber (2000), capital losses can be caused by differential changes in the value of assets and liabilities, primarily exchange rate changes; these changes affect the value of a central bank's foreign exchange reserves. To date, exchange rate changes have only been a major problem for national central banks with very large foreign exchange reserves (i.e., Portugal); however, it might also become a problem for the European Central Bank in the future, whose balance sheet on the asset side will be dominated by the approximately 40 billion euro in foreign exchange reserves it…

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John Pierpont Morgan 1837 -- 1931 Is
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John Pierpont Morgan (1837 -- 1931) is one of the more controversial figures in the history of America and the world of finance. Described as a sui generis, a colossus (McCallum, p. 2), "the organizer" (Miller, 2003), "banker of last resort" (Andrews, 1999), and "the man of the hour" (Corey, p. 348), John Pierpont Morgan has also been called a "robber baron" (Andrews, 1999). Thus, it is evident that J.P. Morgan was a man who was as much praised for his actions in saving the American economy during the 1895 and 1907 crises, as he was criticized and derided for what was seen as his calculated control of the financial world and American business. Viewed from the lens of financial history, however, there can be little doubt that no person, either before or since, has left "upon the great art of money getting so important an influence." (Flynn, p. 452)…

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Economics A I View the
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A negative consequence, however, would be increased volatility in the value of the dollar. Imports would become more expensive as well, increasing inflation and potentially compelling the restructuring of the economy. Increased currency risk -- transaction and translation -- would also create difficulties for U.S. companies operating abroad. I do not support such a proposal. Attempts to jury-rig a global currency are as impractical as enforcing Esperanto as a global language. Such a currency would be inherently unstable, as the Euro example has shown us. The constituent communities would be committed to enforcing controls on each other in order to maintain the integrity of the currency. If at some point the currency of another economy overtakes that of the U.S., it will be because that economy is stronger, larger and more stable -- fundamental market forces -- rather than as the result of a political decision.

3. a) The Fed…

Works Cited: (2010). Unemployment rate. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved April 23, 2010 from

EU as a Lender of
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Question 2: Exports

One of the few 'good' things about an economic downturn is that it tends to increase the desirability of a country's exports and thus reduces the balance of payments to nations abroad in international trade. When a nation is spending at a deficit to stimulate its economy, this tends to decrease the value of that nation's currency. The cheapened value of the dollar, for example, means that the dollar is much less valuable in relation to other currencies in a flexible exchange rate system. Interest rates also tend to be lowered during a period of economic contraction, as they are now, to act as an incentive for individuals to borrow and spend more. This makes it more attractive for foreign companies to invest money in a nation, and to borrow money from the nation's central bank.

During an economic expansion, as citizens have more money, the balance…


ECB: Objectives and tasks. (2008, March 28). Deutsch Bank. Retrieved February 28, 2010 at

State-Led Economic Policies in South
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in the newly ormed Ministry o Finance drew rom a talented pool o
economists rom the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Privileged positions
were illed rom within the bureaucracy and were obtained through
exceptional perormance instead o cronyism or nepotism. O great
importance to their autonomy, oicials were able to disconnect themselves
rom total reliance on local unding thanks to inancial assistance rom
the international community and reparations rom Germany. Two igureheads
within the government guaranteed a decisive and coherent economic policy:
Levi Eshkol o the Ministry o Finance, and Pinhas Sapir o the Ministry o
Commerce and Industry. They worked hand-in-hand to ormulate a uniying
agenda that bureaucrats rom both departments could pursue towards a single
common goal.
The end-product o this labor in both nations was a inancial
structure in which banks, and by extension the government at large,
controlled the low o capital. On one hand, banks…

formulated and guided a successful investment endeavor was in the case of
textiles. Israeli officials, in particular MOCI chief Pinhas Sapir,
envisioned in the Textile Industry Development Plan that by 1966, twelve
major textile manufacturing plants would be operational and ultimately
produce 26% of Israel's

Government of Chile Reduces One
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Similar to what happened in Chile happened between the 1930s and the late 1970s in most countries in Latin America that used the import substitution industrialization model (ISI) to build their industry and therefore reduce their dependency upon imports from foreign countries. The result of the ISI in these countries has included the rapid urbanization of one or two major cities and a growing urban population of the working class and a membership in the world economic system via globalization through the vehicles of the IMF and the World Bank. Much of this was done in response to the economic crisis of 1997 when the leaders of these countries very quickly adopted and the implemented new neoliberal policies. In countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, the United States and Uruguay, capitalism and central private banking are now the norm with firms and economies being one intact whole (Taylor,…


Neoliberalism: origins, theory, definition. (2005, December 2). Retrieved from .

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Turkey Economy Turkey -- Fiscal and Monetary
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Turkey Economy

Turkey -- Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Fiscal policy refers to how a government adjusts its level of spending on various goods and services it provides to a population. Governments can spend money in a number of different ways that ultimately serve the public good. They can employee people to work on various projects. For example, the government can invest in things like health care, infrastructure, or education. Investments in such project can have a significant impact the country's economy. hen the government spends money there is a multiplier effect that injects money into the economy. For example, when the government pays an employee then that employee has money to spend on housing, food, entertainment, and other items which helps to stimulate the economy on an aggregate level.

Monetary policy is an entirely different type of policy tool than fiscal policy. This policy is determined by a federal bank…

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Financial Management and Analysis
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stock market and the Banks promote economic growth and it provides a critique of their functions in transitional economies. Every country depends on its economy for its growth. For a country to be stable it has to be stable in terms of its economy. Bank and stock market contribute to a great extent to the economy growth of every country where it provides firms with opportunity to get funds thus encouraging more investment from the firms. At the same time they give information on the ways resources should be allocated. The development of a financially sound, market-oriented banking system is always considered to be fundamental to a flourishing transition. Arguably, it is important to macroeconomic stability and to positive long-term growth prospects. As documented, bank intermediation in transition economies continues to be stunted after a decade or addition of reform, mainly where advancement in banking reforms is inadequate. The banking…


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Global Credit Crisis on UK Northern Rock
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Global Credit Crisis on UK Northern ock Bank

The lingering effects of the Great ecession of 2008 still remain, but most authorities appear to agree that the corner has been turned and global economic recovery is well underway. The cause of the Great ecession of '08 was primarily the sub-prime mortgage meltdown that occurred in the United States, and its effects were already being experienced as early as September 2007, when the United Kingdom experienced a mass market run on Northern ock Bank, the first in the nation's history. The global credit crisis that resulted from these events has been felt in differing degrees by the nations of the world, but few countries in the increasingly globalized international community have been entirely immune from its effects. To gain new insights into this fiasco, this paper provides a corporate profile for Northern ock Bank, followed by a review of the relevant…


'Corporate Profile.' (2011). Northern Rock Bank. [online] available: http://companyinfo.

'Directors' report and financial statements for the period 3 July 2009 to 31 December 2009.'

(2010). Northern Rock Bank. [online] available:  / downloads/2009_NR_plc_Financial_Report_and_Accounts.pdf.

Reserve Currencies With Specific Reference to How
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reserve currencies, with specific reference to how an asset manager should approach the issue of diversifying into multiple reserve currencies in order to achieve better stability in asset value.

hile the U.S. dollar and the euro are the world's two leading reserve currencies, two new currencies have been added by the IMF to the list of reserve currencies. These are the Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar, both being commodity-driven currencies whose stock has risen significantly in the past decade, in part because of the commodity market and in part because those two countries have robust banking sectors and therefore avoided the worst of the 2008 global recession (RT, 2013). This paper will examine the issue of reserve currencies. For a company doing business internationally, is there any merit to using secondary reserve currencies like the aforementioned CAD and AUD, or the Swiss franc, British pound or yen for that…

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Function of Money Money Has Four Purposes
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function of money.

Money has four purposes. It serves as:

Medium of exchange -- i.e. The currency used for bartering one good for another

it serves as the standard numerical unit of measurement of the market value of goods, the value of the program, or transaction

A store of value -- it can be reliably saved, stored, and retrieved and used whenever it is retrieved. Its value remains unchanged.

A standard of deferred payment. - It is an accepted way to settle a debt ( Mishkin .2007)

• Explain how the central bank manages a nation's monetary system.

The Federal Bank manages the nation's monetary system by virtue of three strategies:

It can change the interest rate on money that it lends to banks. A higher interest rate makes money more expensive. Banks may be, therefore, more reluctant to sign loans to applicants. On the other hand, the Bank by…


Board of Govs. Of the FRS. How does monetary policy influence inflation and employment? 

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress Before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C. July 17, 2012 

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Finance it Is With Great
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Stories detailing the rise and fall of the Egyptians, the Roman Empire and other great nations proved mesmerizing and intriguing.

My interests in other areas have also been diversified; I have pursued many adventures, participated as president of many clubs, and won many competitions in music, sports, dance and more. My strength has always been academics however. During high school I was presented the unique opportunity to come to the United States and continue my education. It was here that I decided to study history initially. Though my parents pressured me to study finance or business, I found such work tedious at least initially. I did however entertain my parents and begin taking more classes in finance. This was probably the best decision I have ever made and helped create the professional I am today.

The more I learned the more I came to understand that finance was more than…

2015 Corporate Governance Executive'summary
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Ahli United Bank story started, we have been increasing together. We registered our own course, shaped our own story, and boarded upon a journey of achievement for the previous 15 years and plus. We cultivated home-grown capacity, concerned world class knowledge and protracted our reach across sectors and borders. We constructed monetary strength, reinforced by a well-defined plan and a great agreement of discipline, heavy labor and promise. But then again most prominently, we joined and linked with uncountable meticulous and inspirational men, women and industries, helping them prosper and grow and receiving their trust every phase of the way. In addition, in the progression, we turn out to be the strong, trusted and locally growing financial organization that we are these days.

This report is important particularly since the requirement from the Central Bank of Kuwait has mandated that it be done and noncompliance will result in high penalties.…

Ed Gold Scholarship as Might Be Expected
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Ed Gold Scholarship

As might be expected of the eldest child of two Nigerian immigrants, I possess an abiding entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed. I joined the New York Investment Banking Consulting team at FactSet Research Systems in September 2001 and was quickly promoted to Senior Consultant and Account Executive. I simultaneously enrolled in an evening statistics classes at NYU and joined Weichert Realtors as a real estate agent. These varied commitments forced me to learn how to multitask and set priorities. I fell in love with real estate and enrolled in the graduate program at Cornell.

The real estate program brought opportunities to travel to and study emerging real estate markets in Nigeria and China. During this time, I earned the title of second runner-up in the Miss Nigeria in America Beauty Pageant. I used my platform to raise awareness about Nigerian issues in America. In 2008, I…

Keynesian Aggregate Expenditure Model Two Quotations Company
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Keynesian Aggregate Expenditure Model

Two Quotations:

Company profits grew strongly in the June quarter putting another question mark over the extent of the predicted economic slowdown..."

However the central bank acknowledged that the weaker data for capital spending intentions are at this point the only clear evidence of an impending slowdown"

These two quotations regarding the same economic scenario seem to pose the question to consumers and economists alike -- why a predicted economic slowdown, if company profits are growing strongly? hy place so much fear in the data regarding capital spending intentions on the part of consumers? hy turn to the tools macroeconomics has long focused on, that of monetary policy, which the central bank controls, and fiscal policy, which the federal government controls, to shift the current state of economic equilibrium, as described above? (Schenk, 1997, "Synthesis")

The answer lies in the Keynesian aggregate expenditure model. This model…

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EMV Standard Implementation in Iranian
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They need to estimate the cost of poduction, pesonalization as well as the milling of the new chip cads.


The budget should include the cost associated with the updating of teminals, Point of Sale (POS) devices and ATMs, in all types of envionments. These must howeve be consideed as new ongoing expenses and should include installation and maintenance of compliant teminals. Howeve, the costs of infastuctues elements ae not as they used to be in the past and have been continually educing. These consideations must be clealy noted in the budget


The budget should include the cost equied by the banks in upgading the system so as to be able to deal with elements of the new standads and its coesponding featues that could entail many changes in almost all potals that ae in communication with the system. The budget must also include the cost associated with staff…

references in Malaysia:

An empirical investigation

John Maynard Keynes's Contributions to
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A b) Consider the articles on behavioral economics at Summarizethe main thrust of some of these articles. Based on these articles, what's your opinion of behavioral economics? Do you think behavioral economics represents a return to Veblen's ideas?

In many respects it can be agreed that behavioral economics has much in common with Veblen's theories. Behavioral economists agree with Veblen that in most cases humans act illogically, because they are driven by instincts rather than by pure reason.

Thorstein Veblen stated that economic processes are mainly affected by evolution, social relations, political situation and other factors which are more global than circulation of money and accumulation of wealth. His ideas of social relations domination in economics have much in common with ideas of behavioral economists, who state that economy is much affected by psychological factor, or behavior of social groups.

It's proved by a number of applied researches held…


Backhouse, Roger the ordinary business of life

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My Career and How to Advance It
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......strengths include superior interpersonal skills as well as the ability to be diligent, honest and an enthusiastic worker. I am bi-lingual: I can speak, write and read fluently in two languages: English and Arabic. I also have extensive experience in applying information technology solutions to a wide array of banking operations. I have demonstrated excellence in my studies as an honor student for four straight years. I have received a Certified Corporate Governance Officer (CCGO) designation from the London School of Business and have successfully completed the Graduate Development Program for Banking and Financing Jobs Competencies at the Institute of Banking Studies in Kuwait. I also solidly maintain relationships with a number of key financial services personnel in Kuwait, including members of the Board of Directors at Ahli United Bank Kuwait (AUBK) along with high-level administrators at the Central Bank of Kuwait and Capital Market Authority. I contributed to the…

British Age of Austerity and the Debt
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British Age of Austerity and the Debt Crisis

Currently, the United Kingdom is going through a period of intense economic turmoil where the fundamental questions of monetary and fiscal policy are major political issues. As Europe finds it's way through the ongoing sovereign debt crisis, Britons find themselves on the cusp of a recession and their government is enacting unprecedented budgetary cuts to weather the storm. This paper will analyze the macroeconomic policies of the Cameron government in response to the sovereign debt crisis and the associated recession here in the United Kingdom.

Before we can analyze the current situation it is important to define terms. According to the Office for National tatistics (2011), the British government is in the midst of a recession. This is defined as a period of general economic decline, defined usually as a contraction in the GDP for six months (two consecutive quarters) or longer.…


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Rate Adjustments by the Federal
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But when the Fed declared a moratorium on its consistent hikes in 2006, not everyone cheered. Said one economist: "According to their statement, the main reason is that the Fed believes inflation is destined to fall even in the absence of further monetary tightening. I find both good news and bad news in that rationale. The good news is that the Fed is looking ahead, acting on a forecast, rather than just opening the window, taking the economy's temperature and deciding what to do. The bad news is that inflation forecasts are not very accurate. And the other bad news is that if the Fed expects a weak economy to drag inflation down appreciably, it must be pessimistic about the outlook for growth" ("Commentary: The pros & cons of unchanged interest rates," Nightly Business Report., 2006). Little had really changed in the economy, said some economists, the Fed was…

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Fed lifts interest rate to 3.75%" BBC News: Business. 20 Sept 2005. [18 Jul 2007]

Economics the Federal Reserve the
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It is thought that the pace of the recovery will be slowed by people's desire to rebuild wealth, still-tight credit conditions facing some borrowers, and, despite some tentative signs of stabilization, continued weakness in labor markets. With considerable resource slack continuing to suppress cost pressures and with longer-term inflation expectations stable, it is thought that inflation subdued for some time (Monetary Policy eport to the Congress, 2010).

The Federal eserve has continued to support the functioning of financial markets and promote recovery in economic activity doing a wide array of things. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has maintained a target range of 0 to 1/4% for the federal funds rate throughout the second half of 2009 and early 2010. They have also continued to purchase Treasury securities, agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS), and agency debt in order to provide support to mortgage and housing markets and to improve overall conditions…


The Federal Reserve Board Its Purposes and Functions. (2005). Retrieved June 25, 2010, from Federal Reserve Web site: 

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Web site:

Capital Requirement and Risk Behavior Arab African
Words: 12698 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 45533113
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Capital Requirement and Risk ehavior

Arab African International ank

Midan ElSaray El Koubra, Garden City Caoro

The research will mainly dwell on the capital requirements and risk behavior of banks, more in particular the credit risk. The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze the relationship between capital requirements and the risk behavior of banks in Egypt

more in particular the Arab African International ank, which is the case study for this research. Secondly, the research will seek to investigate the impact of capital regulation on the banking behaviors and particularly on the levels of credit risk of banks operating in Egypt

The findings of the research show that there is negative relationship between capital requirement and banks' risk behavior; the findings also show there is empirical evidence to prove that capital regulations have a negative impact on credit risk of banks levels of credit risk of banks…


Aggarwal, R. And K. Jacques, (1998), a Simultaneous Equation Estimation of the Impact of Prompt Corrective Action on Bank Capital and Risk, New York, 12-23

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Institutions, Journal of Banking and Finance pp 19, 393-430.