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Colgate Palmolive Essays (Examples)

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Turi Mckinley and Jason Severs
Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88292575
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He applies that perspective to every stage of the design process as he works with clients. Severs (2011) claims that "the needs of users, businesses, manufacturers, suppliers, environment" are all integral to the design experience.

In fact, Severs found that working with his young daughter provided insight into the design process, informing a human-centered approach. His daughter's reactions to produces, processes, activities, and services show how design directly impacts behavior and perceptions. Severs claims that his daughter's own drawings and designs have affected his view, showing that design experts can learn a lot from children. As examples, Severs showed 3D modeling and other examples of how design affects our reactions to things.

Both McKinley and Severs focused on how design is a major part of our everyday lives. The products we use are often designed poorly, reflecting an approach that is not centered on the needs of the end user.…


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Procter & Gamble Sustainability Strategies
Words: 2632 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9659894
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P&G is looking to make the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard methodology a global standard (P&G, 2010). To support this effort to make the scorecard a global baseline of sustainability measurement, P&G freely distributes Microsoft Excel models of the methodology and baseline analysis tools from their website. The foundations of the methodology can be seen in Figure 2: Procter & Gamble's Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard Methodology. The key metrics measured include energy, emissions, waste, water and an environmental management system performance ranking that can be used for evaluating supplier performance within and across product categories.

P&G has also differentiated this model by rewarding excellent business performance as measured by the key performance indicators (KPIs) first, while also using the methodology to evaluate areas where performance can be improved. The use of incentives and rewards for the top 400 suppliers at P&G have been announced and are actively being applied to supplier…


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Situational and Transformational Leadership
Words: 6776 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70208035
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Management Project

Jennessa Clark

Indiana Tech

2 Brief History and Organization Background

2 Proctor & Gamble History

4 Colgate-Palmolive

5 Situation Analysis

5 External Environment

5 Internal Sociotechnical Systems

6 Problem Diagnosis & Definition

7 Great Man Theory

7 Trait Theory

8 the Managerial Grid

8 theory X and Theory Y

9 Participative Leadership (Lewin's leadership styles)

9 Situational Leadership

9 Contingency Theory

10 Transactional Leadership

10 Transformational Leadership

10 Organizational Leadership Discussion

14 Practitioner Recommendations

15 Overall Research Approach

16 Site and Population Selection

24 Identifications and Evaluation of Alternative Interventions

25 Action Planning

26 Follow-up and Evaluation

28 ork Cited

An Analysis of Leadership Styles Utilized by Procter & Gamble and Colgate-Palmolive and their Role in Contributing to Effective Practices and Profitability


This research proposal will focus on two major competitors in the national and international market, Procter & Gamble and Colgate-Palmolive, and the types of leadership…

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Procter and Gamble Is One
Words: 2679 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33606514
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The company is permanently spending considerable amounts on &D to innovate its products and on advertising to maintain the brands awareness high. Shareholders are more satisfied than ever after Procter's recovery in the late 1990s, early 2000. But they did not encourage much the recovery process because it took almost two years and they were expecting a fast recovery process.


Currently there are over 100 Pantene products. Pantene shampoo has 25 products in the supermarket shelves to cover all types of customer needs. In terms of sales, the brand has had a "blockbuster" evolution. It was introduced in the market about 10 years ago and it has been reinvented since maintaining a top market share. Pantene, the shampoo is actually the leader in this market, followed by Elseve from L'oreal. Overall, Elseve product line is better positioned in the market, having a larger market share for all hair care…

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Marketing Products by Embracing an Incorporating Company History
Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19302086
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Corporations and History

Corporations have used their history to demonstrate to consumers their underlying principles in product production and quality. History is vital because it allows consumers to relate to a product and understand that the product is manufactured using the same quality materials. In the marketing of the products, the corporations will use their well-known history to demonstrate to the consumers that they have maintained and will always employ the same principles. The three corporations analyzed in this essay are Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, and Deere & company. These corporations have used their well-known history to market their products, and they employ the same principles employed since the corporations were launched. Coca-Cola creates the world's favorite soft drink, and the drink was created in order to offer a sweet quenching drink that evokes happiness (Pendergrast, 2013). The corporation has always aimed at associating its Coca-Cola drink with happiness, and this has…


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Sensodyne Is One of the
Words: 2988 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16026148
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The flavors are quite simple, as the company chooses to focus more on the toothpaste's health characteristics, rather than the taste.

The product has one size and the packaging is made of plastic, which is more hygienic than metal, as the later one may go through oxidation. This type of packaging differentiates the product from other toothpastes and marks its individuality.

The product is always strictly associated with the idea of relieving tooth sensitivity and pain from sensitive teeth. The name itself was thus conceived so as to associate the brand with the effect of having used the product.

On the other hand, for a long period of time, Sensodyne was associated with the idea of medication and the company has committed a lot of effort in the last decade to diversify the consumer perception and induce the idea that Sensodyne is less a medication and more of a product…


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Interventions for Human Resources
Words: 926 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72310341
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Human Resource Management Models

The performance management model is one of the four major human resource management interventions deployed throughout organizations in contemporary times. The others include talent and career development interventions, work diversity dimensions and interventions, and stress management diagnosis and intervention. The performance management model is predominantly concerned with motivating employees to increase their performances. This model hinges on business strategy, employee involvement, and workplace technology -- which are utilized to maximize the performance of both individuals and groups of employees. From these sources, an organization is able to devise reward systems, goal setting, and evaluation of performances to help improve performance efficacy.

The performance management model is pivotal to understanding the sort of leadership styles and attributes in place at Procter & Gamble and Colgate-Palmolive, respectively. Understanding how these organizations choose to motivate their employees -- particularly when viewed through the lens of the aforementioned model --…

Segmentation Is the Behavioral One
Words: 1193 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 67597530
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He will probably start purchasing his own toothbrush and will be included in one of the three behavioral groups I have previously discussed. After the age of 55, people seem to lose interest in tooth brushing and are likely to practice it less than earlier.

The most important issue that that managers should consider when deciding on product positioning is the category of consumer they choose to address. In this sense, clear segmentation schemes should be provided, included by income, age, social position, etc. These external environment factors will provide the basis from which the product can be developed, including here features that make up the augmented product and the expected product. Knowing the consumer you target is essential in making and delivering a products that will provide full customer satisfaction and will permit customer retention.

On the other hand, the manager needs to perform an internal analysis and decide,…


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Competitive Landscape Analysis the Business
Words: 1673 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15608159
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The modifications in the policies of the company's retail trade customers represent important risks that can lead to increased dependence on some of the retailers in developed markets. Another important risk is determined by the global manufacturing activities.

Although these companies develop and implement different strategies, some of the risks associated with their business are common. This is because some of these risks are determined by the international business environment that establishes the conditions in which these companies develop their activity. Some of the most important risks that these companies addressed in 2000 are represented by entering new markets. The potential presented by developing markets determined these companies to make investments in regions like Asian countries. Another important risk during that period was represented by companies' inability to retain important employees. This means that their human resources strategies did not reach the established objectives. In addition to this, the dependence…

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IRB Application for Research on Leadership Styles
Words: 2582 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35795913
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Indiana Tech Institutional Review Board Application




Class (Day or CPS)/Campus Office

Does this particular project continue every semester and/or year: No

Project Title: Leadership Styles used to Promote Organizational Success Electronic signature of Principal Investigator

Directions: You need to answer the following questions.

Conflict of Interest: (Please check)

Investigators do___ do not__X___ have a real or potential conflict of interest.

Please indicate whether this research should be exempt or non-exempt from further human subjects review and indicate which of the six exemption reasons (Section A) justifies an exemption status.

This research is exempt under Category 2 of exemption categories. This is primarily because the study involves the use survey procedures on a group of consenting adults.

3. Please attach a copy of your responses to items 1-7 of the instructions (Section B), including all related documents,…

3 Companies With ERP Success and 3 That Failed
Words: 3164 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38326503
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EP Fail and Succeed

In order to increase its productivity and compete favorably, any company has to implement an elaborate Enterprise esource Planning (EP) system. Failure to do this will lead into a weak company without high possibilities of attained stipulated short-term and long-term goals. By definition, an EP system helps consolidate enterprise information and control all business processes in an organization. Implementing an EP successfully is not that simple. Its success or failure is depended on a variety of factors hence starting the process without an elaborate plan makes you vulnerable to a great number of snares along the way (Vinatoru & Calota, 2014).

Since an EP focuses on integration and management, the company stands a better chance at making resource usage and distribution more elaborate and timely. This will in turn increase the company's reputation, and hence, competitive edge in the market. Despite the fact this is a…


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Understanding P& 38 G'S Success
Words: 3509 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87942614
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Procter and Gamble

Case Study about Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble (P&G) is a global American company specialized in consumer household and personal products. It has its headquarters at Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States. Its founders are William Procter and James Gamble hence the name Procter and Gamble. The company was started in 1837 but fully incorporated in 1905. After its establishment, the company has grown to the extent that is controls a significant share in the global market share. Its brands are renowned and trade internationally currently ranked as the largest producer of consumer goods. The board of governors of eleven members runs the company, with A.G. Lefley being the board chairperson, president and CEO (Procter & Gamble, 2010).

P&G Market Strategy and Segments

Procter and Gamble Company (P&G) products and services have penetrated more than 180 countries and territories globally. Every multinational company has a strategy,…


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Analysis on Net:

Best and Worst Advertisements
Words: 1582 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91841187
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Integrated Marketing / Best and Worst Advertisements

IMC-Integrated Marketing Communication, is in practice all over the world at a very large scale. The main aim of this paper is to clarify the meaning of IMC, the impact of IMC, and how it differs from the conventional marketing communication. IMC adopts the consumer-based approach rather than the organizational-based approach, as such the focus is on paying attention to the need of the organization. IMC adopts the synergy approach over the isolation approach. Positive outcomes such as greater profitability, unique brand association, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, cost savings and increased sales. The major impact of IMC is on brand equity and organizational approach. However, certain barriers exist for the effective implementation of the IMC program (Naem et al., 2013).

Stage 1 Creative and Not So Creative Ad

Product: Cellular Service

Creative Advertisement: IdeaInternetLagoing. India Ko no ullu banaoing (You cannot get fooled…


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Starbucks Tangible Resources Starbucks Has
Words: 1980 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1458133
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The company operates high volume retail outlets and has adopted a saturation strategy. Yet, inventories at the retail level are kept low in order to control costs. This is facilitated by strong logistics. Deficiencies in logistics would hamper growth prospects and compromise the Starbucks Experience. Moreover, the firm's ability to translate this competency into international markets will go a long way to determining how successful the company can be in those markets, in particular with regards to the revisiting the same saturation strategy they have employed in North America.

The final core competency that helps to distinguish Starbucks is its human resources. This supports the Starbucks Experience, in that the company is consistently able to identify and train candidates to fill strict criteria within the framework of a low-paying food service job. The corporate culture and benefits package contribute to this competency, indicating that a substantial amount of thought has…

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Americanization of Europe After 1945
Words: 3631 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 35636388
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The ideological implications are more than obvious. The third level is the international one. The Atlantic community is now united by the same patterns of consumer behaviour and by the same need for security which contributes to the diminishment of conflict risks.

What the author does in order to bring further support for the importance of the changes which were taking place at that time is mention how the terms from the military language, such as launch day, Dday or mobilization passed into the language used by people dealing with marketing. From a war zone they passed into daily life proving that a new war was going on, that is consumption on a daily basis.

And indeed de Grazia brings into discussion the so called Detergent wars. America is the place where the first PR and advertising agencies were born. This fact was naturally a consequence of the economic realities…

Databases Access SQL MS SQL
Words: 1213 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50098520
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Oracle supports stored programs such as stored procedures and packages. This enables the developers to centralize application logic in the database. Oracle provides powerful functions and sub-queries in its SQL statements. Developers can distribute systems by database links, materialized views and distributed queries. This feature saves much cost for developing distributed systems and applications. And there's a lot of features integrated with Oracle, compare to other database it is very expensive but it is extremely powerful and fast.

D2 is a relational database system developed by IM Corporation. It has been designed for use on large mainframe computer systems running on a variety of platforms including SunOS, Solaris, Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and HP-UX. D2 supports many variety of platforms, standards and packaging options to deliver the needs of every business D2 database delivers a flexible and cost-effective database platforms achieving demand on business applications. It further leverages the resources with…


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MySQL: The world's most popular open source database. Retrieved 20 Nov 2004, from MYSQL.Com.

Procter and Gamble P &
Words: 4762 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11015604
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There is also an inability to distinguish the product lines from that of the competitors, although the company has succeeded effectively in creating brand recognition for their products. Customer loyalty and brand loyalty of the past cannot always be counted upon to create the necessary profitability for the company.

This is obvious in the case of P & G. that the marketing strategy that the organization uses for different products differ considerably. The financial culture within an organization also affects the marketing culture in any market. Many established companies in the market spend considerable amount of time identifying the best mediums that can be used to market the products to the customer. Peter Drucker stated that markets are not passive entities beyond the control of the entrepreneur or organization. ather, they are interlinked. They can also be influenced. (Drucker, 1954)

G when establishing manufacturing plants for its products in regional…


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Tide Liquid
Words: 956 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54798533
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Proctor and Gamble's Distribution System of Tide channel of distributing a product refers to the product's "sequence or marketing intermediaries" that begins after the product has been formulated and created that then pass on the product to the consumer. (Principles of Marketing, 2004, p.5) Proctor and Gamble as a company has recently been commended for using agent-based distribution system modeling. This system is credited with transforming the company. (Anthes, 2003)

According to the HIDC.NewsLetter of 5 May 2004, in an article on distribution systems entitled, "Intelligent Agents "as competition increases and product life cycles shorten" traditional distribution systems "are no longer sufficient for many companies today. Instead, more and more of them are turning to collaboration in supply chains and forming networks of organizations to ensure a competitive advantage. But in such organizational networks, dense and tightly coupled activities increase the difficulty and costs of coordination. Moreover, as the…

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Intelligent Agents." (May 5, 2004) HIDC. Newsletter.

How Esso Softsoap and AOL Once Tried to Beat Competitors
Words: 780 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49134075
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Judo in Action

' The meaning of judo -- an offshoot of jujutsu -- translates to something like "the gentle or yielding way" ( The founder of judo was Professor Jigoro Kano, who believed that an alternative for jujutsu should be developed so that when practiced, a person practicing judo could win a contest "without injury" to the other combatant ( This paper reviews and critiques the competition between product manufacturing companies -- combatants in their own right -- that compete with their innovative products and advertising campaigns. Innovations in this paper's marketing stories are intended to help raise revenue without injury to a company's bottom line.

Innovations and Competitions

hen Robert Taylor came up with Softsoap, a liquid that was designed to go head-to-head with bar soap, he knew full well that companies like Proctor & Gamble and Armour-Dial would compete with their own liquid soap products. Taylor's gamble…

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A Review of Data Collection Methodologies
Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57278179
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leadership styles in evidence at Proctor & Gamble and Colgate-Palmolive. The paper will begin with an examination of the different leadership theories. Of particular interest will be surveys that can identify leadership types. When looking at leader-member exchanges, the key for this paper will be to ask both leaders and followers questions to determine what leadership styles are in use at these two companies. The survey technique will be utilized.

There are four different methods of data collection, including questionnaires (surveys), interviews, observations and unobtrusive measures. The questionnaire method for this project has the advantage of being easy to gather and tabulate, and in that way it is relatively inexpensive to gather large amounts of data. This will be important given that the project requires information from many different managers in these two companies. Interviews are more in-depth, which allows for the gathering of richer, more detailed data. Observations can…

Procter and Gamble P& G Case
Words: 1140 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91077098
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Uniform promotional messages for the products included in the same business unit can be translated by diminished costs. This aspect should not be underestimated, as promotional costs, in the form of TV, radio, paper or Internet advertisements represent an increasing share in the total marketing costs incurred by the company. By using the same promotion method, costs will be most likely cut down. Also, another important effect is the uniqueness character of the company's image throughout the world - consumers at global level could easily point out, indicate or recognize the unique characteristics of the P&G products, the features of the products that differentiate them from competition's items.

5. Innovation is the key to getting ahead of competitors. The development and launch of new products would allow the company to present their customers with higher quality and more innovative products. This way, P&G could obtain better market penetration facilities; improve…

Correctly Identify Opportunities and Threats to the
Words: 1160 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96385466
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correctly identify opportunities and threats to the products of soap and laundry detergent. Specifically, three marketing environment forces will be identified that impact this type of products. These include environmental quality factors such as sewage treatment and other environmental pollution issues in the detergent manufacturing plants, allergies to chemicals or other ingredients in the products themselves and product changes dictated by various changes in washing machines. In the essay, the author will also describe each force and analyze why and how it will impact the soap and detergent industry.

One of the primary issues that the soap and laundry detergent is the issue of pollution in the manufacture of the product. hether from a desire to avoid running afoul of government fines and regulation, to avoid litigation from issues related to pollution or to avoid bad public relations or "ecotage" (actual sabotage by environmental radicals) this issue is probably the…

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