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Color Purple Essays (Examples)

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Purple Lady a Lost Lady
Words: 1065 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51824024
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In short, it's mentally and emotionally taxing to grow up believing physical abuse is warranted, objectification of women is normal, and whatever a man says happened, happened. Thankfully, in later chapters, Celie slowly starts to become disabused of these ideas.

In A Lost Lady Mrs. Marian Forrester is an aristocrat. And, therefore, she is not subjected to some of the personal atrocities that Celie is subjected to (i.e., Mrs. Forrester's babies are stolen from her and presumably murdered by her stepfather). Nevertheless, like Celie, Mrs. Forrester lives in an era where men objectify women. Like Celie, she is something to be possessed.

"If she merely bowed to you, merely looked at you, it constituted a personal relation. Something about her took hold of one in a flash; one became acutely conscious of her, of her fragility and grace, of her mouth which could say so much without words; of her…

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Color of Oppression in 'The
Words: 1473 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 44394249
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They tear her nose loose on one side. They blind her in one eye. She swole from head to foot. Her tongue the size of my arm, it stick out tween her teef like a piece of rubber. She can't talk. And she just about the color of an eggplant" (Walker, Part 2, pg. 87).

In this case, the color purple is used as a symbol of the oppression of the black woman. Because a black women hit a white man, Sofia was put in prison. After she got out, she was made to work as a maid for the mayor's wife for another 20 years. Black women were not allowed to defend themselves in any manner and had to take their beatings. Fear was the major tool used for the oppression of black women in the Old South. Their purple bruises were the outward symbol of their oppression.



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Color and Mood it Is
Words: 2090 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 257158
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The school incorporates a lot of natural light and has all updated materials in excellent condition. The Lea school is about 30 years old and, like many Philadelphia public schools, lacks adequate facility funding. Many of the materials and building are outdated and deteriorating.

Students at Penn Alex were significantly more positive than students at Lea regarding their school and rated wall color, variety of wall color, amount of lighting, amount of art work on display, personally having art work on display, overall appearance of the school, peers opinion of overall appearance, and elements that should be changed all higher. In addition, Penn Alex students had more positive attitudes including proud to show visitors, school makes them feel good, school appearance is not distracting, adults care about how the school looks, appearance is fine the way it is, and feelings of responsibility for taking care of the school. Students at…


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Color as Meaning in Kandinsky's
Words: 1804 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93894744
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The lack of a distinct focus or perspective in the painting also makes it difficult to define a specific purpose or intent apparent in the work. Throughout his work, Kandinsky was obsessed with almost paradoxical contrast, as though any statement of a "fact" has inherent inconsistencies with reality. In Yellow-Red-Blue, this is exemplified in the moods and suggestions of representation created by primarily the colors used, and secondarily the shapes, suggesting a worldview of undefined balance; an all-encompassing reality that resists efforts to be broken into its constitutive parts. Such a worldview, like the painting, contains both cheery and somber elements, and is an outgrowth and creator of both order and chaos, day and night.

Applying meaning to or interpreting meaning from art is always a dangerous task, and much more so when dealing with abstractions. No abstraction is pure, however; in good art, there is always an intent. Kandinsky…

Color in the Nun by Otto Dix
Words: 943 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 10773152
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Color in the Nun by Otto Dix

Otto Dix's painting, "The Nun," is a striking piece of visual art. This painting evokes a sense of emotion in the viewer for a number of different reasons. The three figures rendered in the work are decidedly abstract, including the titular nun and the two figures on either side of her. Additionally, the artist's sense of depth and perspective are highly unusual, characteristics which aid in the work's abstract nature. Yet the most singularly remarkable thing about this work of art is its coloring. Many of the techniques that Dix utilized to make this work noteworthy are based on the elaborate colors utilized within the painting.

Perhaps the most eminent aspect regarding the color scheme that the artist employed in "The Nun" is the shading and tones that are applied to the nun herself. Her preeminence in this work is not only underscored…

Color Research the Importance of
Words: 2170 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1678222
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Desciptive statistics wee used to summaize data. The esults evealed that paticipants had stonge positive feelings about the wods that wee in yellow vs. The same wods that wee in bown. The wods in bown aveaged a "4," so the espondents still ecognized the wod as somewhat positive. Both males and females scoed the yellows similaly, and males scoed the bown highe than gils.


The esults of this study suggest that wods ead online o in pint have diffeent emotional esponses based moe on the colo of the wod than they do on the wod itself.

This efes back to the Jones (1997) and Gacia and Bohle (1986) studies noted above who wee analyzing business maketing and communication emotional esponses on vaious audiences.

They found that mateials in colo bette gabbed the attention of the eades/viewes when in colo vs. black and white. Thei studies wee concened only with…

references Perceptual and Motor Skills, 34, 724-726.

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Colored Pencils
Words: 553 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76121435
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When I was seven years old, my grandmother bought me a set of coloring pencils. They look like this:

I still have these colored pencils, even though I do not use them as much as I used to. They do not take up a lot of space, which is one reason why I saved this item from my childhood. Also, colored pencils are practical items rather than toys. They are not something I can ever outgrow. The only thing that may change will be the need to replace the set once the pencils are completely worn down.

The reason these specific coloring pencils have a sentimental value is partly because they were given to me by my grandmother. My grandmother taught me a lot about how to develop self-confidence and to dream about my future. The coloring pencils were tools of self-expression. Unlike my mother, my grandmother encouraged me…

Holi Celebration and Color as Communication
Words: 4116 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91617982
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Holi, Colors speak and people Play!

Indian culture is enriched with traditions, religious ceremonies and festive celebrations. The paper is about historical and religious significance of Holi, a spring celebration which is also referred to as the 'celebration of colors'. However, the event dates back to ancient Hindu religious celebrations. In South Asia, Holi has also gained popularity among non-Hindus. It is majorly celebrated in India, Nepal and other parts of the world wherever Hindu communities reside. The event starts a night before Holi with Holika, which is the bonfire where people gather in masses to dance and sing around the fire. The very next morning Holi is celebrated by playing with colors, singing and dancing. However, there are few symbolic elements prominently observed in Holi carnival. Every single person adorns in complete white, has water gun fight, plays with colors in the shape of dry powder and drinks "Bhang."…

Works Cited

Albers, Josef. Interaction of Color. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1975.

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Ad Description The Color Ad Chosen From
Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32602394
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Ad Description:

The color ad chosen from People Magazine advertises Thai Airways Southeast Asia Silk Express, the "fastest service from New York to Bangkok." The headline reads, "Less time flying, More time exploring Asia." What catches the attention is the very strange, actually laughable, juxtaposition between the photograph of the ancient spires of what appears to be the Grand Palace on the left frame and an attractive Caucasian woman with her palms pressed together in Asian form and a gold headdress on the right. Whether or not the marketing department wanted this to appear straight or humorous, it draws the viewer. There is very little white space, with the photographs and copy covering most of the page. The signature THAI: Smooth as silk, runs at the end of the page.


The 30-year-old People magazine claims 9.8 readers for every issue printed. Circulation is over 3,600,000, and readership is…

Paintings Colors and Self-Portrait Introduction
Words: 14235 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62048188
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Pissarro took a special interest in his attempts at painting, emphasizing that he should 'look for the nature that suits your temperament', and in 1876 Gauguin had a landscape in the style of Pissarro accepted at the Salon. In the meantime Pissarro had introduced him to Cezanne, for whose works he conceived a great respect-so much so that the older man began to fear that he would steal his 'sensations'. All three worked together for some time at Pontoise, where Pissarro and Gauguin drew pencil sketches of each other (Cabinet des Dessins, Louvre).

Gauguin settled for a while in ouen, painting every day after the bank he worked at closed.

Ultimately, he returned to Paris, painting in Pont-Aven, a well-known resort for artists.

X...for pic

Le Christ Jaune (the Yellow Christ) (Pioch, 2002) Still Life with Three Puppies 1888 (Pioch, 2002)

In "Sunny side down; Van Gogh and Gauguin," Martin…


Bailey, Martin. (2008). Dating the raindrops: Martin Bailey reviews the final volumes in the catalogues of the two most important collections of Van Gogh's drawings. Apollo Magazine Ltd. Retrieved February 26, 2009 from HighBeam Research: 

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Raggedy Man Joggers Attired Brightly Colored Skin
Words: 2085 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85894019
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Raggedy Man

Joggers attired brightly colored skin tight spandex and loose fitting grey cotton sweats pass the wooden bench at regular intervals. Some breeze by largely unaffected by the gravitational effects of the Earth, while others sucked air like there was a shortage. A large lake, with rental rowboats available only to the affluent zigzagging across the otherwise placid surface, was in front of the bench beyond the concrete. Occasionally bicyclists whisk by weaving through the pedestrians like mosquitoes. This was my favorite park and my favorite place in the park. I remember picnicking here as a child with my father and mother.

As I sat on the bench a slight breeze skipped through the leaves of the eclectic variety of deciduous trees planted that seemed to be planted ad hoc throughout the park by an unsupervised group of druggy's the1960s. The effect in the fall is as mind blowing…

Woolf and Walker the Relationships
Words: 1679 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18627806
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This full spectrum of relationships implies that fully-functioning and developed societies can form around these relationships, and that they are not dependent upon male relationships whatsoever. The strength of the females in the Color Purple culminates in such an organization of their community; and, we are led to believe, that this particular community possesses the capacity to satisfy the women's physical and spiritual needs far better than any male-dominated society could offer.

oolf does not make this same contention in "The New Dress." Although it could be argued, from her other works, that she might possibly agree with such an ultimate organization of female society, "The New Dress" seems to focus more upon the inadequacies of social communication in general, irrespective of gender. This is not to say that gender is not a concern in the story, merely that the overall organization of the society that Mabel finds herself in…

Works Cited

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Modern Heroine
Words: 1594 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36450451
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If there is anything that we as a society love deeply…it's a hero. Both children and adults alike are drawn to heroes in both reality and fantasy. Children grow up being regaled by stories of the prince saving the princess and adults beam over happy endings in movies where the hero saves the day. Most people would describe the role as hero as someone, who defies the odds, is a champion for the people, and who physically or possibility even emotionally or spiritually rescues others. A hero may even possess unconventional ethics and approaches, but the constant is that a hero looks out for the greater good of others, particularly the minority whose voices have been silenced by the majority. This paper will provide a subjective definition of a "modern heroine" as well as present a discussion of an protagonist I deem a hero in Alice alker's novel "The…

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Power of Narrative and Voice
Words: 2243 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37253713
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Janie in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes ere atching God and Celie in Alice alker's the Color Purple

The main character and narrator of Zora Neale Hurston's novel Their Eyes ere atching God (1937), Janie, has much in common with the narrator and main character Celie within Alice alker's novel The Color Purple (1982). Each speaks authentically, in her own voice: the too-often ignored voice of an African-American female in a white male-dominated society. For both characters, however, authenticity of voice has come at great cost, and through the surmounting of numerous obstacles, the greatest of these being the fears and the lack of confidence within themselves. I will discuss several common characteristics of Celie and Janie within these two novels by female African-American authors.

As Henry Louis Gates, Jr. suggests, fear and hesitancy by African-Americans, male and female alike, to speak authentically, has deep roots: "For just over two…

Works Cited

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Critical Interpretations: Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Harold Bloom (Ed.).

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Retrieved May 22, 2005, from:

Brent Staples Called Black Men
Words: 1435 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74958840
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While America prides itself in declaring it is a free nation where people with different skin colours live in harmony and where democracy is victorious, providing people with the same rights and benefits, the sour truth is that the same America is strongly prejudiced against non-white people.

Not only are they feared or believed to be inferior, but the whites express their superiority through measures which have real deep impact upon the lives of the others. Such is the case of the characters in the novel written in 1982, such is the case with the author of the "lack men and public spaces" essay and such is the case with yesterday's adventure involving Harvard professor Gates.

The characters in "The color purple" communicate their pessimist views regarding the evolution of the Americans society in which the very development of black people is biased. The author suggests that while black people…


"Race and ethnicity: life in the melting pot (1878-1899). American Eras, Volume 8: Development of the Industrial United States, 1878-1899. Retrieved May 13, 2010 from

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Staples, B. Black men and public spaces. Retrieved May 13, 2010 from,+Brent+Staples.pdf 

Walker, Al. The color purple. Harcourt. 2003

Appealing to a White Christian
Words: 1926 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86492931
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As a character, Celie's own experiences have not engaged her on the same levels that Shug's sexual experiences have. This is to say that Celie's life and collection of experiences have not been personally gratifying or freeing in the way that Shug suggest sexual experiences should or can be. To Shug, sex is more about the personal gratification and the freedom of bodily and emotional expression that comes with the act of making love (Selzer, 69). Since Celie's life has revolved around taking care of her children and making sure the men in her life are happy, she really hasn't had much time to develop her own personal sex life in a gratifying or selfish way.

It is important to make the distinction between acting selfishly as the men in Celie's life have and acting selfishly as Shug suggests Celie do. These are two separate things, and the act of…

Works Cited

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for Students. Ed. Marie Rose Napierkowski. Vol. 3. Detroit: Gale, 1998. pp. 228-235.

Celie and Shug in Alice
Words: 853 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7453565
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hat is interesting about this statement is the fact that Celie used to see herself as a tree that fought back her negative emotions.

Shug is instrumental in Celie's mental growth. She becomes Celie's confidant but, more importantly, Shug helps her view God differently. For example, Celie's earlier impressions of God are that he is a man that behaves much like the other men she has encountered in her life. She writes that God is "just like all the other mens I know... Trifling, forgitful and lowdown" (199). It is through Shug that Celie begins to recognize God is inside her and "inside everybody else" (202) and he is not a "he or a she, but a it" (202). Furthermore, she helps her see that God "ain't something you can look at apart from anything else, including yourself. I believe God is everything" (202). Shug's ideas help Celie understand God…

Works Cited

Walker, Alice. The Color Purple. New York: Pocket Books. 1982.

Typography Design Taking a Lead From the
Words: 1426 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72879578
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Typography Design

Taking a lead from the typeface named Matisse ITC, a typography-based design was created with the broad-brushstrokes, primary colors, and dominant white space that characterized the gouche paintings and cutouts created by the artist Matisse. The central theme is of a ski hut on the night of a full moon, with evidence of children playing in the snow left over from the day, and the cold clear starlit night shining between sparsely falling snowflakes. Four distinct typefaces are used in the graphic design. The typefaces have been manipulated to increase the continuity and message of the overall design.


According to Useful Information for Web Developers and Designers, "Typography is the ultimate form of science meeting art. Space, size, type treatment/effects, contrast, color selection -- and much more -- go into every piece of design that involves the use of type."

Although children are taught in school to…


30 Photos That Changed the World. (2010, April 26). Photography Schools Online. Retrieved

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African-American Authors Have Been Essential to Elucidation
Words: 1311 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30300562
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African-American authors have been essential to elucidation of the race and gender issues that face Blacks living in America. In particular, Black female authors have confronted the woes of societal stereotypes and idiosyncrasies that reflect life in America for people of color. The intention of this discussion is to examine how women writers analyze the race, class, and gender discrimination that black women have often faced. e will examine the works The Color Purple by Alice alker and The Bluest Eye written by Toni Morrison.

Alice alker

First let's examine The Color Purple which was published in 1982 and subsequently became an academy award nominated screenplay. There are several aspects of the novel that explore race, class and gender. The novel is narrated by a character named Celie. The primary theme of this novel has to do with plight of Celie and explores the manner in which women are treated…

Works Cited

ClassicNote on The Bluest Eye. 

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Words: 1572 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20695582
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A mineral is a compound of different elements. There are a number of elements that are common in the earth's crust, and a mineral is a compound of these. Crystals are a type of mineral that has specific physical features, in particular flat faces that meet at regular angles. Crystals are a subset of minerals. A rock is a composite structure, usually with many different types of minerals in it. There are specific minerals that are most common in rocks, but the composition of any given rock will vary.

A polymorph is a mineral that converts from an unstable state to a stable state at a specific temperature. Graphite and diamonds in particular are crystals, formed in high-pressure, high-temperature environments. Both are made from carbon.

b) Diamond has a cubic structure to its molecules, while graphite has a hexagonal structure.

c) The different structures impact their perceived colours. The…


Amethyst Galleries (2014). The silicate class. Retrieved online: 

"Silicate Structures," (n.d.). Retrieved online: 

Byrne, A. & Hilbert, D.R. (1997). Readings on Colour. MIT Press.

"Gemstone Colours from Defects," (n.d.). Retrieved online:

Marketing Milka and Ferrero Rocher
Words: 1965 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26488651
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The decision had been to promote it as an aspirational brand using an Italian advertisement dubbed in English, which presented an ambasador's butler offering a huge piled plate of Rocher chocolates to the guests at the party. It seems that what most people disliked about the advertisement was not the actual scene, the party, but the way the English-language soudtrack for the ritish version sounded, as if it had been made in a kitch style transforming the chocolates into ones suggesting "false aspirational" products.

The advertisement had such an unexpected impact that to this day "the concept of a butler wandering around holding a silver tray with a mountain of Ferrero Rocher has become a popular stereotype of diplomacy in general." ( a marketing failure might have been prevented perhaps, if proper research and understanding of the customer and his way of perceiving certain things had been more thouroghly done.…


Available online.Undated (accessed)

Available online. Undated < ( 2007-10-06)

Available online. Undated (accessed 2007-10-060

Available online.Undated< ( )(accessed 2007-10-06)

Thomas Hart Benton
Words: 1150 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9930628
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Thomas Hart Benton was born in 1889 in a family with long tradition in American history. His father was a Congressman and his great uncle, whose name he bore himself, was one of the most influential man in the United States in the 19th century, the first Missouri senator and the only senator until nowadays that served 30 years continuously in the Senate (he was elected five times in a row).

Thomas Benton attended the Art Institute of Chicago between 1906 and 1907 and at 19 he was in Paris, center of European painting at the time, where he stayed for three years. Greatly influenced by the French Impressionists, and especially by Cezanne, Thomas Hart approached modernism at the beginning of his painting career. He also imitated Stanton MacDonald-right's Synchronism, a somewhat abstract type of painting which he was later keen to deny.

However, Thomas Benton later on gradually moved…

We have discussed the colors and the structure. If we are to look at the humans that populate the painting, we may sense a kind of domination from the nature. I am asserting this because, as we can see, there are only two men working on the field, while the natural elements, as we have seen, indeed seem more powerful. Placed in the center of the painting, the two men are somewhat surrounded by the natural elements, a surrounding that may seem either protective or threatening. In any case, they seem to be at the mercy of the natural elements.

July Hay by Thomas Hart Benson can be considered, without fear of using an excessive metaphor, a symphony in motion. As I have discussed and proved in the lines here above, the elements of nature and the two men seem to complete a sublime picture and are definitely complementary one to the others. The nature of colors used, vivid and bright, seem to fulfill this 'musicology'. 

Salerno, Lynn. The Regionalists as reactionary painters. On the Internet at

Preferences in Learning Between American
Words: 23082 Length: 65 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 88878710
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The trainer will then focus on the steps to be taken to develop new skills. For example, if the trainer wants to talk about motivating, leading, negotiating, selling or speaking, it is best to start with what the learners do well before showing some chart on Maslow's theory, Posner's leadership practices, or selling skills from some standard package that has been develop elsewhere. Many foreign trainers make grave errors because they do not consider the values and beliefs of the trainee's culture. Training must make a fit with the culture of those being trained, including the material being taught, as well as the methods being used (Schermerhorn, 1994).

Abu-Doleh (1996) reports that Al-Faleh (1987), in his study of the culture influences on management development, asserts that "a country's culture has a great influence on the individual and managerial climate, on organizational behaviour, and ultimately on the types of management development…

Artists in Film in Believe
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25125774
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Even five years ago, this was not the case. Moore uses his own brand of investigative, and sometimes highly charged and emotionally biased journalism to make his points. He causes people to violently disagree with his determinations, but he causes people to think, something that many filmmakers simply avoid. Moore's documentaries are more than entertainment, they get people talking about and investigating issues on their own. His message may not appeal to everyone, but his methods are some of the best in filmmaking. He creates films that people remember, and this is an important aspect of the process. He uses emotional, controversial, social, and meaningful themes to "stir the pot," and will certainly be one of the 21st centuries most remembered filmmakers.

Steven Spielberg is probably the most influential and important filmmaker today. His films are much more than entertainment, they are thought provoking, artistic, and stunningly memorable. From "The…

Racism Time Changes Everything Reading These Two
Words: 2488 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65926750
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Time changes everything; reading these two pieces of work reminds the author of that fact and so much more. Both The Welcome Table, by Alice Walker, and the poem What it's Like to be a Black Girl, by Smith speak out of the dust of the past to those who now live in the future. It is interesting to note that though the subject matter of racist attitudes pervades each story, both writings provide a viewpoint that is unique; The Table deals with an old negro lady on the verge of death, while a Black Girl deals with the other end of the spectrum; a young black girl addressing puberty and adolescence and the troubles and trials facing a maturing young lady. While presenting two differing points-of-view, each offers a strikingly similar stance; that racism affects those who feel its insidious influence in a myriad of ways.

As one…


Arai, S. & Kivel, B.D.; (2009) Critical race theory and social justice perspectives on whiteness, difference(s) and (anti) racism: A fourth wave of race research in leisure studies, Journal of Leisure Research, Vol. 41, Issue 4, pp. 459 -- 470

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Multicultural Literature
Words: 2417 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 46128341
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Multicultural Literature

what is multicultural literature? What are the characteristics of quality multicultural literature?

Within the latter part of the twentieth century, a pattern referred to as multiculturalism acquired popularity in American education (Almerico et al., 2006). Gay (1994) within an intensive research of the very commonly used meanings of multicultural literature recognized 13 particular explanations involving the idea and mentioned that a number of factors had been typical out of all definitions for the reason that all of them concur that the content material of multicultural literature ought to include:

Cultural pluralism, ethnic identities, unequal division of resources as well as

Opportunities along with other socio and political issues arising from extended track records of oppression

Multicultural education like a school of thought, a strategy for education transformation, along with a collection of particular subject material within just educational courses. (p. 3)

In her own book, Affirming Diversity, Nieto…


Almerica et al. 2006:

The authors in this research carried out a content evaluation of children's literature college books to find out the way the phrase multiculturalism had been interpreted within just the perspective of children's literature. They established the way the idea had been outlined, the degree to which various subcultures within the America had been depicted, the quantity of textual content dedicated to every depicted cultural group, and also the quantity of suggested trade books for every group.

HMC 2008:

• The racial foundation involving the classroom has and also will continue to transform.

Black White and Jewish by Rebecca Walker
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Black, White, Jewish

Black, White, and Jewish -- the Source of All Rebecca Walker's Angst?

Rebecca Walker's memoir Black, White, and Jewish, is subtitled "Autobiography of a Shifting Self." Walker states that is a woman who is most comfortable "in airports" because they are "limbo spaces -- blank, undemanding, neutral." (3) In contrast, because of her multi-racial and multi-ethnic identity, she is both never 'neutral' and also never quite 'of a color.' nly in airports to the rules of the world completely apply to her as well as to the rest of the world, Walker states -- and even then, this statement has an irony, given the recent events and controversies over airport racial profiling that occurred after the book's publication. The book does on to describe, with great poignancy, the author's perceived difficulty of living with a dual, often uncomfortable identity of whiteness and blackness, of Jewishness and 'gentileness.'…

One might ask Walker, however, if this sense of alienation from one's own parents, from one's own past identity, even one's own ancestry, is a condition of a multi-racial and mixed religious background, or a product of American adolescence? But the conventional existence eventually chosen by her father suggests that a White man can return to the mainstream after spurning all these things as a rite of adolescent passage, while Walker cannot. Walker's physical appearance forces her into a continual existence of protest, whether she chooses to conform or not. Even her mother's bohemian existence is chosen, and offers the comfort of ancestry, even an enslaved one.

How constructed, however, one might ask is the idea of ancestry and connection? The unbroken line between African-Americans might itself, one say, be a construction, a tracing together between various Africans who were enslaved centuries ago. An African-American immigrant from Haiti might be 'read' the same by white eyes as one from South Carolina, causing a sense of identity diffusion because of societal mis-reading, as one cannot always see Rebecca Walker's Jewishness upon her. Making a social argument about the destructive legacy of the 1960's from hurt, from the depression and parental and personal conflict that seems to be characteristic of American adolescence is difficult. Individuals of different sexualities, of conflicted relationships even with homogenous paths might make the same argument of placenessness, of existing in a space they must create, rather than find. Although Rebecca Walker's book is a powerful personal testimony, it does not quite hold up -- nor perhaps should it aspire to -- as a sociological document. It is written, as the author admits, with emotion and in her own blood, and cannot admit the alternative perspectives of other American twenty and thirty-somethings undergoing similar identity crisis.

But unlike the identity crisis of leaving and returning to the bosom of the family, Walker has no family to return to -- her parents are divorced and have returned from their respective crisis of identities, into the bosoms of their own ethnic identities. They have been changed and perhaps improved by their heightened cultural exposure. But after her own rebellion, Rebecca Walker has no place to comfortably rest and return to -- except, ironically, the airport, she might say. "I am flesh and blood but I am also ether," she states at the end of her work. She attempts to create anew rather than return to ancestors, like her parents, and this re-creation is a constant source of consternation.

Black Films as a Reflection
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The Aftermath

Uncle Tom characters were common in both white and black productions of the time, yet no director before Micheaux had so much as dared to shine a light on the psychology that ravages such characters. By essentially bowing to the two white men, Micheaux implied that Old Ned was less than a man; an individual whittled down to nothing more than yes-man and wholly deprived of self-worth. At this point in the history of black films, with some of the most flagrant sufferings of blacks exposed to the American public, the only logical path forward that African-Americans could take was to begin making cogent demands to improve their collective social situation.

Slowly, black characters in film took on greater and more significant roles in film. Sidney Poitier was one of the most powerful film stars of the mid twentieth century. In roles like the 1950 film by…

Reference List

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Classism and Racism Literature Is
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"It was a curious childhood, full of weird, fantastic impressions and contradictory influences, stimulating alike to the imagination and that embryo philosophy of life which begins almost with infancy."

Paine 14) His consummate biography written in 1912, just after his death claims that Clemens spent the majority of his childhood in the company of his siblings, and the family slaves as his parents where often otherwise engaged, his father and inventor and his mother challenged by the running of such a large family with very little support.

Mark Twain did not remember ever having seen or heard his father laugh. The problem of supplying food was a somber one to John Clemens; also, he was working on a perpetualmotion machine at this period, which absorbed his spare time, and, to the inventor at least, was not a mirthful occupation. Jane Clemens was busy, too. Her sense of humor did not…

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Gordimer and Walker Race and Gender Have
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Gordimer and Walker

ace and gender have been shown to be major social issues throughout the world as demonstrated through short stories written by Nadine Gordimer, who writes from a South African perspective, and Alice Walker, who writes from an American perspective. Gordimer's "Country Lovers" (1975), takes a look at South African apartheid and allows the reader insight into the discrimination that was prevalent in society. Likewise, Walker's "The Welcome Table" (1970), takes a look at discrimination within American society. Gordimer and Walker's short stories analyze racial discrimination and the impacts that it has on the female protagonist in each story.

Nadine Gordimer was born in South Africa on November 20, 1923 and has lived there her entire life (Nadine Gordimer, 2005). Gordimer published her first work at 15 years old and since then, she has written numerous short story collections and novels. Although Gordimer contends that she is not…


Bazin, N.T. And Gordimer, N. (1995). An interview with Nadine Gordimer. Contemporary Literature. 36.1 (Winter), pp. 571-587. JSTOR. Accessed 17 June 2012.

The History of Apartheid in South Africa. (n.d.) Stanford University. Accessed 6 May 2012,


Gordimer, N. (1975). Country Lovers. Soldier's Embrace. Chapter 3. pp. 44-50.

Advertisements In the Advertisement Palmolive
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However, on an emotional level, a woman who wanted a mild soap and was concerned about the aging effects of her current product might feel motivated to choose Palmolive.

TOPIC 2: Famous bios & thesis statements

A politician: Barak Obama changed what most pundits thought was possible for an African-American to accomplish in the modern political era: he was elected president. The combined crisis of the worldwide financial meltdown and the loss of confidence in American military power due to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan had an undeniable impact in the success of Obama's campaign. But his personal charisma combined with his savvy use of the Internet for fundraising and populist appeals also had a strong influence in propelling him to victory.

A movie star: George Clooney skyrocketed to fame playing a sexy doctor on the popular television soap opera ER. However, he used his fame to build a…

Women in Media A Barbara
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Soon thereafter, she started working with CNN channel in handling their Washington bureau. For the forthcoming seven years, Couric was engaged with CNN bureaus across the nation as a producer and also as an on-air reporter. She returned to Washington in 1987 taking up job as a reporter at an NBC affiliate station. She rose from her ranks to hold the number two position as a reporter at the Pentagon for the Washington bureau of the NBC news. ("Katie Couric Biography," n. d.)

For the next three years she was in charge of covering the U.S. invasion of the Panama as also Persian Gulf War in her Pentagon position as also as a new post at the NBC's morning newspaper, Today. In the early part of 1991, she discharged her role as a co-anchor of Today. Her immense popularity with the viewers was because of her pleasant and charming demeanor…


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Women First Wave Susan B
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She is the daughter of Alice Walker, who wrote the Color Purple. She took her mother's maiden name at the age of 18. Rebecca graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1993, and moved on to co-found the Third Wave Foundation. She is considered to be one of the founding leaders of third-wave feminism. In addition to her contributing editorship for Ms. Magazine, Walker's work has also been published by Harper's, Essence, Glamour, Interview, Buddhadharma, Vibe, Child, and Mademoiselle magazines. Her relationship with her mother has been strained because of various public indictments the younger Walker made against her. Nevertheless, some believe that Rebecca might not have been as famous or powerful today without her ties to the illustrious Alice Walker.

Jennifer Baumgardner is a prominent voice for women and girls. She works as a writer, speaker and activist. During 1993-1997, she worked as the youngest editor at Ms. Magazine,…

African-American Women Literature Didion and
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That being said, it is quite difficult to be honest with oneself, even thought as we stand in front of the mirror, naked and bare, Didion says we remain "blind to our fatal weaknesses." One might think that being too self-critical would damage the ego, but for Didion, it is completely the opposite -- by knowing out flaws, accepting some and working towards the goal of solving others, we become more actualized and powerful. Without this realization, "one eventually discovers the final turn of the screw: one runs away to find oneself, and finds no one at home."

Both Didion and Walker focus on self-respect, self-actualization, and in a very real way, a pseudo-Marxian approach to alienation from society. There are several points in common for the authors: one's own approach to self; seeking and finding self-respect; and taking an active role in our own place in the universe. Conversely,…

Hooks, B. Rock My Soul: Black People and Self-Esteem. Washington Square Press, 2004.

Sanford, L. Women and Self-Esteem: Understanding and Improving the Way We Think

About Ourselves. Penguin, 1987.

Organization Whose Culture Will Be Studied Is
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organization whose culture will be studied is FedEx, in particular the Express division of the company. FedEx is an overnight courier company, and its culture, leadership style and management practices are largely based on the U.S. Marine Corp (Smith, 2008).

There are a number of ways to categorize organizational culture. According to McNamara (2000), FedEx would fit into the club culture. This culture is defined as holding that the most important thing for the employee is that he/she becomes part of the group. Such cultures are hierarchical in nature, and value seniority. The military is cited as an example, and FedEx exhibits many of these traits. New employees are indoctrinated into the corporate culture, using symbols (the color purple is one) and legends, many of which are stories of employees in the early years of the company going above and beyond the call of duty to make FedEx what it…

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How Teenage Girls Want to Be Just Like All of the Others
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Satire on Teenage Girls

They look so good, all in a row. Their jeans, lower than a plumber's pants, shimmer in the light because of all the glitter flung on their thighs. Tan lines from all of them are visible, so low are their extra low jeans. The sparkles on their pants match their eye shadow, which comes in a variety of colors: purple, silver, and the ever popular pink! The girls can choose whichever shade they prefer, to assert their individual personalities. As long as the shiny lip gloss matches, of course.

Their rear ends shake to the music blaring from the radio. They giggle in unison as they dance, arms flailing and bearing temporary tattoos. Two out of the four girls have belly button rings. The others have belly button rings and a tongue piercing. A melange of boy bands and Brittany blasts through the girls' bedroom. Whose…

Conspicuous Consumption the Relationship Between Luxury Purchase
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Conspicuous Consumption

The Relationship between Luxury Purchase as Conspicuous Consumption and Y Generation -Take Designer rands for Example

Conspicuous consumption is a complex concept that requires a great deal of quandary. Conspicuous consumption is often thought of as unnecessary spending or the purchasing of products that are not necessities. Increases in upward mobility have increased conspicuous consumption patterns in nations around the world.

Marketing professionals are eager to find the target markets that engage in conspicuous consumption. The purpose of this thesis was to examine the conspicuous consumption of the Y Generation in Taiwan.

Our research found that there are clear differences between luxuries and necessities and that the characteristics that distinguish each can differ from country to country. The discussion also discovered that conspicuous consumption is defined as "the consumption of goods and services on a grand scale for the purpose of demonstrating pecuniary power rather than that of…


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Barth Lity Hello My Name Is Fadi
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Barth, LITY)

Hello, my name is Fadi Awwad. Apologies for the late submission -- for some reason the due date was not showing on my Blackboard! The most recent book I read that really subverted the concept of Freytag's Triangle was probably The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon. In the spring semester 2014, I wrote a research paper on Pynchon for a course on postmodern narrative here at UHV. Pynchon is considered the postmodern novelist par excellence, so it is no surprise that The Crying of Lot 49 subverts traditional narrative structure.

Pynchon's short novel tells the story of a California housewife, Mrs. Oedipa Maas, who is given the duty of being executor for the estate of an ex-lover, Pierce Inverarity, who has just died. The central plot of the novel, however, hinges on whether Oedipa has inadvertently discovered the existence of a vast conspiracy called "The Trystero"…

How Oprah Became Queen of Entertainment
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Oprah: A Profile of an Entertainment Empress

Oprah Winfrey rose from obscure origins in the Southern United States to become one of the most iconic and influential women in the world. Her journey was one that brought her in connection with dynasties like the Kennedys and it was one which attracted interest from journalists of all walks of life. She capitalized on her image and her talent to become a media maven and today her name is as much a brand as Pampers or Coca-Cola. How did she do it? Kitty Kelly has written that she did it in much the same way that all powerful people do it as they go on to become titans, moguls, global czars of industry: she was both admired by fans (Jones, 2011) and feared by those in her employ (Kelly, 2011).

Kitty Kelly's unauthorized biography of Oprah reveals the real woman behind the…

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The Legacy of Slavery in the U S
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Slavery and its Relation to the Modern World
The history of slavery in colonial America is a story of two worlds: the world of the aristocratic landowners and the slaves from African that helped to maintain and work the plantations. Each group had its own experiences and views, and each group was impacted differently by slavery. At the time, slavery was an accepted practice in the South. It had first been introduced in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619 when 20 slaves from Africa were brought to the colony by a Dutch ship. Thus began an era of slavery in America that had lasting effects on the population of the country even unto this very day. This paper will show how slavery throughout the history of the United States influenced the Legacy of slavery today because slavery is discussed in a negative connotation.
As the Editors of note, “though it is…

Children Conditioned to Create Images
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No one exists outside of culture, and it is a difficult thing to be a true nonconformist in art, whether one is a child or an adult.

To truly tap into a deeper wellspring of creativity requires a child to feel as if he or she has a free space to imagine, without the pressures of creating art as it 'should' be done. Encouraging children to draw a 'house that looks like a hat' or asking children to color in a picture of a strawberry in 'every color but red' is one way to urge children to avoid their desire to conform to adult expectations, to do what their friends or doing, or to indulge in the satisfying predictability of routine.

It is less the desire to please adults, or even the pressures of adult assignments that inhibits children: children like routine; they often like the same bedtime story, cartoons,…

Explaining Dental Biofilm to a Client
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Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Lifecycle Thinking

Explaining Dental Biofilm to a Client

While showing Pamela the pink/purple disclosing stain on her teeth, she comments "oh-that is from my lunch earlier today. I did not have time to brush before the appointment." espond to her comment by explaining what the disclosing solution showed.

Lark, while I understand your concerns about the results of your recent dental biofilm examination, I would like to take some time to explain the diagnosis in more detail to help alleviate those concerns. First, it is important to remember that dental biofilm is not a disease, nor does it result from poor dental habits on your part, as these naturally occurring collections of bacterial communities are simply microorganisms functioning as nature intended. You have probably heard of plaque, while that oral health issue is widely known, and the data obtained from empirical studies during the last…


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Petunias -- Georgia O'Keefe Georgia
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In Petunias, for instance, it is the vivid coloration and blending that is so characteristic of Mother Nature and yet so devilishly difficult to accomplish in the visual arts. In fact, in order to really study the colorations of the blues, purples, lavendars, and blacks that appear in Petunias, O'Keefe actually grew a bed of purple Petunias in the garden. She was so intent on the accuracy of her depiction that she wrote, "Color is one of the great things in the world that makes life worth living to me, and as I have come to think of painting, it is my effort to create an equivalent with paint color for the world -- life as I see it: (Benke).

Matrix Analysis of Petunias-





Deep vivid-bluish purples fading towards lavander on one hand, black on the other. Very slight hints of green in tiny impressions of…


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Marge Piercy Percey Shelly Once
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Every day I will give you a color, like a new flower in a bud vase on your desk. Every day will paint you, as women color each other with henna on hands and on feet.

Yellow as a goat's wise and wicked eyes, yellow as a hill of daffodils, yellow as dandelions by the highway, yellow as butter and egg yolks, yellow as a school bus stopping you, yellow as a slicker in a downpour

Every poem, Piercy gives the readers a color, "like a new flower in a bud vase" (her metaphors), on your desk. Every day "she paints us" (word play), with yellows (repetition, sound), "the purple of ripe grapes" (alliteration). She is using her poetry to bring change, emotional, intellectual, perhaps social and political. This is her way to bring life, to change life as in "ising in perilous hope":

What words can I say that…


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Piercey, Marge. (2003) Colors Passing Through Us. New York: Alfred Knopf.

Polished Garden 2 000 Words Approx
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99 per one gallon. Although recommended as a coastal plant, we decided to give it a try anyway. We liked the idea of its attracting butterflies. To keep the daisies healthy, Las Pilitas suggested watering and washing them "every couple of weeks." Jay was very pleased to hear that.

Next, we spent some time researching the Verbana lilacina. It is a drought tolerant plant -- good for Jay -- and requires little water. A perennial, its peak bloomtime is in the spring and summer. This would be a good plant for the shade -- which is exactly where we planned to keep it. Native to Cedros Island, off the coast of Baja, this plant should have no problem in the garden. The only problem now is finding it!

Meanwhile, I tried looking for "Creeping Thyme." There were many varieties of creeping thyme available from different outlets, and it was certainly…

Advertising Designers Are Presented With a Particular
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Advertising designers are presented with a particular challenge when the focus of the advertisement is an artistic product. Unlike those which are meant to sell food, household products, or even luxury items, ads that promote an artistic work like music must find a way to not only stick in the heads of viewers but also to be artistically pleasing and representative of the artistic vision of the creator of the featured piece. People who drink soda or buy shoes are not necessarily going to be swayed by the subtle visual intricacies of a Pepsi or Nike ad as long as there is a cultural or need-based appeal. If the consumer feels that Pepsi, for example, will quench thirst, then the ad was effective. However, in order for a music ad to be effective, it must find a way to appeal to the inner art critic and somehow present a visual…

Kimono History and Contempory Fashion
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...these designers placed great significance on clothing inherited from the past, including Japanese farmers' clothes designed through necessity and adapted dyed textile and quilting from ancient Japan, which Japanese would not consider fashionable. These designers presented them to the fashion world, gave the opportunity for 'the neglected' to make their existence known, and transformed them into 'fashion'."(Kawamura, 2004, 125)

Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are considered as the designers who made these first steps towards a new fashion more concrete: "hile Kenzo is considered a pioneer among all Japanese designers, Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are the ones who created a new style characterized by monochromatic, asymmetrical and baggy looks."(Kawamura, 2004, 125) the asymmetrical and baggy look of their designs is clearly influenced by the loose form of the kimono. Sometimes, in Miyake's creations for example, the dresses are completely shapeless and have random holes that offer a certain freedom when wearing…

Works Cited

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Acids and Bases Juice for
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The students did the same with lemon juice and milk of magnesia, after cleaning out their pipets and the wells. The students then recorded the color changes on their worksheet.

It was rewarding to see students carefully test these substances with great curiosity and care, as they could not guess what the result would be. The more challenging part came when the students had to mix acidic and basic solutions, including vinegar and baking soda, and lemon juice and milk of magnesia together and record the results. This was to show how when an acid is added to a base, its acidity level falls as it becomes neutralized, changing the color of the red cabbage water. The opposite occurs when a base is added to an acid. The students were encouraged to try their own mixtures of different substances on hand.

A left the classroom feeling that the students had…

Works Cited

Juice for Sleuths." Chemistry 3090. Retrieved 25 Jan 2008 at

Running Head Gender in a
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the toys themselves had a distinctly gendered feel.
While the author recalled Legos as gender-neutral, they did not appear
gender neutral in the toy-store setting. Instead, the Lego products were
based on action movies, such as tar Wars and Indiana Jones or else
featured something called a Bionicle, which appeared to be some type of
robot. There were some Legos called Clickits, which were pink and white
and featured teenage-looking cartoon-character girls. However, the Lego
sets from the author's youth, which featured blocks and other features to
build gender-neutral items like towns, simply were not present. Instead,
the Legos seemed less free-form and more structured, and came in boxes to
build specific designs, almost all of them masculine in stereotyping.
The other building materials were similarly gender-differentiated.
While the toy store had apparently gender-neutral building toys like Tinker
Toys and Mega Blocks, they also managed to capitalize on stereotyping.…

Sex Roles, 54 (9/10), 717-726).
Green, V.A., Bigler, R., and Catherwood, D. (2004). The variability and
flexibility of gender-
typed toy play: A close look at children's behavioural responses to
counter-stereotypic models. Sex Roles, 51 (7/8), 371-386.

Gram Lab Gram Staining Lab the Gram
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Gram Lab

Gram Staining Lab

The Gram staining of bacteria is one of the most important tests in identifying specific bacterial strains, and is usually the first test performed when medical or research laboratories need to identify an unknown bacteria (Xu, 1997; AACC, 2011). Named for the inventor of the technique, Hans Christian Gram, Gram staining first came into use in Gram's own Danish medical and research practice in 1882, and became very widely known and used after the details of the technique were published in 1884 (Xu, 1997). Though some adjustments can be made to the original technique without losing effectiveness, the basic process of Gram staining has remained unchanged for over a century, and is as effective and essential a test today as it was in the latter half of the nineteenth century (Xu, 1997).

Simply put, the Gram staining test often (though not always) allows the researcher…


AACC. (2011). Gram Stain. American Association for Clinical Chemistry. Accessed 14 September 2011. 

Xu, G. (1997). Gram stain. University of Pennsylvania Health System. Accessed 14 September 2011.

Education the Key Elements of Classroom Management
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Classroom Management

Class room management holds extreme importance in the process of teaching. It is mandatory for a teacher to manage her class effectively in order to achieve her predetermined instructional goals. 'Successful classroom management involves much more than rules and discipline. Indeed research into classroom management demonstrates that effective teachers are proactive about student behavior, and they involve students in the process of establishing and maintaining rules and routines'. (Strong, 2007)

An effective instructional is dependent on various factors, and a properly managed classroom is definitely one of those factors. There is no way that a teacher can achieve her desire objective, if the process of teaching is taking place in a poorly managed classroom. A properly managed classroom along with attractive materials can definitely attract the attention of students and involve them in the process of learning. Management of classroom is also important to avoid any unnecessary wastage…


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