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Compare And Contrast Essays (Examples)

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Comparison and Contrasting the Poetry of Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg
Words: 1561 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85662485
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poetry of Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg

Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg are both important poets in their own right. Although they both grew up in the same era, their poetry styles have many differences. The paper firstly states their different origin, history and poetic style. Secondly, it analyzes a selected major work - "The Road Not Taken" and "The Road and The End," - of Frost and Sandburg respectively. It is worth noticing that the chosen poetries of both poets contain many elements of similarity. This makes the chosen sample most suitable to distinguish the most minor, as well as the major differences in the poetic styles of the writers. Thus, in the paper, their lives and poetry styles are compared and contrasted using an example of their poetry.

About Robert Frost

As we read of Frost, we grow in awe of him - his thinking, his understanding, his…

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Resource/Competitive Positioning

Comparing and Contrasting Resource-Based Strategies with Competitive Positioning Strategies

Resourced-Based Strategies

Competitive Positioning Strategies

Strategies For-Profit in the 21st Century

There are two schools of thought regarding the composition of a competitive strategy. The first is resourced based. This approach identifies key resources and seeks to leverage these in order to provide value to the consumer and achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The next strategy begins with identifying a niche or more general opportunity in the market and aligning resources within the organization to achieve a competitive position in regards to the competition. The former strategy can be generalized as more of a push strategy while the latter is more of a pull strategy. Both have advantages as well as disadvantages and fit certain circumstances better than others. In this research project, a brief literature review of both vantage points will be provided follow by a…

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Comparison and Contrast
Words: 903 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43631089
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The artistic styles of Pablo Picasso, best known for his high abstractions of the Cubist painting style, and Salvador Dali, one of the most important leaders of the Surrealist movement, have influenced a wide range of artists and are today considered as the quintessential examples of twentieth century art. Picasso as an artist was highly imaginative and original and borrowed heavily from many historical examples which aided him in developing new painting styles. Salvador Dali, like many of his Surrealist contemporaries, sought inspiration from a love for fantasy and studied the writings of Sigmund Freud regarding the human subconscious mind which inspired him to "systemize confusion" through his paintings.
The Cubism style of painting as practiced by Pablo Picasso is best represented by his Accordionist (1911, oil on canvas), a construction of large intersecting planes that suggest the forms of…

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Comparing and Contrast
Words: 1588 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29642885
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Israeli and U.S. Educational Systems

Comparison of the Educational Systems in the United States and Israel Today

Schools are unique in any society since they educate and mold the next generation who will then be in charge of how the world will shape up and how these schools will be run in the future. Educators in every country help shape the character and the morality of their students beyond the intellectual and physical instruction provided. An education today must prepare a person for the realities of life, including how to balance a checkbook, answer an employment ad, and how to comport oneself at a job interview. These fundamental skills are just part of a huge body of knowledge which includes everything about a given society and the world in which people live. This paper will provide an overview and comparison of the respective educational systems employed by the United States…

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Mr Forrester Mr Crawford Comparing and Contrasting
Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31624930
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Mr. Forrester Mr. Crawford

Comparing and contrasting the character of Mr. Forrester and Mr. Crawford in Finding Forrester

The 2000 film directed by Gus Van Sant entitled Finding Forrester could be described as a classic 'fish out of water' story. The main protagonist Jamal is an intelligent, young African-American adolescent who is offered the opportunity to attend a prestigious private preparatory school on a scholarship because of the strength of his SAT scores. Jamal has been concealing his academic interests from his friends because he is afraid it will make him seen stuck up or 'white.' However, he reads widely and writes a great deal on his own. Through a series of improbable events, he comes to be privately mentored by Mr. Forrester, a reclusive writer who wrote one great book and then stopped writing entirely.

Jamal's encounter with Forrester is rather unexpected, beginning when he sneaks into Forrester's house…

Environmental Policies Comparing and Contrasting
Words: 375 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62104982
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It not only recycles, but unlike Universal Studios it donates electronics, furniture, and office supplies to community organizations, so that the products will be put to good use. Like Universal Studios, the alt Disney Company is committed to purchasing recycled-content products, and uses packaging materials that can be reused or recycled. It tries to buy in bulk to minimize packaging waste ("aste Minimization: The alt Disney Company," 2007, the alt Disney Company ebsite). In a unique program that is not present at Universal Studios, the company educates Disney employees both in company policies regarding environmentally sound living and encourages and instructs employees to engage in such practices in their own homes.

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Go Metro Specials."…

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Classical Baroque Comparing and Contrasting
Words: 1709 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84213882
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The geniuses strained the boundaries of the characteristic styles more evidently and more quickly than those of their contemporaries to bring about such seismic changes.

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Genesis Comparing and Contrasting Genesis
Words: 1818 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97661560
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The details of the relationship between the mistaken 'husband' are explained as well, unlike Genesis 12, where Pharaoh is merely said to have taken Sarah, with no further explanation: "And God said unto him [Abimelech] in a dream, Yea, I know that thou didst this in the integrity of thy heart; for I also withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore suffered I thee not to touch her" (Genesis 20:6).

God defends Abraham in words, not simply in the presentation style of the story of Abraham: "he is a prophet, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live" (Genesis 20:7). If the king does not, he will die. The king goes to Abraham and again, in involved dialogue complains that he was not told of Sarah's real identity, and almost sheepishly, Abraham admits his fear: "Because I thought, Surely the fear of God is not in this place;…

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Leadership Theories Comparing and Contrasting
Words: 1470 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89786237
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In contrast, a "selling and coaching" (S2) approach is demanded when the leader knows the follower may be uncertain about how to perform the task, but the subordinate has a high level of commitment, as in the case of an intern or a new hire. S2 is a motivational or mentoring approach. The employee craves direction, but will be motivated more by personality and praise than 'carrots and sticks' versus the S1 situation (Straker 2004).

A "participating/supporting" leadership situation (S3) is when the leader knows that the employees can complete the task but the manager wants more of an emotional investment or a higher level of excellence. An example of this approach might be a manager of a fast food establishment with a teenage, low-skilled workforce. The employees can do the job, but needs more motivation to perform at a high level rather than task-specific direction. Finally, an (S4) situation…


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Religion Comparing and Contrasting Vodou
Words: 2523 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49455140
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oth religions are not technically held to be systems of belief by their adherents, but rather as systems of service or patronage to higher powers. The idea was present in African feudalism, but seems to be enhanced and highlighted in Creole religions by the slave experience. Seeking for a path away from the rule of cruel Europeans, African slaves turned to the rule of benevolent and helpful Orishas and Loas. Practitioners serve the demi-gods, and the demi-gods in turn serve the practitioners. The relationship between god and man is mainly business, although love and respect are also required. However, no true worship -- as a westerner would understand it -- is required; instead the Orishas and Loas are propitiated by sacrifices, and communicate their assistance mainly by oracles. In both Vodou and Santeria each Orisha or Loa is associated with a certain constellation of symbols, fetishes, sacrifices, and drum-rhythms…


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Economic Democracy Comparing and Contrast
Words: 1653 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14869298
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Instead Dahl
assumes the notion that it would be best to have "a system of economic
enterprises collectively owned and democratically governed by all the
people who work in them," meaning that he differs from the notions of Okun
and the Friedman's by proposing something radically different to promote
the ultimate goal of democracy (Dahl 92). Neither equality nor freedom is
necessary to fix the relationship between the economy and democracy, but
rather a completely different and even radical outlook on the relationship
between the economy and government can solve the dilemma. Furthermore Dahl
argues to how it is possible to retain the democratic principle within
firms, and prevent problems such as oligarchy. These notions in which the
economy becomes compatible with the political notions are completely
different than the Friedman's and Okun's notion that there lies a problem
with democracy. Dahl is even casting serious doubt on Tocqueville's long…

Memory Comparison and Contrast Spearman
Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97590449
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He stated that people are simply good at a variety of skills, although some individuals may have higher levels of specialized intelligences more in the spheres than others. ("Charles Spearman," Major Theories of Intelligence, 2004) in other words, a gifted musician can also be a gifted poet, but these are still different intelligences -- Spearman, in contrast, would suggest the two are interrelated.

Spearman also came up with another term known as the "s" factor. This he said was the factor devoted to "specific skills and information" needed to perform intellectual tasks. Thus, even Spearman allowed that there were multiple factors that went into an individuals' success in life and on intelligence tests. But he felt that overall scores on IQ tests, however specific were highly saturated with "g" an intelligence that pervades all tasks. Thus, the most important information to have about a person's intellectual ability is an estimate…

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Ethical Leadership Course it Compares and Contrasts
Words: 975 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21317564
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ethical leadership course; it compares and contrasts the pseudo transformational leaders from authentic transformational leaders. Authentic transformational has four constituent; influence idealized, inspirational motivation, individualized considerations and intellectual stimulation which are contrasted in the imitation in their pseudotransformational leadership dissembling derived from ethical values existing in their leaders' program, vision and articulation which can be rejected or embraced by the followers.

Manipulative, deceptive and more relevant behaviors which are devious are being attributed by critics to leaders who are transformational, pseudo transformational or authentic. According to Bailey (1988) and Martin and Sims (1956) they take their stand that in order to succeed the entire leaders must be manipulative. However it is the leaders of pseudo transformational who are manipulative and deceptive. Authentic transformational leaders sometimes are manipulative for what they criticize to be the common good, while manipulative is a practice of regular pseudo transformation leaders and infrequent practice of…


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Racial Ethnic Group Comparison and Contrast
Words: 1131 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31022319
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Hell is portrayed as a bleak, dreary place. This suggests that the reality conceptualized by materialists, namely a reality with no transcendent significance in heaven, is the place to which all human beings who are believers are damned. As in the Screwtape Letters, a failure of religious intensity is shown as being linked to a kind of failure of imagination. hen confronted by heaven, the souls of human beings are awestruck, not at the surreal nature of heaven, but how real it seems, compared to their own, past existences. It is the spirits who are ghostly, not the actual substance of heaven.

In hell, those who are damned are not necessarily those who committed the worst crimes -- in heaven, there are even murderers. Instead, the damned are those who adopt the type of materialistic mindset that ormwood attempted to coax 'the patient' into adopting -- a mindset that salvation…

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Southern and Midwestern States Comparison and Contrast
Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31525672
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Southern and Midwestern States

Comparison and Contrast: Southern and Midwestern States

The Southern and Midwestern states are very different in terms of their physical characteristics, their economic and agricultural bases, and their urbanization. For people moving from one place to the other, or doing business in states where they are not familiar, this can be a bit of culture shock. The look and "feel" of the areas are quite different, prompting people from one area to often have misconceptions about what life is like in another area. Here it is important to address the actual differences, to create a clearer picture of the Southern and Midwestern states, along with their differences and similarities.

Physically, the geography of the Southern and Midwestern states is both similar and different. While the Southern states have humidity virtually all year round, and Midwestern states are drier, overall. Both areas have a high level of…

Delirium in Nursing Comparing & Contrasting the
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 54251623
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Delirium in Nursing: Comparing & Contrasting

The overall topic of both nursing articles is delirium. Delirium is a mental syndrome that is most likely to affect elderly patients who have spent a prolonged amount of time hospitalized, and may be particularly susceptible to delirium if doctors performed a surgical procedure. The piece by Schuurmans et al. (2001) is a succinct overview of the disease. Those authors review areas such as definitions, risk factors, the role of nurses in the recognition and treatment of delirium, as well as the kind of screening instruments used upon those who may be delirious. The article by amaswamy et al. (2010) is additionally upon the topic of delirium, but with a much more specific intention and purpose to improve the diagnoses, screening, and treatment of delirium. The first article by Schuurmans et al. (2001) is a general overview of delirium providing keen information for the…


Ramaswamy, MD, R., Dix, PharmD, E.F., Drew, J.E., Diamond, PhD, J.J., Inouye, MD, S.K., Roehl, MD, B.J.O. (2010) Beyond Grand Rounds: A Comprehensive and Sequential Intervention to Improve Identification of Delirium. The Gerontologist, 51(1), 122 -- 131.

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Educational Theory by Comparing and Contrasting Two
Words: 1333 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16520690
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educational theory by comparing and contrasting two authors of education theory with the Montessori method of teaching. The writer explores all three ideas and discusses their similarities. The writer used four sources to complete this paper.

Since the advent of the educational system there have been many changes throughout the years. As the world evolves and matures and technology advances the world discovers more things that it wants its students taught. In addition there are many different ways to teach and the system has gone from whole language to back to basics and back again. Several forward thinking theorists have developed education theories in which they discuss what they believe to be the most sound foundation for teaching that is available. In John Dewey's Experience and Education and Curriculum and Aims by Decker F. Walker, and Jonas F. Soltis both suggest and develop critiques on education systems that have been…


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Publisher: Teachers College Press. (August 1997)

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Abrahamic Religion Comparing and Contrasting
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3840482
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Before the Torah is replaced near the end of the service, it is carried throughout the assembled congregation. Worshippers may reach out and touch the Torah with prayer books (hands are not supposed to be used), then kiss the object that touched the Torah, a gesture of affection, respect, and loyalty to God. This ritual is (arguably) symbolically equivalent to Catholic Communion, where believers symbolically ingest the blood and the body of Christ (a sip of wine and a Communion wafer) thereby taking the Lord into themselves. Both practices reaffirm personal relationships to God. Such contemporary (and past) ceremonies and liturgical practices may or may not actually aid worshippers in understanding God (or on the other hand, provide roadblocks for interpretation of the sacred). However, both are powerful signs of a personal relationship between congregants and God.

Many sections of the Old Testament reaffirm monotheism. In Exodus 31-33, Moses leaves…

Marketing Comparing and Contrasting the
Words: 544 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 41342149
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HP is a very engineering-centric company and prides itself on its analytics expertise. This pervades how they use the 4 Ps to communicate product features and benefits. arely will HP break out of the 4Ps and show the customer experience above all, as the product mindset is so strong they concentrate on that.

Apple and HP both rely on the 4 Ps of marketing to get their message across and must rely on these components to successfully launch and sell products. The difference is that Apple has created a more effective value-based message based on a clearer view of what matters most to customers. Their focus is more on transcending the 4Ps to create a uniquely personal value of the customer experience. This approach to marketing shows that the 4Ps may not be enough to fully explain the dynamics of marketing where customer experience matters most (Goi, 2009). For Apple…


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