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Compassion Fatigue Essays (Examples)

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Critical Incident Stress Management CISM
Words: 859 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 72557690
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Compassion Fatigue Evaluation

The term caregiver has a number of meanings in contemporary medical jargon. It can be the unpaid family member of someone requiring acute care, it can be a certified medical worker, or it can be someone in the social services field that either supervises care or is actually hands on. The person receiving care may be in the hospital, hospice, a nursing facility, or even at home. The quality and quantity of care changes, too, based on the circumstances of the individual. Most caregivers in the United States tend to be female (60-75%), and there are about 50 million people directly involved in the field, with 30% aged 65 of older. It is also interesting to note that "free" caregiving services provide over $300 billion in aid, more than twice as much as is actually spent on homecare and nursing home services in total (Selected Caregiver Statistics,…


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Nursing Fatigue and Compassion as Functions of
Words: 598 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52488070
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Fatigue and Compassion as Functions of Ethical Nursing

The American Nursing Association's Scope and Standards of Practice are designed to provide a blueprint for preempting and addressing the various challenges, pitfalls and procedurals norms of the profession. These help to draw a professional, ethical and practical connection that offers a basic outline for that which is expected of the registered nurse. Indeed, it is of critical benefit to the nursing professional and to the patient community that there exist some clearly elaborated set of ethical standards that pertains directly to sometimes difficult to identify challenges such as bedside manner and fatigue. The American Nursing Association (ANA) provides just such standards, and these function to significantly aid in the decision-making, workplace culture and treatment processes undertaken by nurse professionals.

Ethical orientation is an important feature of a nursing team, particularly as it impacts the morale of nurses and the treatment…

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Remaining True to Ministry
Words: 541 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31064443
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Compassion Burnout

The author of this report has been asked to take and assess two surveys. Once getting the results of the surveys, the author is to answer several questions. The first question asks the author how the author would deal with compassion fatigue if and when it rears its head. The second question asks how these reactions and other things lead to one's improvement (or regression) in terms of spiritual growth. While most people want to be compassionate towards those in need, there are people that game the system, live self-destructive lives and otherwise end up where they are due to their own choices and vices.

Questions Answered

When it comes to the inventory portrayed in the first part of the assignment, the author of this report did quite well. That being said, there were a few questions that the author could not give a positive response for. When…


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Critical Incident Stress Management CISM
Words: 1341 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 67422380
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Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma

It is now six months after the attack on the nuclear power facility and low level radiation release. The critical incident stress management plan has been an affect and long-term intervention strategies are now in place. However, it is now time to consider the effects of long-term stress from managing those that have stress related to the critical incident. This research will consider the effects of compassion fatigue on staff and secondary stress on those who have to treat first responders and in their families.

Symptoms of Secondary Trauma Among Family Members and Staff

The issue of secondary trauma among family members was addressed previously in the overall critical incident stress management plan. Family members were offered services when requested by them. At the time of the incident, supervisors were requested to schedule workers on rotating shifts with adequate time off for rest and stress…


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London, UK.

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Symptoms in Police Officers. Retrieved from

Determining the Relations Between Nursing Fatigue and Care Quality
Words: 483 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 56082798
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Nursing Fatigue

NURN 480 Clinical Activity Plan for Nursing Fatigue Project

Meet with preceptor. (2 hours)

Determine stakeholders. (1 hour)

Develop an in-depth interview protocol and survey questionnaire regarding experience with nursing fatigue. (4 hours)

Conduct the in-depth interviews and administer the survey. (20 hours)

Analyze data using constant comparison method and triangulation. (9 hours)

Conduct member checks with select interviewees to clarify interpretation and findings. (16 hours)

Find supporting research articles from various lines of research to use when synthesizing information. (6 hours)

Correlate research related HP 2020 issues and LHIs. (2 hours)

Plan activities correlated to selected course objectives that will best highlight learnings about nursing fatigue. (6 hours)

Correlate the Living Tree of Nursing Theory with project. (2 hours)

Complete research on topic of nursing fatigue. (4)

Write the final paper on the topic of nursing fatigue (6).

Total = 78 hours (Including research and writing time)…

Black's Law Dictionary 1991 Child
Words: 5968 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76815004
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Moreover, it is unclear whether Jim has attempted to reestablish any meaningful contact with his children; rather, his entire focus has been on becoming a better person. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that goal in and of itself (it is, after all, a universal human quality), he appears to have pursued this goal to the total exclusion of making any substantive reparations to his family. Finally, it is interesting that Jim somehow feels compelled to tell others -- including potential employers -- about his criminal past and his current status in treatment, as if this ongoing commitment to all-out honesty somehow absolves him from a deceptive and duplicitous history, or at least helps to explain it (which it does if one is interested). According to Jim, "Entering into society again was very difficult. I had lost my business, my friends and was now divorced. After leaving jail, I…


Black's law dictionary. (1991). St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co.

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Counseling, 12(5), 130-132.

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Emotional Burnout in Caretaking
Words: 327 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 34102831
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Wellness Inventory

The two surveys taken for this assignment both hone in on what can lead to a "running out" of compassion as well as burnout in general. Indeed, people's emotional and compassion reservoirs can only hold so much. Further, if those reservoirs are tapped too much for too long, they become exhausted and this leads to emotional exhaustion and burnout. When it comes to the quizzes themselves, the spiritual and emotional maturity quiz was indeed the more fascinating and intricate, at least in the perception of the author of this response. The six principles identified as part of the wider model as well as the level of maturity that can be had for each part of the model are very well-designed and crafted. Indeed, all facets of our maturity are on a sliding scale that ranges from infant to adolescence and it should be the goal of every person,…

Organisational Development
Words: 3517 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19819197
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Organisational Development

Current Situation

Organisational Development Plan

Implementation of the Development Plan

Stakeholder Engagement

Evaluation of the Development Plan

Organisational Development at SPCA

Of all Queensland's societies and organisations dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty and bettering the lives of animals, the oyal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA Qld) is the oldest. The organisation needs approximately $42 million in funding every year to help build and maintain the various programs and services it offers. Since SPCA Qld is a community-based non-government charity, most of its funding comes from donations, sponsorships and bequests from the local community. Government funding accounts for less than 1% of the money it receives (SPCA Queensland, 2016).

The organisation boasts a rich and interesting history that spans 130 years. It started with just a single supporter and has now grown into a sizeable organisation with 270 remunerated employees and 3,000 dedicated…


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Cnos Proposed Study
Words: 6509 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 51901261
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civilians think of the nursing department in any well-run hospital, they often don't consider all the structure, organization and guidance which is required to make this department run as smoothly as it needs to be and to achieve the highest level of patient-centered goals. One position at the top of the pyramid of the nursing department is the position of Chief Nursing Officer or CNO. The Chief Nursing Officer is the person who is responsible for overseeing the crux of the entire nursing operation, ensuring that the entire team runs like a well-oiled machine and that all members are responsible for pulling their weight, following policy and engaging in the most proactive and balanced measures for patient centered goals (Dickson, 2008). This is without a doubt an extremely demanding job and absolutely requires a person who truly enjoys working with patients and other nurses, and thrives on the challenge of…


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Analyzing Strategic HR Plan
Words: 2441 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16354817
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H Strategic Plan

Explain human resource practices and functions and their relevance to a H Strategic Plan

Human resource functions are considerably dissimilar from human resource practices. In particular, functions comprise of transactional activities that can be taken care of in-house or dealt with through outsourcing. On the other hand, practices are half-conceptual, half-execution part of a human resource strategy, made up of systems that follow the normal or traditional way of undertaking business. The human resource functions and practices play a significant role and have great relevance to a human resource strategic plan (Mayhew, 2016). This is largely because, the human resource best practices are the systems encompassed within the H strategic plan that have the biggest impact not only on the workforce but the overall functioning of the organization and the future direction. H functions take into account different aspects such as administration of benefits, keeping of records…


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Ethics in Relation to Mountains Beyond Mountains
Words: 3403 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 74045811
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Mountains Beyond Mountains

Author Tracy Kidder writes, "The world is full of miserable places…" His tongue-in-cheek quote then continues, "One way of living comfortably is not to think about them or, when you do, to send money." Kidder then proceeds to write Mountains Beyond Mountains (2003) and the obert Frost "road not taken" by Dr. Paul Farmer that is completely opposite to "sending money." Another Mother Theresa, Farmer focuses nearly all his waking time on the poverty and disease of Haiti's people, at the cost of forsaking the richness of family life with his wife and children. Although Farmer is a physician, his story holds considerable meaning for those in the counseling field. Similar to Farmer, many caring individuals become counselors to help the "miserable people" who fill the world. They want to do much more than "send money." Also, like Farmer, they are confronted with the impact of this…


American Counseling Association (2005) Code of Ethics. Web site retrieved December 2, 2010 

Baird, S. & Jenkins, S.R. (2003). Vicarious traumatization, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout in sexual assault and domestic violence agency staff. Violence and Victims, 18, 71-87.

Everall, R.D., & Paulson, B.L. (2004) Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress: Impact on Ethical Behavior. Alberta: University of Alberta

Personal Wellness Inventory and Reflection
Words: 1037 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57013380
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The Inventories

Inventories and self-reflection surveys can be tremendously helpful for encouraging honesty and self-awareness. The "Are You Burned Out?" survey focuses specifically on stress and burnout issues, which can be detrimental to overall well-being as well as to one's ability to be helpful to others. The "Emotionally Healthy Church Inventory" is broader in scope, taking into account one's spiritual, emotional, and cognitive states of mind. These states of mind contribute also to personal well-being as well as to one's ability to serve the community. My results of these two inventories show that while there may be some areas of growth necessary, my overall emotional and spiritual states are healthy.

The "Are You Burned Out?" inventory reveals that I am not at risk for developing problems related to burnout. The survey includes several questions related to things like feelings of exhaustion, sleep disorders, feeling frustrated, and feeling empty. There…


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Advocacy Strategy Anti-Violence Work Anti-Violence Work Is
Words: 2355 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3148198
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Advocacy Strategy: Anti-Violence ork

Anti-violence work is really about helping a lot of women discover their strong areas and their they consider the truth for their lives. Most women contemplate should they stay, should they go or even if they need to go, whatever it maybe the movement is to make sure that women are safe. The author makes the point that it is so much easier doing the work over the years because it has given her the confidence needed with the gained experience. This essay discusses the issue of how the anti-violence work needs some support and help in aiding violence against women. Also finding solutions to violence and abuse on a level that is broader and societal.

Critique of an Advocacy Strategy


Domestic Violence denotes to the use of emotional or physical force or danger of physical force, which does comprise of sexual violence in close…

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U8D1 Regression Discontinuity and Correlation
Words: 753 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79663064
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Predictors of stress included being male, young, Hispanic, living in a rural residence, and not belonging to any religious institution. Also being male and young were associated with high burnout rates, whilst involvement in religious activity were associated with lower burnout rates.

The child worker whose job status was that of professional was more likely to show burnout and compassion fatigue than another not of that status.

The variables here were dependent variable -- burnout and stress, independent variable -- status of the worker as well as personality and environmental characteristics (namely those described above).. Explain how the research exemplifies regression discontinuity or correlation research, and identify the specific design, if appropriate.

This is an example of correlation research. The researchers wished to see whether any specific factors were associated with burnout and stress and whether the occurrence of these variables showed positive association (or negative association) with an increase…

Sprang, G et al. Secondary Traumatic Stress and Burnout in Child Welfare Workers: A Comparative Analysis of Occupational Distress Across Professional Groups Child Welfare, 90, 149-168

Urban Institute. Impact Evaluation: Regression Discontinuity.

Nursing Burnout Issue at a Facility
Words: 2669 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17877825
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North Mountain Medical is a super sniff facility as they specialized in high acuity level patient. The patient structure is respiratory, with staff trained in tracheostomy care and ventilator management. In house hemodialysis, in house physical therapy. This facility has been in operation since 2004. Patients in this facility do not self-diagnose. Patient diagnoses are from Medical doctors and Nurse Practitioners that work on site. Patient in the facility are cared for by interdisciplinary team. Certified nursing assistants that care for patient will normally report a Change in patient’s condition to the nurse. Nurse completes an assessment and report changes immediately to the doctor. In the event of an emergency patients are send to emergency room for further evaluation and treatment. Health is a right in this facility. Yes, most of the patient’s life style has impacted the health of the patient. Noncompliance with medication regimen and diet changes. Patients…

Sudan and Its Civil War
Words: 2856 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58668813
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S. government analysts report that the Sudanese have violated the border with the Central African Republic during various military expeditions (Sudan 2). Furthermore, although millions of Sudanese have been displaced by these civil wars, so too has it been forced to deal with large numbers of refugees from neighboring countries, primarily Ethiopia and Chad, seeking refuge from their respective conflicts as well (Sudan 3). According to these analysts, "Armed conflict, poor transport infrastructure, and lack of government support have chronically obstructed the provision of humanitarian assistance to affected populations" (Sudan 2).

The Aftermath of the Discovery of Oil.

In their book, Africa's Thirty Years ar: Libya, Chad, and the Sudan, 1963-1993, Burr and Collins (1999) report that on the on hand, the Sudan is blessed with abundant natural resources, but on the other hand, the nation has been unable to exploit these to their maximum advantage for a variety of…

Works Cited

Burr, J. Millard and Robert O. Collins. Africa's Thirty Years War: Libya, Chad, and the Sudan, 1963-1993. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1999.

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Future Generation Listen to Any
Words: 2726 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35901370
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As Stowman and Donohue (2005) note: "Child neglect is the most prevalent type of child maltreatment, yet only a few standardized methods exist to assist in the assessment of this widespread problem. Existing measures of child neglect are limited by the nature of child neglect itself, in addition to issues of social desirability responding, and items that may infer blame and parental responsibility" (p. 491). There is nothing, of course, wrong in holding parents and other caregivers responsible for their actions and any harm that they do to children. However, this focus on guilt should not be the primary one. The primary one should be a focus on how best to keep children safe. The children at hand should always be at the center of the process. That is not currently the case (Conrad, Ellis, & Ellett, 2006, p. 38).

Although it is not the central point of this paper,…


Brems, C. et al. (2008). Exploring differences in caseloads of rural and urban healthcare providers in Alaska and New Mexico. Public health 30(4): 37-62.

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Administration in social work, 30(4): 37-62.

Mind for Missions Borthwick Paul
Words: 712 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 44371083
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They focus on the local bake sale for the parish rather than the absence of water in a far off African village.

Of course, the most charitable and best Christian hearts always begin their charity at home, but this focus on family and community first can easily devolve into focusing only on these things. Also, in the self-obsessed American culture of well, the self-help movement (perhaps one reason Borthwick prefers ten rather than twelve steps) such a focus on the home front can easily lead to a selfish and solipsistic vision that encompasses a merely personal rather than inclusive spirituality.

The solution is to begin at home, but with the aim stretch one's worldview, and indeed one's local Christian community's worldview, to the international sphere. Borthwick does not promise this will lead to automatic spiritual ease as a Christian, it might not provide the easy satisfaction of turning off one's…

Works Cited

Borthwick, Paul. A Mind for Missions: Ten Ways to Build your Worldview. Navpress, 1996

Theory and Nursing Practice Issues Nursing
Words: 3046 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55997361
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Nursing: Theory and Nursing Practice Issues

Theory and Nursing Practice Issues: Nursing

The modern-day staff nurse faces a variety of challenges in the work environment. These include inadequate staffing, the authority gradient, and issues related to changing models of care. The nurse leader has a duty to aid staff nurses working under him in addressing the challenges posed by these, and other issues facing the nursing profession. Leadership theories provide effective guidelines by which nurse leaders can address issues inherent in the nursing profession. In so doing, they accord staff nurses adequate opportunities to make meaning out of their lives. Leadership theories such as the situational leadership theory, the transformational leadership theory, role theory, and path-goal theory provides crucial insights from which nurse leaders could draw reference when seeking solutions for problems facing subordinate staff nurses. This text explores how leadership theory can be applied to nursing practice issues, and…


Barker, A. (1992). Transformational Nursing Leadership: A Vision for the Future. New York NY: Jones & Bartlett Company.

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House -- Summary and Lessons
Words: 895 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67240068
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The company's founder has dedicated her 18-year career to the beauty industry, including extensive experience as a colorist, stylist and national hair color educator. The company recently received the prestigious designation as "Boston's Best Stylist" by (About Us 1). The services provided by the professional hairstyling team at Stilisti are in big demand and are widely regarded as among the best in the industry (About Us 2). According to the company's eb site, "Marisa's commitment to education and her passion for travel and interior design have her constantly traveling the globe in search of new products and techniques" (About Us 2). It is this level of commitment, expertise and professionalism that Stilisti was able to bring to assist the residents of Hope House in preparing for job interviews by helping them look their best.


Volunteers from Stilisti visited the Hope House and provided residents with professional hairstyling services…

Works Cited

About Us. (2012). Stilisti. [online] available:

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Organizations: Beyond Survival in the 21st Century. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003.

Ettore, Barbara. (1999, June). "Homeless + employment = ex-homeless." Management Review

Burnout Written Attached Files Instructions Please Read
Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 71928591
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Burnout), written attached files instructions. Please read instructions carefully, contact questions, Thank the Case Study written paragraph form. You write person, avoid a casual tone.


Helen is a fifty-year-old woman who came to me for counseling a week ago because of the conflicts she was experiencing with her adult daughter Susan and her granddaughter Madeline. Susan recently lost her job and had to move back in with Helen. Helen is a widow and although she did have enough additional room in her house for her daughter, she says often finds it difficult to cope with having Susan and a small child around all of the time. Susan does not make a contribution to the housekeeping and often keeps odd hours because she is not currently working. Susan gets up and goes to bed late (Madeline is not yet of school age). Helen still works as a librarian and says…

Global Refugee Regime Seems to Be Veering
Words: 10399 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23350149
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Global Refugee Regime eems to Be Veering Away From Traditional Rules

As the threat of war looms large, the situation of those displaced because of violence and fights is becoming the focal point of talks amidst humanitarian groups. Many wrote about the situation in Afghanistan. The last many years have brought about quite a lot of enormous "refugee movements and humanitarian emergencies." More than 50 million people have been displaced by conflicts, war and other disasters and things may get worse.

The many organizations that offer aid to those who are forced to flee from their native lands are trying their level best to reach out and help each one of them. But nations all over seem to be hesitant to take in refugees who do not have any place else to go. What is the solution? How can humanitarian agencies cope with the increasing number of refugees? A book…


Agamben, Giorgio (1995). We refugees.(Section 2: Issuing Identity) Symposium v49, n2 (Summer):114

Appling, Cathy (1995). United Nations Involvement in Haiti from a Humanitarian Perspective. Current World Leaders 38, 4, Aug, 83-98.

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Restoring People to Productive Members of Society
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67167810
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The autho of this esponse has been asked to descibe a taget agency within which the autho will wok and how pecisely that wok will commence and be executed. Included in that summay will be what the autho of this epot bings to the theapeutic encounte, the oveall helping/theapeutic encounte and the initial fomulations that will be employed in used. Befoe that, the autho will descibe the agency that will be woked at and what they do. While some may focus deision and disdain on the mentally ill and ambivalent, any peson that wants to become o estoe themselves as an active membe of society should be given the tools and esouces to do so.

The agency that will be in question within this epot is known as the Cente fo Uban and Community Sevices, o CUCS fo shot. CUCS is a non-pofit goup that sevices the poo, the…

references and experience is lacking or flat-out wrong. However, it is important to note that research shows that needs/supplies fit and demands/abilities fit are not the same thing and should be measured and assessed differently (Hardin & Donaldson, 2014).

Regarding the initial formulations, there are going to be some patterns and usual outcomes that will become obvious. First, the client will need to have their expectations managed and assessed so that they align with reality and common practice. The key is to get the patient riled up and proactive while at the same time not setting up their hopes to be tackled. The client should not have difficulty working with the author of this response but the author of this response has a duty to be honest and open about the process and the challenges that will be faced. The message should be positive but it should be based on prior results and the facts as they exist. So long as the client is on board with being honest and proactive about the process, then there should be no discord or disagreement between the two. However, if the client is down in the dumps and very pessimistic about the outcome, then there might be some challenges. However, the fact that they came forward to use the services of CUCS proves that they are at least willing to try and that should be seized on and taken advantage of.

The potential or even like difficulty in getting the client engaged and keeping them involved stems from prior patterns of desperation, negative outcomes and the general perception that all of the above will likely persist as there is little to no reason to expect otherwise based on what is observed and experienced. This is not dissimilar to what can happen with social work professionals who end up experiencing "compassion fatigue" (Bride, Radey & Figley, 2007). That being said, there are some societal or cultural constructs and trends that can influence the path the therapies do or do not take. Examples of this would include race or the patient/client having a partner that is abusive or is himself/herself being abused (Addison,1977; Aymer, 2008; Mattei, 1999; Salvendy, 1999). Any sort of inflated (or deflated) ego or any artificial influence that is not based on reality and/or is coming from an external source can heavily sway the patient's mindset and, by extension, the results of the therapy (Gitterman & Germain, 2008; Goldstein, 1995) However, all it takes to change that pattern is a change in tactics and attitude as people can overcome a negative pattern of outcomes and expectations through actions and behaviors that are proactive, positive and moving consistently in the right direction rather than being uneven or negative in terms of the overall approach.

To maintain and strengthen the treatment relationship, the author of this report will empathize with the prior challenges and struggles but the author will also make it clear that these challenges will eventually

There Are Various Kinds of Abuse and Neglect That Go Unnoticed
Words: 2063 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87972873
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Troubling Issue of Elder Abuse & Neglect

Recent research by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) reveals that one in ten Americans over the age of 60 have experienced physical abuse or neglect. Thesis: Family members and others should be alert to incidents of abuse against older people and should report those incidents to the proper authorities so that justice can be served and elderly people can be protected from harm.

Official attempts to solve the problem of elder abuse date back a few years

Evidence that this is not a new problem, or just now recognized, can be found in the Report from the Secretary's Task Force on Elder Abuse, prepared in 1992. The document is loaded with bureaucratic language that encourages the Department of Health & Human Services to develop and fund a "data collection strategy"; develop a "training program"; target public education activities; conduct…

Works Cited

Band-Winterstein, T., Goldblatt, H., and Alon, S. "Giving Voice to 'Age at the Edge'

A Challenge for Social Workers Intervening with Elder Abuse and Neglect."

Journal of Family Violence, Vol. 29 (797-807): 2014.

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Team Rubicon Swot Analysis
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· The organization has powerful public relations appeal because it uses the skills and expertise of military veterans.
· It provides targeted disaster relief to areas in need.
· Volunteers and employees have past experience dealing with high-pressure situations based upon their military experience.
· The organization has a dual capacity to help others, both in the form of providing assistance to disaster victims and to offer veterans a productive way to give back to society, creating a bridge between past and current skills and experiences.
· Team Rubicon has shown its ability to succeed given that it was able to provide aid for earthquake-ravaged Haiti in 2010, even when a number of other organizations were not (“Our Mission,” 2017).
· The organization can rely upon donations from individuals who support the military as well as those who wish to support disaster relief.
· Strategic planning expertise from military…

Piaf Pam Gems provides a view into
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in "Piaf," Pam Gems provides a view into the life of the great French singer and arguably the greatest singer of her generation -- Edith Piaf. (Fildier and Primack, 1981), the slices that the playwright provides, more than adequately trace her life. Edith was born a waif on the streets of Paris (literally under a lamp-post). Abandoned by her parents -- a drunken street singer for a mother and a circus acrobat father -- Edith learns to fend for herself from the very beginning. As a natural consequence of her surroundings, she makes the acquaintance of several ne'er do wells. She rises above the lifestyles of the girls she grows up with who prostitute themselves for a living in the hope that they will eventually meet a benefactor with whom they can settle. Edith has a talent for singing and she indulges this interest by singing loudly in the streets.…


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Counseling Skills
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We live in a very complex world today. People are often faced with difficulties that seem insurmountable. This complexity is both fortunate and unfortunate. Difficult as life can be, there is an increasing array of potential solutions. Some people find solace at their workplace, with life's difficulties driving them to greater productivity, for example. Others use their misfortune as a platform for helping others in creative ways. For some, however, life becomes so overwhelming that they simply cannot deal with the challenges they face on a daily basis. For such people, it is often helpful to seek the assistance of a counselor. It is for such counselors that author Gary Collins wrote Christian Counseling. His ideas on the nature and core of counseling can stimulate ideas not only about how the counselor can use his or her existing skills to ensure that clients are helped effectively, but also about…


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Does the Fisher Ury Model Work
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Negotiation Skills

A High Impact Negotiations Model: An Answer to the Limitations of the Fisher, Ury Model of Principled Negotiations

This study aims to discover the ways in which blocked negotiations can be overcome by testing the Fisher, Ury model of principled negotiation against one of the researcher's own devising, crafted after studying thousands of negotiation trainees from over 100 multinational corporations on 5 continents. It attempts to discern universal applications of tools, skills, and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that may assist the negotiator in closing deals with what have been "traditionally" perceived as "difficult people." This study concludes that there are no such "difficult people," but rather only unprepared negotiators. The study takes a phenomenological approach to negotiations, with the researcher immersing himself in the world of negotiation training from 2012-14, for several major multinational corporations, intuiting the failings of the negotiators with whom he comes in contact,…


Allred, K., Mallozzi, J., Matsui, F., Raia, C. (1997). The influence of anger and compassion on negotiation performance. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 70(3): 175-187.

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Globalization and Innovations in Telecommunications
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Chapter 2:

Review of Related Literature

Chapter Introduction

This chapter provides a review of the literature concerning hypnosis, Eastern Meditation, Chi Kung, and Nei Kung and how these methods are used to treat various ailments and improve physical and mental functioning. A summary of the review concludes the chapter.


In his study, "Cognitive Hypnotherapy in the Management of Pain," Dowd (2001) reports that, "Several theories have een proposed to account for the effect of hypnosis. State theories assume that the hypnotic trance is qualitatively different from all other human experiences. From this perspective, trance capacity is supposedly a fairly stale trait that exhiits sustantial individual differences. Nonstate theories, often referred to as social learning, social psychological or cognitive-ehavioral theories of hypnosis propose that hypnotic phenomena are related to social and psychological characteristics such as hope, motivation, expectancy, elief in the therapist, desire to please the therapist, a positive initial…

bibliography. (2010).  / pages/7857/Meditation-Eastern.html.

Many religious traditions have practices that could possibly be labeled meditation. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, these practices are usually associated with prayer, contemplation, or recitation of sacred texts. In the religious traditions of the Native Americans, Australian aboriginals, Siberian peoples, and many others, what could be identified as meditation techniques are incorporated within the larger rubric of shamanism. It is, however, in the religions of Asia that meditation has been most developed as a religious method.

Meditation has played an important role in the ancient yogic traditions of Hinduism and also in more recent Hindu-based new religious movements such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation program. But it is most especially in the monastic or "elite" forms of the various traditions of Buddhism (Theravada, Tibetan/Vajrayana, and Ch'an/Zen) that meditation techniques have taken center stage and have been developed to the highest degree of sophistication and complexity.

Short-Term Effects of Meditation vs. Relaxation on Cognitive Functioning. Contributors: Gillian King - author, Jeffrey Coney - author. Journal Title: Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Volume: 38. Issue: 2. Publication Year: 2006. Page Number: 200+.

Authors cite the lack of relevant studies concerning the effect, if any, of meditation on short-term improvements in cognitive performance. The results of this study clearly showed that meditation, per se, does not produce a short-term improvement in cognitive performance compared to other relaxation techniques.

Tone to Convey Meaning What
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Then the poet uses the cultivated Latin of the title, which he presumably learned in school to truly cut deep into the reader's false sensibility of war: "My friend, you would not tell with such high zest / to children ardent for some desperate glory, / the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est / Pro patria mori."

The final lines of the poem are ironic, but not just because of the stupidity of the words that it is sweet to die, choking on gas, for one's country. The irony is conveyed in a masterful fashion: Owen titles the poem with the words sweet and good, but then expands upon the title cliche with the full phrase in the final lines, after showing the reader its consequences. Owen's use of different linguistic registers -- the initial words that give a sense of the footsteps of the solder's trudge, the officer's warning…

Al-Anon the Open Discussion Group
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"All I needed was someone to tell say, 'Yeah, I've been there, too,'" Susan said, "and that's what I found here." This attitude was typical of many of the older members present at the meeting; he almost total experience of isolation, difference and strangeness, and total helplessness could jus as well have come from a depression support group. Though these people had a specific real-world reason for their mental distress, their symptoms were no less chronic or clinically viable than those suffering from depression in more commonly recognized situations.

Doug, too, is an example of depression at work in the family of alcoholics. The real-world manipulation that his ex-wife practiced with the couple's children and money would be enough to drive most people to the brink of sever depression, if not right into it. This was not seemed to get Doug down the most, however. With some encouragement, he shared…


Al-Anon Official Website. (2006). Accessed 6 March 2009.

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Round School vs A Regular
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Students in these kinds of schools do not attend school longer, but they do not have a summer break that is longer than any of the other breaks that they take during the school year.

esearch done by McMillen (2001) indicated that there were 106 schools in the state of North Carolina that operated on the year-round school calendar for third through eighth grades during the 1997-1998 school year. McMillen (2001) then conducted an analysis of the academic achievements of these students and compared them to the academic achievements of students in the same grades that attended schools where the traditional calendar was still used.

Data for the study came from a database of statewide testing in which 95% of the public schools in the state participate. In order to determine the academic achievements of the students, McMillen (2001) looked at achievement test scores and demographic information that was collected…

References. Retrieved April 17, 2008, at 

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People Help Themselves An Interdisciplinary
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The study will also be important to those in the future, because scientists have not yet found ways to cure these chronic illnesses or correct some of these problems that are seen today, and therefore it stands to reason that there will be more people in the future who will have to face the same problems as those with chronic illnesses and traumatic injuries today.

Scope of the Study

The scope of the study is relatively large, simply because there has been a great deal written about chronic illness and injuries from the perspective of the physician and from the perspective of the patient. Both sides are important, although the focus here will remain largely on the patient perspective. Because there are so many people today that suffer from a chronic illness or traumatic injury, much study has been done about these individuals. Despite these studies, however, not a lot…


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Paternal Abandonment and Female Adult
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e. fat storage. These physiological concerns are significant in that programming that was designed to maintain a nurturing position for young children the physiological environment interprets crisis as anything that creates a stressful physical demeanor. The stress and psychology of abandonment is a constant, once the abandonment by the father has occurred. The body does not distinguish between a fasting period associated with unavailable food, or drought and psychological long-term emotional stress. The human body also does not distinguish between a self imposed diet and a period of famine. It reduces its basal metabolic rate, or the rate of metabolism needed to perform its base functions, and then the recovery period would seem to be longer than expected. This is the diet conundrum, though it has also been proven that prolonged periods of psychological stress and/or depression that could be associated with abandonment by the father will also cause a…


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Alexander the Great King Philip
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Alexander saw himself as that philosopher-king who would install a new kind of cooperation and brotherhood with one or unified Greek culture, Hellenism, and speaking a common language, Greek (Smitha 1998). He intended that his subjects in the East would be reared and trained to become like the Greeks and Macedonians.

In consolidating his huge territory, Alexander founded cities, mostly named Alexandria, in suitable and well-paved locations with sufficient supply of water. His army veterans, young men, merchants, traders and scholars settled there, infused Greek culture and, through them, the Greek language widely flourished. Through his mighty victories and territorial control, Alexander thus spread Greek civilization and paved the way for the incoming Hellenistic kingdoms and the conquest of the Roman Empire (Microsoft 2004).

He also felt that trade would unite his empire more strongly and so he forced new commercial possibilities and made abylon the center of brisk world…


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Fault and Innocence in Tillie
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Yet the reader can easily piece together this scenario: the harried working mother trying to find a spouse sends away her daughter so that (as an unattached woman) she can pursue romance and remarriage. That the daughter had been shuffled out of the way in favor of romance is made evident by the fact that once she returns she is severely marginalized by her mother's relationship with her stepfather. For example, they frequently leave this little five-year-old home alone when they go out together at night -- something that by modern standards is considered abusive. In fact, Emily is obviously traumatized by this, and becomes frightened and delusional. This overwhelming fear is made worse when her mother gives birth to a second child.

When her sister is born, Emily is entirely pushed aside in favor of the newcomer. One cannot easily justify her mother's selfishness in this case. When her…

Euthanasia the Foremost Contentious Concern Lately Has
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The foremost contentious concern lately has been the issue of granting legal status to the right to die with dignity, or euthanasia. Similar to the issue of death sentence or suicide, euthanasia is contentious as it entails killing an individual through a conscious decision. (The right to a dignified death - need for debate) "Euthanasia" derived from the Greek term implying "good death" is some activity we perform or otherwise which results in, or is planned to result in death, to liberate a person from pain. This is occasionally known as "mercy killing." (Reflections on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide) Giving a legal sanction to euthanasia is a vital referendum upon the social standing of those incapacitated in America nowadays. (Euthanasia: The Disability Perspective on the Right to Die Movement) Euthanasia can be attained either though an intentional process, or by refraining to take an action intentionally. In any one…

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Iamaw Views on Safety
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IAMAW Views on Safety

The response of the American people to the terrorists attacks of 9/11 was felt one of compassion and resolve. Almost all Americans were associated in one or other manner in assisting the Nation come out of the dangerous impacts and become strengthened. It was curious to witness the way some hurried into the burning building and saving lives of their fellow workers, friends and strangers. While many measures have been undertaken to safeguard the security of Americans and continuance of the way of life, the workers confront stringent security policies on the job and sometimes loss of civil rights. (Worksite Security: IAM Headquarters)

The International Association for Machinists and Aerospace Workers -- IAM& AW as well as other institutions are watchful of the legislation and presidential orders against possible violation of bargaining and civil rights. They found the workplace security to be more embarrassing to the…


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Accessed 17 September, 2005

General George S Patton Jr
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Military Leadership Merits of General George S. Patton, Jr.

One aspect of cultural development which seems to be universal throughout the course of humanity's history is the innate desire of society to lionize the accomplishments of triumphant military leaders. Perhaps owing to a subconscious desire for the implicit protection provided by effectual wartime figures, nearly every civilization from the ancient Greeks to contemporary suburban Americans has placed its generals, admirals, and other military authorities on a proverbial pedestal, lauding their preternatural ability to motivate men during the heat of battle while achieving strategic victories. Among this nation's long lineage of military leaders -- which begins with George Washington's revolutionary heroics and includes famed generals like Andrew Jackson and William Tecumseh Sherman -- one of the most competent and accomplished figures to ever lead American troops on the field of battle was also considered to be among the most controversial. General…


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Trilogy). New York, NY: Henry Holt and Company, LLC.

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Holocaust and How Primo Levi Survived His
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Holocaust, and how Primo Levi survived his imprisonment in Auschwitz. Specifically, it will answer the questions: hat perspective does Levi provide on day-to-day survival within Auschwitz? Is there order amidst the chaos of mass murder? Primo Levi's book, "Survival in Auschwitz" is a compelling look at the horrors of the most notorious Nazi prison camp, Auschwitz, but more so, it is a tale of the strength of human character - the very fiber that binds us together as humans. His book not only illustrates just how much the Jews endured in the prison camps during the Holocaust, it should be must reading for any student of the Holocaust who hopes to understand just a modicum of what was endured, and what it took to live through these unspeakable horrors.

Survival in Auschwitz

Primo Levi was one of the lucky few who survived the horrific prison camp of Auschwitz operated by…

Works Cited"Levi, Primo. Survival in Auschwitz: The Nazi Assault on Humanity. Trans. Stuart Woolf. New York: Collier, 1961.

Call Lights and Nursing Rounds in Hospitals
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Nursing Proposal -- Evidence-Based

The utilization of call lights particularly in hospital settings has recently been put under study as a function of various aspects of nursing including shortages, rounds and analyses of patient outcomes. The proper scheduling of nursing rounds may be essential to enhance the capability of nurses to tackle common or ordinary patient issues relative to more dire needs that have to be regarded as the primary/main target for the use of call lights by patients. Besides patients' general well-being and safety while hospitalized, nursing employees are also concerned with how satisfied the patients are. On a rather fundamental level, hospital settings that enable patients to experience peace of mind allow them to heal quicker than those that do not; these patients are highly likely to relay less stressful communications to those around them, and have a higher possibility of clearer perspectives that allow them to distinguish…


American Nurses Association (ANA). (2006). Assuring patient safety: The employer's role in promoting healthy nursing work hours for registered nurses in all roles and settings. Retrieved from 

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Emotional Regulation Study and Analysis
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Emotions can be linked to everything a person does. When students enter school, they often have trouble with learning and may develop negative emotions to education. The aim of this study was to discover and highlight what emotional regulation techniques work best with students and getting them ready for learning. The study involved 3 focus groups from two schools picked from across the country. Two were public schools. The second was a private school.

Each focus group represented an age group. The first focus group had 2 children ages 5 and 12 years old. The second group had 2 children ages 14 and 17 years old. The group from the private school had a focus group of 4 children ranging in ages from 5-17 years of age.

The results derived from the qualitative data analyses demonstrate three kinds of classroom experiences participants feel work best for motivating them to learn…


J. Davidson, R., Dunne, J., Eccles, J., Engle, A., Greenberg, M., & Jennings, P. et al. (2012). Contemplative Practices and Mental Training: Prospects for American Education. Child Development Perspectives, 6(2), 146-153. 

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