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Common Core Standard for a Unit of Study

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Common Core Standards have been established in the field of education as a set of objectives for students to accomplish by the conclusion of their school year. These standards are geared towards enhancing students learning and outcomes through shaping curriculum. In addition, standards must serve as the foundation for a productive, balanced assessment system. This assignment focuses on unpacking a standard, creating a table of test specifications, and developing a curriculum map for a unit of study to demonstrate the alignment of assessment, curriculum, and assessment. In this case, the researcher utilizes Pennsylvania’s Standard 8.3.12 and focuses on Civil Rights in History class for high school students.

Part 1 – Unpacking a Standard
The Pennsylvania Department of Education has established Common Core Standards for different subject areas, grade level, and content area. For this assignment, PA’s Standard 8.3.12 will be utilized for a History class for high school students with…… [Read More]


Pennsylvania Department of Education. (2002, July 18). Academic Standards for History. Retrieved from Pennsylvania Department of Education website:

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Education in Contemporary America Changes in the Law

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The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was designed by the Obama Administration in response to many of the criticisms about excessive federal control of the nation’s school systems under the strictures of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). States are still required to have high standards, in the words of ESSA, but these standards do not have to adhere to Common Core standards, although states are free to ensure that they do so (Klein 2016). According to Education Week, while states still have to get accountability plans approved, states under ESSA have now been given considerably more flexibility in setting goals for themselves, to allow for greater differentiation in student ability on a state-by-state basis. There are still a number of specific areas that state plans are bound to address, including proficiency standards and graduation rates (Klein 2016). There must also be a plan to close the gap when there are…… [Read More]


Klein, A. (2016). The Every Student Succeeds Act: An ESSA Overview. Education Week. Retrieved from: act/index.html

Teacher evaluation and support systems: A roadmap for improvement. (2016). The Aspen Institute. Retrieved from: ystems.pdf

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Curricula Notices to Parents Interview

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Relevant quotes and excerpts from these journals and materials can be included in the staff handbook, and in letters to parents as well as promotional material.

Like it or not, education is also integrally connected to politics and the nation's political life. Monitoring the impact of national legislation, like No Child Left Behind, on how Americans view education as well as local changes in certification of teachers and daycare facilities and how this will impact staffing and financing the center is a must. Examining changes in what parents want from daycare centers, based on shifting demographics, requires educators to read popular literature as well, such as Parenting magazines and other magazines that might be read by users of the center.

Tracking changes in literature and trends written for children, like the Harry Potter series, or new multicultural offerings ensures that student's passions and interests will be aroused in the lesson…… [Read More]