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Customer Experience Essays (Examples)

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Customer Relations Service Comparisons There Are
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This irritated the client, but the situation was the worst when he took the family on an international trip and found that their seats has been reassigned to the non-Premier areas of the aircraft with less legroom. This also happened on subsequent flights, and the client felt that he was treated like baggage. (Sturm, 2004) It has already been seen that this airline is concerned about their customers, yet the airline succeeded in irritating a customer with what the customer feels is "lack of gratitude." One is sure that what the airline staff did was according to the laws, but the client was unhappy. This is generally the result of not being able to communicate in a manner that makes clients happy. Thus methods of implementation are probably as important as the policies themselves.

Let us now look at another airline from the list. Delta Air Lines chief customer service…


American Airlines adds extra feature and more self-service machines" (16 September, 2005)

Airline Industry Information. Retrieved at  7 October, 2005

Delta Air Lines aims to climb customer satisfaction table" (6 October, 2004) Airline

Industry Information. Retrieved at . Accessed 7 October, 2005

Customer Centric Culture - Organizing
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All those nice customer-friendly marketing techniques notwithstanding, hite notes, customer-centered personalization can't work well without being linked with high-quality, high-visibility customer service.

Even some of the most successful corporations, like IBM, apparently stumbled along for a time, totally failing to "get it" when it came to customer-centric strategies. According to the industry publication Chain Store Age, in the early 1990s, a customer-centric culture "was foreign to Big Blue" - and to al-Mart - until fairly recently. The writer goes on to explain that when considering al-Mart and Target (two retail giants that are becoming "more alike than different"), "sameness" is a "trap" that happens when a company "takes its eye off the brand to focus on the numbers, loyalty goes by the wayside. It happened to Sears," the article asserts.

RESISTANCE TO CCS/CRM: In the Jossey-Bass book, Designing The Customer-Centric Organization (Galbraith 2005), the author suggests that businesses that hesitate…

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Customer Relations Management Technologies Customer
Words: 564 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14575122
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Also, while there are numerous similar products being sold in the market, the Apple products make statements, and this -- combined with the multitude of features and the high quality -- stimulates clients to pay the larger price for the Apple products.

Apple's interest in the consumers and what they have to say is immense and it can be observed in all instances, from the manufacturing of the products to integrate customer opinions, to the interaction with the customers before, during and after the purchase, even to the design of the Apple stores. Unlike any other technology creator and retailer, Apple has opened fashionable and appealing stores, in which customers from all over the world can first hand test the Apple products. The employees in the stores encourage visitors to test the products, introduce them to the features and they encourage the visitors to give their feedback.

At a more…


2009, 11 effective strategies Apple uses to create loyal customers, Focus, / last accessed on July 15, 2011

Customer Relations Over the Last
Words: 761 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83464310
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This is significant, because it allows a particular restaurant to use this technology to improve the customer experience by: creating a unique solution that will reach out to everyone. Over the course of time, this will help them to be able to build their brand image, while being able to maintain a low cost structure in achieving these different objectives. The information for understanding how and when this applies was located through the source titled Making Customer Relationship Management Work (2001). It was found based upon the specific background reading that we were required to look at as a part of the assignment itself. ("Making Customer Relationship Management Work," 2001)

When it comes to in house CRM solutions, many large corporations that have information that they need to protect will often utilize this kind of platform. For example, a large bank will more than likely have some kind of onsite…


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Customer Care Analysis Quality Assurance Means Developing
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Customer Care Analysis

Quality assurance means developing operational controls that will ensure that the results match the desired outcomes. Quality Assurance in customer service refers to the process of monitoring and grading representative interactions that will ensure a customer experience that is quality. Customer service operations are designed to keep customers satisfied while at the same time protecting the organization. The main goal of customer service is to help customers solve problems.

Therefore for this function to be carried out effectively, customer service has to be accessible, knowledgeable and reliable and deliver results. To ensure that customer service achieves it set goal quality assurance should be carried out as they apply to how the customers will be served best. Therefore quality assurance identifies the requirements and measures how well customer service is performing with respect to each other. In a nutshell quality assurance in customer service can be defined as…

NVQ code of practice sets out responsibilities for the NVQ awarding bodies and their approved centers for the administration, assessment and verification. The NVQ code of practice therefore supplements, where applicable the requirements of statutory regulations of external qualifications in UK. This it achieves by specifying the additional quality assurance and control requirements that apply and reflect the distinctive character of NVQ. Therefore when external quality assurance is done it has to be in line with the qualifications accredited against these standards in customer service as meeting the assessor and verifier qualification requirements that are set out in the NVQ code of practice.

There are various functions of the external quality assurance for an institution and that if the quality assurance is appropriately applied, it will benefit the institution in a great manner. One of the significant function is the use of the plan to measure quality of education within the organization and as compared to the external institutions. It can also be used to control quality to the desired standards. The plan can as well be utilized in elimination of the bad programs or even departments within the institution. This is also a well structured way of ensuring accountability within the institution. With the proper implementation of the external quality assurance, there is also the assurance of having improvements in general for the institution and the administration (International Institute for Educational Planning (UNESCO), 2011).

The procedures are documented and there is utmost security when sending and receiving details of the results. There is also staff, resources and equipment that in support of assessment of the organization. There are also arrangements in place to obtain a unique learner number and record if and when they are required to do so hence documents are in place to ensure the

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in
Words: 5232 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 470179
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2 of the respondents were self-employed and 11.2% of respondent were white-collar workers with 1.2% of respondents being blue-collar workers. The following chart shows the factor analysis results with VARIMAX rotation of traveler's perceptions of hotel attributes in the study of Choi and Chu (2000).

Factor Analysis Results with VARIMAX Rotation of Traveler's Perceptions of Hotel Attributes

Source: Choi and Chu (2000)

The following chart shows a 'regression analysis results of hotel factors according to Asian and Western travellers overall satisfaction levels.

Regression Analysis Results of Hotel Factors According to Asian and Western Travelers Overall Satisfaction Levels

Source: Choi and Chu (2000)

2.3 Loyalty

2.3.1 Definition of customer loyalty

Kandampully and Suhartanto (2000) define a loyal customer as "a customer who purchases from the same service provider whenever possible, and who continues to recommend or maintain a positive attitude toward the service provider" (p. 346).

2.3.2 Loyalty dimensions

There is…


Andreassen, Tor Wallin and Lindestad, Bodil (1998) Customer Loyalty and Complex Services: The Impact of Corporate Imagine on Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty for Customers with Varying Degrees of Service Expertise. International Journal of Service Management Vol. 9, No. 1, 1998. MCB University Press.

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Lindberg-Repo (nd) Word-of-Mouth Communication in the Hospitality Industry. CERS Center for Relationship Marketing and Service Management. Hotel School Cornell University. Online available at

Customer's Loyalty in the Online
Words: 9559 Length: 35 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32168162
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anking and financial services includes such firms as investment banks, commercial banks, brokerage firms, and credit card institutions. The common it pulse throughout the daily operations of these organizations involves utilizing systems to communicate between branches and subsidiaries, establishing operations throughout the world, communicating with the end customer in order to facilitate transactions, and analyzing customer and market attributes in order to reduce uncertainties in such aspects as pricing policies" (p. 24). Some of the more salient issues affecting the financial services industry today are described further in Table ____ below.

Table ____.

Examples of utilization of information technology in order to enhance efficiency and productivity by the financial services industry.

Area Impacted

Description of Impact

Credit card institutions store, retrieve, and analyze vast amounts of demographic customer information enabling them to more accurately target potential markets for new products and also identify less-attractive, credit-risk customers.

This allows them to…


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Customer Centricity - Literature Review
Words: 6336 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 58933056
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Even customers who are satisfied with something do not always return to that specific business, especially if the business is somewhat out of the way or relatively inconvenient to get to (Jackson, Cunningham, & Cunningham, 1988).

Customer loyalty is generally thought to be achieved when a customer returns to buy something that they have bought before from the same company (Jackson, Cunningham, & Cunningham, 1988). There are many other ways to measure loyalty statistically, but it basically boils down to a customer returning to a business even though there are so many other choices available (Jackson, Cunningham, & Cunningham, 1988).

There are many ways to increase customer loyalty and it is significant to discuss some of them here (Rackham, Honey, Colbert, Fields, Hinson, Morgran, Morris, Sugden, & Tribe, 1971). One of the best ways is to meet or exceed many of the service standards that others in the industry have…


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Customer Advocacy Is it Still Part of
Words: 1062 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38663142
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Customer Advocacy: Is it Still Part of eBay's Core Strategy?

In the past, eBay has earned significant praise for having customer advocacy as part of its core strategy. This text will carry out a detailed evaluation of eBay's website in an attempt to determine to what extent customer advocacy still remains part of the corporation's core strategy.

Customer Advocacy: An Overview

Companies that embrace customer advocacy tend to focus on doing that which is considered most beneficial to the customer. In that regard, such companies strive to act in the best interests of their clients at all times. A company pursuing customer advocacy gains by having the trust of its customers, and thus building a rather strong long-term relationship with such customers. Companies that wish to build long-term relationships with their clients according to Ferrell and Hartline (2008, p. 342) "must strive to develop a relationship with each customer rather…


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Customer Relationship Management
Words: 1892 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 22383634
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Customer elationship Management

Over the last several years, customer relationship management (CM) has become an area which is helping firms to reduce costs and increase productivity. This is because it is focusing on offering small, medium and large sized businesses with number of solutions to streamline their operations. While at the same time, they are utilizing technology to integrate various solutions together. The most notable include: technical support, sales, marketing and customer service. (Brookings, 2013) (Buttle, 2012)

These areas are helping firm to reduce their costs and more effectively understand what is most important to their customers. This is when they can introduce products and services which are most in demand. These objectives are achieved by creating a single platform and adapting to the organization itself. This offers a firm with a customized solution (via the Internet) that assists them in understanding cliental and the marketplace. (Brookings, 2013) (Buttle, 2012)…


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Customer Relationship Management Strategy
Words: 4756 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37586894
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Customer relationship management (CM) is an essential component of organizational management. The purpose of this discussion is to focus on a CM strategy for United Behavioral Health a subsidiary of United Health Care . . United Behavioral Health is dedicated to presenting customers with high quality, cost-effective, managed mental health and substance abuse services to its customers. The investigation suggests that the company's core values have been successfully implemented into the company's CM Strategy. The current CM strategy utilizes technology to allow customers to voice their opinions. Currently the company's website provides a page that offers help to members that are experiencing problems. In addition, it provides customers with "coaches" that can help whenever problems arise. The company's customers are currently divided into three different groups; the employer division, the health plan division and the public sector. We found testimonials of customers who were extremely satisfied with the care…


Your Customers are Speaking To You. Do You Hear Them? 2002. 2 December 2004 

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Customer Benefit Package as a
Words: 584 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84822558
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The 8'X16' units are, for example, both upscale and practical. The interiors are pristine white, with lighted entrances. The units also include air conditioning or heating, according to the demands of the season. There is fluorescent lighting, flushable toilets, non-potable fresh water sinks and skylights. Maximum privacy is ensured by fully enclosed stalls, while soap dispensers and paper towel holders are included. Women's Accommodations include three stalls and one sink, while Men's Accommodations include one stall, three urinals, and one sink.

The 8'X30' Deluxe spares nothing in terms of quality, including sophisticated units of luxury restrooms, shiny black sinks, black urinals, and black toilets, along with other luxury elements such as and AM/FM stereo system, runners, and rugs. Women's Accommodations include five stalls and two sinks, while Men's Accommodations include two stalls, two urinals and two sinks.

Service Recovery and Guarantees

Indy Portable Toilets guarantees customers satisfaction in terms of…

Customer Relations Management Concepts the
Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89274355
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Generally, the principal means of achieving that essential integration of functions is through modern data information systems capable of storing relevant information and connecting it in ways that are conducive to promoting sales opportunities. In addition to the functions of information storage and processing, technology also provides a degree of automation that allows the easy accommodation of processes that would be either extremely difficult and time-consuming or completely overwhelming if they were performed by human beings repetitively and one task at a time (Russell-Walling, 2007).

Personal Experiences with CRM Issues

My only experience with CRM systems was within an organization that was not particularly successful at maximizing their potential. The new system was installed and employees received demonstrations of the available capabilities, but only one or two functions was ever fully exploited. The organization treated the CRM system more as a one-time IT initiative and less as a new way…

Sources Consulted

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World Magazine, February 28, 2000. Accessed 2 Aug 2011, from:

Customer Relation Management Customer Relationship
Words: 1585 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80314109
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Once contractors and employees recognize that CUTCO is interested in making changes, they will willingly provide the company with the information they need to better understand what the customers want and need, and how they can best meet their need. When people talk poorly of a company, customers will hear this news much more quickly than they will hear about the positive gains the company has made or intends to make. When people talk negatively word spreads much quicker. Because of this, CUTCO needs to make amends to the individuals it wronged, and provide an accurate description of its practices so it can begin building a strong customer base. Once CUTCO does this, it can then concentrate on its brand. CUTCO already has a good branding strategy; they must simply ensure this strategy aligns with their objectives and the objectives of the people and contractors working with and for them.…


Alcas Corporation. (2007) CUTCO Cutlery: Company Info, Alcas Corp, Retrieved November 27, 2007: 

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ConsumerAffairs.Com Inc., Retrieved November 27, 2007:

Customer Differentiation the Long-Term Effects
Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16218181
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It is possible to find examples of nearly every service business in existence using SEVQUAL or a variation of this methodology to quantify customer service performance. An interesting second development is the correlation found between customer satisfaction, market share and profitability (Anderson, Fornell, Lehmann, 1994). Based on the strength of this association many companies are investing heavily in analytics to evaluate just how effective their customer service strategies are in earning satisfaction in the short-term and trust in the long-term.


Values-based differentiation and advanced methodologies for measuring customer satisfaction are re-ordering the global marketing landscape today. The emphasis on analytics is what many multinational and global marketers are using to unify these strategies, with the core focus being on how to translate their many combined efforts into the role of trusted advisor (Dimitriadis, Kouremenos, Kyrezis, 2011). Trust is the most powerful differentiator there is and is also highly effective…


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Customer Perspective Balanced Scorecard on What Specific
Words: 578 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19572406
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Customer Perspective alanced Scorecard

On what specific customer perspectives did each company focus, and what measures did each company use to ascertain how well it was meeting the goals implied by those specific perspectives?

As far as Hyde Park Electronics is concerned, they were concentrating on the quality of the product that was delivered to determine customer perspectives. The measures that were used to achieve these objectives were: manufacturing / labor efficiency and new product sales. In the case of Futura, they were focusing on customer perceptions about the product and services they were receiving. To measure this, they focused on randomly calling the customers and determining how employee retention affected the underlying quality of the product. While SGC, was concerned about the quality of orange juice that they were selling to retail customers. The way they analyzed how effective they were at meeting this goal was to focus on…


Gumbus, A. (2006). Entrepreneurs Use a Balanced Scorecard. Journal of Small Business Management, 44 (3), 407 -- 425

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Customer Centric Business Design the
Words: 1244 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15146548
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Domination of the high-profit vending segment.

2. Low-cost distribution system.

3. Revamping of its organization system.

Through consolidation of control over the network of bottlers the low-cost distribution system became a reality. The skills that were vital to management of the bottling end of the business were addressed through plants operations, regional marketing and distribution. Wise (2001) According to the AMR Research Supply Chain Top 25: "The basis of competition for winning companies in today's economy is supply chain superiority." The AMR report further states that Demand-driven supply networks (DDSN) have replaced the traditional push model that worked so well in the 20th century. The customer-centric model is what is termed a "pull-model" that, according to the AMR report does the following:

Embeds product innovation

Manages demand proactively

Utilizes stochastic optimization methods to deal with variability.

The result is: "A nimbler business that leverages intellectual assets and more quickly seizes…


Wise, Rick (2001) A Blueprint for Shareholder Value Growth: Winning Through Strategic Business Design (2001) Questia Library Online

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A i2 Business Optimization Services: The Road Map to Business Excellence (2004) i2 Technologies [Online] available at

Customers' Wants and Needs Embrace
Words: 3344 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14252130
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This creates a strong customer base that can help the company through financially difficult periods and gives the company a leeway in terms of price control and product development. A company that can keep customers also tends to have a higher market share than its competitors. Customer care usually works its way back around and acts as advertising through the company, generally by word of mouth from satisfied customers. The more impressed a customer is with the service and care provided, the more likely they will be to recommend the business and mention its virtues to friends and family, increasing the customer pool through indirect advertising.

5.7 Warranties

To ensure that out clients are assured of their pick and choice, as the Marketing director I recommend that the company gives warranties to all the electronics that ordinarily our competitors would not give. It is noted by the research conducted by…


Bob L, (2001). Beat your Competition without cutting your prices.

Bosses Go "Undercover" to Learn, Engage Employees. (2010). Retrieved on March 30, 2010


Customers' Attitudes Towards Own Labels
Words: 9570 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 70772795
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Tesco, the largest UK company, employs 260,000 people. This corporation has global aspirations and has come a long way in a relatively short period of time" (2003, p. 3).

According to the company's promotional literature, the employment figure for 2003 has almost doubled today, as shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1

Current Key Figures for Tesco



Staff worldwide


Staff in the UK


Stores worldwide


Total stores in the UK









Number of markets


Which markets

China, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA

Note: Facts correct October 2010

Source: Tesco Quick Facts 2010

Figure 1. Respective Number of Tesco Retail Formats in the U.K.

Source: Based on tabular data in Tesco Quick Facts 2010

A brief summary of the company's guiding corporate strategy is provided in…

Customer Company Context Collaborators Competitors the Overall
Words: 892 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95681744
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Customer, Company, Context, Collaborators, Competitors

The overall financing strategy of this beauty center is to provide a wide variety of services at a high volume, at a relatively low cost to the subscription-paying customer. It will target a mid-market, highly trend-conscious consumer who is interested in her appearance and values this aspect of her life enough to seek out regular beauty treatments as part of her lifestyle. Low-income consumers are unlikely to regularly patronize beauty salons for the variety of treatments offered by the company, while high-end consumers will not be as cost-driven as this company's business model suggests. The branding of the business stresses its convenience and cost as much as the actual services, and deemphasizes that personalized attention and relaxation aspect of beauty treatments. Thus a more professional, younger, and slightly less affluent demographic will be emphasized. Women unable to afford spa services previously are likely to be…

Customer Value Countrywide Delivering Customer
Words: 7185 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76794530
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The real estate concept is very different in Great Britain. It consists of a system of bidding and auction. Still this obstacle did not stop Countrywide's management from seeing a wave of change. Many other companies had already seen Great Britain as an entry point into the rest of Europe. These success stories are Safeway, al-Mart and Pizza Hut to name a few. The means to acquiring a ready-made company within Great Britain was the next step. At this point, it was understood that independently opening a Countrywide branch there would be too risky. The strategy was to acquire or create a joint venture with a company that already existed where Countrywide could slowly take over meanwhile slowly introducing that workforce to American mortgage knowledge and skills (, 2005). The irony in this situation is that Countrywide may have been cocky. After all, the situation is very favorable and almost…

Works Cited

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customers and'self'service
Words: 1413 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 87915763
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Customers and Self-Service |

Why Customers Don't Want to Talk to You

This article written by Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman and ick Delisi (2013) clarifies why most customers prefer self-service when they are in firms and service/ product providers. As indicated by Atkinson and Cohen (2015) half of associated customers lean toward self-service while tending to post-purchase item issues. 32% like to use self-service along with access to an actual expert support representative. This information is vital for organizations as they get the chance to comprehend that connected customers have a special service demand that is specifically with a longing to make sense of specialized item issues by themselves, without expert, live help. The part of self-service both inside for firms, and remotely for consumer-facing self-service choices has come about as an emerging significance to companies and organizations. This could be highly favorable to firms from both a customer satisfaction…


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Customer & Client Relationship Management
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 89834914
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Lastly differentiating on the extent of experience our customers have had with Internet-based software is useful in defining how much extra time is necessary for software application training.

Discuss your efforts to create customer intimacy.

As our company relies intensively on long-term relationships with customers, taking a very active approach to creating customer intimacy is critical to our business. Our approach is to first concentrate on total accountability for our software by having our CEO visit each and every customer just after an installation to show a high degree of support and accountability. Next, we offer each customer the opportunity to join a customer advisory council specific to their industry and special interests. At present there are three customer advisory councils which give customers an opportunity to discuss their concerns, interested in new product ideas and see what is presently in development.

How will you customize your offering for particular…

Customer Loyalty Programs Are Customer
Words: 535 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29713181
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Taken together, United Natural Foods is looking to create pull-based demand throughout its distribution channels and increase sales activity, leading to more profitability over the long-term. The focus on two of the three elements being oriented towards the consumer is deliberate to further pull products through distribution channels as well.

If they are not used, should they be used?

They are used as the analysis indicates, yet United Natural Foods could also augment these efforts by concentrating more on channel-based and retailer-specific promotions over the long-term, further ensuring a higher level of sales productivity as well.

If they should be used, explain why they should be used. If they should not be used, explain why they should not be used.

Each one of the elements or components of the strategy need to be used and expanded over time to more fully meet the unmet needs of the customers these communication…

IMC and Customer Satisfaction Zapper
Words: 1832 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 57576040
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In addition, there will be a follow-up interview process to capture specific area of low customer satisfaction scores. These scores will be used for process improvement and business process reengineering within the company. One of the most critical aspects of these measures is the need to use them to fundamentally re-architect the company and make it more customer-centric. This is critical for the Zapper to reflect customers' needs and requirements and for the company to have a very solid fidelity and transparency to its customers.

Measuring and Acting on Gaps Between Customer Expectations and Experiences

One of the innate strengths of the SEVQUAL methodology is the ability to quickly assess the differences between expectations and experiences quickly, and in very quantitative terms. These differences across expectations and experiences are measured with a minimum of 32 different variables, which can be highly effective in pinpointing just what areas of public relations,…


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Marketing Strategies the Seamless Customer
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Physical architecture refers to the physical make-up of information resources such as computer hardware and software, files, screens, reports, forms, and so on. The physical aspect of information relates to how logical components will be implemented. The logical aspect refers to components of data and processing. An example of physical architecture can be demonstrated via the example of the payroll. Initially, the payroll was managed in manual format, then with time clocks, and finally electronically, via mainframes, minis and PC's. As such, physical architecture changes often and with increasing speed as time passes. The logical aspect relates to the nature of the business itself and changes only with the business.

A startup refers to a business that is in its earliest development stages. It therefore is not yet showing any growth in terms of profits or turnover. Indeed, having just started, the startup owner is more than likely still in…

Business Resource Management Group Customer
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Question 6: We have outine o egula measues of custome sevice.
At a scoe of 3, which indicates that the company's senio management sees
thei pefomance as neutal on this specific question, indicating the
consultancy has pocesses in place fo outinely measuing custome
sevice. Yet fom the esponses to ealie questions it is clea that
thee is a lack of commitment and a lack of ugency to using these outine
o egula measues to quantify thei pefomance in custome sevice
What the consultancy needs to specifically focus on is ceating a set of
custome listening stategies, and as been mentioned befoe, Voice of the
Custome pogams, to develop the discipline of gaining valuable custome
feedback on thei pefomance. A patten is beginning to emege in the
question esponses of senio management on the one hand seeing custome
centicity as a coe stength of the company, yet thee ae no…

references the greater the credibility in many
prospects' opinions.
3. Index management bonuses to the customer satisfaction score the
company earns every year, and also index specific project teams'
salary increases and bonuses to per-project satisfaction. This is a
critical step for the consultancy to make so it can change the culture
to be one that values and finds a passion for seeking out customers'
feedback of both the good and bad, and acting on it. Two of the
questions in the survey specifically illustrate that there is a major

Swarovski's Customer in the Digital
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Based on the attributes of luxury brand, the luxury brand requires special marketing strategy to achieve brand objectives. The strategy assists in developing global brand reputation as well as forming brand awareness within the global competitive environment. (Moore and Birtwistle 2005).

In the contemporary marketing environment, experiential marketing has become a cornerstone of marketing, and retailing for luxury brand. Experiential marketing is the technique of viewing consumer as an emotional and rational being who aims to achieve pleasurable experiences. (Atwal et al. 2008). Typically, experiential marketing offers customer memorable experiences in order to achieve customer satisfaction and competitive market advantages. The experiential marketing uses different tools to create the memorable experiences for customers. For example, experiential marketing organizes entertainment for customers in order to educate them, allow them to escape the reality, as well as giving them aesthetic objects or places to see. Experiential marketers use different tools to create…


Atkin, D. (2004). The Culting of Brands: When Customers Become True Believers. New York: Portfolio.

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Swarovski's Customer in the Digital
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Consequently, marketing efforts become more and more important.

Glyn Atwal and Alistair Williams (2009) for instance argue that the creators of luxury products have to use marketing efforts to identify new customers' needs even before the customers become aware of these needs. In other words, they have to "stay in front of luxury consumers" (Atwal and Williams, 2009, p.338). And in order to do so, the luxury products manufacturers strive to create positive experiences for their customers in order to inspire them and to stimulate their purchase decisions.

Otherwise put, in the context of luxury products, experiential marketing is growingly present and critical and this is due to the complex nature of the luxury sector. Here, the producers seek to transmit the image of high quality, product authenticity, as well as performance. However, aside from these statements, the luxury products must also transmit and sell a customer experience; and this…


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Narrative of Customer Service Experience
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This is one company that encourages the customer service representatives to develop relationships with the customers so that they can ask for individuals when and if they need to call back. I enjoyed this aspect of the job because everywhere I had worked before, we had a contact with the customers and the chances were extremely slim that we would ever hear from or speak to that customer again. There were many customers I enjoyed talking to and wished I could handle their future needs.

A learned through my experience that customer service can make or break a company. Several of the things my experience has taught me include:

set yourself above your existing competition (Customer, 1992).

A make it difficult for new competition to get a foothold in your market (Customer, 1992)."

Observations and eflections

When I first began my career in customer service I believed it was a…


Customer service: back to basics is better.

Public Management; 12/1/2004; Clark, Doug

How to win through great customer service.

Canadian Manager; 3/22/1992

Hms Host Customer Service Human
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The reinforcement power of this feedback loop strengthens the customer service culture to the point where it has become for HMS Host a source of competitive advantage.

Another way in which HMSHost develops its customer service expertise is through its partnerships. The company utilizes these partnerships to institute a two-way transfer of a wide range of competencies, including technology, logistics and training (QSR Magazine, 2002). These partnerships allow partners like Starbucks and Burger King to contribute their own strong customer service values to HMS managers, who can in turn transfer this knowledge throughout the organization. This infusion of creativity allows for a wider range of ideas and best practices to be introduced into the organization, thereby enhancing organizational learning. The same occurred when HMSHost was taken over by Autogrill -- the parent company was able to influence customer service standards and bring in new ideas with regards to enhancing the…

Works Cited:

HMS Host website. Various pages. (2010). Retrieved March 13, 2010 from 

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Turner, C. (2009). How Etihad's marketing set new global airline standards. Retrieved March 13, 2010 from

New Customer Service Application on
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Alliances and partnerships that enrich the customer service experience of any online self-service application are exceptionally effective across other industries as well.


The introduction and support of an online self-service application is a multifaceted and highly coordinated strategy that requires system and process integration to be successful. In addition the support for roles-based access and preferences definitions is also critically important as consumers are increasingly expecting this from their online applications and will often reject and not use those that assume a one-size-fits-all mentality in their design. Finally gaining user input and designing with consideration of their needs is crucial for change management to occur. As online self-service is part of a CM strategy in many organizations (egan & O'Connor, 2002) the marketing of the application in addition to its inherent value must both be actively communication clearly.


Sven C. Berger. (2009). Self-service technology for sales purposes in…


Sven C. Berger. (2009). Self-service technology for sales purposes in branch banking: The impact of personality and relationship on customer adoption. The International Journal of Bank Marketing, 27(7), 488-505.

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Chor-Beng Anthony Liew. (2008). Strategic integration of knowledge management and customer relationship management. Journal of Knowledge Management, 12(4), 131-146.

Retaining Customer Loyalty General Electric
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In order to rise above competition, the company is committed to providing the highest quality of technical support to its clients, as demonstrated by its purchase of ATG. This software would result in reduced costs, increased revenue, and improved customer retention.

pecifically, the software gives the company the ability to reduce the time involved in solving customer queries and concomitantly increasing the volume of calls that can be handled. Furthermore, the queries and calls referred to higher levels of the company's management is decreased by centralizing the customers' access to relevant information sources. The quality and content of this service are also improved by analyzing daily interactions with customers. The service is made more efficient and accurate in this way. Finally, revenue opportunities are also increased by a feature that suggests up-sell and cross-sell possibilities.

According to Business Wire (2005), Genpact's RightAnswers' Knowledge-Pak libraries also integrate with the ATG software.…


Business Wire. (2005, Dec. 12). General Electric-Owned Genpact Delivers Superior Customer Service with ATG's Progressive Call Center Technology. Database: FindArticles. 

General Electric (2008). GE Citizenship: Building a Customer Focus. 

O'Connor, Ashling (2008, Aug. 21). Thrilling Olympics give General Electric a surge in power. The Times. 

Samuelson, Walt. (2006). Customer Satisfaction Simplified. Ad Revamp.

DVD Rental Improving Customer Service at Vista
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DVD Rental

Improving Customer Service at Vista DVD Rentals

The Vista DVD Rentals store is at a crossroads. After a number of years in operation, the store is facing a critical turning point that could dictate future survival or the suspension of any further business. The transformation must revolve on vastly improved customer service. As is the case for most businesses in New Zealand, customer service has come to play an increasingly important role in Vista's relevance. Consumers have come to expect a certain level of accommodation on the part of a retail or rental operation and this imposes a high level of importance on the decisions that companies make with respect to the customer experience. Essentially, customer service can be defined as the set of standards, practices and procedures that shape the customer's experience through the course of a business transaction. This denotes two primary aspects of customer service:…

Works Cited:

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Develop a Plan for Improving Customer Service
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The Challenge of Improving Upon Exemplary Customer Service: Apple, Inc.

For the purposes of this task, the organisation of focus will be the international giant, Apple, Inc. Apple is an organisation and a brand with international fame conjuring instant recognition and respect from global consumers for nearly four decades. Apple has an exceptional reputation for many aspects of their business practices such as product quality, product variety, and for the paper's purposes, customer service. As the paper will demonstrate and cite, this organisation has an outstanding reputation for customer service. Apple's customer service is ranked high both nationally (domestically) and internationally. Why choose an organisation that is so far ahead of most others? It is a formidable challenge to constantly and effectively improve upon excellence; this is the task that Apple puts before itself each year, and it is the same perspective from which the paper aligns itself.



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Starbucks Delivering Customer Service Starbucks
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However, simply hiring more people is only a part of the solution; in addition, these new employees, as well as current employees need additional training in order to allow them to serve customers more rapidly and in a more friendly manner. These goals should be tied to a compensation/bonus program for employees if the levels of customer satisfaction in the areas of improvement are enhanced. By doing so, the needs of the firm, its customers and employees are all met, thereby fulfilling the role of an effective business entity.


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Brainstorming Ideas or Experiences Are Most Acceptable
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Discerning the oot Problem

a) Situation Overview

Provide a brief explanation of the organizational context

Starbucks is a multinational corporation that began as a single, Seattle-based coffee company designed to provide an Italian coffee shop experience to Americans.

What prompts the proposed change?

Starbucks has over-expanded, diluting the value of its brand name and compromising the perceived quality of its coffee (Gross 2007).

Starbucks has difficulty communicating the unique value of its premium coffee brand. Domestically, consumers are complaining about the quality of the service and beverages. Internationally, it wishes to expand to untapped markets but must do so in a manner to suit the tastes and preferences of these 'international' neighborhoods.

b) Organizational Context

Describe the organization

Starbucks is a multinational company. It tailors its coffee offerings to suit the needs of international consumers by engaging in joint partnerships with local…


Gross, Daniel. (2007). Starbucks' venti problem. Retrieved: 

Mission statement. (2012). Starbucks. Retrieved:

Managing a Customer Mix
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Customer Satisfaction and Customer PrivacyCustomer relationship management (CM) has become critical for modern business organizations because of the value of potential and current customers. Despite the significance of CM, service providers tend to overlook the contribution to satisfaction from other customers in the service environment because of difficulties in creating a customer mix. Customer mix basically provides insights regarding customer segments currently being serviced by the business organization. Firms can manage the customer mix by determining the desired optimal behaviors from customers. Businesses should determine the behaviors they desire from customers in terms of participation in the service delivery process, customer-to-customer interactions, and the treatment of service personnel (Fisk, Grove & John, 2013). This should be followed by developing a clientele that fits the portfolio. The next step in this process would involve identifying the right customers, customer education, and ensuring compatibility with other customers as part of producing a…

ReferenceFisk, R.P., Grove, S.J. & John, J. (2013). Services marketing: An interactive approach (4th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Recruiting Customer Service Employees
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H manager: Conducing a job analysis of a new customer service positon

Job analysis

Three types of techniques can be used when conducting a job analysis in the workplace of a particular position. The first, that of job observation, takes the form of a trained workplace analyst observing the employee completing his or her tasks. While for some positions this may be useful, particularly manual tasks, other jobs are more difficult to assess visually. In these cases, managers may request a work sampling (such as a representative report) or ask the employee to keep a diary or log of their work ("Job analysis methods" 2015). For a customer service job, observing might take the form of listening to selected calls fielded by existing employees in the position. The disadvantage of this approach is that it can be extremely time-consuming. Also, the trained observers can only give subjective impressions and may…


Campion, M. & Thayer, P. (2001). Job design: Approaches, outcomes, and trade-offs.

Organizational Dynamics, 71-79. Retrieved from: 

Frandsen, S. (2014). How to evaluate a customer service representative. B2B. Retrieved from:

Quality Cost-Competitiveness Customer Service and First-To-Market Are
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Quality, cost-competitiveness, customer service and first-to-market are all essential determinants to global commercial success. All sectors of the economic market are obliged to reduce costs and production times while increasing profits and market share. Ambitious organizations are turning to systems management programs such as Six Sigma or Total Quality Management to develop and maintain exceptional standards across the whole of an organization. This includes all aspects of production and manufacturing processes, as well as marketing, sales and distribution, financial considerations, employee motivation and customer service. Finally, product development in the form of a perennial portfolio of projects helps to ensure the viability of a company.

The incorporation of systems management programs has become integral to the renaissance and future of an organization. Often, enterprises will combine qualities from several methodologies such as integration aspects of Six Sigma with Project Management; the very topic of consideration for this essay that examines…


(1) Anbari F.T. (2004) A Systems Approach to Six Sigma Quality, Innovation, and Project Management. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Systems Thinking, Innovation, Quality, Entrepreneurship and Environment (STIQE 2004). Maribor, Slovenia.

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Expectations Customers Have With Regard
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In conclusion, this book shows conclusively that customers' expectations are continually increasing while the most forward-thinking companies are attempting to continually integrate social networks and social media into their marketing, selling and service platforms. Based on the assessment of Mr. reenberg and his case studies, the early adopter companies are very successful with this strategy of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Xu, M., & Walton, J. (2005). aining Customer Knowledge through Analytical CRM. Industrial Management + Data Systems, 105(7), 955-971.

Analytics have become the foundation of marketing in the 21st century as marketers continue to measure interactions with prospects and customers and quantify the performance of their strategies over time. The continually evolving role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has also led to increasing reliance on dashboards and balanced scorecards as a means to continually track marketing strategy performance gains goals and objectives (Kim, Suh, Hwang, 2003). The research…

Greenberg, P. (2010). The impact of CRM 2.0 on customer insight. The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 25(6), 410-419.

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BSC Flexibility and the Customer Perspective
Words: 899 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 8876193
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The Heathrow Terminal 5 project illustrates how the balanced scorecard approach can be applied to a number of projects and organizations. In this case, the airport authorities wanted to derive a comprehensive vision for what the Terminal project should be, and they were able to execute on that for the most part. The system that they designed was heavy on evaluation metrics and this was critical to the overall success of the project.

The balanced scorecard is an approach that has a lot of intuitive wisdom. The approach suggests that if one satisfies the needs of different stakeholders, that it will enjoy success in the long run. The Terminal 5 project focused on this, because the project is essentially a not-for-profit venture, so success was dependent on meeting other aspects of the scorecard. It was easier for management to focus on the scorecard as a methodology because of this.…

Supply Chain and Customer Service
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Supply Chain Management

The proposed changes will hopefully improve customer service, but will also focus on improving the integration between the different units, so as to put a common front for the customer. Moreover, the changes will begin to modernize the system for tracking inventory. The reason that the customers expect to be able to track their orders every step of the way is because that is fairly common technology. Thus, a move to RFID and other technologies that facilitate real-time tracking, along with adopting a common technology platform, will serve the company's needs in a number of ways.

First, the customers will receive the tracking information that they want, and should expect from any company in 2015. This will resolve the company's major customer service issue, and thus should help to improve its customer service scores overall, which are presently being dragged down by the technological inferiority in the…

Understanding Customer Loyalty and Distribution Strategies
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Marketing Strategies in Costco's etail Stores

etail Store Loyalty

Besides being one of the leading U.S. retail stores, Costco has won the hearts of many customers. As a customer, I have maintained my loyalty to this retailer, thanks to their small, surprise gifts that often remind me to visit the store in a delighted manner. Often, these unexpected gifts reflect the law of reciprocity, meaning the company responds to my positive actions with a positive action (Dahmen, 2004). The gifts range from simple things like a digital card. However, I feel that Costco could improve their customer experience by offering a personalized, compelling and seamless brand experience. While seeking to satisfy consumers' demands, the retailer must focus on the degree of involvement that consumers have with their brands across channels. Therefore, Costco must deliver value to me to continue earning my loyalty. In the wake of e-.commerce boom, Costco needs…


Dahmen, P. (2004). Multi-Channel Strategies for Retail Financial Services: A Management-Framework for Designing and Implementing Multi-Channel Strategies. Wiesbaden: Deutscher Universita-tsverlag.

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Customer Services it Takes Examples
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The employees should be firmly committed to the firm, they are the face of a firm (also its eyes and ears). The staff focus should be involved in the process management, also their measurement and knowledge as well as initial contact with customers, all contribute to the performance of the organization.

Firms need to provide results on a consistent basis, be innovative and should respond quickly to any changes in environment for giving exceptional results and satisfying customers. Further in continuous improvement, aspects such as redesign of processes or services, upgraded technology systems, proper paperwork should be focused upon. Continuous improvement requires all firms' members to look for opportunities to improve. Overall, the continuous improvement process involves customers, leadership, employees and quality. It is the customers who determine if the firm is providing quality. They are the judges of it. The leadership is useful for setting direction of the firm.…


Brown, S.A. (1998). Breakthrough Customer Service. Toronto: John Wiley & Sons.

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Horrell, E. (2006). The Kindness Revolution. New York: AMACOM.

Customer's Purchase Behavior Is an
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As the authors note the study utilizes more reflective constructs rather than formative (Hsu et al., 140). KBCP is measured through ease of navigation of the KB and other similar questions. SSE refers to the problem solving experiences of customers through independent use. PA is operationalized as "possible factors for customers to select a certain brand" (Hsu et al., 140). The other dependent variable PI is measured through would you buy this brand?

The problem of purchase intention is complex and it is not possible to capture the variability within the construct with a single question. Additionally consideration should be given to directly measure the value received from prior experience with the product or service. While there seems to be a tacit acceptance of this variable its omission from the model limits the explicative power of the model. It is reasonable to assume that self-efficacy is correlated to the prior…


Hsu, S., Balasubramanian, S., Thakur, R., & Kulviwat, S.. (2011). Knowledge-base and online self-service. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 12(2), 133-151.

Kerlinger, F.N. & Lee, H.B. (2000). Foundations of Behavioral Research. London:

Thompson Learning.

Reliability and Item Analysis (2012). StatSoft electronic statistics text book. Retrieved from

Customer Value Funnel Approach The Reference Appends
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Customer Value Funnel Approach. The reference appends four sources in APA format.


The "customer value funnel approach" (p. 153) is a highly significant implement for clearly comprehending and evaluating business mechanisms and other marketing-related critical situations. esides a priceless strategic marketing framework, this approach focuses on the satisfaction of customers, the main marketing target of various giants in the business industry to reap the benefits of high productivity and massive volume due to broad clientele. As Stanley Slater states "As marketers, we should be committed to the proposition that the creation of customer value must be the reason for the firm's existence and certainly for its success" (p. 153).

Hence for effective business practices and performance, customer values play a vital role and therefore all focal organizations must take into consideration all the four levels of the Customer Value Funnel approach just like Southwest Airline did when it began…


Designing and Delivering Superior Customer Value. Part 2: Customer Value Cases. Case 17: Southwest Airlines- Value Added Customers. Pages: 153- 311

American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition

Spend Less = Make More. That's The Marketing Equation Driven by ADP's CRM Solutions (2001). Retrieved February 11, 2003 at 

Price Optimization System (2002). Retrieved February 11, 2003 at

Customer's Document to Make it
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The elephant's death is also a symbol for the slow death of Burma. Before the arrival of the empire, Burma was free but now it struggles for its last dying breaths under British rule. The meaning of this is clear because the narrator doesn't even try to hide his feelings about the monarchy at all. The British crown is abusing and killing everyone it oppresses and it wounds their officers by making them take part in activities that make all of them go totally against their inner will.

The elephant is the most powerful symbol of all and he finally dies but with alot of agony nor is it guilty of anything but being what it is. Those under British rule are also behaving like they really are and being what they were born to be but the power of the empire is forcing them to bend and behave in…

Experiencing a Rapid Growth and
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I will then contribute in coaching the new employee where necessary.

The criteria used in determining whether the newly created job was most effective in helping the company will address its rapid growth and how long you will wait to make this job

Performance evaluation forms will be effective in meeting the company's progress. After the new employees have settled in their new workstation, their production levels will need to be observed. The impact of the new employee in terms of productivity is vital here especially when the company is on a high growth. ome situations will be evident and open enough in case the new employee is heavily involved.

In circumstances where the company forms a new department, the audit, and the accounting department will undertake an analysis of the income brought forward (nell, 2012). The Audit Company and management will calculate the ROI for the new workers. ROI…

Snell, Scott a., & Bohlander, George W. (2012). Managing Human Resources. South-Western



Customer's Source States That There Are Various
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customer's source] states that there are various types of qualitative approaches to research including the education filed approaches which includes the ecological psychology approach, the holistic ethnography approach, the cognitive anthropology approach, the ethnography of communication approach and symbolic interactionism. In the field of nursing, qualitative approaches to research are inclusive of phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, and historical research. Also used in the field of education are anthropological perspectives, sociological perspectives, biological perspectives, case studies, personal accounts, cognitive studies and historical inquiries. In the field of sociology and nursing the grounded theory, ethnography, phenomenology, life histories, and conversational analysis are used. In the field of nursing used are phenomenology, ethnography, ethnoscience, and grounded theory. (Ibid, nd, p.7)

Research design that is qualitative is reported to begin with "philosophical assumptions that the inquirers make in deciding to undertake a qualitative study." (Ibid, nd, p.7) Researchers are reported to "bring their own…

Customer Loyalty in E-Commerce Outlets
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Much marketing research has been done on analysing customer behaviour and retention. As a consequence, it is crucial for online companies to create a loyal customer base, as well as to monitor the profitability of each segment (Reinartz and Kumar, 2002)

Definition of customer e-loyalty

Customer loyalty has been defined as "a deeply held commitment to re-buy or re-patronize a preferred product/service consistently in the future, thereby causing repetitive same-brand or same brand-set purchasing, despite situational influences and marketing efforts having the potential to cause switching behaviour" (Oliver, 1999). This general definition appears to apply to e-loyalty as well. Another briefer and more specific definition is provided by Anderson and Srinivasan (2003), who define e-loyalty as "the customer's favourable attitude toward an electronic business, resulting in repeat purchasing behaviour" (p. ____).

Since it is considered difficult to gain loyal customers on the internet without directly contact (Gommans et al., 2001),…

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Customer Service An Ethical Issue
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Business Ethics: Using Top Quality Parts

Today, every business recognizes the importance of its customers to enhance its longevity. Indeed, customers, even more than investors, are responsible for the strength or weakness of a business. If the customer base is weak and relationships are not up to par, it is more than likely that the business will also suffer. For this reason, businesses have certain codes of ethics when entering into relationship with their customers to optimize these relationships. This is echoed throughout business publications, since a high sense of ethics fosters positive and high quality customer relationships. This, in turn, will create a positive image of the company among customers, who will in turn spread the word regarding the excellence of the company. For this reason, On-Time Technology Products (OTTP) cannot in good conscience succumb to pressure, even from large investors, to save expenses in unethical ways, including using…


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Customer Retention Without Planned Obsolescence
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difficulty with customer retention for Storz & Bickel is that their chief high-end product, the Volcano Vaporizer, lacks "planned obsolescence."

I am using the term that was devised by Alfred P. Sloan for the Ford Motor Company, but this is now basically a strategy implemented by all major manufacturing corporations -- in some sense, the point of an iPhone 5 is that it will eventually be made obsolete by an iPhone 6, and thus customer retention strategies are built around maintaining brand loyalty. As Medeiros (2003) writes about the original planned obsolescence strategy: "Sloan's idea was that automobiles should change each year, and should each year become more expensive (at least to the cost of production)….Each year, the new-model cars would have more improvements added on, different engines, different styling, different comfort features" (287).

The problem is that this strategy -- which works well with Ford automobiles or Apple iPhones…


Medeiros, CA. (2003) High-wage economy, Sloanism and Fordism. In Wood, JC and Wood, MC. Alfred P. Sloan: Critical evaluations in business and management. New York: Routledge.

Experience Sheringham
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When it comes to creating a digital marketing plan a considerable amount of time and effort is required for it to be a success. There are various techniques which can be used to achieve of the best ways to do this is by using the SOSTC analysis. The paper will be on the analysis for the commercial opportunity presented by the website for Sheringham town. This will be done using the SOSTC analysis. The SOSTC analysis entails six basic elements namely; Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, ction and Control.

Situation analysis

Before embarking on a decision on where one wants to go they must first establish and fully understand where they are. common barrier to success when it comes to marketing is the facts that people fail to understand where they are and who else is with them. The situation analysis aspect of SOSTC enables business people to…

A control is necessary so as to do an action performance measurement according to the objectives that have been set. This should include the evaluation of the number of people who visit the website whether new or existing clients. The commercial visibility of the website should also be examined. This involves looking at the amount of profit the website has brought and is continuing to bring since its is also important to ensure that people who visit the website visit it again and again. This can be monitored through the sign up option so as to establish those who visit the website on a regular should also be established how many people actually visit the town as a result of the website. This can be achieved through ensuring that those who got information of the town from the website and end up visiting are registered online.


Experience of Group Interaction
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personal Diary for 30 days with Day 1 group interaction

The first interaction that took place was among a group of undergrad students whose quiz I was invigilating. After the quiz the class started talking amongst themselves and in order to bring some discipline to the class I initiated a discussion. The topic of the discussion was the present job market in our country. Even though the discussion was started by me, later on I mostly stayed quite; coming up with comments a few times but majorly letting the students do most of the talking. By doing this I was able to engage them in a discussion which interested them and which made them spend their time having a healthy debate about their options in the coming future.

Day 2 group interaction

On the second day I went to a retirement party being thrown by my cousins for their father.…

Experiences in Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement

The use and control of one's own mental faculties is of the utmost importance when involved in the serious and important business of government work. The word "government" itself literally translates to "controlling the mind" in Latin. Mind control is thus the most important aspect any individual who wishes to earn success and garner respect within governmental agencies may attain. Personal experience is the one true measure of the capability of thought, where the endgame is understanding these experiences and incorporating them into a practical, effective and efficient lifestyle approach both personal and professional.

As a Department of Defense (DOD) Special Agent, the ability to suppress emotion and employ rational and reasonable thought patterns is a skill that must be fully developed and tempered to allow for a suitable outlet for such activities. The purpose of this essay is to explore some personal experiences within my own career…