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Cybersecurity Essays (Examples)

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security related federal legislation
Words: 1619 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67942257
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One of the most important security-related pieces of legislation recently passed in Congress is the H.R. 1731: the National Cybersecurity Protection Advancement Act of 2015, also known simply as the Cybersecurity Act of 2015. The Act has widely been considered a “landmark cybersecurity information sharing legislation,” (Abascal, Archie, Crawford, et al., 2016) and “the most significant piece of federal cyber-related legislation enacted to date,” (Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, 2015, p. 1) because it is one of the first and strongest attempts to federalize cybersecurity in the broader interests of counterterrorism and national security. In fact, the Act specifies the role the Department of Homeland Security plays in coordinating information sharing efforts.
Most significantly, the Act requires that the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) interact with non-federal and private sector organizations for comprehensive information sharing. What this generally means for individuals and businesses is that…

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Personally Identifiable Information Incident
Words: 1031 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82749961
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Cyber security, due primarily to globalization has become a profound issue. With the advent of the internet, new threats to privacy and security have arisen. For one, threats have caused data breaches and loss of service for many internet providers. ecently, American banks have become targets of cyber attacks from unknown sources. In many instances, it is difficult to detect the whereabouts of a cyber attack. The anonymity of an attack makes this threat particularly appealing to third world and developed nations. Due primarily to its ability to go undetected PII attacks have become very commonplace. PII, otherwise known as personally identifiable information, have a direct appeal to those who would like to do harm to developed countries. PII attacks are particularly profound as information including name, Social Security numbers and date of birth, stored in the vendor's database can be access by unauthorized user (Denning, 2008).

PII attacks are…


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Risk Management in Top Cyber
Words: 1242 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65432854
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80% of the vulnerabilities been discovered nowadays are from websites.

SQL injection occurs when an attacker uses SQL scripts to send information to the server by using the website forms and UL's. If, the website form data is not sanitized before been sent to the database it can lead to this attack. Without sanitization, an attacker can post any data they want directly to the database thus been able to access the information stored and alter the information if so desired. It is easy to make an SQL query, insert it into a form field with whichever parameters one desires and this would compromise the security of the website and its data. Using SQL injection, an attacker can capture sensitive information stored in the database like passwords or credit card details. To prevent this attack, the website developer will need to ensure that the website form fields do not accept…


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Securing the Electronic Transfer Securing
Words: 976 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 38772049
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Essentially, securing the electronic frontier is very critical because of the potential harms that cyber crime and fraud cause to individual, businesses and nations as a whole.

One of the effective strategies that could be employed to secure the electronic frontier is the collaboration of the government with the private and public organizations. Increasing number of governments has implemented method to secure the electronic frontier without success. Since corporate organizations are more equipped to counter IT threats than the government, a collaboration of the government with organizations will be more effective.

Moreover, the international organizations such as the United Nations should also play effective roles in securing electronic frontier. The United Nation should make a law to ensure that all member nations are obliged to secure electronic transfer in their respective nations since lack of cross-border treaties for data sharing is creating havoc to corporate organizations. Essentially, some countries such…


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How to Prepare and Test a Continuity of Operations Plan
Words: 3887 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33409878
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Contingency Planning

Information Security contingency plans are very important for firms operating in today's world, where cyber security is a top issue a result of business's technological and digital dependence. This paper will discuss the planning steps, possible recovery options, and recommended testing requirements needed to support a successful business contingency/continuity of operations environment. Included will be recommendations for a proposed 24-month cycle business contingency testing plan, what should be tested and how the test should be conducted. Critical corporate assets will be ranked with the type of testing (i.e. plan reviews, tabletop exercises and backup recovery tests). Costs associated with the recommended testing process will also be taken into consideration, including personnel, equipment and production costs.

Planning Steps

Step 1 is to examine the organization of the IS department. An IS department should be organized in order to guard against an attack, blackout or any other natural or man-made…


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Human Aspects in Cyber and IT Security
Words: 2582 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25492392
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Human Aspects in IT and Cybersecurity Outline

Government Justification of Informing Private industry to improve or Set up Cyber-security

Methods of the Government Interventions

Impacts of Government egulation on National Security

Failure to comply to related cyber regulations

Meeting the minimum requirements.

Exceeding the Minimum equirements

The economic and national security of the United States rely on the effective functioning of the country critical infrastructures. ecently, the U.S. government has issued an executive order to manage the cybersecurity and protect the country critical infrastructure since a destruction of the critical infrastructures whether virtual or physical can have a negative impact on the national economic security, safety or national public health. The computer and information systems are part of the country critical infrastructures that facilitate effective data communication between organizations. Presently, the U.S. information systems have enhanced interconnectivity that enhances business advantages, which has never happened before. Despite the benefits of…


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Metrics Implementation and Enforcement Security Governance
Words: 2896 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 53677677
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Metrics, Implementation, and Enforcement (Security Governance)

How can you determine whether there has been a malware outbreak?

The threat situation today has become more dangerous than in the past. Security and safety threats have been increasing in an alarming rate; there are more than 70,000 brand new bits of malware recognized daily. Well-funded cybercriminals have been currently making advanced malware that has been made to bypass present security options by launching prior to the operating-system and then evading antivirus defence (Mitre, 2012). Consequently, danger vulnerability has hit unprecedented degrees that need a brand new method of security and safety. With built-in security and safety options from McAfee as well as Intel, one might gain an additional layer of safety that is effective aside from the operating-system to avoid attacks instantly whilst successfully managing security over to a system of endpoints. These revolutionary options gather world-class processor chip technologies from Intel…


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Chief Security Officer As the Chief Security
Words: 2148 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99079372
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Chief Security Officer:

As the Chief Security Officer for a local University, my main role is establishing and maintaining an enterprise wide information security program that helps to ensure all data and information assets are not compromised. This process involves developing a plan to conduct a security program that prevent computer crimes, establishes a procedure for investigation, and outlines laws that are applicable for potential offenders. To develop an effective plan, the process would involve identifying recent computer attacks or other offenses that have been carried out against higher educational institutions and processes established by these institutions to prevent the recurrence of the crimes. In addition, procedures, methodologies, and technologies that could be bought to lessen computer crime threats and effective laws for convicting offenders will also be examined. The other parts of the process include identifying computer crime fighting government programs and the types and costs of computer forensics…


"Data Security Breach at Ferris State University." (2013, August 16). Local. CBS Local Media.

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CT: Cengage Learning.

Law Enforcement and Cyberstalking
Words: 895 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16556885
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Cyber-Crime in a New Age of Law Enforcement

ith the new introduction of the online sphere, law enforcement today faces unique challenges those previous generations could never even imagined. The internet allows the ability to create an online presence that has virtually no relevance to the real world character of the user. People can now create an online presence with the ability to construct a range of pseudonymity that was never before possible (Gyorgy, 2002). Therefore the person that you think you are communicating with may be a different person altogether.

Furthermore, people can set up a range of different personalities and have multiple identities online that they can use for a range of malicious activities. For example, it is possible for an elderly man who has perverted tendencies to portray himself as a young school girl on online chat forums. In these arenas there is seldom any verification…

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Protecting America's Internet Networks Better Plan Is Needed
Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77104236
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Law Enforcement -- Computer Security

Three agencies that are part of the U.S. Federal Government's effort to thwart computer crimes are the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Secret Service. Computer crime (also known as cyber crime) is a growing and dangerous menace, not just to the government -- and to all 50 state governments -- but to corporate networks, private computers and educational institution computer networks as well.

hat challenges face the three departments mentioned above based on the independent nature of these agencies, and can they cooperate to provide steadfast collaboration against terrorists and other hackers who seek to steal important information and interrupt normal business cycles?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a massive, multi-agency department with many responsibilities, and cybersecurity is just one of its duties. It is also responsible for border security, customs (including enforcing immigration laws) and emergency management (FEMA) (…

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Security Planning for Information Technology IT
Words: 2196 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89597011
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IT Security Plan

The technological advances that have been witnessed in the past twenty to thirty years, has placed a tremendous emphasis on data and information. Computers have changed the world in many facets and the ability to communicate and perform work have been greatly assisted by the digital age. Along with these new found powers, there exists also new found threats. The ability to protect these investments and resources of an informational matter, has produced new sciences and approaches to accomplishing such a task.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss and analyze how to establish an information security program to protect organizational information. This essay will address the specific guidelines and elements that compose such a program and explore ways in which these methods can be exploited for the fullest possible benefit. Specific guidelines will be discussed however this is a general overview of a program and…


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Human Aspects in Cyber and IT Security
Words: 1757 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93880048
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Human Aspects in IT and Cybersecurity

An innovation in IT (information Technology) has revolutionized the method organizations store, record and retrieve information. Moreover, a large percentage of business organizations has taken the advantages internet technology to offer their businesses online where customer's data such as credit cards, SSN (social security number), tax information, and other personal information are recorded in the organizational databases. A major benefit that internet technology offers to organizations is that it assists businesses to transact businesses globally without establishing entities in other countries. The strategy has assisted organizations to achieve competitive market advantages. Despite the benefits associated with IT, businesses face the ethical implications in business transactions because they are faced with a hacking dilemma.

The primary goal of ethics is to promote ethical practices that will enhance availability, confidentiality, and integrity of organizational informational resources. To achieve this objective, employees are to demonstrate a highest…

Resources Management Association.

Whitman, M.E. & Mattord, H.J. (2014). Principles of Information Security. New York. Cengage Learning.

Looking Into Traffic Analysis for Homeland Security
Words: 3514 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: White Paper Paper #: 35601417
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Traffic Analysis/Homeland Security

One of the biggest challenges currently faced by the Department of Homeland Security is guaranteeing cybersecurity. Each and every day some type of cyber crime occurs. Such crimes have the potential to affect the country's national security. This paper investigates the significance of internet traffic and analysis to Homeland Security. It will look at the importance of internet traffic and analysis to Homeland Security as well as encrypted traffic and its implications to cyber-security. The manner in which the U.S. has handled cybersecurity over the past twenty years and the methods that the government has used in this time period will be discussed. Encrypted mobile messaging applications will also be discussed. At the end of the discussions, solutions are recommended and a conclusion given.


In the recent past, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and the DoD (Department of Defense) signed an agreement to enhance the…


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Presence of Social Media at Linkedin
Words: 1513 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 87075768
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Social Media Presence at LinkedIn

Professional Picture Here

Ibrahim Swaray

Cyber Security Graduate/Cyber Security Officer at University of Maryland

idgewood Area, Baltimore, Maryland -- Information and Cyber Security

Current: University of Maryland University of College

Previous: Northrop Tech, CPCI,

Education: University of Maryland

Send Ibrahim InMail

Connect Contact Info

Innovative cyber security graduate seeking position as an IT and Cyber Security Analyst to provide cyber, technical and information security advice for your organizations to protect your information assets.

A broad knowledge of cyber and information security with a good understanding of practical application of various security technologies and their theoretical frameworks.

My Values and Experience

I am a graduate from University of Maryland University College with Bachelor of Science and Master Degree in Cyber Security. My university education and practical knowledge during my industrial experience have assisted me to gain practical knowledge in cyber security that enhanced my greater…


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Development. Cisco.

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Global Ethical and Professional Issues
Words: 2788 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 1800174
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" (Johnson, 2005) the notion of ruling against the defendant in all identity theft or related cases may establish the wrong precedent for future cases. "On the other hand, if liability is too readily assessed, it will have the power to bankrupt valuable enterprises because of the often vast numbers of potential plaintiffs and consequent extensive resulting damages." (Johnson, 2005)

Internet security and identity theft is a very pervasive problem globally. In fact, most every nation with a web presence must deal with the same issue of hackers breaching server security or web browser security and stealing identities or other destructive behavior with malicious intent. The United States has a much more serious issue in this realm, however, when compared to countries within Europe, Asia, Africa, ussia, and South America. Although the threat remains global and can affect any nation at any time, the probability of identity theft in America…


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Analysis of Honeynet and Honeypot Emerging Technologies
Words: 1820 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66308119
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Honeypot and Honeynet Emerging Technologies

In the present IT environment, individuals and businesses are becoming more dependent an open network that includes the Internet where business transactions, government services and commercial activities are realized. However, the use of open network has led to the development of new information security issues and cyber threats that are being utilized by the cyber criminals. Thus, a mistrust in computer network technologies and telecommunications can affect socio-economic of global enterprises, an increase in the complexity of network infrastructures and communication lead to an increased demand for a new approach to cybersecurity.

Essentially, the threats in the cyber security landscapes are continuously evolving. The reactive and traditional security measures are no more sufficient to protect cyber information infrastructures. Thus, honeypots are the new emerging technology tools focusing in the areas of network forensics and network security, which is effective in enhancing network security of an…


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Cyber-Citizen USA Cyber-Citizen USA the
Words: 5130 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35659370
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The fact that industrial control systems may be vulnerable to infiltration by other citizens, or international parties puts laws pertaining to intersection of systems transmission at the forefront of priorities for us all.

At present, telecommunications interference of private citizens holds an up to a five-year prison sentence by U.S. federal law. How cyberterrorism is addressed, when the stakes are heightened, leaves a whole host of opportunities for citizens, and legislators to voice their opinion as new technologies for privacy invasion come on the market.

Every ISP access point imaginable is cited within the literature on cyberterrorism, including direct access networks, maintenance of dial-up modems, and of course the internet, remote systems architectures. Exponential information like SCADA systems create an incredibly vulnerable area for hackers interested in "knowledge sharing" network data toward sabotage of industrial operations and state military interests. DHS strategic responsibilities take care of the broad brush stroke…


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Canadian Policies to Thwart Terrorist and Criminal
Words: 3624 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19427336
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Canadian Policies to Thwart Terrorist and Criminal Activities

Canadian Policies to Combat Crime and Terrorism

Problems being faced due to Cyber-Crime in Today's World

What is Identity Theft?

How and Why Cyber-Crime Occurs?

Why Cyber-Crime has become an Important Issue?

How elease of Personal Information makes an Individual vulnerable to Identity Theft?

Future Implications

Since time immemorial, crime and criminal activities have been found at an accelerated pace, however, with the penetration of the world into the twenty first century with numerous technological advancements and innovations, these acts have taken a new form. This evidently signifies that crime through cyberspace has become one of the widespread and prevailing activities of the today's fast paced world, where the entire human race is moving towards the industrial and hi-tech progressions at a constant speed. Moreover, the criminal and terrorist activities in a more sophisticated version have become a common aspect of mundane…


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Endpoint Protection Solutions Kasperksy Lab
Words: 970 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18864884
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Kaspersky Lab

Technology and Product eview for Endpoint Protection Solutions: Kasperksy Lab

Whereas technological advancements have presented important advantages for business organisations, they have increased security concerns. Viruses, worms, hacking, identity theft, and other cyber threats have been on the rise, with cyber criminals advancing in skill, expertise, and shrewdness. These threats, which are increasingly targeted at the point of the end user, can result in the loss of critical and confidential information such as customer data and business secrets, consequently leading to dire consequences on an organisation, such as reduced customer confidence, loss of revenue, and expensive lawsuits. To avoid this risk, it is important for ed Clay enovations to have a strong endpoint protection platform. This is particularly crucial given the widespread usage of intermittent cellular devices by employees to access the internet and the organisation's network while in the field. Endpoint protection platforms provide endpoints with defence…


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Distinction and Need for Governance at All Three Levels Corporate it Info Security
Words: 3850 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78541028
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Corporate governance, IT Governance and Information Security Governance

IS 8310 Governance, isk Management and Compliance

Governance is the process of empowering leaders to implement rules that are enforceable and amendable. For comprehensive understanding of the term' governance' it is essential to identify the leaders and the set of rules, and various positions that leaders govern. Corporate governance, IT Governance and Information Security Governance embraces a linkage with certain acquiescence system while focusing on information security and privacy issues in the organization. This work will give a distinction between the three terms and identify how they related to each other and how endeavors to comply with each system is leveraged to apply to each other.


Governance is the process of empowering leaders to implement rules that are enforceable and amendable. Therefore, for comprehensive understanding of the term' governance' it is critical to categorize the leaders and the set of rules,…


1) Adegbite, E. 2009. Corporate governance Journal of the Society for Corporate Governance in Nigeria 1(1): 45-48.

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4) Barnhizer, D. 2006.Waking from sustainability's 'impossible dream': the decision-making realities of business and government. Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, 18,662; Cleveland-Marshall Legal Studies Paper

Cyber Terrorism
Words: 4455 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88428814
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Cyber Terrorism

The Internet that we know today and use in our everyday lives was founded in the early 1970s. But all through the Cold War, the apprehension of data theft led to the Internet becoming a decentralized system. But it was not until the late 1980s when the Internet, after years and years of research was made available to public. This was a big change because now anyone in the public could gain access of huge amount of data from anywhere in the world. The following list tells us how Internet can be used to spread evil, and assist terrorist organizations to apply more danger and fear to the world. According to Weimann (2004), the Internet has:

- easily approachable

- no single controller or regulator to control or censor information

- the makings for widespread spectators all round the globe

- the power for the user to remain…


Army, U. (2005). Cyber Operations and Cyber Terrorism. In U. Army, U.S. Army Training Doctrine Command, Handbook No. 1.02

Bridis, T. (2005, May 26). USA Today. Retrieved September 14, 2011, from "Silent Horizon" war games wrap up for The CIA: 

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The Problem With Sony What to Do When the Hackers Come
Words: 652 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 83777531
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hacking of Sony's network information systems last year that led to the pulling of a big-budget comedy from theaters and the resignation of head Amy Pascal remains a current problem for businesses and not just Sony. As he Wall Street Journal reports, this incident shines a light on the protection that businesses need against hackers -- but it also highlights the need for management to communicate with more self-awareness, always considering that someone somewhere might be listening. Words do come back to haunt us, as Amy Pascal has learned the hard way. Fritz (2015) of the Journal reports that "Ms. Pascal was outraged and upset at the way her emails were picked apart by the media and even found herself chased by paparazzi amid the controversy over whether Sony would release the Seth Rogen comedy "he Interview," which the hackers -- said to be connected to North Korea -- wanted…

The strengths and interests I have gained in the study of management/leadership during my journey are that I now understand the importance of a strong leadership theory and the value of organizational culture as well as the importance of security. I'd like to research these topics, therefore, in a case study like the one described.

Fox News. (2016). Hacker group releases information about Cincinnati Police

Department employees. Fox News. Retrieved from

Application Lifecycle Management Tools
Words: 994 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99571535
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Technology and Product eview for Application Lifecycle Management Tools: OutSystems

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools are important for ensuring software quality and trustworthiness. They track applications throughout their entire lifecycle, from requirements definition and design to development, testing, execution and maintenance (Search Software Quality, n.d.). ALM also entails documenting and tracking modifications to applications. This ensures all software components meet the acceptable configuration requirements all through an application's whole lifecycle. More importantly, using ALM software can minimise time to market, enhance collaboration across the software development process, increase compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, and enhance project visibility and stability (Search Software Quality, n.d.). With growing operations, it is important for Aberdeen Software to adopt a suitable ALM tool, particularly against the backdrop of increased cyber security risk. The organisation must ensure its software products are properly configured and of the expected quality.

There are numerous ALM tools…


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Department of Homeland Security DHS
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55264167
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Regarding Border ecurity, "the Department of Homeland ecurity prevents and investigates illegal movements across our borders, including the smuggling of people, drugs, cash, and weapons" ( Border ecurity. 2012. PP. 1). Customs, Coast Guard, and Immigration (IN) are working departments in this area.

Preparedness, Response, Recovery refers to "providing a coordinated, comprehensive federal response and mounting a swift and effective recovery effort" ( Preparedness. Response. Recovery. 2012. PP. 1). FEMA is the direct provider of government action and coordination in this realm.

On Immigration, "the Department is responsible for providing immigration-related services and benefits such as naturalization and work authorization" ( Immigration. 2012. PP. 1). IN is the primary vehicle in this context however, cross-over with Border ecurity functions are common.

Lastly, DH engages in cyber security "keeping our federal civilian networks secure, and secure the cyberspace and critical infrastructure on which we all depend" ( Cyber ecurity. 2012. PP.…

Succinctly, no! The encompassing mission of the DHS is so broad as to incorporate far too many active departments, agencies directorates, and components for the structure to effectively work. The flow chart itself is complex in its reporting and layered approach. The unification which is necessary to protect the U.S. from threats is not possible under the auspices of a broad tent approach to control and information dissemination. As an example, a recent report indicated "86 reported attacks on computer systems in the U.S. that control infrastructure, factories, and databases between October 2011 and February 2012" (Schmidt, M. March 13, 2012. PP. 1); yet no one Federal agency "has the authority to compel businesses that run the nation's infrastructure to improve their security" (Schmidt, M. March 13, 2012. PP. 1). If the DHS were to assume control of this task, the assumption would be that economies of scale in resources and scope would allow for greater efficacy. The counter is that the nimbleness and coordination necessary to prevent such hacking is anathema under a monolithic structure. Decentralization would be a more logical method of countering the multiple risks to homeland security.

2. Are there any federal, state, and/or local agencies present in DHS that do not belong? If so, explain why / if not, explain why. Be detailed.

The best example, and most obvious is FEMA, the

Logic Model for the Social Security Agency
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Social Security

Summarized Goals 1-5: Fundamental improvements in platform cybersecurity; website UI and UX; easier access to accurate and comprehensive information by phone or through digital portals; increased emphasis on beneficiary-centric information; communication and services; and improved customer service on all channels.



What SS Invests

What SS Does

Who SS Reaches

Short-term Results

Intermediate Results

Long-term Results

Accurate data and relevant information

Timely delivery of information (currently constrained by the evolution of technology platforms and website build-out)

Safeguards against fraud

Provides timely, accurate information to the beneficiaries and others

Protects the database from cybercrime and digital data breaches

Provide benefits according to the legal parameters and calculations to those who qualify

To establish access to data and information via several secure channels (mail, physical offices, phone, and online)

Beneficiaries who are of full retirement age (FRA)

Beneficiaries who are retiring early

Veterans who are beneficiaries

Widows and widowers…

Mitigating Data Risk at AMEX
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American Express and Data Theft isk


In March 2016, American Express admitted that customer data was stolen from the company in 2013 in a letter to the California Attorney General (Condliffe, 2016). As a credit card company, AMEX works with a large number of merchants, and the data breach came on the merchant end and that the affected customers were notified as soon as was possible. However, this incident provides a learning experience, and the key problem now is how Amex can learn from this experience going forward with respect to how it handles such third-party data breaches in the future. This one particular incident is not the problem, but it highlights a broad category of problems -- credit card fraud and cybercrime -- that cost the industry billions of dollars every year. Managing this better than competitors will be a boon to consumer confidence in the American Express…


American Express Form 10K for 2015. Retrieved March 19, 2016 from 

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Banking Crimes From Hackers
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Cyber Attacks on Financial Institutions

Carmalia Davis

The finance industry has continued to receive more targeted and sophisticated cyber attacks from criminals. These criminals often email phishing campaigns to customers which have remained the most successful methods of targeting financial institutions. New innovations in banking, like online and mobile banking, have continued to create new vulnerabilities for cyber thieves. To minimize the efficiency of these attacks, banks have devised improved communication and educational tools for customers, and procedures for quick interventions in the event of an actual attack. However, beyond simply creating harmful software intended to hack online bank details, criminals have found ways to subvert the software and servers owned by prestigious financial institutions to make their phishing campaigns more effective; this technique is known as infrastructure hijacking (Pettersson, 2012).

In 1998, one of the foremost examples of infrastructure hijacking ever discovered is known as The Morris worm. This…


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Critical Updates for IT Systems
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Compliance Patch Level

The author of this report has been tasked with discussing the overall subject of patch compliance level. Indeed, the pros and cons of using the patch compliance level framework will be assessed. There will also be an assessment of several critical things such as the patch compliance level of a given patch, what level of patch compliance is safe and what needs to be considered when evaluating the current patch compliance level. Patching is very much a security-related matter and helps both system and network administrators to keep their systems completely up-to-date and as safe as possible from vulnerabilities and hacking attacks. Not applying and installing needed patches to software such as operating systems, firmware, device drivers, databases and so forth can leave an enterprise information technology environment susceptible to attack. While the deployment of patches should be planned and deployed carefully, it is very important to…


Blue, V. (2015). New report: DHS is a mess of cybersecurity incompetence -- ZDNet. ZDNet.

Retrieved 21 October 2015, from 

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Technology Adoption in a Call Center Enterprise
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Call centers have become a very vital component of business today and employ several million people the world over. Their increasing role and place in operations have made them a target for researchers looking to study operations management. This has been the case in several fields including capacity planning, personnel scheduling, queuing and forecasting. Further, with the advancement of information technology and telecommunications, new challenges have arisen that call centers all over the world have to face and various technologies have complicated the operations of call centers (Aksin, Armony & Mehrotra, 2007). Operation Technology (OT) helps in the creation of physical value as well as in the process of manufacturing. It consists of sensors, software and devices needed for the control and monitoring of equipment in a plant as well as the plant as a whole. On the other hand, Information technology (IT) brings together all the required pieces of…

A Risk Management Program for a Corporation
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Businesses are always exposed to risks of several kinds, for which risk management becomes mandatory. To keep the corporation safe, an appropriate risk management program is obligatory even in times of uncertainty. Risk management helps in strengthening communication between the higher authorities and low line workers. The reports and analysis would be shared vertically and horizontally so that risk mitigation becomes easier through a smooth communication flow. It is conducive to a healthy organizational culture where trust is boosted and positivity is encouraged. In the absence of this program, the business would be unable to define its objectives or even meet its goals. This paper aims at designing a risk management program in which traditional and financial enterprise risk management would be covered. Further sections of the paper would discuss how those identified risks affect the organizational goals to get a clear picture of the business's existence and prosperity in…

Akhtar, S., Xicang, Z. & Iqbal, S. (2017). Impact of brand image on the profitability of the firm, analysis of Nestle Company Pakistan. Review of Public Administration and Management, 5(3). DOI: 10.4172/2315-7844.1000230
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Internal and External Security Threats
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These different elements show the overall nature of possible threats that could be facing a variety of organizations and how to mitigate them. This is important, because given the rapid changes in technology and the way various threats could occur, requires all entities to be watchful of different situations. Where, those who implement such strategies will be able to adapt to the various challenges that they are facing in the future; by understanding the nature of the threat and how to address it. Over the course of time, this will help to keep an organization flexible in addressing the various security issues, as the approach will require everyone to remain watchful and understand new threats that could be emerging. This will prevent different weakness from being exploited, by knowing where they are and then fixing them.


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Strong Military Democracy & the
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Democracy, or the right to live in peace while being a fundamental human right is all too often unknown to many places throughout the contemporary and global society. ecause the world is so interconnected due to rapid globalization and integration of society, then it is not reasonable to believe that the threat of war will not affect the United States even if that war is on the other side of the globe.


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Web Security the Internet Places
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Less satisfied knowledge dealing processes like keeping copies of old as well as unused spreadsheets which have several Social Security numbers instead of transmitting such data to long period and safe storage- persistently involve data at vulnerable stage. (Schuster 140-141)

Security concerns are associated with primarily to the system security, information security and also to Encryption. Taking into consideration the system security, it is applicable that what is pertinent to make sure that a system is quite secured, and decrease the scope that perpetrators could break into a website server and change pages. System security is a real responsibility particularly if one regulates one's owned Website server. (Creating Good Websites: Security)

There are two primary concerns in system security. One is in the application of passwords that ought to be selected and applied securely. But however protected a system could be, it is ordinarily exposed to the world if the…


Cavusoglu, Huseyin; Mishra, Birendra; Raghunathan, Srinivasan. The Effect of Website security Breach Announcements on Market Value: Capital Market Reactions for Breached Firms and Website security Developers. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, vol. 9, no.1, Fall 2004. pp: 70-104.

Creating Good Websites: Security.  / de Vivo, Marco; de Vivo, Gabrieal; Isern, Germinal. Website security attacks at the basic level. SACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, vol. 32, no. 2, April 1998. pp: 4-15.

Farmer, Melanie Austria; Hu, Jim. Microsoft not alone in suffering security breaches.

October 27, 2000,

Security Plan Pixel Inc About Pixel Inc
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Security Plan: Pixel Inc.

About Pixel Inc.

We are a 100-person strong business dedicated to the production of media, most specifically short animations, for advertising clients worldwide. Our personnel include marketing specialists, visual designers, video editors, and other creative staff.

This security plan encompasses the general and pragmatic characteristics of the security risks expected for our business and the specific actions that aim to, first and foremost, minimize such risks, and, if that's not possible, mitigate any damage should a breach in security happen.


The measures to be taken and the assigned responsibilities stated in this document apply to all the departments that make up the company. Exemptions can be given but will be only under the prerogative of the CEO under the consultation of the Chief Security Officer that will be formally assigned after the finalization of this document. Otherwise, there will be no exception to the security…


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Risk Minimization and Loss Prevention
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Small usiness' Need for a CPA

One of the critical investments a small business can make to mitigate loss and risk is hiring a CPA and putting that CPA on the 'management team.' As Wells notes in his groundbreaking research, "Denise, a bookkeeper for a small trucking firm in irmingham, Alabama, wishes she had never heard of Ralph Summerford, CPA. ecause of his thoroughness, Denise is facing several years in prison for embezzling $550,000 from her employer. At least she will look good standing before the sentencing judge: Denise spent a great deal of her illegal loot on head-to-toe cosmetic surgery. She blew the rest on a shiny new Lexus, luxury vacations, clothing and jewelry. And, of course, Denise had to have a big house to store all of her finery." (Wells, 2003)

Surprisingly, it was not at all the fancy standard of living that made her employer suspicious. "The…


Wells, Joseph. 2003. Protect small business: small companies without adequate internal controls need CPAs to help them minimize fraud risk. Journal of Accountancy.

Small Business Administration. 2005.

Federal Reserve Bank. 2004.

AICPA. 2005. At

Identity Theft Is Something That
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Of course, most people will call their banks, credit card companies, and other institution at the first sign that identity theft has occurred, but what happens to those victims who do not realize it immediately?

People need to be aware of what identity theft is, how it is committed, what can happen when such information is stolen, and what should be done when identity theft has occurred. It is not a bunch of hype and it does cause a lot of harm, not only to the victims, but also to the victim's family. Evidently, Foust is trying to calm the reader by saying that most information that is stolen is never used. Rather it is used or not, the fact that someone has or can be a victim of identity theft is cause for concern.

Dean Foust is correct in saying that most information is not ever turned into financial…


Foust, Dean. (7/3/2006). ID Theft: More Hype than Harm. Business Week Magazine.

Creating an Incident Response and Analysis Policy Info Security Governance
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Malware Incident esponse Plan

The Policy

This plan is devised to mitigate the effects of malware used during a cyber-attack on a company's security system. The plan uses three levels of staging -- set up, response and recovery. This plan is based on evidence from research that has been conducted to protect the highest levels of secure documents.

Set Up

The first priority of the plan is to educate all levels of the company regarding the danger incurred from breaching security protocols on their work stations. Whereas it may only seem necessary to conduct in-depth training with individuals new to the company, it has been shown that executives are the most lax when it comes to cyber security. Therefore, a training schedule which updates users regarding any new information and reminds them regarding what they need to be doing every day to protect the overall system is essential. This training…


Choo, K.-K. R. (2011). Cyber threat landscape faced by financial and insurance industry. Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice, 408, 1-16.

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Information Warfare and Terrorism
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arfare & Terrorism

The proliferation of cyberattacks -- aptly referred to as cyberterrorism -- carried out by criminal miscreants with grudges, shadowy techies with political motives, and other anti-social individuals, represent the new digital wars that threatened personal and state security worldwide. This is not a problem that will go away any time soon, and cyber security officials it seems will always be one or two steps behind the offenders causing the digital carnage. The cyberattacks that are reviewed in this paper include: Russia's denial-of-service attacks on Estonia in 2007 and Georgia in 2008, and the cyberattacks against U.S. State Department computers in 2006. Denial of service refers to strategies that "…block access of legitimate users" through the "…relentless transmission of irrelevant information" -- called "flood attacks" -- which restrains computer servers (Richards, 2010).

Russia's cyberterrorism against Estonia -- 2007

An article in the International Affairs Review indicates that the…

Works Cited

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Review, 11(1), 4-40.

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Retrieved January 19, 2014, from .

Information Security Model and Cyber Terrorism
Words: 2900 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 60569899
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goals of this study are to reveal some of the common and prevailing cyber security threats. Here we plan to explore the risk that is most difficult to defend: social engineering. We seek answers to the human elements and characteristics that contribute to the frauds and how they themselves unwittingly give out information that eventually leads to difficult situations. There are many ways in which the attackers 'phish' their targets. We will look into the origin of such techniques and proceed to develop a methodology to avert such attacks. In the highly computerized environment that we are living, a new method of multitenant services has been evolved to substitute for the demands on memory space and time- the Cloud. The impact of these vast and complex systems has raised newer kinds of concerns that will then be assessed and hence a strategy to safeguard the interests of the user because…

how the internet has changed'society
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In the span of just twenty years, the Internet has radically transformed society. The Internet has changed the ways people interact with technology and with each other. The Internet has democratized information, while also revealing some inequities of access. Likewise, the Internet has given rise to the potential for global democratization. At the same time, the Internet has radically transformed the business and marketing landscape. The Internet enables the formation of online communities and new identities, in keeping with trends towards population migration and geographic independence. Finally, the Internet presents new challenges in terms of cybersecurity, terrorism, and national security.

The Impact of the Internet On Society

Increased Dependency on Technology
Just less than twenty years ago, only 4% of the world was online; now about 50% of the world is online (Rainie & Anderson, 2017, p. 1). The number of people using the Internet increases, although penetration is…

Facebook Data Breach Essay
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In this Facebook data breach essay, we discuss how Facebook allowed applications to mine user data.  The essay will explain what data was breached, how it was breached, and how that data was used.  Furthermore, the essay will also discuss the repercussions of the breach, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing in front of the United States Senate, issues involving Cambridge Analytical, and information that is being revealed about additional data breaches.

In addition to explaining the data breach, the essay will also discuss whether Facebook has a responsibility to users to keep data safe, and the steps that Facebook is taking to resolve data breaches in the future.  This example essay should not only provide you with an overview of the Facebook data breach, but also provide you with a technical guide on how to write an academic essay.  It will include the following parts of a standard academic…

What is Critical Infrastructure
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Infrastructure is effectively what makes a nation run. It encompasses the people, places, and things necessary to deliver critical services and goods. The US Department of Homeland Security often abbreviates critical infrastructure as CIKR (Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources) and defines CIKR as consisting of, “the assets of the United States essential to the nation's security, public health and safety, economic vitality, and way of life,” including “power grids and water filtration plants; national monuments and government facilities; telecommunications and transportation systems; chemical facilities” (“CIKR,” 2009, par.1). Although the majority of CIKR is privately owned, according to DHS, the government still has a vital protective role to ensure it works correctly.
Although the Internet was still in a relatively primitive stage when DHS was first established, the online element of the nation’s critical infrastructure cannot be underestimated and has seismically grown in its importance. People trust a tremendous amount…

Persistent Threat Historical Background of
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According to Toronto Star reporter Stephan Handelman in an article printed in 2005, the U.S. senior intelligence analysts consider China to be the greatest long-term threat to U.S. stability. China's military force and computer intelligence has reached its peak. Both the Europeans and the U.S. agree that the expansion of the Chinese military is more than "worrisome."

Another article posted on November 16, 2007 by the Washington Post claims that spying by China in the United States is the biggest threat keeping American technologies secret. Advances by the Chinese military are catching U.S. intelligence officials by surprise. It has also been suggested that the U.S. Department of Defense could inadvertently outsource the manufacturing of key weapons and military equipment to China. China is attempting to reverse its move into free markets by setting up state-owned enterprises and control over the 12 major industries, which include oil, telecommunications, shipping, automobiles, steel…


1. Article: online

Kim Zetter (February 3, 2010). Threat Level: Privacy, Crime and Security Online

Report Details Hacks Targeting Google, Others, (1), 1.  

U S Strategy on Terrorism There
Words: 2818 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 87923350
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(White House, 2003)


The National Strategy for Secure Cyberspace strategic plan states that its strategic objectives are "consistent with the National Strategy for Homeland Security' and that those objectives include: (1) prevention of cyber attacks against America's critical infrastructure; (2) reduction of national vulnerability to cyber attacks and; (3) minimization of damage and recovery time from cyber attacks that do occur. (White House, 2003) This report additionally relates that the sector best equipped and structured in providing a response to cyber threats which are constantly evolving is the private sector. Specifically stated in the report is "Public-private engagement is a key component of our Strategy to secure cyberspace. Public-private partnerships can usefully confront coordination problems. They can significantly enhance information exchange and cooperation." (White House, 2003) Under this strategy to secure cyberspace it is stated that engagement between the pubic and private sectors…


DHS Intelligence Enterprise Strategic Plan (2006) U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Washington, DC. January 2006.

National Infrastructure Protection Plan (2006) U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington DC.

The National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets (2003) the White House, Washington, DC. February 2003.

Crime Workplace Is Not Safe From Numerous
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Workplace is not safe from numerous types of crimes. These crimes can range anywhere from burglary to homicides and from discrimination on the basis of sex to even rape for that matter. But these crimes are physical crimes and it is easy to avoid them or keep them at bay by making use of physical barriers, security cameras and a few sensible risk/security management tactics. For instance, if only 3 or 4 people work at night-time, it is easy to target anyone of them but if a considerable amount of people work together and have no hostility towards each other, these types of situations can be avoided. Use of security systems is a pre-requisite for the protection of material wealth and belongings. These types of systems can help avoid theft and burglary but if somehow these do occur, it will inform the managers of the incident at the earliest…

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