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Disciples Essays (Examples)

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Disciple-Maker's Message in All Likelihood
Words: 1441 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56376137
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The interpretation of "spiritual truths" can largely influence how a disseminator selects a particular message, and can also be a particular lesson taught to disciples -- to aid them in their own ability to interpret spiritual understanding. This intrinsic sense of what is necessary to be communicated to an audience (Mitchell, 2010) should also be taught to an audience itself, so that it can understand and become closer to the spirit of God -- which is one of the main goals of virtually any disciple-maker's message.

y utilizing the aforementioned sources to impart this particular message -- to help further the understanding of the voice and spirit of God for disciples, so that they may heed and live a life in accordance to it -- it then becomes necessary to utilize the proper form to communicate this message. Of the four most widely used forms of communicating a message (the…


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Neon Rain by James Lee Burke Agree or Disagree to Be Hemingway Disciple
Words: 649 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98065573
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Burke Hemingway

Burke as a Disciple of Hemingway

In interview, New York Times best-selling novelist James Lee Burke (2002) has been quoted as identifying Ernest Hemingway as among his favorite authors. This is in clear evidence in the first of 19 books which would go on to feature Dave Robicheaux, a Vietnam veteran, a recovering alcoholic and a renegade Louisiana Sheriff's Deputy. In Robicheaux, and in the world that we are introduced to with 1987's The Neon Rain, Burke truly betrays his affinity for Hemingway's thematic and stylistic impulses.

As Lowe (2012) observes, "Burke's novels are painted with vivid descriptions of the land, pithy dialogue and sudden acts of physical violence. The combination of action, description and dialogue makes for a page-turning read. The common criticism made against his work is that there is too much violence." (Lowe, p. 1)

This is a criticism perhaps not unlike that often visited…

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John 15 an Exegesis of John 15 1-27
Words: 1565 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27878990
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John 15

An Exegesis of John 15:1-27

John 15:1-27 recounts Christ's last words to His disciples the night before His execution on Calvary. Beginning with His identification of Himself with the "true vine" and ending His exhortation that His disciples "bear witness," Christ both states clearly and explicitly what union with Him is like and what those who are in union with Him can expect from the world. This paper will give a line-by-line exegesis of John 15:1-27.

Leon Morris (1989) notes that "in the Old Testament the vine is often a symbol of Israel, sometimes of degenerate Israel" (p. 120). Thus, when John relates a scene in which Jesus says, "I am the true vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit"…

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Paul's Thorn in the Flesh
Words: 3667 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84204324
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Paul's Thorn In The Flesh

Studying the Bible, it becomes apparent that Jesus handpicked a number of his disciples to continue to spread his message after Jesus ascended to heaven. In addition to the men who followed Jesus before his death and resurrection, the leaders of the movement known as "The Way" included the Apostle Paul. Saul of Tarsus had been one of Jesus' most vocal detractors during Jesus lifetime and was skeptical of Jesus' claims that he was the Messiah. However, when Saul encountered a resurrected Jesus on the Damascus oad, Saul's disbelief disappeared. He converted to what is now known as Christianity and began to travel and share Christ's teachings.

Paul was unique from the other apostles in another significant way; he was the only one who received a thorn in the flesh. What this thorn was is never explicitly stated in the Bible, though it seems to…


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United Methodist Discipline and Polity
Words: 1655 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 45416896
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A great deal of this is accomplished by serving others and thinking of others first, before oneself. Exerting responsible self-control by engaging in personal habits conducive to bodily health refers to an act that is partly commonsense and partly the act of treating one's body like a temple of the Holy Spirit. By being made in God's image, one truly needs to honor that belief and treat one's body as the sacred thing it is. Exhibiting mental and emotional maturity means treating oneself and others with respect and sensitivity and establishing clear boundaries in social and personal interactions. Exhibiting integrity in all of one's relationships refers not only to treating people with respect, but also being honest in word and deed.

Engaging in fidelity in marriage and celibacy in singleness are two rock bottom foundations for following the doctrines of the church and honoring oneself and one's relationship. Social responsibility…

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Jesus in Looking to Find
Words: 3646 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8070742
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The Gospel of Luke, as has been mentioned here, is very similar to that of Mark in its narrative and in describing Jesus, the man. This is an element of the Gospels about which authors Nickle and Brown agree. There is, too, a strong belief that the Gospel of Luke was written by a "missionary colleague of the Apostle Paul (Nickle, 1980, p. 125)." The Book of Luke is the most extensive and detailed account of the life of the historical Jesus of any other book in the Bible. "hen this Gospel is joined by its companion volume, Acts and Apostles, they together make up about twenty-seven percent of the New Testament (Nickle, 1980, p. 125)." The most distinctive characteristic of the Book of Luke, is that it is sequenced with Acts and Apostles (Nickle, 1980). Luke is unique in that his book goes beyond the life of Jesus, into…

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Mark 8 14-21 as Having a
Words: 471 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53191356
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Whether Biblical literalism is valid seems unanswerable, however, from this type of historical analysis, which a literalist would reject. A person who sees the Gospels solely as documents of faith, written by Jesus' actual disciples at relatively the same time period despite their different perspectives, versions of events, and literary motifs, would naturally try to reconcile the two different versions of Jesus of Matthew and Mark and suggest that they made up the 'same' person of the same whole. One Jesus demands care on the part of His followers, the other demands trust, but both are important values for a Christian. A literalist would be reading for spiritual sustenance, a Biblical historian would be reading to try to get a sense of how the teacher Jesus was viewed and constructed by later authors -- perhaps Mark wrote in a time of need, while Matthew was trying to preach about the…

Operations & Quality Management First
Words: 760 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49246285
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The Deming disciple will also encourage a more consultative and dynamic type of management since he will not have a firm belief in management by objectives. The setting of the objectives can only work towards hindering exhaustion of highest possible capabilities of the employees. Once the employee meets the set objectives, they can relax and have a set mind that all that needed to be done has been done.

Second student

As a measure towards quality management in an organization, there is need to look into the best way to influence the employees towards participating in the improvement of the quality of the service and goods in general. Bearing this in mind, the Juran methodology is the most applicable one well and above the Deming and Crosby.

Juran had the following tenets that guide his approach towards quality management. Start with building awareness of the need and opportunity for improvement.…


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Influence of No Child Left Behind on Black Male Graduate Rate
Words: 4430 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 9486254
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Vinoba Vhabe

Vinoba Bhave

Throughout his life, Mahatma Gandhi gave emphasis to the notion that his twin principles of truth and nonviolence must be put in practice in every aspect of life as they have the strength to solve a number of human problems. His teachings were being practiced by his faithful disciples after achieving the political independence. The most prominent person in this regard is the leader and the spiritual heir of Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave (Bary, Hay, Weiler & Yarrow, 1958).

Vinoba Bhave is, thus, one of those great devout reformers of modern India whose selfless services have inspired the hearts of innumerable countrymen. At a very early age, Vinoba was determined to undertake a lifetime celibacy & selfless service to the needy. He was in search of a life in which he could synthesize both spirituality and practicality. When he discovered Gandhi, both of them worked for the…


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Plea to the Hearts and Minds of
Words: 4130 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42448624
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plea to the hearts and minds of people who are being knowledgeable of the distinctive qualities and assert from the Episcopal Church. The charm from the Church tends to be realized all over our land. Its extensiveness of empathy for every situations of people, the highly convincing perspective regarding the joys of life, the liberty from peculiarity of practice and faith, have unveil the Episcopal Church to the awareness of a lot of people whose religious association have been interfered with or destabilized. e always come across some evident problem, Steve Klein (2007), which makes a lot of people not to join the Episcopal Church. The Church tends to be rather odd, or cold, or complex. It tends not to fulfill the condition that training which is done earlier results to majority anticipation in a church. The services are somehow rigid and obscure; the ways are complex; it has strange…


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Transformation of Employees Into Trainers
Words: 1060 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 75705499
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By having novice employees thrown into a fairly demand role of being a trainer, their motivation to attain autonomy, mastery and purpose of key materials will greatly increase. Therefore, despite the fact they are novices in a given field, the need to reach others is a very powerful catalyst for motivating themselves to learn. Studies suggest that when autonomy, mastery and purpose are together combined that the motivation to continually improve and learn more exponentially increases (amsey, 2010). This alone is a critical factor to consider in support of the model proposed (Martin, Hrivnak, 608).

When the role of employees as trainers are taken in the context of creating more effective knowledge transfer process, the results from previous studies are clearly in support of this strategy (Dyer, Nobeoka, Second, this is a low-cost training solution as there are no incremental costs over and above the salaries to employees. While…


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Dr Neil T Anderson's Book
Words: 1221 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 26636765
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The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities even suggests that, "psychological theories are not proven, and since the proximate cause of mental-emotional problems is spiritual, one should rely on Biblical principles for [emotional] healing" (Mills, 1999). In the book, Dr. Anderson even suggests that mental illness is a form of distortion of our understanding of who a person regards themselves to be and the way they view their relationship with God. When this is distorted, it can result in what is secularly considered to be mental illness.

In this sense, it is quite natural for people to wonder when a condition should be diagnosed as a psychological problem and when it should be treated as a spiritual problem. According to Dr. Anderson, this is completely antithetical to the holistic form of treating people, as both conditions affect one another. There are two central ideas that make up Christian Discipleship Counseling:…


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Representation of the Human Figure
Words: 1494 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5455490
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The Vairocana Buddha on the back wall has a Bodhisattva to his left wearing a crown and pearls. Bodhisattvas were still 'of the world,' beings in Mahayana Buddhism who temporarily did not seek Enlightenment to bring Enlightenment to the rest of the world. On his other side, a "divine general treads an evil spirit underfoot" ("acred Destinations," Longmen Caves, 2010). The combined images of the most spiritual and enlightened of all manifestations of the Buddha, a spiritual deity still striving to Enlighten those in the world, and national symbolism illustrate how Buddhism was not seen as innately contradictory with the aims of the nation-state.


"Longmen Caves." acred Destinations. March 1, 2010.

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Category D

ummarize the history of the porcelain traditions in China from the Yuan to the present. Give examples.

The Yuan Dynasty saw the development of what…


"Japanese architecture." Asian Info. March 2, 2010. 

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Huineng's Platform Sutra When it
Words: 1113 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62757857
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" (Huineng Reader, p.43) in other words, if people freed themselves from the attachments of things, events, and thoughts, then the truth of human purity could flow freely and be recognized.

Finally, the fourth element of Huineng's Platform Sutra was the idea that if people followed the teachings set forth in the Platform Sutra, then enlightenment did not need to take years but could come at any time. Unlike other Buddhists, Huineng taught that it did not take a lifetime of studying and practice to attain enlightenment, in fact, it was people's devotion to the dharma that often became a form of attachment. Instead, it took the recognition of the intrinsic nature of the mind and the liberation from attachments; which could come through the practice of non-thought. If people could accomplished these things, then they could attain sudden, or instant, enlightenment. As Huineng declared to his disciples "those in…

Criminology Robert Merton Was the Brain Behind
Words: 882 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42378183
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obert Merton was the brain behind Anomie Theory. This theory majors on deviance. The theory's major preoccupation is why rates of deviance differ from one society to the other and from one subgroup that come from one society to the other. Merton's work emphasizes cultures' unifying aspects and how it can create deviance and disunity within a society. Cultural norms, according to this theory, break down as a result of rapid changes that take place. The theory attributes occurrence of Anomic suicide to the occurrence of major economic depression that makes people not to achieve the goals they had learned to pursue (Siegel, 2008). Anomic suicide can also occur when there is an economic boom. In such circumstances people fail to limit their goals and be satisfied with their achievements. There can be lack of fit with regard to culture's norm about what constitute success in life and the…

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Person and the Work of
Words: 3588 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90469447
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It is this selfsame Holy Spirit that will serve to convict within the unbeliever and to work within that individual until that person comes to the point of opening the inner door for the Christ and then urging the same individual forth into fulfilling the 'Great Commission' of spreading Christ to the world. In the fulfillment of this commitment inclusive of "baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit" the three faces of God's person are revealed and authenticated. Just as when Jesus entered the waters to be baptized and entered into communion with God the Father and God the Son was baptized of the God the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John is clearly characterized in the evidence provided by John of the words Jesus spoke.

This one book of the ible explains clearly to believers and followers of Christ that the…


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Exegesis of the Book of
Words: 2360 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 33685255
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For the early Christians, the Holy Spirit was experienced as a real power in their lives

. The Holy Spirit empowered them to continue the work of Jesus. When a person received the Holy Spirit, they experienced a difference in their lives -- and others noticed it. That is still true today.Although all Christians receive the Holy Spirit through Baptism, God's Spirit works in many

ways in the world, in both Christians and non-Christians. Yet the experience of being 'baptised in the Spirit' is a time of entering a deeper spiritual dimension.Those who experience this deeper infilling, or new outpouring, of God's Spirit usually begin to discover new spiritual gifts

. The gift of prophesy or that of speaking tongues given to the reborn disciples imparts them with the ability to sense what God is saying to a group or an individual, and to pass on that message. This…


Bruce, F.F. Commentary on the Book of Acts. NICNT. Rev. ed. Grand Rapids, MI:

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Jesus' Teachings Prayer & Christian Life He
Words: 35411 Length: 109 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 95862373
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Jesus' Teachings, Prayer, & Christian Life

"He (Jesus) Took the Bread. Giving Thanks Broke it. And gave it to his Disciples, saying, 'This is my Body, which is given to you.'" At Elevation time, during Catholic Mass, the priest establishes a mandate for Christian Living. Historically, at the Last Supper, Christ used bread and wine as a supreme metaphor for the rest of our lives. Jesus was in turmoil. He was aware of what was about to befall him -- namely, suffering and death. This was the last major lesson he would teach before his arrest following Judas' betrayal. Eschatologically speaking, the above set the stage for the Christian ministry of the apostles, evangelists and priests. Indeed, every Christian is called to give of him or herself for the Glory of God and the Glory of Mankind. The message at the Last Supper was powerful. People have put themselves through…

Verse 10 45 Is the Core
Words: 2775 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 69945482
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" And what was the end goal of his service to man? To die on the cross and release all from their many sins and grant forgiveness to them through His own death. To believe that -- that Christ died on the cross for us and arose again to sit on his throne -- is to be His disciple. And that was the service that Christ performed. And that leads us directly to Verse 10:45 as the core of this Gospel. With Mark's purpose in mind, as we have discussed, there could be no more key verse in his writings than this one.

It is fascinating that Mark chose to conclude his Gospel with the story of artimaeus, the blind man, who cries out to Jesus: "Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!"(v.47). The title he gives to Jesus, "Son of David" immediately proclaims Jesus as who he really…


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How Jesus Feed 5000 People
Words: 2757 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44775636
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Jesus Feed 5000 people

Seven astounding signs are there in the Gospel of John. The first one is the process of evolving water into sweet wine. Second is the instance of curing the son of royal. Third is the instance of curing of an invalid man, suffering since thirty-eight years. Fourth one is the nourishing of the 5000 starving people. The fifth one involves strolling on the water at mid-night. Sixth one is blessings to the blind man so as to enable him to see. The seventh one involves nurturing of the dead Lazarus. These symptoms provide us sufficient grounds to raise our spiritual thinking that led to regard Jesus as God. The fourth astounding symbol in John's gospel is about feeding 5000 starving people. All such wonders were performed not to exhibit His enchanting power. These were performed since Jesus had great propelling heart for His people and desired…


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St Benedict Roles and Qualities
Words: 1338 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21094636
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Instead, he is to aim to be like Christ in his leadership; always humble and always willing to listen. In these duties, he must also have a sound knowledge of the church and its doctrine, in order to impart it accurately to his followers. The person selected as Abbot should then also be fair in punishment, punishing where it is deserved, but also in such a way that he is loved rather than feared.

The Demands of the Rule

As seen above, the Abbot plays a very important part in the monastery. He is not only the Superior and leader of the monastery, but embodies the role of Christ for his followers. As such, he is to live a live exemplary and worthy of his Christ-like role. He should prove his worthiness to teach and lead, as well as to serve, on a daily basis. Indeed the very title "Abbot"…

Matthew 16 13-20 While the Confession
Words: 2529 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69469807
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In his exegesis, Cullman associates what he deems an "exact" parallel between Matthew 16:17-19 and Luke 22:31-34.

He finds that this is evidenced by Peter's solemn vow that he will go with Jesus to prison and onto death, the prediction of Peter's betrayal, and Jesus' command to Peter to encourage conversion.

Opposing debate comes from Robert undry, who contests that parallel is neither direct nor intended.

undry makes this point by saying that while Luke is blessed by od, he is not done so by the divine act of blind devotion that encapsulated the Matthew account of Simon Peter.

Additionally, if not more importantly, Luke warns of the coming three-fold betrayal of Christ by Peter, while Matthew only speaks of his blessing.

"The major objection by Cullman against Matthew's narrative framework fails to recognize that Jesus' congratulatory words refer to the bare confession of Jesus' messiahship -- apart from misconceptions,…

Gundry, p. 331.

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Sign Miracles Not All Miracles Are Signs
Words: 1464 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45468524
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Sign Miracles

Not all miracles are signs; signs are a special type of miracle. "Yet all miracles are not signs, for signs convey some distinct teaching in addition to their display of power," (Anderson, n.d.). As Morris (1989) puts it, a sign is that which "points beyond itself," (p. 2). Moreover, a sign is "not self-contained, not an end in itself," (p. 2). Whereas a miracle may stand alone as an example of Christ's glory, a sign is that which points toward something else -- it "has a meaning that is fulfilled elsewhere than in the miracle," (Morris, 1989, p. 2). Therefore, signs serve a special function in the Bible. They point not only to the power of Christ but also to underlying meanings in the events that give cause for deeper contemplation and analysis. The word in Greek for sign is semeion, which is used 17 times in the…


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Miracles Revealed the Deity of
Words: 2131 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 938499
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Jesus soothed away their fear, reassuring them it was him (John 6:20). He then joined them in the boat, and they were moved from that place to the shore where they heading (John 6:20). Here, Jesus takes control over their action, and that place where they disciples are going. He moves them there, and shows that he has the power over nature to walk across the water, and the power over the force of the wind to move the boat back to the shore. He cannot be forced to do that which is not within God's plan for him to do. How can they overcome him and force him to do what they want him to do if he has this strength over nature, which they themselves do not have?

Healing of a Blind Man (Holy Bible, John 9:1-12)

In this passage, where Jesus heals the sight of man who…

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Exegesis the Gospels of Mark
Words: 2281 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31873968
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Jesus warns not just Peter but all of "them" about not boasting about the messiah in Mark, Matthew, and Luke too. Jesus's warning comes immediately after the miraculous healing of the blind man (Mark 8:30; Matthew 16:20; Luke 9:21). Interestingly, the Gospel of Matthew is more emphatic about Peter's future role as the "rock" of the Church of Christ: "And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven," (Matthew 16:18-19). In the Gospel of Matthew, the author is ultimately concerned with the establishment of a new and formal covenant with God. The seeds of Christianity have been planted in the soil…


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Kingdom Activity Jesus Kingdom Activity Throughout Christ's
Words: 940 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73028000
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Kingdom Activity

Jesus Kingdom Activity

Throughout Christ's ministry on Earth He was engaged in promoting the kingdom from which He came. Many passages can be used to demonstrate this, but there are those which seem to tell the story better than other. Often, these will be marked by Christ himself as having something to do with His home in heaven. At other times, these activities demonstrated a principle that he had taught to the multitudes and wished to enforce with a personal action. In all of His ministry he taught the people first to fill their human needs, then to fulfill their obligations to the kingdom, and finally He demonstrated the character of the kingdom.

The greatest need of any human is that of salvation, but people did not follow Jesus just because they knew He spoke the truth. Many did, but most also wanted to be a part of…


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Prayer Stripped Down to Its
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" The desire of the humble is to be one with God and to heed God's Word without being demanding. To have faith and be humble means internalizing the words of God, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven," (Matthew 6:10). Trusting that God's kingdom is far greater than any person could imagine is the meaning of Christian faith. Likewise, Christian faith means praying for God's will to be manifest on earth rather than the will of human beings. Human beings are fallible, whereas God is not. To have faith in a person is good to an extent, but having faith in God is far more reliable and meaningful. "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man," (Psalm 118:8).

Jesus reiterates the importance of faith throughout his life and teachings. Faith and prayer remain closely linked in…

Analects of Confucius Revolves Around the Thoughts
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Analects of Confucius revolves around the thoughts and teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius and it is the foundation for Confucianism that is followed by millions of people in East Asia today. This important text was written around 500 BC by the pupils of Confucius and a good part of it was written within a period of 30 to 50 years after his death.

Confucius was born in the province of Lu at a time when the Chinese culture and way of life was at its nascent stages. He wanted to impact the Chinese way of life politically and intellectually through his philosophy and teachings. He tried to pass on to his students the guiding principles of ancient sage kings who worked to maintain harmony in the community and by emphasizing on spiritual well-being over material wealth (Confucius, Ames and osemont, 1998).

The Analects do not contain any prose, poem or…


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Analects of Confucius Philosophy
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Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and his thought is referred as Analects of Confucius composing of his ideas and sayings. For over thousand years after his death, his thought was still relevant in the Chinese thought. Confucius was born in 551 a couple of centuries before Socrates taught ethics and logic. Confucius was being identified as the Chinese first teacher whose his ideas had been implemented in several countries in Eastern Asia that include Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Western civilization. The Analects is the selected sayings and ideas of Confucius, which he used to preach his philosophical thoughts. The Analects composed of more than 500 independent passages, which were divided into 20 books, and some of these books had separate bundles with the dominated themes.

There are a group of the key contexts in the books that consist of Ren, Junzi, and Li. The literary meaning of Ren is revered…

Umc Ordination Full Membership -
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..if you really want the Christ and truly love him, there is nothing that will prevent his coming and taking up his abode with you provided your love for him manifests..." through loving inner spirit of Christ instead only the outside. One may appear to be a Christian yet the Lordship of Christ in the life of the Christian means that present is love, compassion and forgiveness for others. The Christian loves the 'inner spirit of Christ because to desire only the outside of Christ will not allow Christ true Lordship in our lives. Loving the inner spirit of Christ requires loving the spirit of The spirit of forgiveness." (Lindsey-Weinman, 19?


Humanity tends to only: "...desire the outside of Christ..." (Lindsey-Weinman, 19?

-2000) the Christian loves more than simply an image of Christ as 'Lordship of Christ' does not mean loving the image of Christ in his white…


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Matthew's Passion of the Christ
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Second, he must attempt to present good doctrine. Contrary to what some may suggest, these first two goals are not identical -- merely by translating from the page to the screen what the gospels describe happening would not explain the theological significance of the events, as Jesus is rather too busy being executed to have much time to explain his purpose of salvation in those chapters -- this purpose is clarified at other points before and after his death, and must somehow be worked into this narrative without making it overly ahistorical. Finally, in order to function as a film, the film must function on an artistic level and be coherent both to the viewer and within the tradition of Christological art. It would not reflect well on Christ to be presented within the context of a shoddily film -- many people would refrain from belief for no other reason…

Haskalah and Hasidic Movements According
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One of the main subjects taught by these qabbalists was "devequt," or the communion with God that stressed one's ability to be in constant contact with God.

Following this period, the leadership of the Hasidic movement was placed upon a disciple known as Dov er who often held meetings in his own home with young Jewish intellectuals and the common people. His "court" was referred to as the "maggid" and it was within this "court" that the Hasidic movement became wholly organized. The next period was dominated by the disciples of Dov er when the movement itself became a major influence in Judaism. Part of this influence was due to the Hasidic theory of the "tsaddig" which quickly began to shape and mold Hasidic thought and social organization.

Also during this period, Hasidic literature was published and one of the first works was that of Ya'aqov Yosef, the greatest disciple…


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Marks Gospel Mark's Gospel the Gospel of
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Marks Gospel

Mark's Gospel

The Gospel of Mark is one of the most important Gospels in the New Testament. It is considered so important because it provides a canonical account of the life of Jesus, and narrates the Ministry of Jesus from his baptism from John the Baptist all the way to the death and resurrection. (Bright, 2006) The gospel focuses on the last week of the life of Jesus in Jerusalem. It deals mainly with the attempts of Jesus to perform miracles while maintaining a sense of secrecy about his own divinity, and after he predicts the events that are about to unfold, his disciples misunderstand the immanency of Jesus' demise.

Mark's Gospel does not discuss Jesus' birth or his life before his baptism. It simply refers to Jesus as the man from Galilee. The baptism of Jesus is portrayed as an interesting affair where Jesus' position had not…

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Paul's First Missionary Journey the Conversion of
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Paul's First Missionary Journey

The conversion of Paul from Saul on his way to Damascus marked the beginning of his evangelical work.

Paul and arnabas were believers in the newly established church in Antioch of Syria.

They received the calling from God while in church praying alongside leaders of the church.

Paul was dogmatic, without proper strategy and planning for his missionary journey.

The first missionary journey of Paul

Paul's first missionary journey began at Antioch of Syria

He sailed with arnabas, and john Mark as their helper.

John Mark made his decision and left them as they arrived at Pisidia

Paul travelled through the following places, preaching the Good News and making disciples; the island of Cyprus, Antioch of Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra and Derbie

Through his missionary work, he received mixed reception, some places acceptance and others wild rejection, to the point of being stoned.

Paul's strategy in his…


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Different Themes in the Bible
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Jesus and the Sons of Zebedee

What differences did you notice in the changes in text by Matthew and Luke? Do the changes tell us anything about the particular Gospel's receiving community? Do they tell us anything about the message of the evangelist to that community? What did you learn from comparing the three passages? Apart from the redactional changes was there a foundational common theology in the message of the three passages?

The four Canonical gospels are all consistent in the fact that they mention Zebedee, who was the father of James and John who were among the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ according to the New Testament. Zebedee was the husband of Salome, who was named in Mark and Matthew as being one of the women present at the crucifixion, and this family was likely to be of key importance to the early followers of Christ. oth James…


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Messiah in Old Testament the
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In Genesis 3:15, God said, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel." According to some biblical experts, this is an oblique reference to the coming of Messiah.

This is taken by many as one of the earliest Messianic prophecies describing Satan's brief victory over the Messiah and the Messiah's ultimate victory over Satan. It is mentioned here because the offspring (Messiah) is described as being of the woman (Eve). This is extraordinary as the nation of Israel has always been patriarchal; people are mentioned in terms of their fathers, not their mothers. Because of this, many see this verse as also being a prophecy of Messiah's birth through a virgin

Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus)

The Book of Genesis also makes reference to the importance of the lineage or the heritage…

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John 15 1-8 Jesus Describes His Relationship Both
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John 15:1-8

Jesus describes his relationship both to the Father, and also to all Christian believers in John 15:1-8. The passage relies on a central, extended metaphor of Jesus as the Vine of Life. Jesus is the "true vine," tended by the Father as the supreme gardener. God the Father tends to the vine, carefully pruning it and ensuring long-term growth and healthy development of fruit and future branches. Pruning the vine implies removing sin, offering a method of spiritual purification for those who dwell within Jesus. Jesus as vine represents Jesus as Son, for "Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit," (John 15:8). The vine is an extension of the Father, and the Father provides the vine with the sun and nourishment needed for spiritual growth. Moreover, the fruit on the vine symbolizes the disciples: "Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so…

Lord's Supper by Authors Oscar Cullmann and
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Lord's Supper by authors Oscar Cullmann and Franz Jehan Leenhardt

One of the most perplexing issues facing any Christian today is the issue of how to view the taking of the Lord's Supper every Sunday. The ancient images of wine, bread, and physical and spiritual sacrifice have undergoing extensive debate and reinterpretation throughout all of Christianity. These images, despite the controversy they have inspired, however, still are central to Christian ritual and communal life and doctrine today.

Their controversial nature has spanned from the doctrine of transubstantiation established in the early Catholic Church, to the more flexible and metaphorical definition of some of today's Christian communities. In their book, Essays on the Lord's Supper the authors Oscar Cullmann and Franz Jehan Leenhardt offer their own faith perspectives on the issue. Their duality of perspective is particularly instructive, not simply from a theological point-of-view, but because Oscar Cullmann was a professor…

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Matthew 28 19 and the Doctrine
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This is an expectancy coming into its form in the context of the passage from Matthew 28:19. (Hagner, 421)

Scriptural Testimony:

Scriptural testimony shows the chosen passage to be ensconced in the symbolic importance of the narrative Jesus to the Christian identity. Most particularly, Matthew 28 is concerned with the resurrection of Christ and the command associated with it to go forth and preach the word of this miracle. So is this recorded in the text by Davies & Allison which tells that the disciples were "instructed by the risen Lord to make disciples of all nations, 'teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.'" (Davies & Allison, 639)

Interpretation of Others:

The interpretations of others would help to drive the importance of this passage and the broader importance of the whole gospel of Matthew. Here, Luz & Linss remark that "because Matthew is the chief Gospel of…

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Theravada Buddhist & Mahayana Buddhist Views Buddha
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Theravada Buddhist & Mahayana Buddhist views Buddha. In essay, I a concept practice religious tradition compare/contrast a similar related concept practice religious tradition ( case comparison arhant Theravada Buddha bodhisshatva Mahayana Buddha).

"Thus have I heard"

Buddhism incorporates three traditions: Theravada or the Southern Tradition (spread in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Burma/Myanmar), Mahayana or the Northern Tradition (Tibet, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Mongolia) and Vajrayana also known as the Tibetan Tradition.

We would be focusing mainly on studying several aspects of the Theravada and Mahayana schools. Each of these two- although both strongly rooted in the fundamental teachings of Buddha Siddhartha and focused on the liberation of an individual from the circle of Samsara (birth, death, rebirth)- contains methods and practices different from one another. To best illustrate the connections between the two traditions and also to see where exactly they take different paths, we would be…


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Robert Coleman's Book The Master
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However, in his evangelism he specifically chose a core group by which he molded into the people that would build him a kingdom.

There are many techniques that Jesus employed to get his apostles to fully understand the implications of his message. After finding individuals who would be teachable, Jesus' main technique was to allow his apostles to follow him throughout his teachings. In this way they would be able to begin to comprehend his message and also through Jesus' actions begin to understand how to live the life of a Christian. Although Jesus demanded much from his apostles he also gave them his own love. The chief technique that Jesus employed while he was with his chosen disciples was to share with them his love, and when they understood that they were not keeping with a law, but responding to One who loved them with his entirety they were…

Matthew 7 21-23 an Exegesis of
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Theological Analysis

hat does this passage say about the relationship with God?

Robert Imperato observes that "Matthew connects Jesus repeatedly to Jewish prophecy throughout the text" (17). The point he emphasizes, however, is that the Jews had a special relationship to God, through the Mosaic covenant contained in the Old Testament.

Yet, Jesus makes it clear, according to Imperato, that He is giving "a new interpretation of the Law" (17). In fact, Jesus is fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies, identifying Himself as the Son of God, and the Messiah in whom the prophets must place their trust if they seek salvation.

Therefore, Christ sets out the guidelines for the new relationship with the Lord that all must have who do indeed wish to cry out, "Lord, Lord." The Lord, through Christ, is showing that the way to salvation is not through legalism, or through adherence only to the Old Law,…

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Exegesis of Mark 1 29 39
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Gospel of Mark 1:29-39

The first chapter of Mark's Gospel places Christ in the city of Galilee, where he visits a synagogue and heals a man with an unclean spirit by casting the demons out of him with the power of his speech. Mark proceeds to narrate of Christ's healing of a sick woman, followed by the healing of many citizens of Galilee in 1:29-39. The message that this passage of Mark's Gospel conveys is that of Christ's power and willingness to heal, the universality of his love and generosity towards humankind.

The passage begins by describing the condition of Simon's mother-in-law. Her extreme illness is clearly documented within the passage as she is dependent upon her daughter's family to be cared for. Marie Sabin performs a curious analysis of the passage and notes the significance of the healings that Jesus performs in Mark,

It cannot be fortuitous that Mark,…


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Women in Paul's Churches
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ole of Women in Paul's Church

The role of women in church as laid out by the Apostle Paul has always been controversial. There are those who say that Paul hated women and created restrictive, secondary roles for them in the church because of it. Others, however, maintain that Paul loved women and that the roles he created for them in the Christian church were very liberating for them. Still others acknowledge that the roles for women that Paul created for the Christian church are somewhat restrictive and secondary, but say that this is because of the status of women in society at that time, not because Paul hated women. The role of women in the Christian church as ordered by Paul continues to be controversial and a matter of scholarly interpretation and study today. This paper takes a look at the role of women in the Christian church as…


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Signs and Miracles
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Miracles and Their Meanings

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze eight Biblical miracles, and assess their meaning. Specifically, it will briefly describe each sign/miracle and explain how this sign/miracle reveals the deity of Christ. Each of these miracles creates an aura of goodness and wonder around Christ, and unerringly indicate his deity and his mission on Earth.

Probably one of the most well-known miracles Christ performs in John is the turning of water to wine (John 2:1-12), during the wedding in Cana. Mary, Christ's mother, was at the wedding, and noted there was no wine for the guests. Jesus had the servants place the pots, filled with water, on a table. He that had the servants carry the brimming pots to the ruler of the wedding feast, who tasted it and accused the bridegroom of holding his best wine until others had drunk, but the…


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Jesus Was He a Revolutionary
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Oscar Cullmann, Nolan, and Genezio Boff. Oscar Cullmann can be described as a Christian theologian within the Lutheran tradition. His most notable work involved the ecumenical movement. He was in part accountable for the formation of dialogue between the oman Catholic and Lutheran traditions.

Nolan was born in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. He is of English descent and is a fourth-generation South African. Influenced by Thomas Merton, Nolan became fascinated to the idea of spiritual life. Ultimately, Nolan joined the Dominican Order by 1954, studying in ome and South Africa eventually receiving a doctorate.

Born with the name Genezio Darci Boff, Boff hails from Concordia, Santa Catarina. Boff entered the Franciscan Order by 1959 being ordained as a Catholic priest by 1964. He spent subsequent years studying to earn a doctorate in philosophy and theology at the University of Munich, in 1970. His doctoral thesis studied measures…


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Gospels Greek Text a Basis The Bible
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Gospels Greek text a basis. The Bible on Luke Chapter 7: 1-10 Sample Essay Outline ( a guideline, adjust argument) ! short introduction (end statement thesis [, a summary interpretation passage]) ! body (argument support thesis) " summary passage " observations contents passage " observations literary, thematic, historical contexts " summary message original audience " explanation application context ! short conclusion (begin -stating thesis).

Jesus' healing of the Centurion's servant

The biblical text of Jesus healing a Centurion's servant is recognized for the numerous ways in which it can be interpreted and for being a significant pillar of faith in the Christian world. The story is particularly intriguing because it involves a Centurion turning to Jesus in order to get help and because it is one of the only two biblical accounts involving Christ performing a miracle meant to help Gentiles and in the presence of these people. This text…

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Renaissance Painting Leonardos Last Supper
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Leonardo's Last Supper (1495-1498) does something very different from the other Renaissance portrayals of this scene from the Gospel. Unlike Andrea del Castagno's or Domenico Ghirlandaio's Last Supper versions, Leonardo's is at once more earthly (neither Christ nor the Apostles wear halos) and chaotic than the others -- and yet at the same time it is substantially more divine and imposing in its stark simplicity. This paper will trace the compositional, stylistic and symbolic development of the story of the Last Supper as it is told by Leonardo da Vinci in his masterpiece of the same name.

The first thing to note about the composition of Leonardo's Last Supper is that there is a distinct separation between the space occupied by Christ and the Apostles and the viewer. They exist together, cramped, huddled, literally on top of one another on one side of a long table covered like an altar…

analysis of gospel john
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1. For John’s immediate audience and contemporary readers alike, the significance of the Multiplication miracle is in the way Jesus assumes a position of leadership during a time of potential crisis. A distinction is made between the disciples and the “multitudes” who need to be fed, but whereas the disciples cannot see how their meager means can stretch for so many, Jesus immediately takes action. In fact, Jesus assumes responsibility for all five thousand guests, asking them to recline and relax to allow the abundance and beneficence of God to wash over them. Jesus transmits the truth of God’s love to the community, showing that it is limitless and universal in scope.
The miracle also occurs on the Jewish feast of the Passover, showing how Jesus transformed ancient provincial customs and practices into ones that would be more readily multiplied for the masses. When John relays the miracle to his…

Gospel of Matthew Chapter Outline
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This is evidenced in the first chapter's list of Jesus' linage, recalling similar lists in the Old Testament, tracing the line of Israel. Second is the nativity gospel, or story of the hero's extraordinary origins, along the lines of Moses' story of persecution and salvation from death as a baby from Genesis. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is a dogmatic illustration of the role of Jesus as teacher to his followers. Jesus also teaches his disciples and others through parables, through miracles, and by quoting and interpreting scripture in a prophetic style. The final genre of the Gospel of Matthew is that of the Passion story, the narrative present in all of the gospels, of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere of the Gospel of Matthew is of a world of great hypocrisy. There is a tension between the exterior world and the interior world. Jesus teaches his followers…

Jesus and Mohammed Since the
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As an adolescent, Mohamed managed to make use of his businessman nature and his remarkable communicational skills. At the age of twenty five he was entrusted with taking care of the caravans of a rich widow which he later married. Being very fond of religion, Mohamed paid a great interest to udaism and Christianity, but was quick to dispose of both of them as he didn't share the principles of the two. He often visited a temple in Mecca where people were worshiping three hundred and sixty Gods. Mohamed felt attracted by Allah, the moon God, and began to claim that the moon God had been the one true God people should worship. As a very religious man that he had been, Mohamed was known to dedicate several weeks to the divinity by praying in a cave near Mecca where he allegedly had numerous visions of God and of heaven.…

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Jesus Mohammed Both Jesus and Mohammed
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The impact each has had on their respective followers, as well as the millions of other individuals who choose not to follow their teachings is overwhelming in nature. For two individuals who lived so many centuries ago to still hold sway over such a large portion of the population is a testament to their influence. Currently both Mohammed and Jesus are honored on special days throughout the year, and more than that they are also venerated and revered every single day by millions of faithful followers of their respective teachings.

The teachings of Jesus are currently being presented through the Christian Bible and primarily through the four gospels of the New Testament. These four books were written approximately forty to sixty years after the death of Jesus and relate the stories of his life and times. "hat Christians believe about Jesus' life and teachings is based largely on biblical texts,…

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Moral Lessons in Childhood You Are Known
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Moral Lessons in Childhood

You are known by the company you keep

Childhood is clouded by a myriad of activities and episodes that stick to peoples' minds even long after the childhood is over into adulthood and even into the elderly times. Each person has several instances that they can recall and look back and feel embarrassed or a bit jilted at the thought that they actually underwent that.

One of the most significant lessons that I learnt in my childhood days was that I will, more often than not be judged according to the company that I keep. I grew up in the rural Texas farms and pretty much and my early childhood life was based in the farm like the other boys and attending the local schools within the neighborhood.

There was a group of boys in our kindergarten class who had formed a habit of sneaking out…

Christian Personal Christian Theory of
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Anderson (2000) converses spiritual oppression and how Satan and his fallen angels are in the process of trying to overpower the believers will. He also provides the phases to independence, for example: fake vs. factual, dishonesty vs. truth, resentment vs. tolerance, revolt vs. obedience, arrogance vs. self-effacement, and oppression vs. lack of restrictions. Fake vs. real step show how we need to absorb to recognize God's certainty so we do not fall into Satan's trap. If fall for these tricks of deception then we automatically give up God's truth for what is considered a lie. Dishonesty vs. truth shows that we should battle Satan's trickery with God's reality. If we become deceived then we must do away with any misleading views for the truth that will bring us our liberation.

Bitterness vs. forgiveness is showing us that we do not need to harbor that illness in our hearts because Satan…

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Mencius and Xunzi Both These
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Mencius thought that virtue was a matter to be developed while Xunzi felt that what was required was not development, but reshaping. The first is like a sprout coming out in a tree whereas the second is like a piece of wood being shaped into an object required by humans. (Chinese Philosophy)

Apart from the argument as to whether goodness comes to man from birth or the state, man should practice goodness according to both the philosophers. In those days, living in a state was for the benefit of the state, and this philosophy certainly benefited the state. The general acceptance among them was also that men could be good if they chose to and it did not matter from where this came - birth or inclination. The difference was in thoughts as to where this morality originated from - Mencius believed that it came from the heart and not…


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