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Why Men Don't Report Domestic Abuse

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Why Men Don t Report Domestic Abuse
Problem Statement
Today, domestic violence in the United States has been well-documented as a major social problem that has a number of adverse consequences, including threats of bodily harm, forced emotional and economic exploitation, sexual encounters as well as physical and psychological abuse (Carney, 2014). Domestic violence has also been referred to as “family violence,” “interpersonal violence," "spousal battering" and "intimate partner violence," but all of these constructs share the same foregoing controlling components (Carney, 2014). Although it goes by several different terms, domestic violence remains commonplace throughout the country and it adversely affects everyone involved irrespective gender, age, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, nationality or religion (Domestic violence fact sheet, 2018).
While most Americans believe that domestic violence is primarily directed against women, nearly as many men are abused each year with the same adverse outcomes (Domestic violence statistics, 2018). In…… [Read More]

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