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Dominos Pizza Essays (Examples)

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Pizza Hut Company Presentation the
Words: 3449 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16167106
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However, the main segment of Pizza Hut customers is consisted of people aged 16-35, with medium incomes, medium education, and low gastronomic education. In addition to this, secondary segments are consisted op people aged 35-55, with medium to high incomes, and medium to high education. Pizza Hut is also addressing the vegetarian segment, by developing products for vegetarians, like Veggie lover's pizza, various types of salads and desserts. Also, by continuously developing its product range, Pizza Hut is trying to gain other customer segments, with more sophisticated preferences.

Customer relationships:

Besides having satisfied employees, Pizza Hut is trying to maintain its customers as satisfied as possible as well. In order to improve its customer relationship management, and therefore, to improve customer loyalty, Pizza Hut has implemented Avaya's Enterprise Manager program, since "fulfilling our promise of fast delivery of hot pizzas to all customers is crucial to maintaining our leadership in…

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Company Finance Domino's UK &
Words: 2621 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 87577437
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ith Domino's UK, the company has in its annual report and in its press releases outlined its future expansion plans. There are figures readily available with respect to trends in its same store growth and with respect to its dividend policy. All of these factors should, in theory at least, be included in the current share price. The first step in valuing the company will be to ensure that this is the case.

Given that the price of the company today is expected to be the fair value of the company's future earnings, an acquiring firm would need to consider in its valuation the worth of Domino's as part of its operations. Thus, a bid would need to be done on the belief that its acquisition of Domino's would make Domino's more valuable than it already is. This is the concept of synergy, defined as "the specific increases in performance…

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Managing Crisis on Social Media
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Domino's Pizza Crisis And The esponse

With the growth of the social media, many organizations have found themselves on the receiving end from careless social media users and even some accurate documentation of faults within the organization have as well found way into the social media world. Domino's Pizza was a victim of brand attack in April 2009 when two employees of one of their North Carolina stores made a video of themselves doing despicable and unhygienic things with the food to be delivered to clients as seen on the video still found on youtube (Householdhacker, 2009). The video went viral on the internet and the criticism started coming in fast. The Domino manage had to do something about the entire saga in order to retain their market share and also to recapture the customer confidence by depicting this as an isolated incident. Domino's effectively managed to put this crisis…


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Management Domino's Case Study the
Words: 1246 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 56593844
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Other strategies for increasing the company's employee retention rate are: holding organization events, providing financial compensation and benefits, offering career development plans, or offering other benefits (Heathfield, 2007).

5. Starbucks and Domino's are both dealing with high employee turnover rates, but in different manners. While Starbucks is focusing more on increasing salaries, Domino's tries to create a work environment that would satisfy its employees and hopefully reduce the employee turnover rate. The strategy applied by Starbucks and consisting in increasing salaries will only prove to be effective on short-term. Slightly increased salaries will not increase the company's employees' loyalty. Domino's is applying a different strategy that consist in creating this healthy work environment for its employees, which will prove to be efficient for a long-term, since it is based on building a company culture that will better integrate employees, making them feel they are a valued part of the company.…

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Making Decision Based on Demand and Forecasting
Words: 974 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91467784
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Parkville Maryland

Parkville is located in the state of Maryland in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Parkville is mainly located in the County of Baltimore with parts of it in Baltimore City County. Parkville is bordered to the south by Carney, which is primarily in the City and to the north by Perry Hall, Hampton, Overlea, and Towson, to the west, north and east. There are several Pizza establishments in the area an indication of demand of the product. However, it is important to establish the demand of the product using statistical analysis. In conducting this analysis, it is critical to take into consideration the demographics of the area including population and income per capita.

According to the United States Census Bureau (2010), the population of Parkville had gone up to 69752 from 69100 over the past decade. The Median Household Income in Parkville is $54,373 and can be socio-economically referred…


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Healthcare Shifts
Words: 2202 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 30221420
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Papa John's is a pizza chain that is focused on delivering quality and offering customers with a better experience. At the heart of their strategy, is to use those ingredients that will have the greatest impact on creating value and enhancing the services they are providing. This helped the company to grow from a single location into one the largest restaurants in the world. However, like all successful organizations, there is a point when the industry will become oversaturated. This is because competitors are adjusting to these changes and have begun providing something similar. These transformations make it harder for them to continue to standout among cliental. As a result, they have to adjust their business model in order to remain competitive. ("Papa John's International Inc.," 2012) To achieve these objectives, Papa John's must take a new approach. This involves examining the critical issues, providing recommendations, justifying the conclusions and…


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Attitudes and Values of High School Students
Words: 9798 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70089566
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attitudes and values of high school students. eforms to the high school system in the United States are also explained. Additionally, the reason why students need not be involved in the planning of reforms is elucidated.

High School Students: their Attitudes and Values

Of a crucial age, climbing a milestone, conscious to their fullest with no fear of prospects, high school students have interested researchers and policy makers for centuries. They have quite a few common traits -- they behave as individuals of their own age group in a rather full-fledged way. They are go-getting to achieve their independence, they are show-offs, impressionable persons desiring to be their best (something to be learned) and to suit the times they live in. Their self-esteem is fragile and they are pretty sensitive to criticism, attention, and dilemmas, for instance, within their families.

Students from different socioeconomic backgrounds behave differently as has been…


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Financial Analysis of Mcdonald a Financial Analysis
Words: 2657 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25254279
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Financial Analysis of Mcdonald

A financial analysis McDonald's Cor

Company Overview

McDonald Corporation is a global company that conducts business in 117 countries. McDonald operates 32,737 restaurants and 26,338 franchises in the highly competitive fast food industry. Since 1940, McDonald has built a loyal customer base by continuing dedicating to customer service and providing high quality fast food for customers. Presently, McDonald could boast of over 60 millions customers and the company serves average of 64 millions customers daily. In the United States, and other countries where McDonald is operating, fast food business is very competitive. Despite the competition that McDonald is facing, the company has been able to record revenues of more than $16 billions in restaurants and revenues of more than $7 billions in franchise restaurants business. McDonald operates in six geographical locations. The company business operations are in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and…


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Pop Culture Trend and Media
Words: 1602 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41424467
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Television Commercials

Although the Internet is the top choice of electronic media for young adults 18 to 24, this age group continues to watch significant amounts of television each week. On an average, these individuals will view between two to five hours of TV a day for entertainment and relaxation. Television advertising thus remains a top priority for marketing purposes, and companies continue to rely considerably on this medium to get across their messages (Carparelli, 2004). Audience ad recognition remains at a high 70%, and viewers actually like commercials more -- especially those that appeal to feelings, use music in a central role, are humorous and tell a story (MTV-3). It is expected that most students in the United States see about 360,000 commercials by the time they graduate high school (Tamburro, 2004).

This comes as no surprise to me. When watching a movie or a TV show, the commercials…

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Decisions Based on Demand and
Words: 438 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26376530
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The second factor is the independent variable being evaluated. The coefficient for determination of the population of the area is 46%. This correlation indicates that there is a high correlation between time and population. However, the correlation is this case is negative, as can be seen in the chart below.

The correlation coefficient for the overall amount spent on building and development of the community is 15%. The correlation between time and amount spent is not very close. In fact, the development appears to be highly sporadic at best. Below is a chart that represents the obtained data.

Considering the two overall factors, and the forecasting done, the population will continue to decline, as will the money spent in the community. This community is suffering financially and is not likely to spend their money on luxuries such as dining out. With this conclusion it is inadvisable that a Domino's restaurant…

Sources Used

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Making Decisions Based on Demand and Forecasting
Words: 927 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93292366
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Demographics of Raleigh, NC

Demographic and independent variables relevant to complete a demand analysis include population size and Average income per household. An area with a high population size is most likely to have potential for demand of products, According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2010) the there are 403,892 people in Raleigh, NC. In line with this, the population must be able to have disposable income to buy these products. The relationship between product demand and income is a good indicator of Gross Domestic Product. It is the broadest measure of income generated in the economy. However in demand analysis, personal or household incomes are useful. The income per capita of Raleigh is estimated at $29,771 (Sperlings Best Places, 2010). Therefore, it is critical for a serious business to consider these two demographic factors in demand analysis and estimation. The economy must be an active one in order for…

De' Andra Lyn Matthews Mr
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13897282
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In one reported incident, a apa John's would-be customer was left on hold for over two hours, then had the call disconnected by an improperly trained employee (ICQ, 2005).

izza Hut also has a better track record with handling complaints. Several chat room members reported incidents of disappointing service at izza Hut. However, when complaints were taken up there was sufficient incentive to continue using that company, such as providing the customer with a discount on the next order, or a completely free meal (ICQ, 2005). apa John's was reported by several pizza-eaters as making excuses as to why the problem was not the fault of the company, rather than extending an apologetic offer (ICQ, 2005).

Another area in which izza Hut excels, while apa John's disappoints customers, is delivery time. One of the reasons why pizza is so popular in America is because it can be delivered right to…

Pizza Hut also has a better track record with handling complaints. Several chat room members reported incidents of disappointing service at Pizza Hut. However, when complaints were taken up there was sufficient incentive to continue using that company, such as providing the customer with a discount on the next order, or a completely free meal (ICQ, 2005). Papa John's was reported by several pizza-eaters as making excuses as to why the problem was not the fault of the company, rather than extending an apologetic offer (ICQ, 2005).

Another area in which Pizza Hut excels, while Papa John's disappoints customers, is delivery time. One of the reasons why pizza is so popular in America is because it can be delivered right to your home, office, or party. When there is no time to cook or shop, it can be the perfect answer for a satisfying quick meal. Because of this, delivery service is a major point on which any pizzeria can be evaluated. Pizza Hut is somewhat famous for their speedy pizza delivery service (Pizza Hut, 2005).

During the 1980s, many pizza delivery places had guarantees that their pizza would arrive within a certain amount of time or it would be free. Although repeated car crashes caused by speeding delivery boys forced many companies to give up their promotion, Pizza Hut remains dedicated to this aspect of the Pizza business. Although they provide no guarantee to do so, no member

Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas Steve
Words: 1246 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11675456
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Cultural Challenges of Doing Business Overseas:

Steve Kafka, franchisor for Chicago Style Pizza

Steve Kafka, a proprietor of Chicago Style Pizza, a U.S.-based franchise, is attempting to capitalize upon his Czech heritage, and knowledge of Czech culture and language to expand into Prague and take advantage of a largely untapped pizza market in the region. However, it is critical that Steve does not forget that, despite his familiarity with Czech culture, he was born in the United States and must orient himself to the unique cultural worldview of the Czech nation

Major differences and incompatibilities between cultures and risk mitigation

Perhaps the most significant difference between the U.S. And Czech business culture is a historical one, namely the legacy of communist rule in the Czech epublic. "All commentators on Czech business culture focus on the difficulty of developing deep levels of trust within any business relationship" (Doing business in Czech…


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2010 at

Yum Brands
Words: 2118 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 18349916
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Aspects such as weight reduction, disease reduction, and overall peak performance will be emphasized (Jeffery, 2006). Sponsoring many of Australia's more popular sporting events with the products would also be very beneficial. Placement of these products will occur within all of the Yum! Brands locations. As mentioned above, two strengths of the company are its global positioning in regards to its brand, and its overall depth of franchises (McGinley, 2004). With more locations than any of its competitors in emerging markets, the company has a distinct competitive advantage relative to its peers in the industry. By effectively utilizing this franchise to unveil its healthier product segment, Yum! Brands can capitalize on its location density. The locations are also very useful in regards to cross selling many of the newer health option that customers may not be aware off. By placing the new products in all of its location simultaneously the…


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Country of Origin Effect on
Words: 6167 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 86751866
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With this in mind communications strategy has to be developed and implemented. The central debate remains that of degree of uniformity. The pros and cons are obvious, i.e. economies of scale, consistent message across markets, centralized control, different market characteristics, media availability and costs and government regulations (alabanis & Diamantopoulos, 2011). The stronger argument appears to be that different strategy appears to work in different situations, rather than a totally standardized campaign. Once these geographical issues are decided upon then the scope of the campaign, objectives and elements of strategy can be worked on. If the organization develops a message for one market and then transposes this intact into others or if it develops a message with a number of markets in mind from the start, it may be centrally conceived in both cases (Han, 2009; Wills & Ryans, 1977).

This is popular because of co-ordination and control providing the…


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Colleen -- but then again, when you're dealing with food services, every day's a long day. As she made her way toward the stairs and away from the brooding purgatory that is the HUB (name of cafeteria), shutting off the lights behind her like a row of fluorescent dominoes, the clock on the wall read "10:45." The sound of the door shutting at the top of the stairwell signaled the end of another day at the HUB.

Actually, perhaps this was not true. Just as the door was shutting above, the lights down below flickered on once again to reveal a ghostly line of customers stretching from the "Pizza Hut" station to the cash register. Near the end of the line, Mohandas Gandhi stood with a cup of tea and a veggie wrap balanced on his tray. Martin Luther King stood next to him, his tray empty except for a…

Corporate Strategies The Importance of Leadership
Words: 3149 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46595671
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Corporate Strategies: Why are they so Important?

Domino's Pizza

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Entrepreneurship

Innovation Applied

What is your biggest Professional Accomplishment?

Organizational Design and Culture

The 80s and Deregulation

The Election of Barack Obama

US rise as a world super power

Domino's Pizza

Dominoes use the strategy by depending on the population and household. They believe that the population and household income are what needs to help when it comes to figuring out if people are willing to pay the pizza price and how much is the request for pizza. They think that this method is important because the population is what helps figuring out the demand for pizza as a consequence of the law of the demand, the bigger population the greater the demand. The household income will help likewise for the reason that the more disposable income the more individuals will purchase a common good. However, Pizza is…


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Qsr the Quick Service Industry
Words: 12142 Length: 44 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 44843945
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9% to 734 units (Khun, 2009)

Additionally, James Moss, of Curzon Investment Property, has commented (Khun, 2009) that Dominos and Subway have been successful in the UK market as a result of their franchise models that are almost recession proof. In addition many investors (who want to own a franchise) have found these two chains to be exceptional investments. Additionally, many "Britons are also shunning posh business lunches and choosing instead to head to Eat or Pret for a sandwich (Khun, 2009,9)." The report also explains that "Independent operators (with fewer than five outlets) have increased their market share by 2.2% across the UK's top 10 cities to further fuel the feeling that many high streets are turning England into 'fried chicken Britain'(Khun, 2009,9)." The following chart illustrates the most popular cities for Fast Food in the UK.

Number of Fast Food Restaurants by City

London (central) (847 outlets)


Works Cited

"About the Company." Available at:  [Accessed 11 August 2011].

Business: Junior fat; obesity and advertising. 2005. The Economist, 377(8457), 68-58-61. R

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Marketing Report for Ms Janet Bradley Keeping
Words: 4971 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63623939
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Marketing eport for Ms. Janet Bradley

Keeping in view the increasing obesity rates in Australia and finding the spicy and high-calorie fast foods as the major reason for it, Ms. Janet Bradley has planned to establish a low-calorie fast food restaurant chain that will serve as an alternative to McDonald's, ed ooster, KFC, and other fast food chains. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the micro and macro environment for the new fast food chain in order to recommend strategies which can help it in becoming successful in the industry. The major micro environmental forces which will impact its business are consumer behaviour, suppliers and intermediaries, publics, and competitors. The buyer behaviour has been analysed using cultural, social, personal, and psychological dimensions -- all having a significant impact on the purchase decisions and preferences of the consumers towards fast food products. The restaurant chain will also take a big…


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Restaurant Business Plan Marketing &
Words: 3983 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85466159
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In addition many researchers point out that having a consistent vision and strong, defensible unique value proposition are also critical for the continued viability of a restaurant.

elationship marketing and the ability to build and sustain a loyal customer base are just as critical as the ability to manage a restaurant financially. The immediacy and trust that customers develop over time with a restaurant becomes an integral part of its brand, and the continual reinforcing of this trust-experience-loyalty triad is critical for the growth of any independent or franchised restaurant.

Additional factors that positively affect long-term restaurant viability are having a distinctive and highly differentiated concept that is defensible even in areas where there is high restaurant density. The core concepts of Differentiation, cost leadership, and focus have been suggested as competitive advantages for coping with competition (Porter, 1980, 1985). A firm can achieve profitability over a rival in two…


Bayou and Benett - Profitability Analysis for Table Service Restaurants. Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly. April 1992.Pgs. 44-59

BB&T Capital Markets - CEC Entertainment Profile. BB&T Capital Markets Report. July 26, 2006. Barry Stouffer CFA, CPA

Bruderl & Schussler -, "Organizational Mortality: The Liabilities of Newness and Adolescence," Administrative Science Quarterly 35 (1990): 530-447.

Domino's (2005) - From the 2005 Analyst Day Presentation downloaded from the Internet on November 26, 2006:

2004 Outlines Some of the Cultural Mistakes
Words: 665 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78656935
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2004) outlines some of the cultural mistakes that have come up when taking franchises overseas. He highlights that it is important to understand the different aspects of a foreign culture, for example what things are offensive to that culture and what things are not. Offending locals is a great way to fail in an overseas venture. The example of Richard Nixon basically flipping the bird to the Brazilians is just one example, and ade makes the point that one such act of offense can sometimes scuttle an entire deal.

The Gibson article (2006) echoes these ideas. One example that was cited was Domino's attempted expansion into Italy. For some reason they thought Italians would like the product they pass off as pizza. This type of cultural arrogance, thinking that Domino's was even remotely comparable to proper Italian pizza, can lead companies to fail in foreign markets. It is necessary to…

Works Cited:

Gibson, R. (2006), Small Business (A Special Report); Foreign Flavors: When going abroad, you should think of franchising as a cookie-cutter business; Unless, of course, you want to succeed. Wall Street Journal September 25, 2006.

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Creating Effective Communications in a
Words: 2098 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45842473
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When instituting organizational change, emphasizing the need for that change is vital to increase the chance of acceptance of the new alterations in approach. It must be communicated that an organization cannot succeed in a global environment if it is not diverse. Multinational departments and a diversity of employees, with a wide range of skills and knowledge spheres make the organization more flexible and responsive. If employees are aware of this fact, they will be more accepting. Transmitting examples of intercultural success stories is particularly essential as an organization adjusts to its multinational status.

Conclusions: Improvements in the current environment

Diverse organizations are stronger, after the initial adjustment period, and also are able to more effectively communicate to a wide range of consumers, internationally. And common language of virtual communication may eventually be established, reducing the chances of offense in coming eras. The new global era of business has also…


Berger, Bruce K. (2008). Employee/organizational communications. Institute for Public

Relations Online Journal. Retrieved on December 8, 2010 at 

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Effective organizational communication: a competitive advantage. (December 2008). HR.

Shopping as an Addiction
Words: 2280 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71025576
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Addictive Virus" -- later to become the thirteenth chapter of their bestselling book Affluenza -- John De Graaf, David ann, and Thomas H. Naylor engage in a highly rhetorical comparison of addictive shopping to physical addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction and behavioral addictions like compulsive gambling. It becomes clear shortly into their paper that their purpose is largely alarmist and moralistic, rather than medically or therapeutically intended: none of the authors has any medical or psychiatric credentials. I hope by addressing three aspects of their paper -- their rhetorical strategy, their shifts in focus, and in particular their examples presented as evidence, particularly their closing example -- that I may show the ways in which their thoughts actually confuse rather than clarify issues of behavioral addiction.

The title alone of the essay gives, in miniature, a fair taste of De Graaf et al.'s rhetorical strategy: the phrase "the…

Works Cited

Boyer, Peter J. "The Deliverer: A Pizza Mogul Funds a Moral Crusade." The New Yorker Feb 19, 2007. Accessed 10 Feb 2011 at: 

De Graaf John, Wann, David, and Naylor, Thomas H. "The Addictive Virus." In Maasik, Sonia and Solomon, Jack, Signs of Life in the U.S.A.: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers. Sixth Edition. New York: Beford St. Martin's, 2008. 71-5.

Marketing Manager Interviewing a Job Firms Simultaneously
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marketing manager interviewing a job firms simultaneously. You expect asked questions interview dealing good marketing opportunities firm pursue. You prepared interview a chance offered job, decided study company interviewing.

Marketing suggestions: Low-hanging fruit, home runs, or singles

Low-hanging fruit

One current trend in the food industry is that of highly decadent, 'over the top' burgers. Burgers have become prominent at both the high end and the low end of the food industry, penetrating such segments as Chef Daniel Bouloud's famous restaurant in the form of a truffle oil-infused burger, and the Shake Shack in New York City, where tourists wait for hours for a premium 'fast slow food' burger in Central Park (Dickler 2007). Burger King and Wendy's have featured numerous triple-patty, bacon-stacked creations.

To pick off such 'low hanging fruit,' the pizza company Papa John could offer its own 'hamburger special,' featuring bacon, chopped up tomatoes, and hamburger meat…


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Small Business
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customer preferences on supply and demand in a small business.

Review information on supply and demand.

Human wants and needs and how those are translated into the sales of goods affect supply and demand, particularly in a small business environment.

[Small Business]

Supply and demand provides a framework for understanding how prices are determined in individual markets, especially when it comes to the small business owner. Prices and quantities are the two components in the small business marketplace and individuals play a key role in determining what the marketplace will bear.

It all begins with our own individual needs and desires and how we communicate this, resulting in the right blend of goods and services. As individuals, we are all at one time or another involved in the buying or selling of goods. The whole process is very interactive and highly integrated.

The idea of optimization involves both buyers and…

Online Table Reservation and Menu-Order
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Many people who choose to eat at upscale restaurants consider themselves gourmets who enjoy showing off their knowledge of fine food by ordering dishes using correct French pronunciation or by knowing the difference between flambe and flame-broiled. To have the meal pre-ordered takes away the excitement of interacting with fellow foodies or people who enjoy such dining experiences. In addition, no online reservation service can routinely offer diners with table selection or other fastidious details that a live hostess or waiter can.

However, this service could appeal to event planners and people who are responsible for organizing and arranging meals for large amounts of people. By allowing people to order online, conference and other large event planners may be able to provide more flexibility in the menu offerings and hasten the ordering process by having drink, appetizer, entree and dessert choices in hand instead of having to collect even pre-ordered…


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Marketing Knowing the Readiness Stage
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In the liking stage, the company will aim its ad to turning the information provided into a positive reception from the customers. Additional information may help, but it is most useful to put it into a good light, like IKEA did in its ads to show how making the furniture on your own could be fun.

In the preference stage, the company will aim its ads to promoting some of the advantages of a product in comparison to those of a rival company. A TV ad that promotes Dominos shows a staff from rival Safeway company ordering a pizza from Dominos.

In the conviction phase, the marketer will aim to build confidence for the client that the product is better than a rival one. Ads will contain recommendations and feedback from other buyers, for example, usually celebrities or experts. Finally, in the purchase stage, the ads may be aimed towards…


Last retrieved on November 6, 2008

TV Analysis for Food Products
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Convenience rather than creating cuisine is the priority of Kraft ads. Adult tastes are given less of a priority than suiting the palate of children. Nutrition is paid homage to, but only in the sense of giving a family a starch, protein, and vegetable on a plate in the Hormel TV dinner advertisement.

One ad that occurred towards the end of the show, a Domino's Pizza advertisement, seemed to clash with the demographic of the other advertisement. However, the cheapness of Domino's many specials enables a mother to feed a large family quickly.

It is interesting to compare the Martha advertising with the advertising for later-night television programs aimed at a younger demographic, with a larger male audience. These ads favor snack food like sodas, have hipper and more conceptual features, and in the case of many fast food advertisements like KFC and McDonald's, often feature minority actors, even those…

PESTLE Please Include PESTLE Analysis Fast Food
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Please include

PESTLE analysis: Fast food industry


The recent backlash against unhealthy eating could prove to be difficult for the fast food industry. There are calls to limit the marketing of fast food products to children and to limit the sale of fast foods in schools. Given that children are such an important driver of sales, this could curtail the efficacy of many fast food campaigns, particular those with tie-ins to children's films and television shows. Campaigns like Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign underline the importance of healthy eating and eating minimally processed foods. Although President Obama and the First Lady have been photographed eating burgers and they say that they are not against all fast food, the overall emphasis on the administration has been on restricting access to 'junk food' (Michelle Obama loves fast food, 2010, Slashfood).


The economic uncertainty in America has proved to be…


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Ben & Jerry's Case Study
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This will not only reduce the burden of tariffs, but will also create more potential for localized market learning over time. The two options are simply too costly long-term for the company to undertake.

Assume Ben & Jerry's decides to think more strategically about all of Asia and seek a mass merchandiser to carry all distribution and share production costs. Is this a good or bad idea based on their existing distribution channel and production strategies?

Given the widespread varation in product needs across all of Asia, partnering with a Woolworth's or comparable mass merchandiser throughout the entire region may be an excellent approach to learning more about logistics and supply chain issues across countries, yet the company would need to have an in-house marketing team at the partner of choice to ensure branding consistency. The uniquely egalitarian, quirky and fun brand takes exceptional skill for anyone to manage over…

Scoring System Developed for a
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(Pell, 2011)

Yes. It was successful, because I was able to gain a greater understanding of what the job entailed and how to tackle the different challenges I would face. At which point, I could begin interacting with managers and customers about dealing with the various issues that they are facing. This is important, because it is showing how organizational training can address the different challenges that managers and new employees will have. (Pell, 2011)

The reason why, is because it is specifically taking the individual and providing them with a series of courses that will help them to learn their jobs. They can then take this one step further by providing staff members with various situations that they will face on the job and how to handle them. Once this takes place, the company can be able to: increase productivity and streamline their costs during the learning process. These…


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Strategic Management the Twenty First
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When information and intelligence about competitors is gathered, there are numerous advantages. The first one is that it is possible to emphasize on your own strengths only if you know the strength of your competitor. For example, when there is a presentation in the firm and the client is aware of the fact that this firm has had a lot of experience doing presentations of this sort. (What you need to know about your Competitors)

This, however, does not make a tremendous difference to the client; what if the firm's rival had more experience, then the focus on experience would perhaps make the first firm look a lot less experienced than it is. The second advantage is that everyone needs a point of comparison to compare notes with, and unless this aspect is benchmarked in the field with actual data and proof, how else would one be able to prove…


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Rising Cost of Fuel
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Rising Cost of Fuel

The price of light, sweet crude oil on NYMEX has been above $40/barrel since late July 2004. y October the price of crude oil had temporarily surpassed $55/barrel. In the United States (U.S.), the Consumer Price Index rose by 0.6% compared to 0.2% for September. This was driven by a 4.2% increase in energy costs. In this paper, we will examine two arguments: the primary cause, or causes of the rise in the price of fuel and the impact on the U.S. economy.

The cause of the rise in fuel prices is the current demand for petroleum in relation to the supply. High demand is coming from increased industry in emerging third world nations including India and especially China which is developing a large car culture and whose manufacturing bases have grown very rapidly in recent years. Consumption in 2004 compared to 2003 according to DOE…


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Report on Doing International Business Between 2 Countries in Given Industry
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International Trade

China - United States Trade Analysis

Chinese Economic Development

China's Growing Resource Needs

China and Globalization

Protecting Intellectual Property

orking with Government Bureaucracy

International Management Considerations

Modes of Market Entry into China

Recommendations for International Expansions

China financial integration has significantly developed over the past three decades. The total of U.S.-China trade balances grew from $5 billion in 1980 to $409 billion in 2008. Both economies were significantly affected by the global financial crisis and the 2008 balance was reduced by a little over ten percent in 2009. However, the United States is still the world biggest importer of Chinese goods and the Chinese market as represent the third largest importer of U.S. exports. The total amount of trade between these two financial powerhouses is enormous. Furthermore, the Chinese population is already staggering and it is developing economically in historical rates. Thus China also represents a key strategic…

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Reducing Time Required for Order Fulfillment by a Car Parts Distributor
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applying quality improvement tools to an order fulfillment process*

Like Americans, Europeans love their cars. hen their cars are in need of repair, time is of the essence in completing the repairs and returning them to their owners. This case involves a European car part distributor that was faced with delays in providing replacement parts to car dealerships and repair garages from a European distribution center. In response, the distribution center manager adopted the "Domino's Pizza approach" by promising all customers that their parts would be delivered within 24 hours or they would be free. In order to accomplish this feat, the distribution center manager formed a team to identify ways to facilitate the order fulfillment process with a goal of shipping 98% of all parts within 24 hours. This paper describes this process, as well as the tools that were used by the team. Answers to a series of…

Works Cited

*Adapted from Bothe, David R. (2003, September). "Improve Service and Administration;"

Quality Progress: 53-57.

Business Law Hiring and Entity Formation
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CADWAE: Case Study

Did CADWAE have genuine BFOQs (Bona Fide Occupational Job Qualifications) in its ad?

Do not forget to review the company's slogan as given in the above facts.

Be sure to discuss Petunia's point-of-view as well as CADWAE's position and defenses.

Use legal authority to support your position as well.

In general, it is illegal to discriminate against a job applicant based upon characteristics pertaining to "race, religion, gender, national origin, age or other protected status" ("BFOQ," 2015). However, in certain limited circumstances, if an employer can demonstrate that "no member of the group" he or she is discriminating against could perform the job, he or she may do so, under an exception known as Bona Fide Occupational Job Qualifications ("BFOQ," 2015). For example, airlines may have mandatory retirement ages for pilots because of safety concerns; religious institutions may favor candidates of a particular religion; and modeling and…


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Leadership Is a Complex Process Involving the
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Leadership is a complex process involving the ability of an individual to inspire, motivate and redirect ways of thinking. It refers to the ability to bring out the best in oneself and others. In any set up, there must be rules and regulations to guide the relationships between people and activities. In a set up like an organization, there are goals and objectives that the organization aims to achieve. These objectives and targets rely on the ability of a leader to organize and direct activities towards their attainment. Leadership is the ability of one individual to stir the sentiments and behaviors of others towards the achievement of the set goals. The leader does this by transforming the goals to be a common goal to others.

Methods used by leaders to influence group members

Leaders can use power to get things done. How a leader uses these powers determines the success…


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