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Donald Trump Essays (Examples)

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Trump's Tax Plan and Why It Should Work
Words: 1778 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 84129412
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Trump's Tax Plan

Donald Trump's stance on trade -- namely, that cutting corporate taxes will incentivize companies to stay in the U.S. (as will a tariff on the imported goods of offshoring companies) -- is one that is denounced by his opponent Hillary Clinton. Clinton argues that the tax break proposed by Trump will only benefit the 1% and that his plan to place a tariff on companies that export labor only to turn around and import their products would lead to massive job loss. Trump's rationale is that by cutting the corporate tax rate, which is among the highest in the world, it would allow companies to keep labor in the U.S. as they will not have to chase margins by employing cheaper labor in foreign countries. This would be the positive incentive. Adding the tax on U.S. companies that manufacture abroad and sell in the U.S. would serve…

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Trump Is a Threat to the Establishment and This Is a Good Thing
Words: 2780 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 14303184
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Donald Trump Being a recking Ball Could Be the Best Thing to Happen to American Politics

A lot of people have a lot of different reasons for supporting Donald Trump as the Republican Presidential nominee in the upcoming 2016 November Presidential election against whomever the prevailing Democratic nominee will be (Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton). Some like Trump's stance on trade (Beversdorff). Others like his policy on immigration (Hahn). Still others like him simply because the "Establishment" -- represented by men like Mitt Romney, illiam Kristol and Karl Rove -- appears bent on stopping him, and, so the logic goes, if the so-called "Establishment" hates him, he has to be all right (Buchanan). But what should one make of Trump from a dispassionate perspective? hat, in other words, does Trump represent that America is in need of? Change? Obama represented that (theoretically) in 2008 and all the country received was…

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Trump Political Rally and Farming
Words: 1617 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78259728
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Farmers grow food in a variety of ways. Local food production can be done through traditional farms, urban farms, even greenhouse farms. For a beef steak to make it to a person's plate, it must come from a cow. This cow is either fed corn or allowed to graze and eat grass. Then the cow is slaughtered and its body is portioned out and turned into various cuts of meat. The same goes for butter, milk, and cheese. These three items come from the female cow's utters as she lactates and is milked. The milk is pasteurized and sold as milk and the other portion of milk is turned to butter and cheese. Potatoes, strawberries, grapes, and peanuts can be grown in a traditional farm or greenhouse. The potatoes can be turned into potato chips through processing, the grapes into grape juice and then grape jam, and the peanuts into…


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Trump S Meeting With Aipac Summary of Article
Words: 555 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89164605
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2016, Donald Trump was set to speak before the merican Israel Public ffairs Committee (IPC), a powerful pro-Israel lobbying group. The potential political alliance seems a strange one. fter all, Trump has made seemingly anti-Semitic statements and has welcomed the support of white supremacy groups like the Ku Klux Klan. Trump's stance on immigrants and particularly his stance on Muslims remind many Jews of dark times of persecution, prejudice, and pogroms. The demagogue and presidential hopeful has also wavered on his support of Israel. Moreover, merican Jews traditionally vote Democrat.

t the same time, Trump's daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry an Orthodox Jewish man. Trump also supports controversial Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Some members of IPC champion Trump's hard-lined stance towards ISIS and believe that Trump would be Israel's strongest ally among all other possible presidential candidates. Trump has worked closely with Jewish partners in New York…

At the same time, Trump's daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry an Orthodox Jewish man. Trump also supports controversial Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Some members of AIPAC champion Trump's hard-lined stance towards ISIS and believe that Trump would be Israel's strongest ally among all other possible presidential candidates. Trump has worked closely with Jewish partners in New York and Florida throughout his career as a real estate and business magnate. Several Jewish special interest groups have supported Trump over the years. Solidifying his pro-Israel image, Trump has considered developing a Trump Tower project in Israel. In Palm Beach, which has been a long-standing bastion for "exclusive," or anti-Jewish predominantly WASP country clubs, Trump worked hard to open a club that would be open to Jews called Mar-a-Lago. These actions have encouraged some members of the Jewish community to shift their traditionally Democratic alliances and support Trump.

Because Trump's stance and commitment to the Jewish community of America do seem shifty, though, his reception at AIPAC is likely to be met with a degree of suspicion. Some cite the thinly veiled anti-Semitism in statements Trump has made. For example, Trump has claimed he was the "victim of anti-Semitism" because people think he is Jewish for "owning so many buildings in New York," (Mahler, 2016). He spoke before the Republican Jewish Coalition saying "I'm a negotiator, like you folks." The Anti-Defamation League has already called out Trump on his egocentric and insensitive comments. A large contingency of AIPAC members are weary of a candidate who would willingly accept campaign funding from sources as dirty as the KKK. It would appear that Trump will do or say anything to garner funding and attention, regardless of what his true values are and where his commitments might lay.

Nevertheless, key Republican members of AIPAC such as Sheldon Adelson, vocally support Trump and have put their money where their mouths are. A growing contingency of Jewish Republicans, particularly members of the Republican Jewish Coalition, have garnered historic support for a party that has typically been viewed -- and still is -- as representing a homogeneous white establishment. AIPAC is a relatively diverse group, and a growing number of Republican members like Sid Dinerstein, who used to head the Palm Beach County Republican Party, also support Trump. These outspoken and well-endowed members of AIPAC are creating a small but noticeable divide in America's Jewish community, which has traditionally been overwhelmingly in support of the Democratic party and its more socialist values. Most American Jews do in fact continue to staunchly support Democratic candidates like Clinton and Sanders -- who is himself a Jew -- and yet a few influential AIPAC members have switched sides to favor a candidate who they believe has the best interests of both Israel and America at heart.

trump presidency and interview on tv
Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 44910411
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interview with President-elect Donald Trump shows how televised media creates negotiated codes within a hegemonic framework. In an attempt to convey objectivity, the interviewer, along with the editor as well as television producer, create a narrative that conveys hegemonic meaning or a "metacode," (Hall 3). The result is what Hall calls "systematically distorted communication," (Hall 3). The interviewer fails to acknowledge, recognize, or bring to the viewer's attention the discrepancies and logical fallacies in the substantive content of Trump's discourse. By refraining from reframing Trump's message, the interviewer perpetuates misinformation.

For example, Trump discusses his desired appointment to the Supreme Court of a conservative judge who will be decisively "pro-life" and affirms that overturning oe v. Wade is an embedded goal of his presidency. He later claims that the LGBTQ community has nothing to fear because "It's law. It was's done...these cases have gone to the Supreme Court." oe…

Radical Negotiation Posturing and Political Strategies Trump and Alinsky
Words: 1636 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22986555
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On the surface, the current US President Donald Trump and the 1960s radical activist Saul Alinsky could not have less in common. Trump is currently overseeing what has become the longest government shutdown in US history due to his budget negotiations with Congress over his desire for appropriations to fund a wall on the southwest border of the United States. Alinsky wrote a book entitled Rules for Radicals, originally published in 1971, which outlined grassroots community organizing principles for leftists to challenge the conservative establishment Alinsky and his fellow Marxists wished to destabilize. Yet although Trump is a former businessman, conservative, and supporter of virtually every cause Alinsky opposed, Trump has positioned himself as an outsider figure and used many of Alinsky’s techniques, consciously or unconsciously, to thwart his opposition. Unfortunately for the country as well as for Trump, he has also ignored some of Alinsky’s critical advice, which has…

Analysis of Trump's Proposed Economic Policies
Words: 639 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84006776
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macroeconomic themes that have been taught or covered in this course is economic policy and its role in determining or influencing economic growth and development. Economic policy is a subject that has attracted considerable attention in recent months because of the presidential elections in the United States. Actually, monetary policy was one of the major issues in recent presidential campaigns and elections. This issue has also been subject of several publications by different new sources because of its significance in the country's economic growth and development. Paula Dwyer wrote an article to examine the recent rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election as the U.S. President. This analysis was carried out on the premise of the impact of Trump's economic policies on different aspects of the economy. The U.S. market has shown indication of its approval of Trump's economic policies in different ways…

Work Cited

Dwyer, Paula. "The Hidden Meaning of Dow 20,000." Online posting. Bloomberg Businessweek. Bloomberg L.P., 22 Dec. 2016. Web. 23 Dec. 2016. .

Understanding Trumps Way of Campaigning
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Presidential Election


Donald Trump is flying high in the 2016 presidential election campaigns. Besides crushing his epublican opponents in national polls, Trump's critics have thrown in the towel (McCutcheon & Mark, 2016). Having underrated his candidature and accused of a racist and sexist huckster, Trump is now receiving the ultimate compliment and being taken seriously. This essay attempts to discuss the mystery of Donald Tramp's appeal. His opponents have to deal with his demeanor, his disdain for intellectual and party elites, as well as his talent for drawing media coverage. How is Trump achieving all these successes? Whichever the case, Trump's current position and his ultimate fate warrant a theoretical explanation. George Lakoff's linguistic theory is used to understand Trump's success. In this sense, the essay will focus on three major linguistic aspects of how Trump wants us to see him: insulting, big…


Lakoff, G. (2009). The Political Mind: A Cognitive Scientist's Guide to Your Brain and Its Politics. New York: Penguin Books

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The Trump Travel Ban
Words: 772 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82936553
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The Trump Era travel ban has ruffled a lot of feathers. People suggest the travel ban goes against the rights of U.S. citizens, residents, and people on visa. President Donald Trump’s actions has led to fierce criticism on both the Republic and Democratic sides as well as bring about legal challenges. Many Americans agree that the temporary banning of refugees and immigration from specific countries is wrong. They agree because they feel it is not necessary in guaranteeing the safety of the United States. While the travel ban allows some Americans to feel safe during an age where terrorism dominates, it creates racial tension and hatred; additionally, banning certain countries or immigration has been done in the United States before, showing a dark side to the nation.

Terrorism is a prevailing topic across the globe. From London to France, terrorism and immigration problems have generated an uneasy atmosphere that has…

Supreme Court Second Amendment Case
Words: 1678 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92259243
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District of Columbia v. Heller Case Brief

Case Facts: The District of Columbia Code prohibited carrying an unregistered firearm and banned the registration of handguns through its provisions. However, the provisions granted the chief of police the liberty to grant one-year licenses for handguns. Additionally, the Code required individuals owning legitimately registered firearms to keep them unloaded and disassembled or with locked trigger unless they were in business places or being utilized for legalized recreational activities.

A special police officer in Washington, D.C., Dick Anthony Heller, was permitted to carry a handgun while on duty. He applied for a one-year registration license from the city of Washington for a handgun he wanted to keep at home. Based on the provisions of the District of Columbia Code, Heller's application was rejected. Consequently, he sued the District of Columbia on the premise that the provisions of this Code violated the Second Amendment.…

Locke's Second Treatise of Government
Words: 1225 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43746432
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"God gave the world to men in common" is a theme that supports the view that Locke would see property and something that should not be wasted, as waste deprives others. That survival is taken out of the equation tilts the moral balance towards Locke viewing much of the expropriation of land that occurs in South Florida as needless.

There remains the question of spinoff benefits, and this is something that lies at the heart of much debate about land use today. While the proverbial Donald Trump may not need to expropriate that land in order to survive, there are going to be people who work on that land who do support themselves and their families. The landowner is not necessarily the beneficiary of that land's development. On the surface it seems self-evident that if jobs are created that the expropriation should be viewed as acceptable by Locke. However, it…

Television's Hit Series the Apprentice
Words: 1203 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54026870
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That relieves all the pent-up anxiety of a Trump wannabe. Therefore, such a viewer remains content with his or her current life, acquiescing to (and as a result reinforcing) current hegemonic power structures (i.e., the real power of big corporations, and corporate players like Trump, over all the rest of us)).

"The Apprentice" is especially successful at pro-hegemonic reinforcement, moreover, since it focuses on a subject we all (except for those born independently wealthy, or winners of huge lotteries) recognize and experience day-to-day: work. Hegemonic power of corporate workplaces, and, by association, a national government that allows, and encourages, corporate uses and abuses of power, are validated by "The Apprentice's" implicit suggestion that a high-powered corporate career, the higher paid and more prestigious the better [the stuff that makes the Ken Lays of the world tick], is exciting, fun, glamorous, where the winners are, and something to aspire to, rather…

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Politics in America Has a Polarizing Impact of Voters
Words: 1219 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90829924
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Cross-Cultural Interaction

The readings for this assignment deal mostly with racial / ethnic issues. The Mellody Hobson story (from TED), posted by Ben Lillie, explores the dynamics of color and race, pointing out that only two of Fortune 250 companies are chaired by African-American women. Hobson goes on to point out that people ought not to be just "color brave" but they should be willing to confront their demons, and should invite people of color to apply for jobs because diversity brings strength to a company.

I saw a feature on the TED movement on the wonderful CBS program, Sunday Morning, and clearly people like Mellody Hobson have a powerful impact on that stage when they reach deep into the well of progressive ideas and creative solutions. In the Obstacles to Cultural Competence, again the issue of ethnic differences was covered, and covered very well. It was fascinating to read…

Works Cited

Lillie, B. (2014). Be color brave, not color blind: Mellody Hobson speaks at TED2014.

Blog. Retrieved March 25, 2016, from .

Student News Daily. (2005). Conservatives vs. Liberal Beliefs. Retrieved March 25, 2016,

From .

The Election of 2016 Outcome and Evolution
Words: 663 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66993227
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The election of 2016 produced a shocking outcome in the eyes of most political analysts. As noted by Larry J. Sabato, there are many parallels between the election of 1948 and 2016. In 1948, Harry Truman, who was predicted to lose to Thomas E. Dewey, had a similar, populist “give ‘em hell” style to Donald Trump. Dewey’s supporters were similarly unenthusiastic as many of Clinton’s supporters, who backed her more as the anti-Trump candidate versus someone they genuinely admired. But the parallels end there, as Truman was still an incumbent president who had a lifetime of political service, while Trump, in stark contrast, had never held office.

Sabato notes that first and foremost, Trump rode a wave of anti-immigration and white resentment of what they perceived as encroachments upon their privilege. Many individuals who voted for Obama shifted their allegiance back to the Republican Party because of Trump’s apparent outsider…

Political Science
Words: 1503 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63787808
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There are several patterns and outcomes that are fairly common in the realm of political science. Similarly, there are some subjects and points of study that are more common than others. Just a few that come to mind include the ethics of congressional staff, whether third party candidates could or should be a viable option and the demarcation that could or should exist between federal and state authority. For each of these three major examples, there will be an example given of such a thing and an analysis of the overall paradigm and question. While there are some ideas and concepts that make a lot of sense to the common voter, the people in Washington seem to be less than inclined to listen.


One member of Congress that has been accused of ethics violations would be Charles Rangel, the former Democrat member of the House of Representatives. It…

2016 Election
Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38503777
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The 2016 Election
The Research Question
My question regarding the 2016 election is this: why did Americans vote for Donald Trump? This is a decidedly open-ended question, which means it would involve exploratory research rather than the testing of a hypothesis. The research could consist of a mixed-methods design with both qualitative and quantitative research conducted. Individuals could be asked both open-ended questions and closed-questions (with Likert-scale measures in place).
How I Would Answer This Question
A good means of collecting data for exploratory research is the interview method or the survey method (Leonard, Noelle et al.). First, I would break up the voting sample into demographics: (a) gender, (b) age, (c) voting history (Party affiliation), (d) region of the country, (e) religion, (f) ethnicity/race, and (g) ideology (ex., conservative, liberal, libertarian, reform, etc.). Then I would seek to obtain a sample of participants that could provide me with a…

2016 Presidential Election Essay
Words: 2047 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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In what is shaping up to be the strangest election in United States history, the contest between the Democratic nominee, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Republican nominee, billionaire real estate developer Donald J. Trump is being closely monitored by U.S. voters and an increasingly concerned international community. The Democratic nominee has most recently been charged with several abuses of classified information during her tenure as secretary of state, perjury before the U.S. Congress and illicit dealings with foreign interests buying favors from the State Department through donations to the Clinton Foundation. Conversely, the Republic nominee has been labeled alternatively as “crazy,” “insane,” and “deranged” by a growing number of observers based on his erratic and hate-filled speeches. This essay on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election reviews the literature to provide brief biographies of these presidential candidates followed by an analysis of recent trends that have…

Democrats Poor Performance in the 2016 Elections
Words: 3294 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51168733
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In the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, the Democrats experienced significant losses in both the Senate and the House of Representatives in addition to losing the presidency.  While the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote, Donald Trump won the electoral college votes to clinch the presidency.  The Republicans not only won the presidency but also won the Senate and the House of Representatives.  In the aftermath of the 2016 elections, the performance of the Democratic Party has been the subject of scrutiny among political analysts and experts in political matters.  The media has remained puzzled with the outcome of the elections because they were so wrong in their predictions.  One of the issues that has received considerable scrutiny by the media is why Democrats failed to capture more seats in the U.S. House and why they lost control of the Senate.  This paper focuses on examining the reasons…

Understanding Voter Behavior Patterns
Words: 1964 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40987508
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Democracy is meant to be a means for the 'every person' to help govern the nation. However, Popkin's theory of low information rationality posits that 'every person' is unlike the ideal citizen in that they do not make their decisions based on fact, but rather, personal interactions and information from the media. Populistic Democracy allows for the governing of the nation through the 'simple person' not the privileged elite. However, similar to Popkin, Berelson believes most citizens are not able to maintain specific standards needed to successfully govern a nation. This may be because most people lack the education and understanding of what it takes to run a country and select adequate political representatives. The four standards briefly covered by Berelson: discussion, principle, rationality, and knowledge, are what an ideal citizen upholds. The reality of ideality means no one represents the ideal citizen, especially in great numbers. This is because…

Russian Meddling in U S Election Essay
Words: 3078 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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In this essay, we will investigate the topic of Russian interference in the United States’ 2016 Presidential election.  This essay will contain a list of topics related to Russian meddling, possible titles for essays covering those topics, an outline of the essay, and an example demonstrating how to write a strong essay.  Our free example essay will not only explain how Russian interference influenced the election, but also show you how to write each part of an essay: introduction, thesis statement, and body paragraphs that combine evidence and analysis.  The essay will conclude with a review of the information presented in the essay and suggestions for further action.


A New Kind of Cold War: Russian Meddling in the 2016 Election

Is Putin the De Facto President of the United States: How Russia Influenced the 2016 Election

Should Russian Interference in the 2016 Election Invalidate the Results?

What Does Russian…

Robert Mueller Investigation Essay
Words: 2592 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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In this essay about special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, we provide an overview of the information available at the time of publication about that investigation.  The essay will explain who Robert Mueller is; what the investigation is trying to find; and why the investigation was instigated.  In addition, the essay will discuss the latest news, as of May 21, 2018, about the investigation.  In addition to discussing the Mueller investigation, the essay will provide you with a technical guide for writing academic essays.  In addition to being formatted in an appropriate academic style, it will include all of the standard parts of an academic essay, including: introduction, thesis statement, evidence and analysis in the body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


Robert Mueller- Robert Mueller is the special prosecutor appointed to look into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential campaign.  As evidence increases…

Immigration Essay
Words: 3539 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Opening Paragraph:

In this Immigration essay, we will offer some sample titles, topics, an outline, and structure that you can use to improve your writing. The start of any good essay is an interesting topic statement followed by a succinct and descriptive thesis statement. The Thesis statement acts as the direction from which a reader takes when examining the body and conclusion. Body paragraphs should include a background on the topic and sub topics addressing each part of the thesis statement. The conclusion is a brief recap of what was covered.


Immigration in the United States
Past and Present Immigration Patterns in the United States
Lost and Found: Immigration in the United States
Selected Title: The Birth of a Nation: Immigration


History of Immigration
Immigration Patterns in the United States
Contemporary Immigration
Effects of Immigration


I.  Introduction
II.  Body
     1. Background  
     2. Immigration…

Obamacare Essay
Words: 3359 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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The Affordable Care Act: Can It Be Fixed?

The Future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Pros and Cons of Obamacare

The Effects of Obamacare on American Small Businesses


What are the main arguments for and against Obamacare?

How much should Americans pay for healthcare insurance?

Why do Americans pay more for their healthcare than consumers in some other countries?

Is Obamacare’s individual mandate unconstitutional?


I.  Abstract

II.  Introduction

III.  Body

     A.  Background and Overview

     B.  Pros of Obamacare / Advantages

     C.  Cons of Obamacare / Disadvantages

IV.  Conclusion

The Future of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare


The future of Obamacare? Probably the same as its past:
A bit of a mess. – Ben Boychuk, 2014


Signed into law by former President Barack Obama in March 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable…

March on Washington on August 28-29
Words: 1747 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13991178
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Washington on August 28-29

On this day, more than 200,000 Americans congregated in Washington, D.C., for a civil demonstration referred to as the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Planned and prepared by some civil rights and religious groups, the incident was intended to spell out the political and social challenges African-Americans constantly experienced across the nation. The march, which turned out to be a fundamental moment in the mounting struggle for civil rights in the United States, concluded in Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, a strong-willed appeal for racial, even handedness, fairness and equality (History, 2016). This topic might be of interest today with the recent cases of killings and discrimination against African-Americans in the United States to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Beatles on Ed Sullivan Show

On this day, the Beatles were introduced to the American public. It is…


Carlson, P. (2010). K Blows Top: A Cold War Comic Interlude Starring Nikita Khrushchev, America's Most Unlikely Tourist. Read How You Want. pp. 408 -- 412.

Churchill, R. S., & Churchill, W. S. (1967). The six-day war (Vol. 5). Houghton Mifflin.

Cyr, A. I. (2012). Cyr: Cuban missile crisis offers lessons relevant today. Newsday. Retrieved from: 

Haas, R. (2011). 9/11 Perspective. Council on Foreign Relations. Retrieved from:

How the News Is Changing Due to Technology
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76983813
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audience: some audiences might find the latest piece of gossip about Kim Kardashian to be newsworthy and compelling, while others might be interested in something Donald Trump said, while still others might find a story about Aleppo in Syria compelling. For me, a compelling news story is something that touches on one of the major issues of our time and helps to shed more light on it -- because, after all, the major issues of our time (financial collapse, runaway debt, endless wars, government overreach) are complex and need elucidating.

Considering the concepts of timeliness, proximity, unusualness, prominence, impact, conflict and human interest, I find Donald Trump's ascendency from TV reality show star to epublican primary leader in the polls to be a compelling news story: it is timely (Trump has appeared at a time when America's debt has increased exponentially, its leaders have lost ground in the Middle East,…


The Changing Nature of News. (2009). 21st Century Communication. NY: SAGE.

The Glass Ceiling Effect
Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48191245
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2016 was the first time this country has had a female presidential candidate because society is very much still ordered by what men do. For instance, the Access Hollywood of Donald Trump’s candid remarks about women and groping them and trying to sleep with them were made by Trump knowing full well he had a microphone on. He was engaging in locker room talk in a braggadocios manner because he knew he was the most powerful person in the room. Yet, when he was in the presence of his female costar and the cameras were on him, he was on his best behavior, knowing that when you are in the spotlight you have to behave a certain way that is acceptable to the public. For a woman who wants to lead, there is less of a sense of leeway in society: she is not allowed to have these private moments…

anti intellectualism as a'social problem
Words: 2268 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38732794
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Anti-science is nothing new and in fact has been seamlessly woven into the story of human progress. Locating historical incidents linked to the repercussions of anti-intellectualism or anti-science is easy. One of the first European examples of the repercussions of anti-intellectualism is the story of Socrates's death sentence due to his philosophy of reason contradicting the established religious authorities in ancient Athens. Anti-intellectualism permeates European history, culminating with the excommunication of prominent scientists like Galileo and Kepler. Science, truth, and intellectual inquiry can present clear threats to an established authority like the Catholic Church or any other religious body, as well as threatening powerful political authorities or social systems like patriarchy. Any social system that relies on propaganda and myth-making to preserve its integrity is naturally going to be threatened by science and intellectual or critical inquiry. On the surface, there is a sort of quaintness about anti-intellectualism that appeals…


Achenbach, J. (2015). Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science? National Geographic. Retrieved online: 

Casey, S. (2015). Love in the age of measles. Dissertation for Arkansas State University. Retrieved online:

Desilver, D. (2017). U.S. students' academic achievement still lags that of their peers in many other countries. Pew Research. Retrieved online: 

Dixon, W.E. (2015). Anti-intellectualism and the fracking of psychology. Training and Education in Professional Psychology 9(4), Nov 2015, 286-291.

Abortion Pros and Cons Essay
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Abortion refers to the termination of the pregnancy and most members of society tend to feel strongly and often myopically about their opinions of abortion. This paper will examine the complex and multi-faceted history that the United States has had with abortion as well as the pros and cons of this procedure. This essay will take a long look at the reasons that motivate those who support abortion and those who do not. It is hoped that this deep analysis will not only strengthen one’s ability to think critically, but allow compassion and common understanding to thrive in society.


Abortion Titles

Abortion: Nuances of the Issue
Abortion: Reasons for Support and Opposition
Abortion: Reasons for Approval and for Protest
Abortion: Exploring the Positive and Negative Complexities
Abortion in America: Examining both Sides of the Coin

Abortion Topics

Acceptable Circumstances: When is an abortion a non-controversial decision?
The impact…

Fallacies Stephen Colbert's Opening Monologue
Words: 898 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Web Content Paper #: 84343504
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Next, Colbert skewers Donald Trump. In his role as a conservative newscaster, Colbert begins with feigned outrage that Trump is not running "ho is going to tell OPEC the fun is over?" he cries when Trump is shown making his announcement that he is not running for the presidency. Colbert mocks Trump's hyperbolic self-promotion with his own hyperbole. Additionally, this is another example of how Colbert's deliberate, humorous false analogies reveal the sloppy thinking and fallacies of his subjects of ridicule. Trump had recently created a smokescreen or 'red herring' issue by crying out for President Obama's birth certificate, a non-issue except amongst members of the extreme right.

Then, Colbert shows a clip of former Reagan screenwriter Peggy Noonan endorsing Newt Gingrich as a 'new voice for a new generation.' Colbert states that Noonan is last generation's news herself, noting that young people, watching her speak, are probably wondering: "ho…

Work Cited

Colbert Report. Comedy Central. May 16, 2011. 

The Pros and Cons of the Euro
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Boom in Busts: Good or Bad?

There are several pros and cons in the bankruptcy legislation issues. In the current European systems, entrepreneurs forced to file for bankruptcy protection carry business failures and associated debts for years, may be liable to criminal charges and may even be driven to suicide by crushing failure and ongoing debt (Peng, 2014, p. 145). Those consequences and the "fear of failure" rampant in Europe causes some entrepreneurs to abandon their ideas without ever trying to develop them. The "advantage" of the current system, however, favors the creditors because creditors are still supposed to get paid; the money owed to them does have to be simply written off as losses (Peng, 2014, p. 145). The American system, which gives bankrupt entrepreneurs two options -- either complete liquidation and walking away from debt or restructuring to renegotiate with/pay creditors according to court-approved schedules -- also has…

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country level analyses
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Quest Diagnostics

Economic Support

Social Support

Technological Support

Opportunity Supporting Client's Operational Needs

Threat Factors and Trends


isk of maintained and possibly new U.S. sanctions

Structural Weaknesses in economy

Social threats


Political Instability

Economic Threats

Poor technology and brain drain

Opportunity and Threat Factors/Trends

Country Level Analyses

Quest Diagnostics has its headquarters positioned in Madison and its main operation encompasses the provision of diagnostic information. The company's operations encompass two arms. One, Diagnostics Solutions Group provides resolutions for insurers, and also the firm's health information technology operation that provides resolutions for healthcare providers. The other arm is Diagnostic Information Services, which nurtures and offers diagnostic testing information and services. The two countries in this essay is Iran and Egypt and the analysis encompasses a PESTEL framework of both nations. From the perspective of Iran, opportunities include political support through the reelection of Hassan and ouhani, securing the nuclear…


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How to grow the economy
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Fiscal Policy

A lot of debates exists out there in the economic ether regarding the best economic structure for an economy. Even so, there is a broad amount of consensus that exists regarding what should be done during expansionary economic shifts and what is less than wise. With that in mind, the author of this report shall address a number of questions related to that overall topic including what should be done with taxes, government spending and the general tools of the Federal Reserve Bank including the changing of the reserve ratio requirements, the discount rate and the selling of government securities. There is also the question on what happens with things like aggregate demand, gross domestic product and employment. While predicting the outcome of economic efforts and policy can sometimes be hard to pin down, there are best practices that are generally held to be better than others when…

sociology power privilege and anti intellectualism
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Anti-intellectualism is a social problem, not just a social issue, because it has a direct and immediate bearing on the lives of individuals and because it has a long-term deleterious effect on social, economic, and political progress. Without information, the people have no power. If the tools of critical thought are not taught to children, an entire generation lacks access to power. In fact, critical inquiry, science, and intellectual debate are necessary to prevent tyranny and oppression. Especially in the current social and political climate in America, anti-intellectualism can become disastrous. Without fail, Trump's cabinet appointments and executive orders have reflected the trend towards anti-intellectualism: appointments of people who deny science and who disavow the power of public education. The anti-immigrant sentiment is not at all based on fact, for fact would show how integral immigrants are to American social, political, and economic life. ather, the anti-immigrant sentiment is based…


"Consensus Perspective." (n.d.). Retrieved online: 

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Campaigns and Super PACs
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.....political ads changed over the last 60 years? Please use examples from the 1960's, 1980's and 2000's to support your answer.

In the beginning when TV was first used in the United States by the public, political ads were scarce. In the 1940's and even through into the 1960's presidential candidates reached out to meet voters, shaking hands and holding town-hall debates. (Suggett) It was a commitment to vie for presidency. However, as time passed and the mid 1960's brought some changes, political candidates aimed to ramp things up.

There was a need to address the masses in a more convenient form and so Lyndon B. Johnson aired the "Daisy Girl" commercial, effectively becoming the most controversial political ad of the time, and one of the most memorable. (Fowler, et al.) From there, change came to political ads in the form of negative ads such as the 1980 presidential campaign…

America's Anti Immigrant Orders and its implications
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United States of America Anti-Immigrant Orders
In the recent times, the public has been regularly discussing about The United States immigration law. This law which is meant to rule over the movement of immigrants into a country that only belongs to God has been put in the public eye, as a result of the amendments which have been added to it especially after the current administration of Donald Trump was incepted. In a period of less than two years into Donald Trump’s term, immigration has been highly limited with some people being permanently banned from migrating into the country. This law has been taken as biased and unjust by analysts and other stakeholders because it is associated with religious and racial undertones.
As he strove towards eliminating terrorists from other countries in USA, the president has developed multiple executive bills on immigration. These orders inclusive of the one about border…

Analysis of the Current Situation in American Politics
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Voting is a privilege and a right. A right that was denied for millions of people. Only until the passing of the Voting ights Act did minorities have a chance to not only vote, but change the face of the government. Before 1965, minorities, especially blacks, faced violent opposition in an attempt to stifle their voices and control the way the government nominates its officials.

Now that President Obama has shown what can happen when minorities are given a voice in politics, there have come some major setbacks. The nation in the next presidential election will adopt one of two sides, a far left or a far right. With the recent death of Head Justice Scalia and the refusal of Congress to allow the nomination of Merrick Garland, it is safe to say the nation is in turmoil in several ways. To understand how things became so unstable it is…


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Solutions to fix a broken congress
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Broken Congress

There is little argument that the status quo in Congress leaves a lot to be desired. Indeed, the approval rating for Congress is rather low and not a whole lot gets done in Congress other than things that cannot be left to chance such as the debt ceiling and minimal budget measures that keep the government working. However, what is being proposed in the "Brand New Congress" site is not going to work, and for a couple of reasons. While the honesty and forthrightness of Bernie Sanders is certainly a break from what is normally seen, the system is a little more broken than Bernie Sanders supports want to believe and Bernie Sanders is not remotely mainstream in terms of his ideas and motivations.


First off, it should be addressed that Bernie Sanders is a rather hard-left liberal and his ideas are not within the mainstream of…


BNC. (2016). Brand New Congress. Retrieved 22 October 2016, from 

BNC. (2016). Brand New Congress. Retrieved 22 October 2016, from

Affordable Care Act and Issues It Faces
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Affordable Care Act

Since its enactment in 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has transformed the way in which healthcare is provided in America. With its primary aim being to address "long-standing challenges facing the U.S. healthcare system related to access, affordability, and quality of care," the ACA has increased healthcare coverage for more Americans by mandating that health insurance be purchased and that insurance providers not discriminate against applicants (Obama, 2016). When considering the ACA, however, it is important to realize that this piece of healthcare legislation is far more impactful on the lives of Americans than simply in a healthcare context: in fact, the ACA affects lawmakers at both state and federal levels, workers, politicians and voters tasked with electing officials who will either pledge to carry the mantle of the ACA -- or repeal and replace it, as President-Elect Donald Trump has pledged to do. This paper…


Benitez, J., Creel, L., Jennings, J. (2016). Kentucky's Medicaid expansion showing

early promise on coverage and access to care. Health Affairs, 35(3): 528-534.

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Arkansas Law Notes, 1171. Retrieved from

Large Corporations Engage in Dishonest Business Practices
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Is Current Business Immoral?

Current business is immoral in one way or another. It is clear that the top rich people in the society strive as much as they can to avoid situations where regulations or laws are applicable (Lippencott, 2011). This means that they use their financial power to make sure that decisions are made to favor them and not against them. Tax evasion is one of the major issues that make the current business immoral because such corporations find ways of circumventing the system. Large corporations across the globe do not want to pay the taxes that they should. This makes the tax burden to be taken or carried by the rest of the small companies in a specific country. The effect of this is that most of the nations end up losing a lot of money that would have been paid in the form of taxes.


Discrimination and Social Justice Issues Today
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Representative X:

As healthcare legislation continues to be debated in the House and Senate, I would like to express my support for the continuation of one, significant policy that was instituted under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), namely the idea that young people under the age of 26 should be permitted to remain on their family's health insurance policies. The current generation of young people is graduating with more college debt than ever before and many new graduates are forced to take jobs that do not offer full benefits. The rise of freelance employment also means that many young persons may be forced to forgo jobs with health insurance.

Buying independent insurance is a significant cost, even though ensuring that young and healthy people are in the health insurance risk pool is necessary to keep overall healthcare costs low. Preventative early care can also reduce the need for more costly…

Ethical Communication and Social Media
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Ethical Communication and Social Media: Discussion and Implications
“Almost a quarter of the world’s population is now on Facebook. In the USA nearly 80% of all internet users are on this platform. Because social networks feed off interactions among people, they become more powerful as they grow” (Gaitho, 2018). Social media has created a manifestation of a branch of society that human civilization has never had to deal with before. Due to the fact that society is experiencing and using social media as people attempt to scrutinize its impacts, it can be harder to pinpoint all the numerous ways that social media affects the individual and the collective. One phenomenon that has grown out of social media is that people don’t only share information about themselves and their own personal lives, they also share information, articles, and images about various aspects of the shared world. This can be problematic as many people…

How Pictures Shape the Story in Syria
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The Role of a Photojournalist in Shaping the Syrian Narrative


This paper discusses the role of the photojournalist in shaping the Syrian narrative. The images that photojournalists create are used by a variety of media outlets, both mainstream like CNN and alternative like social media uploaders, to develop a narrative that promotes a perspective on events and advocates for a reaction from the public—either support for intervention or condemnation of the use of force by governments that are not directly involved in the conflict. The paper examines the gassing incident at Khan Shaykhun in Syria to see how photojournalism played a part in shaping the responses of the American president. It also examines how spectacle, soft power, embedded reporting, interventionism and the CNN effect all play a part in shaping the narrative built on the work of photojournalists.

The paper also discusses the impact of photojournalism in the Digital…

Current Events and Applying Sociology
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R.I.P. RELIGIOUS RIGHT and other Super Tuesday Take-Aways . . .

Whereas the "religious right" had seemed to be a dominant force in American politics, particularly powerful in the Republican Party, the influence of this loud but still minority group seems to have waned. This article goes so far as to suggest that candidate Donald Trump's raging popularity in the Bible Belt signals a nail in the coffin for the infiltration of politics by the religious right. Similarly, the author insinuates a possible shift in American social norms as traditional Bible Belt causes now seem like "lost causes." The "organizational weight has withered," notes Burke, referring to the lack of strong leadership among the religious right. Ironically, voters who claim to value religion strongly have come out in support of Trump. Also ironic is the fact that stalwart Democrat Hilary Clinton has gained ground among African-Americans particularly because of her…

Who Advocates for Sanctuary Cities
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Advocating for Sanctuary Cities: The Battle Between the Federal and Local Governments Over Immigration

Following the election of President Donald Trump, the federal government has made eliminating sanctuary cities a top homeland security priority by proposing to withhold their federal funding. Several sanctuary cities have ignored these threats and some have advocated for other cities to join them. To gain some new insights into these trends, this paper provides an analysis of the social and political climate in which sanctuary cities and counties have existed and how advocacy has influenced human service programming over the last 10 years. A description of the respective advocates and stakeholders and an assessment of how their roles influence the advocacy process is followed by a discussion concerning how advocacy efforts have influenced current attitudes and policies towards issues that affect human services in this context. A profile concerning how advocacy efforts have evolved and…


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Three Responses to Discussions
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bumper sticker "Republicans: We work hard so you won't have to" represents one of the polarized views in the political system in the U.S. today. The sticker represents a fairly narrow minded view of the political debate over things like taxes and benefits for lower income families. What many people do not realize, is that the entire economy is connect on many levels. The questions is not as simple as supporting someone through your taxes. For example, if your taxes are used to help struggling families, then they also spend more money in the economy which benefits the economy as a whole. Many people view the political system as one dimensional when in fact it is far more complex. The partisan picture of Obama smoking a cigarette is just another example of this.


The first post in discussion 2 deals with the disenfranchised segment of the population relative towards…

Businesses Run by Women
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.....entrepreneur one must endure multiple hardships. These hardships define people as leaders or failures. Women in the last few decades have amidst gender inequality, started businesses. This had led to a major growth in the number of women entrepreneurs in a predominantly male-dominated area. However, while women entrepreneurship has written, the persistent inequalities and continued views of women have led to the assumption that entrepreneurship may still be gendered. Meaning, society views only men as the main bread winners and capable of being effective leaders that entrepreneurs are defined as. This paper supports this assumption and will provide evidence of gendered entrepreneurship as well as literature that goes against such notion, demonstrating the potential for the gender gap to narrow in the future.

To first understand the potential of gendered entrepreneurship, one must first define it. Gendered entrepreneurship is a hypothesis considering entrepreneurship to have gendered patterns. The UK was…

Sexual Misconduct and the Fall of Hollywood Essay
Words: 3619 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Table of Contents
I.  Opening
II.  Titles
III.  Related Topics
IV.  Outline
V.  Introduction
VI.  Essay Hook
VII.  Thesis Statement
VIII. Body
A.  Background
B.  Harvey Weinstein
C.  Other Accusations
IX.  Conclusion
X.  Works Cited
XI.  Closing

In this essay about Sexual Misconduct and the Fall of Hollywood, we examine how the allegations of sexual impropriety by some of Hollywood’s power players has led to a major shake-up in the entertainment industry.  This essay will contain a list of some of the Hollywood players accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault, the allegations against them, and at least partial lists of their known accusers.  The essay will also delve into an examination of the casting couch phenomenon.  Although these sexual misconduct allegations may have come as a surprise to much of middle America, there is substantial evidence that many of Hollywood’s rich and powerful were well aware of the sexual…

Management Entrepreneurship in the Contemporaneous
Words: 981 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92670351
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First of all, they are aimed to remove any barriers from the path to formation of an entrepreneur. This could easily refer to an increased and easier access to education or the removal of discriminatory practices. The second set of initiatives is oriented towards the specialization of the entrepreneurs and could refer to specialized courses, training or the sharpening of the senses and the skills it takes to become a good entrepreneur.

E: Example: the list of examples in the field of entrepreneurs' initiatives is rather broad, moreover since the contemporary business and scholarly communities are increasingly focused on the role and responsibilities of the entrepreneur. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has set the basis for numerous such initiatives, the most relevant examples in this sense being offered by the Advancing Innovation Initiative, the Initiative for Closing the Gap for omen and Minority Entrepreneurs or the Urban Entrepreneur Partnership Initiative.…

Works Cited

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The 2016 Political Season
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Attitude Survey

The author of this report has been asked to create the parameters and facets of an attitude survey. Given that 2016 is an election year, it would seem easy to use that as the springboard for an attitude survey about the candidates. Since the current President is term limited, there are primaries in both major parties and thus attitude surveys can be made about the prospective candidates on both sides. On the Democrat side, the author of this report will focus on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. On the epublican side, the author will focus on the three best finishers at the recent Iowa caucus, those being Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Macro ubio (Fox News, 2016). While there is a usual ebb and flow when it comes to election season, the current election cycle is a powder keg and then some and thus the attitudes of the…


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Why the VA Should Be Privatized
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cabinet-level agency in the U.S. government termed "Agency X" herein is the largest healthcare provider in the nation. With a multi-billion dollar budget, virtually universal support from the American public and a national network of healthcare facilities, Agency X should be well situated to achieve its mission to "care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan." Unfortunately, on far too many occasions, Agency X has failed to deliver the high quality health care services the nation's veterans deserve and hundreds if not thousands have died as a result. In order to gain a better understanding of these failures, this paper reviews the relevant literature to provide an analysis of the ethical and social issues faced by Agency X and its administrators, followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning ethics and social justice at this organization in the conclusion.…


About VA. (2016). Department of Veterans Affairs. Retrieved from  / about_va/vahistory.asp.

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