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¶ … America Should Stump for Trump

It's safe to some that some people like Donald Trump -- and some don't. Those who don't have been getting a lot of face time in the media recently, which should make people wonder: if the powers that be hate somebody enough to criticize him every chance they get -- and if the entire intelligent world is sick to death of the powers that be (after all, the Global Political Economy is a great big joke today), shouldn't people begin looking at why those talking heads hate that person so much? In this case, that person happens to be the Teflon Don. Trump has cruised to the top of the polls because of his no-nonsense, tough-guy stance on issues like the TPP, the wars in the Middle East, Russia (no one else has even come close to saying that he would get along with Putin the way that Trump did -- and what's wrong with getting along with one of the only guys in the world actually trying to stop ISIS instead of funding them the way that Western leaders, along with certain ME leaders, do?). No -- what Americans need to do is stop listening to the Stephen Colberts of the TV world (he was funnier when he was in character as the die-hard Daily Show spin-off host anyway), the FOX News "analysts," the Rupert Murdochs, the George Soroses (if those two hate you, you know you must be doing something right), and start paying attention to why...


The man has played his hand in funding Washington elites -- but in the world of business, that's what you do. He's made no bones about it -- and one can surely appreciate his honesty and his bravado. He's doesn't make apologies. Some say that because of this, he's not trustworthy. Okay. Who is? Hillary? Her criminal record goes back decades (hint -- she should have been in jail the past 30 years -- not in office). Cruz? Like Trump says -- he lied his way to an Iowa caucus win and is so obviously the minion of Wall Street (like Hillary) that it's embarrassing to see the uber-naive fundamentalist clique fawn over him (and his love for Israel -- don't Americans know that Israel, alongside the U.S., is the greatest terrorist state in the world? Oh, let's not forget, of course, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. And Britain. And France. But you get the point).

Trump has come out swinging against the TPP -- you know, that document that will basically allow multinationals to take over the world (as if they haven't already -- but, hey, this thing is about to go nuclear: as in, say goodbye to your freedoms and your wallet nuclear). Trump wants to end NAFTA and bring jobs back from overseas to America where they belong. If that's not stewardship, what is? In fact, after threatening Apple (which makes its products in China), Tim Cook came out and said that Apple manufactures in China because of…

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