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Economic Growth Essays (Examples)

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Economic benefits of Free and Open Indo Pacific
Words: 1322 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14649634
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The Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy is a term describing a strategy championed by the United States and other Pacific Rim democracies, along with India, to promote democracy and economic growth in the region. The use of the term "Indo" and inclusion of India is viewed as being deliberate to reflect the importance of India in Asian economics and politics, and also to provide greater counterbalance to China, the region's most important non-democratic state (PTI, 2018). In the context of this strategy, free refers to sovereignty of nations to carve their own path, free from coercion of other states, and open refers to open infrastructure, the encouraging of greater regional infrastructure integration that comes as part of the strategy (Wong, 2018).
In addition to promoting democracy, the Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy will also promote economic growth in the region, in a few different ways. For one, the region's…

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How Economics Affects Nations
Words: 936 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49919524
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Economics Questions
1. What is meant by “twin deficits”? Use this relationship between GNE and GNDI to explain your answer
Twin deficits take into account a circumstance where an economy is facing both a fiscal deficit as well as a deficit on the current account for the nation’s balance of payments. Therefore, the nation is facing both trade deficits and government budget deficits. This can elucidate the relationship between national income (GNDI) and the national expense (GNE). Notably,
GNDI = GNE + CA (current account)
GNDI > GNE if and only if CA > 0 and this is indicative of a surplus in the current account
GNDI < GNE if and only if CA < 0 and this is indicative of a deficit in the current account
2. Give an intuitive explanation that captures the relationship between the current account position (surplus or deficit) and role of the country as…

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Development and Growth in the Field of CED
Words: 1835 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56646688
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Development and Growth in the Field of CED

Development and growth are some of the most commonly used terms in the field of community economic development. The field of community economic development (CED) focuses on promoting the involvement of a community when working with public and private sectors towards the creation of strong markets, industries, and communities. This field also focuses on encouraging the use of local resources in a manner that enhances economic opportunities while enhancing social conditions in a sustainable manner. Some of the most common examples of initiatives in this field include enhancing opportunities for disadvantaged members of the community and undertaking measures to overcome challenges.
Given the focus of community economic development, growth and development are two common terms in this field. These terms are sometimes used interchangeably in this field because they share some similarities. The use of these two terms interchangeably is also fueled…

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Solow Model and DMP model
Words: 1443 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58194019
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Consider the DMP model. Low unemployment is a commonly pursued goal of governments. A subsidy, s, is given to firms to encourage more hiring is a policy option that can be implemented with the intended goal of increasing employment and reducing the unemployment rate
1. What is the firm’s surplus, consumer/worker surplus and total surplus with the introduction of a subsidy?
In a successful firm-worker match, the firm produces an output level, z. The firm’s surplus is given by the profit generated from a certain level of output. Assuming a unit price of 1 and that no capital is used in the production process; the firm generates a profit of
Profit = z – w; where w is the real wage paid to the worker
An employment subsidy, S, increases profits by the amount of the subsidy such that:
Profit/firm’s surplus = z – w + s
A worker…

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Bond Investing and Reflection
Words: 386 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18080994
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I do not feel that now is a good time to invest in long-term bonds. The reason is this – the value of long-term bonds decreases as interest rates increase. As this looks like an increasing interest rate environment, long-term bonds look like they would come with an opportunity cost. Short-term bonds would be a better investment in this environment..
There is a Federal Reserve rate increase expected this week, but that has already been priced into the bond market (Robb, 2017). The idea of the Fed increase is that it will place a constraint on economic growth, in which case the current economic expansion will continue "at a steady pace without overheating" (Robb, 2017). Indeed, the Fed has already cautioned that if the market does not respond with slowing conditions that "All else equal, an easing of financial conditions may warrant a somewhat steeper policy rate path." (Robb,…

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Economics Growth the Retailer Sector Was Lately
Words: 3394 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93111117
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Growth The retailer sector was lately affected by the back-to-school shopping season, which did not start so well, as midprice department stores, discounters and specialty-apparel retailers announced disappointing sales results during August, which reinforced the already much debated concerns that consumers are not comfortable with the current state of the economy and are reluctant to consume, considering the shaky and uneven economic recovery.

However, luxury department-store chains managed to post significant earnings, as they benefited from the help of an important number of upscale shoppers. Still, the effects of higher gas prices and the rising value of grocery bills, combined with lackluster job growth were severely felt by moderate- and lower-income shoppers.

Michael Niemira, chief economist and director of research at the International Council of Shopping Centers feels that "There's weaker-than-expected performance," due to the fact that "there was a slowdown in spending, but some results are exaggerated by…


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Growth Theory
Words: 7085 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18556923
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Economics of New Ideas and Innovations

This research paper discusses the economics of a new idea. Without new ideas and inventions, the economy might very well become stagnant or decline, as predicted by many early economists, who did not understand that impact that ideas and innovative technology had on global markets.

Technology is endogenous in the new growth theory, which holds that technology is a function of the capital and labor used to develop technology, the technology used in that process, and the economic environment. For the purpose of this paper, technology refers to the methods and tools that are used to generate with new ideas and more efficient ways of producing goods and services.

Ideas and technical innovations are crucial to the economy. If a country wants to grow, it must create an environment that encourages entrepreneurs and innovators to generate new ideas. Creating an economic environment that promotes…


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Economics of International Trade China Exploring the
Words: 1318 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34964020
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Economics of International Trade China

Exploring the Economics of International Trade: China

"Chinese international trade has experienced rapid expansion together with its dramatic economic growth which has made the country to target the world as its market," and its expansion has only continued to show powerful growth within the international economic marketplace (Sun & Heshmati, 2010, p 1). After China was reopened to trading with the West in 1978, the country has really took off in becoming one of the world's biggest producers and exporters of a plethora of different goods. China has grown tremendously as nations like the United States have become their biggest trading partners. In response, China has helped refuel this growth with the manipulation of their currency and their heavy investment in the U.S. dollar, which ensures them a more competitive position for their exports.

For generations, China had closed itself off to trading and interacting…


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Economics Simply Relates to the
Words: 565 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76167885
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The need for the preservation of these resources is because of the fact that it is finite or limited. Abused utilization of these resources will deplete it and will eventually endanger the future inhabitants of the earth, leaving them nothing for the production of their own needs. Without the resources, there will be nothing to work on in the first place. Achievement of economic stability is the first step in order to achieve the other social goals. Since there are resources, there can be economic efficiency whereby goods can be produced at a lowest possible cost because of the availability of resources. Economic freedom or the right of a man to engage in voluntary economic activities, economic equity or justice particularly in terms of taxation and welfare economics, and economic security or security in employment can be settled between the government and the people in order to achieve them. All…

Economic Crisis Policies US Current Economic Crisis
Words: 2366 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 30617442
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Economic Crisis Policies

US current economic crisis is considered to be started from real estate sector. The real sector started to decline in 2006 and it accelerated in 2007 and 2008. Housing prices have fallen from the peak from about 25% so far. The decline in prices left homeowners with no option and they were unable to refinance their mortgages and causes default of mortgages. This default of mortgages and loans swallowed the banks and financial markets such as falling of Lehman's brothers and other anks and blow to rest of economy happened as the whole economy was relying on banks and ultimately it slows down investment in the country and capital flows to other parts of the world like China and India. ank losses cause reduction of bank capital which in turn requires capital reduction thus saving bank from lending. It is estimated that every $100 loss and reduction…


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Economics Is the Study of
Words: 931 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54684209
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If there is a risk that one of the family members will lose his or her job, that will add risk to the purchase decision. The riskier the purchase decision, the lower the price will need to be in order to compensate for that. Another factor here is the expected change in housing prices or interest rates. Buyers are inclined to enter the market if they believe that the cost of home ownership will be higher next year, but they may delay purchases if they believe that costs will be lower next year.

ith new home sales last summer, the dip could be in part due to worries about a double-dip recession. The summer was characterized by an inane fight over the debt ceiling, something that shattered confidence of many in the political system, and some of the key actors within that system. A fractured political system is one that…

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Economic Final Report
Words: 1491 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81471613
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Economic Systems:

An economic system is basically described as specific set of principles that addresses the production, distribution, and consumption of products and services. The involved parties in the production, distribution, and consumptions processes are usually determined by or dependent on the economic system. Throughout the history of humanity, different types of economic systems have evolved because different societies have placed varying emphasis on distinctive goals and priorities as part of their efforts to obtain answers to certain economic questions. In addition, the difference in economic systems is fueled by the tendency by different societies to develop very broad economic approaches to manage their resources. One of the main reasons for the development of different economic systems is to address the challenge of scarcity. The challenge of scarcity is an essential problem that confronts individuals and nations. hile there are four major types of economic systems recognized by economists, there…

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Growth Hong Kong and Singapore
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90288304
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The country has traditionally relied on growing its workforce as a means of increasing its economic capabilities. hile Hong Kong has done the same in the past, its policy has diverged at this point. Faced with an influx of labour from the PRC, Hong Kong now faces a situation where it needs to focus on bringing in high-end labour, rather than the unskilled labour that is currently flooding in. Singapore shares a similar need, but has less space for new arrivals. A more open border with Johor Bahru on the mainland gives Singapore the ability to house labour out of the country that Hong Kong does not enjoy, but could encourage businesses to relocate there as well, to Malaysia's benefit.

Singapore has also focused on trade more than Hong Kong has. Traditionally, Singapore has adopted a role as a trade hub, where Hong Kong was a finance and insurance hub.…

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Growth Rate Slow Model 1992 Is an
Words: 2590 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79942475
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Growth ate

Slow model (1992) is an economic tool used to analyze a country economic growth. The principal conclusion of Slow model is that the accumulation of capital could not only account for the growth rate per person. To address the central question of economic growth, it is critical to move beyond the Slow model. Mankiw et al. (1992) incorporate economic tools such as FDI growth rate, trade, inequality, institutional quality and other core variables such as labor and capital to analyze the growth rate across countries,.

Objective of this paper is to use the core economic variables and non-core economic variables to investigate their potential impacts on the United States growth rates.

Overview of the United States Growth ates

The United States is the largest and most powerful economy in the world. Presently, the U.S. has the highest level of output with the country GDP valued more than U.S.$14…


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Economic and Trade Development the
Words: 2664 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 3379747
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(Buchanan, 72)

The economic policy tools that were employed just after the war subsequently underwent some changes. From 1947 to 1950 direct controls on wages and distribution were eliminated followed by removal of trade controls in 1958. However, the government continued to maintain its hold over prices and credit distribution which made it different from many of its neighboring states in the postwar period. The French Ministry of Finance exerted greater control over the economy than the Bank of France. This led to a greater predilection to resort to devaluation when external equilibrium resulted due to the state failure to control incomes. In France, the period between 1945 and 1975 was known as the "thirty glorious years" because of the phenomenal economic performance. During this period, the average growth rate of GDP was around 6.8% which was quite remarkable considering that Britain's average GDP growth rate was 2.4% and Germany's…


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Economic Challenges Canada Faces in Recent Years
Words: 2957 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67866735
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Economic Challenges Canada Faces

In recent years, the challenging economic condition in Canada has emerged as a concern for citizens, policy makers and the government alike. Canada faces challenges in terms of creating a more innovative society, as the country continues to experience a significant productivity gap compared to other advanced industrial economies. The Canadian industry appears to be slower in successfully developing, applying and marketing innovative products, processes and services than a majority of other nations. This lack of innovation is the cause of Canada's low productivity growth and competitiveness, and therefore must be addressed in order to increase employment growth, a higher standard of living and an improved quality of life for all Canadians.

Current research predicts that although Canada's economic performance will gradually strengthen out of the recent mild slowdown into a better pattern of growth in 2004, Canada's economy still faces the longer-term challenge of increasing…


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Economic Miracle Japan 1946-1973 Japan
Words: 2610 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3449384
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Energy costs increased substantially and the yen's exchange rate was shifted to a floating rate. The eventual recession reduced expectations of future growth and reduced private investment. Economic growth went down from 10% to 3.6% during the period 1974-79 and to 4.4% in the decade of the 80s. ut despite the oil crisis and its consequences, Japan's major export industries stayed competitive through its cost-cutting policy and increasing efficiency. It reduced industrial energy demands and allowed the automobile industry, along with other industries, to improve. y the late 70s, the computer, semiconductor and other technology and information-intensive industries entered a period of rapid growth. During this high-growth era, exports continued to support Japan's robust economic growth in the 70s and in the 80s. However, the problems encountered on account of its growing balance of payments surplus urged for the opening of domestic markets and a stronger focus on domestic demands…

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Economic Change in Saskatchewan
Words: 771 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91941098
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Economic Growth

Economic Change in Saskatchewan

"If there were a change in Saskatchewan's economic circumstances from one of "boom" to one of "normal" or "bust," which current areas of government activity would you expect to be affected by this change, and, what would you expect the government's policy response to be to adapt to these new economic conditions?"

Currently, Saskatchewan was seen significant and rapid development in economic activity. The province has been able to take advantage of the rich supply of natural resources and exports many commodities to global markets. Much of the growth that the area has experienced can be attributed to the growth of potash and oil. However, these resources may not sustain the levels of economic growth that the region has experienced indefinitely. If Saskatchewan does not work to diversify its economy then the economic boom that it has experienced could slowly dwindle away. Furthermore, if…

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Growth & Development That Africa
Words: 1569 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 76867067
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Governments will not provide public goods to those they mistrust, as they will not expect to be able to collect taxes at a later date. In Africa, this again can be related to ethnic tensions -- governments and regions from different ethnic groups may have mutual mistrust that predates the colonial era.


Every nation will develop in its own way. For the most part, however, specific antecedents to development can be identified. Strong government is essential as lack of security will reduce investment -- both domestic and international -- and thus stifle economic growth. Strong government must nonetheless not confuse the rule of law with a mandate to expropriate wealth. The government will need to tax, but must do so only in accordance with the needs of the region for public goods. At some point, trust will need to be developed between the government and the people of the…

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Economics While the U S Is Only Showing
Words: 1874 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90964717
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hile the U.S. is only showing the first signs of recovery from the global economic crisis, other nations such as Australia and China have recovered much more quickly. There are a number of factors that have contributed to the disparity in economic performance in the past three years in these different nations. In particular, three factors will be considered. The first is the situation in each country at the outset of the crisis. As the crisis was largely precipitated by a credit crunch, the differences between the structure and regulation of the banking sectors in each country will be given particular attention. The second factor will be the response on the part of each federal government to the crisis. The third factor will be the nature of the different economies -- the degree to which different structures have impacted the recovery process. Lastly, policy implications will be drawn for…

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Economic Environment Analysis for a
Words: 1206 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81055331
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00). This is below the EU, where they have a rating of 42 or a PPP of $32,500.00. (Czech epublic 2010) 1 When you compare the two numbers, the purchasing power is lower in the Czech epublic in comparison with the EU. This means, that labor costs are much lower in relation to the rest of Europe. When you put this together with the increases in the GDP over the last two quarters and the fact that the banking sector, was undamaged from the financial crisis; means the Czech epublic has outstanding opportunities for addressing the needs of the company. As the country's costs, the business friendly atmosphere and prudent practices of government policies are creating the ideal environment for a European call center to flourish.


Despite the obvious advantages, there are risks of relocating to the Czech epublic the most notable would include: the underlying cost structure. While…

Reference List

1. Czech Republic, 2010, CIA World Factbooks. Available from

Economic Crisis Iceland 2008 Current
Words: 1162 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 38859627
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This program is focused onto the following directions:

Generating stability with exchange rates

ebuilding confidence in the monetary policy

Better managing and restricting public debt

eforming and restructuring the banking sector to insure more transparency and the implementation of internationally recognized policies (The Icelandic Government Information Center, 2008).

4. Short-term forecast for the economy

The 2008 has severely impacted the Icelandic economy. In light of the dramatic effects as well as the efforts put into the reconstruction and reconsolidation of the Islanding economy, major growths are not expected. In other words, it is generally assumed that the country will regain its stability through small and gradual victories, which will, for the time being, only manage to stabilize the economy. Growth rates are expected to remain low and for 2010 for instance, the growth rate of the gross domestic product is expected to be close to zero (Central Intelligence Agency, 2010).…


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Economics UK Economy an Analysis of the
Words: 1009 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7591785
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UK Economy

An analysis of the latest figures for key economic indicators and the factors which have affected these indicators. This should include the figures for unemployment, inflation and economic growth.


The unemployment rate is a very important indicator of the overall health of the economy. Currently the unemployment rate is at 7.8% (Office for National Statistics, 2012). However, this figure does not affect the population equally. Different segments of the population have different employment rates. Furthermore, the unemployment rate does not include people that are not actively seeking employment. In the chart these people are considered to be "inactive." Another interesting item listed in the report is that the unemployment rate for the youth demographic was falling due to a record number of 16 to 24-year-olds being enrolled in some type of educational program.

Employment in the UK has suffered from recession. In 2008 there was a…

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