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Entrepreneurship Essays (Examples)

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How Entrepreneur Training Programs can help Nations Grow Their Economies
Words: 2945 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74057889
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The Effectiveness of the Current Entrepreneurship Training Programs in the Gulf Cooperation Council Educational Institutions
Today, the six member-states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, are all faced with the need to improve the effectiveness of their respective entrepreneurship training programs (ETPs) in order to help young practitioners create new businesses, diversify and grow their economies. This need is especially pronounced at present given the alarming estimates concerning the looming peak oil milestone and the harsh reality that even enormous fossil fuel reserves will eventually be exhausted. Furthermore, the international marketplace is changing in fundamental ways, and countries that are able to field a generational cohort of talented and trained entrepreneurs will invariable gain and sustain a competitive advantage over those that do not. Therefore, against this backdrop, studies such as this one can help identify opportunities for…

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Entrepreneur Turkey Has Long Been
Words: 1511 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 54961209
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Finding ways to delegate authority is an important thing for entrepreneurs when they grow. hen a company is in the beginning or high growth stage of the business cycle, there comes a point when the founder must let go some control so that the business can be more professionally run.

The current business model is somewhat aimless, but oriented towards high end positioning. An alternate direction is that the business can focus on becoming a volume supplier. The designer is capable of having a mainstream touch, and Turkey is a great place to follow a high-volume, low-margin business model for export. This would leverage the low cost of production and the effort that the government puts into creating export opportunities. At this point, as an unknown brand, he still has the capability to go in that direction.

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Entrepreneur the Project Is a Website That
Words: 1537 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75069313
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The project is a website that compiles videos, tips, articles and other content. The site is aimed at an audience interested in a healthier lifestyle. The way of monetizing the site will be to sell advertising to health clubs, fitness professionals and others that cater to the same target market. This report will analyze this idea to test for feasibility and identify key challenges that could be present. There will be recommendations as well with respect to the future of this website.


There are several challenges that this website can be expected to face. The first is with respect to the idea of being a content aggregator. This is not 1997. Content is not free. Thus, the first hurdle that we will face with this idea is acquiring content. Most high-traffic content sites have established brands and they also have identified means of acquiring content. If we are…

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Entrepreneur Why Can Investor Would Give Me Capital to Start a Decorating Den
Words: 2188 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4669094
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Entrepreneur-Why investor would give me capital to start a decorating den?

With the spiraling demand for housing, the demand for interior decoration market is also rising in tandem. Concern regarding making the home interiors beautiful and plush is high on the wish list of many home-buyers. Modern and aware customers who view popular channels on TV dedicated to interiors and subscribe to the magazines flooding the market are valuing the quality of interior decorating in an increasing manner than ever before. ising on this demand for interiors among the people is a great opportunity to take up the Franchise offer of Decorating Den. It is an investment in the future compared to other franchise offered in the market and a completely new way of life. (Opportunities in a New Economy - Message from the President)

Convincing the Venture Capitalist for guaranteed profitability:

By taking up the franchise, owners of Interiors…


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Entrepreneur Trends in Globalism Stakeholder Knowledge and
Words: 1737 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7157187
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Trends in globalism, stakeholder knowledge and technology -- all part of the 21st century environment, have changed marketing from a more monolithic approach to the market to a model that has actually been in place for centuries yet has now found a way to move from the small business environment to the larger organizational model simply because its strengths are just what is needed to perform in a new environment. This concept, entrepreneurship, has its origins in the French verb entreprendre, meaning "to undertake" (Hultman, C., et al., 2011). In a sense, every organizational idea starts with a core idea and thus has some entrepreneurial tendencies. These ideas have a core relationship in that they require innovation and risk in order to come to fruition (economic gain). More than anything else, the idea of entrepreneurship is a mind-set, a mode of operating as opposed to a strict method; a…


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Entrepreneurs the Kirznerian Entrepreneur vs The Schumpeterian
Words: 494 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21722579
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The Kirznerian Entrepreneur vs. The Schumpeterian Entrepreneur

The following brief essay will discuss two kinds of entrepreneurs, as evidenced in the title above. These two kinds of entrepreneurs, Kirznerian and Schumpeterian, will be theoretically and practically espoused, in order to see which of the two is more common in business life. The essay will also speak as to which type of entrepreneur is more important in today's business world, thereby linking theory and practicality prior to concluding.

First, it is important to define each entrepreneurial theory. The Kirznerian Entrepreneur, for instance, derives from economist Israel Kirzner's theory. Kirzner utilizes an analogy between what he names "the entrepreneurial element in individual decision -- making" and "entrepreneurship in the market interaction." (Kirzner, 1967) According to the economist, a first step in establishing the roots of the theory is to discuss an individual's 'action.' Kirzner thus isolates the first step of the…


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Entrepreneurs' Unusual Tactic Buying Up
Words: 326 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83424478
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I think this type of financial management plan must depend on very long-term investment solutions and options, and that it is not something to enter lightly or without the proper capital and time. With the downturn in housing, many of these homes will be difficult if not impossible to sell right now, because the average middle-America family who are the market for these homes cannot afford them without the sub-prime lenders who have already done so much damage to the housing market. That means these homes will have to continue to be rentals, and that eats up more administrative and repair costs. Thus, from a financial management standpoint, this seems like a good program, but only if the company is capitalized enough to weather the lending storm that is hitting right now, and is poised to make their investments last over time, rather than pay…

Entrepreneurs and Smes in the
Words: 2786 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46741661
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Recently, entrepreneurship has been seen to be one of the key driving forces for economic development and growth since it is able to provide literally millions of opportunities for jobs. It also helps to offer a large variety of goods and services to consumers and in general helps to increase the prosperity and competitiveness in a nation (Stanworth, lythe, Granger, & Stanworth, 1989). However, there is also a lot of debate on the technical knowledge transfer that takes place from universities to industries and on how these universities can continue to support the economic and technological development of countries.

It is very important to look at how significant this spinoff issue actually is to those in the United States and in Europe (Roberts, 1991). This is necessary because spinoffs seem to be growing at a rapid rate and entrepreneurship is getting extremely lucrative in many areas of the country (Roberts,…


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Entrepreneur the Role of an
Words: 890 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51976561
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Through exceptional focus, entrepreneurs are able to transform concepts into companies, yet it takes effort on their part to relinquish control to professional managements.

Cons of being an Entrepreneur

The greatest draw-back of being an entrepreneur are the personal and professional risks to financial stability and reputation if the new venture does not succeed, and the lost time invested in the venture if it fails. These are all lost opportunity costs that an entrepreneur could have invested in other, potentially more profitable and successful ventures. Even successful entrepreneurs struggle with staying focused despite the intense pressure to succeed and long hours needed to get a business into a financially viable condition to run smoothly. There are more sacrifices required of entrepreneurs today than ever before as globalization is forcing many of them to travel across multiple continents every given month to get their companies up and running. These trips include…


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Entrepreneur to Professional Management
Words: 724 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26296250
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Perfect manager for all stages of growth is difficult to find in just one person, but there are examples. During the initial stages, the manager needs to be visionary. This is often the entrepreneurial stage, where an idea is just being articulated, and the manager needs to first coalesce the business plan for the product/service idea, and then get a team of people to buy into the idea on top of that. Entrepreneurial leaders are often visionaries, and this is their key strength (Lewis, 2014). They are often risk-takers as well. But the key to the success of an entrepreneur is to have a great idea, get the buy-in from others, and then begin to professionalize the operation.

The next stage of a business is the growth cycle. At this point, the operation is probably focused on building markets and on scaling up the business. Flamholtz and andle (2007) note…


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What Potential Entrepreneurs Should Know
Words: 1455 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33369477
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Entrepreneurs Should Know bout Federal Taxes for Corporations

ll corporations are subject to the corporate income tax on their net income. Taxable income is the gross income of the corporation, less the deductions allowed. Major sources of corporate income include: gross profits from sales; dividends received; interest; rents; royalties; and gains and losses. Still, there can be other factors that must also be considered in determining the corporation's income. There include: receipts that are actually contributions to capital; property distributions received by the corporation; rentals paid to shareholders of a leasing corporation; and income from a sinking fund.

Each business's tax liability is based on a graduated tax rate scale. Depending on individual factors, a corporation may also be subject to penalty taxes in addition to their regular income tax. The form of business that is operated determines what taxes must be paid. The four general kinds of business taxes…

Adam Smith believed that there should be limitations on what corporations should and shouldn't be allowed to get away with. He pinpointed a solution to the complex nature of taxes -- a simple and fair system that minimizes compliance and administrative costs. The U.S. tax code has one of the most complex tax codes in the world, which has become a burden on its economy. Smith's ideas should be used by the U.S. To design a tax code that would ease the collection burden and force interest groups to look for money elsewhere.

Appendix A Corporate Income Tax Rates -- 2002

Taxable income over Not over Tax rate

Imagine Interviewing a Successful Entrepreneur
Words: 1140 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 94593523
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interview: Mr. X

When I interviewed Mr. X, the owner of high end-restaurants and a luxury boutique hotel, my first question was: "why did you decide to 'create your own job' in the hospitality industry, rather than work for someone else?" Mr. X stressed that hospitality was his passion from a young age. "I truly believe that the hospitality industry must be in 'your blood' to succeed. It is a difficult and competitive industry, and just about everyone I know who is ambitious and involved within it wants to work for him or herself. I wanted to put my own stamp on things. When I was working for other people I often felt frustrated when I knew that I could do something better, or had better ideas than my managers."

Opportunities do not create themselves; the entrepreneur has to love what he does enough to work 24-7 and to take…

Invention Changed Lives Entrepreneurs People Vision
Words: 1230 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54126237
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invention changed lives entrepreneurs . People vision determination helped shape world. My Canadian envention snowmobile. I present information interesting creative rest class. Things answer: hen invention snowbile created? ho invented ? here invented? hat impact invention society? How long invention ' '? Have improvements made invention? hat future invention? The emphasis presention entrepreneur enhanced consumer satifaction entrepreneur agent change.

Joseph-Armand Bombardier's snowmobile

As technology came to influence virtually every domain at the start of the twentieth century, people came across the difficulty of traveling through the countryside during winter. In spite of the fact that a series of devices were invented at the start of the century, none of them seemed capable of completing this task. As a result, people designed an all-terrain vehicle meant to transport individuals and freight over lands where other vehicles remained stuck. Some people felt that it was essential for them to get actively engaged…

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Funding for Entrepreneurs Seeking Seed Capital to
Words: 915 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53383100
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funding for entrepreneurs seeking seed capital to actualize their business ideas. The said funding sources in this case include but they are not limited to angel investors, bank loans, venture capitalist, friends and family, etc. In this text, I discuss angel investing. In so doing, I will largely concern myself with the pros and cons of the same.

A few years ago, James Barnham turned down an offer from a group of angel investors to fund the launch of a device he had invented. At the time, Branham was seeking a total of £150, 000 from investors in a reality TV program, Dragon's Den. Barnham according to Singh (2009) terms his rejection of the offer the best decision in his life. The investors (dragons) had sought a significant stake in the venture in exchange for the seed capital. The term Dragon (in relation to the TV program) according to ees-Mogg…


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Social Entepreneurship Social Entrepreneur a
Words: 4068 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11649126
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Competitor products and their equivalent prizes, this is so that after establishing our break-even analysis it can act as a guiding line to set the best price. (Tao 2008)

The survey should enable one establish the best marketing strategies and anticipate any future contingencies.

Entrepreneurship development services

This service will target individuals who wish to start business on their own or in a group it will mainly involve

Training on how to originate business ideas. It is said that if you feed a man you have only feed him a day, a long-term problem in a short-term way. If you show the man how to fish then you have feed him and his family for life and I add that if you show the man how to run a fish business you will have feed the society too. In his book ich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki explains that the most…


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Philosophy of the Entrepreneur Jim
Words: 2167 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92687157
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The company reports that it expects more than 2 million Jiffy Lube customers to receive a direct mail postcard featuring a mail-in offer for two free movie tickets with the purchase of a Jiffy Lube Signature Service oil change using Pennzoil or Quaker State® SUV/minivan, high mileage vehicle or synthetic motor oil; the company also notes the direct mail postcard will also include a $5 off instant coupon and will be honored at participating Jiffy Lube service centers through mid-August 2005. According to the press release, the company's director of marketing stated: "Jiffy Lube is targeting customers that our internal research has identified as the most likely candidates for a specialty oil change. The movie offer is perfectly timed because the summer is synonymous with road trips and blockbuster movies" (Jiffy Lube Rolls Out Red Carpet for Summer Promotions 2).

Management Team Composition.

According to Sims (2002), the hierarchy of…

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Tony Hawk Sport Entrepreneur Extrodinaire
Words: 2178 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2400028
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egardless, he has no idea what others are talking about but is willing to admit it (Cohn, 2011).

Hawk views everything as amazing in regards to how his life turned out. He wonders how he got there with moments like this at times. Tony learned of self-confidence along the way, which helped him to use skateboarding as his life. Furthermore, he is able to incorporate diversity and tolerance into his business. Deep down, he knew that people were wanting more than what they were seeing. Hawk loves his job, and considers this his job description.

After the 1999 X games, Tony decided to retire from competing with others. Despite him no longer having a part in getting this games going when he was in high school, he does manage to put on demonstrations as well as exhibitions around the world (Hawk, 2011). For example, Hawk does a "Boom HuckJam Tour…


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esearch leading entrepreneurs determine entrepreneurial approaches -- categories: (1) profit oriented, (2) social responsibility oriented 1.Analyze describe founding leader(s), leadership style, major business principles a profit-oriented entrepreneurial approach primary goal provide a product service consumers make a profit.

Two leading entrepreneurs: Socially-oriented and profit-minded

Socially-oriented leadership: Larry Page

Although its motto is 'don't be evil,' Google is a for-profit company. However, it manages to leverage its idealism in a fashion that is well-suited to the image and success of its product. It is an Internet company that is dependent above all upon the dissemination of knowledge. Google co-founder Larry Page places a strong emphasis on innovation at his company. Google's engineers are allowed to spend part of their time on personal projects, as a way of encouraging the company's top talent to generate the ideas of the future. Google trusts in the intelligence of its employees, and encourages them…


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Ethics for Entrepreneurs Abercrombie &
Words: 778 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58593652
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In recognition that these t-shirts might be found to be objectionable to many young women, who are among our best customers, we contacted Heather Arnet, Executive Director of the omen & Girls Foundation, and offered to discuss the issue with them. e recognize that the shirts in question, while meant to be humorous, might be troubling to some." Despite, or perhaps, one could argue, because of, the controversy generated by the sexually explicit t-shirts, on November 15, 2005, CEO Mike Jeffries stated that the company had enjoyed record third quarter profits. "These strong results reflect the broad momentum and successful differentiation of our brands, confirming our entire organization's dedication to building dominant iconic brands. e are uniquely positioned as the top of mind premium provider of sportswear with brands that appeal to a broad spectrum of customers in the pre-teen through post-collegiate demographic. This is a position we have worked…

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Variables Influencing Women's Entrepreneurs Facts From Ethiopia
Words: 5462 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39745723
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women's entrepreneurs: Evidence from an East African Economy (Ethiopia)

It is an established fact that the Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) sectors can help large parts of the populace in underdeveloped economies like Ethiopia as the means for livelihood. African women are beleaguered with societal and cultural challenges and overall entrepreneurial attributes, and that is reflected in the lack of their entrepreneurship development. This study hence takes up the issues ascribed to entrepreneurship orientation in African women and the factors affecting their business orientation. Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO) levels of the African women were found to lie in the lower and mid levels assessed against businesswomen elsewhere. The EO of women is found to be positively related to multiple and often diversified business interests and ownerships amongst different socio-economic strata (Gelan & Wedajo 2013). This study is comprised of 203 entrepreneurs involved in 5 categories employing random, stratified sampling method. The…


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Strategic Management for Entrepreneur
Words: 1983 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49525752
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Strategic Management

I definitely have the personality, skills and goals to be an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur requires both functional and managerial skills. Since the entrepreneur is responsible for all aspects of the operations, he/she must have a strong working knowledge of each different business function. In addition, the entrepreneur must have a distinctive competency in the business venture that is being launched.

The personality of an entrepreneur emphasizes hard work and determination. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to forgo sleep and comfort while they build their business. In many cases, owners are unable to withdraw money from their company for the first year or two. There are going to be numerous roadblocks as well, from government regulation to competitor response. I have the perseverance of an entrepreneur and the drive to push through the difficulties, the roadblocks and the naysayers.

B. The business idea I have selected is a third wave…

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Planware org Site Offers Entrepreneurs and
Words: 926 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80452172
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Similarly, their cash flow Excel spreadsheet template offers flexible and powerful features that help entrepreneurs save time and trouble during the valuable planning stages.

Another helpful product offered by is their business plan writing software. These aids take newcomers step-by-step through the process of writing effective business plans for any size firm. The guide is divided into sections to help the user address each aspect of their intended business separately. Each section is linked to features like charts and spreadsheets too. offers two editions of the business plan writer: Plan Write and Plan Write Expert. The business planning software can be a stand-alone product or used in conjunction with other Planware tools.

Planware also offers specialized marketing analysis tools also under the Plan Write brand. The marketing aids help budding entrepreneurs conduct fairly sophisticated analyses of their target markets Links to intent sites enable the savvy user to…


Business Plan Freeware." Retrieved Mar 22, 2007 at 

Marketing and Sales Plan Software." Retrieved Mar 22, 2007 at