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Environmental Science Common Workplace Problem

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Very often workers must choose jobs based upon benefits, not where they wish to work. Workers may decide not to open up small businesses or work for smaller businesses who cannot offer them comprehensive care. and, of course the children of uninsured workers suffer, innocent victims of the system.

Even companies like Safeway that have made heroic efforts to foster healthy living and disease prevention initiatives to cut costs have stated that universal health care is necessary to contain costs and keep their workers healthy enough to work, with as few sick days as possible. (Cohen 2007:4). Unions, companies, and the government must work together to create a healthy, safer and more affordable medical tomorrow.

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Cohen, Jonathan. "What's the One Thing Big Business and the Left Have in Common?" The New York Times Magazine. 1 Apr 2007. [10 Apr 2007]. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/01/magazine/01Healthcare.t.html?pagewanted=6&ei=5070&en=6ff729a7fa6330ac&ex=1176350400
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Environment Scan Assessment of Resources Team Member

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Environment Scan

Assessment of resources

Team Member One has a handy-man organization that uses a mentor, already experienced in the handyman business, as a resource. By shadowing this mentor, Team Member One will gain a wealth of knowledge and capitalize on years of experience. The team member also has access to military personnel on a government installation. Theses prior relationships with military personnel also aid in growth of his business.

Team Member Two also works on a military installation. This team member's tutoring business benefits from the number of soldiers who require tutoring for military tests that they take to advance their careers.

Team Member Three's main resource is creativity. Sendoutcards is a new company that needs customers. The quality of the product is an asset, but the Team Member will also need to cultivate marketing skills in order to build the market.

Competitive position

Team Member One can offer lower prices in order to compete. His expenses are lower because he does not have advertising, unlike his competitors.

Tamara's Tutorials will compete on the basis…… [Read More]

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International Environmental Laws on Oil Gas Production Effects

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International Environmental Laws on Oil/Gas Production

Effects of Oil and Gas Production to the Environment in Norway

Over the years, oil and gas production companies have been a serious global concern. This is due to impacts on the environment associated with its production. International principles setup aims at governing the extraction and usage of such sources of energy. Norway is located in Europe, located near North Sea. Its high level of energy production has highly boosted the Gross National product (GNP) of Europe. Oil, gas and hydroelectric power having contributed significantly to the rapid development of industries in Europe and contribute around 50% to the economy. Discovery of oil and gas was in early 1960's, and currently, Norway is the seventh largest producer of oil and gas internationally. There have been contravenes between energy producing industries and the environmental activists. Several principles set to govern energy production have been set, and any energy company willing to expand should put such principles into (Gardinerr et al., 2003) consideration (Edwards, 1998, p 23-25).

Extraction of oil and gas as sources of energy involves combustion of fossil fuels, which in turn emit carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere. These gases build up in…… [Read More]

Development of E.C.O.A., 2001. Environmental Performance Reviews: Norway. Holand: OECD publishers.

Edwards, J., 1998. Europe. Scandinavia: Nelson Thornes Publishers.
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Business' Environmental Responsibilities and Stewardship

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In addition, we might ask ourselves if the richer nations have or not a greater responsibility as far as the research and development in the area of sustainable energy are concerned. (Reid, environmentalleader.com)

Believing that there are such energy sources or consumption policies which would allow the planet's resources to be maintained for a longer period, while making sure that all the nations are provided with a comfortable living is rather naive. Under these circumstances, it has been argued that doing the moral thing means choosing the least terrible solution. The problem is that this implies a relativistic evaluation of the matter which impacts the manner in which the moral principles are conceived.

Before stepping into a debate regarding the character of the moral principles, we may state that we agree with the opinions which state that there is no such thing as objective moral principles."Ethics can be seen as a system of principles or judgements which state whether something is good or bad, right or wrong" (Amberla, T, Wang, L., Juslin, H., Panwar, R, Hansen, E., Anderson, R., 45).

In other words, there are no universally valid moral principles existing somewhere and waiting to be discovered and applied by…… [Read More]

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics (Ross, W.D. Translator). Retrieved fromhttp://socserv.mcmaster.ca/econ/ugcm/3ll3/aristotle/Ethics.pdf September 30, 2010

Hartman Laura P. & Joe DesJardins. Business Ethics Decision Making for Personal integrity & Social Responsibility, Second Edition
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Brain Scans as Evidence Brain

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Disadvantages of fMRI

lshani Ganguli (2007), Harvard University, asserts in the article, "Watching the Brain Lie," that fMRI lie detection does not yet merit a place in the courtroom or elsewhere. Kanwisher stresses: "No published studies come even close to demonstrating the kind of lie detection that would be useful in a real world situation."

In addition, according to Ganguli (2007), a number of various types of lies exist that include omissions, white lies, exaggerations, and denials which potentially involve differing neural processes that scientists have not yet mastered.

Jed Rakoff, U.S. .District Judge for the Southern District of New York, admits that he doubts fMRI tests will conform to the courtroom standards for "scientific evidence (reliability and acceptance within the scientific community) anytime in the near future, or that the limited information they provide will have much impact on the stand."

As most lies in court include omissions or exaggerations of the truth; they would be tricky to recreate in a laboratory. The potential for harm overshadow any foreseeable benefits from fMRI, Rakeff purports. Yet another drawback could materialize if an individual actually believed a lie. Whether or not a machine would identify this data as a truth or…… [Read More]

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Mark Pettit Jr. FMRI and BF Meet FRE: Brain Imaging and the Federal Rules of Evidence, American Journal of Law and Medicine, (2007); available at HighBeam Research: http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P3-1436644681.html

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Student Inserts His Her Name Here

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It gives useful information to Apple about what improvements and innovative features its potential consumers want to see in its products.

As far as the effectiveness of these measurement guidelines are concerned, Marketing Research is the most effective way of knowing the consumers' response, whereas Development brings the most stylish and highly advanced products in the market. The investment which Apple makes on R&D never goes waste; instead, gives it returns that are many times higher than those investments.

Environmental Scan for Marks & Spencer's

Marks and Spencer's, incorporated in 1884 is among the top market leaders in garments and food industry in the United Kingdom (marksandspencer.com, 2011). Facing a stiff competition in both the businesses, Marks and Spencer's ensures the highest quality of its products all the way through highly efficient business operations and Total Quality Management (TQM) so as to maintain its top position.

Thus, the most important competitive advantage of Marks and Spencer's is its due concern for Total Quality Management principles. Marks and Spencer's garment products are known for their first-class quality, reliability, style, and variety. Since its incorporation in 1984 and international expansion in 1974, Marks and Spencer's has never compromised on these important factors;…… [Read More]

Business Insider.Com, (2011). Apple. Retrieved on August 28th, 2011 from

Ferrari.com, (2011). About Ferrari. Retrieved on August 28th, 2011 from
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Employing Strategy in a Competitive Environment

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Environmental Scan

The environmental scan is focused on identifying and analyzing the threats in the external environment. There are factors outside of the company that can reduce revenue or profits for the future. These can be obstacles, externally-driven changes or just competition (MindTools, 2013). Deltacom faces a number of such threats. The main threats in the external environment are competitors, regulators, and economic threats. Competitors are a significant threat. Deltacom operates in eight southern states, and it competes against other national and regional players. Deltacom has been purchased by Earthlink and renamed Earthlink Business, indicating that it competes for business with corporate customers (Deltacom.com, 2013). The competition includes some major companies, like AT&T, Verizon and more, in addition to smaller, more regional players. Competitors will use all manner of enticements to attract competitors, and this can affect the prices or the margins that Deltacom earns. Clearly, Deltacom faced substantial competition in its market, as it was forced to sell out to Earthlink, a tactic normally associated with a struggling company.

The second major environmental threat is regulatory. While all businesses face basic regulatory burden in the form of human resources and environmental laws, the telecommunications industry is one of…… [Read More]

Deltacom.com. (2013). Retrieved November 1, 2013 from  http://www.deltacom.com/ 

MindTools.com (2013). SWOT Analysis. MindTools.com. Retrieved November 1, 2013 from http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05.htm
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Southwest Airlines External & Internal

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This savings on fuel has also given Southwest more funds to invest in programs to reduce turn-around time of their jets between flights .

Southwest Airline's Internal Weaknesses

As with any company the size of Southwest, they have several weaknesses, with the most significant being their heavy dependence only on passenger traffic as their primary source of revenue. Despite efforts to move into logistics and supply chain services, the company is still struggling to gain significant success in more profitable business services markets (Kumar, Johnson, Lai, 2009).

Despite having an employee base that has the lowest turnover and highest levels of morale, Southwest also has one of the most rapidly declining sales-per-employee revenue levels for U.S.-based airlines (Kumar, Johnson, Lai, 2009). One of the factors that contribute to this is the fact that Southwest has more ground crew members than other airlines, an investment the company makes to attain the rapid MTTR figures mentioned earlier. This weakness however is also tied to the fact that the company has been struggling to break out of being a passenger-only airline.

Opportunities for Growth

Southwest needs to take the exceptional skills they have in logistics and apply them to the areas of business…… [Read More]

Christopher P. Ball. (2007). Rethinking Hub vs. Point-to-Point Competition: A Simple Circular Airline Model. The Journal of Business and Economic Studies, 13(1), 73-87,116.

Bernoff, J., & Li, C.. (2008). Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. MIT Sloan Management Review, 49(3), 36-42.
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Pacific Oil-Strategic Plan Pacific Oil Startegic Plan

Words: 3280 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 138344

Pacific Oil-Strategic Plan

Pacific Oil Startegic Plan






RISK Management PLAN

Monthly Monitoring


Responding of Risk management Process

Evolution of Risk Management

Policies and Procedures

152011 Identified Risks

Risk Disclosure

Pacific Oil-Strategic Plan

This paper presents a strategic plan or Pacific Oil. The paper starts with organizational background consisting of business mission, vision and the corporate values. The nature of the business of Pacific Oil has been clearly identified with some highlights on the business divisions operating in the oil industry. An environmental scan has been performed in order to have a clear insight into the circumstances in which the Pacific Oil is operating. This environmental scan for Pacific Oil is accompanied by a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis. Strengths and weaknesses of Pacific Oil relate to internal organizational environment while opportunities and threats relate to external environment of pacific Oil. After environmental scan, the corporate strategies of Pacific Oil have been identified in order to pursue for an implementation plan of the selected strategy. In the end, this strategic plan is accompanied by a Contingency/Risk Management plan for catering risks which Pacific Oil is facing.


Pacific…… [Read More]

Polyack, Jolene, 2009. " Organizations Need Marketing Strategies To Meet Goals." Business Journal -- Serving Fresno & the Central San Joaquin Valley, Issue 322490.

Ramanathon, Kavasserei V. And Hegstad, Larry P., 2007. Readings in Management Control in Organizations, New York: John Wiley and Son's Inc.

Stone, Melissa, Bigelow, Barbara, & Crittenden, William, 2009. "Research on Strategic Management in Organizations." Administration and Society.
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Employing Strategies in a Competitive

Words: 1316 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14560647

Particularly McDonalds and Starbucks fight daily on sales as well as share prices (Brush, 2011). The Starbucks growth has been slow during last some periods yet it offers a tough competition to the McDonalds by offering extensive sale points. The two companies are in competition war yet the customer base of the two is totally different. The Starbucks customers are more affluent and the McDonalds customers are more price sensitive (Shaughnessy, 2013).

The company can work on the customer pool that lies between total affluent and totally price sensitive. The company, like it has done before in 2012, can float the videos of its hygienic processes on YouTube. It can show that McDonalds operates cleaner that the clean companies and that eating at McDonalds mean eating healthy and quality. Thus there should be deals and sitting areas designed for middle and rich class too so that a big customer base is not overlooked.

McDonald's play areas are a fun for the kids thus the families like to come to McDonalds than going at other restaurants. The company can improve its play areas by offering 3D motion experience in the toy areas so that it is an unforgettable experience for the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Brush, M., (2011), "McDonald's or Starbucks: Who wins?" Retrieved from:

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Strategic Plan Validation of the

Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76131345

The focus of this analysis will conform to the guidance provided by Rhodes and Keogan who note that, "External environmental analysis involves examination of opportunities and threats, competitive stance, political, economic, social and technological influences, and relations with stakeholders among others" (2005, p. 123). Some of the methods that can be used to accomplish the external environmental analysis of Southwest Airlines include a PEST, Porter's Five Forces, scenario planning and stakeholder mapping (Rhodes & Keogan, 2005).

Sources expected to perform an internal environmental analysis

In contrast to the external environmental analysis, the internal environmental analysis of Southwest Airlines will focus on the organization's status, strengths, and critical issues (Bower, 2003). To achieve this analysis, sources such as the company's quarterly and annual filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission will be reviewed, as well as Southwest's print and online versions of its organizational vision, mission, and values statements, with a particular focus on identifying any changes in content and direction in recent years.


Ahmed, P.K. & Rafiq, M. (2005). Internal marketing: Tools and concepts for customer-focused management. Boston: Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann.

Bower, D.F. (2003, Winter). A practical guide for the busy administrator. Journal of Staff

Development, 24(1), 80.

Bowonder,…… [Read More]

Ahmed, P.K. & Rafiq, M. (2005). Internal marketing: Tools and concepts for customer-focused management. Boston: Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann.

Bower, D.F. (2003, Winter). A practical guide for the busy administrator. Journal of Staff
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Operation Decision

Words: 744 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52433883

fictitious business that you created for this assignment.

Light Up the Sky, Inc. is a company that manufactures luminescent kites. This company has been in business for the past 10 years and during this time has established itself as a high quality manufacturer of these kites. Even though this company appeals to a small fraction of the entire kite industry, they had been able to maintain a 20% profit margin. Due to the lagging economy, their profit margin dropped below the breakeven point and they are now considering shutting down production.

Assess the current environmental scan factors. Determine the factors that will have the greatest impact on plant operations and management's decision to continue or discontinue operations.

When considering whether or not to continue operations, there are several factors to consider. First is to perform a market analysis to determine whether or not continuing operations is really feasible. For example, luminescent kites may have been a fad whose time has come and gone. Determining whether or not there is still a market for this product is the first step. Next would be to evaluate how manufacturing costs could be cut without sacrificing the quality of the product. Other factors to…… [Read More]

1. Planning Resource Center. What is an Environmental Scan? Retrieved from  http://work911.com/planningmaster/faq/scan.htm .

2. Minnesota Management and Budget. Internal and external environmental scanning factors. Retrieved from http://www.mmb.state.mn.us/keyinfo3/1708-internal-and-external-environmental-scanning-factors.
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Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan

Words: 3431 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2264853

Kudler's advertising and marketing in its present form is through the Easter and Thanksgiving holidays with the local newspaper flyers every month. Marketing is a key component of a successful business and KFF should consider different methods of involving the community. For example, television advertising, Internet, radio stations and more promotions are viable. Secondly, employees must be sufficient time for KFF to obtain benefits. Many organizations have begun to provide additional part-time employees package was found, but 30 hours per week. (Shim & Siegel 2010)

In addition, Kudler is to buy stock, catering, and any major issues such as responsible business, so if she fell ill, no one can proceed on the basis of business operations. Most organizations have managers that work with the president so that if necessary, they are available. Kudler is important to hire more administrative staff to assist some of the duties. Finally, the payment offered to employees by KFF is very low as compared to other organizations in the same location.

Recommended Strategy

From the above environmental scan, it can be recommended that Kudler Fine Foods should expand its store location to Carlsbad area and Canada. In order to implement this expansion strategy, KFF should…… [Read More]

Turban, E., Rainer, R.K., & Potter, R.E. (2003). Introduction to Information Technology: Strategic Systems and Reorganization. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Wilson, R.M.S. & Gilligan, C. (2005). Strategic Marketing Management: Planning, Implementation and Control (3rd ed.). Butterworth-Heinemann.
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Employing Strategy a Competitive Environment This Assignment

Words: 903 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48663530

Employing Strategy a Competitive Environment This assignment builds strategy elements created Assignment 1. Please assigment Write a (4) page paper: 1.Create environmental scan company indicating significant environmental threats discuss company respond threat ensure impact business minimal.

Employing strategy

Environmental scan

The Amber Snack Company operates in a highly complex and dynamic industry, in which the final success of the firm is influenced by a series of external factors, and mostly, by the company's ability to integrate these factors within its business model. The more relevant examples in this sense refer to the threats which impact the industry, which can be summarized as follows (the table also provides recommendations as to how the company should approach the threat):

The threat

The proposed solution


Intensifying competition in both domestic and international market places

Attract new customers

Increase customer loyalty


Increasing operational costs due to increasing international prices in commodities

Better budget allocation and internal planning processes


Rapidly evolving technologies which force costly innovation to be supported

Allocation of budgets for innovation; technologic integration in business operations


Increasing pressures from the stakeholders to operate in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner

Implementation of corporate social responsibility programs and…… [Read More]

Dyck, B. Neubert, M. (2008) Management: current practices and new directions. Cengage Learning

Hill, C.W.L., Jones, G.R. (2012) Startegic management: an integrated approach. Cengage Learning.
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Operational Decision Tinker's Toys Tinker's

Words: 1367 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12149824

Currently, 100 workers, working 20 days are producing 6000 units. That means that each worker is producing 6,000 / (100*20) = 3 units per day.

Given only those financial figures that have been provided, it is impossible to do a complete financial calculation. A huge part of the decision making for this scenario depends upon the marginal cost of additional production. Marginal cost refers to the cost of producing one more unit of a product (Sullivan & Sheffrin, 2003). In economies of scale, the greater the production, the lower the marginal cost, so that increasing production increases profit. However, there is not enough information to determine if this is true for Tinker's Toys, and, if so, to what number it would be true.

Improving Profitability

Without knowing the fixed costs and worker capability, it is impossible to determine some critical financial numbers. Can workers reasonably increase production or is a 3 unit per day production capacity the maximum that can be sustained with the current workforce? How high are fixed costs? Would an additional $10,000 in orders be sufficient to cover fixed expenses, or is the company losing tens of thousands in fixed costs each month? If so, where are…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Byrnes, J. (2011 August 8). Improving profitability from a granular level. Business Finance

Magazine. Retrieved November 12, 2012 from Business Finance Magazine website: http://businessfinancemag.com/article/improving-profitability-granular-level-0808
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Nxstage Strategic Plan

Words: 5241 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62544234


Company Background

Environmental Scan

Five Forces & Value Chain

Strategic Alternatives

Strategic Plan


Resource Allocation

NxStage is a medical equipment manufacturer specializing in hemodialysis products for use in the home. Their main flagship, NxStage SystemOne, constitute two-thirds of the company's revenues. The product has been on the market for several years, but NxStage has never been able to turn a profit, nor has it been able to develop a viable second major product. This has created a strategic dilemma for the company as to how best to enhance shareholder value going forward.

The external environment is generally challenging, especially in light of regulatory changes that aim to drive down the cost of medical care, not necessarily good for a company like NxStage that has a differentiated product. There is some demand for the product, but also substitution from dialysis clinics, which can be offered at a lower total cost, making them attractive for payers. In light of the ongoing difficulties generating a profit, NxStage has several strategic alternatives.

It can seek international markets, several of which are promising, in an attempt to build revenues, but this is a risky option for a company still unable to make a…… [Read More]

Baribeau, P. (2012). Task ownership boosts employee engagement. Tribe HR. Retrieved March 24, 2014 from http://tribehr.com/blog/task-ownership-boosts-employee-engagement

Baxter. (N.d.). Corporate Overview. Retrieved from Baxter: http://www.baxter.com/about_baxter/company_profile/corporate_overview.html
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Online Music Rights Highlights the

Words: 817 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15158257

AXA SA, the French insurance giant, is considering selling its stake in Taikang Life Insurance, the fourth-largest life insurance company in China. Selling a major asset is a major strategic decision. A number of factors must be taken into account with such a sale, including the overall strategic direction of the parent company and the operating environment of both the parent and the subsidiary. In this case, it appears that two factors have come into play. The first is that the French firm is seeking to improve its balance sheet; the second is that there is regulatory pressure to divest the Chinese subsidiary. As the latter is more of a forced situation that has relatively less bearing on strategic management, this paper will analyze the decision to sell this major asset in the context of internal and external analysis.

AXA management has recognized that their balance sheet is in a weak position, a consequence of the global economic slowdown. One of the more common solutions to this problem is the sale of non-core assets. Minority stakes in foreign companies are often the target of asset sales to generate cash that will improve a company's weak balance sheet. An internal analysis…… [Read More]

White, a. (2009). EU: breakthrough on online music rights. Business Week. Retrieved October 21, 2009 from http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9BFH5QG1.htm

McMahon, D. & Carew, R. (2009). AXA to sell Chinese Insurer Stake. Wall Street Journal. Retrieved October 21, 2009 from http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125612261129198667.html
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Invision Over the Past Ten Years Many

Words: 1979 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81733849


Over the past ten years many technology companies have succumb to the economic conditions that have dictated their demise. InVision technologies is a company that has risen to the occasion and silenced many of the pessimists and naysayers. The purpose of this discussion is to identify InVision's strategic strengths and weaknesses based on environmental "scan" analysis. The discussion will also focus on the core competencies of the organization and develop a Porter's "Five Forces" analysis for the organization. Finally we will discuss the strategic thinking of company CEO Sergio Magistri. Let's begin with a brief description of the company's function and the products that it offers.

Brief description

According to MultexInvestor Invision Technologies produces and sells explosives detection systems which are used in airports throughout the world to monitor checked baggage. The company, founded in 1992, has created products that are based on advanced computed tomography. (Company Profile) The detection systems that the company creates are the only such systems that have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.. (Company Profile) Along with the EDS system that the company sells, MultexInvestor explains that,

The Company also designs, develops and manufactures products used for weapons detection and for non-aviation applications,…… [Read More]

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Management Consultation Improving Financial Performance the Scenario

Words: 667 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74188047

Management Consultation: Improving Financial Performance

The scenario presented by the prompt here concerns a company that we will refer to as a Silly Putty, Inc. Charged with the responsibility of producing industrial-sized barrels of Silly Putty for distribution to packaging plants on a multinational level, the company finds itself at a cross-roads. As a managing consultant, I have been brought on board to help the company navigate the most difficult point in its long and storied history. With commodity costs rising and revenues suffering in the face of a global recession, Silly Putty, Inc. must make difficult decisions concerning its future.

As the discussion here considers whether survivability is a possibility -- and if so, under what conditions -- it is necessary conduct a concise environmental scan. For Silly Putty, Inc., the environment is defined by three overarching factors. The first of these is its basic set of cost inputs, labor aside. These cost inputs include supplies, machinery, fuel and facilities. Each of these variables feeds into a process that, according to the discussion prompt, costs the firm roughly $2,000 a day. These costs are compounded by a second variable, which is that of labor. With 100 workers putting in…… [Read More]

Bass, B.M. & Avolio, B.J. (1994). Improving Organizational Effectiveness Through Transformational Leadership. SAGE.

Cameron, K.S. (2006). Strategies for Successful Organizational Downsizing. Human Resource Management, 33(2), 189-211.
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Marketing Plan SWOT Before Making

Words: 1932 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94146191

Product: a complex of variable exclusive personal assistance services thus able to satisfy different and sophisticated customer needs; good quality of the product supported with several professional degrees, necessity to work out schedule of increasing personal professionalism by attending specific courses, trainings, seminar; establishment of easily recognizable brand name, at first your personal name, afterwards ability to create a little company and designing good marketing campaign;

Promotion: Advertising through the best ways to reach target group: visiting local Chamber of Commerce meeting, obtaining permission to place leaflets and brochures in target sports clubs, in corporate receptions, website, sending e-mail brochures to corporate workers, yellow pages posting, newspaper and magazine advertising; direct brochure delivery to posts in prestigious districts; necessity to obtain reference letters from all the clients to be able to use them in the future; being a public person by visiting many local event of potential interest.

Price strategy: working out the optimal competitive price which will offset all the costs and generate necessary income to motivate me as a worker and signal to potential clients that my services are quality and worth paying for; discounts or allowances for long-term clients.

Place: starting up business in the most favorable…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Susan L. Golicic, Teresa M. McCarthy, J. Mentzer, (2003). Conducting a Market Opportunity Analysis for Air Cargo Operations, Transportation Journal, Summer.

Philip Kotler, Principles of Marketing, Prentice Hall Europe, UK, 1999. http://www.bls.gov/iag/wholeretailtrade.htm
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Starbucks Imagine Studying About Starbucks They Are

Words: 1819 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80198046


Imagine studying about Starbucks. They are known for their coffee that they import from other parts of the world. Since they are a multinational enterprise, they have stores all over the world, which brings in for them a number of customers who come and enjoy their products on a regular basis. This organization started back in the 1970s and has grown immensely since then. The business has high ethical standards and codes of conduct for the employees to adhere to when working for them. By examining Starbucks further, one is able to grasp how they function internally and externally.

Starbucks mission is to "inspire and nurture the human spirit-one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time" (Starbucks, 2011a). Their vision is to have the best coffee available for consumers by having it done through the highest quality possible, while maintaining ethics within the company (Starbucks, 2011a). However, one needs to note that their values statements are simple and that is to comply with the law and to have high ethics (Starbucks, 2011c).

The company considers themselves customer-oriented. They will take a short time to get to know the individuals who come in for a coffee and make…… [Read More]

Manize, N. (2011). Starbucks SWOT analysis and strategy-tactics . Retrieved June 13, 2011, from Real SWOT analysis: http://realswotanalysis.blogspot.com/2011/02/starbucks-SWOT-analysis-and-strategy.html.

Starbucks. (2011a). Starbucks company profile. Retrieved June 13, 2011, from Starbucks: http://assets.starbucks.com/assets/aboutuscompanyprofileq12011final13111.pdf.
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Marketing Report the Current Endeavor

Words: 1712 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10454794

Ultimately, the it industry is already a constant presence within the lives of the modern day individual and it is expected to become even more preponderant in the years to come. The advertising organization as such does not afford not to penetrate the industry. If the company continually declines opportunities to advertise in the Information Technology and Communications industry, it would soon come to operate in a niche sector in which its chances for not only development, but very survival, would be significantly restricted.


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2011, Microsoft Corporation, Hoovers, http://www.hoovers.com/company/Microsoft_Corporation/rcrtif-1.html last accessed on March 11, 2011

2011, Information Technology Industry Council, http://www.itic.org / last accessed on March 11, 2011

Internet growth driven by senior citizens, Senior Journal, http://seniorjournal.com/NEWS/SeniorStats/4-12-17SeniorsInternet.htm last accessed on March 11, 2011… [Read More]

Bangia, R., 2008, Computer fundamentals and information technology, Firewall Media

Broerrsma, M., 2003, Critics delay vote on EU intellectual property rights, ZD Net, http://www.zdnet.co.uk/news/regulation/2003/11/19/critics-delay-vote-on-eu-intellectual-property-law-39117998 / last accessed on March 11, 2011
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Core Elements of Strategic Planning

Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49494262

human service administrators should use to develop and implement strategic plans.

Three of these core principles are the following:

the fundamentals - the core values, mission, and vision, which represent the organizational identification (ID).

the strategic issues - including a SWOT analysis tool, which highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strategic issues also include a gap analysis, an environmental scan, and stakeholder surveys.

the technicals - these include items such as strategic goals, strategies, leading indicators of success, performance targets, and action plans for each year of the strategic plan. The technicals element is the executable part of the strategic plan.

Each of these three key principles are interrelated and looped together and each needs the other to work.

We see an example of this in the Strategic Plan of Illinois: 2011-2017 (2010) where the Department of Human Services (DHS), Division of Developmental Disabilities (the Division) presents its fiscal plan for Illinois for the years 2011-2017.

The Division provides a complex and huge array of services. In numbers, this boils down to approximately 350 agencies that are funded by Medicaid and employ 4,100 employees. The services that service approximately 16500 people range from "24-hour residential services to specialized therapies, personal…… [Read More]

This is illustrated with the next graphic where the person-centered process (namely fundamentals of vision / mission / principles) leads on to rules, regulation and changes (the technicals) and finally onto redefinition of input, outcome and measures, namely the strategic issues. Each leads onto and merges with the other becoming one reciprocal inseparable whole. All is needed for human service administrators to effectively develop and implement their plans for strategic change.


State of Illionis Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Developmental Disabilities Strategic Plan FYI 2011 -- 2017 (2010)
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Seneca Foods Strategy

Words: 4227 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35801576

Seneca Foods was founded in 1949 and is a producer of canned, frozen and bottled foods for the supermarket trade, often under store labels. In 2013, Seneca posted $1.27 billion in sales and net income of $41.4 million. The company is in the mature stage of growth for both itself and the industry, growing mainly with increases in population and inflation. The company's operations are subject to variability from weather, which affects the crops at the heart of the supply chain, and the seasonality of the industry.

Internally, Seneca has a strong supply chain, wherein it contracts with farmers to ensure supply of critical fruits and vegetables for its products. That said, Seneca remains quite small compared with many of its competitors, as Seneca mainly sells in the U.S. And has few major brands. Larger competitors sell globally and have individual brands as large as Seneca's entire operation. One of the other key strengths of Seneca is its seeds. The company acquired a seed facility and this has allowed Seneca to maintain control over its seed stock, some of which is now proprietary.

The current problem facing Seneca relates to the maturity of the industry and intense competition from larger…… [Read More]

"Retail." Seneca Foods. Retrieved from  http://www.senecafoods.com/products/retail 

"Seneca Foods 2013 Annual Report." (2013). Seneca Foods. Retrieved from http://www.senecafoods.com/sites/default/files/node-annual_report-field_annual_report_pdf_/annual_13report.PDF
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Strategic Evaluation for Home Depot Inc Strategic

Words: 903 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3842381

Strategic evaluation for Home Depot, Inc.

strategic evaluation

Validating the organizational vision, mission and values statements for Home Depot will require several different approaches. McMillan and Hausler (2011) explain that not all mission goals can be explained quantitatively, and several of HD's values will require qualitative evaluation, such as "Doing the "right" thing" or "Respect for all people" (The Home Depot, 2011). I will evaluate these qualitative goals by analyzing the mission statements for the different divisions within the firm, to identify performance measures that can then be ranked within the units over time and between the firm and other major competitors. "Respect for all people" could be measured, for example, by comparing the number of discrimination complaints in hiring or from consumers over time, and comparing that (negative) growth rate against the industry. "Building strong relationships" will likewise be demonstrated through percentage of return visits using consumer credit flows applied for and then utilized. This will support evaluation of "Excellent customer service." Equity growth will demonstrate shareholder value and ranking employment compensation against competitors will reveal how effective HD accomplishes these more directly qualitative values.

M3Planning (2010) point out that environmental analysis requires identification and analysis of broader market…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
M3Planning (2010). Internal & external analysis. My Strategic Plan, articles & guides.

Retrieved from: http://mystrategicplan.com/resources/internal-and-external-analysis/
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Organization Behavior International Development and Strategic Management

Words: 3450 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7176162

Organization Behavior

International Development and Strategic Management at Proctor & Gamble

International development

International Development and Strategic Management at Procter & Gamble

Every organization wishes to keep its operations on a continuous growing pace in its industry (Barnes, Blake, & Pinder 2009). As a part of its business expansion strategies, it can also aim to target international markets if it possesses the core competencies and financial resources to meet the requirements of this expansion (Bamford & Forrester 2010). International development strategies require business organizations to strategize their policies and procedures in such a way that they not only enable them to compete with the top level competitors, but also ensure a high sales volume and profitability (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong 2010).

To do business in an international market successfully, an organization needs to analysis that market from all the environmental perspectives (Ryals 2008). A situational analysis can be performed to assess the impacts of economic, social, political, and technological forces while Five Forces Model can be used to analyze the competition in the market (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans, & Armstrong 2010). Moreover, the organization needs to make efforts to prove itself as a socially responsible corporate citizen in…… [Read More]

P&G, 2006. A Company History: 1837-Today. Available from < http://www.pg.com/translations/history_pdf/english_history.pdf > [Accessed March 19th, 2012]

Ryals, L., 2008. Managing Customers Profitably. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons

Thull, J., 2006. Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High-Stakes sales. N.J: John Wiley & Sons
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MNC - International Phones Inc According to

Words: 1700 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24477176

MNC - International Phones Inc.

According to Pacek and Thorniley (2007), Emerging markets, a term first used by Antonie W. back in the 1980s is today loosely used as an umbrella term to lump together all those countries whose growth (economic) is expected to be relatively high going forward. However, other analysts take emerging markets to be those economies whose incomes are extremely low. According to the two authors, what remains the single most important force shaping the desire of companies to invest in emerging markets is the high level of demand originating from these unique markets. This also happens to be the guiding force when it comes to International Phone Inc.'s decision to expand into Brazil.

Based on the matrix analysis of the various elements which underscore Brazil's attractiveness as an investment destination, it remains clear that International Phone Inc. could be better off (in terms of profitability, stability and continued growth) investing in this important emerging market. Given the granted authorization to expand into Brazil, I will in this text come up with an entry as well as an implementation strategy for the imminent expansion.

Proposed Organizational Culture

The organizational culture I propose herein is tailored to ease…… [Read More]

Henry, A. (2008). Understanding Strategic Management. Oxford University Press.

Pacek, N. & Thorniley, D. (2007). Emerging Markets: Lessons for Business Success and the Outlook for Different Markets. Bloomberg Press.
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New Product Plan the Photodrive Pro-Is a

Words: 3041 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27504540

New Product Plan

The PhotoDrive Pro-is a portable hard drive with a high-res screen and fold-out keyboard. It is targeted at photographers both professional and serious amateur. This market has a perpetual need for storage, and benefits from the additionally functionality offered by this drive. In particular, the ability to operate in remote, dangerous or bad weather locations without risking their laptops is a valuable feature of this product. The product will be launched by targeting serious photography buffs, both professional and amateur. These early adopters will be targeted through photography media, camera stores, Amazon and other channels. There are also plans to develop the next generation of the device in order to hold market share even when the competition enters the market, which is expected within a year.

Product/Service Description

The product that I am going to bring to market is portable hard drive with a screen and flip-out keyboard called PhotoDrive Pro. The concept essentially combines several useful products, but tailors them to the high-end photography market. The base product is a portable hard drive. This will be a flash drive, and it will be available in a number of different sizes, ranging from 128GB to 1TB. Portable…… [Read More]

Hausman, J.; Leonard, G. & Zona, J. (1994). Competitive analysis with differentiated products. Annals of Economics and Statistics. Vol. 34 (1994) 159-180.

Morgan, N.; Vorhies, D. & Mason, C. (2009). Market orientation, marketing capabilities, and firm performance. Strategic Management Journal. Vol. 30 (2009) 909-920.
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Strategic Planning Is a Disciplined

Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 746754

If a startup is being planned, the strengths and weaknesses are related mainly to the promoter(s) - their experience, expertise and management abilities - rather than to the project. The objective is to build up a picture of the outstanding good and bad points, achievements and failures and other critical features within the company.

Threats & Opportunities

The external threats and opportunities confronting a company, can exist or develop in the following areas:

The company's own industry where structural changes may be occurring

(Size and segmentation; growth patterns and maturity; established patterns and relationships, emergence/contraction of niches; international dimensions; relative attractiveness of segments)

The marketplace which may be altering due to economic or social factors (Customers; distribution channels; economic factors, social/demographic issues; political & environmental factors)

Competition which may be creating new threats or opportunities

(Identities, performances, market shares, likely plans, aggressiveness, strengths & weaknesses)

New technologies which may be causing fundamental changes in products, processes, etc. (Substitute products, alternative solutions, shifting channels, cost savings etc.)

Against an uncertain and shifting background, the objective must be to identify and prioritize the key SWOTs in a one-handed manner (Don't say "on the one hand but on the other hand

When using…… [Read More]

Periodic evaluations of strategies, tactics, and action programs are essential to assessing success of the strategic planning process. It is important to measure performance at least annually (but preferably more often), to evaluate the effect of specific actions on long-term results and on the organization's vision and mission (Rowley, Lujan, & Dolence, 1997). The organization should measure current performance against previously set expectations, and consider any changes or events that may have impacted the desired course of actions.

G) Competitive strategies

Unpredicted and unintended events frequently occur that differ from the organization's intended strategies, and the organization must
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Website for Freelancer

Words: 6848 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79859410

Business Plan for Freelancer Website

Business Plan for Freelance Website

Freelancer website is a platform where freelance writers, researchers, designers, and other freelancers meet the clients and complete their projects against pre-decided compensation. The business plan constitutes an analysis of the business operations, business environment, financial appraisal, and marketing strategies of a company. The business plan presented in this paper discusses all these elements in the light of research papers, books, and internet sources related to the freelance writing and services industry.

The freelancer website primarily aims to serve the Middle East customers by taking the services of freelancers from the local and international regions. In the future, the company will expand its operations to the Global scale and target the customers from all over the world. In its initial phase of business operations, the freelancer website will have to design its marketing and promotional strategies which are just focused on establishing its brand image and strengthen its customer base. With the passage of time, it will strive to achieve high market share, superior financial performance, and market dominance by beating the industry rivals in a competitive fashion.

The financial appraisal of the freelancer website gives an estimate of the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Allen, M.A. (2012). Starting your career as a freelance writer, (2nd ed.). New York: Allworth Press.

Bangs, DH, & Henricks, M. (2005). Business Plans Made Easy, (3rd ed.). Irvine, California: Entrepreneur Press.
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Home Security Market in the

Words: 2758 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38554832

According to the same source, the Australian market proves to be very fertile for the U.S. companies which already account for the greatest import share (over 50% in 2004). Such data are outlined by the following table:


Total market (million of dollars)

Total imports (million of dollars)

Imports from U.S. (million of dollars)

U.S share

2002 2004%Change 2002-2004%Change 2002-2004%Change Australia 950-1400 47% 380-560 47% 185-285 54% 51% Source: http://www.buyusainfo.net/docs/x_4239321.pdf.

The U.S. home security market is another outlet offering promising perspectives. According to Frost & Sullivan's report (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reportinfo.asp?report_id=365296),one of the levers responsible for increased demand is the emergence of new homes as a result of the low interest rate. The U.S. Census Bureau studies showed that, in 2002, 1.7 million new houses were built in comparison with 2001 when 1.6 million new constructions were made. Moreover, the number was expected to grow in the near future.

Other reasons for a security market boost are terrorist attacks and the alarming statistics revealed by FBI, the U.S. Bureau of Justice, and Uniform Crime Report which have concluded that 75% of the total crime is represented by the property crime rate. Additionally, 2001 was the first year which brought an increase in the…… [Read More]

Brown, C., (2000). Australians' attitude to security. On the Internet at: www.infolink.com.au/articles/A4/0C0026A4.aspx.Retrieved February 20.

Best Export Markets for U.S. Security and Safety Equipment (2005). On the Internet at: www.buyusainfo.net/docs/x_4239321.pdf.Retrieved February 20
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Marketing Plan Aimed at Launching

Words: 3583 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21253824

On one hand, this may alter the consumers' trust in the company's products which are perceived as intangible compared with those goods that can be purchased from the shelves of specialized stores. On the other hand, resorting to intermediaries implies paying a certain commission which results in higher prices for the respective products. Moreover, the success of selling through indirect channels depends, to a great extent, on the distributors' efforts and knowledge. Although they receive tuition from the producer's technical staff, there may be several interests leading to a prominent discordance between the distributors' behavior and the company's expectations towards it.

Threats primary problem that ADEL could encounter is the Australians' lack of information on biometrics secondly, Australians have a favorable attitude towards traditional security methods based on patrolmen or alarm systems the Australians' misconception about prices (most of them think that the price of an effective security system exceeds $750) which hinders them from upgrading their home security systems the lack of confidence in the suppliers' offers as a result of the numerous security companies which have failed to keep their promises.

4. Marketing objectives

Considering the Ansoff matrix (which establishes four types of market growth strategies: achieving higher…… [Read More]

Brown, C., 2000. Australians' attitude to security, [Online], Available:

http://www.infolink.com.au/articles/A4/0C0026A4.aspx[2007, January 24].
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Inglot's Five Year Strategic Plan

Words: 2228 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15913585


Strategic Plan

Firm-level factors contributing to INGLOT's competitive advantage

Country-level (macro) factors that have contributed to INGLOT's competitive advantage

Sustainability of INGLOT

INGLOT's strategic plan for the next five years

Strategic direction and goals

Organization of INGLOT's strategic plan

Environmental scan

Sources of agility

Sources of absorption

Sources of agile absorption

Strategic action plan by year

INGLOT's strategic plan

Firm-level factors contributing to INGLOT's competitive advantage

INGLOT is committed to research and development in order to meet customer needs. One is the company's Freedom System concept that enables the company to provide exemplary products for its customers and allow potential customers to experiment with different colors and shades of their makeup products. This is one major source of competitive advantage since it allows INGLOT to be competitive in their product development and the success of their innovation is seen in product acceptance for example the breathable nail enamel that was largely enjoyed by Muslim women (Necas and Huy, 2014).

The company's production concept is also a source of competitive advantage. The company has state-of-the-art production facilities that it fully owns. This facility allows the company to be a cost leader since unit costs are lowered since its…… [Read More]

BROWN, T., BUSH, P. & NORBERG, L. 2001. Building Executive Alignment, Buy-In, and Focus with the Balanced Scorecard SWOT Harvard Business Review.

KIM, W.C. & MAUBORGNE, R. 2007. Blue Ocean Strategy. Harvard Business Review.
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Marketing Plan to Everything There

Words: 1834 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15490190

Each calendar at this point would cost $5.45

Developing costs for pictures taken with digital cameras will be approximately $75. This cost adds approximately $.04 per calendar Costs for placement of 1500 books in the library will be $8,175 + $3,270 (40% mark up) to total $14, 171 for calendars sold through the library calendars. Each calendar now $9.45 + $.04 for developing photos = $9.49. The remaining 500 calendars sold through other outlets such as the booth in a high traffic area of the Student Union Building; rented for $3/da y. The team determined to allocate rent for 20 days to total $60; which adds an additional $.03 per calendar of the 500, plus the $.04 for developing photos, which brings the cost for each of these 500 calendars to $5.52. The receipts for MUCs sold through the library for $20 each, as well as receipts for calendars sold through other venues are projected to be:

10.51 profit per calendar to total $15,76

7240 profit for 500

Sponsors Each team member will aim to fill 2 of the 12 pages in back of MCU with sponsors for coupons. Some sponsors may elect to advertise their services and/or products in…… [Read More]

Blue Letter Bible. (2009). Ecclesiastes 3 - New King James Version. Blue Letter Bible. Retrieved Mar, 12, 2009 at http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Ecc&c=3&t=NKJV

SWOT Analysis. (2007). QuickMBA.com. Retrieved March 08, 2009 at http://www.quickmba.com/strategy/SWOT/
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Product Nike Chinese Kungfu Cloth Shoes The

Words: 2995 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78905812

Product: Nike (Chinese KungFu cloth shoes). The product a consumer product (B2C) existing sports market Australia ( confirm proper research, sport fact a viable Australian market). The product " Australia market.

Nike Kung Fu Shoes in the Australian Marketplace

The Kung Fu techniques represent one of the most valuable components of the Chinese culture and heritage. Throughout the entire world, Kung Fu has helped increase the awareness and popularity of the Asian country, and within the state, it has helped the passing on of traditions from one generation to the next.

Throughout the years, Kung Fu has become increasingly popular within the Western Hemisphere and this also includes Australia. Here, there are numerous trainers willing to provide their services to people and even competitions are organized and hosted.

A challenge remains the completion of Kung Fu operations in safe conditions, which remains a top priority for the trainers, trainees and the Martial Arts Industry Association of Australia (Website of the Martial Arts Industry Association, 2012). While the safety issue is wide and cannot be addressed through a single effort, it is, at this stage, proposed for the specialized Kung Fu shoes to be better promoted and used within the industry…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Buchwald, B., 2011, Internationalisation of the Hess AG: a suitable strategy for German sophisticated outdoor lighting concepts going global, GRIN Verlag

Court, D.C., Freeling, A., Leiter, M.G., Parsons, A.J., 1997, If Nike can "Just Do It," why can't we, The McKinsey Quarterly
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Overcoming Organizational Challenges by Adopting Cutting Edge Strategies

Words: 709 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43064022

Strategic Planning Challenges and Improvement

Strategic Planning, Challenges, and Improvement

Strategic planning refers to processes that substantiate the enterprise vision and mission. Strategic plans are frequently well crafted to offer value through a driving force for the consideration in the external and internal business environments. The facilitation of business managers provides a communication channel for all stakeholders of activity within and without the company. The main issues to be addressed coupled with strategic goals are specified towards the planning of groups, staffs, and consultants while focusing on the SWOT results and environmental scans. Strategic planning identifies changes within the current strategies within which there are requirements for reaching the goals and addressing the issues (Cooperrider, Barrett, & Srivastva, 1995). This means the identification of potential new strategies and suggesting changes to emphasize on priority. The presentation of performance requires the inclusion of the key staff for decisions and discussion.

Strategic planning is challenging processes with particularly instruction undertaken within a given company. With strong team effort, patience, and perseverance, strategic plans start the improvement and prediction of results in a company. In such case, businesses get off their track where strategic plans are not directed to serve recovery processes. Strategic…… [Read More]

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Management Strategic Planning Strategic Planning

Words: 2250 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77282361

A competitive advantage can be founded on expenditure or separation. Michael Porter recognized three industry independent general strategies from which the company can choose (the Strategic Planning Process, 2010).

The chosen strategy is put into practice by way of programs, budgets, and measures. Execution entails organization of the company's capital and inspiration of the employees to attain goals. The manner in which the strategy is put into practice can have an important impact on whether it will be victorious. In a big corporation, those who put into practice the strategy likely will be dissimilar individuals from those who devised it. Therefore, concern must be taken to speak about the strategy and the motive behind it. If not, the execution might not do well if the strategy is not understood or if lower-level supervisors resist its execution because they do not understand why the particular strategy was chosen (the Strategic Planning Process, 2010).

The execution of the strategy must be watched and alterations made as required.

Assessment and control is made up of the following things:

identify factors to be considered describe target values for those factors carry out measurements evaluate considered results to the pre-determined standard formulate needed alterations (the…… [Read More]

Basic Description of Strategic Planning. (n.d.) Retrieved February 21, 2011, from Web site:

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Criminal Justice Trends the Trends of the

Words: 1924 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87695003

Criminal Justice Trends

The trends of the past, present and future that outline the borders connecting the criminal justice system components and their links adjoining the society is, beyond doubt, an authentic relationship that the law and society have established. Criminal justice has been affected by various trends in the times gone by. This is because trends keep changing with the passage of time. Therefore, it is exceedingly important for the criminal justice system to try even harder if it wants to achieve success and go beyond such trends that give rise to innovative crimes. It is not easy for anyone to find out the connections linking the criminal justice system and trends of criminal activities as they are inconsistent. As a consequence, the criminal justice system is affected by the continuous changes in crime patterns and trends. However, in the contemporary world of today, the criminal justice system is trying its very best to fine-tune itself for protecting and serving the revolutionizing society.

There are a number of trends that have affected the criminal justice system and those trends are still affecting it in the present times. To begin with, the first trend is linked with sex and racial/ethnic…… [Read More]

Critical Criminal Justice Issues: Task Force Reports from the American Society of Criminology to Attorney General Janet Reno. (1994). NCJRS. Retrieved August 31, 2013, from  https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles/158837.pdf 

Gruber, A. (2013, Spring). Leniency as a Miscarriage of Race and Gender Justice. Albany Law Review, 1, 1571+.
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Frisbie Tool and Die

Words: 1609 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84698385

Frisbie Tool & Die

Summery: In this article we take a look at a company Frisbie Tool & Die whose owner has a few alternatives available to him about his future directions. Several analysis techniques are used to determine the company's future directions. This paper has two references.

In this article we take a look at the Frisbie Tool & Die Company whose owner Alex has been building his business for the past 23 years. Frisbie Tool & Die finds itself in a difficult market position, facing competition from imported products and in spite of the strengths that Frisbie has in the form of the experience and expertise of its owner, there are several alternatives available to Alex, the company owner.

In this article, we consider the alternatives available to Frisbie Tool & Die and analyze the company's position. Several different techniques are used and are presented in the analysis section. After considering all the alternatives, a course of action is recommended for Frisbie Tool and Die.


SWOT - Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis

Different analysis techniques have been used to understand the position of Frisbie Tool & Die and to shed some light on the decision that…… [Read More]

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How the VA in Using Value Based Purchasing to Improve Health Care

Words: 5657 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41886983

components of value-based purchasing (VBP) that are most pertinent to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) based on its vital mission to provide high-quality health care services to the nation's veterans while identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in ways that promote improved clinical outcomes in measurable ways. The study also describes the three departments of a VA medical center that will be most important in implementing VBP, purchasing services, nursing services, and ambulatory care services and provide appropriate goals for this purpose. Because the three selected departments are at different stages of their VBP implementations, the preparation needed to achieve their VBP-related goals will vary, but staff will need to be educated and trained concerning the basics of VBP and how they apply to their unique departmental situations and all three departments must develop appropriate performance measures that can be used to determine the cost-effectiveness of their operations in terms of clinical outcomes. Because the VA funding source is different from non-VA healthcare facilities, the goals of the VA's VBP program to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and promote improved measurable clinical outcomes will be comprised of the following selected components: adopt and publish relevant metrics for…… [Read More]

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Framework for Digitalization in the Organization Digitalization

Words: 1658 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12940011

Digitalization: Framework for Digitalization in the Organization

Framework for Digitalization in the Organization: Digitalization

In this digital age, organizations are faced with the responsibility of ensuring that they stay current with the use of digital media. Failure to do that places them at a high risk of failure and lack of a competitive edge. This text outlines a strategy that organizations could use to make themselves current with the use of digital technology.

Bringing an Organization Current with the use of Digital Media

Successful organizations usually have a clear direction, vision, and roadmap defining the way they plan to operate in the future. Failure to have these three instruments places an organization at a high risk of failing to create continuous shareholder value. One of the elements that can be used to assess an organization's sense of direction in this age is its digital strategy. An organization that lacks a clear digital strategy creates an untenable situation for itself because in this digital age, IT is interwoven into the very fabric of markets, business and societies. Clear and effective digital solutions provide organizations with an opportunity to improve how they compete within their respective industries. A perfect example of an…… [Read More]

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Paws SWOT Analysis the SWOT Analysis Is

Words: 1448 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46409342

PAWS SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is a comprehensive analysis and review of the organizational dynamic, inclusive of the internal and external environmental analysis. The internal analysis is a function of the internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The effectiveness of the analysis ostensibly reveals the level to where the organization can be identified, relative to industry competition. Prior to engaging into the SWOT, a brief literature review is included to embolden the thought process regarding the analysis of the strategic landscape for Pets Assisting With Students (PAWS).

However, there have been addendums to the methodology inherent to the effective practice of conducting a SWOT analysis. The strategic change includes the focus to the resources-based SWOT analysis that does analyze the resource structure of the firm as a function of the internal and external environment, relative to the market share of the organization and the total available market within the industry.

Literature Review

According to Valentin (2001), "Resource-based SWOT analysis alleviates shortcomings of traditional SWOT analysis not by eliminating checklists, but by focusing on systemic causal issues contemporary strategic management and marketing theory, especially the resource-based view of the firm (e.g., Wernerfelt 1984; Conner 1991; Amit and Schoemaker 1993; Peteraf…… [Read More]

Dunlap, R., & Johnson, C.W. (2010). Creating community at the farm: A contested concept. Journal of Leisure Research, 42(2), 221-221-242. Retrieved from  http://search.proquest.com/docview/874263395?accountid=13044 

Sarah, C.N., & Of, t. P. (2000, Mar 11). Children can help animals in so many loving ways. St. Louis Post - Dispatch, pp. 42-L.42. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/404018910?accountid=13044
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Management and Decision Sciences From

Words: 25680 Length: 90 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55501983

76). As automation increasingly assumes the more mundane and routine aspects of work of all types, Drucker was visionary in his assessment of how decisions would be made in the years to come. "In the future," said Drucker, "it was possible that all employment would be managerial in nature, and we would then have progressed from a society of labor to a society of management" (Witzel, p. 76). The first tasks of the manager, then, are to coordinate an organization's resources and provide a viable framework in which they can be used to produce goods and services effectively and efficiently. The second set of tasks concern guidance and control. In Drucker's view, this role is almost entirely proactive: "Economic forces set limits to what a manager can do. They create opportunities for management's action. But they do not by themselves dictate what a business is or what it does" (Drucker, 1974, p. 88).

In a well-known statement, Drucker added that assigns to managers the primary role not only for creating the enterprise but also for creating its markets: "There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. Markets are not created by God, nature or economic…… [Read More]

Alvir, H.P. (1975). Planning modules through matrix analysis. Albany, NY: New York State

Education Department.
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Organization Behavior Marketing Report for

Words: 6235 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92779399

In its Pavilion dm1-3101ea laptop, Hp has used the latest technology to make this product the most innovative, fastest, and the most liked electronic gadget in the market (Dixons 2011). To stay competitive, HP has to keep on introducing the latest models of its Pavilion laptops so that no other competitor can snatch its market share.

Social factors:

Social factors such as education, income levels, preferences, and other cultural factors influence demand patterns in the different regions and therefore affect how a company operates in different regions. The education and income level of consumers affect the perception of brand of different laptop manufacturers (Oliver 1999). The prices of laptop must be ascertained considering the income levels and other social factors affecting the purchase decisions of the consumers. HP has to keep in mind all these factors in order to attract the most potential customers from the target market (Farley 1964). The HP Pavilion dm1-3101ea is manufactured to target the quality and brand conscious people who want a reliable, fast, and modernized laptop (Dixons 2011).

Cultural aspects of different regions affect the occurrence of seasonal sales, which significantly affect the performance of HP laptop sales. For example, it is anticipated that…… [Read More]

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