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Erin Brockovich Essays (Examples)

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Erin Brokovich Made Famous by Her Eponymous
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Erin Brokovich

Made famous by her eponymous movie, Erin Brockovich is a consumer rights advocate whose work has exposed the weaknesses inherent in organizational behavior. The 2000 film was about Brockovich's fight for social and environmental justice. Pacific Gas & Electric had been blatantly poisoning groundwater with Chromium 6, a toxic agent related to a host of health issues. Brockovich's determination to expose the injustice led to a successful litigation against Pacific Gas & Electric. Her work did not stop there; Brockovich became passionate about a range of consumer rights and social justice issues related to the ways corporations can too easily hide behind legal loopholes and overtly unethical legislation. Brockovich exemplifies core principles related to leadership and organizational behavior.

Erin Brockovich's personality traits likely make her well suited to become active in her social justice campaigns, like the one depicted in the movie. Brockovich exhibits, for example, the Big…


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Erin Brocovich Movie Review Erin
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Even when citizens ban together to form a lobbying group and the group's influence should theoretically not exceed the numbers of the group's membership, quite often the faction's ability to have influence depends upon the financial and social status of its membership.

However, it is not enough to merely blame interest groups. The fact that Erin Brockovich was able to succeed demonstrates that the American political process can work. The fact that the problems of environmental pollution are often invisible, and difficult for the lay person to understand is an explanation, but not an excuse for why so few people take positive and proactive action. This is why people must not be paralyzed by fear like the California community before Erin begins to investigate -- instead, they must speak up for their own welfare and the welfare of their children.

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Film Is a Comprehensive Work
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There is a direct correlation with, say, Henry Hill's cocaine abuse and the increasingly rapid cuts between shots. Faster-paced narrative parallels quicker-moving shots. When viewers finally see the film in the theater, the finished product reads like a cohesive narrative when in fact the filmmakers strung together disparate shots and cuts and combined them later after thousands of hours of painstaking labor. Analyzing a movie must therefore include respect for the editorial prowess of the post-production crew.

Editors must be intimately familiar with the screenplay they work with, especially in films that do not have a linear narrative. For instance, Christopher Nolan's 2000 film Memento describes one man's struggle with memory degradation. elying on a non-linear plot, the filmmaker depended on the post-production crew to adequately convey the disjointedness of amnesia. Other elements like dramatic irony, in which the audience is privy to information that protagonists do not have access…


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Representation of Talent Looking at
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Critics and audiences are fascinated by how an actor interprets a formidable historical figure, bringing her or him to life on the big screen. Television actors have more leeway but the roles that earn actors awards tend to be quirky and unusual, such as Hugh Laurie in House, Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, and America Ferrera in Ugly Betty.

ill Ferrell and Jack Black may be correct about comedians not earning accolades on the big screen. However, comedians that step beyond their boundaries, who can stretch the meaning of comedy as well as their acting skills, may land award-nominated parts. hile starring in a film about a man with no arms and legs who sues a major corporation would be surefire way to get noticed, less melodramatic parts may also propel a former comic into Oscar stardom. Quirky and dark comedies are the prime contenders for films that are both…

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Social Category of Class
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Holly Sklar writes, "the gulf between the rich and the rest of America will continue to widen, weakening our economy and our democracy. The American Dream will be history instead of poverty."

With the advent of more billions into the ranks of the Fortune 400, so it is; instead of witnessing the booming middle class that marked the Scientific and Industrial evolutions, America is undergoing a transformation that more clearly limns the demarcation between classes than ever before.

With economic segregation an ever more encroaching reality, the distinctions between race, age, and gender come increased under review as Americans are forced to examine the origins of social class, its solidification in early childhood, and its place in the national life.

In academic circles, social class describes the relationships between individual agents and groups as they struggle through social hierarchies. Weber famously defined the social stratification as a three-component theory frequently…


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Farmworkers and White Collar Crime
Words: 2433 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71517694
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Simple procedures can help, but not eliminate drift issues, and are quite low tech. First, depending on the wind and time of day, close the windows that face the field or prevailing wind. Add a fan to create a backdraft by pulling air through the home in the opposite direction of the drift. Once the spraying is done and the drift settled a bit, hose down nearby bushes, windows, the roof and outside of the house. At any signs of exposure, wash eyes with clear water and try to shower several times to remove as much of the potential chemical contamination as possible

Publicize -- Certainly public strikes, marches, and visible actions bring public scruitiny into the issue. Because a great deal of the problem lies in the California agricultural region, an organization was formed as a type of State and national clearinghouse for action, information, and change. This organization,…

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Sawyer Possesses a Strong Defense
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Though the female did sustain damages when the bus dropped into the ditch, her damages were not inflicted via negligent behavior on the part of the driver.

Given the facts presented in this case, the injured female will not prevail in a lawsuit for negligence against the driver of the bus.

Fair Test's defense in the copyright violation action brought by the College Board will fail at trial. Though some College Board data is readily available to the public, Fair Test took advantage of said data to propound a thesis without securing explicit permission from the College Board via the method devised by the College Board for release of their copywritten and proprietary data.

To protect his interest in commercial building in the area rumored to fall under the auspices of residential building only by the City Planning Commission Hardy should expedite the closing process on the land for which…

Film a Few Good Men
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Jessup shows contempt for the entire process from the time he arrives in the court, fully in keeping with his messianic belief in his own superiority and his role in protecting the country at all costs. He has no respect for the defense attorneys, as might be expected, but also none for the prosecutor or the judges in the court. His ethical standards are based entirely on a vision of himself as arbiter of all right and wrong, and he believes he did nothing wrong because he believes he can do no wrong. Jus because he saw a need, any decision he makes is necessarily right. He also does not recognize any higher authority, which is what a court certainly is, and when he is forced to admit his own actions, he still sees himself as right and those who have forced him to tell the truth as the real…


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Leadership in the 1992 Adaptation of the
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In the 1992 adaptation of The Last of the Mohicans, Hawkeye, played by Daniel Day-Lewis is forced to become a leader as he attempts to provide safe passage for Alice and Cora Munro and the daughters of Colonel Edmund Munro, a British officer during the Seven Years' War, and Major Duncan Heyward, who was originally tasked with escorting the sisters to safety.

Two of the theories that can be applied to Hawkeye's leadership and managerial style are the Path-Goal Theory and the Leader-Member Exchange Theory. Moreover, aspects of French and Raven's Five Bases of Power can also be attributed to Hawkeye's successes and failures as a leader. The Path-Goal Theory maintains that followers' satisfaction, motivation, and performance is dependent on a leader's behavior. As such, the leader is forced to adapt to his or her followers' needs with such adaptations and behavioral modifications made with the purpose of fulfilling…