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Though the female did sustain damages when the bus dropped into the ditch, her damages were not inflicted via negligent behavior on the part of the driver.

Given the facts presented in this case, the injured female will not prevail in a lawsuit for negligence against the driver of the bus.

Fair Test's defense in the copyright violation action brought by the College Board will fail at trial. Though some College Board data is readily available to the public, Fair Test took advantage of said data to propound a thesis without securing explicit permission from the College Board via the method devised by the
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College Board for release of their copywritten and proprietary data.

To protect his interest in commercial building in the area rumored to fall under the auspices of residential building only by the City Planning Commission Hardy should expedite the closing process on the land for which he negotiated a Letter of Intent so as to initiate his commercial building plan(s) on the property in question therefore presenting the City Planning Commission with a fait accompli in that the residential nature of the region in question would already by breached given Hardy's construction of a commercial site on the land the Commission allegedly proposed to…

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