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Farming Essays (Examples)

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Farm Report in Kansas Terry Carey Is
Words: 954 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90667183
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Farm Report in Kansas

Terry Carey is a very famous local farmer in Kansas City. She deals with horticultural farm produce such as apples, ornamental corn, popcorn, water melons, cucumbers, winter squash and pumpkins with pumpkins being her major crop. Pumpkins are generally warm-loving crops therefore she plants them in June and they are often ready by September or mid-October. The size of her farm is 1,025 acres where she normally tries to distribute all the crops that she grows evenly on the land. However during the period between June and September she dedicates her entire farm to pumpkins and leaves out other crops. She plants mainly two varieties on her farm which are the giant ones that are greater that 20lb in size known as prize winner. This one takes 120 days to mature and they have a good color and shape. The second variety she plants is Jack-o'Lantern…

Farm Subsidies the Subject of
Words: 1708 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 71754478
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Substantial cuts to farm subsidies would save taxpayers money and reduce the Federal budget deficit. Ongoing deficit spending on farm subsidies and other programs is causing large amounts of debt to be foisted on the next generation (2007)."

Paul Roberts (2008) writes that it incumbent upon first world nations, like the United States and the UK to set the pace for world policy when it comes to food, and to recognize the harm that food subsidy programs causes economically, and socially. Unfortuately, Roberts also points to the government's susceptibility to special interest (296), and we should add, self-interest. So long as we find elected officials reaping profits from farm subsidies, and so long as they are influenced by corporate special interest, then we will continue to see the government interference in agricultural free trade in the form of subsidies.

orks Cited

Bafalikike, Lokogo. orld Trade: A Scandal that Must End,…

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found online at Cato Institute, at , retrieved February 3, 2010. Website.

Farm Subsidies Were Introduced in
Words: 937 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 53689154
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Opponents argue that government has no right to impose higher taxes due to something they seriously oppose and for which they cannot find a reasonable justification. "The "burden of the tax" falls most obviously on the people who pay the taxes. Those who put the money into the public coffers might not enjoy being required to put in even more to provide for whatever group or industry the state chooses. While some people might welcome the opportunity to contribute voluntarily a portion of their well-being for that of others, for most people a government subsidy program entails compulsion rather than contribution."

Opponents have also found that farmer subsidies are no longer being given to those who need them the most. It was originally planned that farm subsidies would support small sized farms. This was done with the intention of promoting agriculture in the country as more and more people would…


Daniella Markheim. Commit to Farm Subsidy Reform to Revive the WTO's Doha Round. 

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Liber8, 2008

Farm Financial Standards Council Model Case Do
Words: 1286 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 50373982
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Farm Financial Standards Council Model Case

Do you think that this case study with its proposed solutions will be useful to agricultural enterprises seeking to employ management accounting techniques? Why? Be specific in identifying benefits and possible drawbacks to the proposed solutions.

The case study of John and Mary Farmer and the designated proposed solution is in fact in line with management accounting techniques. The solution itself elucidates that it plans on giving the managerial accounting system a support cost center for equipment, shop and maintenance, not to mention general farm (Farm Financials Standards Council). Production cost center will exist for each land owner and for each separate level of production (Farm Financials Standards Council). The Farm Financials Standards Council further explains that "a profit center will be established for each commodity for each year. Additionally a cost center will be established for general, sales and administration as well as…


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Malden: Blackwell.

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Farm Choice a Corny Problem an Investment
Words: 560 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 60370424
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Farm Choice

A Corny Problem

An investment banker yearning for a more relaxed atmosphere than the bustling and densely populated cities of New York and Hong Kong might very well be advised to move to the country, especially with the handsome sum of $800,000 at her disposal (and $800,000 has much greater purchasing power in the American Midwest than in either of these cities, too). Whether or not it is actually advisable to spend all of that money on the purchase of eight cares of farmland in order to pursue brand new career as a corn farmer, a field (literally) in which she has no experience or education, with the idea of becoming rich from the ethanol boom, is a different question altogether. The advice of colleagues is encouraging, citing many reasons why this is an immensely profitable and otherwise enjoyable decision, yet as the following paragraphs will show this…

Farm Subsidies by David Hosansky in the
Words: 944 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 1469321
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Farm Subsidies by David Hosansky in the CQ esearcher of May 17, 2002 (Pages 433-456). The article is a 23-page report on the $249 billion U.S. Farm Bill signed into law by President Bush on May 13, 2002 that drastically increases farm subsidies over the next 10 years. It covers topics such as the Issues, Background, Current Situation & Outlook, and Sidebars and Graphics. The report is a fairly comprehensive and informative write-up on the issue, which is to be expected as the author is a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee. However, in my opinion it lacks an international perspective of the issue and the author (perhaps in an effort to give both sides of the picture) does not take a clear-cut stand on the merits or demerits of Farm Subsidies.

International Implications

The signing into law of the U.S. Farm Bill in May 2002 has serious and profound international implications.…

Robinson, Simon. "Charity Begins at Home." Time Magazine Article (June 03, 2002).

Quoted in "U.S. Farm Subsidies Again.." South African Press Association (May 31, 2002).

Farm Subsidies

Farm He Had a Wife Ontario Farm
Words: 1118 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 58048632
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Farm He Had a Wife

Ontario Farm Women and Feminism, 1900-1970"

Monda Halpern

When we read a book that raises important issues, we suddenly find ourselves in the company of a more knowledgeable and learned partner who challenges our pre-conceived notions and urges us to think a little more deeply. This is exactly how I felt while reading Monda Halpern's And On That Farm He Had a Wife- a book about Ontario farmwomen who have popularly been categorized as indifferent souls who were largely uninterested in the feminist movement.

Historians have mostly discussed them with hidden contempt or indifference as if accusing them of passivity and inactive participation which some believed negatively affected the feminist cause. The book has been written to counter such allegation as Halpern maintains that historians didn't do justice to the role of Ontario farmwomen because they "either avoided the subject of Ontario farm women and…


Review quote available at

Farm and Health
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35013221
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Gagnon, lain & Nora Bohnert. (2012). "Early life socioeconomic conditions in rural areas and old-age mortality in twentieth-century Quebec." Social Science & Medicine 75: 1497-1504.

The article "Early life socioeconomic conditions in rural areas and old-age mortality in twentieth-century Quebec" by lain Gagnon and Nora Bohnert is an analysis of mortality patterns amongst farmers in rural Quebec. Residing in a rural area was shown to convey substantial advantages to both males and females after age fifty, although females in both urban and rural settings had longer life expectances than their male counterparts (Gagnon & Bohnert 2012: 1499). Socioeconomic status has also been shown to be a strong predictor of mortality, as was the case with the farmers in the study.

Perhaps the most interesting findings revolved around the linkage between mortality and the childhood experiences of specific groups. Rural males raised on a farm and on a farm owned by…

According to the study's designers, it offered a considerable improvement upon previous studies in terms of how it was crafted. Rather than beginning with death records, the study was able to make use of "a random sample of individuals surveyed in the 1901 Canadian Census in childhood to their age at death using vital statistics registers" (Gagnon & Bohnert 2012: 1498). This reduced the risk of selection bias "due to missing death records, which could represent a distinct advantage over typical studies that rely on retrospective surveying of adult respondents" (Gagnon & Bohnert 2012: 1498). The stratified random sample consisted of five percent of the population of the Canadian census and was divided into different categories, representing membership in urban and rural groupings; ownership of the father of the land, wealth, literacy, and gender. From the five percent sample, "the province of Quebec was further sampled at 85% percent of the CFP sample, selecting only households that contained at least one child under the age of fifteen" (Gagnon & Bohnert 2012: 1498).

The sample population was further culled by only selecting individuals born in Quebec between the years 1887 and 1901 and of French ethnicity and Roman Catholic status. This was designed to ensure that other factors would not influence mortality that pertained to race, ethnicity and immigration status: socioeconomic status and rural status was the focus of the study. The authors noted that they were able to control for 'shared frailty' among brothers: some families had unusually high death rates at relatively early ages, and controlling for these unusual genetic patterns further improved the accuracy of the findings (Gagnon & Bohnert 2012: 1502).

Another strength of the study was is longitudinal nature -- it tracked mortality patterns over time, which further reduced the change that idiosyncratic years with high death rates for reasons unrelated to the concerns of the study (such as weather events or epidemics) could skew the results. The disadvantage to its longitudinal design was that it only looked at the statistics from two points in time -- birth and death -- "any childhood effects on adult mortality found in this study must be considered an incomplete picture of the broader causal pathways from early life onto late adulthood" (Gagnon & Bohnert 2012: 1502). Still, the findings overall made a strong case that initial socioeconomic status can have a profound influence upon a child's future wealth and success.

John Updike of the Farm
Words: 1518 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75560126
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Farm: a Portrait of Relationships

In John Updike's short novel Of the Farm the protagonist, Joey Robinson, is a divorced, thirty-five-year-old Manhattan advertising executive. The story takes place during Joey's visit to his mother, Mary's unfarmed farm with his new wife Peggy and his step son Richard. This book examines the complexities of familial relations and the ramifications of divorce as well as the difficulties of dealing with an aging parent. Updike takes on the realities of the life of an uprooted man with a broken marriage and a new wife, whose dealing with the sadness of being separated from his children as well as his relationship with his stepson, and the complex, love / hate equation he shares with his old mother. Joey has pent up resentment against his mother for various reasons; for making his father move to the farm from a life in the suburbs, for refusing…

Works Cited

Updike, John. Of the Farm. New York: Random House Inc. 1965.

E-Mail Survey Sent to Farm
Words: 7610 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56597422
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Although many studies have been performed regarding marketing effectiveness and efficiency, and although some have covered the benefits of cooperative marketing, none were found specific to the unique Farm Credit segment.

The research conducted in this paper was designed to fill this void. A statistical sampling was taken, utilizing e-mail surveys, to discover as much as possible about each institution's advertising needs. The research conducted was exploratory in nature, rather than specific, and was used to quantify the need for a centralized advertising and marketing service for the Farm Credit System.

Open-ended questions were utilized in order to solicit detailed answers from the small group of respondents. The researcher focused on how each institution was now acquiring their advertising materials, if they were through their own organization or through advertising agencies. In addition, gaps in the resources they had available were identified (See Figure 1).

Secondary research was conducted through…


Banks and Associations. 2004. Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation. October 26, 2004 .

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Siop Lesson Plan Visiting Farm
Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 97875659
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Language Objectives: 1) Students will develop key vocabulary of farm animals.

2) Students will be able to exchange and discuss information

3) Students will verbally identify animals from sight to their partners.

Key Vocabulary

animal, barn, chicken, cow, duck, egg, goat, farmer, horse, pig, sheep

Supplementary Materials

Book: The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.

Animal flashcards

Animal picture worksheets, coloring instruments

SIOP Features/Reflection

Preparation Scaffolding Grouping Options

_yes__ Adaptation of Content _yes__ Modeling _yes__ Whole Class

_yes__ Links to Background _yes__ Guided practice _yes__ Small Groups

_yes__ Links to Past Learning _yes__ Independent Practice _yes__ Partners

_yes__ Strategies Incorporated _yes__ Comprehensible Input _yes__ Independent

Integration of Processes Application Assessment

_yes__ Reading _yes__ Hands-on _yes__ Individual

_yes__ Writing _yes__ Meaningful _yes__Group

_yes__ Speaking _yes__ Linked to objectives _yes__ Written

_yes__ Listening _yes__ Promotes engagement _yes__ Oral

Lesson Sequence:

Introduce Concept and language objectives

Preparation: Introduction of visiting farm animals:…

Protecting the Farm Industry This
Words: 2234 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90563345
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These crops are usually luxury high profit items such as flowers, beef, shrimp, cotton, coffee, and soybeans cultivated for export to well-fed countries. In addition, monocultures are notoriously vulnerable to insect blights and bad weather, and greatly contribute to soil infertility."

Saving Farms - Feeding the Hungry

The answers to this dilemma in feeding the hungry masses are various and diverse depending upon whom is inquired of. However, the only credible solution is to develop sustainability in the local communities, towns and villages of the world. Empowering local individuals in the cultivation and harvesting of their own food. This will take initiatives that until now are only in the imagination of a few and the reality of even fewer.

In the years long gone the family farmer was the backbone of the structure of the world's food supply chain. Planting each year in the spring and toiling through the changing…

Works Cited

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Royal Kraal Elephant Farm in
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 48636517
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" In addition, the increased popularity of cultural tourism may be related to the ability of this tourism model to preserve cultural practices rather than modifying and transforming them into so many tourism packages, essentially destroying their traditional qualities in many cases (Butcher, 2002). In this regard, Butcher (2002, p. 88) points out that, "Tourism is not always seen as destructive in relation to the host culture. It is sometimes seen as a positive factor when it reinforces a cultural practice."

Authors such as Smith (2003), Walle (1998) and Boniface (1995) have all studied how cultural tourism can be used to promote local economic development while preserving local cultures. Likewise, cultural tourism has been used to help preserve rather than change the cultures of the Masai peoples in Kenya and Tanzania in sustainable ways. For example, through cultural tourism, Butcher suggests that, "The assimilation of primitive elements into the modern…

Review of Existing Tourism Research ~ Cultural Heritage Tourism

Cultural heritage tourism has emerged as among the most visible and is widely regarded by the tourism industry as the most successful (Francis-Lindsay, 2009). As an example, the Swedish International Development Agency confirms that the tourism industry "has for some time been accepted as the biggest industry in the world" and has suggested that "cultural heritage provides much of its lifeblood" (quoted in Francis-Lindsay, 2009, p. 152).

Although every tourist is unique, cultural-heritage tourists are typically motivated by a keen interest in

Insurance Agent for State Farm Insurance Success
Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75045301
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Insurance Agent for State Farm Insurance

Success as an independent insurance agent does not come easy. In this industry, success has largely got to do with hard work and an exceptional ability to handle occasional rejections. However, the benefits for those who succeed in this case are immense.

In my opinion, I would say that my success as an effective independent insurance agent for State Farm Insurance has largely been founded on not only my personal character but also my past achievements and business related experience. To begin with, I have always been a hard worker. I believe in the power of effort especially when it comes to getting things accomplished. Further, I would say I am rather talkative. I also regard myself an effective communicator. Effective communication skills are important in the insurance business largely due to the need to keep in constant contact with the public. In addition…

Thomas Dublin New England Farm Women Respond
Words: 1220 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10276497
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Thomas Dublin, New England farm women respond conditions work textile mills? eference: ead

Communal Organization

In order to effectively analyze the way in which New England farm women responded to the conditions of work in the textile mills, particularly those existing in Lowell, Massachusetts, it is first prudent to examine exactly what those conditions are, and how they affected these young women laborers. It should be noted that in many cases, the women recruited to work within these factory systems were obtaining their first formal employment, since many of them grew up on neighboring farms and chose the life of a factory workers as a way out of the rural monotony they had known all of their lives. Initially then, regardless of what the conditions were in the factory system, they were agreeable to many female laborers who were able to send money home to their families on farms and…


Brinkley, A. (2008). American History: A Survey. New York: McGraw Hill.

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Health of Farm Workers Farm
Words: 2713 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29443252
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This is related to the fact that the use of pesticides is very poorly regulated. (Protect Farm orker's Health) the use of pesticides has become an area of research and concern by the health authorities. This aspect has been well documented but experts are of the opinion that there are "...insufficient studies examining the effects of multiple pesticide exposure." (Rosenbaum and Shin, 2005)

2.2.3. Access to health benefits and care

The general consensus from the literature on the subject is that migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families are "…overwhelmingly uninsured." (Rosenbaum and Shin, 2005) the 2005 study of the health of migrant farm works by Rosenbaum and Shin indicates that in 2000, "…85% of migrant and seasonal farm workers were uninsured, compared to 37% of low-income adults nationally." (Rosenbaum and Shin, 2005) the study also found that both migrant and seasonal farm workers had less access to health…

Works cited

Health Problems among Migrant Farmworkers' Children in the U.S. ERIC Digest.

September 27, 2008.

ILO warns on farm safety Agriculture mortality rates remain high Pesticides pose major health risks to global workforce. September 27, 2008.

Overview of America's Farmworkers. September 27, 2008.

San Gorgonio Wind Farm Is One of
Words: 1238 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37771251
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San Gorgonio ind Farm is one of three major wind farms that provide 95% of California's wind generating capacity (and 30% of the world's wind generating capacity). This amounts of 4258 million kilowatt hours of electricity, or 1.5% of the state's total electricity production (California Energy Commission, 2011). ind energy is considered to be one of the 'clean' energy sources, as opposed to fossil fuel production and nuclear energy production in particular. However, wind farms have their own drawbacks as well from an environmental perspective. ind farms can be devastating to the local environment as they have a massive footprint. This is especially troublesome in desert environments such as that occupied by San Gorgonio. There are also visual impacts, noise produced by rotor blades and potentially high degrees of avian/bat mortality (INDEIS, n.d.). This paper will analyze the benefits and impacts of the San Gorgonio ind Farm, in particular with…

Works Cited:

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The Authoritarian Regime and Animal Farm
Words: 941 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43385838
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Analyzing Animal Farm
An authoritarian regime is defined as a form of government controlled by one individual or a small group of people who are able to wield control over the state (Authoritarian Regimes, n.d.)—i.e., over the “bundle of specialized political institutions serving as the primary authority over a particular territory and the people who live there” (Origins and Transformations of the State, n.d.). The authoritarian regime may have present a constitution—a set of rules or laws—to the people, but the regime is not held accountable to the same rules or laws and is not responsible for adhering to the constitution to the public. This situation describes perfectly the case in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and it also reflects the real world cases of the Soviet State in Russia, the Communist state in China, and the Democratic-on-the-Outside-but-Authoritarian-on-the-Inside government of the U.S.). This paper will analyze Orwell’s Animal Farm according to…

Eating Farm Raised Salmon vs Wild Salmon
Words: 1308 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9768804
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research, identify discuss basic roles HM (Human esearch Managers) professionals, explain roles changed years.

Should I eat farm-raised salmon or wild salmon?

Fish has grown increasingly popular as a source of protein for American consumers, and salmon is particularly in demand. Salmon is a fatty fish with a great deal of umami, and can satisfy the palate of even the most dedicated red meat eater. From a health standpoint, salmon is a coldwater fish very high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The American diet is believed to be too high in Omega-6 fatty acids, which should be in balance with the types of heart-protective Omega-3 fats available in sources such as fish. "The past decade has shown that these fatty acids may also strengthen the immune system and eyesight, and even improve mental health. These pluses have helped inspire Americans to more than triple their consumption of…


Dobbs, David. (2008). The wild salmon debate. Eating Well. Retrieved at: 

Hites, Ronald A. Jeffery A. Foran, David O. Carpenter, M. Coreen Hamilton, Barbara A.

Knuth, & Steven J. Schwager. (2004). Global assessment of organic contaminants in farmed salmon. Science, 303 (9): 226-229. Retrieved at:

Glory Just a Poor Farm
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95884386
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Beatrice envies Nyaguthii for her ability to attract men and wants to be like her. She thinks her own inability to attract men is because of her lack of money and because she is a poor girl from the country. She hasn't enough money to buy skin lightening creams or new stockings with "no ladders" (runs) in them. "Clothes? But even here she never earned enough..." In the beginning Beatrice doesn't see that she and Nyaguthii are both in the same boat, that an empty life is an empty life, no matter what you are wearing, that society and the class system are keeping her from having any sort of meaningful life. "My god, she wept inside, what does Nyaguthii have that I don't have?"

Beatrice cannot fit in with the urban people around her, people who frequent the barroom scene. Worldly city dwellers tend to look down on simple…

Wind Farm in Sw Florida
Words: 2221 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Grant Proposal Paper #: 61127994
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Budget Detail & Narrative

Program Narrative


Florida, the United tates and the broader world in particular is facing an energy crisis. Indeed, it is a battle and one with many fronts. There are a number of good reasons out there to find alternative energy. They include the increasing world population, the pervasive use of fossil fuels, concerns about those fossil fuels running out, pollution associated with those fossil fuels and access to energy for everyone. Indeed, there is an increased need for energy that departs from the dirty energy sources like coal and petroleum. Beyond that, these new sources need to be sustainable. This grant proposal covers precisely such an energy source and it is a source that can greatly improve the quality of life and energy costs of people in the southwestern part of Florida much like it is already doing for people around the rest of the…

Spear, K. (2015). Department of Energy: Taller turbines would bring wind energy to Florida. Retrieved 24 June 2016, from 

SWFL. (2016). SWFL Sustainability - People, Place, & Profit Improve Our Quality of Life for Today & Tomorrow. SWFL Sustainability. Retrieved 24 June 2016, from 

Windustry. (2016). How much do wind turbines cost?. Windustry. Retrieved 24 June 2016, from

Tassal Fish Farm Business Strategy
Words: 979 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88997640
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Tassal Group

According to the 2014 Annual eport, Tassal recorded a decline in revenues for the 2014 fiscal year. However, it improved the net income and EPS, so the performance was not all bad. The company was able to lower its gearing ratio as well, and increased its net assets. Thus, performance was mixed, but there is still concern about the declining revenue.


Since revenues are one of the biggest problems that Tassal has, finding new revenue streams is going to be one of the key strategic focal points. The company notes that among its challenges are to get product from Tasmania to markets, something that is difficult with fresh seafood. Processed and packaged seafood is more stable, but there are benefits to accessing distribution channels in the more populated areas of Australia. For example, the company has sought to acquire De Costi, which is a seafood company at…


Acheson, M. (2015). Tassal eyes big catch. The Advocate. Retrieved May 23, 2015 from 

Eco Daily (2015). Salmon farming fish waste impact on waterways falls 15pc, Tasmanian producer Tassal finds. Eco Daily. Retrieved May 23, 2015 from 

Tassal Group 2014 Annual Report. Retrieved May 23, 2015 from

Eating Local Buying Local
Words: 945 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 46398706
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farm-to-table. The concept will be described in the context of a certain property and it will also be discussed in general terms. As far as the former of those two goes, the property that will be discussed is L'Etoile Restaurant in Madison, isconsin. As far as the latter goes, topics that will be covered will be the advantages and disadvantages of the farm-to-table concept. There will be a covering of the farm-to-table principles used and employed at L'Etoile Restaurant and a review of how the property could take the concept even further. hile some people suggest that farm-to-table is an overblown and unnecessary concept, there is a lot of merit to the idea and why it is used.


As noted in the introduction, the restaurant that will be focused upon for this report is L'Etoile. They are located at 1 South Pickney Street in Madison, isconsin. Other associated properties…

Works Cited

Atkins, Clyde. 'Why Eat Local? Pros And Cons Of Going Farm To Table | Eat Good Food'. Eat Good Food. N.p., 2014. Web. 13 Aug. 2015.

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Cynicism and Perpetual Repression in
Words: 1269 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52863069
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Each had distinct characteristics that made them endearing to the animal members in the farm. In this social order, animal farm members became idealistic and hopeful, adopting the political slogan, "Four legs good, two legs bad." However, this social order was also considered as a transitory phase in the shift of animal farm from being capitalist to totalitarian, because at this stage, Napoleon and Snowball were shown to subsist to different ideals. While Napoleon believed that a strong, peaceful, and stable animal farm was based on a strong military and massive political propaganda, Snowball believed in the provision of education and basic social services for the animals: "Until now the animals had been about equally divided in their sympathies, but in a moment Snowball's eloquence had carried them away..." This event led to the full transition of animal farm into a new social order, that of totalitarianism. In effect, Major's…


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Rodden, J. (2003). "Appreciating 'Animal Farm' in the New Millennium." Modern Age, 45 (1).

Production of Food Products Has Changed Dramatically
Words: 2941 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82456402
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production of food products has changed dramatically over the past several years. Technological changes in machinery, increased use of better and more expedient forms of transportation, and improved fertilizers have all contributed to a more efficient food production process. This more efficient process, however, has not come with some requisite problems.

The existing system of delivering food products in the United States is a major contributor to the world's global warming problem. The largest contributor to global warming is the use of fossil fuels. One study released in 2000 estimated that nearly ten percent of all the energy used in the United States was consumed by the food industry. (Heller, 2000).

This large use of fossil fuels is generated throughout the food production and delivering industry. A large measure of this use is through the extensive reliance upon artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Although the use of these products results in…


Center for Disease Control. (2003). Diabetes Public Health Resource. Retrieved December 4, 2010, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 

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Fossil Fuels. (n.d.). Retrieved December 3, 2010, from U.S. Department of Energy:

Local Farmer Producers Growers One Oklahoma City
Words: 592 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63971947
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local farmer / producers/growers. One Oklahoma City state United States. Please make crops markets include horticulture crops. Inform.informations include limited: Growers / names, farm enterprise, crops grown, acres.

Two different small farmers

Crestview Farms is a certified organic farm that grows a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The farm is operational year 'round. Crestview places a strong emphasis on seasonal produce, although it does grow some of its produce in its greenhouse and hoophouse to allow the farm to offer food to customers twelve months a year, even during the dead of winter. Currently, the farm is offering potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, and herbs and lettuce (the majority of which are cold-weather crops). Throughout different times of the year, it also sells tomatoes, peppers, other herbs, broccoli, squash, cabbage, beans, and many other varieties of vegetables.

All produce is grown without synthetic chemicals and no GMOs are allowed.…


Crestview, Inc. Farms. Official Homepage. Retrieved: 

Paradise Farms. Official Homepage. Retrieved:

Cesar E Chavez Impact on Society
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Cesar Chavez: Impact on Society

The story of Cesar Chavez is that of Latin Americans who worked as migrant pickers and farmers in the United States. He is regarded as the most prominent Latino union organizer in the U.S. And he tried to make conditions better for his Hispanic brethren. The main reason for this activism was the problems he saw his family endure as they had to turn to migrant farm work in California during the Great Depression (United Farm orkers). This paper looks at the personal story of Chavez and how that life has continued to impact the lives of others.


Chavez was born in Yuma, AZ to an immigrant family in 1927. The house was very small and made of adobe as most of the houses in the area were so that the family could remain relatively cool during the intense summer days. The family owned…

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Cape Wind Project
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Cape Wind Project proposed for Cape Cod, and the political, economic, and social impacts to Cape Cod and Nantucket. The Cape Wind Project is a proposed wind-turbine project off the shoreline of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Supporters of the project believe it is the right clean-air, renewable energy project for the area, and it will negate the need for an old, outdated fossil fuel electrical generating plant. Opponents believe it is the wrong project for the area, and it will reduce their quality of life, as well as block local fishermen from their livelihoods. Controversial and very public, the project has been debated since 2001, and it still has not begun construction.

I am David McCullough, author and historian, and I live full time on Cape Cod. I am adamantly opposed to the Cape Wind project for a number of compelling reasons. First and foremost, in my mind, is that…


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Farmworkers and White Collar Crime
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Simple procedures can help, but not eliminate drift issues, and are quite low tech. First, depending on the wind and time of day, close the windows that face the field or prevailing wind. Add a fan to create a backdraft by pulling air through the home in the opposite direction of the drift. Once the spraying is done and the drift settled a bit, hose down nearby bushes, windows, the roof and outside of the house. At any signs of exposure, wash eyes with clear water and try to shower several times to remove as much of the potential chemical contamination as possible

Publicize -- Certainly public strikes, marches, and visible actions bring public scruitiny into the issue. Because a great deal of the problem lies in the California agricultural region, an organization was formed as a type of State and national clearinghouse for action, information, and change. This organization,…

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25, 2010, from United Farm Workers:

Ecovillage Ithaca Environmental Awareness and
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One of the first major conflicts to arise cut to the core of the community's values. Some members pushed for immediate subsidized housing for new members who had nothing to invest. Others, understanding that the EcoVillage "had no money to subsidize anyone," advocated an approach that would cater to middle-class Americans (alker 57). The rift caused many of the "idealistic" members of the community to leave almost as soon as the EcoVillage had been started (alker 57). Conflicts over money as well as lifestyle issues are not uncommon at the EcoVillage, alker admits.

Other conflicts include the perpetual push to participate in social activities vs. The need for solitude. alker claims that talking openly is the key to resolving conflicts before they become problems. "Learning to deal effectively with conflict is the hardest part of living in a community," (alker 83). Community members need to set personal boundaries and be…

Work Cited

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Sweet Grass Cheese's Development and
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This increased their word of mouth advertising and eventually led to a very large order from a grocery chain, Fresh Market. This word of mouth marketing helped expand their distribution channels as well.

The greatest opportunity for a small business, like Sweet Grass, is to focus on what they do best and serve a niche market. Sweet Grass isn't trying to be the largest dairy producer, with an all-encompassing product mix, instead, they are satisfied by providing consistent high quality cheeses. And it is cheese that they do oh so well.

Small businesses have the ability to focus all of their efforts on a limited line up of products. They can discover what they do best, and differentiate themselves from the rest of the market by doing just that. Small businesses may not be able to compete in areas such as cost or large deliverable quantities, but quality is an…


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Accounting Information for Decision-Making
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Accounting Information for Decision Making

Corporate Confirming on Water isk (Feb 2010) indicates that the Global Confirming Initiative (GI) G3 Guidelines' five water-related indications (total withdrawal volume by source, ponds considerably impacted by distributions, percentage and total amount of water recycled and used again, total water discharge by quality and destination, and identification water physiques and related habitats impacted by discharges) make the perfect beginning point for assessing and confirming water risks. Within this section, we'll briefly discuss the relevance of all these standards (Power, 2010).

Total water withdrawal by source

Confirming the entire amount of water withdrawn by source adds for knowledge of the general scale of possible influences and threats connected using the company's water use. The entire volume withdrawn offers an indication from the organization's proper size and significance as a user of water and offers to set up a baseline figure for other information relevant to…


Task 1:

GRI, (Global Reporting Initiative). (2006) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Version 3.0, Accessed on September 27, 2012 from:

Power, G. Paddling Upstream - Approaches to Corporate Water Reporting. Business and the Environment, 21. 6 (Jun 2010): 1-3.

Task 2:

Agricultural Health in Pennsylvania Nursing
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" (Murphy, 2009)

This is held by Murphy to be what is wanted since high carbon dioxide levels help to maintain high quality silage." (2009) Simultaneously, the gas that is "odorless and colorless" is stated to be that which is dangerous. The gas is stated to replace the oxygen in the silo and since this gas is present in high concentrations the individual receives very little in the way of warning that the gas is about to overcome them. This gas is stated to be characterized by "…a strong bleach-like odor and low lying yellow, red, or dark brown fumes. Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide levels reach a peak about three days after harvesting and rapidly begin to decrease thereafter particularly is the silo is ventilated." (Murphy, 2009)

Sealed silos are specifically designed so that there is no necessity to enter them however, there are various gases present in convention…


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Joan Miro's Detailist Period Joan
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In the tracks, one sees the plants and rocks that help make the tracks part of the environment, rather than having it stand out from the environment. Miro even makes the blades of grass stand out in the painting, helping demonstrate that they are equally important with the other features. One of the elements of the painting that is most interesting is that it displays the sun without depicting the sun. The entire painting is highly illuminated, which clearly references the sun, but there is no image of the sun in the painting. This detail highlights how detailism is romantic realism; in the mid-day, no sun is actually visible, so that artist depictions of the sun at that point during the day are necessarily a departure from reality.

Miro, the aggon Tracks. 1918.

The next painting examined is Mont-roig, Village and Church, which was painted in 1919. One of the…

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Momardi. N.p. 2011. Web. 13 Dec. 2012.

Businesses Are the Cornerstone of a Capitalistic
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Businesses are the cornerstone of a capitalistic society. Businesses often drive economic growth and overall societal prosperity. In many instances, business can enhance the overall quality of life of those living in civilization. Looking back briefly at history, provides a unique perspective of business as it relates to societal development. Currently, looking at a minimum wage individual living in America today, they are able to perform tasks and activities that many of the wealthiest individuals in society during 1900 could only dream of. The minimum wage individual can watch television, listen to music on a cell phone, use the internet and even control the weather within their vehicle. This has occurred primarily due to the profit incentive embedded in a capitalistic society. The same will occur with Alex, Bill, Carl, Devon, and Xavier as there farm business developments. These same principles are present for all Christians who want their business…


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Human Practice of Science
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Human Practice of Science

The meal given to me in this case has components that are sourced from a variety of locations both within and outside the country.


To begin with, it is highly likely that the chicken was sourced from a broiler farm in any of the south-eastern states as this is currently the region leading in poultry production. For easy handling, the said component of my meal was most likely slaughtered, defeathered, and inspected on site before being packed for delivery to the market. Broiler farms have been criticized for their negative impact on the environment, especially with regard to their high levels of ammonia emission.

T-Bone Streak

This particular food item was most likely cut from beef originating from Texas. With regard to beef cattle farming, it is likely that beef cattle in this particular case were kept in grazing farms. Like broiler farming, beef cattle…

Leopold in American Earth Leopold Aldo Refers
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In "American Earth," Leopold Aldo refers to the "epidemic of ditch digging and land booming" that represents the "conqueror role" that humanity has played for most of its existence (269). The conqueror role presumes that the human species is entitled to use the earth in any way possible to achieve human ends. It is a mentality that leads to wanton destruction and misuse of land. Natural resources are depleted. Aldo also claims that the "conqueror role" precludes human beings from envisioning the aesthetic or practical functions of wilderness. etlands and marshes are particularly vulnerable, for as Aldo points out, even some environmentalists do not recognize their core value in the ecosystem. I agree fully with Leopold's assessment. For one, I appreciate the author's affection for marshland birds and other flora and fauna. Second, I have also witnessed the fact that the earth is filled with "dustbowls" and "rivers washing…

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Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas
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Dylan Thomas

Understanding a poem is a matter of first and foremost understanding the poet. The individual poet's choice of words and emotions which grab the reader, make a connection, and then deliver an emotional message which leaves a lasting message can be achieved through a number of techniques. But the poet who achieves a lasting memory in the minds of hearts of his readers is a person who approached the pen and ink often from a radically different perspective or with an emotional charge to his life that others not only find fascinating, but envy. Such is the case of Dylan Thomas, a Welshman with a known history of avid drinking, little self-discipline, and a penchant for over-indulgence which lead him to an early grave.

As a young child, Thomas loved the written word. He began writing his first poems at 8 or 9, while his attention was fixed…


Mondragon, Brenda. Dylan Marlais Thomas. Neurotic Poets. 2004. Accessed 17 April 2004. Website: 

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Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
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Crop Insurance Subsidies

Crop insurance has become highly subsidized due to the private sector being unsuccessful in providing crop insurance products to the industry. There are concerns as to the efficiency of crop insurance subsidies due to the costs being high. ut, crop insurance is the greatest risk management tool used by producers.

The rationale for public crop insurance subsidies includes the inability of the private sector to successfully provide all risk crop insurance products (Smith, 2012). There are high loading costs of associated crop insurance and producers use other strategies of risk management, such as futures and options, contracting, cultural practices, such as irrigation, pesticide use, herbicides, crop and livestock diversification, non-farm income, saving and borrowing, leasing, government price and support programs, and government disaster assistance payments. Moral hazard monitoring can be costly and raise premiums too high. Systematic risk or yield losses tend to be positively correlated across…


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Environmental Nuisance Lawsuit
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constitute a public nuisance a landowner must engage in an activity that significantly interferes with the use or enjoyment of the property by others or the activity must affect the health, safety, welfare, or comfort of the public at large (Schwartz, 2006). In the instant case, the judge must examine the facts in the case and perform a balancing test between the interests of the dairy farm owner and the adjacent property owners and then weigh the extent and severity of the harm caused by the operation of the defendant's dairy farm in proportion to the social value provided by the activity. If the harm resulting from limiting the activity is greater than the harm caused by allowing it to continue a court will ordinarily deny a nuisance action. In the instant case, this is precisely what the court determined.

The defendant dairy farm owner in the instant case was…


Achieving The Proper Balance Between the Public and Private Property Interests: Closely Tailored Legislation as a Remedy. (1995). William & Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review, 317-344.

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Public Nuisances

Organization Behavior Marketing Strategies for Odi Lens
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Organization Behavior

Marketing Strategies for ODI Lens


Target Customers and Market Segmentation

Major Target Groups

Pricing Strategies for ODI Lens

Introduce at the minimum possible price

Convincing the potential farmers

Selling and Promotional Strategies for ODI Lens

Promotional mediums

Forecasting Unit of Sales for the Next Three Years

Optical Distortion Inc. is a small scale business corporation that manufactures contact lenses for chickens to impair their eyesight. The lenses manufactured by ODI are used by chicken farmers in order to reduce chicken cannibalization and trauma which occurs after debarking process. It also improves the feeding efficiency of the chicken farm. Optical Distortion Inc. has brought revolutionary change in the chicken farm management by replacing the traditional techniques of reducing cannibalization with the usage of ODI lenses.

ODI lens is a thin plastic or glass lens that is placed on the Cornea of a chicken's eye and restricts their…


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Global Warming & Decreased Crop
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Changes (Global, National, Region, Local, and Farm)


Smith (2006)

In the work entitled: "Climate Change and Agriculture" a brochure prepared for the UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food written by Muriel, Downing, and Hulme, et al. In Section 4: Impact of Climate Change on Crops report findings that:

1) Elevated temperature increased their rate of grain growth but shortened the duration of grain filling;

2) Higher temperatures may have decreased the availability of assimilates so decreasing grain size, grain yield and mass per grain; and 3) Higher temperatures reduced average mass per grain, in one experiment, by 25% in normal CO2 and 14% in elevated conditions." (Muriel, Downing, and Hulme, et al. nd)

The following chart demonstrates the effect that CO2, temperature, and CO2 combined with a higher temperature had on crop yields in this study.

Change in yield (%)

Source: (Muriel, Downing, and Hulme, 2006)

There are…


Chipanshi, a., Chanda, R., & Totolo, O. (Dec 2003). Vulnerability assessment of the maize and sorghum crops to climate change in Botswana. Climatic Change, 61(3).

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Certified Organic
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Organics trip to the local grocery store will reveal that organic vegetables and fruits not only look better than their non-organic counterparts: they are in many cases also not that much more expensive. As a result, many mainstream supermarkets are starting to carry organic lines of produce, offering more choice to consumers. The Albertson's chain in ashington State recently started stocking shelves with organic coffee; UK food retail giant Safeway added organic meats to its shelves, all of which is locally produced. Increasing numbers of packaged foods are being made with organic ingredients and many of them don't cost more than non-organic counterparts. However, the organic food industry still has a long uphill battle to fight. Organic agriculture is a system of production that eliminates "the use of synthetic inputs, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, veterinary drugs, genetically modified seeds and breeds, preservatives, additives and irradiation," replacing them with…

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Chrf CSA Case Study What Is Corbin
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CSA case study:

What is Corbin Hill Road Farm (CHRF) trying to achieve in the long and short-term? Is it sustainable?

Particularly in light of the recent obesity epidemic and concerns about the problems associated with highly-processed, industrially-manufactured foods, many consumers have been turning to alternative food value chains from which to source their produce, meat, dairy, and other staple goods. Unfortunately, sustainably and organically-produced foods sold from small farms to consumers tend to cost more than standard supermarket goods, which means that high and middle-class consumers are the usual beneficiaries of these value chains.[footnoteRef:1] Corbin Hill Road Farm is attempting to craft what is known as 'hybrid' food chain, or one which makes use of the resources of NGOs and local partnerships to deliver healthy foods to lower-income consumers. [1: N. Cohen & D. Derryck, D. "Corbin Hill Road Farm Share: A hybrid food value chain in practice,"…


Cohen, N., & Derryck, D. "Corbin Hill Road Farm Share: A hybrid food value chain in practice." Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Advance online publication.

Ch 12 A This Code Is Vague --
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Ch.12. a. This code is vague -- "depends" encompasses a very broad range of responses. B. There is no middle ground with this survey, just two positive and two negative. C. This is okay, but some respondents might be fuzzy on the distinction between "average" and "fair." D. I like this scale, and see it a lot, except that "uncertain" might be better worded as "do not know" or "does not apply." It is best to get people to respond, with their gut feeling if need be.

There are a number of different factors that affect the value of a survey in management decision making. The purpose is very important because the survey needs to be relevant to the managerial problem at hand. If it is not relevant, it has no value. The scope is important because scope is complementary to purpose. The survey might be similar in purpose to…

References (2014). Logical fallacies. Retrieved March 23, 2014 from

Western Civ the Question of Leadership and
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Western Civ

The question of leadership and government has always been a subject that concerned political theorists. ne of the first political theorists to brake up with the Medieval tradition regarding rulers and the ethics of government, Niccolo Machiavelli, presented his theories related to the rules a prince should follow in order to be able to govern a state and stay in power as long as possible. Machiavelli left the question of ethics completely for religious subjects and treated his topic form a rationale point-of-view destined to prescribe the best recipe for a political ruler to follow in order to succeed. Shakespeare's Richard III and George rwell's The Animal Farm present two different political regimes, the former focusing on dynastic battles in England in the fifteenth century and the latter on fictional animal characters that resemble real life characters form the early twentieth century revolutionary Russia. Despite the fact that…

Orwell, G. Baker, R. Animal farm: a fairy story. Signet Classic, 1996

Richard III, film, 1955.

Textbook. Machiavelli, N. The Prince

Taiwan Originally Where Things Are
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I can have all of those things but I must be willing to go out and get them on my own, and not expect people to give them to me for nothing. While I realize that some people do get things handed to them, I believe in working for what I want and making my own way.

Now I will be the first person on either side of my family to attend college, and in the land of opportunity that is the United States I know that college will be an amazing and very rewarding experience. One of the things that I think is most important, though, is not the college or even the country, but the spirit that my parents have instilled in me. My parents have influenced me so strongly that I know that I can realize my full potential and make them very proud. They have not…