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Fashion Designer Essays (Examples)

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Designer Story Now the Whole
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 82932375
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It was tough the first year of being in business for himself.

Breaking Points

Although his mother was unsupportive of his decision to be a designer, David persisted through the lean times. One day, he spotted an ad for the Elle New Talent Competition. He started to apply, and then realized that he needed to submit full storyboards and materials overnight. Like a scene from Project Runway, David pulled an all-nighter and made it happen. Three days later, he was in the top twelve. Three months later, he was in the finalists, and then…he won.

Winning the Elle New Talent Competition launched David's career in earnest, but it did not mean instant success. He still had no full-time, dependable clients. As he considered returning to teaching, David had a lucky break. The House of Montiac called him to work in Cape Town. Rather than leave his budding business in Johannesburg,…

Fashion of the 20th Century
Words: 1392 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37098077
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The only image from the time that we have of the original dress is in the film poster (Image 5), where one can see that the dress showed quite a big of leg, which was considered improper and that is why the film commissioned a tailor to sew up Givenchy's original design, as to not offend anybody in the audience. hat a pity, for today, the dress would perhaps be ever-more popular.

In the third image, however, which is the picture of the dress as seen at Christie's, one can see that one of the photos shows the dress with the slit. Yet this discussion of without or without the cut prompts the thought of the fact that these are two dresses, one created by Givenchy, and one a copy created by another designer, a 'knock-off' almost, that together with the original created a phenomenon of epic proportions. Could it…

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Designer Technical Designer Profile a Fashion Technical
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80222920
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Technical designer: Profile

A fashion technical designer is responsible for the 'nuts and bolts' construction of a garment. A technical designer is given the responsibility of taking "a lead designer's creations from the prototype stage through to full production. They work up specifications for new clothing and accessories, have samples made, and work with marketing and production facilities to ensure that finished pieces are made correctly and profitably" (Technical fashion designer, 2012, Fashion Schools). The lead designer may have the broad, sweeping vision, but the technical designer works to make that vision a reality. Taking measurements, ensuring measurements are standardized, working to create a perfect fit, and working with patterns are all part of the daily life of a tech designer. One technical designer stated that she used her associate degrees in fashion pattern maker more than her general bachelor's degree in fashion in her work.

"Basic responsibilities include…


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Designer Dress
Words: 308 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43398048
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Dress Review: David Tlale

David Tlale's orange chiffon dress with gold coins seems to achieve the impossible: it is form-fitting yet fluid. The top is a charcoal and gold-colored metallic jacquard sheath, while orange, Grecian-style drapery flows organically from the models' shoulders to her ankles. Bright coins adorn the front. According to Tlale, the coins are real and were custom-minted with his name and year on it, exhibiting an attention to detail that is typical of the meticulous, yet passionate designer's fashions. The dress was part of Tlale's Climate Change Couture Collection which launched during Africa Fashion Week at the South African Mint factory in 2011.

The vision for the dress began when Tlale was approached by the South Africa Mint to collaborate on an environmental awareness campaign. The Mint developed the coins and medallions minted with Tlale's name on it in his honor. Tlale is the first fashion designer…

Use of New Fabrics in Fashion and New Textile Printing Techniques
Words: 3671 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35643660
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History of Fashion

The history of fashion can be dated back to the development of the fashion industry in different time eras. Fashion was taken and applied in different forms depending on the situation of that era. It has been noted that clothing from the oman and the Ancient Greek times is more dependent on the mere purpose of clothes rather than the style that was present. As it would be expected, in the olden times, clothes or fashion were merely a way of covering one's body. People did not think about the print, style or fabric when considering what they used to cover themselves. It has been seen that up till 400 A.D, clothing was never tight fitting nor was it loose or flowy. The basic idea was that drapes were used so that men and women could feel protected and secure. As it would be expected, the…


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Fashion Photography Is an Interesting
Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 16939973
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The purpose of the research is to obtain factual information about the evolution of fashion photography, but not only. A descriptive analysis of the data can serve as the departure point for the very interpretation of the facts. In order to be able to provide the reader with a relevant interpretation one must also take into consideration the changes and developments which have taken place in other areas (such as science, technology, philosophy, art, etc.)- since they have also influenced the overall direction of development of society. All these elements must be researched and correlated in order to achieve an objective analysis of the manner in which fashion photography has evolved.

Research Sources

As far as the research sources are concerned, they must include books, scientific essays and online information, ranging from blogs to specialized case studies. The books could help with the history of fashion while the academic…


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Fashion Romantic Era Fashion in Europe the
Words: 846 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65048304
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Romantic Era Fashion

In Europe, the Romantic Period lasted from approximately 1820-1835 and had very distinctive flavor. People were disenchanted with writing and paintings that followed dour religious subject matter for the main part and took away humanity. The Romantic Era can be seen as the birth of the humanist period that continues to this day. People wanted to express themselves as individuals with passion and emotion. This was reflected in the art of the day, in the literature from such great poets and novelists as Edgar Allen Poe and Jane Austen, and in the fashion that became popular for a brief time and then faded away. This was a fashion that was tempered with diversity due to the class of the people wearing it and the utility of the garments. This research paper discusses the fashions of the day and how they were influenced, especially in England by…

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Fashion Advertising in the Latest
Words: 358 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38096064
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Second, the Madonna Versace ad is well-designed. Madonna's feet are one of the highlights of the photograph. The shoes she wears, which are sandals, breathe whispers of the upcoming warmer seasons. However, the gold and white tones in the ad still reflect the current colder seasons. Madonna is posing laying on a day bed, and her legs are crossed. She appears wrapped up in business of some sort, which again reflects her message as a confident businesswoman. Her eyes look straight into the camera, which is another hint as to Madonna's confident attitude.

Because the ad contains so many consistent messages, it will positively affect consumer behavior. Madonna wears the Versace clothing well; although her celebrity is powerful, it does not necessarily detract from the overall look and appeal of the clothing and accessories made by the designer. Anyone who can afford Versace will be highly likely to heed the…

Fashion the Influence of 1960s
Words: 719 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42765841
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In the early 60s, fashion was still designed for the wealthy, older women who could afford haute couture. However, young people began to influence the fashion industry with styles, fabrics, bold colors. The sixties was the first era of young people influencing fashion trends, and that influence continues today (Editors). Most fashions today begin with young people and work their way up the age ladder. In fact, during the sixties, young people had more disposable income than any time since World War II, and they wanted to spend it on fashions that did not look like the fashions their parents were wearing (Editors). Thus, a new type of fashion was born. One fashion history notes, "The elfin Twiggy who was five feet and six inches tall, and weighed 91 pounds, measuring '31-22-32' at the time of her fame was one of the first models to be identified with the 'youthquake'"…


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Fashion Business Steps to Success
Words: 1370 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10518865
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'Offshoring' can occur within the same company and involve movement of work to a different location of that company outside of the United States, or to a different company altogether" (4). Simply put, outsourcing is contracting with an outside company in any location, while offshoring is contracting with a company outside the United States.

Examples of Exclusive holesale Manufacturers

One example of a wholesale manufacturer that sells exclusively is Mona Lisa Fashions Inc. This "is a full-service cut & sew apparel contractor serving the women's, children's and men's apparel markets." They are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania and are encouraging designers not to outsource or offshore their products but to come to them instead. Another example is Sports and Sports International, a company that manufactures sports accessories and apparel. On their website, they announce, "e are one of the most prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of an exclusively broad range of…

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Art Fashion Ever Since Fashion Has Evolved
Words: 1860 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7385194
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Art Fashion

Ever since fashion has evolved, we have an observed a significant relationship with art and fashion. It is seen that both the disciplines encourages, inspires and somewhat competes with each other. (Duggan, 2001) It is observed that artists and fashion designers creativity is exchangeable and their main objective is somewhat the same. Duggan (2001) also emphasized on the role of media and education in blurring up the boundaries between art and fashion. As we observe, just like art changes throughout the time, fashion change with time as well. Just as the atmosphere around a certain place changes, so does the fashion of that time. With technology becoming really prevalent these days, techno Fashion has emerged out as the new thing.

Fashion designers are therefore looking into the possibility of Techno fashion. This is basically the ability to incorporate tech item into the clothes a person is wearing. The…


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Successfully Distribute His Fashions in
Words: 1052 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47192532
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Option 2: In order gain optimal results,

Kleinaci should franchise stores in key areas around the city.

If Kleinaci franchised his stores at this point and time, he would be taking a significant step toward distribution in several channels as well as moving toward a positive and unified voice for the fashion conscious. In fact, many people today possess the opinion that a franchise is an attractive method of expansion for a business and a safe environment. While Kleinaci might be initially concerned that by joining a franchise he might sacrifice some of the unique and eccentric parts of his collection, the actual benefits from a franchise far exceeds the loss. For example, franchises allow for the relative ease of obtaining legal and real-estate aid, financing, insurance benefits and branding (Gelman, 2010). Additionally, should Kleinaci have the concern that he is not reaching a particular segment of the population, he…


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Business Fashion Knockoffs Perils and
Words: 2829 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70879855
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In this manner, a chain of custody could be established. if, say, Aldo's product had suddenly jumped from one step of the process to another, it might indicate that Aldo had not gone through the usual channels; had possibly stolen the idea, or copied it to a significant degree from Alexander McQueen. In either case, the designer could protect himself or herself by following the customary procedures of their marketplace.

Can Knockoffs Be Stopped?

ith so many ways to counterfeit designer fashion items like clothing, shoes, and handbags, and so few laws to prevent the actual production of pirated merchandise, stopping knockoffs would seem to be an almost impossible task. Nevertheless, knockoffs can be controlled if designers, retailers, and government authorities remain vigilant. As noted by American designers, merchandising is the key to the American design process. It is also the key to controlling the flow of counterfeit goods. hile…

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Taiwanese Fashion Today
Words: 1449 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95338610
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Wear Fashion Industry in Taiwan Today

Today, the ready-to-wear segment of luxury brands in growing globally in general and in many Asian nations such as Taiwan in particular. To determine the current state of affairs and the potential for the future in this sector, this paper provides a definition of the context of designer ready-to-wear, including a discussion concerning how it works in the fashion industry and what brands exist in this area. In addition, an examination of how stores are designed to attract the target customers for this sector including three major luxury ready-to-wear designer brands in Taiwan is followed by an analysis of representative advertisement and branding initiatives for these brands and Taiwanese consumer attitudes concerning these brands. Finally, an assessment concerning the target market for the ready-to-wear luxury fashion industry in Taiwan, including relevant demographics and current consumer preferences, is followed by a summary of the research…


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Environmental Movement and the Fashion
Words: 1518 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80040453
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When a company such as Wal-Mart goes green, it is because they see a profit in it, and customers are demanding it, and that is the case with the fashion industry, as well.

In conclusion, the fashion industry is becoming much more eco-friendly largely because of consumer demand. People are becoming increasingly aware of just what goes into the products they consume, and they are demanding new products that use less energy to produce and use eco-friendly fibers and fabrics, as well. The public is becoming much more aware of environmental issues such as global warming and climate change, and it seems that the demand for eco-friendly products, including fashions will continue to rise. Smart fashion designers and companies will jump on this growing trend. They need to take the earth and its survival into consideration, but even more than that, they need to continue to fill consumer's shelves to…


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Fall 2015 Fashion Trends
Words: 4212 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51169170
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Fall Trends for 2015

Christian Dior, which is commonly known as Dior, is a luxury goods firm that has developed over the years to become an important part of LVMH, which is the largest luxury group in the world. The company, which is headquartered in France, was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, a designer who the company was named after. Since its inception, Dior has experienced tremendous growth and profitability over the years to become a leading company in the fashion design industry. Currently, Dior designs and retails a wide range of products including leather goods, jewelry, fashion accessories, make-up, footwear, ready-to-wear goods, fragrance, and skincare products. As part of designing and retailing these products, Dior operates several labels for men and children's wear products while retaining its Christian Dior label mostly to women's products. The company not only sells its products online but also throughout its wide range…


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How Punks Express Themselves in Fashion
Words: 1378 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27637623
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Punk Fasion

Punk Fashion is what made the most impact on me because it goes so against conventional fashion and yet in doing so becomes fashionable. By going against type and trend, it sets a trend and that is remarkable to me. It is also interesting that in setting a trend, the punk culture then has to set a different course because the goal is to go against trends and not be part of a trendy because that would make one trendy. There are however different levels to this fashion world and some punk fashion is meant to be trendy and have a definite look and this is the sort of fashion that stays and does not go away no matter what year it is. One example of this is the Mohawk, which is a very punk fashion way of doing one's hair. It is considered classic punk fashion (Harris,…


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Personal Statement in Fashion Design Essay
Words: 669 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Hereis an example of a personal statement essay that a student provided to a University where they wereapplying to their fashion design school. This document shouldserve as atemplate or guideline in completing your own personal statement. A personal statement is usually a requirement when applying for college or a job.
Personal Statement
I am a passionate fashion designer and advocate of good grooming. I perfected this art from the vast knowledge gained in fashion design experiences from Parsons the New School for Design. I have previously interned for Anna Sui, but currently interning for the production department at Samuel Style Inc. From my internships experiences, I learned about the problems I would encounter on job sites and much hands-on knowledge of the industry. With my passion and desire to be one of the best designers in the world, I have made a decision to pursue a graduate schooling at Integrated…

Surrealism and Fashion
Words: 2277 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7984272
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romanticism of man with imagination and the curiosity to attach meaning to inanimate objects spills over in many forms- dreams, art, literature, and of late pervades the space in commercial forms like films, advertisements, fashion exhibitions etc. Surrealism has enamored and consequently influenced intellectual and academic pursuits in the past in all fields- social behavior, politics, religion and culture. The import of psychological realms and psychoanalysis on surrealism has been multivariate. Key historical figures- Marx, Freud, Dadi have shaped surrealism since the beginning of the twentieth century. In modern times, fashion and clothing make use of surrealism to evoke extreme emotions by way of animating the inanimate as well as pushing the subjects (inanimate and women) to the limits of obscenity (over-consumption) and grotesque. An analysis of the travel of surrealism through the times shows that the original concepts continue to have an impact on the thought that goes behind…


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Fashion Photographer Mario Testino Specifically
Words: 1147 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33400440
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All the attention is on the woman, and the background is inconsequential. The lighting is not harsh on Diana, it does not create deep shadows, but it is very soft all around her, almost blurry, but not quite, focusing the entire attention of the photo only on her. The depth of field is primarily her face and torso, the rest of the room is softly out of focus. The primary shape is Diana herself, slowly fading out into the background as she lies on the couch. In that, there is really very little sense of space, because the photo is so central to her, the space around her is not important at all.

The first thing, and only thing, you see in this photo is Diana. She is somehow larger than life, even though she is portrayed so simply. There is strong contrast in the photo, because of the lighting…


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Fashion Career the Position Chosen
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27632265
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Executive management job positions for Fashion buyers give the following job responsibilities: managing profit performance and utilizing relevant information to support business proposals, and creating and developing a balanced range that will deliver this season's strategy. Salary and compensation for this position is 90,000.00 U.S. dollars. Required Experience & Education: Ideally, candidates should currently be performing at buyer or senior buyer level and have experience gained within a menswear background. High street retail experience is also highly desirable (

s a buyer moves up the ladder from entry level to executive there is an increase in pay as well as an increase in responsibility. Educational level stayed the same but the amount of previous experience that the employer wanted went from 3 years to 8+ years. It is also prevalent that as the position and responsibility increases, the buyer becomes a prominent "face" of the company; they are more…

A middle management job position stated the following job responsibilities: Buy the Accessories for the Juicy Couture brand and make it appropriate for retail Juicy Couture stores. Identify key trends for each delivery of Accessories including Fragrance, Jewelry, Intimates, Eyewear, Watches, and Fashion Accessories. Manage the business to deliver superior sales, margin results and inventory management goals. Identify business opportunities through analysis, market research, analyzing sales performance, competition, and trends. Edit and assort accessories line while managing sku plan and maintaining financial goals. Strategize key items, promotional cadence, markdowns, and marketing initiatives including product selection for quarterly mailers. Manage receipt flow and financial Open-To-Buy. Collaborate with corporate, field and licensed partners to develop best product for Juicy brand. Regular partnership with visual peers to ensure brand aesthetic and ensure compelling presentation on selling floor. Salary and Compensation are not specified. Required Experience & Education: eight+ years of buying experience, 2+ years of previous management experience. 4-year Bachelor's degree required. Keen understanding and interest in fashion industry and trends. Vertical retail or specialty store background. Excellent Retail Math and Excel skills. Proven vision for building line plans and assortments. Posse's superior presentation, listening, verbal and written communication skills. Proven analytical skills, ability to adapt to changing business needs; Demonstrated success in working on a collaborative team, organizational skills ( ).

Executive management job positions for Fashion buyers give the following job responsibilities: managing profit performance and utilizing relevant information to support business proposals, and creating and developing a balanced range that will deliver this season's strategy. Salary and compensation for this position is 90,000.00 U.S. dollars. Required Experience & Education: Ideally, candidates should currently be performing at buyer or senior buyer level and have experience gained within a menswear background. High street retail experience is also highly desirable (

As a buyer moves up the ladder from entry level to executive there is an increase in pay as well as an increase in responsibility. Educational level stayed the same but the amount of previous experience that the employer wanted went from 3 years to 8+ years. It is also prevalent that as the position and responsibility increases, the buyer becomes a prominent "face" of the company; they are more responsible for being present and seen by the associated firms and associates that they encounter on a day-to-day basis. It was not easy to find exact money amounts for lower levels; however, most of the executive positions posted the amounts for their compensation packages. How all three positions compare is that the minimum requirement is a bachelor's degree in fashion or associated field, understanding of the fashion industry, and Excel experience. There also is a search for compassion in ones work that is present in the job announcements; it is evident to see that if one wants to further his/her career as a fashion buyer they need to have a bachelor's degree in fashion or an associated major, and build their experience.

Designer Brands in Egypt
Words: 968 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47631079
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Egypt, Fashion and Merchandising
Religion, culture, national pride and tradition all play a part in merchandising approaches and fashion businesses in Egypt. The tradition of the family, gender issues, the roles of men and women in society, the extent to which religious beliefs are promoted in the culture—all of this impacts merchandising and fashion. This paper will look at how religion influences merchandising approaches and fashion businesses in Egypt and discuss the effect that religion has on retail and whether or not religious customs appear to be changing.
Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country with a somewhat strong level of Coptic Christian communities. For that reason, the government adopts a secular attitude towards religion, but the religious culture and climate has a strong tradition for dictating dress and merchandising approaches. Other than in Cairo, where events like Cairo Fashion Week (2018) are annually held to promote fashion designs that are…

Designers During the Second Half
Words: 736 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48330697
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New theories and esthetic visions brought a violent change in popular taste, bringing a fascination for the fantastic, the mythical, the exotic, taking inspiration from eastern civilizations (Japanese, Islamic), naturist ornamentation such as flowers and vegetal designs, waving lines that would induce motion and symmetry. The new art style became a commercial kind of work, since it was aimed towards the masses and the every day life. The industrial design was dictated by fashion and the public taste, that was rapidly changing as the speed of modern life brought new ideas almost constantly and commercial tools, such as films and advertising, influenced in that change.

The difference between the Arts and Crafts and the Art Nouveau movements was mainly the approach towards the creation itself. While the Art Nouveau was promoting the use of mechanical techniques to create art objects that would be used in common life, the Arts and…


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Exploitation of Native American Garbs in Fashion
Words: 1929 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73350279
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The misappropriation of Native American imagery, iconography, cultural ideology, and fashion is nothing new. After all, a slew of professional sports teams continue to run with Indian names and logos in spite of the controversy in doing so. A few sports teams, like the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball franchise, boast insidious "tomahawk" chants during their games.

The latest trend in Native misappropriation is not much more tasteful than a Cleveland Indians jersey in the fashion world. Several manifestations of the disturbing trend have emerged in consumer culture. One is that commercial manufacturers Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have been selling lines of clothing and jewelry that is culturally insensitive as well as illegal. A second trend, exposed by bloggers around the Internet, is the lewd use of Native-style feathered headdresses. These recent trends are highly disturbing in that consumers by now ought to know better. Especially hipsters, a…

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Establishing a Strong Application to Fashion School
Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84658020
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The capacity of good design is evident in its use to solve substantive socio-economic poblems thoughout the wold. My expeience and taining at Pason's was ich and compehensive, and left me with a lasting fascination fo design -- and with many skills needed fo a poductive, meaningful caee in fashion management.

4) Study Poposal Summay

Fashion in Tukey is a fast moving secto that has been hampeed by only summe and winte seasonal lines. Tends once launched twice each yea but with the addition of sping and autumn, the secto is expeiencing fou launches pe yea. These fast changes ae a wateshed of the etail migation to online and mobile channels.

As a case in point, conside that the Japanese clothing stoe Uniglo has established a vitual dessing oom -- a Magic Mio, as it is known; the Magic Mio uses a 60-inch colo-changing monito that lets shoppes ty diffeent…

references -- and over the long-term as the e-tail website learns their shopping habits. And the retailers and wholesalers benefit from receiving data about customer preference, in the form of metrics that show color swatch selections and such.

5) if you had a question to ask of the person interviewing you, what would it be?

If you had to choose just one, what single attribute is critical for success by a student of fashion management in this program?

How can a student in the program make the best use of many networking opportunities offered with university partners and fashion professionals?

Turkish Designers it Has Been
Words: 2733 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 91609500
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China and the far east represent such areas and naturally they are a threat to Turkey. One ways of fighting against this threat is by encouraging the local creativity to develop and by promoting it abroad.

Another important issue that can be discussed is repr4esented by the impact of fashion upon the Turkish society. One might argue that the Turkish society is so different from the western one that it is impossible for fashion to actually have a profound social influence. This is not true. On the one hand the attack of the media is extremely intense and there is no way to prevent girls and women to come in contact with them. On the other hand, keeping them away from the media is not a solution, even if the purpose would be that of defending culture. The right way to proceed about it is to allow women to decide…


Doshi, Gaurav. "Textile and apparel industry in Turkey," in  accessed February 8, 2010

"Orientalism" in  accessed February 9, 2010

"Orientalism and the Islamic philosophy" in  accessed February 9, 2010

"Orientalism, media and the west" in  accessed February 7, 2010

Sustainability in Fashion This Study Seeks to
Words: 2042 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24181782
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Sustainability in Fashion

This study seeks to answer the question of how the concept of sustainability applies to local fashion production and to explain the connection between global fashion industries and fast fashion business to the sustainability fashion products.

The Designers Speak

Sustainable fashion is defined differently depending on who is asked to define the concept. Freda Giannini, Gucci creative director defines sustainable fashion as, "Quality items that stand the test of time -- it is the concept of sustainability, symbolized by a timeless handbag that you wear again and again, and can pass on…" (Friedman, 2010, p.1)

Oscar de la Renta, designer and brand founder stated that sustainable fashion "…implies a commitment to the traditional techniques, and not just the art, of making clothes." (Friedman, 2010, p.1) Oscar de la Renta designer stated that today, she worked in the same manner that she learned first "in the anteliers of…


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Kimono History and Contempory Fashion
Words: 2040 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66328369
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...these designers placed great significance on clothing inherited from the past, including Japanese farmers' clothes designed through necessity and adapted dyed textile and quilting from ancient Japan, which Japanese would not consider fashionable. These designers presented them to the fashion world, gave the opportunity for 'the neglected' to make their existence known, and transformed them into 'fashion'."(Kawamura, 2004, 125)

Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are considered as the designers who made these first steps towards a new fashion more concrete: "hile Kenzo is considered a pioneer among all Japanese designers, Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are the ones who created a new style characterized by monochromatic, asymmetrical and baggy looks."(Kawamura, 2004, 125) the asymmetrical and baggy look of their designs is clearly influenced by the loose form of the kimono. Sometimes, in Miyake's creations for example, the dresses are completely shapeless and have random holes that offer a certain freedom when wearing…

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History of Fashion How to Marry a Millionaire 1953 Monroe
Words: 701 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 89668981
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History of Fashion: HO TO MARRY a MILLIONAIRE 1953 (Monroe)

History of Fashion: How to Marry a Millionaire

How to Marry a Millionaire is a 1953 romantic comedy set in New York City starring Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, and Lauren Bacall, directed by Jean Negulesco. The costumes of the film, as designed by Charles Le Maire, showcase the 'New Look' popularized by Christian Dior. The 'New Look' (as exemplified most prominently in the red, full-skirted gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in a scene set in a powder room) featured sweeping skirts, a tiny cinched waist, and an exaggerated bosom. It was an ultra-feminine ideal that stood in stark contrast to the more practical, comfortable, and androgynous appearance of orld ar II fashion. The style of the New Look was far more restrictive and made women look more like artificial adornments than the ideal of 'Rosie the Riveter.' omen during the…

Works Cited

"Christian Dior." The Design Museum. [20 Mar 2012]

Philippine Women Fashion Clothing History the
Words: 2191 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89151499
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The idea of dressing in civilized and well clothed are well deserving of freedom because t this group that is highly valued despite the fact that the Malay peasants who struggled for the independence have been devalued in the official history of nation -- building and their mark and contribution has been ignored. 'This shown that apart from the influences from the other cultures social classes have been instrumental in shaping the clothing style of the Philippine.' (Grace, 2008) Due to this many would want to dress in a particular recognized and accepted way to be recognized in the class of the rich. This is just part of the culture that has been impacted to the Filipinos which ahs influenced their manner of dressing.

Despite the different Muslim groups in he south and the mountain tribes have their own distinctive garments and seem to have influenced less. The Maranao Muslims…

Works Cited

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1950's Fashion
Words: 1047 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60773647
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1950s Fashions

Fashion and makeup trends in the 1950s reflected shifts in popular culture and were heavily influenced by film stars and television. A thriving youth culture contributed to changes in fashion, which were generally less conservative than in past decades. The exception was men's fashions, which became more subdued in the 1950s and included dark gray, blue, brown, and black suits. However, the Beatnik generation also contributed to fashion trends, and leather, denim blue jeans, and sneakers were also popular in the 1950s, especially among teenagers. Rock and roll also influenced the "greaser" look that developed around that time. The cult of the housewife similarly impacted new looks developing throughout the decade. A rise in consumerism encouraged many people to amass large, colorful wardrobes.

One of the most well-known fashion trends from the 1950s was the poodle skirt. Poodle skirts were round-cut, calf-length, full skirts, cinched at the waist.…

Works Cited

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Tattered Jeans as the Fashion of the
Words: 657 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62229699
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Tattered Jeans as the Fashion of the Popular Culture

In the fashion of popular culture in today's American society, jeans are perhaps the most often used by people of all socio-economic classes and fashion tastes. The jeans made its debut as a form of clothing when Levi Strauss, maker of the jeans brand Levi's, made the first pairs of jeans during the year 1853. The cloth that was used to make the first jeans were made of canvas cloth, which was originally intended to be used for the construction of tents by the coal miners during the Gold ush of the 19th century. When it became apparent that what the people, especially the miners, needed were not tents and shelter but clothing, Strauss made these canvas cloths into men's trousers. Thus, the first pairs of jeans were born, and the popular jeans brand of Levi's was introduced to the world…


Fry, Nick. "Reflections on Fashion: piss stained jeans, the emaciated self and the catwalk catch." 13 March 2003.

Stretton, Lynda. "Loving Denims." 13 March 2003. .

Gothic and Fashion as Well
Words: 801 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48969468
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As the example the chapter gives is that of Mary Antoinette, the body also become an object of martyrdom and a persecuted object.

As we can see, the chapter is very useful in showing the intrinsic relationship between revealing and concealing and the essential role that fashion plays in this. It reflects how Gothic art and representation in novel is reflected occasionally in fashion and how the perception of Gothic in fashion itself is diverse, depending on the political environment and reflections in society. The chapter gives a very acute description of the evolution of fashion throughout the 18th century, in particular during the troubled period of the French Revolution and the Directorate.

The chapter shows how the revealing of the body determined the Gothic of this period, but also particularly marks the influence that the Gothic novel plays on fashion.

The book is not only a book about fashion,…

Haute Couture
Words: 2773 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74852778
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High fashion today is the fusion of business and art, and the role that couture plays is that it is the artistic side of high fashion. The phrase haute couture is literally French for 'high fashion', which illustrates how strongly the two concepts are linked. A simplistic understanding of haute couture is that it is the apex of the industry, clothing made to the highest level of artistry, entirely by hand. Couture items are made specifically for the wearer, and thus are perfectly fitted (Thomas, 2014). Haute couture's role in fashion as the pinnacle of the field is undisputed, but the understanding does leave room for nuance. Couture is a protected term, and as such it can only be produced by an haute couture house. The production of couture is specifically delineated by rules established by the Parisian Chamber of Commerce, and only certain ateliers are allowed to work…


Blanks, T. (2015). Chanel. Style. Retrieved April 29, 2015 from 

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Thomas, P. (2014). Haute Couture fashion industry. Fashion Era . Retrieved April 29, 2015 from haute_couture.htm

Social Psychology Research -- Fashion
Words: 949 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 23601639
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In the (control) group the professor wore the same shirt without any label attached. The shirt was unstained and fresh-looking but not new.

Finally, after the initial data collection, the subjects were advised of the genuine research topic and method in connection with a request for their consent to analyze the results participant-by-participant. Originally, they were assured of anonymity. All 20 participants granted consent to analyze their responses individually.

Experimental Hypothesis and Variables


Hypothesis #1 -- the control group will characterize the professor's attire as

"Casual" or "Unprofessional."

Hypothesis #2 -- the test group will characterize the professor's attire as


Hypothesis # 3 -- the control group will characterize the professor's style as

"Tries too hard."

Hypothesis # 4 -- the test group will characterize the professor's style as

"Probably quite well."

Independent Variable

The independent variable is the presence or absence of the "DKNY" label on the…

Sustainable Fashion Across the Globe
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Sustainable Fashion

Purchasing sustainable garments is a challenge for everyone when fast fashion is so common. The labors in fast fashion can hardly afford the clothes they make while many consume fast fashion in a problematic way. Fashion industries need more transparency to educate the purchasing decision of individuals. Fast fashion not only is polluting and creating so much waste to our world; it is also taking away the basic human right of low income workers. To design something is not just about choosing a fabric and a print that is appealing but also needs to map out the production and economic strategy. What appear to be beautiful to us may have hidden an ugly story behind it. According to the United Nations, clothing is the fundamental principal of a person's dignity, beside shelter, food, and other essential needs. When the consumption of clothing is placed on the balance against…

Sustainable Fashion Project Textile Recycling
Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80498894
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It is essentially a potential solution to a real ethical and economic problem. With so much work and natural resources pumped into producing textiles at such a high waste rate, recycling textiles can provide a way for consumers to reduce their impact and help increase a much more sustainability. This can be seen as especially making an ethical impact in situations where textiles in question were cheaply made on a mass scale, putting natural resources and people in a vulnerable position. Recycling textiles can help provide fabric for future clothing and cloth needs, without the same ethical and environmental impact as creating textiles from scratch. Moreover, it is clear that the industry can save money on manufacturing textiles only to waste them and have to constantly manufacture more and more to fit the needs of the New York and international garment industry. Using recycled textiles can save funds in unnecessary…

Contextualizing Fashion
Words: 1675 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75761968
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Contextualizing Fashion: London

The objective of this study is to become familiar with London as a fashion capital and opportunities for fashion retailing in London including the wide range of commercial outlets from the high street store to the fashion concept store.

This study will examine the flagship stores in London as well as the smaller boutiques in order to express an understanding of how shopping is contextualized in London.

Flagship Stores

London shopping is replete with Flagship stores, which are "significant, high profile developments that play and influential and catalytic role in urban regeneration…" (rown, 2009, p.8) The regenerational flagship project may be "a marketing tool for an entire area of a city, a large advertising hoarding, promoting th4e place for others to invest or spin. The flagship experience may be a brand experience and this may be critical to the luxury flagship store to unify the ultimate allure…


DePloy Demi Couture (2012) Retrieved from:

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Iris Apfel Clothing Designer Iris
Words: 768 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 603485
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Apfel says her highly original style is due to her constant desire to take a wonderful designer piece and build on it to make it fun and special. "One can change the entire look of an outfit by substituting one accessory for another. I love objects from different worlds, different eras, combined my way. Never uptight, achieving - hopefully - a kind of throwaway chic," she states (Mehl). One such totally eclectic and wild and frivolous outfit consisted of embroidered silk wedding skirt with an English cashmere sweater and Italian handmade glove-leather boots. Since she has been shopping by herself before even becoming a teenager, she may add a pin from decades ago to a dress of present-day vintage.

These above mentioned outfits are all put together through her creation. Her company of Old World Weavers were actual clothes actually designed and created by her and Carl. She explains about…


Kwon, Marci. Personal style is a difficult thing to define." Washington Square News Website retrieved on October 23, 2005.

Mehl, Diana. "The Buzz" The Collector. Wardrobe of a Lifetime. Website retrieved on October 23, 2005

Leethal Fashion Accessories and Outsourcing
Words: 2311 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 73609838
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While all the above three solutions are easily applicable, Leethal Fashion Accessories would find it the most challenging to take action, even more so as this is impeded by geographic restrictions.

5. Control Strategies

Like any other economist will tell you, implementing a text book solution does not guarantee 100% success rates. It as such necessary to base your strategy on the years of academic expertise; but adjust the findings to the unique features of your company, your outsourcing destination and the particularities of your situation. Otherwise put, it is pivotal to integrate the final solution in the context of the technological developments and the diversity raised by the Asia-Pacific context (Bartol, Martin and Tein, 2004).

Given this understanding, it would be first advisable to send delegates from Leethal Fashion Accessories to the Indian manufacturing plants. These would ensure that the apparel is manufactured at the desired standards of quality,…


Bartol, K.M., Martin, D., Tein, M., 2004, Management: A Pacific Rim Focus, 4th Edition, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0074714198

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spring 2017 fashion and lifestyle trends
Words: 722 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47875573
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2017 right around the corner, it is time to see what designers have in store, and what new trends might be popping up on the horizon. One of the most notable emerging trends is the shift away from technology and complexity, as we find comfort, solace, and retreat in simplicity and the natural world. This theme is evident in both fashion and interior design. As Gudy (2016) points out, emerging design trends reveal "our instinctive need to express ourselves in a world that is, at times, lost in a rush of souls chaos."

A similar trend towards simplicity and taking time away from harried lives was evident in New York Fashion Week Spring 2017. Loose-fitting yet highly structured elements make an appearance. Even hooded bathrobes disguised as coats make an appearance, showing that consumers are demanding greater comfort and relaxation from their lifestyles. Similarly, the brashly off-the-shoulder look and billowy…

Isabel Marant and Diane Von Furstenberg
Words: 1462 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9820415
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fashion designers who have made a significant impact in the industry. This essay will examine Diane Von Furstenberg and Isabel Marant and discuss their histories, contributions to fashion and their importance to society. I will also add my personal opinions and interpretations of their work and how they have affected my outlook towards style and personal expression. I will divide this essay into two parts where each segment will break down the background, market segment, style, promotional approach and importance.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Diane Von Furstenberg was born Diane Halfin on December 31, 1946 in Brussels, Belgium. Her birth mother was a Nazi concentration camp survivor and her father was a rich businessman. Furstenberg enjoyed a comfortable childhood and attended various boarding schools for the affluent families in Europe. She attended the University of Madrid and The University of Geneva.

Furstenberg met and fell in love with Prince Eduard Egon…

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Oscar De La Renta Is
Words: 1793 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92215506
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e has always kept his focus on the high society types, and has only in the past decade reached to a broader market of young consumers.

In conclusion, Oscar de la Renta is one of the premier designers in the world, and his name will carry on long after his death. is clothes are classic ad feminine, and use shapes and colors that are appealing to all women from young to old. is brand began in New York on Seventh Avenue and has now grown worldwide, and has become a household name.

From a humble beginning in the Dominican Republic, to the best fashion houses and the premier lifestyle of a fashion designer as a teenager, Oscar de la Renta found his path in life at a very young age and was talented enough to be able to work as a solo designer in the 1960s and maintain his success…

Hines, Alice. (August 25, 2011) Why Oscar de la Renta is America's Most Expensive Store. Daily Finance. Retrieved from 

Oscar de la Renta Biography 1932-Today (2012) Oscar de la Retrieved from ;

Antonio, Luis. (2007) Splash Magazines.

Coco Channel
Words: 2803 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8834011
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CO Chanel

Today, the term "designer" is too often associated with people who churn out clothing lines every season. In this sense, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel stands as a breed apart. Fashion analysts today attribute the birth of modern fashion to Coco Chanel. She is viewed as a woman and an artist ahead of her time. Her clothing influenced not only the way women dress, but the way women define femininity. In this sense, Chanel is very much a part of the modern artistic movement, along with the likes of Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau.

This paper examines the many facets of Coco Chanel's artistry. The first part of the paper looks at Chanel as a product of her social environment, discussing the factors that have contributed to the evolution of Chanel's style and clothing designs. The next part then looks at Chanel's designs and choice of fabrics. Chanel never defined…


Dunn, Jennifer. "Coco Chanel and Fashion." Transcription Topics. 20 December 1999. University of California at Santa Barbara. 13 March 2004

This website offers a complete and insightful account of Coco Chanel's designs. The first section provides a good resource not only regarding the "look" of Chanel's designs. In addition, this website is useful for identifying how Chanel's "look" evolved in relation to prevailing social norms. The sections on the role both World Wars played in changing the social roles of women were especially illuminating. While many Internet sites on Coco Chanel focus on the designs, Dunn's scholarly approach teases out how designs such as the "working uniform" and the "Chanel suit" both reflect social trends and open new opportunities for working women.

Madsen, Axel. Chanel: A Woman of Her Own. New York: Henry Hold and Company, Inc.

It is well-known that many of the stories regarding Coco Chanel's past are just fabrications. Many were in fact spread by Chanel herself. Considering this, Madsen does a remarkable job of presenting a thorough biography of one of the 20th century's most innovative women. Madsen's work, however, shows some weaknesses. He often underestimates, for example, the importance of the class system and social cachet in early 20th century Europe. This leads him to wonder why associations with royalty and powerful men were important to a modern woman like Coco Chanel. Despite this, his work is an interesting account of how Chanel managed to rise to the top of the fashion industry. The illustrations and Madsen's novelistic style of writing make this book both entertaining and informative.

Regulating the Lowest Weight a Runway Model
Words: 1393 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 66874158
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Low eight and Runway Model

Regulating the Lowest eight of a Runway Model

Fashion industry is a type of industry where there are many regulations regarding the looks of the models. One of the most deliberated topics in the fashion business of the United States of America work with the body weight of the models. The critics in this field argue that many of the male and female models are below average weight which is why many of them have developed eating disorders like anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. In the fashion capitals of the world including the New York, London, Paris, and Milan, there is a collection of different approaches that have been executed to compact with this issue (Norgaard).

In this paper we will look into some of the literature regarding the fact that why the models are so skinny especially runway models and legal implications of how…

Works Cited

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14 March 2012 .

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East Meets West Oriental Influence
Words: 5765 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 74478731
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Of course, the much shorter pleated skirt we now associate with modern Japanese school girls is also a chic look, and the carrying over of this simple design into a popular and often fetish-linked fashion for Western girls of modern times is an important note of timelessness.

Court" Fashion for Japanese Males, Asuka Period (593-710):

Eastern influence is not reserved for Westerners alone, as one can see in Asuka and Nara period clothing designs from Japan. Chinese influence was strong during this time period for clothing styles in Japan between 593 to 794 AD. uddhism and Chinese culture design was popularized by the imperial court members that wore clothing of this kind. The hakama trousers remained intact, but without the binding ties below the knee that earlier periods had emphasized. The upper garment of this period, the "ho" ("Japanese Dress in Former Times...") was less form fitting than previous designs,…


Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. "Orientalism - East Meets West." Galley of Fashion. January 2005.

At-Home Dress." Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Banyan." Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Bhatia, Nandi & Puwar, Nirmal. "Fashion and Orientalism." Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture. October 2003. v7 n3-4.

Entrepreneurship the Psychological Shift Associated
Words: 3106 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 84377090
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Even poor De Beers seems flummoxed. (Twitchell, 2002, p. xv)

Some consider this trend, of luxury for the every day buyer a negative trend as non-luxury brands claim luxury status and luxury brands like Prada are pressured to provide their products for a lower scale market, yet the trend is essential to international and national creative industries development.

In fact one trend in international creative industries is a system nicknamed "grey marketing" where goods and services are sold outside the traditional contracts and supply systems but are not sold illegally, such as is the caser of black marketed items. In other words industries, such as the fashion industry are populated by organizations that are willing to make alternative contractual agreements with companies that might sell their "labels" for lesser prices, such as in the case of overstock or in some cases even exclusive sales of products that might require less…


Bennett, D. (2007). Creative Artists or Cultural Practitioners? Holistic Practice in Australia's Cultural Industries. Journal of Australian Studies, (90), 133+. Retrieved March 23, 2009, from Questia database:

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Chance, J. (2007, July). On Target: As the Latest Designer to Join the Big-Box Store Fold, Fashion Designer Patrick Robinson Is Serving Up Hot Looks for Summer at Real Cool Prices. Ebony, 62, 192+. Retrieved March 23, 2009, from Questia database:

Pana Fete the Red Carpet
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An impressive collection of over 300 guests are expected to attend, including international designers, models, philanthropists, celebrities, buyers, stylists, journalists, executives and socialites. Ticket prices will begin from U.S. $150 for general individual tickets, U.S. $250 for VIP cocktail tables, and U.S. $350 for access to the exclusive VVIP reception with the designers for photographs and meetings. The evening features a full program of fashion festivities and live entertainment along with hors d'oeuvres and open bar with wine and champagne.


The annual Pana Fete raises awareness and creates an opportunity for cultural exchange, building a lasting network of support for the friends of Africa's emerging fashion scene. The event offers its valued sponsors a rare opportunity to align their brand with the unique platform provided by the premier public relations experience in the African fashion industry. For fashion professionals hoping to capture their share of the growing market…

Elephants Dovima
Words: 1394 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6743851
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Dovima ith Elephants

Richard Avedon's photograph "Dovima with Elephants" was taken in Paris, France during the month of August in 1955. It was a commercial piece for Harper's Bazaar to promote the work of Christian Dior. The picture was taken with trained circus elephants that are visibly shackled while the woman at the center is not, indicating the underlying social tension and low position of women during the period, although that might not have been realized at the time the photograph was taken. The model Dovima, who was born Dorothy Juba, is wearing a whit Dior evening gown and, as the title of the picture suggests, she is surrounded on both sides by large elephants. There are actually two photographs which have the same title and were taken on the same day. One has the model in a black dress. They are both culturally significant but for the sake of…

Works Cited

Edwards, Owen. "Fashion Faux Paw: Richard Avedon's Photograph of a Beauty and the Beasts

is Marred, He Believed by One Failing." Smithsonian Magazine, October 2005.

Pochna, Marie France. Christian Dior: the Man who Made the World Look New. Arcade, 1996.

Swartz, Mimi. "The Couture Cinderella." Vanity Faire, June 1991.

Barbie as an Online Tool
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Nairn sees these Barbies as being tortured to destroy the doll's perfection, but the same children (I have noticed from observing female relatives) may demand a new Barbie, even after treating the old one carelessly.

Additionally, not all Barbies are disposed of. In fact, there is a thriving industry of adults who collect Barbies. These Barbies embody characters from famous old films, new films, or characters from around the world. Even some Barbies marketed at younger girls that are reasonably priced like those of the Twilight series of Barbies, are clearly not disposable. Barbies run the gamut from the cheap to the beautifully coiffured, yet all of them suggest a model of femininity that is similar: adult and girlish at the same time. Even as early as the 1960s, according to the website "Barbie's Career History," Barbie was used to embody 'acceptable' female occupations for young women, including that of…

Works Cited

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2008. June 23, 2010.

Helmut Newton
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art of Helmut Newton and state a vision of modern fashion photography through his work and visual influence on the 20th century art. The conception of the female figure as a subject of art has changed through history and evolved according to the demands of society at any specific time or place. From the invention of photography the vision of nude photography has changed following the changes of society, and the fashion woman, the one that characterizes the world of publicity and media, took different shapes and sizes with each decade. From the flunky, fluffy nymphs that were on vogue from the late 1800 until after World War I, evolving into the thin, almost boy-ish model that was the standard image of the 20's, the curvy and voluptuous vamp of the 50's, to the skinny, dominating woman that portrays the second half of the 20th century. The image of woman…


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Art Design-Textiles Eclat Textiles Manufactures
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Especially for lines of clothing that were designed for active lifestyles, ECLAT's fibers would allow for a wide range of styles. Yoga clothes and other types of movement-friendly garments have become trendy recently, and there will be an increased demand for fashionable yet functional clothing. This clothing should allow the wearer's skin to breathe, which is one of the reasons why some of ECLAT's high-tech yarns and fabrics are appealing to an outerwear manufacturer. However, ECLAT's fabrics can also be used in street fashion articles. Jeans that combine regular cotton denim with flexible yarns have become common, in the form of "stretchy" jeans, for example. Many of ECLAT's fabrics are also good for producing quality undergarments. ECLAT manufactures readymade clothing as well as raw materials, but as a fashion designer or merchandiser I would be more interested in purchasing textiles.

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New Look by Dior
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New Look

In the postwar year of 1947, fashion designer created a line he called "Corelle" which is the botanical term for the frail petals at the center of a flower (Christian). In his autobiography, Dior wrote that, "I wanted my dresses to be constructed, molded upon the curves of the feminine body, whose sweep they would stylize" (Dior). He theorized that women were tired of the uniformity and simplicity of the war years where they would have to dress without excess. Dior wanted to create clothing that a woman would enjoy wearing and that would reintegrate her into the world of femininity. Experts in the industry would grow to call this line the "New Look." A 1947 issue of Vogue described the line saying, "from the era of Madame Bovary…wasp-waisted Gibson Girl shirtwaists, pleated or tucked…slow-sloped, easy shoulders…wrapped and bound middles -- barrel (almost hobble) skirts -- longer, deeply…

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Marketing Plan- Julia Grant Marketing
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JG's fashion style is characterized as a mix of the following genres: commercial, trend-based, art focus / cultural / theme-based, couture high fashion and mid-market. In essence, JG's fashion style encompasses from low to high fashion markets, historical to contemporary arts and cultures.

IV. Target Market

JG's target markets for fashion advertising are Australian mid-range boutiques and high fashion brands. These boutiques and brands are known for having edgy and unique fashion images. Brands fitting this profile include the following, to name a few: Ellery, Lover, omance was Born, Bec and Bridge, Sass & Bide, Karen Walker, Lonely Hearts, Camilla and Mac, Zimmerman.

Within the fashion editorial sector, JG targets magazines that offer exclusive international fashion and showcase the work of leading Australian photographers and up-and-coming fashion design talent. The demographic foci of these magazines are people who have a passion for fashion, art, graphics, photography, illustration and street culture.…


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Productions Operations Management Supply Chain of Zara
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Productions Operations Management

Supply Chain of Zara

Supply Chain of the etailer ZAA

Fashion industry is no more the game of rich only. The cost effective fashion businesses have helped penetrate the fashion industry so deep that today even an average earner can enjoy latest fashion by Zara. Being a Spanish retail fashion designer, Zara is strongly accepted fashion brand in Europe, America and United Arab Emirates. In less than 50 years' time, since 1975, Zara has achieved a status others might take centuries to reach. Zara promises quality as well as affordable prices (Zara: Official Website, 2013). While fashion industry mainly depends on new, creative, original ideas, this report studies if supply chain management is important for Zara too and how supply chain management can be used as a competitive advantage.

Thesis Statement:

How the supply chain management can be used as a competitive advantage?

Supply Chain Management



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Marketing Plan for Glisten & Shine Glisten
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Marketing Plan for Glisten & Shine

Glisten & Shine is jewelry and accessories-based company and shall be providing a variety of jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, rings made from special customized gems, and later on would be diversifying its product line into bracelets, cufflinks, tie-pins, jewelry hair-pins and hair accessories, belts etc.

G&S's jewelry will be special as the customer will be able to re-use it over and over again and dye and re-dye it to suit his requirements, without spoiling the natural look. For making our product eye catching, we will make use of semi-precious, transparent and/or opaque crystal gemstone that will be coated with a special paste providing a natural precious look to the gemstones.

Glisten & Shine provides a unique product concept in a relatively maturing jewelry industry. This will give us an edge because customers are in that stage where they want something trendy as…


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Marketing Plan Benetton Is a
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Marketing strategy

Overall Marketing Strategy

The group's marketing strategy is focused on raising awareness on social issues concerning today's society and taking a stance of the real world, rather than encourage costumers to buy its products.


Considering the large product diversification characterizing Benetton's portfolio, it is very difficult to define the manufacturer's main competitors, as it's difficult to define it's industry. Thus, according to (Accessed January 2009), the company's top 3 competitors are: Inditex, GAP and H&M. Inditex is a Spanish based, clothing group, which is considered to be Benetton's main competitor as it designs and retails its own products. It is also a global company managing over 3,690 stores in 68 countries. GAP is an American-based company with 4,250 stores worldwide. Unlike the Italian company, GAP doesn't manufacture its products, being responsible only for the retailing part. H&M is a Swedish-based company with over 1,500 stores in…

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Hermes Birkin Bags the Cost
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The Birkin may still have some durability if it changes and morphs -- if smaller sizes, new colors, new models, or new fabrics suddenly become trendy. However, it cannot remain as it is in the peripatetic world of fashion and still draw attention.

What are the implications of broad diffusion and adoption of this innovation?

Very broad diffusion would result in the 'death' of the bag, even the death of Hermes; given the lack of diffusion of the brand in society is the point of owning the bag. Knock-offs and fakes are extremely common, to the point that many fashion magazines run articles on how to spot a fake Birkin.

Because of its waiting list, from a typical expensive Hermes bag, "Birkin has become a cultural emblem of elitism, privilege and celebrity" (Givhan 2004). One store put up a sign: "The Wait Is Over. Get Yours Now" (The wait list…


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