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Organizational Behavior Analysis

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FedEx was founded by Fred Smith, an ex-Marine who served in Vietnam, and the company retains strong elements of military culture (Smith, 2008). The company fosters its culture in several ways -- in the training process, through corporate lore, and through communications between different levels. As a result, FedEx has a fairly strong corporate culture. They have, however, had challenges in the past when growing via acquisition. Sometimes the acquired company does not adjust well to the FedEx culture, and this happened most prominently with the acquisition of Kinko's, a company that had a dramatically different culture (Goldgeier, 2007). This paper will examine the organizational behavior at FedEx, where it pertains to both the company's culture and its organizational design.

Type of Culture

The culture at FedEx was formed in its early days. There are two major influences. The first is the military culture that founder Fred Smith brought with…… [Read More]


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