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FedEx is in the global logistics industry, and offers a wide range of products and services within this space. The major business units are Express, Ground, Office, Custom Critical, Freight, SupplyChain and Trade Networks. The major business is Express, which is the overnight courier business. FedEx pioneered this service and remains the global leader in overnight shipping. While most subsidiaries are based in the United States, Express operates globally, spanning a network of stations in 220 countries and territories. Most regions of the world can be reached within 1-3 days. Ground operates in the U.S. And Canada, serving business and residential customers with slower shipping times. FedEx Office used to be Kinko's, and is an international office services chain. The other businesses encompass a wide range of solutions including LTL (less than truckload) shipping, customs clearance...


The company moves goods, but it neither produces those goods nor sells them. The service company is backed by a network of 290,000 employees, a fleet of aircraft and ground vehicles, and a network of stations around the world that sort packages for delivery and shipment.
FedEx backs its service with guarantees. The most famous of these is the longstanding guarantee on overnight delivery. Most overnight shipments come with a delivery guarantee for various points in the day, and if the courier has not attempted delivery by this point the company will refund the cost of shipment. The guarantee provides piece…

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The company offers training sessions for their staff members and presents them with several incentives, such as discounts on the organization's services or employee empowerment. This virtually means that the individual staff members are valued as vital organizational assets, and their input is considered throughout the decision making process. The second component of the transportation and logistics infrastructure is given by the fleet. This is composed from the following: 654 aircraft

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FedEx was founded by Fred Smith after his tour in Vietnam, and he continues to run the company today, as the only CEO that FedEx has ever known. The company began by offering overnight courier services, an industry that to that point had not existed. Today, that unit is known as FedEx Express and it is still the largest in the company. There are competitors, however, mostly notably UPS, DHL