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Nigerian Cinema on the World Stage

Words: 834 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 43184820

To the Lagos State Government,
It is with great pleasure and excitement that EBONYLIFE FILMS extends to you our invitation as Special Guest of Honour at the World Premiere of our feature length film, THE ROYAL HIBISCUS HOTEL, to be held on the 9th of September 2017 in Toronto, Canada.
THE ROYAL HIBISCUS HOTEL will be screened for the very first time at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), one of the most prestigious and largest publicly attended film festivals in the world, attracting over 480,000 people annually. Receiving such a significant accolade is important because it identifies the movie as a quality production. The movie is the only Nigerian selection and one of just three African features in the Contemporary World Cinema category, spotlighting 48 of the best new films worldwide. 
The Toronto Film Festival has attracted some of the biggest stars including Hollywood’s A-list celebrities such as…… [Read More]

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Film United 93 Directed by

Words: 1834 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 23215394

It also says a lot about our society that so many people went to see the film and endorsed the film. It is not because this film is about heroes or heroism. It is because the film's ultimate message is to never forget the people who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It was a time when the people of the country came together in support and grief, and a time that made the country and its people just a bit closer to one another. It was an epic time in history and this film makes everyone remember, ultimately so they will never forget.

In conclusion, this is an important and emotional film. It is certainly not easy to watch, and it is easy to demonize the terrorists and fault the military because of their scrambled messages and inaction. However, the director does not demonize the terrorists or…… [Read More]


Fortuna, Michael. "Bingham Feels 'United 93' Does Son's Memory Justice." Villages Daily Sun. 2006. 1 Dec. 2008.

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Wilson, Tyler. "United 93' a Powerful Re-Enactment of Tragedy." University of Idaho. 2006. 1 Dec. 2008. .
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Capote the Recent Film Capote

Words: 2999 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79083346

Capote was always clearly a film meant to appeal to a more educated and selective audience, and finding that audience is not as easy as for the major releases. Traditional methods of promotion and marketing are still widely used, but television has become the centerpiece of every campaign, with the advertising blitz in the week or so before a film opens being the determining factor in the success or failure of the effort. Much marketing effort today goes into developing ancillary markets and product tie-ins of various sorts, all to help recoup expenses and, if a film is very successful, to cash in to an even greater degree. Capote also advertised on television, but not with the sort of budget that would be available for a major studio release. Marketing a film like Capote on television would have been very difficult a few years ago when the primary outlet used…… [Read More]

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Chinese Film the Evolution of the Chinese

Words: 1828 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16128048

Chinese Film

The Evolution of the Chinese Film Industry

Contemporary Chinese Film Poster (Chinese Films)

For literally thousands of years, the Culture of China has inspired people and been a source of awe and excitement for people all over the world. The Chinese culture is rather unique and elegant with elements that are not commonly found in other cultures. Part of the cultures attraction is undoubtedly because it is one of the oldest cultures in the world and had has thousands and thousands of years to evolve into what it is today. It has drawn so much interest that it is integrating with other cultures. Although much of the ancient traditions have been somewhat overcome by various estern influences and modernization, traces of various aspects of the previous cultures still manage to stand the test of time and can still be seen today.

Many changes have occurred in the Chinese…… [Read More]

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Tim Burton - Movie Director

Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82882260

Amazingly, all of the movies mentioned above ranked in the top ten at the box office. atman was the most financially lucrative with a number one box-office rating and a total gross of just over $251 million followed by atman Returns with a number two box-office rating and a total gross of nearly $163 million. Ed Wood was the least successful and came in at number nine at the box office and grossed about $5.8 million (Tim urton FAQ).

In 2001, urton's Planet of the Apes was panned by the critics, leaving some to question if urton had lost his luster. (Andac). About the same time as Planet of the Apes, both of urton's parents died within a short space of time (Jackson and McDermott, 2004). In 2003, he bounced back with ig Fish, a story of a man trying to reconnect with his dying father. This was one of…… [Read More]


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Magdalene Sisters Film

Words: 2586 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61978155

Magdalene Sisters

Peter Mullan's 2002 movie The Magdalene Sisters depicts the dark side of Irish culture, church, and history. From the late nineteenth to the late twentieth century, the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland ran profitable asylums for women. The laundry businesses allowed the convents to earn money while keeping socially scorned women behind bars. Yet far from being a place of spiritual refuge, the Magdalene laundries often became torture houses closely resembling concentration camps. As Mullan shows, spirituality was completely superceded by cruelty, greed, torture, and manipulation. The brutality shown on screen reveals a chilling behind-the-scenes glimpse of what actually did occur regularly in Magdalene asylum laundries.

The culture that supported such institutions was an inherently sexist one, as many of the interred women committed no offense other than having shamed their families or being attractive. Although a fictionalized account, The Magdalene Sisters shows what mental and physical abuse…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Renowned Film Makers of This Century Federico

Words: 1730 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97528941

renowned film makers of this century Federico Fellini. Fellinni was born in Rimini on 20 January 1920. He was the son of Ida Barbiani who was of Roman origin and his father was Urbano who was a travelling salesman. Even while he was in high school, Fellini became famous as a caricature artist and this helped him get the job of a film promotional artist at the Fulgor cinema.

His directorial career was dotted with many accolades, several Oscar winning movies and almost all his films were critically acclaimed. The more famous films that were directed by Fellini were La strada - which won an Oscar and was among the first films in a series of films that sealed his place amidst the greatest of the film makers. Other famous films by the director were Le notti di Cabiria- an Oscar winning film, La dolce vita- won the Palme d'Or…… [Read More]

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Experimental Film

Words: 2578 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86966137

Maya Deren: An Experimental Life

Maya Deren, born Eleanora Derenkowsky on April 29, 1917 in Kiev, Ukraine, has been referred to as "the high priestess of experimental cinema." (1) Even though she was a dancer, choreographer, poet, writer and photographer, she is still considered a pioneer not only in experimental filmmaking, but also a voice for the feminist film community.

In 1922, the Derenkowsky family fled the threat of anti-Semitism in the Ukraine, arriving in New York where they changed their name to "Deren." The family, though, was frequently unhappy and at odds. As an adolescent, Maya was sent to Geneva to attend The League of Nations International School while Maya's mother, Marie Deren, studied languages in Paris and her father, Solomon Deren, practiced psychiatry in New York City.

After attending school in Geneva, Deren studied journalism and political science and became active in student politics at Syracuse University. She…… [Read More]

4. P. Adams Sitney, Visionary Film: the American Avant-Garde 1943-1978, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1979, p.10

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Management of Filmnation Company

Words: 1011 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 43766095

Film Nation is a relatively new production company that already boasts a long leger of big hits including Chernobyl Diaries, The King's Speech, and The aven. In addition to their lists of production credits, Film Nation has distribution rights to a number of movies including Ceremony and Aftershock. A long and esteemed list of film makers have linked with Film Nation to bring a film to production including Steven Soderbergh, Terrence Malick, Pedro Almodovar, Jeff Nichols and Sofia Coppola (Film Nation). Film Nation's most recent acquisition has been the screenplay to children's book "A Tale Dark & Grimm" by author Adam Gidwitz (McNary). The announcement of the acquisition was made at the Toronto Film Festival.

According to company literature, "veteran international film executive Glen Basner" founded Film Nation in 2008 (Film Nation). The company is described as "a new kind of film company -- global, versatile and full-service; and is…… [Read More]


Film Nation [Web Site]. Retrieved online:

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the Film Documentaries

Words: 2317 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91463324

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

The film, documentaries and the last docudrama are exceptional production pieces by notable directors and producers. Crouching tiger-hidden dragon defies the usual mantra of strength only attributed to men. Jen effectively acts as person having higher morals. The martial arts performance was exceptional, an unusual feature in Hollywood. Islam, the empire of faith is another documentary made on the rise of Islamic empire and the life of Prophet Mohammad having a great impact on establishment of religion. 'Gandhi' also remains an unquestioned production classic that eloquently portrays Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the unquestioned leader of India. The film sheds light on Hinduism as a religion and its faith and dogmas. Lastly, Kundan is a docudrama based on life of Dalai Lama. 'Kundan' might not have justified the stature of Buddhism in history of mankind but the piece of production remains an earnest effort on part of Martin…… [Read More]


Bowker, J. & Bowker, D. (1997). World religions. Dorling Kindersley.

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Red Balloon Le Balloon Rouge

Words: 1081 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65031440

This scene can easily be likened to the communist investigations of this era, when many writers, directors, actors, and numerous people in the entertainment business were blacklisted from working, many of whom were turned in by peers who had been "beaten down" by interrogations.

This film is really remarkable, considering that there is no dialogue. There are only sound effects, thus the actors must be given praise for their abilities to carry the film, especially Pascal. His portrayal of innocence and naivete comes across as truly genuine.

ithout dialogue, music and sound effects take on added importance to the film. Lamorisse chooses music and sound that is very appropriate for each scene. For example, when Pascal is trying to get the balloon down from the lamppost, the music in the background adds to the mischievous nature of the boy and the story. Moreover, the sound effects also help to enhance…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Albert Lamorisse. 

The Red Balloon. Director: Albert Lamorisse. 1956.
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Auteur Theory Is Familiar to Anyone Who

Words: 1499 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8544562

Auteur theory is familiar to anyone who is a fan of the French cinema because the word originated as a description of a certain type of French film. Basically, it was a style that was directly connected to the director of the film, usually because he was both the involved in both writing the screenplay and directing the film. In the movies eek End by Jean-Luc Godard and The 400 Blows by Francois Truffaut, the director was involved in the writing also. Both directors were also proponents of the idea of auteur cinema, so their films would have had a flair that was similar to some elements of themselves. It can be said that the Truffaut film is the best representation of the style between the two because he was using scenes from his own life and that of his friends. Just as Tom Sawyer was a mix of the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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National Cinema the Cinema and

Words: 6599 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 16927805

In the fifth place, some English language cinemas compete directly with Hollywood within its own playing field. The sixth and seventh cinema types are interesting, since they attempt to retain a singular identity without external influence. One of these is the cinema that exists entirely within a state-controlled industry, which is often subsidized by the same state. Finally, there are those national cinemas that hold such a specific identity that they distance themselves, in terms of language or culture, from the nation-states within which they exist.

Having identified these categories, Crofts also points out the importance of recognizing their permeability. The author uses the example of French, Australian, and Indian films to demonstrate this point. The French, for example, would operate in the fields of differing from Hollywood, not competing directly with it, but occasionally delivering critique on its films and practices. On exceptional occasions, French cinema would also venture…… [Read More]


Abbas, a. (2007). Hong Kong. The Cinema of Small Nations. Edited by Hjort and Petrie. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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Glory Directed by Edward Zwick

Words: 1558 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41046677

Were they even higher than the film portrays, or where they Hollywood dramatizing in order to create a film sympathetic to black soldiers in an era of "politically correct" filmmaking? The viewer takes the film for truth, when it may be more fabrication than they know.

In conclusion, "Glory" is an interesting film for a number of reasons. It graphically shows the horrors of war, and the additional racial horrors the black unit faced in its struggle for equality and freedom. The director may not have seen the film as a racial production, but critics and viewers certainly did. The film graphically illustrates the great division that split the country in two and created a Civil War, and shows that while blacks have made great strides in many areas since the war, some things never change. Most black Americans are still socially and economically disadvantaged, and still fighting to reach…… [Read More]


Author not Available. "Clouds of Glory; Can Great Cinema be Good History?" The Economist, Vol. 314, Num. 7639. 20 Jan. 1990. 103-104.

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Social Reform

Words: 1768 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14320704

films may have in common are performers, directors or subject matter. The films, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and the Hurricane, have several things in common. All three films follow the results of men wrongly convicted of murder. Two of the films, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, were adapted from original works of the same author, Stephen King. They also were directed by the same person, Frank Darabont. In addition, all three films share something else. They are all films about individuals who have been judged because of the way they look.

In The Green Mile, John Coffey, played by Michael Clarke Duncan, is on death row after being found guilty of murdering two little white girls. The Green Mile is the name given to Coal Mountain Louisiana State Penitentiary's death row. Coffey, a black man, was found with the broken bodies of the two dead girls…… [Read More]


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Kim Basinger it Is Difficult to See

Words: 1371 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73331354

Kim Basinger

It is difficult to see how the jury could reach an intelligent decision in this case because the defense's profit-sharing argument left so much information missing from the production costs. The jury was not given the nature of the costs: variable vs. fixed in incremental production costs for the movie; discretionary vs. non-discretionary costs, which would tend to be unreliable because the Plaintiff is the expert about them; committed vs. avoidable costs.

Based on scant testimony from the Plaintiff's expert:

Plaintiff's Minimum Damages (in $ Millions)

ith Basinger

ithout Basinger


Foreign Pre-Sales

Domestic Pre-Sales

Total Revenue

Production Costs




Profit (Loss)


(Albrecht, Stice, Stice, & Swain, 2008, p. 1114).

Should Main Line's maximum and minimum lost profit amounts be revised downward for the following? hy?

a. The domestic distribution revenues of $3 million because the deal had not been finalized.

No, the $3 million…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Battle of Algiers One of the More

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27282995

Battle of Algiers

One of the more popular themes in motion pictures surrounds the conflict between ideas. These ideas may be of a personal nature, a professional nature, or in many cases, of such epic proportions that they are epic and larger than life. Many of these conflicts, at least at the movies, take on the idea of some type of revolution as part of an overall character -- an armed rebellion of the oppressed against the oppressors. The audience can relate to this because it is the "little guy" versus the "big guy." This is fairly typically in mainstream Hollywood -- "Braveheart," "The Patriot," and others -- all share the idea of a small group of people trying to overthrow a large, and usually evil, empire. One interesting movie, filmed in a more realistic mode, probably never meant for mass appeals, is the 1966 production of "The Battle of…… [Read More]


"Diplomatic License." (January 1, 2004). CNN. Cited in: 

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Cinematheque. Cited in:
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Effect of Electoral Rules and Socio Economic Changes

Words: 1392 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 60557851

justification for this focus?

The festival will, via thirty gender sensitivity- and female empowerment- focused movies, attempt at fostering social reform and altering gender stereotypes. It will be able to provide a platform for training women, advocating for women-specific problems, fostering an entrepreneurial drive in them, and urging them to assume non-traditional functions. Furthermore, the university's efforts towards the above goals will be furthered via the festival (DNA, 2016).

One study discovered that female actors had a mere 30.2% of named or speaking roles within Hollywood's 700 greatest films between 2007 and 2014; of these only 28 movies had female directors (DNA, 2016). Through this film festival, it is hoped moviemakers will be influenced to portray women more often and in more prominent, non-traditional, and varied roles. For instance, film scripts can easily incorporate businesswomen, female security officers, taxi drivers, or scientists, who are interwoven into the story without any…… [Read More]


Childers, H. M. (2002). "You go girl!" Nationalism and women's empowernment in the Bollywood film Kya Kehna! Louisiana State University, 5.

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Hawley, J. (2016, February). Why women's empowerment is essential for sustainable development. Retrieved from IIED:
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Dv Technology

Words: 1036 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88384442

DV Technology

The Revolution Will Be Fought in Pixels

The Social Impact of DV Technology in Filmmaking

Since the advent of film, the medium has been constantly growing and evolving, every day seeming to be the start of a whole new era of film technology. Each passing trend in film-making leaves an impression on the entire future of film. While favorite techniques and technologies are passed with a slightly mournful reminiscence, the advantages and new abilities brought forth with every step on the film-making timeline are welcomed and celebrated... usually. A new technology has invaded film-making that is so revolutionary it has literally started a revolution in the industry. Digital Video, or DV, has advanced to the point where most movie-goers cannot say if the film was shot on traditional film or using a digital camera, and this has major social implications for artists who are a part of the…… [Read More]

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Waltz With Bashir Vals Im Bashir Is

Words: 1619 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52916371

Waltz With ashir (Vals Im ashir) is a 2008 Israeli animated autobiographical docudrama by Ari Folman that is based on his experiences as a soldier during the First Lebanon War in 1982. The film is directed, written, and produced by Ari Folman, who also stars in the film as himself (Folman, 2008; IMD, n.d.). With a budget of approximately $1.5 million, the film has grossed approximately $2.1 million (Rotten Tomatoes, n.d.; IMD, n.d.)

Waltz with ashir (2008) had its world premiere at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2008. Following its premiere, Waltz With ashir (2008) embarked on a worldwide film festival campaign. Waltz with ashir (2008) was screened at the Annecy Animation Festival (6/9/2008) in France; Filmfest Munchen (6/20/2008-6/28/2008) in Germany, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (7/4/2008-7/12/2008) in the Czech Republic; Auckland International Film Festival (7/10/2008-7/27/2008) in New Zealand; Puchon International Film Festival (7/18/2008-7/27/2008) in South Korea;…… [Read More]


Folman, A. (2008). Waltz With Bashir. Israel: Sony Pictures Classics. DVD.

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Management the Objective of This Work in

Words: 2194 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58923702


The objective of this work in writing is to conduct a critical assessment of the negative and positive impacts of cultural events or festivals upon the host community and destination. This work will be specific to the United Kingdom.

There is an increase in the growth of popularity of culturally-based events and festivals and because of this, these types of festivals and events are becoming more commonplace. Included in these events are "a diverse range of themes from the specific, food and wine, through to multi-faceted celebrations, such as multicultural festivals. Characteristically, they originate within the community in response to a need or desire to celebrate their unique identity." (Small, Edwards and Sheridan, 2005, p.86) The work of The 2nd DeHaan Tourism Management Conference: Nottingham: December 16th, 2003 entitled "The Impact of Festivals on Cultural Tourism" defines cultural tourism as "Travel directed toward experiencing the arts, heritage, and special…… [Read More]


Chalip, L. And Leyns, A., 2002. Local business leveraging of a sport event: Event Management, 6, 155-165. Managing an event for economic benefit. Journal of Sport Management, 16, 132-158.

Fredline, E. & Faulkner, B. (2002a). Residents' reactions to the staging of a major motorsports event within their communities: a cluster analysis. Event Management, 7(2), 103-114.

Fredline, E. & Faulkner, B. (2002b). Variations in residents' reactions to major motorsports events: why residents perceive the impacts of events differently. Event Management, 7(2), 115-126.

Fredline, E., & Faulkner, B. (2000). Host community reactions: a cluster analysis. Annals of Tourism Research, 27(3), 763-784.
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films and music production

Words: 357 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Resume Paper #: 42549577

Cem Celal Bilge

Music & Digital Film Production and Licensing

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, I studied in the Integrative Arts - Music Technologies program and graduated with a B.A. from the College of Arts and Architecture at Penn State. In 2011, I opened up a music production studio in Istanbul, Turkey and started producing content with like-minded musicians and filmmakers while attending school at State College, PA. My first full feature production, "Zaiyat", was shot in Turkey and premiered in SXSW and at the Istanbul Independent Film Festival in 2013. After graduating in 2014, I moved to Brooklyn, NY and started working for a record label called "Nublu Records". Meanwhile I co-produced a documentary about "Nublu" and it premiered at the Istanbul Independent Film Festival in 2017.

At last, I founded a Record Label called "Personal Space Records" which produces and promotes local and international artists. I also produced a…… [Read More]

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Deconstruct a Piece of Mass Media

Words: 3758 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11983262

Mass Media

A Deconstruct of the movie "Paris is Burning" as it relates to 6 Chapters in our textbook

Paris Is Burning is a provocative and controversial documentary film released in the year 1990. The direction was done by Jennie Livingston who focused on filming the drag ball culture and society that existed in the city of New York during the 1980s. The film focuses on three primary topics: race, homosexuality and prejudice towards a social stereotype. Hence the movie focuses on not just the culture of the whites in the American urban society but also the lifestyles of the African-Americans, Latinos and gays within the communities while also shedding light on the lives of the transsexual and sex workers in the city.

The significance of the movie is not only on the thought-provoking topics it covers, but also in its style of filming and the fact that it perhaps…… [Read More]


Clarkson, J. (2008). The limitations of the discourse of norms: Gay visibility and degrees of transgression. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 32(4), 368-382. Published by Sage Publications, Inc.

Green, J. (1993). "Paris Has Burned." The New York Times. . Retrieved August 9th, 2011

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Moore, C. (2008). Resisting, reiterating and dancing through: the swinging closet doors of Ellen DeGeneres's televised personalities. In R. Beirne (Ed.), Televising queer women: A reader (pp. 17-31). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
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Press on Globalization and Its

Words: 5481 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23431412

Not only does this benefit them as a port destination, but the influx of trade goes through Taiwan with the majority of manufactured goods of the Pacific region flowing through their ports. Since Taiwan has a favorable relationship with the Western states, it has been able to absorb the growth of the East Asian region and serve as an effective broker for traffic of goods. Thus it plays a central role within the region as a broker between lesser developed nations and the developed super powers.

Not only does Taiwan hold an enviable position within global trade, but it also has developed its internal capacity to become a manufacturing force. Taiwan has focused its industries on two key developments, high end technology products including semi-conductors and high end technology product development. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is the world's largest independent semiconductor foundry. As a joint venture through subsidized state…… [Read More]

Lee, Pei-shan, "Regime Transition and Economic Governance: The End of Development. Annual Meeting of the Taiwanese Political Science Association, National

Sun Yat-sen University. 9-10 December 2000.

Paul Hirst and Grahame Thompson, Globalization in Question (London: Polity Press, 1999), p.241.
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San Francisco

Words: 855 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49837274

history of town descriptioins of important locations landmarks or special places government/population/weather/education entertainment/festivals/sporting events pictures/map other information of interest

The European began their exploration of the an Francisco Bay Area and its various islands in 1592, but the an Francisco Bay was not mapped until 1775. ir Francis Drake visited an Francisco in 1579. The Presidio of an Francisco and Mission Dolores were founded in 1776. In the 1820's ships from Boston first came to barter along the san Francisco coast, and in 1846, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day aints arrived and settled in an Francisco. In 1848, gold was first discovered in California, which brought many other people from all over the United tates westward, especially in 1849, in search of quick riches. The population of an Francisco and its surrounding areas increased quickly after that. The terrible an Francisco earthquake and fire occurred in…… [Read More]

San Francisco is well-known for entertainment. It has its own symphony; its own ballet company, and its own opera company, as well as many theaters and cinemas. Other cultural entertainments include museums and lectures throughout the city. Some well-known festivals are the Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration held each year on January 9; the Chinese New year Celebration on January 17; the Independent Film Festival held each February; and the annual March 17 St. Patrick's Day Parade.

San Francisco also has many sporting events, featuring major league football, baseball, and basketball leagues. Soccer is also popular, both to play and as a spectator sport. San Francisco has football, baseball, and basketball stadiums. It is the home of famous sports teams, including the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco 49 ers.

The city of San Francisco is very scenic in many ways, and some beautiful pictures of San Francisco, both historical and current, may be found on the website A Timeline of San Francisco History, , visited December 2, 2004. Many maps of San Francisco, both large overall maps and smaller maps of various sections of the city, can be found on the internet. Among these are an expandable map of either the whole city or parts of the city on the website Map of San Francisco, visited December 1, 2004, at . All in all, San Francisco is a beautiful, scenic, exciting city, definitely worth visiting and getting to know.
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Umberto D 1952 This

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As the film unfolds the couple flirts with other people at a party given by a billionaire. Both are aware of the other's flirtations. When they hear of the death of their friend Tommaso the woman tells her husband that she no longer loves him. But Giovanni reassures her that they are in love and can make their marriage work. La Notte ends with Lydia reading out a love letter that Giovanni wrote to her just before they got married. However, she cannot remember it.

This film leaves one with a feeling of emptiness and a sense of a journey that has led nowhere. There is a strong feeling of existential crises and the breakdown of communications and relationships in the film. This film can perhaps best be understood in terms of mood structure and in the creation of a certain atmosphere, rather than in looking for a conventional narrative…… [Read More]

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Direct Impact That Catholic Voices Had on

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Direct IMPACT that Catholic Voices had on the media contributing to the perceived success of the Pope's visit in 2010 amidst the volatile negative climate surrounding the Catholic Church in that year

Even if people are interested in knowing about various religions and getting inspired from them, a lot many get put off from the topic when religious intolerance begets riots and uproars in a city, an instance that was observed in America when the issue of burning the Korans arose. Also, the issue of the New York Islamic centre sparked a number of controversies (Ingebretsen, 2005). One way that the Catholic Church and Pope have been able to avoid such criticism in the past is by befriending the media. One of the most recent examples of this is the formation of the group -- Catholic Voices -- the primary purpose and objective of this group was to "amplify the…… [Read More]


Catholic Voices Official Website (2010). Accessed on March 12, 2011 from

Angela Ann Zukowski and Pierre Be ' langer (ed.) Radio Presence. A Collection of International Stories & Experiences (Brussels, 2000). See articles such as: Radio vs. dictators, Unda Newsletter, x (5) (Brussels, June 1966), 1, about the role of Radio Soleil in Haiti against Jean Claude Duvalier. The same can be found in the Philippines (against Marcos) and in Peru (against Fujimori).

Bolivia. 50 an " os de Radio Pi ' o XII o el Indio-Radio, SIGNIS Media, (2), 24 -- 25 (Brussels, 2007). Costa Rica. Treinta an " os de radio cultural por los campesinos, SIGNIS Media, (2) (Brussels, 2007), 24.

Convents, G. And Beeck, T.V. 2009. FORUM DOCUMENTING CATHOLIC MEDIA ACTIVITIES ALL OVER THE WORLD: THE SIGNIS, OCIC AND UNDA ARCHIVES. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television Vol. 29, No. 1, March, pp. 113 -- 121
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Public Policy Option

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countries impose barriers to stop or hinder the import of cultural products (film, movies, etc.) or offer subsidies to promote their production and distribution

"This memo is in response to your request for input regarding the debate of whether countries should impose barriers to hinder the import of cultural trade or provide subsidies to promote their distribution and production."

In the olden days, the cultural products such as television, movies and broadcasting systems were only developed within the national territories and were shaped using the national regulations. Even during the twenty-first century, the promotion of cultural values through television, films and movies remain the national phenomenon. (Morris and Waisbord 2001). However, rapid development of information technology has revolutionized the promotion of the cultural values to international level. The advent of satellite and cable channels as well as the growth of modern technology such as internet and digital compression has transformed…… [Read More]


Doyle, G.(2012). Audio-visual Services: International Trade and Cultural Policy. ADBI Working Paper Series. Available 

Canada Heritage (2014). Audiovisual Treaty Coproduction. Government of Canada. 

Filho, E.M.G. Botelho, F.B. Rezende, B. et al. (2014). An Analysis of the Brazilian Audio Visual Sector. Tendencias Consultoria Integreda.
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How Ebony Life TV Can Expand Its Base

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Strategy Document for TV Company


Digital terrestrial television (DTT), which utilizes the analog infrastructure of traditional broadcast television to provide viewers with digital programming, is a land-based open platform with a strong enough signal to reach hundreds of millions without the need for a satellite dish or cable lines.

We have just commenced operations with our new channel, ONYX TV, on the DTT platform with a national license from the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission. We are broadcasting first in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and will roll out services nationwide over the next 12 months.

While EbonyLife TV is a premium channel, Onyx TV will cater to the mass market and offer a unique proposition as 'the channel that gives you more for less'. With ONYX TV, viewers can enjoy an exciting new channel that brings them entertaining and exciting Nigerian programming, including Talk, Drama, Comedy, Fashion, Lifestyle, Reality and…… [Read More]

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Feminist Themes in Witi Ihimaera

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The paper will present arguments to show the relative importance of the book "hale Rider" by Ihimaera. Its importance and possible impact on young girls will be discussed in the paper with special reference to the story of the book. After reading the book and after analyzing the story, the reader would know that the author wrote the book for his daughters. The paper will be technical and argumentative in nature. The paper will also provide a conclusion based on the findings and information.

Prolific Maori writer iti Ihimaera's early works were written with the intention of helping convey Maori heritage and legend to young urban Maori. Much of his fiction is based on fact and has autobiographical elements, exploring what it is to be Maori in New Zealand society. The hale Rider (1987), a mythical work about a young girl whose relationship…… [Read More]

Works Cited

As retrieved from Whale Rider On May 2nd, 2004

As retrieved from The Whale Rider Witi Ihimaera Harcourt Paperback 168 pages May 2003 . On May 2nd, 2004

As retrieved from The Whale Rider
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Marketing in Healthcare Management Over

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It was especially effective when evaluated for the specific demographic segmentation the organization was targeting. Young adult males were particularly inclined to watch the commercial, thanks to the buxom, bikini-clad beauty as the star. In addition, young adult females were more likely to relate to the star of commercial, more so than if they had cast a middle-aged housewife. Although these demographics were more likely to watch the commercial, such a small portion of the commercial was devoted to the actual message, it's difficult to determine the effectiveness on whether or not these viewers would take action, such as learning more about breast cancer or conducting monthly self breast exams, or other behaviors that would help with early detection of breast cancer, to ensure the likelihood of survival.

egarding the seven Ps of marketing, the Save the Boobs campaign was more effective than originally anticipated regarding the place of the…… [Read More]


Aggarwal, V.B., & Gupta, V.S. 2001, Handbook of journalism and mass communication, Concept, New Delhi.

Anselmo, D. 2010, Marketing demystified a self-teaching guide,.McGraw-Hill, New York.

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Crane, F.G. 2001, Professional services marketing: strategy and tactics, Haworth Press, New York.
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Portrayed in Sequential Arts Us

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Consequences of these choices only compound his deep-seated insecurities. (Zushi)

Both Ben and Miko are Japanese-Americans, and their shared ethnic background impacts on their lives in significantly different ways. Miko is proactive and politicised -- she is the assistant organiser of a film festival showcasing Asian-American talent. Ben, meanwhile, is a depressive manager of a local cinema, seemingly content in his life of slow-burning frustration and -- not surprisingly -- covert masturbation.

Sexual stereotyping is at the heart of the story. The title itself is a reference to Ben's feeling of inadequacy in the trousers department (underneath the dust jacket, the book cover bears a life-size image of a ruler). At one point, Ben recalls a "stupid joke": "hat's the difference between Asian men and Caucasian men?" The punchline -- "the cauc" -- is both funny and deeply uncomfortable. "I actually heard a girl tell that joke in college! I…… [Read More]

Works Cited

The Columbia World of Quotations. New York: Columbia University Press, 1996. 16 Jan. 2008

The Comic-Book Heroes with a Touch of Genius." The Daily Mail (London, England) 22 Dec. 2006: 64. Questia. 15 Jan. 2008 .


Dunford, Richard. "Chapter 4 Developing a Research Proposal." Surviving Your Thesis. Ed. Suzan Burton and Peter Steane. New York: Routledge, 2004. 46-58. Questia. 15 Jan. 2008 .
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international operations of Papa John's

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Impact of Trade Barriers

There are several pizza franchises that operate internationally, and this is an opportunity open to Papa John's as well. Both Pizza Hut and Domino's have major international operations, and these have been facilitated by a reduction in trade barriers (Buss, 2013). International expansion, especially to emerging markets, has formed a part of the company's growth strategy since 2013 (Euromonitor, 2013). When trade barriers are reduced, this helps franchise businesses in a couple of key ways. First, it allows them to source inputs from anywhere it is cheapest. Papa John's might get its ingredients from America, but it may get its ovens from China, and its cardboard boxes from Canada – wherever is cheapest and trade makes foreign goods much cheaper than they otherwise would be without the reduction of those trade barriers. The other way that declining trade barriers help franchises like Papa John's is that…… [Read More]

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Comparing Etihad and Emirates

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Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways 
This paper discusses Etihad Airways, the number 2 airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and compares it to Emirates Airlines, the number 1 airline of the Middle East, and fourth largest airline in the world. The paper provides examples of the 7 P’s of the extended marketing mix for each airline, and provides a detailed marketing plan for Etihad Airways. The marketing plan includes how the plan will meet business objectives and marketing objectives of Etihad Airways as well as an Action Plan that can be used to to monitor and evaluate the company’s progress for meeting its business goals and objectives.
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways is the 2nd largest airline in the UAE and the second flag carrier airline of the UAE with its HQ in Abu Dhabi and its main hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Founded in 2003, Etihad Airways…… [Read More]

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Portrayal of American Life Through

Words: 1961 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99322245

The death of their son is bearable only because they believe that justice will be served and Richard will be locked away forever. However, at the preliminary hearing, not only is Richard released on bail, but it looks as if the charges will be dropped to manslaughter. As the months go by, Ruth keeps seeing Richard around town and as her anger grows her grief snowballs. The thought of him serving only five or ten years becomes unbearable for her and Matt. Ever the devoted husband and father, Matt takes matters into his own hands.

Mendes portrays Ruth as a doting but critical mother, very much concerned with her own world, He sums her up in one sentence at the end of the movie when Matt returns home, she simply says, "Did you do it" and then goes cheerfully into the kitchen to make coffee without a thought to what…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Benton, Robert. "Kramer vs. Kramer." RCA/Columbia Pictures. 1979.

Redford, Robert. "Ordinary People." Paramount Pictures. 1980.

Mendes, Sam. "American Beauty." DreamWorks SKG. 1999.

Field, Todd. "In the Bedroom." Good Machine;Greene Street Films, Inc.;
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Ambrose Bierce Facts About Bierce's

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After Fuentes novel, later was made a film, " Old Gringo," with Gregory Peck in the title role.

Bierce also joined the characters of the movie From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (set in 1913, a prequel to the original From Dusk Till Dawn). Bierce was an inspiring figure for the producer of the movie. In the film he is first attacked y andits, and then trapped in a ar filled with vampires determined to kill all the humans inside. This clearly fictional adventure also portrayed Bierce as an alcoholic. In that film Amrose Bierce was played y Michael Parks.

Bierce appears as a character in Roert A. Heinlein's uses Amrose Bierce as a character for his novella " Lost Legacy," (pulished in the short story collection Assignment in Eternity). In the story, Bierce has advanced mental powers.

A http: The story purpose is to present Bierce's manuscript…… [Read More]



1. Facts about Bierce's life and work -contains information about his life and work.

2. The work which consecrated Bierce as a famous writer - the most important writing of Ambrose Bierce, categorized.

I. The Supernatural stories -contains references and examples
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Strategic Issues

Words: 1185 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88041641

McDonald's strategic issue is a fundamental policy question or challenge affecting an organization's mandates, mission, and values; product or service level and mix; clients, users, or payers; or costs, financing, structure, or management (Bryson, 1995). This paper describes a strategic issue faced by fast food giant McDonald's, which is fighting to maintain its position as a market leader.

McDonald's has built one of the most successful fast food franchises in the world, with incredible growth for over three decades. The company's long-term strategy has focused on uniformity in its product, service, and the consistency of its information systems. However, with a slew of recent challenges, McDonald's learning that times are changing. The company's main new concern is portraying their sense of healthy eating habits and staying ahead of the competition.

McDonald's reached a low point in 2001, when customer-satisfaction surveys revealed that the company was falling well behind its competitors,…… [Read More]


AP. (March 3, 2004). McDonald's Scrapping 'Supersize'. Associated Press.

Bryson, John M. (1995). Strategic Planning for public and non-profit organizations. Jossey Bass.

Green, Alison. (October 14, 2004). Big Mac's makeover. The Economist.

Tsao, Amy. (October 10, 2004). Salad Days for McDonald's? Business Week.
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Stella Artois This Case Study Presents a

Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 28315879

Stella Artois

This case study presents a strong and nuanced presentation of one European beer brand that appears to have a strong level of self-awareness regarding its image, demographic and how to present itself to the public. One of the issues that Stella Artois appears to need work with is an overall level of brand consistency. Tim Lindsay, president of TBWA, an ad agency in the UK and Ireland, explained the problems that Stella Artois experience -- problems that it largely brought on itself. "Stella built its name on the 'reassuringly expensive' campaign. Unfortunately, it then discounted the product vigorously through both on and off trade, failing to deliver on the brand promise. 'This has led to ubiquity and by becoming a plentiful cheap, strong lager; it unwittingly became 'wifebeater' the beer of choice for angry men in white vests" (brandstrategy, 2008). This is a classic example of just how…… [Read More]


Brandstrategy. (2008). Catch a falling star. Retrieved from October.

Jalleh, G. (2002). Sponsorship: Impact on Brand Awareness. Retrieved from 

Kotler, P. (2007). Marketing Strategy from the Masters (Collection). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education.

Pederson, L. (2004). Why is branding so important? Retrieved from
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Trip Through Istanbul's Music Scene

Words: 723 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49393464

Crossing the Bridge

The video opens with a punctuated sound that is monophonic and seems to be a drum being hit on the rim, and a symbol being played with a brush. The video show a river and the bridge and men discussing something on board a vessel. Of course their language is foreign so all the English speaking reader can do is note the emphasis and the emotions attached to the voices. There are no subtitles. It would have been helpful to know what these men are saying.

The music in the background is traditional Turkish music, instrumental with repetition as a high-pitched instrument interacts with percussion. It sounds like the music in old movies where a snake charmer is doing his work and the snake is slowly coiling and its head is ready to strike.

The underground band Baba Zula is getting ready to perform. They are all…… [Read More]

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Social Networking Effect on Philanthropy

Words: 771 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59663675

One of the key Robin-hood rules, when it comes to philanthropy, is Relentless Monetization. Relentless Monetization or “RM” concentrates on mutual expressions for inner deliberations, interaction with grantees, openness, examination, position grants or loans, and calculating the overall performance of the financier (as well as the grant) (Weinstein & Bradburd, 2013). Disclosing grant-making to the rigor of RM alters the type of grant-making considerations. Instead of loosely discussing inspiring professional company directors or innovative quests, employees depend on a mutual language that focuses on results-oriented facts. Furthermore, RM enables funders to create the sets of rules it utilizes to designate objective-appropriate valuation to interventions designed for outside examination.

Social networking is allowing people to produce, sign up for, and develop organizations surrounding problems they are concerned about and beyond their control. Whether its flash activists or even fundraisers like Twestival, pursuits like these are rising. As non-profits start to participate…… [Read More]

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Business Information Systems Intuit Case

Words: 1509 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 2473027

For a product configuration system to be effective it must be able to submit orders directly into production while at the same time being able to determine what the Available-To-Promise (ATP) ship dates are (Mendelson, Parlakturk, 2008). Instead of just giving the standard four to six weeks I'd also integrate the product configuration systems to supply chain systems to ensure that accurate Available-To-Promise (ATP) dates (Gunasekaran, Ngai, 2009). I'd use this as a competitive differentiator to ensure that customers could be very well informed as to when their sofa or furniture was going to arrive. All of these systems would also be integrated to an analytics system so it would be possible to know what the status of orders and shipments were on a continual basis.


Gunasekaran, A., & Ngai, E.. (2009). Modeling and analysis of build-to-order supply chains. European Journal of Operational esearch, 195(2), 319.

Johansson, Johny K.,…… [Read More]


Gunasekaran, A., & Ngai, E.. (2009). Modeling and analysis of build-to-order supply chains. European Journal of Operational Research, 195(2), 319.

Johansson, Johny K., & Nonaka, Ikujiro. (1987, May). Market Research the Japanese Way. Harvard Business Review, 65(3), 16.

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Lorne McMillan & Brenda Ng. (2007). Ethnography within consumer research -- a critical case study of Consumer Film Festivals. International Journal of Market Research, 49(6), 707-714.
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Intended to Provide an Overview of the

Words: 1896 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79949184

intended to provide an overview of the individuals and movements who played important part in Chicano movement

Chicano movement is one of the most eminent chapters in the history of Mexican-Americans. The Chicano movement reflects a decade's long pursuit of Mexican-Americans for their rights. Although it has its roots in 1800s, the movement grew stronger in 1940s. In order to understand what Chicano movement really is, one needs to understand the past events leading to it. It is a common saying in Mexican-Americans that we did not crossed the borders, the border crossed us. There have been several treaties signed between Mexicans and Americans which provided a lot of benefits to Mexicans along with citizenship, however when the senate revised these treaties, all these leverages were removed depriving Mexicans of their lands and other properties. Then started the journey of Chicano Movement. There are various individuals and several movements who…… [Read More]


Chavez, E. (2002). "Mi Raza Primero!" (My People First!): Nationalism, Identity, and Insurgency in the Chicano Movement in Los Angeles, 1966-1978. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Gonzales, M.G.(2000). Mexicanos: A History of Mexicans in the United States. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.

Rosales, F.A. (1997). Chicano! History of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement. Houston, TX: Arte Publico.

Lopez, I.F. (2004). Racism on Trial. Cambridge: Harvard University Press
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Business Plan For YOLO Concepts

Words: 2718 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47096797

YOLO Concepts
A majority of businesses prefer to maintain the same status quo and they prefer not to make any drastic changes that would result in changes in the way they conduct their operations. This holds true in the entertainment industry where revelers frequent the same spots every other day and they only get to experience the same thing as they had last time. This becomes monotonous and customers will begin searching for new experiences from other night clubs and entertainment spots.
Business Description
A. Purpose
YOLO Concepts is pop-up format Limited Liability Company that concerns itself with the running, management, and operation of entertainment events in New York City. YOLO Concepts is not a fixed brick-and-mortar establishment. Instead, it is a flexible ‘nightclub on the move’ that seeks to entertain party goers by setting up temporary party spots in unexpected locations like vacant warehouses, building rooftops, private residences,…… [Read More]

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Applying for the Position of

Words: 999 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88284076

(?Recognized as the official photographer for a promotional website,


Certified Professional Final Cut Pro-End-User Level 1, the Edit Center, New York, NY

Pursuing Certification Motion and DVD Studio Pro 4 HD End-User, the Edit Center, New York, NY

Screenwriting 101: Introduction to Screenplay Writing, Mark Troy, Writers.Net

Screenwriting 102: Advanced Screenplay Writing, Mark Troy, Writers.Net




New Canaan, CT

to present

Residential Counselor/Psychiatric Technician


Responsible for ensuring efficient, quality functioning for adolescent unit in 28-day Transitional Living Program. Assign, assist and supervise residents in weekly duties. Supervise and participate in-house staff meetings. Manage and operate equipment safely and correctly. Cover house operations in the absence of the Senior Residential counselor. Carry out admission and discharge process for residents, while ensuring transitional living experience fosters growth and independence in residents.

( Promoted to Residential Counselor after 5 months of employment as…… [Read More]

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Filmmaking Has Experienced a Series

Words: 2595 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 86381787

Moreover, she hates Dark and will stop at nothing from offending him as they stay together.

Dark does not want just Mel as a girlfriend, as he often dreams about Montgomery, his shy and weird colleague from school. Montgomery is lonely and his only friend is Alyssa, a teenager obsessed about the coming of the end of the world. Alyssa's girlfriends, Dingbat and Egg, are two normal and somewhat shy girls, but her boyfriend is a deranged criminal.

Montgomery might be Dark's only chance at ever finding happiness and Dark is aware of that. However, the conditions present when the two are together prevent them from expressing their feeling towards each-other.

Across the movie, the audience observes that Dark is simply the most down-to-earth person in the whole film. Being passionate about filming, Dark occasionally films his friends and edits the movies that he makes. His passion has no limits…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bartone, C. Richard. Araki, Gregg (b. 1959). glbtq: An Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,

Transgender, and Queer Culture. 2002. Feb. 2009.

John, Esther. "Gregg Araki: tackling the tough ones on film.

The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide. 1 September, 2005.
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Bleep Do We Know Written

Words: 1489 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 67807174

I've never "seen" a million dollars, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

A couple of the other physics concepts can be difficult to comprehend, as well. For example, one concept is that things can exist in more than one space at a time, but people do not choose to see them, and so, when they look at them they disappear. This section of the film might turn away a lot of viewers, because much of the discussion may be over their heads and the might find it boring. These ideas are some of the most "out there" of the film, and the hardest for the mathematicians to really get across. The talk of what is real and what a person sees vs. what they remember was understandable, but many of the other concepts may just be too odd for people to wrap their heads around. For example, the atom…… [Read More]


Arntz, W., Chasse, B. And Vicente, M. (Producers), & Arntz, W., Chasse, B. And Vicente, M. (Directors). (2004). What the bleep do we know! [Motion picture]. USA: Samuel Goldwyn Films.
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Cinema Paradiso When I Was

Words: 746 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46363852

The thread's broken. What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time... many years... before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am Life isn't like it is in the movies. Life is much harder." Then he commands Salvatore: "Get out of here. Go back to Rome. You're young. The world is yours. And I'm old. I don't want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear others talk about you."

This dialogue couples with a shot of Salvatore actually going on his way. Here, the camera captures several images of Salvatore's hands embracing his mother and his sister. He then leans over and says "goodbye" to Alfred, who grabs him and whispers: "Don't come back. Don't think…… [Read More]

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Dark Knight Rises Has Had a Very

Words: 1501 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Movie Review Paper #: 10190649

Dark Knight rises has had a very strong fan following ever since the release of Batman Begins (2005) and the Dark Knight (2008). Therefore, it was not surprising to find the excited and anxious crowd in a very huge number. The crowd had already set the mood of the film as they cheered and roared with excitement to watch the film, thanks to the trailers that had filled the crowd with a lot of hope for this film.

Usually the best seat to have in a theatre is in the middle of the theatre and in the centre. So that it is not much elevated or has a side perspective of the film. All this said, I was not very lucky to get the seat in the extreme centre, but I did manage to get four seats away from the centre (middle row). The view was not bad so I…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Cox and Greg. The Dark Knight Rises. London: Titan, 2012.

Snider, T and Brandon. The Dark Knight Rises. New York, N.Y.: Harper Festival, 2012.
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Tree of Life and Midnight

Words: 5004 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7916220

As he himself admits, "I have a very grim perspective. I do feel that it's a grim, painful, nightmarish meaningless existence, and the only way to be happy is if you tell yourself some lies. One must have some delusions to live" ("Cannes 2010: oody Allen on Death -- 'I'm Strongly Against It'"). hat Midnight in Paris is for him (and us), therefore, is a kind of distraction from the reality that at some point the final credits will roll.

Malick's Tree of Life, then, is a kind of answer to Allen's melancholy. It is, of course, a religious answer told through an impressionistic and indirect medium. Nonetheless, unlike Allen, Malick is willing to embrace the spiritual side of man and explore its meanings and possibilities. For Malick, life is a spiritual journey that can lead one either upwards to the good or downwards to the bad. Allen's film may…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Allen, Woody, dir. Midnight in Paris. Los Angeles: Sony Pictures Classics, 2011.


Augustine. City of God. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1888. Print.

Augustine. The City of God against the Pagans. Cambridge University Press, 2002.
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Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli Anime

Words: 3628 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68829895

Figure 3. Cover art for Miyazaki's Nausicaa DVD set

Source: / Ol1Z06z6YdE/s400/Nausicaa.jpg

The economic success of Nausicaa convinced its producers that the market for their type of work was viable, resulting in the explosion of the global manga and anime markets (Schilling, 1997). Launching Studio Ghibli as a framework in which to produce his theatrical follow-up to Nausicaa, Miyazaki's worked on Tenku no Shiro Laputa, another fantasy adventure story concerning a search for the lost flying island of Laputa. According to Schilling, "As in Nausicaa, a spunky princess was the heroine and the story contained a respect-nature-or-die subtext, but the action element was more central, the plotting less labyrinthine" (1997, p. 139). This release failed to achieve the financial success that Nausicaa enjoyed, though (Schilling, 1997). In 1988, Miyazaki wrote and directed a new movie, Tonarl no Totoro ("My Neighbor Totoro") in which he applied a different approach that…… [Read More]


Ishihara, T. (2005). Mark Twain in Japan: The Cultural Reception of an American Icon.

Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press.

Koppelman, A. (2008). "Why Phyllis Schlafly Is Right (but Wrong) about Pornography."

Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, 31(1): 105-107.
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Chinese Opera Kung Fu and

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That is, the notion of rivalry and envy is not inherently connected to rational ideas about good and evil. These ethical value judgments are quite secondary to the matter of human conflict and its role in the affairs of both love and power. As Giovetti (2012) points out, "Feng Yi Ting (running until June 7 and stopping in New York at the Lincoln Center Festival, also under Redden's directorship, in July) is characterised by an emotional neutrality that leaves the audiences to decide for themselves how they feel." (Giovetti, p. 1)

In many ways, this is a distinctly eastern way of approaching conflict, providing its details as a history rather than an allegory. And once again, as with the kung fu movies that made so great an impression on me as a child, the play would using certain visual strategies to supplement these themes. They demonstrate the same spare simplicity…… [Read More]

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Chocolat There Is No Better

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Clarence-Smith 6)

In so doing the commodity market and global trade developed a new history for chocolate, one that makes it a very fitting liberator in the small French village depicted in the film.

This new history is a story of sweetness and power, that is, the power to define what constitutes refined taste (Mintz 1985). All these accounts relate how Spanish nuns or monks were the first to domesticate a bitter, cold drink judged to be "more fit for pigs than for human consumption" (compare Constant 1988, 29; Robert 1990, 20). Chocolate was supposedly tamed by adding heat, sugar, and more refined flavorings such as vanilla, cinnamon, amber, and musk. This triumphant transformation heralded the introduction of chocolate to European nobles at court. "Hot, flavored, sweet; virtually nothing recalled its savage origins and, throughout the seventeenth century, the brown ambrosia would attract new followers" (Schiaffino and Cluizel 1988, 18).…… [Read More]

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Holi Celebration and Color as Communication

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Holi, Colors speak and people Play!

Indian culture is enriched with traditions, religious ceremonies and festive celebrations. The paper is about historical and religious significance of Holi, a spring celebration which is also referred to as the 'celebration of colors'. However, the event dates back to ancient Hindu religious celebrations. In South Asia, Holi has also gained popularity among non-Hindus. It is majorly celebrated in India, Nepal and other parts of the world wherever Hindu communities reside. The event starts a night before Holi with Holika, which is the bonfire where people gather in masses to dance and sing around the fire. The very next morning Holi is celebrated by playing with colors, singing and dancing. However, there are few symbolic elements prominently observed in Holi carnival. Every single person adorns in complete white, has water gun fight, plays with colors in the shape of dry powder and drinks "Bhang."…… [Read More]

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Who Am I

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I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, which is very different than the United States in many ways. Although the country is becoming more advanced, some forms of its culture are still very traditional. Also, the standard of living is much lower than most of America. There are many people who do not have jobs or are paid low wages. Because of our past history, the country has many political problems. The people are divided on becoming part of China. (My family?) moved to the U.S. four years ago when I was 19 years old because (?). I am glad that we did. Life is much better here, but I do miss some of the special things about Taiwan like the festivals

In the past, the family was very close in Taiwan. In most cases, children stayed home when they were not in school and the elderly were…… [Read More]

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Brand Expands by Naomi Klein

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' The author argued, "[t]he effect, if not always the original intent, of advanced branding is to nudge the hosting culture into the background and make the brands the star. It is not to sponsor culture but to be the culture" (160).

The phenomenon of making of the logo as the culture of society can be traced back to the popularity of event sponsorships as a strategy for brand expansion. In an attempt to make people more aware and familiar with their brands and logos, promotional strategies have become more customized to specific demographics and cultures. As a way to reach out to as many people as possible, companies developed event sponsorships that are unique to a community or group, and, as Klein stated, make their brand and logo the "star" of the event rather than the people or event itself. However, once these cultures are 'penetrated' by the logo,…… [Read More]


Klein, N. (2000). "The Brand Expands." In No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies. Great Britain: Flamingo.
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Vision Newspaper Extract Kim Gavin

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ather than functioning solely as a sporting event, the '84 Summer Games delivered a broader scope of entertainment never before seen or attempted. The event encompassed entertainment not only in the form of sporting competition, but also in music and arts (Masterman, 2004). It is now understood that special events possess a powerful role in the society.

2012 Olympic closing ceremony will be a mega event as it will have a large effect on the entire economy of the UK. The event is going to get huge media coverage that is why it is important to adopt right marketing strategy for this event.

Issues of human resource management

Human resource management is vey important aspect of this grand event. The better evetn mangers and event management organizations understand the labor force and employs hired for the event the better resources can be allocated to effective recruitment and retaining strategies.

Workers…… [Read More]


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Understanding and Evaluating Art

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The Wikipedia web site defines "art" as a "generic term for any product of the creative impulse," while Encarta Encyclopedia considered this concept as "the product of human creativity in which materials are shaped or selected to convey an idea, emotion, or visually interesting form." These definitions are related in the study of eight web sites, all of which center on the subject of (various forms of) art:

The Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (HSDC) web site ( centers on and provides an overview about street dancing through providing information about different institutions and centers that offer street dancing tutorials, competitions, other street dance-related events.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. ( showcases the not only the works of Andy Warhol, but also functions as a venue for artists to take advantage of grants and art projects that would be beneficial for their development/improvement as visual artists.…… [Read More]

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Theatre Today

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Theatre Today & Theatre for Me

Theatre, as a genre of creative expression, is still very much valid in the 21st century. It originated thousands of years ago, and still draws crowds in the 21st century around the world. Many of the classic plays of many cultures are still performed, as well as adaptations of other forms (such as films, songs, etc.) are transformed into plays that interest and captivate audiences. Of the plays we read in the course this term, I was able to find value in all of them, but I did not personally enjoy all of the plays.

Theatre today is sometimes based on historical events and figures, as well as new takes on old ideas in modern forms. Many plays are period pieces, and in many cities, such as New York City and London, there is a proliferation of one-person plays (one man show, or a…… [Read More]

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Venice Dear Veranico Franco This

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The Carnevale and Sensa festivals were outlawed and the Book of Gold, which had recorded the names of patrician families of Venice for more than four centuries, was burned.

Before leaving Venice Napoleon instructed his men to take twenty paintings along with five hundred manuscripts of rarity including the 'Wedding Feast at Cana' by Veronese. Napoleon additionally took the four bronze horses of San Marco to be taken from the facade of the building. As well, the ancient winged lion that was atop the column in the Piazetta was removed. The Aresenale is reported to have been "systematically stripped down to the bare walls. A regiment of French soldiers took axes to the lavish busintoro…" (Madden, 2012, p.449) in addition, "dozens of priceless works of medieval art, including Golden oses bestowed o Venice for centuries of faithful service to popes were broken apart for their diamonds, pearls, and precious metals."…… [Read More]


Madden, Thomas (2012) Venice: A New History. Penguin Group, U.S.. Oct. 2012.