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Financial and Management Accounting in Microsoft

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Chapter 1: The Accounting Function in Microsoft
Background of the Organization
Microsoft Corporation is an American technology organization whose main center of operations are situated in Redmond, Washington. Founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975, the company key operations encompass the discovery and development of manufacturing and licensing goods and services that are associated to computing (Bellis, 2017).In accordance to Statista (2017), the company has 124,000 employees across the world. In the past number of decades since its inception, the company has progressively grown to become a huge global corporation. Its extensive business portfolio encompasses electronics, personal computers, computer software and in the present day cloud computing. Some of these renowned products and services consists of Microsoft Office, Xbox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Operating System.
The organizational structure of Microsoft Corporation facilitates its business to grow and develop. The firm’s organizational structure replicates the needs of the computer…… [Read More]

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Financial Managers and CEO's Play Important Roles

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Financial managers and CEO's play important roles in ensuring that organizations meet their specific goals. The skill levels for both positions are high and require a great deal of patience and experience. The purpose of this discussion is to determine whether being a financial manager is the best preparation for later becoming a CEO.

ole of the Financial Manager

According to the Bureau of Labor, financial managers must have a bachelor's degree in a field such as business administration, accounting, economics or finance. Although, as the business world becomes more competitive, organizations are requiring financial managers to have Master's degrees and a great deal of experience before they can become financial managers. The Bureau also explains that financial managers are vital to the success of any organization and their jobs involve supervising the preparation of financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash management strategies. As computers are increasingly used…… [Read More]


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Financial Structure of Financial Environment Financial Structure

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Financial Structure of Financial Environment

Financial structure is the mixture of financial instruments, financial markets and other financial institutions operating within the economy. ( Fase & Abma, 2003). Financial structure consists of a company's assets, capital and liabilities. Financial structure is also specific equity and long-term debts that firms employ to finance its business operations. Typically, financial structure of a company generally affects the business operations and value of a business. On the other hand, financial structure could also be described as the amount of organization's cash flow that goes to shareholders and creditor. Organizations use their financial structure to finance their short-term and long-term obligations and financial structure is different from capital structure since capital structure only focuses on the long-term source of funds, which include long-term debt, debentures, and equity capital shares.

On the other hand, financial environment constitutes the financial market that includes foreign exchange market, bond…… [Read More]


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Management Functions and Roles Please

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Trending analysis through a balanced scorecard methodology is used to evaluate the level of performance of each practice relative to another based on patients served, costs, and support costs. The use of balanced scorecards as part of the strategic planning process in healthcare organizations is a best practice that delivers insights and intelligence that drives ROI strategies (Niles, 2010). This is certainly the case with the healthcare organization interviewed.

3. What are some of the most important practices or activities related to this function? What is your involvement?

Managing the underlying IT systems that make the reporting performance evaluation and improvement processes possible is the most important activity related to that specific function. As the acting CIO for the healthcare organization, the person interviewed must also manage the teams that keep the computer systems up and running over time. The have completely accountability and responsibility for keeping the entire IT…… [Read More]