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Financial Ratios Essays (Examples)

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Financial Ratio Report
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Financial Analysis

Understanding how a company operates within any industry is dependent upon comprehension of many financial properties. Assessing the financial stability of a company is essential in determining the company's strengths and weaknesses as well as ultimately assessing its profitability. Financial ratios should be considered a useful tool when examining the profitability and efficiency of any company. Some companies are certainly more successful and profitable than others, and pharmaceutical companies in particular seem to have a distinct advantage when measuring financial ratios.

When assessing any organization, for terms of this paper are as follows: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Merck it is important to consider the profitability and efficiency of the company. This is among the first information investors will explore before "investing" in a company. atio analysis is a critical analysis of the financial structure of an organization. There are four categories of ratios that need to be…


Calculating and Interpreting Financial Ratios. 

MBA 681, Fall 2002. "Financial Analysis."

Wal Mart financial ratio analysis
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Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer. They operate in many countries around the world, and have over 2 million employees. The largest market for Wal-Mart is the United States. Wal-Mart is the biggest grocer in the country, one of the biggest online retailers as well. By analyzing the financial statements of Wal-Mart, one can ascertain the company’s financial health as of 2015.

Financial Ratios

Financial statements for publicly traded companies are compiled according to a specific set of rules, and a format that is established both by convention and by the governance of the Securities Exchange Commission. The value of having these rules is that the information contained in the financial statements is reliable, and comparable. Not only can one compare Wal-Mart’s financial performance across different years, but it is also possible to compare Wal-Mart’s performance against other companies in its industry.

One of the means by which financial…

Financial Analysts Play a Number of Roles
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Financial analysts play a number of roles within an organization. They made assessments of the value of investments the firm has or may have in the future. They can specialize in determining the value of projects. In addition, financial analysts are engaged in risk assessment, and take steps to determining the best ways for the firm to mitigate the risks that have been identified. Overall, financial analysts use a multitude of different knowledge sets including taxes, finance, economics and risk management to assist the company in making the best financial decisions for the firm (BLS, 2010).

a )The net profit would be the gross profit less operating expenses, interest expenses and tax expenses. Thus, the net profit is: $1,000,000 - $345,000 - $125,000 = $530,000. From this the taxes are removed: $530,000 * (1-.3) = $371,000. The preferred stock dividends of $57,000 must then be removed in order to determine…

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Financial Analysis the Company I
Words: 2865 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 9701212
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Overall, at&T is the more profitable of the two companies. That Verizon has the stronger gross margins and at&T the stronger net margins indicates that at&T does a better job of controlling its cost structure than does Verizon.

The Industry

The telecommunications industry is highly competitive in both the landline and wireless segments. By 2006, wireless spending had match wireline spending. hile this presents significant opportunities for telecommunications, much of that spending comes in the form of cannibalizing, as wireline revenues have been decreasing steady over the past decade, matching the steady increases in wireless spending.

There are four major wireless operators in the U.S. And over 170 regional players (Megna, 2009). Competition is based on coverage area (capital investment), price and customer service. Both firms can be considered industry leaders. As of 2007, at&T had a subscriber base of 65.7 million and wireless revenues of $10.9 billion. Verizon had…

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Financial Comparison Financial Analysis Is a Tool
Words: 1718 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41879325
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Financial Comparison

Financial analysis is a tool that allows third parties to analyze corporate financial statements. One of the main reasons that the Securities and Exchange Commission requires that statements are compiled and presented in a consistent manner is to ensure that third parties will be able to use the statements to compare different companies. These comparisons can, among other things, help with investment decisions. This paper will compare PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company, the two leading soft drink marketers in the world. PepsiCo is actually the larger of the two companies, because it is more diversified, with its snack food properties. These properties also alter the company's finances, creating certain points of difference between the two companies. This report will cover a number of different forms of financial analysis, arriving at a conclusion about which company has the stronger financial position.


The first set of ratios to be studied…

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Financial Analysis of Bestwish Limited Company Overview
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Financial Analysis of Bestwish Limited

Company Overview

Bestwish Limited produces extensive range of quality products such as gift dressing, greetings cards, and plush merchandise of more than 50,000 stocks. The production of different categories of products involve between 2 and 15 processes. The company produces standardized products and custom designed products ordered from customers on contract basis. However, Bestwish Limited is facing challenges to control the costs because of varying production process, reliance on indirect costs and large number of stock keeping units.

Bestwish Limited has just closed the 2010 fiscal year account and the company is finalizing the 2011 budget. Bestwish intends to analyze the 2010 financial statement to present the accurate picture of the company financial performances.

Objective of this report is to analyze 2010 financial statements to assess the viability of Bestwish Limited.



Audit Committee of the Board

Finance Director

Subject: Financial statement Analysis



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Financial Project FedEx NYSE FDX
Words: 2204 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 60966058
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The horizontal analysis showed that FedEx's profits in 2009 were just 5% of their profits in 2007. Given that EBIT contributes to the T3 component of the Z-score, which is the most significant component by weighting, this would explain why the Z-score dropped so much. The other major contributor to the Z-score is the drop in the company's market cap. The market cap is deemed important in part because the market's view of company reflects the most known information at the time. The market has a strong ability to predict financial distress. A depressed stock price indicates that investors need a greater percentage return on the expected future cash flows from the company in order to invest -- an indicator that the market believes the firm's risk level has increased. The market cap contributes to the T4 component, which is the smallest component of the Z-score. However, the decline in…

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Financial Management Ratios Risk and Diversification Financial
Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32894776
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Financial Management: atios, isk and Diversification

Financial atios elevant to Small Businesses and Large Corporations

In an attempt to determine the performance of his or her business, a small business owner can utilize ratios such as the current ratio and the profit margin ratio. The profit margin in the words of Needles and Powers (2010) "shows the percentage of each sales dollar that results in net income." For a small business owner, this ratio would be an appropriate measure of the profitability of his or her business. The current ratio as Stickney et al. (2009) point out helps in the measurement of a firm's ability to settle its short-term debts/obligations. A small business owner interested in determining the ability of the business to settle its everyday bills and other obligations would find this ratio useful. On the other hand, a manager of a large corporation would be interested in ratios…


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Financial Analysis and Management at
Words: 3019 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29318125
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Had the organization employed the techniques of activity-based costing, they would have realized the need to change their approach and had started manufacturing small size and fuel efficient engines, as most of the customers were requiring these items. "If Ford [...] had used activity-based costing, they would have realized early on the utter futility of their competitive blitzes of the past few years, which offered new-car buyers spectacular discounts and hefty rewards" (Drucker, 2003).

Unlike absorption costing, marginal costing uses the traditional division into direct, indirect, fixed and variable costs. The accounting method sees that the final marginal cost of a product will be calculated by summing up the direct costs of labor, the direct costs of materials, the direct expenses and the variable overheads (Brown). The applications of marginal costing revealed that Ford was able to support a price advantage relative to General Motors and Chrysler due to its…


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Financial Analysis Performance Task
Words: 1124 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55129214
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Financial Analysis


Alimentation Couche-Tard



Gross Profit

Depreciation + Exp

Operating Profit

Investment Income



Tax Exp

Net Income




Prepaid Exp

Current Assets


Capital Assets


Future Income Tax


Total Assets

Taxes payable

Current LT Debt

Current Liabilities

LT Debt

Other LT Liabilities

Total Liabilities


L + E

Reitmans was able to improve its profitability in 2005, compared with 2004. The company's gross profit improved to 13.55% from 9.99%; its operating profit improved to 9.7% from 5.98%; and its net profit improved to 7.33% from 4.7%. This shows that the improvement in the company's profitability is largely attributable to the improvement in the top line, with the cost of goods sold being a lower percentage of revenues in 2005 than 2004. hether this is a function of driving down costs with suppliers or increasing prices to consumers cannot be ascertained from…

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Reitmans 2005 Annual Report. In possession of the author.

Financial Analysis This Report Will
Words: 2275 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93675121
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5 times the actual value of equity.

The return on investment is calculated by dividing the total net profits by the total assets value and shows the "overall effectiveness to generate profits from total investment in assets." At the Colorado Group, the return on investment amounted to 20.4% in 2006 and 21.5% in 2005. The small decrease from 2005 to 2006 can be explained by the fact that that the net profits decreased significantly during this period of time and that the decrease of the total assets value was by no means similar in value.

The gross profit margin is calculated by dividing the net sales minus the cost of goods sold by the net sales value and shows the "profitability of a company's sales after the cost of sales has been deducted." In this case, in 2006 this ratio was equal to 54.4%, as compared to 55.9% in 2005.…


1. Financial Ratios. Cardinal Stritch University Library. On the Internet at 

2. The company's 2006 Annual Report

Financial Ratios. Cardinal Stritch University Library. On the Internet at

Financial Research There Are Any
Words: 1988 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72069427
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Another point of difficulty is that different firms may use different calendars when reporting. For example, the fiscal year at FedEx ends at the end of May, while at UPS the fiscal years ends at the end of December. This makes for a difficult comparison. For example, fuel prices escalated rapidly in early 2008. Comparing a FedEx FY09 and UPS FY08 would be very difficult, given that one of those statements would reflect the fuel price increase and the other would not.

There are also limitations to accounting analysis as a whole. At best, these forms of analysis are only as good as the financial statements from which they are produced. A large number of variables contribute to those statements, including accounting policy, accounting accuracy (or lack thereof), outdated information and changes in the accounting standards (NetTom, n.d.)

Changes in accounting policy or accounting standards can distort data year-over-year, which…

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Ratios Are One Way to Help Assess
Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17906892
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atios are one way to help assess the relative financial strength of an organization. Just as there are numerous ways that organizations can be organized, there are numerous different ratios that can be used to evaluate an organization's working capital and cash. ichard Loth breaks these various ratios into six different broad categories: liquidity measurement ratios, profitability indicator ratios, debt ratios, operating performance ratios, cash flow indicator ratios, and investment valuation ratios (2013). Liquidity ratios are focused on the company's ability to pay off short-term debt and compare a company's liquid assets to its short-term liabilities. Profitability indicator ratios help reveal how well the company is using its assets to generate profit. Debt ratios basically compare a company's debt to its equity or assets, which can help determine the financial strength of the company, indicate its creditworthiness, and warn of impending financial problems. Operating performance ratios focus on specific areas…


Cleverly, W., Song, P., & Cleverly, J. (2011). Essentials of Health Care Finance (7th ed.).

Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Salt Lake City: Zions Bank. Retrieved September 24, 2013 from Zions Bank website:

Financial Analysis Both General Motors
Words: 1582 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65405024
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Ford's value in 2007, was 0.01, compared to GM's value of 0.64. Comparatively, GM is using its assets in a much more efficient manner than Ford is.

V. Conclusions

oth General Motors and Ford have shown specific problems in their operational activity, as this is reflected in the financial ratios that have been analyzed. The most important problem that Ford seems to have was reflected by both the asset management and profitability ratios. Indeed, from our investigation, we were able to determine that not only Ford is not using the assets it has efficiently in order to generate higher revenues and sales for the company, but the values in 2007 were almost error-like small (0.01 in most cases).

At the same time, General Motor's asset management and profitability ratio values were somewhat higher and, generally, showed an ascending trend, but I don't think we can go as far as saying…

Both General Motors and Ford have shown specific problems in their operational activity, as this is reflected in the financial ratios that have been analyzed. The most important problem that Ford seems to have was reflected by both the asset management and profitability ratios. Indeed, from our investigation, we were able to determine that not only Ford is not using the assets it has efficiently in order to generate higher revenues and sales for the company, but the values in 2007 were almost error-like small (0.01 in most cases).

At the same time, General Motor's asset management and profitability ratio values were somewhat higher and, generally, showed an ascending trend, but I don't think we can go as far as saying that General Motor is doing a good job in this area, simply because it is only a comparative approach and the fact that it is outperforming Ford does not necessarily mean that, on an absolute scale, it is actually managing its assets efficiently. Additionally, the values usually are much smaller than 1 and generally to small to draw a positive conclusion from this.

One of the significant problems that General Motors seem to have, and this was reflect both in the liquidity ratios and in some of the asset management ratios, is the very high levels of inventory. This shows a complex set of problems at General Motors. First of all, it production is not being efficiently sold and it is being stocked up rather than launched on the market. Such a policy shows either that there is no interest on the market for General Motors products or that the policy is wrong. In both cases, high levels of inventory lead to additional costs and to the risk that the company will not be able to sell these products at the current price levels.

Financial Management Weaknesses of Ratio
Words: 676 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6584274
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e. they ignore other key indicators and measures of financial performance. Other equally important measures and/or indicators of performance in this case include but they are not limited to employee morale, client service and satisfaction, quality of goods or products, etc.

Another key limitation of ratios is that they are only useful when it comes to the comparison of firms operating in the same industry. Utilizing ratios in the analysis of financial statements of companies in different industries could lead to a distortion of the information desired. This is more so the case given that entities in different industries are more often than not exposed to different regulations, market conditions, etc. In practice, finding two companies that are identical in every way is impossible.

atios could also be affected by changes in price levels. According to Lasher (2010), financial statements are often distorted by inflation. In the author's words, "during…


Lasher, W.R. (2010). Practical Financial Management (6th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

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Ratios in Order to Evaluate
Words: 1323 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53951459
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In Liz Clairborne's case,

Debt Ratio = Total Debt/Total asset value = 78%.

In Kenneth Cole's case,

Debt Ratio = Total Debt/Total Asset = 77%

As we can see, the debt ratio value is similar in the two companies and shows a reasonable financing of the business with outside financial sources.

The Times Interest Earned value (TIE) shows how much income can decrease in the company without financial problems appearing, as an incapacity to pay the annual interest rates.

At Kenneth Cole, TIE = Earnings efore Interest and Taxes/Interest Expense = 32,890,000/40,000 = 822 times. The value itself may appear ludicrous, but the reason is quite simple. If we look at the statement of cash flows, the cash paid for interest in 2003 is only $40,000, similar to the previous years.

In Liz Clairborne's case, TIE = 392,072/30,509 = 12.85

The large difference between the two companies can be explained…


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Financial Accounting a Ratio Analysis
Words: 1423 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 72738509
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The industry average current ratio is 2.5 (MSN Moneycentral, 2009), so the Gap has less capacity to meet its current obligations than many of its peers. However, in the retail industry most firms have a large portion of their current assets tied up in inventory, which distorts the current ratio figures higher. The Gap's figure of 1.855 is strong and indicates that the company will have little difficulty in meeting its upcoming obligations.

Overall, the liquidity measures provide an indication of the company's short-term health. Low amounts of working capital or a poor current ratio can indicate that the firm is in short-term distress. The figures for the Gap in 2008 do not indicate a firm in financial distress. Rather, they indicate that the company will have little difficulty in meeting its upcoming financial obligations. The company has strong working capital figure and a high current ratio. The latter is…

Works Cited:

The Gap Inc., 2008 Form 10-K. Retrieved August 17, 2009 from 

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Financial Data of Each Company
Words: 1902 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85797461
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By adding up the two figures one obtains the company's total net worth. The basic rule of a balance sheet is that the assets on one side have to add up to the same amount as the liabilities and the owners' equity combined, on the other side.

Investors need to know the contents of a balance sheet because important financial ratios may be calculated with the data therein. These ratios help at building a picture about the state of liquidity and growth potential of the company in question.

Another example of financial statement is the cash-flow statement, which reveals all sources and uses of a company's money during a specified period. The sources of cash include revenues, long-term financing, sales of non-current assets, increases in current liability accounts or decreases in current asset accounts. The uses included operating losses, debt repayment, equipment purchases and increases in current asset accounts.



1. Information on Financial Statements and Audit

2. Yahoo!'s financial statements

Financial Analysis Mcdonald's Like Many
Words: 2973 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87490352
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Conduct a benchmarking analysis

As explained by Prasnikar, Debeljak and Ahcan (2005) benchmarking depends on comparing between two activities of an organization and another. In our case, we shall compare McDonald's activities and those of its competitors, Burger King and Wendy's.

• Best practices

McDonald's as a main player in the fast food industry is concerned with best practices with the industry. To this end, the corporation has adopted some best practices that include sustainability, nutrition and well-being, employee experience ad environmental responsibility. Accordingly, McDonald's protects the environment by going green and using methods that protect and conserve the environment. McDonald's also encourages its suppliers to uphold effective environmental. The company treats it employees well and offers them good working conditions as a way retaining them. Employees are offered training and promoted accordingly. McDonald's also adheres to ethical conduct its operations and food items are produced ethical. Similarly, the company…

Financial Analysis Rationale for Choosing the Company
Words: 1641 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59157551
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Financial Analysis

ationale for choosing the company for which to invest

The company selected for this financial research report is Intel Corporation. The rationale for selecting this company is because Intel is considered to be one of the major pioneers and forerunners in the field of technology. Intel Corporation dominates about 80% of the market share that is made up of microprocessors.

atio analysis

It is imperative to note that the financial statement of a company alone offers limited understanding and insight into the performance of the company itself. So as to attain a much profound and richer comprehension of what is going on within a company, there has to be a relevant basis of comparison. Comparison can include making an analysis of financial ratios of the company as well as the industry benchmarks it offers the stakeholders, with tools to detect any strength and weaknesses of the company. This…


Annual Report (2012) Intel 2012 Annual Report, Retrieved from the web at 

Annual Report (2013) Intel 2013 Annual Report, Retrieved from the web at 

Annual Report (2014) Intel 2014 Annual Report, Retrieved from the web at 

Intel PR. (2015). Intel to Acquire Lantiq; Advancing the Connected Home. Intel Newsroom. Retrieved from:

Financial Analysis Suppose You Are Comparing Two
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Other Paper #: 22382951
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Financial Analysis

Suppose you are comparing two firms within an industry. One is large and the other is small. Will relative or absolute numbers be of more value in each case? What kinds of statistics can help evaluate relative size?

Gibson, Charles H. (2012-05-10). Financial Reporting and Analysis (Page 217). Cengage Textbook. Kindle Edition.

When comparing two firms that are unequal in size, the relative financial ratios are more appropriate for any type of comparison. The advantage of using ratios is that they represent a metric that can be easily compared with industry standards or other specific companies of different sizes. The financial statement represents a snap shot of a company's performance over a given time period and the financial information that these reports provide can allow the analysis of a wide range of different ratios. These ratios can provide insights to factors such as the company's ability to repay…

Financial Management Personal Investment
Words: 2754 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37702682
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Financial Management - Personal Investment Decision for a Public Company

Financial Statistics

ationale for Toyota

atio analysis

Stock price analysis

Foreign Interests

Toyota Motor Corporation, which is recognized as is one of the most exhilarating productions in the automobile business these days. The company is one of the most economical corporations all over the world and has appreciated a record setting achievement for a very long time. In the previous years, the worldwide automobile industry has been overwhelmed by soaring gas prices, and hard-hitting environmental protection laws. With that even being said, it has not been a walk in the park for Toyota, but to no gain the company has been one of the most effective establishments so far. Toyota Motor Corporation has also been one of the manufacturing leaders in creating new and innovative technologies that take advantage of the productions existing barriers. There are a lot of things…


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Financial Earnings & Sales Growth
Words: 962 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 87241333
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9. The financial statements give an accounting perspective on things, but do not take into consideration operational or market related issues. This is why it will give just a limited perspective on things.

Elite Personal Training

The business proposal and idea that Menard and Craciun are proposing definitely has its strong points. First of all, there is clearly a niche out on the market for this type of luxury gym facilities. The motivation is not necessarily given by the fact that people want or need specific luxury conditions, but by the fact that, as some of the potential clients have pointed out, sometimes they do not enjoy being in the same large gym with more experienced and trained individuals.

At the same time, it is also a matter of the personal attention that the partners is willing to award to each of the clients, as well as the fact that…

Financial Analysis of Chevron From the Perspective
Words: 4187 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57760
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financial analysis of Chevron from the perspective of a potential creditor. The issue surrounds primarily the creditworthiness of Chevron rather than the type of credit that would be issued. Specifically, the issue is whether "we" would lend Chevron 10% of its net assets. The net assets for Chevron are $209.474 billion, so the amount in question is $20.9 billion in new debt. The report will first analyze the financial statements of Chevron in general terms, focusing on trends and ratios, and drawing conclusions about the overall financial health of the company based on that analysis. The second part of the paper will outline some of the criteria that a lending institution would have for lending to a company, and then that criteria will be applied to Chevron specifically.

Chevron operates in the hydrocarbon industry, where it is one of the world's largest companies with sales of $241.9 billion and net…

Works Cited:

2011 Chevron Annual Report. Retrieved February 25, 2013 from 

Chevron. (2013). Corporate officers. Retrieved April 20, 2013 from 

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Financial'statements of XYZ Company
Words: 969 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78547685
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Discuss at least 1-2 ratios that you believe are important to ascertain the financial position of the company. Do you believe this company has the means to pay its debt?

Financial ratio analysis makes it possible to examine the financial health of a company. The financial statements of a company provide limited understanding and knowledge into its performance. So as to attain a much stronger and richer insight of what takes place, there has to be a relevant basis of evaluation and appraisal. Various financial ratios are key to ascertaining the financial position of XYZ Company. One of these ratios are profitability ratios, which indicate the ability of a firm to convert its sales into profits. The return on assets of the company is 12.0%, return in equity 21.82% and gross margin 32.21%. This indicates that the company is profitable and therefore in a financially stable position. For instance, for…

Financial Analysis of Mcdonald a Financial Analysis
Words: 2657 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25254279
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Financial Analysis of Mcdonald

A financial analysis McDonald's Cor

Company Overview

McDonald Corporation is a global company that conducts business in 117 countries. McDonald operates 32,737 restaurants and 26,338 franchises in the highly competitive fast food industry. Since 1940, McDonald has built a loyal customer base by continuing dedicating to customer service and providing high quality fast food for customers. Presently, McDonald could boast of over 60 millions customers and the company serves average of 64 millions customers daily. In the United States, and other countries where McDonald is operating, fast food business is very competitive. Despite the competition that McDonald is facing, the company has been able to record revenues of more than $16 billions in restaurants and revenues of more than $7 billions in franchise restaurants business. McDonald operates in six geographical locations. The company business operations are in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and…


Infinancials (2011). McDonald's Corp. Market valuation multiples. Infinancials.

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Financial Statements Hawaiian Airlines 3 Years Access
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financial statements Hawaiian Airlines 3 years. Access information contained Hawaiian Airlines balance sheet income statement calculate: • Liquidity ratios o Current ratio o Acid-test, quick, ratio o eceivables turnover o Inventory turnover • Profitability ratios o Asset turnover o Profit margin o eturn assets o eturn common stockholders' equity • Solvency ratios o Debt total assets o Times interest earned Show calculations ratio

Hawaiian Airlines Financial Analysis

Hawaiian Airlines is a relatively small airline operator at a global level, being the 11th by size in its own country. Still, the notable element about the company is that it is the flag carrier, which virtually means that the company receives governmental support in order to conduct its operations (Bennett, 2006). Hawaiian Airlines is an integrant party of the larger company Hawaiian Holdings, which has placed itself within the market as the company ensuring a quick access to a good time in…


Bennett, S. (2006). A sociology of commercial flight crew. Ashgate Publishing

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Website of Hawaiian Airlines,  / accessed on October 4, 2012

Financial Break Even Point Given the Incomplete
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financial break even point?

Given the incomplete data, it is hard to quote any specific figure. Elements that need to be conidered include the amount of workers that the agenyc employs, the calibre and brand of tools that they purchase as well as the details of other 'material' and quality and quanitty of this material.

Their location needs to be considered; their amount of rental; expense for utilities; travel expense, detials of office equiqment, and so forth. Only once these and related information is known can one figure out the financial break even point that the agency needs to make in order to make a profit.

What is the source of investment capital?

The company partners with financial and real estate corporation will invest in agency.

How will you use financial information to craft a business strategy?

Financial information will be used in both self-evaluation of organization and competitor analysis,…


NetMBA. Financial ratios 

Lamb, Robert, Boyden Competitive strategic management, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1984

Financial Reports and Lending Decisions
Words: 1054 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70773219
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There are several things I would want to know before lending money to anybody. One of these is the audited financial statements for the past three years. The reason I want to see the audited financial statements is because the auditing process ensures the reliability and truthfulness of the statements. Statements that are unaudited are simply not worth the paper they are printed on – the auditing process will uncover irregularities, and I\'m going to need that in order to lend money. Furthermore, the auditor\'s report puts a stamp of approval – knowing that a professional auditor has signed off on the financial statements is an important part of the process of ensuring that I am making my decision to lend or not lend based on sound information about the financial condition of the company (Crawford, 2018).

On the surface, the information that Jason provided seems fine enough. I would…

Financial Management Performance Measures
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Transfer Pricing-SLP

The relevance of financial ratios cannot be overstated when it comes to the measurement of an entity's performance. It should, however, be noted that not all performance measures can be expressed as a ratio. This text concerns itself with various other performance measures: operating leverage, eturn on Investment (OI), EVA, and gross profit margin.

Transfer Pricing-SLP

Operating Leverage

According to Shim and Siegel (2008, p. 198) "operating leverage, a measure of operating risk, arises from the company's use of fixed operating costs." As the authors further point out, a simple indication of the said financial measure would be the "change in sales on earnings before interest and taxes" (Shim and Siegel, 2008, p. 198). It is important to note that a high degree of operating leverage is seen as an indicator that small changes in sales result in significant changes in not only EBIT, but also return on…


Brigham, E.B. & Ehrhardt, M. (2013). Financial Management: Theory and Practice (14th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

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Financial Statements in This Text
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Balance sheet items can also be used by investors to determine the financial health of a given company. This can be done through the analysis of the relevant financial ratios including but not limited to liquidity ratios.

4. The Cash Flow Statement

Of the financial statements discussed in this text, the cash flow statement is typically the last financial statement prepared. A cash flow statement in the opinion of Cunningham et al. (2011) "shows the changes in a business' cash during an accounting period by listing the cash inflows and outflows from its operating, investing and financing activities..."

easons for Preparing the Financial Statements in the Order Above

One of the main reasons why financial statements have to be prepared in a prescribed logical order has got to do with the need to transfer some pieces of information from one financial statement into the next. In this case, entries in…


Cunningham, B., Nikolai, L.A., Bazley, J., Kavanagh, M., Slaughter, G. & Simmons, S. (2011). Accounting: Information for Business Decisions. South Melbourne, Victoria Australia: Cengage Learning.

Porter, G.A. & Norton, C.L. (2010). Financial Accounting: The Impact on Decision Makers (7th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Financial Analysis of Home Depot
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Home Depot is a retailer of home improvement supplies, and Lowe's is its biggest rival. Both are very large companies, and they have a lot of similarities. Both companies competes only in this one industry, focused on big box retailing of home improvements and home finishings. These are considered to be category killers, in that once they enter a market few other firms can exist in that market selling the same items. Both companies compete with low prices, and Home Depot especially tries to deliver a high standard of service as well. Home Depot is the larger of the two, and it also has international operations, something that Lowe's does not have at this point. This paper will compare the financials of these two companies. The income statements and balance sheet data will be attached in Appendix A.

It should be noted that all -- all -- financial data used…


MSN Moneycentral. (2013) Home Depot. Retrieved November 29, 2013 from 

MSN Moneycentral. (2013). Lowe's. Retrieved November 29, 2013 from

Financial Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
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Sarbanes-Oxley Act on a Medium Sized Company

The following paper begins with a discussion of the benefits of going public. The paper then gives a comparison between a public and private company. It focuses on the fund raising procedures of the private companies as well. The paper also discusses the ratios that are evaluated at the time of and IPO and determines the impact of these ratios on the decisions of the company. The paper then discusses the positive and negative impacts of the Sarbanes-Oxley act and finishes with a recommendation about whether to continue as a private company or go public.

Benefits of Going Public

Going public refers to an initial public offering of a private company. An initial public offering is the first time a company offers its shares to public. Different companies have different reasons for going public. One of the reasons is to obtain capital. Privately,…


Jong, A., Huijgen, C., Marra, T., & Roosenboom, P. (2012). Why Do Firms Go Public? The Role of the Product Market. Journal Of Business Finance & Accounting, 39(1-2), 165 -- 192.

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Troy, L. (2008). Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios (1st ed., pp. 9-22). Chicago, IL: CCH.

Accounting -- Financial Statement Analysis

Comparison of gaming industry leader Ladbrokes PLC to William Hill PLC and then comparison of both those companies to the rest of the gaming industry reveals the burgeoning market of online/digital gaming. Comparison of the companies' histories, markets and ratios, shows a still-impressive industry titan Ladbrokes PLC being increasingly outgained by another market giant, William Hill PLC, and varying degrees of success among industry also-rans. It appears that the degrees of success or failure are intimately tied to the provision of online/digital gaming experiences to consumers.

Histories and Markets:

Ladbrokes PLC

In 1886 Messrs. Schwind and Pennington formed a partnership as commission agents primarily backing horses trained by Pennington at Ladbroke Hall in Worcestershire. In 1902 they were joined by Arthur Bendir, who named the venture "Ladbrokes" and shifted the focus from backing horses to betting against them, acting as bookmaker and punter (bet placer).…


32 Red PLC, n.d.. About 32 Red. [Online]

Available at:  [Accessed 9 April 2016].

BBC News, 2015. Ladbrokes to merge with smaller rival Coral. [Online]

Available at:

Ratio Analysis Ford
Words: 1898 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 46224180
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Ford Motor Company is headquartered in Detroit and operates globally. The company competes primarily in cars and light trucks. The company was founded in 1903 and today is one of the Big Three of U.S. automakers. The industry has globalized rapidly over the past few decades, and Ford now operates plants around the world. The company rose to prominence not only as an early automobile maker but the developer of the assembly line, and a leader in industrial production techniques. These allowed Ford to sell more cars than its competitors early, allowing it to establish itself as a market leader. The company today sells two main lines -- Ford and Lincoln (, 2015). The industry is also in a state of flux with respect to technological change. Electric cars, and greater fuel efficiency are driving one segment of the market, while other segments still rely on light trucks and larger…

References (2015) Company History. Ford Motor Company. Retrieved April 8, 2015 from

Ford Form 10-K 2014. Retrieved April 8, 2015 from

MSN Moneycentral. (2015). Ford. MSN Moneycentral. Retrieved April 8, 2015 from 

GM 2013 Annual Report. Retrieved April 11, 2015 from

Financial Statement Analysis
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Marginal Analysis


Re: Financial Analysis

I have completed my financial analysis of Company G. It is my general impression than Company G. is in good financial health. Thirteen financial ratios were calculated and this analysis shows that the company is generally a mid-range performer. With respect to the liquidity of Company G, that is questionable. The current ratio is within industry norms, but declined in the past year. The acid-test ratio is a weakness, and it has declined in the past year significantly. In the long run, we enjoy a favorable debt ratio. It has increased slightly but still outperforms industry norms. As we have a relatively low level of debt, our interest coverage remains very healthy, and has increased in the past year.

Inventory turnover remains a concern. It was below industry norms last year, and this year has declined further. Sitting on this much old inventory invites…

Financial Derivatives
Words: 1585 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 16748893
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Banc One wanted to manage its interest rate exposure without using swaps, what could it do? Specifically, how could it move from being asset-sensitive to either neutral or mildly liability-sensitive without using swaps? What are the pros and cons of using swaps vs. these other means of adjusting the bank's interest rate sensitivity? What impact do they have on the bank's interest rate sensitivity, liquidity, accounting ratios, and capital ratios? Make sure you work through the Appendix to the case.

Yes, if Banc One wanted to manage interest rates without swaps it could do it. The bank could attempt to match the duration of its assets with the duration of its liabilities. In addition, the bank would need to match the interest rate exposure of its assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. For example, the assets on the balance sheet may be predominately fixed while the liabilities are floating.…

starbucks financial ratio analysis
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.....K, which is for the year ended October 2, 2016. This was used because many ratios are compared on an annual basis -- a quarterly report would yield different numbers.

The first section is the liquidity ratios. These reveal the short-term health of Starbucks. The basic liquidity measure is the current ratio, which is the current assets over current liabilities. Starbucks, at 1.05, is at the industry average, and 1.05 is a generally healthy number. The quick ratio removes inventories. This is valuable in some industries where inventories may end up unsold or sold at a discount. For Starbucks, whose inventories are largely coffee, cups and other things that will be sold, this measure is less useful. Starbucks has a quick ratio of 0.74, which is slightly lower than the industry average of 0.8, but close. The numbers are both below industry average and both worse than last year, but…

Company's Financial Statement
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Financial Statement Analysis

In this particular essay, I undertake the financial analysis of five companies, all of which are set in the retail industry. Three of the companies, Tesco Plc, Sainsbury's and Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc are some of the largest food retailers in the United Kingdom. Ocado which is the fourth company is the largest online food retailer in the whole world and lastly Crawshaw Group PLC is also in the business of operating a chain of retail food stores. Every company will be discussed individually and it will encompass information regarding the history of the company, the products and the services, the consumers and also other information.

Tesco Plc is a company that is based in Britain and is the largest food retailer in the United Kingdom. It is one of the biggest retailers in the globe as it is the third in position in the retail industry…


Accounting for Management. (2014). Return on common stockholders' equity ratio. Available: 

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Investigating Answers. (2014). Operating Leverage. Available:

Analyzing Financial Statement Analysis
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Financial statements are essential in measuring and assessing the real financial strength and position of a company. These financial statements provide quantifiable data for reports and help an individual to obtain an understanding of a company's forthcoming forecasts and risks (Weygandt et al., 2008). The purpose of this paper is to review the financial statement of Doctors Hospital in the two years 2013 and 2014 and analyze these financial statements and its financial well-being. In addition, the paper will outline the role played by advanced practice nurses in the financial welfare of the organization.

Implications of Economics for Advance Practice Nurses. The ole of the Advance Practice Nurses in the Financial Wellbeing of Healthcare Organizations

In general, very minimal studies have been undertaken in the United States regarding cost effectiveness and economic impact of primary care delivered by advanced practice nurses. esults from different research studies indicate that, on the…


Baker, H. K., Powell, G. E. (2005). Understanding Financial Management: A Practical Guide. United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishing.

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Wetherspoon Financial Analysis
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Financial Accounting

JD Wetherspoon is one of the largest pubcos in Britain, with 880 properties, and had annual turnover last year of ?1.409 billion (Yahoo! Finance, 2015). The company competes with a cost leadership strategy, something that should be reflected on its income statement. It seeks to undercut competitors using its economies of scale in purchasing, and other cost-saving techniques, ranging from zero guaranteed hours for 80% of its workforce to deliver labour cost flexibility (BBC, 2015), to its focus on real ale, which sells at lower price points than lagers. The company is an industry leader, and has been able to win a substantial amount of market share away from both traditional independent pubs and from other pubcos alike, despite operating in a market characterized by intense competition (Aldalou, 2015). This paper will examine the financial performance of JD Wetherspoon over the past five years, along with the performance…


Aldalou, M. (2015). Wetherspoon sales up but profits under pressure. Insider Media Limited. Retrieved March 15, 2015 from 

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Financials Both Nordstrom and H& m
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As noted, the leverage is deliberate, and probably is designed to deliver these ROEs to shareholders.

H&M pays out a large portion of its profits as dividends. Nordstrom's dividend is healthy for an American company, but far less than that of H&M. Nordstrom shareholders must rely on capital gains to a greater extent. Given that both companies are growing, H&M's ability to deliver both growth and dividends is superior for shareholders. These superior outcomes are, not surprisingly, reflected in the share prices of the two firms, with H&M having the better P/E ratio (22.2 versus 15.4).

In addition to the financials, it is important to consider what recent news might affect the viability of working in these firms in the future. There are no major news stories for either company. Essentially, both are still growing firms, with a moderate growth pace. Nordstrom is still focused on the North American market,…

Works Cited:

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MSN Moneycentral. (2013). Hennes & Mauritz. Retrieved April 20, 2013 from 

Edgerton, a. (2012). Thousands celebrate H&M's South Beach debut. Miami Herald. Retrieved April 20, 2013 from

Financial Overview Business Description Wal-Mart
Words: 782 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54285727
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Net income available to common stockholders



Common dividends



Addition to retained earnings



Calculated Data: Operating Performance and Cash Flows



Net operating working capital (NOC)



Total operating capital



Net Operating Profit After Taxes (NOPAT)



Net Cash Flow (Net income + Depreciation)



Operating Cash Flow (OCF)



Free Cash Flow (FCF)



Calculated Data: Per-share Information



Earnings per share (EPS)



Dividends per share (DPS)



Book value per share (BVPS)



Cash flow per share (CFPS)



Free cash flow per share (FCFPS)








Liquidity ratios

Current Ratio




Quick Ratio




ASSET Management RATIOS (Section 3.3)





Asset Management ratios

Inventory Turnover




Days Sales Outstanding…

Works Cited:

MSN Moneycentral (2013) Wal-Mart. Retrieved March 8, 2013 from 

Wal-Mart 2012 Annual Report. Retrieved March 8, 2013 from

Financial Analysis of Lehman Brother
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Financial Analysis of Lehman rother

Lehman rothers

The history has been full of financial collapses and financial scandals and one of the biggest financial collapses that a company has ever seen was that of Lehman brother. The collapse of a firm as huge as Lehman rother and a firm which has such great experience of over a hundred years lead the world into a shock. It created doubts in the minds of people regarding the condition of other financial institutions. The history of Lehman rother is rich which is further discussed.

The history of Lehman rother dates back to 1844, when a boy named Henry who was a 23-year-old son of a cattle merchant who immigrated to the United States from Germany and he settled in Alabama State of the United States where he opened dry goods store. In 1847, when Henry Lehman's elder brother arrived to Alabama, the firm…


1. Bebchuk, L.A., Cohen, A., & Spamann, H. (2010). The Wages of Failure: Executive Compensation at Bear Stearns and Lehman 2000-2008. Yale Journal on Regulation,27(2), 257+.

2. Blake, D. (2000). Financial Market Analysis. New York: Wiley. Cetorelli, N., Mandel, B.H., & Mollineaux, L. (2012). The Evolution of Banks and Financial Intermediation: Framing the Analysis. Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review, 1+.

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4. Fitzpatrick, T.J., & Thomson, J.B. (2011). How Well Does Bankruptcy Work When Large Financial Firms Fail? Some Lessons from Lehman Brothers. Economic Commentary (Cleveland), (2011-23), 1+.

Financial Analysis Apple Incorporated Is
Words: 896 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85124129
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hus, today, if someone asked you whether they should invest in Apple, Inc., the answer would be "yes."

Appendix a Steve Jobs: CEO and Co-Founder

Steve Wozniak: Co-founder

imothy D. Cook: COO

Peter Oppenheimer, CFO

Philip W. Schiller: SVP of Marketing

Jonathan Ive: SVP of Industrial Design

ony Fadell: SVP of iPod

Ron Johnson: SVP of Retail

Sina amaddon: SVP of Applications

Bertrand Serlet: SVP of Software Engineering

Scott Forstall: Vice President of Platform Experience.

Appendix B

Mac Personal Computer System

Mac OSX and OSX server

Ipod and iunes

IPod Hi-Fi

Quick ime

ILife, iWork


Apple Remote Desktop


Final Cut Studio

Logic Pro

Apple V


Final Cut Studio

Cinema Display

Appendix C


Apple has seen new success as a result of its iPod music player, which has increased profits by $320 in the second quarter of June, 2005. he positive reviews of iPod has given the…

The most significant threat to Apple is the high level of competition that exists in the it industry.

Appendix D

Apple's earning and profits has continually increased since the year 2000. Fiscal years ending in 2005 and 2006 both saw significant increases in Apple's revenues. At the end of 2005, Apple's after tax income was $1,328 million, which was a 399.24% increase from the previous year. For the fiscal year ending in 2006, Apple's after tax income was $1,989 million, which represented another 49.7% increase. Apple's earning per share for the 2006 fiscal year was $2.27, whereas in the previous year it was $1.55 and the year before that only $00.36.

Financial Accounting Company Overview Microsoft
Words: 689 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 27022022
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he only observation that could be made here is that one would expect a larger proportion of the total expenses to be allocated to research and development, given the fact that this is such an important part of Microsoft's activity and essential in order to obtain a competitive advantage on the market.

Asset and Capital Structure


Cash and cash equivalents


Accounts receivable




otal fixed assets


he asset structure at Microsoft reflects some of the particularities in the industry, notably the fact that the inventory levels tend to be quite low, as compared to the other assets. his means that the I industry is not one supporting production on stock. At the same time, the value of the total fixed assets is significantly high, which can be partly explained by the size of the company and the investments in land, buildings and equipment.

Part III…

The return on assets at Microsoft was 0.24 in 2008, as compared to 0.22 in 2007. As most of the other profitability and asset management figures, the return on assets also shows a better performance in 2008.

Part IV -- Conclusions and Recommendations

Microsoft's results, both in terms of absolute value from the income and cash flow statements and balance sheet and the ratio analysis, show a solid, extremely competitive company, whose results have improved from 2007 to 2008, despite the global economic crisis. Its capacity to retain low levels of inventory, to gradually increase its efficiency in using assets and to bring new products to the market are some of the positive aspects at Microsoft. As a recommendation, the company could consider allocating a larger proportion of its expenses into research and development.

Financial Analysis of Walmart Walmart
Words: 1826 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28311426
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This was able to guarantee the company a steady and sustainable growth, encouraging a constant profitability over this period of time.

Further more, the company is well-known for its principles of improving its performances and attempting to be more efficient in everything it does. Throughout its existence, the American retailer has focused on implementing information technology techniques in almost all its activities as the common belief was that automatization drives lower costs, lower prices, lower inventory, shorter delivery time and so on. Following these principles religiously, Wal-Mart has become one of the most efficient players in the entire American market, not just in its industry. Efficiency then was logically driving higher productivity rates and increased profitability for the shareholders.

Part D Company Report

The American retail market is dominated by 3 major players: Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart (see table 2). In 2005, the WalMart's market share was 8.82% increasing 0.2%…


WalMart 2006 Annual Report. On the company's website, last retrieved on September 2, 2007

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Financial Analysis for Lufthansa Financial
Words: 1535 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45912774
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7. Overall Performance

Lufthansa is one of the strongest corporations of the globe and a major player on the European airline market. Its success is obvious in the satisfaction of their customers or the fact that their employees love working for the company, and it often materializes in opportunities for growth and development. Throughout the past recent years, the German airline organization has managed to increase its customer base, its fleet as well as its product offering. But these are not the sole indicators of prosperity. The financial analysis of Lufthansa revealed a strong economic agent. Despite the existence of some few issues which…


April 3, 2007, World Airlines, Flight International

2009, Investopedia, last accessed on February 11, 2009

2009, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Reuters,  accessed on February 11, 2009

2009, Website of the Lufthansa Group, last accessed on February 11, 2009

Ratios in Order to Estimate the Profitability
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39009974
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In order to estimate the profitability of companies, several measures have been worked out which can lead investors to right decisions. Liquidity analysis ratios include current ratio, quick ratio and net working capital ratio and they reflect the current or short-term situation within company finances. Profitability analysis ratios include return on assets, return on equity and return on common equity, profit margin and earnings per share and are more mid-term ratios reflecting pricing company strategy and ability to generate earnings. Asset turnover ratio, accounts receivable turnover ratio, inventory turnover ratio are measures of activity analysis for companies. Capital structure analysis ratios include debt to equity ratio and interest coverage ratio. There are also capital market measures. We shall incorporate some of each segment of financial performance measures to compare operations of two companies and draw our conclusions as for possible investment opportunities.

The story of one of the greatest…

Financial Analysis the Current Ratios
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82913177
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In the case of Arctic, the company is relying, in terms of long-term financing, almost exclusively on retained earnings. Retained earnings can be defined as earnings that are "retained by the company to be reinvested in its core business or to pay debt," basically, a form of not paying out dividend to the shareholders and reinvesting profit. Retained earnings amount for 65.1% of total asset value, a similar proportion as the one in 2003.

Retained earnings play the same role at Polaris as well. In 2004, these amounted up to 46.2% of total asset value. On the Polaris 2004 balance sheet, on the other hand, the retained earnings are accounted for as shareholders' equity.

As a conclusion in terms of debt usage, both companies use no or almost no long-term bank debts to finance their activity and there is no financial leverage worth analyzing. In both cases, the shareholders' equity…

The return on assets is calculated by dividing net income by the total assets value. The return on assets was 13.1% in 2004 for Polaris, with 16.5% in 2003. We can observe a 3.4% difference in the return on assets here and this can be explained by noticing that the total assets value increased with over 18%, while the net income actually decreased in value. This means that the newly acquired assets have not yet begun to generate income from their activity.

At Arctic, the return on assets was 10.6% in 2004 and 11.8% in 2003. The slight decrease in Arctic's return on assets value can bear the same explanation as in Polaris's case: net income decreased, while the total assets value has actually increased over this period.

The return on equity value will actually measure the amount of profitability that the shareholder obtains from the company. It is calculated by dividing the net income

Financial Analysis of Uhs Is
Words: 2635 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 91880985
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92%. This compares to the 0.36% for its peers last year and 17.42% over five years for the sector. UHS has a net profit margin of 3.86% and a five-year average net profit margin of 4.49%. The sector averaged a net profit margin of -0.38% last year, but has a five-year average of 12.27%. hat this indicates is that historically UHS has lagged its peers in terms of bottom line margins. They have, however, been able to sustain those margins during a downturn in the business cycle whereas their competitors have struggled. This stability is a sign of financial strength. It may also contribute to their willingness to be more highly levered than most of their competitors in order to drive growth.

Revenue growth last year was 13.36%. This compares with 6.5% the previous year and 8.19% the previous year. The five-year average growth rate is 8.01%. Revenues grew faster…

Works Cited

Charts from Yahoo! Finance. Retrieved November 8, 2008 at;range=1y;compare= ^gspc;indicator=ke_sd+volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined

Financials, stock overview and competitor financials from Reuters. Retrieved November 8, 2008 at 

UHS 2007 Annual Report retrieved November 8, 2008 at 

UHS 2006 Annual Report retrieved November 8, 2008 at

Financial Review Lowe's Home Improvement
Words: 1528 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22830459
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25 per share on the initial offering date in 1961 and held as a long-term investment. The original 100 shares has grown to 48,000 shares through stock splits and stock dividends. And this does not include the reinvestment of cash dividends.



Shares After


Closing Price

Before Split



Bought 100 Shares



100% stock dividend

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)



50% Dividend

3 for 2)



33 1/3% Dividend

4 for 3)



50% Dividend

3 for 2)



Stock Spilt

3 for 2)



Stock Split

5 for 3)



100% Dividend

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)



Stock Split

2 for 1)

Lowe's has been a publicly owned company since October 10, 1961. Its stock has been listed…

(2 for 1)

Lowe's has been a publicly owned company since October 10, 1961. Its stock has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since December 19, 1979. Shares are traded under the ticker symbol LOW. 

Clearly Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse is a strong investment yes, though care should be made, as with every market investment to demonstrate staying power in the progress of the stock and invest in the market as a long-term investor.