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Flow Chart Essays (Examples)

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Gantt Chart Is A Graphical Representation of
Words: 1034 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19540133
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Gantt chart is "a graphical representation of the duration of tasks against the progression of time"

A project is made up of a set of different tasks and for each task there is an allocated period of completion. For example, a programming project may have the following steps: planning, researching programming language, the actual programming phase, beta testing and final report and release.

In order to follow each of these tasks, a GANTT chart will have each task on the Y-axis and the total period of time in which the project is due, on the X-axis, broken down in units (days, months, etc.). Each task is represented by a horizontal bar, covering the time span. For example, the programming phase may take from 15th of January to 15th of April. After mapping each task on the chart, the horizontal bars are filled to evaluate how much of the project is…


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Microsoft Visio to Create an Organizational Chart
Words: 3895 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62552354
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Microsoft Visio to Create an Organizational Chart

Defined Purpose and Audience

This project is a fundamental guide for using Microsoft Visio to create an organizational chart. It is designed for first-time users and people who have limited time, as it focuses most often commonly used features. This guide shows the users how to use Microsoft Visio without relying on technical jargon, by providing simple explanations and lists of numbered steps that tell the user which keys to press and which options to select.

elated Publications

Many related publications can be accessed to learn more about creating an organizational chart using Visio. These include:

Microsoft's official page for their Visio software.

Visimation, a company that helps other companies use Visio."'s consumer review of Visio 2000.

2000's consumer review of Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition."'s consumer review of Visio 2000 Technical Edition.

Visio 2000: The Official Guide



Menus -- Located at the top of the screen above the toolbars or by right clicking.

Toolbars -- Found at the top of the screen and contain tool buttons for quick execution of actions.

Status bar -- Located at the bottom of the screen. Theseprovide useful information for creating a drawing

Accelerator keys -- These are not seen on the screen, but provide an efficient way of executing actions.

Flows and Financial Management Overview
Words: 619 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 45689894
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This is important, because it is showing how there is an effective system. For evaluating, the overall scope of the decisions that are being made. However, after a stated amount of time is when everyone will become friendly with all of the applications. This is when you would want to be evaluating the effectiveness of these changes. These different elements are important, because they are illustrating how the Kuali protocol can study and improve upon these transformations. (Hollwaman, 2011) (McNeally, 2011)

Clearly, when using Kuali solutions there will be an emphasis on having everyone work together. In the case of the University of Arizona, they have been utilizing this as a tool to effectively integrate the various departments. The reason why, is because a more gradualist approach is being used to deal with these challenges. This is the point that the various staff members can be integrated as a part…


Hollawman, A. (2011). What is Kuali Enterprises. University fo Arizona. Retrieved from:

McNeally, K. (2011). A Flexible Financial System. Nacubo. Retrieved from:

Criminal Justice Communication Flow of
Words: 932 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11868797
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Horizontal communication is the proverbial 'grapevine' of information, such as gossip between partners. The exchange of information through horizontal channels can impact morale, but not always department policy, at least not as swiftly as in downward or even upward modes of communication. Also, although the power relationships between officers of the same rank may theoretically be clear-cut, this is not always the case -- popularity and reputation can influence the degree to which information is given credence through these horizontal channels. A popular officer who frowns upon racial profiling, for example, will have more influence than an officer who is widely disliked.

Frustrations about not being heard through the channels available in the upward communication process, or miscommunication of message or emotional intention in the downward communication process are common and frequently create interpersonal obstacles that hamper positive change and efficient operations. Confusion may also be rife if there are…

Works Cited

McKinney, C. (2008). Communication within a criminal justice system.

Retrieved September 7, 2009 at

Organizational Chart for the Proposed Organization XYZ
Words: 2822 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61811565
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organizational chart for the proposed organization.

XYZ Center

Organizational Chart











Include the title of positions and a brief description of the positions' duties and responsibilities.

The organizational structure of the Center is founded on a shared services model. President/director of the center has administrative, management and clinical skills in the field of human welfare along with behavioral health industry for twenty years. Open-book management, mutual respect and shared obligations are the key elements on which the philosophy of the management is based upon.

Director of the company will take care of the company and its management. elationships will be the primary variable in founding the direction of the center as the company is set up as a shared service model. Advisory board will be founded which will have four leaders in the area…


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Skin Blood Flow Thermoregulation Is
Words: 6746 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 92554129
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The picture to the left depicts the various elements that are responsible for thermoregulation in human skin. The illustrations shows the various layers of skin along with the veins, arteries and capillaries of the circulatory system that assist in insuring that the thermoregulatory system works properly. The sweat glands are responsible for selectively removing materials from the blood the sweat glands then concentrates or alters these toxins, and secretes them for elimination from the body. The perspiration or sweat is then removed through the sweat pore. This has a twofold purpose: to remove toxins and thermoregulation (in this case cooling the body).

Thermoregulation involving perspiration is brought about by both internal and environmental heat and exercise. As it relates to the latter, there have been many studies related to exercise and thermoregulation. According to Marino (2004)

"thermoregulatory effector responses of humans and concluded that temperature regulation during exercise is dissimilar…

Works Cited

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Musculoskeletal pain and menopausal tatus. Clin J. Pain 22: 325 -- 331

Deecher, D.C.K. Dorries (2007)Understanding the pathophysiology of vasomotor symptoms

Corona Modelo Needs to Chart a Course
Words: 2282 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51702110
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Modelo needs to chart a course for the company's future. The longstanding objective is to move Modelo into the top five of brewers in the world. As of 2005, Modelo remained outside of the top six. The company has 52 of the domestic market and is the best-selling imported beer in the United States, 50% ahead of next-best seller Heineken. The most significant underlying problem with respect to global market position relates to the company's ownership structure, specifically whether it will come under the A-B banner eventually or participate in some other way in the ongoing industry consolidation.

Secondary Problems

In the domestic market, Modelo faces a secondary problem in that its leading competitor FEMSA is improving its market position by controlling distribution channels and by promoting high quality subsidiary brands. FEMSA has been gaining market share steadily in Mexico while Modelo has been losing share. The domestic market…

Calculate Flow Discharge flood Water Streamflow
Words: 640 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 41718870
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This makes it easier to anticipate likely flood areas and the severity of the flood's impact upon the area.

Multiple data series and frequent measurements are necessary to have a truly scientifically accurate result with predictive powers. "In order to accurately determine streamflow, measurements must be made of its width, depth, and speed (velocity) of the water at many horizontal and vertical points across the stream. To develop a stream-stage/streamflow relation (rating curve), streamflow must be measured at many different stages" and must be recalculated on a regular basis ("How streamflow is measured," USGS, 2008). "Rating curves frequently shift due to changes in the factors that determine the relation between stream stage and streamflow" ("How streamflow is measured," USGS. 2008). These factors include the slope of the stream which affects the water's velocity, the roughness of the channel, the area of the channel at each stream stage, the shifting backwater…

Works Cited

"How streamflow is measured." U.S. Geological Society (USGS). U.S. Department of the Interior. 2008. 2009 at

Comparison and Contrast of Global Trade Flows
Words: 1657 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21908435
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Trade Flows Compare and Contrast the International Trade FlowsIntroductionMultiple factors determine international trade flows; among them are demand, supply, trade costs, cultural connections, and government policies. The influences of these factors vary based on the groupings that different nations have. For EU grouping, the principal objective is the promotion and facilitation of cooperation among the territorial members. EU members like France and Germany join the grouping with similar objectives of expanding their economic performance, such as enhancing imports and exports.For France, major exports from 2010 to 2018 have been to Germany with a value of US$ 82,989 million, representing a 16.22 percent partner share. The imports were equally from Germany, worth US$ 103,434 million, and 17.26 percent partner share. The major export for France between the years was Aircraft worth US$ 35,831,627.11 million, with a significant portion going to Germany and the United States. The major imports included petroleum and…

ReferencesStirbck, C., How strong is the impact of exports and other demand components on German import demand? Evidence from euro-area and non-euro-area imports. Available at:  [Accessed April 24, 2021]. Anon, 2018. France\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s booming aerospace sector creates demand for parts. WEDC. Available at:  [Accessed April 24, 2021]. Anon, Germany Trade Summary. WITS. Available at: [Accessed April 23, 2021]. Edgington, T., 2020. Brexit: What are the key points of the deal? BBC News. Available at:  [Accessed April 24, 2021]. Fernndez, G. et al., 2019. Cruising at Different Speeds: Similarities and Divergences between the German and the French Economies. EUROPEAN ECONOMY. Available at:  [Accessed April 25, 2021]. Meunier, S. & Nicoladis, K., 2017. 10. The European Union as a Trade Power. International Relations and the European Union.

Business Ethics Criteria a Decision-Making
Words: 469 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1515489
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Engage options in open discussion and debate

Use debate to identify the two most viable options in the dilemma

Hold a secret ballot vote to determine which of the two options resonates with the decision-making team

Construct a timetable marking off expectations according to projected dates

Use these dates as a feedback loop for evaluating the decision as its implications unfold

Establish a second level in the feedback loop creating proper procedures and illuminating avenues to whistelblowing

Encourage personnel to serve as whitleblowers when they witness abuses of the ethical policy

Consult and renew the ethical code once a year to ensure that it still comports with the needs to address any ethical dilemmas which might arise in the foreseeable future


With many of the corporate scandals of the early millennium implicating the highest offices of some leading firms, today's corporate atmosphere is informed by an emphasis on ethically…

Operations Management Improving a Process
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63636233
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The second area of waste is seen when the customer is asked if they want help for a new product or an existing product, where there is an exiting product query the costumer is taken to a different member of staff. This occurs despite the fact most of the staff have a very good knowledge f the existing products, undertaken as part of their training. This also increases the complexity and staffing requirements of the scheduling to ensure both sections of the store are staffed. It may create a disjointed feeling for the customers who have a query on an existing product; it also increases the costs due to the staff arrangements and lack of inter-changeability when the staff are working.

The last area of inefficiency is seen when a sale is made. If the customer wants a printed receipt it is sent wireless from the hand held sales unit…

Slide 4

In the improved process each of the inefficiencies are improved. The smallest change is with the first weakness, where customers are left alone. A simple change here will be with the sales staff simply informing the customer that if they need help just to let them know; a simple, but small change.

The second change is the biggest change. In the new process once a customer is asked of they would like some help and they tell the sales person what help they need, they are then able to help the customer regardless of whether it is for a sale or for support on an existing product. In the majority of cases the sales people can help, this will reduce the need to differentiate the staff on each shift between sales and support, as they have had the same training. The empowerment of the staff in this way may also increase motivation, as they are able to do more (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). It may also reduce the wasted labor needed to staff

Operation Management Riordan - Supply
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70041773
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It is natural that suppliers forecast their own demand, and where long-term relationships have developed, there is a greater potential for the supplier to make the loan for cost. Furthermore, where Riordan is a major customer for that supplier, there may be a greater willingness to fulfill the order, and put that customer before smaller competing firms in terms of priority. If Riordan are ordering from a firm they do not regularly use, there will not be the same level of forecasting, and a supplier may need to obtain relevant inputs before making a delivery.

The situation of the supply themselves will also be relevant. Smaller organizations are likely to have more cash constraints, and have a lower level of inventory on hand, as inventories tie up capital. This problem may be particularly pertinent where organizations lack financial stability. If the organization is small, the influence of production constraints may…

7 Quality Tools in Quality Improvement
Words: 2234 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25246748
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Efforts should be made to meet these needs and strive harder to excess those expectations. Second principle is the proper leadership within an organization. Good leaders develop unity of purpose and direction of any organization, Leaders should make an effort to create such an environment within an organization that every member works hard to meet the goals. Third principle suggests the involvement of every member of an organization. Their abilities and full involvement will enable the organization to reach high. Fourth principle involves the activities and resource management as a process. Fifth principle says about the systematic approach to management which involves proper identification, management and understanding of interrelated processes for the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Sixth principle states that continuous improvement should be the primary objective. Seventh principle involves the proper decision-making which should be based on the collected data and information. Last principle is about the…


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Thareja, P. (2008). Total Quality Organization Thru' People, Each one is Capable. Foundry Publications.

Map Process Chain Screwfast Inc Information
Words: 1045 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3754607
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map, process chain) ScrewFast Inc. ( information case instructions Slack, "Operations Management," Chapter 5 flow charts) • Analyze interfaces departments ( case instructions) • Prepare a flow chart redesigned process • Provide detailed recommendations improvement ScrewFast Inc.

Screw eport

Screw Fast Inc. is a global company of screws and nuts and it is currently looking to restructure its processes and to improve its operations. The current project addresses this need by forwarding several recommendations.

Process flow chart

The chart below reveals the structure of the processes completed at Screw Fast Inc., and the lines below explain the flow chart.

The first process at Crew Fast Inc. is that of registering the orders, step which is completed with the aid of Customer Master Data and Article Master Data systems.

The new orders are processed based on the nature of the products demanded. Standardized products are ordered by the warehouse and non-standardized…


Case study of Screw Fast Inc. In Management Results

Company Familiar This Place Employment a Car
Words: 1788 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63759226
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company familiar. This place employment, a car wash, a yard service company, . We a simple hotdog stand, run a mobile truck sells hotdogs Soldiers inprocessing center/bldg. This company sells hotdogs a bun, condiments, chips, soda.

Describe the company's supply chain

In order to differentiate itself from other similar companies, Hot Diggity Dogs has focused on the quality of its products. As a consequence, the company's management concluded that it is not enough to have a supplier deliver the hot dogs, chips, buns and soda, but that it would need to control the production process for the most important elements on its menu, namely the hotdogs, the chips and the buns.

As a consequence, Hot Diggity Dogs has expanded its supply chain to include raw materials (meat, potatoes) and the supplier manufacturing. The idea is to be involved in these processes in the quality assurance phases: personnel from Hot Diggity…

Reference Page

1. Hoffman, George. 2006. Supply Chain Management in a Quick Service Restaurant Environment. Michigan University

2. Patton, Patrick. 2013. Business Process Automation -- What About the Internal Processes? Interactive Intelligence.

3. Yost Denny. 2009. Improving Internal Processes Your Company's Competitive Advantage. On the Internet at . Last retrieved on October 31, 2013

Release of Information
Words: 1993 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22341552
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Release of Information

A Quality Assurance Indicator and Process for Measuring the Accuracy of Release of Information Requests

According to James F. Keenan (1993), questions about the accuracy of releases of information have assumed increasing prominence in several areas recently, such as the Persian Gulf war, the physical- and mental-health histories of public individuals, the identification of rape victims, and the threat of AIDS. The debates that have resulted have largely been guided by an important insight: the responsibilities that have been entrusted to particular professions contribute to the determination of whether release of information is considered right and proper. Ensuring such "right and proper" releases of information means having in place a system whereby quantifiable aspects of the underlying processes can be periodically reviewed to determine how well it is working. hile the function goes by many names such as quality control, total quality management, and others, the healthcare…

Works Cited

Alpert, Sheri A. (2003). Protecting Medical Privacy: Challenges in the Age of Genetic

Information. Journal of Social Issues, 59(2):301.

Breen, Kerry J., Stephen M. Cordner and Vernon D. Plueckhahn. Ethics, Law and Medical

Practice. St. Leonards, NSW: Allen & Unwin, 1997.

Candix Firm Candix Represents a Company That
Words: 1988 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25553287
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Candix Firm

Candix represents a company that came into existence after extinction for various economical and organizational issues. In order to revive the organization, the transaction system in 2000 was mainly on the provision of procurement services to the oil and gas market and industry in Nigeria. To supplement this development, the company also executes engineering projects to oil and gas industry and the government of Nigeria. The company operates on the organization of six members constituting the board of directors. The business transactions have not been notable for the company hence realization of numerous challenges. The task is to enable the company develop effective and efficient transaction system to meet the needs and satisfaction of clients or consumers in the market. The company operates on three main activities or categories in order to enhance the total revenue hence expansion of production levels. The three activities are procurement of goods…


Teplicka, K, & ulkova, K 2011, 'Kaizen and Its Applying during Cost Decreasing In Process Of

Production Firm Maintenance', Annals of the Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara

International Journal of Engineering, 9, 3, pp. 315-318, Academic Search Complete,

EBSCOhost, viewed 26 July 2012.

Operations Management Slide Presentation on
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80439255
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The company prides itself on a very high quality service, looking after customers, allowing the, to try the different products before they buy, as well as providing a high level of after sales service. The impression of high quality starts with the clean crisp image of the shops, and a layout where there are tables set out with the different devoices to allow customers to wonder in and try them without a heavy sales pitch.

To assess and document the process it is possible to create a flow chart. The usual approach is to create a chart which looks at the basic tasks which are undertaken in the process, stating with the customer walking through the door. Although not undertaken in this presentation it is also possible to create a chart to movement or motion chart, which will show where the tasks take place.

lide 5

The process is being…

Slide 5

The process is being measured by looking at what is done, with the process flowchart written for the tasks undertaken by a member do the sales staff. The process starts when the customer walks into the store. They are greeted by a member of staff at the door, and allowed to browse. After they have browsed for a while a member of staff will ask them if they would like some help. If the customer wishes to continue 'just looking' they are then left to browse, after which they may leave to look for help. Those customers who are looking for help, or answer yes, will then be asked if this is for a new product or an existing product, if it is for a product they already own they will be taken (in person) to an member of staff that deals with the existing purchases.

If the customer is enquiring about a new product, the member of staff will help them in an appropriate manner, if they do not wish to make a purchase the staff member makes sure they have all the information needed and assures them of future help if they need it. This process occurs often, as customers may visit several times before making a purchase. The high quality service helps to encourage a future purchase (Kotler and Keller, 2011). If a purchase is made the sales person will process the payment on a wireless hand held device, and ask the customer if they want the receipt printed or emailed. If it is to be emailed, the email address is collected and receipt sent, if the

System Design Oahu Base Area Network
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41442437
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System Design: Oahu Base Area Network

The aim of this paper is to examine and discuss the Navy's decision to build the largest local area network (LAN) connecting the U.S. Pacific Fleet using information-gathering techniques and design methods. The system has the capacity to connect sailors and marines within the 102-million square miles of the Pacific Fleet's command coverage. Moreover it will provide the indispensable access for supplying and training the U.S. Navy. The Oahu Base Area Network (OBAN) will be the largest LAN in the world when all the phases are complete. It was started way back in 1998. It is the supporting network for the six naval commands in the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii area. Phase one has been completed. Other phases have begun in San Diego, the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Far East, following the original business model (Kaylor, 2000). The uniqueness of this system is in…

Efficient Mode of Communication Because
Words: 314 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42955935
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Resumes - sometimes, this is not useful because a reader would sometimes need to read the entire resume before getting the general information.

Memos - the formatting of memos is among my list of least useful formatting because usually the information it contains is in general form.

White papers - this is sometimes not useful because of the length of information that it usually requires to become informative.

Press Releases - this is sometimes not useful especially when the integrity of the contents is questionable.

Contracts and Agreements - the formatting of contracts and agreements is sometimes bad because of the technicality of some conditions contained in them, thus, providing unclear information to readers.

Proposals - sometimes the format of proposals is not useful because of the limitations in terms of information that proposals contain.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management System Apple
Words: 753 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74160856
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Apple: Supply Chain Management System

Today, Apple is regarded not only one of the most successful, but also one of the most innovative companies in the world. The company has in the past raked in significantly higher returns than its peers, thanks to its unique approach to doing business. As a matter of fact, when it comes to supply chain management, Apple is regarded a market leader by most analysts.

Apple's Logistics and Supply Chain Management System

The company's supply chain management system could be broken into four general parts. These include, sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and finally, return. It is important to note, from the onset, that Apple sources most of its raw materials from diverse locations -- particularly Europe, China, and the United States. The most critical raw materials for the manufacture of the company's numerous electronic devices include integrated circuits, the appropriate optical drives, microprocessors, and LCDs…


Crandall, R.E., Crandall, W.R. & Chen, C.C. (2014). Principles of Supply Chain Management (2nd ed.). CRC Press.

Farr, C. (2014). Apple Tries to Lift Online Sales by Cutting Refund Times in Half. Retrieved from 

Samson, A. (2013). Apple Lifts Veil on Far-Flung Supply Chain, Exposes Flaws. Retrieved from

Enterprise Level Business System
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41597887
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Enterprise-Level Business System

Determination of Requirements -- Main Objectives

Create interactive website for consumers and vendors, rather than simply a visually interesting but non-useful website

Create functional internal system of Internet communication and a shared database for all staff at the company. Given company's limited numbers, this is feasible

Identify which specific analysis methods needed to accomplish this

Interviews with lead staff members to determine company needs and computer literacy

Submit questionnaires to current 800 phone staff to see what queries are most frequently submitted to lines

Consult with outside website creators and software analysis to construct blueprint of useable website and software analysis to determine most appropriate and comprehensive database system with firewall and anti-virus protection

B. Determination of these requirements: prototyping or, as prototyping is defined, thinking creatively about the plan for the new system and creating blueprint for new system

Prototype of website should include mandatory interactive…

Represents a Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement
Words: 518 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1422358
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represents a needs assessment for quality improvement scenario. The report will assess the need for a quality improvement process within "a manufacturing organization." The report will include a description of the problem and process as well as a flow chart of the process to be analyzed. The report will also describe the relationship of the process to the organization's overall strategic plan and will identify both the internal and external customers of the organization. The paper concludes with an estimate of the level of improvement that could be realized and the value of implementing the new quality improvement process.

The TiaPei Manufacturing Company designs, manufactures and exports small toys that are exported to the United States for sales. The organization has decided to implement a Six Sigma manufacturing quality control program so as to reap the benefits of added efficiency and quality. The company's version of the Sigma process provides…


The Professional Journal. (1998). Changing Company Culture: Six Sigma Focuses on Total Customer Satisfaction [Research Study]. Retrieved on January 20, 2005 from

Erwin, Jane. (2003). "Changing Company Culture: Six Sigma Focuses on Total Customer Satisfaction," as Retrieved on January 20, 2005,

Drag the side handles to change the width of the text block.

Preliminary Investigation

Project Management Project Title Website
Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6342023
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(Chaffey et al., 2006)

The enhanced version of the website will be designed in such a way that it gets integrated into the existing systems by reading and saving data to those systems. This website will also maintain a log for the management to review the nature and reactions of traffic on the website. In order to attract more traffic, user will be given the opportunity to view results as he/she wants. This will really create a huge difference between the hotel and its competitors. The enhanced version will be so much user-friendly that the user will have the opportunity to view results as he/she requires.

Some Light on Project isks

Although it is expected that the enhancement of website will bring a really very positive change for the company, but the hesitation of management for this enhancement of website can result in cancellation of this project.

There are certain…


Chaffey, D. et al., 2006. Internet Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice, Pearson Education.

Levy, M. & Powell, P., 2005. Strategies for Growth in SMEs: The Role of Information and Information Systems, Butterworth-Heinemann.


Hotel Reservation Form

Estimating a Common Problem That
Words: 1041 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95299348
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Cashman kept his cash flow chart a secret. Why, and what would you have done?

The reason that Cashman gave for keeping his information locked away was: because all of the expenses were accounted for on a real time basis. This meant that any kind of figures that Cashman has available are only accessible to him. In this case, the fact that he continued to keep these number secret, could help highlight how a lack of communication was apparent. As no one wanted to discuss various ways to keep costs as close to Woody's estimate as possible. This would help to establish a culture of secrecy and divisiveness. Over the course of time, this would have a negative effect upon the company, by allowing various challenges to be ignored. Once this took place, it meant that the low cost estimates would no longer be realistic. At which point, a…


Project Management Case Study. (n.d.) Max Wideman. Retrieved from:

Socrates the Context for This
Words: 1475 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 92934541
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Socrates believed that defining which of the actions taken by man are good, and which are not, provides man with the definition of piety and impiety. Aristotle also felt that "every action and choice, seem to aim at some good; the good, therefore, has been well defined as that at which all things aim."(Aristotle, 1094a)

Socrates also presents a defense for his actions by asking Euthyphro whether the holy acts that man complete make the gods any better. Euthyphro immediately states no, no, that's not what I mean.

By presenting this defense, Socrates seems to be saying that he is not attempting to blaspheme god, or the gods in any way, instead he is learning what it takes to make himself a better man.

In the end Socrates demonstrates that not even the theologian can provide with certainty what defines piety or impiety. He thereby provides himself a defense against…


Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, 1094a. Eastern Orthodox Fr. Life of the World (Crestwood, NY: SVS, 1973), 14.

Rhetorical Mode The Introductory Paragraph Attention Grabber
Words: 568 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 61546952
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rhetorical mode. The introductory paragraph attention grabber, a THESIS STATEMENT, organizational flow chart.

The process rhetorical mode: How to make blueberry muffins

It's easy to get bored eating the same bowl of cereal or toast for breakfast every day. But few people have the time to make pancakes or scrambled eggs in the morning. hipping up a batch of blueberry muffins is a great way to make a handy treat 'from scratch.' You can make the muffins on the weekend and can grab a muffin every morning before you head out of the door during the week. However, many packaged blueberry muffins have artificial ingredients, and buying a muffin from Starbucks is expensive. Fast food breakfasts are unhealthy: McDonald's breakfast menu contains items that total over 1,000 calories for a single meal (ieczner 2012). This essay will demonstrate to you how to make easy blueberry muffins from scratch. It will…

Works Cited

"Perfect blueberry muffins." Smitten Kitchen. 26 Aug 2010. [27 Jan 2013] 

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2013]. Proquest.

Quality Management
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Janson Medical Clinic

Construct a Pareto diagram for dissatisfaction. What conclusions do you reach?

Creating a Pareto diagram of dissatisfaction shows how poor the overall patient experience is in the Janson Medical Clinic from a care and treatment perspective. As the case indicates that the process for making an appointment is streamlined and easily accomplished, it is not surprising that this aspect of the dissatisfaction metric scores the least. The top three areas that generate the highest levels of patient satisfaction include the ease of getting through on the phone, ease of getting a convenient appointment, and the length of time patients wait to see a physician. The following Pareto analysis illustrates the results.

What is alarming about the performance of the Jansen Medical Clinic from a patient satisfaction perspective is how low seven of the 14 attributes track score. The attributes so critical to delivering an excellent patient experience…

Visit the quality site .; Find an article pertaining to the major concepts presented in chapters 13 and 14. In your post, discuss how the article relates to the concepts presented in chapters 13 and 14. Cite your article and source.

In the article Six Sigma Lessons from Deming, Part 2 by Dr. Anthony Burns discusses the need for having a more egalitarian approach to how quality management is implemented through organizations. He successfully illustrates how the traditional Black Belt model is antiquated and often slows down companies from being able to bring faster change throughout their organizations. This is illustrates throughout the many examples shown of how the various level of Black Belts fail to bring a greater level of quality ownership. He also successfully contrasts the role of Deming in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma Black Belt hierarchies, showing how the former brings a greater level of task and change ownership.

His focus on quality being everyone's responsibility shows why TQM is so effective as a technique for insuring greater ownership through an organizations struggling to excel. Juxtapositioning this with the role of Back Belts as quality leaders and experts shows how they are complementary to one another. The author successfully shows the tension between these two areas are often critically important from a conflict standpoint to move an organization forward as well. Finally, the article shows how an organization staffed with exceptional Black Belts is not enough; there needs to also be expertise at change management as well. The ability to bring greater adoption of quality management concepts and its value depend on both.

Quality Tools
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internet connectivity for the last few days. The internet has been going on and off in my home every couple of hours, sporadically. It would work fine during the day, with some hiccups in connection, but then it would be go completely off around 11pm and turn back on around 7 in the morning. I didn't understand why it was happening and decided to generate a flow chart that could help me not only process steps to fixing the problem with the internet but also understand why it could be happening.

My wireless router has had several issues with connectivity recently and is the source for my internet issues. I had concerns over getting a new router, however in developing my flowchart and analyzing for the three days, the times in which the internet went out, I came to the realization the plug connecting the router was loose. What this…

Arnold Palmer Case Study the Arnold Palmer
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Arnold Palmer Case Study

The Arnold Palmer Hospital is 1 158-bed paediatric hospital located in Orlando, Florida; part of the Arnold Palmer Medical Foundation and rated as one of the nation's Top paediatric hospitals by U.S. News and World Report. It is the only hospital in all of central Florida with an emergency/trauma center dedicated specifically to paediatric patients. It opened in 1989, and in 2006 became a children's hospital focused solely on speciality and subspecialty healthcare for children


Check In

Baby Born in route or birth immanent

Taken directly to bed, registered there, move to 8th for to labor and delivery, if no complications move to step 6.

Baby not yet born

Mother is either pregistered or goes to office on Floor


Mother taken to 8th floor (Labor and Delivery Triage); may move to L&D on floor 2 or go to step

Not ready to deliver


Organization Development for the Faint of Heart
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Designing Organizations

Locate a copy of an organizational chart of your company, division, or department. If you do not have access to an organization chart, you can find examples of organizational charts on the Internet searching on Alta Vista,, for the term "company organizational charts." What type of organizational structure does the organization currently have? Is the structure functional, geographic, product, network, or a hybrid? Is it mechanistic or organic? How effective is the current structure? Could or should it be more organic? What changes would you make if you were a top executive? Explain why.

Organizing and Leading

The organizational chart example provided here illustrates a formal structure based on job function. The structure of the chart suggests a mechanistic way of conducting business as the lines of reporting are clearly demarcated and indicate functional relations between the positions. A dotted line drawn between the Construction Group…

Dealing Effectively With Organizational Change
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Factors that affect an organization's capacity and willingness to change need to be examined and exploited. Organizational culture, which is a set of shared values and assumptions that are followed by the members of an organization, plays an important role in affecting the attitude of an organization to change. If an organizational history has been unwelcome to change in the past, it is highly unlikely that an organization will be willing to accept change in the future. Sometimes, core competency can assist in the process of change (Porter, 1980).

Lastly, at the individual level, the process of change is completed when it is implemented within a company. The task of the general manager then becomes of envisioning the future of the change and of facilitating cooperation among the workforce. He is also responsible for implementing change at various levels of production, development and distribution. In particular, what needs to be…


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Group Philosophy Create a Teaching Tool That
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Group Philosophy

Create a teaching tool that would help others learn about the core tenets of the educational philosophy of your group.

In education, there are different philosophies which have an impact on the techniques used by teachers. Neo-Scholasticism is taking various religious and philosophical beliefs to have an effect on how someone sees the world around them. This is achieved through dialectical reasoning, gaining knowledge by inference and resolving contradictions. (Hollins, 1964) (Souza, 2007) (Sherman, 1988)

At the same time, there is a focus on a concept called natural philosophy. Under these pillars, it is believed that everything related to God and the world is interconnected. A perfect balance is created when there is an alignment of these concepts. (Hollins, 1964) (Souza, 2007) (Sherman, 1988)

In the field of education, these ideas can be used to create a basic philosophy for reaching out to students. This is achieved by…


Hollins, T. (1964). Aims in Education. Manchester: University of Manchester Press.

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Souza, M. (2007). International Handbook of Religious. New York, NY: Springer.

Kristen's Cookie Company Will Be
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Considering that the two roommates work a total of 4 hours every night, it means that they could process up to eight orders a night.

Another aspect that must be taken into consideration is the order processing. In this particular instance, taking and confirming the order also takes a certain amount of time and another important feature is the actual steps taken in doing so. As such, the orders will be sent online via email and the bakers will confirm with a reply. The actions should not take as much as to interfere with the previous calculi, but it is important to have a system that announces the bakers when a new order is placed. In other words, they cannot constantly pay attention to the computer display and see if they have a new mail or not. Therefore, they would have a system that rings or makes a particular noise…

E-Manufacturing - A New Link
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Ayers (2000, p. 4) describes a supply chain as "Life cycle processes supporting physical, information, financial, and knowledge flows for moving products and services from suppliers to end-users." A supply chain can be short, as in the case of a cottage industry, or quite long and complex as in the manufacture, distribution, and sales of automobiles. In fact, the automobile supply chain has its origin in the mining of the iron ore used to make many of its components.

Forward-looking companies and industries are beginning, now, to leverage the communication power of the Internet to improve their supply chain efficiencies. In the same way that early computers offered improved efficiency within the walls of a company, the promise of "Internet Technologies" (IT) now offers potentially far-reaching positive effects throughout a company's entire manufacturing supply chain. If the changes brought about by an "Internet revolution" such as thin-client technology; seamless integration…


Aerospace engineering online (2004). Retrieved December 18, 2004 from http/ /

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Group -Manufacturing and supply chain consultants. Retrieved December 19, 2004 from http/ /

Ayers, J.B. (2000). Handbook of Supply Chain Management. Boca Ratan, FL: St. Lucie Press.

Prosperity in the Developing Nations
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Because transportation infrastructure and services are important components of the urban system, they need to be sustainable and contribute to economic growth rather than harm the people that rely on them for their livelihoods. According to Asri and Hidayat (2005), "The expansion of social and economic activities has resulted in rising pollution and environmental degradation following the economic crisis in Jakarta Metropolitan area where environmental regulations were largely disregarded" (p. 1792). Taken together, these issues represent a growing public health threat that requires informed solutions, and these issues are discussed further below at they relate to the aims and objectives of the study.

Aims and Objectives

This research has an aim and several objectives. The aim of this research is to find out how the pollution levels occurred in several main roads in Jakarta and explore some strategies to reduce carbon pollution levels by using some schemes and scenarios. These…


Asri, D. U & Hidayat, B 2005. Current transportation issues in Jakarta and its impact on environment. Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 5, 1792

-- 1798.

Barth Boriboonsomsin. 2009. Real-World CO2 Impacts of Traffic Congestion. (ONLINE)

Available at: (Accessed 18 May 2012)

Preferences in Learning Between American
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The trainer will then focus on the steps to be taken to develop new skills. For example, if the trainer wants to talk about motivating, leading, negotiating, selling or speaking, it is best to start with what the learners do well before showing some chart on Maslow's theory, Posner's leadership practices, or selling skills from some standard package that has been develop elsewhere. Many foreign trainers make grave errors because they do not consider the values and beliefs of the trainee's culture. Training must make a fit with the culture of those being trained, including the material being taught, as well as the methods being used (Schermerhorn, 1994).

Abu-Doleh (1996) reports that Al-Faleh (1987), in his study of the culture influences on management development, asserts that "a country's culture has a great influence on the individual and managerial climate, on organizational behaviour, and ultimately on the types of management development…

Mission Vision Goal -- Aim for Constant Improvement in
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mission/vision/goal -- aim for constant improvement in the product or service you offer your clients. You cannot do this without maintaining a high level of motivation and satisfaction in the people that comprise your organization -- consider that an aspect of your goal.

Dr. W. Edward Deming -- (1900-1993)

According to the American Society of Quality, quality control is the constant or periodic inspection at every stage in the manufacturer of a product from raw materials to finished product, in order to ensure that the standards of quality set by the manufacturer, by law, or by customer demand, are being met.

In a manufacturing setting, quality has to aspects: 1) product features, or the characteristics of the product that result from design. They are the functional and esthetic features of the item intended to appeal to and provide satisfaction to the customer. 2) freedom from deficiencies means that the product…

Understanding Supply Chain Management
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Type A Project:
Team of 3-4 students will study a manufacturing or service company operation; the objective is to improve the equality of their final product. This could be done through improving any task in product realization process (Design, raw material, manufacturing, packaging, after sale …). The subject of the improvement has to be directly related to quality. The team will use quality analysis and improvement methods / techniques we learn in this course (six sigma methodologies in recommended).
Ideal project will focus on problems doable during time span of the course (i.e. not to much complex, also not trivial) and demonstrate the use of quality improvement tools on solving the problem at hand.
Final report:
• Full description of your company,
• It’s quality management system.
• Quality improvement opportunities
• Implementation of quality improvement tool
• Final outcomes
• Conclusion "
Each of these aspects of the instructions…

Logical Thinking
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Logical thinking is a big part of the critical thinking process, because it affects how we analyze and process information, communication, and understanding, which is a big part of critical thinking. When a person thinks logically, they use analysis, deduction, induction, and reasoning in both abstract and concrete forms, in order to make a logical, educated decision about a problem or other information. It attempts to uncover the reasoning and characteristics of the problem to devise a solution -- a solution that is rational and makes sense, rather than simply making a quick, snap decision. Logical thinking occurs in a sequence of steps, and leads to a more objective view. This view does not depend on emotion or emotional decisions; they are instead rational and well thought out.

This is the essence of critical thinking, which allows us to make informed and rational decisions about a variety of information and…


Dharmadasa, I., & Silvern, S.B. (2000). Children's conceptualization of force: Experimenting and problem solving. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 15(1), 88+.

Onwuegbuzie, A.J. (2001). Critical thinking skills: A comparison of doctoral- and master's-level students. College Student Journal, 35(3), 477+.

Leadership Strategies for Helping a Workplace Team Improve
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Dysfunctional Team

Bill's team has a problem with its organizational culture. It emphasizes procedure over workplace culture and thus the team has no real team spirit or spirit of mission. The organizational culture has to be better effected.

The problem is a group function, which can be rooted in leadership -- but because Bill has just taken over it is difficult to place blame there. He is currently assessing the situation. However, because the group consists of "individuals" who do not really get along, there is no real "group function" -- and this is consistent with the lack of workplace culture.

A leadership problem would emanate in negative ways -- such as narcissism from the leader, negative feelings, cruelty, a lack of communication, a lack of empathy, a lack of care about how his attitude impacts his followers and the overall success of the organization. This is not really the…


Northouse, P. G. (2016). Leadership: Theory and practice (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks: CA:

Sage Publications.

Wiseman, T. (1996). A concept of analysis of empathy. Journal of Advanced Nursing,

Official Casebook of Department of
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Culling prior recent arrests of gang members from the area

The results were compiled into a comprehensive report that revealed a new gang leader, who over the past 12 months was flexing his muscles in order to intimidate potential competition and other gang members.

Association Analysis

This is the analysis that provides law enforcement officials with the relationships that are made between the pertinent players in the commission of the crime (Peterson, p. 30).

Association analysis depicts the relationships among people, groups, businesses, or other entities in a way which provides the investigator, prosecutor, or jury with information on the nature of the group and the manner in which the group interacts. For the purposes of this volume, persons banding together in some criminal enterprise are referenced; a general association analysis can be done to show noncriminal group activity as well (Peterson, p. 30)."

For this case:

There did not…


Lenoir, Tommy, Producer (1999). Cold Case Files, documentary television series. 

Peterson, M.B. (1994). Applications in Criminal Analysis: A Sourcebook. Westport, CT: Praeger. Retrieved October 11, 2008, from Questia database:

Supply Chain Practices for Future Projects
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Poject Management at Boxe Pumps Limited

Poject management is a cucial undetaking in evey oganization. It implies the application of methods, pocesses, expeiences, skills and knowledge in a bid to achieve the objectives of the poject. A poject is intentional and geaed towads the achievement of cetain specifications. A poject efes to a tansient and unique endeavo that is done to meet the planned objectives. These objectives ae definitive and could be in the fom of outputs, benefits, outcomes, all with figuative measuements. While seeking to achieve these meits, the poject has to be put into diffeent sections in the fom of depatments, which will wok hand-in-hand like a system since simila objectives bind them. All the depatments have to meet the equiements that compise a poject like a scope, the costs of poduction, the time, and the quality of the pocesses and poducts. This study has exploed on the…

references of the customers while lowering the costs under control. Second, the company should create a modern, supply chain organization that is end-to-end (Bolstorff & Rosenbaum 2007).

The company should not manage the supply chain in separate tiers as it has been doing. Instead, it should use sophisticated data analysis in real time. For instance, the company should appoint one person to carry out end-to-end performance for delivering improvements for the projects between different tiers and its traditional functions like procurement, marketing, and manufacturing. Finally, (Pei et al. 2016) has stated explained that Boxer Pumps Limited needs to set standards of performance. With this strategy, it should allocate incentives to the supply chain to deliver the most value for the business while checking on the risks involved. In such a case, the company should learn how to use not just capital, service and cost, but should include the needs of the business, the market segments, and the product.

Reference List

Allen, M, Herring, K, Moody, J, & Williams, C 2015, 'Project Procurement: Impact of Contract Incentives and Penalties', International Journal Of Global Business, 8, 2, pp. 1-26

Bolstorff, P., & Rosenbaum, R. 2007. Supply Chain Excellence a Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR model. New York, AMACOM.

Whether or Not Accountants Should Use Quickbooks
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Accountant Desktop 2015

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2015 offers an exceptionable accounting tool for PC users. The application is clear, intuitive and simple, with easily accessible shortcuts that give visual flowcharts of every accounting need, from transactions related to vendors to customers, employees, and banking. This version also makes it easy to fix accounting errors and to reclassify transactions. This trial version is free for 160 days and works with Windows 7, Vista and XP. The software is available for purchase through Intuit for as much as $499 per year. However, other retailers offer the program for less if one is looking to shop around., for example, is offering it at a $220 discount.

This software did include a tutorial, which consisted of video guides, offering a basic tour of the software. The video guide was helpful, but the application is already very user friendly so many of the processes…


Biafore, B. (2015). QuickBooks 2015: The Missing Manual. CA: O'Reilly Media.

Nelson, S. (2012). QuickBooks Simple Start for Dummies. NJ: Wiley Publishing.

Section IV: Appendix

1. Sales by Customer Summary Report

Business in China Companies Have
Words: 605 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 47956116
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Another factor that must be taken into consideration is represented by the business etiquette in China. Business etiquette in this country is significantly different than that of Western countries, but it is similar to other Asian countries. The analysis of business etiquette is based on the cultural dimensions that characterize the Chinese population. Same as in the case of other Asian cultures, China has a high long-term orientation, which means that the country's population has a strong attitude on persevering. Also, there is a high level of power and wealth inequality within the society. The Chinese culture is a collectivist one, and businessmen should refer to this fact in their meetings with Chinese partners (International Business Center, 2008).

The differences between the business etiquette in China and those in other countries refer to aspects like the appearance and clothing style, the behavior at meeting, offering and receiving gifts, and communications.…

Reference list:

1. Import Export Flow Chart (2008). HKTDC. Retrieved August 10, 2011 from .

2. China (2008). International Business Center. Retrieved August 10, 2011 from .

Uml-Based Comparison of Model Transformational
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Generally, the classification of model transformation tools is based on whether it is declarative or operational, directionality or multiplicity.

The study further discusses the sub-categories of model transformation that include:

hybrid transformation tools, graph transformation, relational, template based, operational based, structure driven and direct manipulation.

All the sub-categories of model transformation have the following features:

Hybrid transformation combines two or more transformation approaches;

Graph transformation focuses on graph rewriting over variation and extensions of labeled graphs.

Relational approach uses declarative approach-based mathematical relations; template approach uses model template specifications.

ATL Transformation Tool

The project reveals that ATL is one of the effective transformation tools used to semantic or syntactic translation and it is built on transformation Virtual Machine model. The ATL was developed from the ATLAS framework, which enabled the specification of one or more target models. The project further reveals that ATL is hybrid language providing the mix of…

Works Cited

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Language. Institut fur Informatik Technische Universitat Munchen. 2003.

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Human Resources in Retail
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Pesent an oganization oveview, including stategic impeatives.

Fo this pat, we choose an oganization that has business inteests in etail tade. The business is now pimaily based in one county -- the U.S., and is an anticipating expansion to othe counties. The etaile has a lage numbe of bick and mota stoes to sell poducts but is now focusing on the enhancement of sales though its online platfom.

Hence in addition to the new stoes within the county and new counties which the company wants to establish, thee is pessue fo the employees to adjust to the new and soon moe to be used online platfom.

The stategic objectives of the company behind this move ae as follows:

Geneate moe evenues by opening up and focusing on a new selling platfom -- the online platfom

Enhance and incease maket pesence in the existing makets and incease maket shae in…

references. Journal Of Public Transportation, 14(4), 109-130. 

Royse, D. (2009). Needs assessment. New York: Oxford University Press.

Zahid Iqbal, M. & Khan, R. (2011). The growing concept and uses of training needs assessment. Jnl Euro Industrial Training, 35(5), 439-466.

Teacher Has in Helping Students Develop Their
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teacher has in helping students develop their writing. Traditional methods of grading and scoring children's writing are being replaced in the modern educational system with feedback and constructive criticism of the work, rather than a trophy grade or labeling score. This study reviews literature previously compiled on the subject of feedback in the development of children's writing, as well as conducting original research with a small group of students and teachers that helps evaluate the role of feedback in writing, as well as determining what types of feedback are the most effective.

Overview & Evaluation of the Project

According to a seasoned author of the ritish Educational Research Journal, "Education without educational research can be governed by dogma, superstition, tradition and other forms of prejudice about what will work well and be 'good for' those involved in the educational process." (Murphy 1996) Education is an ongoing process, and even the…


Brindley, S. (1995) Teaching English. New York: Routledge.

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Donaldson, M. (1989) Children's Minds. London: Fontana Press.

ERIC. (2001) Grading Students' Classroom Writing: Issues and Strategies. Counseling and Student Services Clearinghouse. U.S. Department of Education. CAPS Publication.

Department of Homeland Security DHS
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55264167
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Regarding Border ecurity, "the Department of Homeland ecurity prevents and investigates illegal movements across our borders, including the smuggling of people, drugs, cash, and weapons" ( Border ecurity. 2012. PP. 1). Customs, Coast Guard, and Immigration (IN) are working departments in this area.

Preparedness, Response, Recovery refers to "providing a coordinated, comprehensive federal response and mounting a swift and effective recovery effort" ( Preparedness. Response. Recovery. 2012. PP. 1). FEMA is the direct provider of government action and coordination in this realm.

On Immigration, "the Department is responsible for providing immigration-related services and benefits such as naturalization and work authorization" ( Immigration. 2012. PP. 1). IN is the primary vehicle in this context however, cross-over with Border ecurity functions are common.

Lastly, DH engages in cyber security "keeping our federal civilian networks secure, and secure the cyberspace and critical infrastructure on which we all depend" ( Cyber ecurity. 2012. PP.…

Succinctly, no! The encompassing mission of the DHS is so broad as to incorporate far too many active departments, agencies directorates, and components for the structure to effectively work. The flow chart itself is complex in its reporting and layered approach. The unification which is necessary to protect the U.S. from threats is not possible under the auspices of a broad tent approach to control and information dissemination. As an example, a recent report indicated "86 reported attacks on computer systems in the U.S. that control infrastructure, factories, and databases between October 2011 and February 2012" (Schmidt, M. March 13, 2012. PP. 1); yet no one Federal agency "has the authority to compel businesses that run the nation's infrastructure to improve their security" (Schmidt, M. March 13, 2012. PP. 1). If the DHS were to assume control of this task, the assumption would be that economies of scale in resources and scope would allow for greater efficacy. The counter is that the nimbleness and coordination necessary to prevent such hacking is anathema under a monolithic structure. Decentralization would be a more logical method of countering the multiple risks to homeland security.

2. Are there any federal, state, and/or local agencies present in DHS that do not belong? If so, explain why / if not, explain why. Be detailed.

The best example, and most obvious is FEMA, the

Trojan Technologies
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Trojan Cor

This project was different from what I expected. I did not see the flow chart, budget and other technical elements. You should indicate these items in your description to ensure that you get someone who is able to or has an interest in doing these. I tried to give you sufficient information so you could create a flow chart or a budget. I am not an expert on these topics and thus just try to do the writing for you. YOU SHOULD DELETE THE ED TEXT AND YOU WILL HAVE FIVE DOUBLE-SPACED PAGES. This site informs you that you pay for double-spaced pages so that is what I produced, plus the instructions say single or double. I added the last page for your cover sheet and I used three references as requested.

The advance work on this project suggests that it may be reasonable for the Trojan to…


Harton, M. (2010). The do's and don'ts of offshoring and low cost sourcing. Retrieved from .

IBM (2006). Low cost country sourcing can benefit a company's bottom line. IBM Global Business Services.

Rogers, S. And Cooley, L. (2004). Deciding where to source -- local, national, regional, global. International Supply Management Conference. Procter & Gamble. Retrieved from,%20National,%20Regional,%20or%20Global.pdf.


Tesco UK Food Department A Legislative Risks
Words: 2412 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82402312
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Tesco UK food department

a.) Legislative risks: The decision to provide healthier food by labeling the ingredients on the packages to include the calories, sugar, fat, sodium, and saturated fat content needs to also comply with the U.K. food and labeling law. According to the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, The University of eading, "In most cases, ingredients have to be listed in weight descending order determined as at the time of their use in the preparation of the food. This is commonly referred to as the 'mixing bowl stage'. The following exemptions are however permitted" (A Guide to UK egulations, 2011)

Water and volatile products used as ingredients have to be listed in order of their weight in the finished product. The weight of water is calculated by subtracting from the weight of the finished product the total weight of the other ingredients used.

If an ingredient is…


CSPI Reports International (1998) Functional Foods: Public Health Boon or 21st Century Quackery? 

Feindt, P.H. & Flynn, A. 2009, Policy stretching and institutional layering: British food policy between security, safety, quality, health and climate change, Palgrave Macmillan.

Food Labels: A Guide to the UK Regulations. Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, The University of Reading. 

Lacey, R. 1992, Scares and the British Food System: Problems and Policies in Relation to Food-Related Health Issues, Emerald Group Publishing, Limited.

Improved Is the Process Driving
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For example, the step at the beginning where the amount of fuel is checked is a short step itself, but if there is insufficient fuel then the step becomes long because the gas station stop must be added to the total commuting time. A process improvement would be to move this step entirely to the commute home. Such a move is logical, because coming home there is less time pressure (i.e. there is no "late" coming home whereas there is a "late" time for arriving to work). Another step where adjustments could be made is at the coffee acquisition part of the process. The independent coffee shop is the preferred choice, but it has no drive-through so it takes longer to acquire coffee than if the Starbucks with the drive-through was selected. Coffee could also be made at home, allowing for further reduction in commuting time.

The process could also…

Woody Liberty and Fear Custom
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For example, the company did create a monthly cash flow chart for the modernization project. However, this flow chart was not regularly re-evaluated over the course of the project on a regular and timely basis, once delays became a problem. There was no talk of scaling back or reformulating the approach, once it became clear that the project was going to be more expensive and take longer than anticipated. Additionally, there was no careful monitoring of the external market environment for opportunities or threats that could affect the future profitability of the project.

The lack of close monitoring was especially detrimental to the company because of the fact that the contracted firm, EIS, was paid at an hourly rate: once delays began to spiral out of control, so did costs. Another poor strategy was evident in their criteria for selecting members of the leadership team. For example, Ian Leadbetter did…


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Supply Chain Management
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Contracting and Procurement in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management 5960

This paper comprehensively describes the contracting and procurement function in the supply chain management of an organization. The paper starts with an introduction to the supply chain management and proceeds by discussing the importance of contracting and procurement function for an organization. The paper also describes the whole contracting and procurement process and highlights some risks and ethical issues associated with this function.

Contracting and procurement is the acquisition of raw material, goods, or services from external suppliers or vendors. It is one of the most important functions in the supply chain management of an organization. An effective and efficient contracting and procurement is vital in achieving success in the industry and satisfying the stakeholders through manufacturing capabilities. This paper comprehensively describes the contracting and procurement process which business organizations generally follow while purchasing raw material for their business.…


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