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Geographic Analysis of Four Countries
Words: 1361 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89618157
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Cuba, Central African Republic, Iran, Myanmar
Extractive Performance
Regulation and Transparency
Distributive Performance
Political Recruitment
Caribbean nation, was a Spanish colony for centuries until the Treaty of Paris in 1898. United States military occupied for more than 3 years thereafter
Capital – Havana
Climate - Tropical with trade winds; wet season May to October and dry season November to April
Area 110,860 sq km
World rank in area:107
Pop. 11,147,407
world rank 80
Government: Communist State
Heavily dependent on the services industry, currently about 75% of the economy. 21.5% of GDP is in the industrial sector and 3.9% in agriculture. GDP in purchasing power parity is $132.9 billion and climbing, ranked 80 in the world.
Flag : The triangle symbolizes the three components of liberty, equality, fraternity.
The three blue bands are divisions on the island (central, east, west).
The white bands symbolize the purity…

Central African Republic
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