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Case Study Supply Chain Whirl
Words: 5412 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 37552867
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Whirl Pool Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Critical appraisal of Whirlpool's Supply Chain Management

Company Overview

Products and Services

Critical review of Operations

Contribution to business performance

System Changes

Changes in Internal Forecasting Process

usiness Performance Results

Criteria for trade Partner Fit

Competitive advantage

Critical Evaluation of System

Customer Centric-Supply Chain Management System

Collaborative Supply Chain

Whirlpool's production

Current System Changes

Planning and sourcing decisions



Drawbacks of Whirlpool delivery system



Factors for taking supply chain management decision

Figure: Supply Chain Performance factors

Gap Analysis

Strategic partnership


Reduced Cost and Inventory

Future trends in home appliances supply chain management

RFID usage

RFIDs to Individual Products

Vendor Managed Inventories

Challenges for home appliances businesses in managing supply chain

Complex features

Multiple Channels Conflicts

Short life Cycles



Executive summary

Whirlpool is renowned as a global electronic appliances manufacturer and marketer. The company's products and…


Basu, R. & Wright, J.N. 2008, Supply Chain Management, Elsevier, USA.

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Border Crossing Rules and Regulations
Words: 864 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78125648
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Economic entities can be influenced by the area they are located in, with the entities positioned in the vicinity of economic blocks like NAFTA or the European Union being advantaged and thus more likely to engage in trade. People in North America and those in Western Europe are advantaged because of their position, meaning that the trade business they get involved in is normally more intense in comparison to the trade performed by economic entities that reside further away from economic blocks.

Security has always been a crucial matter when it came to freight transportation. However, this topic has not been given special attention until the 9/11 events, which marked the beginning of great changes in transportation policies. It previously seemed perfectly normal to check freights for illegal substances, undocumented immigrants, and piracy. Even with that, the World Trade Center events brought forward a new set of security concerns. The…

Supply Chain the Rapid Growth
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7214405
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he value inherent to freight forwarding in the modern global supply chain can be stated both in terms of finances and efficiency, which ultimately has its own effect on finances and revenues, as well. hese two value elements are largely intertwined in the supply chain itself as well -- freight forwarders are better equipped to locate available shipping space at the best possible price than are individual manufacturers or even distributors (Baluch 2005). Freight forwarders essentially offer a service to both shippers and manufacturers/those in need of shipping, creating greater value for both asset-based entities in the arrangement by creating greater efficiency in the system as a whole (Baluch 2005).


he seven economic drivers of transportation costs can be easily illustrated with the example of a standard laptop computer. Distance for many of these units is considerable, often requiring transport from parts of Asia to Europe and North…

The freight bill, or bill of lading, is given by a shipping provider to the manufacturer or shipping originator to acknowledge the receipt of specified goods for transport, usually with certain key details of the shipping agreement including payment terms, pickup and delivery locations and often dates, and a detail of the goods to be transported (MarketTrans 2010). Though not itself a full contract, it is evidence of a contract (whether verbal or written) between the shipper and the carrier, and as it lists certain terms of the carrier's part in the venture and requires the shipper's signature it is legally binding in several regards (MarketTrans 2010).


The essential goal of multi-vendor consolidation is to increase the efficiency of shipping for both

Safety of Four Modes of Transportation
Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77578695
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Transportation Safety

There are a number of different modes of transportation, and each mode has different safety considerations. This paper will look at road, rail, sea and air freight in particular. Obviously, there will be some safety issues that can affect any mode of transport -- human error or mechanical breakdown can happen to anything, anytime. But within each mode there will be unique risks, and it is important to understand what those risks are, in order that they be addressed effectively.

ail transport is generally considered to be one of the safer modes, but rail accidents are surprisingly common. The particular issues relating to rail tend to be issues with track maintenance, and trains taking corners too fast, both resulting in derailment. The Federal ailroad Administration provides oversight on railroad safety issues, in order to minimize the number of accidents that occur on the rails. However, derailments still occur,…


FRA (2015). Safety fact sheet. Federal Railroad Administration. Retrieved June 25, 2015 from

Kristiansen, S. (2013) Maritime transportation: Safety management and risk analysis. Elsevier: Burlington, MA

Importing From Asia Europe to the
Words: 1297 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38002505
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Constantly updated information as to goods' and materials' whereabouts can also lead to more effective decisions by suppliers, consumers, and transportation firms alike, and the use of the Internet and other telecommunications systems will lead to exactly this ability to update.

Other applications for modern container tracking devices will continue to emerge as the technology becomes more refined. Tracking individual units is already possible, though expensive, but for sensitive and high-priced items this might already make fiscal sense. Security and efficiency will both continue to be improved by greater tracking abilities.

Video Intro:

This video provides an excellent yet brief version of the development of the railway, and specifically of the standardization of railway gauges, as it developed in England in the seventeenth century. This is something that is touched on only briefly in Chapter Three, towards the beginning of the section on railways, and it might seem to…

Export Plan Assume That You
Words: 1555 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42132400
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In case of damage during transportation, the insurance company will cover the incurred damage. The insurance "rates are based on: the type of item(s) being shipped (class), weight, size, commercial or residential pickup or delivery. Shipper is responsible for correct shipment description & commodity code" (Freight Center, 2006). If the damage is to occur, the insurance company will solicit documents attesting the insurance contract, the payment of the established fee and a specialized consultancy of the damage produced during transportation, as well as the causes which led to the production of the damage. hen entering the Australian territory, the transporter has to prove the provenience and destination of the merchandise and pay the adherent charges. As necessary documentation, the Australian authorities will request the Security Declaration / Packing List by Sender of Unaccompanied Baggage, the Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement, the Standard Liability Protection - Valuation Form fro Owner Packed Effects…

Works Cited

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Global vs Domestic Supply Chains Intermodal Transportation
Words: 1168 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 41275483
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Logistics Design Alternatives

Intermodal transportation essentially refers to the process of transporting passengers and cargo by means of multiple, inter-linked transportation modes. It capitalizes on the comparative advantage of the individual modes to bring about high productivity at considerably low freight costs. Intermodalism has gained prominence over recent years, and is currently an integral component of international trade and global supply chain management. The U.S. Penal Code (49 USC, Chapter 55, Sec 5501, 1998) presents the government's commitment towards delivering a National International Transportation System that is not only environmentally fit, but also economically efficient and in congruence with ongoing attempts geared at making the U.S. economy more competitive on the global front. According to David Collenette, the former Transport Minister of Canada, intermodal transportation is about efficiency and safety in transportation. Canada and Mexico are among America's leading trade partners; in fact, trade volumes between the three have risen…


Dewitt, W. & Clinger, J. (n.d.). Intermodal Freight Transportation. Committee on Intermodal Freight Transport. Retrieved 15th October 2014 from 

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Export Marketing Strategy
Words: 3399 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66103332
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Marketing (Water Fans, India)

Industry outlook

The market in India for water fans or misting fans as they are also called is problematical at best. Without doubt, the climate (except in the northern mountains) is hot; the problem is, it is also quite humid. Still, the Indian people have been looking for ways to stay cool for centuries. It was India that gave the world the slatted shutter; when air comes in through small spaces (as in shutters, adopted in the American South before air conditioning, or in lattice-work walls as in parts of India), it is cooled. Still, they did not develop a cooling system like that of that ancient omans, which did use water running through channels to create condensation. The reason, of course, is the problem of water quality. While industrial pollution has now added immeasurably to the water quality problems in India, the sluggish flow of…


Establishing New Ventures: Hiring People. (2004) Indiamart Web site. Retrieved December 16, 2004 from

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Sen, Soumik. (2004) The New Cold War. Rediff Web site, April 24. Retrieved December 16, 2004 from

Managing a Start Firm Despite the Recession
Words: 1789 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48270749
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Managing a Start Firm

Despite the recession and weak growth in the housing market, the U.S. is still one of the strongest regions for trade. The reason why is because, some of the largest developed and developing economies are conducting business with the U.S. In some form. A good example of this can be seen by looking at the below table (which is illustrating the largest import and export partners of the United States).

Largest Trading Partners of the Unites States








("United States," 2012)

The figures are showing how the U.S. is one of the largest countries for conducting any kind of commerce. In the case of the startup firm that we are managing, this is an opportunity to be able to expand market share. To achieve this objective requires creating a business plan that will examine the products to be imported /…


ABF Freight Systems. (2012). ABFS. Retrieved from: 

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Sow Cost Estimate Statement of Work Date
Words: 785 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82734547
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SOW Cost Estimate

Statement of Work

[Date published]

[Presenter's name]

Time and materials

Client's administrator

Relocation of Office Headquarter

Engagement duration

Begin date

eb' 2012

End date

eb' 2012

Schedule of rates [Include fixed-rate costs for items such as equipment and hourly rates for employee time and service.]

Item description

Delivery schedule

(Business days)



desks (with associated chairs)

day- 1st eb 2012

day- 1st eb 2012

Coffee Tables

day- 2nd eb 2012


Small Items (120 X 160 boxes)


day 3rd eb 2012

Computers (with monitors)

day- 1st eb 2012

Payment terms


Completion date

Payments due

Phase 1 -- Movement of urniture and Computers

2nd eb 2012


Phase 2 -- Movement of rames and Small Items

3rd eb 2012


Phase 3- Cleaning, Organizing and Arranging relocated items at new premesis

4th eb 2012


Statement of work


ollowing assumptions are to be made…

Full name

3/2/2012 Statement of Work Page 2

3/2/2012 Statement of Work Page 5

Virgin Airline Company
Words: 1159 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 76135964
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Virgin Airlines -- Financial and Strategic Assessment

Financial Assessment

Virgin America has quickly established itself as one of the premier airlines operating throughout North America, generating $760M in Operating evenues as of the close of its latest fiscal period reporting a Net Loss of $19M and operating margin of -1.6%. As Virgin competes in a very price-driven and capital-intensive industry, their latest financial results the exceptionally high pressure on new entrants into commercial aviation. Their latest financial results are shown in Appendix A: Virgin America Consolidated Statement of Operations and Appendix B: Comparative Operating Statistics, both obtained from the company's website.

Analyzing their financial condition indicates just how challenging the launch and successful operation of an airline is. Their fuel costs increased 66.9% for the nine months between September 30, 2010 to September 30, 20112, and Aircraft Maintenance increased 51.5% in the same period. Both of these figures are shown…


De Roos, N., Mills, G., & Whelan, S. (2010). Pricing dynamics in the Australian airline market. Economic Record, 86(275), 545.

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Containerization Background and Benefits
Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54700401
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Oceans have, since long in history, been known as a means of transportation. However, in contrast to a couple of decades ago, ships today transport goods more than they do people. The emergence of intercontinental air travel made air transport relatively cheaper and perhaps more preferable to sea travel over long distances. As a result, sea travel today is largely limited to recreational cruises and shorter trips such as ferry services.

As globalization increased, markets became more open to trade; as a result, demand levels escalated, and so and did shipping volumes. The international trade growth rate was consistently reported to be twice that of aggregate economic activity between 1950 and 2000 (Clark, 2002). Between 2000 and 2001, for instance, world trade grew at an average annual rate of 5.4%, while economic activity, measured by global GDP, only grew at annual average of 3%. This trend has seen global…


Clark, R.P. (2002). Global Awareness: Thinking Systematically around the World. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers.

Hofstra University. (2014). The Geography of Transport Systems. Hofstra University Library. Retrieved 1 April 2014 from

Challenges in Supply Chain Optimization
Words: 764 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 36042185
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Intermodal Logistics

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Intermodal Logistics Parks

Intermodal logistics involves the management of the transportation and supply of goods through several means of transport. The means of transport adopted may include shipping, air transport, railway or road transport. The transportation is through intermodal containers designed for the specific purpose of ferrying a category of goods from manufacture point to the point of sale or consumption. For successful intermodal logistics, an intermodal logistics park is necessary, and any logistics company ought to consider it seriously. An intermodal logistics park is an area set aside and built to store intermodal containers before they are loaded onto the transport means used for their transportation. However, before a company puts up an intermodal logistics park, it is important to be aware of the benefits and challenges of the system. This response considers some of the possible advantages and disadvantages that an entrepreneur…

Port and Terminal Operations Different
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10066555
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Given the economic conditions of the U.S., the most important component of transportation is institutions. The U.S. government is currently acting to stimulate the economy through government action. If the port and transportation system is to be successful, it will need full government and institutional backing. This would help to not only modernize ports and the port technology, but also bring the ports up to the current and future standards of sustainability necessary to compete with other national and international ports as they continue to evolve and develop.

While there may be some disagreement over this concept, the idea that the U.S. Government needs to support its country's ports and transportation infrastructure makes sense. The U.S.'s ports and transportation make up much of the country's economy. If these bodies are not fully supported, imports and exports will suffer (Panayides, 2002). Even if the U.S. economy made a full and…


Matthew Brian Malchow, "An Analysis of Port Selection" (July 1, 2001). Institute of Transportation Studies. Dissertations. Paper UCB-ITS-DS-2001-3. 

Comparative Transportation Systems

Assignment #2 (Written Paper)

Runways and Taxiways Airplane Runways and Taxiways
Words: 3145 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76962109
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unways and Taxiways

Airplane runways and taxiways are perhaps the most integral part for the proper use of airplanes as the condition of the runways and taxiways directly impacts the performance of the airplanes (Ashford et al., 1997). The aim of this paper is to consider all factors involved in the appropriate planning for runways and taxiways of an airport that is primarily designed to handle the largest aircraft types in operation operated on long haul routes.

Structure of the paper

The paper will begin with a brief introduction of the runways and taxiways as they are used today followed by a discussion of the appropriate runways/taxiways capacity and configuration necessary for an airport that is primarily designed to handle the largest aircraft types in operation operated on long haul routes. The paper will also focus on the necessary pricing strategies that will be required for the airport in accordance…


Ashford, N., Stanton, H. & Moore, C. (1997). Airport Operations, (2nd ed.), New York: McGraw Hill.

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Clark, P. (2001), Buying the Big Jets, Ashgate, Aldershot

Southwest Airlines Organizational Culture Analysis of Organizational
Words: 2226 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34268182
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Southwest Airlines Organizational Culture

Analysis of Organizational Culture at Southwest Airlines

Application of the OCP Framework

Developing Organizational Culture at Southwest Airlines

Implementation of Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture as an Important Determinant of Organization's Success

Southwest Airlines is a world renowned air travel company and a low cost leader in airline industry of USA. Formed in 1971 by ollin King and Herb Kelleher, the company is committed to "providing highest level of customer service with pride and caring" to its varied market segments ranging from leisure travellers to freight transportation. The two most important stakeholders for the company are its employees and its customers. Southwest Airlines owns 520 different types of aircrafts and serves 411 cities and 63 million customers at 59 airports in 30 different states within the United States with its nonstop air travel service (Southwest Airlines Inc., 2010).

The major reason for company's 35 years of phenomenal…


Aguinis, H. (2009). Performance Management. Upper Sadle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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Erdogan, B. & . (2010). Erdogan, B., & Bauer, T. (2010). Organizational Behavior. Flat World Knowled Organizational Culture . Flat World Knowledge.

Financial Management Analysis
Words: 1128 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66642347
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Financial Analysis

Assumption Use in the Financial Plan

Additional Assumption in Sensitivity Analysis








Investment Value Using At Discounted Rate 5%

est Financial Plan and Option

Assumption Use In The Financial Plan

Additional Assumption in Sensitivity Analysis

It is further assumed that price will increase gradually at the rate of 8% per annum and sales will increase at 7% per annum.

For the purpose of analysis, both the sales price and Kg sales will gradually increase at 5%.

Another scenario will be that the sales price per Kg increase at 10% but the unit sales…


Saltelli, A., Ratto, M., Andres, T., Campolongo, F., Cariboni, J., Gatelli, D. Saisana, M., and Tarantola, S., 2008, Global Sensitivity Analysis.The Primer, John Wiley & Sons.

Sensitivity analysis. (2014). Retrieved Janaury30, 2014, from 


€ Exchange Rate $

Transportation Systems
Words: 4671 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67907820
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Therefore, Trains are best for freight traveling long distances where loading and unloading efficiency and times are less of a concern. For shorter distances, rail travel is less efficient unless it is incorporated into the transportation network that serves passengers in gridlocked parts of town. In these instances, people can efficiently use light rail as a form of mass transit, and this mode of transport makes sense.

Each mode of transport has its pros and cons, and there is often much overlap between these pros and cons for each mode. The situation in New Jersey calls for a very definitive answer in transport management, and for a high level of understanding relative to cargo and passenger demands and the supply of transport vehicles.

This is a written paper APA style

Provide a two-page response for each of the following questions. Defend your answers with the appropriate citations. (Note: You may…


Rodrigue, Jean-Paull; Comtois, Claude; and Brian Slack. (2009). The Geography of Transport Systems, Second Edition. New York: Routledge.

World Port Source. (2010). "The Port of Callao." World Port Source Homepage.

Accessed via internet on August 11, 2010. .

History of Air Cargo Industry
Words: 3692 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84106237
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ir Cargo, Inc. only flew cargo from December, 1941 (when Pearl Harbor was attacked) through November, 1944. t that time, Siddiqi explains that individual airline companies authored their own freight services, and on page 2 the author of this article notes that in time the major passenger airlines began offering freight forwarding service and that pretty well eliminated the need for a whole fleet of airline companies that just forwarded freight (Siddiqi). Only Flying Tiger stayed aloft as a strictly air freight company until the 1980s when Federal Express entered the picture. More on FedEx later in this paper.

The Literature -- the History of ir Freight Transportation -- Berlin ir Lift

When the long, bloody war was over it was time for the winning llies to divide up the territory that once was Nazi Germany, the negotiated, agreed-upon divisions gave the llies (U.S., Britain, and France) the Western…

April 20, 2012, from

Wilde, Robert. (2005). Berlin Blockade / Berlin Airlift. Retrieved April 20, 2012,

From .

Security Concerns in Air Cargo Sector
Words: 3723 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75778501
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air cargo industry experienced tremendous growth since inception because of various factors in the aviation industry, particularly the freight sector. The growth and development of this industry is evident in its current significance on the freight sector. Moreover, this industry currently accounts for huge profitability in the freight sector because of increased shipping of various packages across the globe. This increased shipping is fueled by increased interconnectedness of people and countries due to rapid technological factors.

However, the industry has experienced tremendous challenges and concerns in relation to security because of the increase of security issues and emergence of new security threats throughout the world. Some of the major security challenges or issues facing the air cargo industry include terrorism, hijacking threat, vulnerability to security breaches, and probable introduction of explosive devices. These security threats are largely brought by the development of sophisticated tools and means for criminal activities by…


"Bilateral and Regulatory Issues Facing the Air Cargo Industry." (n.d.). Chapter 6. Retrieved

April 17, 2015, from 

Elias, B. (2010, December 2). Screening and Securing Air Cargo: Background and Issues for Congress. Retrieved April 17, 2015, from 

"Evaluation of Screening of Air Cargo Transported on Passenger Aircraft." (2010, September).

Realities of Globalization for Companies
Words: 6319 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 32327239
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Transportation and Logistics Management

Tanya Combs

"Globalization is the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services, freer international capital flow, and more rapid and widespread diffusion of technology" (International Monetary Fund -- quoted by ushton, et al., 2007)

Globalization's impact on the world economy, in particular on the logistics and transportation management of the economies of the world, has been momentous. World trade has grown at "double the growth of GDP" over the past 15 years or so, and for developing nations, their share in world merchandise trade has skyrocketed by over 31% since 1950 (ushton, 2007). More trade -- knocking down barriers to economic interaction -- means stronger economic growth, and globalization has stimulated trade; specifically it has helped the freight market enjoy healthy annual growth rates up to 10% annually on an international basis (ushton, 22). The…


Alkanaani, K. (2013). Marketing strategies and global logistics under globalization.

Operations Management, No. 4, retrieved March 1, 2015, from

Blanchard, D. (2013). Supply chain & Logistics: Globalization Blues: Too Many

Companies are Victimized by Their Own Supply Chains. Industry Week, Retrieved

air traffic
Words: 28110 Length: 102 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 54322150
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air traffic has continued to increase and it now constitutes a considerable proportion of the travelling public. The amount of long-hour flights has increased significantly. Based on the International Civil Aviation authority, air traffic can be anticipated to double amid till 2020. Airline travel, especially over longer distances, makes air travelers vulnerable to numerous facets that will impact their health and well-being. Particularly, the speed with which influenza spreads and mutates, via transportation routes, is the reason why the influenza pandemic is considered to be a huge threat to the human population. Pandemic is a term, which is used for a virus or microbe when it spreads over a large area, in severe cases even the whole world and large number of people start getting affecting by it (CDC, 2009).

In the past 300 years, there have been ten significant influenza pandemics outbreaks that have taken place in this world.…


Airports Council International (2009) Airport preparedness guidelines for outbreaks of communicable disease. Available at: (Accessed: 28 November 2011)

Bouma, G.D. (2002) The research process. 4th edn. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

Brigantic, R., Delp, W., Gadgil A., Kulesz, J., Lee, R., Malone, J.D. (2009) U.S. airport entry screening in response to pandemic influenza: Modeling and analysis. Available at:  (Accessed: 28 November 2011)

Bush, George W. (2003a). Homeland security presidential directive -- 5: Management of domestic incidents. Available at:  (Accessed: 28 November 2011)

Distribution Planning Systems Vehicle Routing
Words: 5118 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 33849578
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(ienstock, 1996)

These are stated to be the reason that these systems "lend themselves to investigation using simulation methodology." (ienstock, 1996) Simulation is stated to offer an alternative "for understanding these systems, since experimenting with the actual systems would be too costly." (ienstock, 1996) Furthermore, simulation is stated to facilitate the "examination of dynamic processes or systems over time by allowing the compression of real time." (ienstock, 1996) ienstock states that the methods for adjusting the sample size 'n' in simulation studies are as follows:

(1) simulation runs for each experimental condition (each cell) may be replicated 'n' times;

(2) observation of 'n' subintervals of the simulation of an experimental condition may be increased by decreasing the length of the subintervals; or (3) the simulation of an experimental condition may be continued for a longer period of time, thereby increasing the number of subintervals (i.e. The sample size). (ienstock, 1996)…


Bienstock, Carol C. (1996) Sample Size Determination in Logistics Simulations. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. Vol. 26. No. 2, 1996. MCB University Press.

Chandra, Pankaj and Fisher, Marshall L. (nd) Coordination of Production and Distribution Planning. DecisionCraft Analytics. No. 108.

Chang, Yoon and Makatsoris, Harris (nd) Supply Chain Modeling Using Simulation. Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge. International Journal of Simulation. Vol. 2, No.1

Cohen, Morris a. And Lee, Hau L. (1987) Strategic Analysis of Integrated Production Distribution Systems: Models and Methods. Operations Research. Vol. 36. No.2 March-April 1988.

Conservative Congress Takes America Down Ragged Path to Ruin
Words: 7502 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84712398
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U.S. Infrastructure Is in Jeopardy and Consequently So Are We

The federal highway trust fund is the fiscal foundation of the highway system in the United States. Without adequate funding, highway construction stalls and road construction workers are out of work. Congress has dallied with the economic future of America for years as it refused to pass a multiyear transportation bill. The reason for this is likely to be readily apparent to most people: the conservative Congress does not want to increase taxes, even to fund repairs and new roads to meet the infrastructure needs of the country.

A recent study from the White House reports that more than two-thirds of the nation's roadways need to be repaired and that the continued dilapidation results in higher eventual costs that run into the billions of dollars (unningen, 2014). The 27-page report released mid-July 2014 by the Council of Economic Advisers and…


Bennen, S. (2015, May 14). Boehner rejects Amtrak question as 'stupid.' The Rachel Maddow Show. MSNBC. Retreived from 

Buettner, R. And Fitzsimmons, E.G. (2015, February 12). In New York area, points where train and tragedy are likely to intersect. The New York Times. Retrieved from 

Caygle, J. (2015, May 13). House panel votes to cut Amtrak budget hours after deadly crash. Politico. Retreived from 

de Blaseo, B. And Cornett, M. (2015, May 13). Let our cities move. The Opinion Pages. The New York Times. Retrieved from

Sea Transportation Along With Cargo
Words: 1656 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83666274
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Sea Cargo and Transportation

Maritime Transportation is the main channel of international trade; however, the share of its weight sustained by the sea is difficult to come across. Increase in population, increasing living standards, quick industrialization, congestion of roads, over-exploitation of local resources, and removal of trade barriers all play a role in the ongoing development in maritime transportation. In nations with passable rivers or long shorelines, or in nations made up of several islands, water transportation might play a vital role in domestic trades, for instance, Japan, Greece, Indonesia, USA, and Norway (UNCTAD, 2004).


The load carrying capacity of the world fleet reached 857 million tons at the conclusion of 2003, which is an increase of 25% over 1890. There was also a rapid growth in the capacity of the container ships fleet with about 727% increase. These substituted the general cargo ships in main liner trades. To…


European Commission, (1997). Green paper on seaports and maritime infrastructure, COM (97) 678 Final, European Commission, Brussels.


Higginson, J. K., & Dumitrascu, T. (2007). Great Lakes Short Sea Shipping and the Domestic Cargo-Carrying Fleet. Transportation Journal (American Society Of Transportation & Logistics Inc.), 46(1), 38-50.

Persson, J.A. & Gothe-Lundgren, M. (2005). Shipment planning at oil refineries using column generation and valid inequalities. European Journal of Operational Research 163, 631-652.

Aviation Is an Aspect of
Words: 3182 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 91345832
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According to IATA, freight within Asia Pacific, between Asia Pacific and North America and between Asia Pacific and Europe will account for 57% of the 36 million tonnes of international air freight tonnes in 2011, up from 55% in 2006. The majority of this growth will be from the outbound leg from Asia Pacific ("2008 Annual Report - Air Freight: Carriers Alter Course")."

Overall the article characterizes airfreight as an aspect of the industry that will continue to grow in spite of the fuel cost and economic slow down that seems to have negatively impacted the airline industry. The growth of economies such as China and India seems to contribute to the increased profitability of the air freight segment of the industry. It seems that the growth in air freight will continue well into the future.

Week 7-Article Critique

Issues associated with traffic flow, have been at the forefront of…

Morrison Mary E. July 14, 2008. "Most airlines shun marketing as way to fly through storm" Retrieved July 24 at

What is General Aviation.

Winston C. And Morrison S.A. (2008) "The State of Airline Competition and Prospective Mergers" Retrieved July 24 at

Marketing Strategy of FedEx Examining
Words: 3816 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 88609575
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For the first 2010/2011 fiscal quarter ending Aug 31, FedEx Freight generated revenue of $1.26 billion, up 28% from last year's $982 million, but made a loss of $16 million -- down from an income of $2 million a year ago (2010, FedEx).

FedEx Corp. reported gross revenue of $9.46 billion in the quarter, up 18% from $8.01 billion the previous year; operating income of $628 million, a 99% increase from $315 million last year; and net income of $380 million, a gain of 110% from $181 million in 2009/10 (2010, FedEx).

Financial Performance

On September 15, FedEx shares dropped by 3.4% on the news that profits in the quarter ending August 31 (the first quarter of fiscal 2011) had totaled $380 million. Although they had doubled relative to the immediately preceding quarter, this profit level was still seen as somewhat below market expectations (2010, Company Profiles).

According to Investor's…


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History of Air Cargo IT's
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It's oeing. Starting from their first aircraft models oeing &W and Douglas DT/C-1 and up to the modern airfreight oeing 747-400, company oeing and oeing-related enterprises had been always on the frontier of air cargo industry, and nowadays oeing airfreights stand for 90% of commercial air cargo companies.

Everything started with mail delivery. Today lots of us associate aircrafts with people transportation, but primary oeing was responsible only for cargo.

The company was started in 1916, when ill oeing and his partner George Westervelt made a first model of future civil aviation's world leader- jet &W. &W had later become the first plane that was delivering cargo and mail to New Zealand. Three years later ill oeing and Eddie Hubbard delivered 60 letters from Vancouver, Canada to Seattle, which became the first event in the history of international air shipping.

Nearly at the same time, company Douglas Aircraft had signed…


Allaz, Camille The history of Air cargo and airmail Christopher Foyle Publishing, 2002

IATA International Traffic Statistics: December 2004 and Year-end 2004 available on web: 

Boeing History articles from

EVA Air Competitors the Industry Is Highly
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The industry is highly dependent upon the United States' economy, as economic health and growth in this country and its businesses is largely responsible for supplying customers -- and especially more profitable customers, as business travelers pay higher prices than pleasure travelers/tourists -- making competition somewhat fiercer in the current economic environment. Larger competitors with more substantial reserves that are capable of offering more diverse flight opportunities on more diverse schedules are definitely better suited to continue growth or at least maintain profitability during this period. As a mid-sized high quality provider serving a broad enough array of destinations to remain attractive to commuters with diverse needs, however, EVA is actually in a position to differentiate itself from competition and become the airline of choice for the selected area.

Large operators often offer greater overall flexibility and certainly operate with higher reserves -- especially as larger airlines…

Miami International Airport thorough report and analysis
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Adopt an Airport

The Miami International Airport (code MIA) generates upwards of $30 billion in revenue per year, bringing in the vast majority (70%) of all international visitors to the entire state of Florida ("About Us," 2017). Therefore, MIA is a gateway airport to Florida and not just Miami. Furthermore, MIA is the gateway airport linking Latin America and the Caribbean with the United States, with more flights to and from these regions than any other airport in the United States ("About Us," 2017). According to the Miami International Airport's own website, their goal is to become a "hemispheric hub," ("About Us," 2017). However, there are several impediments to MIA reaching its status, the main one being its outdated infrastructure and terminals, which are reflected in its outdated and clunky website.

Organizational Structure

Airports in the United States exhibit different types of organizational structure depending in part on their ownership.…


"About Us," (2017). MIA. Retrieved online: 

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"Aviation in Miami: The First 100 Years," (n.d.). History Miami. Retrieved online: 

Bridgeman, S. (2017). Miami-Dade Aviation Department FY 2017 Adopted Budget. Retrieved online:

Airport Operations Analysis of Miami
Words: 2754 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 97463536
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The Miami International Airport terminal is stated to present "notable life safety challenges because of large occupant loads, presence of significant combustible loads, complex security restrictions, and less than ideal egress provisions from interior spaces." (Miami International Airport, 1998) The Life Safety Master Plan (LSMP) is stated to provide a summary of the fire safety surveys and studies conducted. The first line of defense is stated to be that of prevention of fire however, the facility's size and complexity makes a requirement that there is complete coverage "by automatic fire protection place in case prevention fails." (Miami International Airport, 1998 ) Also required in combination with highly reliable automatic protection systems are manual fire fighting capabilities of an enhanced nature.

Drug Trafficking Threats

The South Florida HIDTA reports that the Miami International Airport (MIA) is not only the busiest airport in the United States for international cargo but it…


Miami Passenger Traffic Positive in April, But Can the Recovery Survive Swine Flu? (2009) Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. 1 June 2009. Online available at: 

City of Miami Springs NW 36th Street Commercial Corridor Market Study (2003) The Metropolitan Center. May, 2003.

Dooley, Susan Warner (nd) Revenue Optimization Assessments: Tale of Three Airports. Columbus Regional Airport Authority.

Life Safety Master Plan (1998) Miami International Airport. SEC Project No. 1897081-000 Vol. 1. No. 201. December 1998. Online available at:

Quantas Airways Limited Company Financial
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" (Qantas Airways Limited and Controlled Entities - Preliminary Final Report, 2008)

In July, 2008 Qantas reported that it intends to "eliminate 1,500 jobs world-wide and it shed plans to increase flying capacity as it continues to battle high jet-fuel costs." (the Wall Street Journal, 2008) in addition, the plans to hire 1,200 people have been canceled. Qantas will also be retiring 22 aircraft from its fleet and call centers in Arizona and London will be closed as well. (Thurlow and McFarland, 2008)


Quantas Airways, Ltd. is the number one domestic airline industry in Australia and is a leader in the Asia-Pacific region. In fact, Quantas is among the ten largest airlines in the world and connects Australia in approximately 81 destinations and forty countries throughout the world. The company operates several regional airlines in the country of Australia and carries in excess of thirty million passengers…


Thurlow, R. And McFarland, L. (2008) Corporate News Qantas Plans to Cut Jobs, Scraps Capacity Increase. Wall Street Journal. 18 Jul 2008.

Qantas Airways Limited and Controlled Entities (2008) Preliminary Final Report. 20 June 2008. Online available at:

Qantas Airways Ltd. (2008) Financial Times. Online available at

Kc Computers Kkc Computers -
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Air freight costs = $6,840 + $570 = $7,410

LAX to SFO = 114 computers * 100 lbs = 11,400 lbs => 5 * 114 computers = $570

SFO to LIT = 228 computers * 100 lbs = 22,800 lbs => 30 * 228 = $6,840

2. Truck Freight Costs = $3,693

LIT to LIT = 20 units * $6/100lbs = 120

LIT to DEN = 40 * 6 + 40 * 12 = 720

LIT to MSP = 20 * 6 + 20 * 13 = 380

LIT to HUF = 15 * 6 + 15 * 9 = 225

LIT to DTW = 55* 6 + 55 * 13 = 1045

LIT to ATL = 45 * 6 + 45 * 9 = 675

LIT to HOU = 33 *6 + 33 * 10 = 528

3. Consolidation Costs = $228

4. Lost Sales = $978

Third day:…

References: Cook, R.L., Central Michigan University, Case 8: KKC Computer Consolidation

Service Operations Management Report Mccarran
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While this paper focuses on process-centric improvements to McCarran, the research completed for this paper highlights the critical need for an all-encompassing IT architecture that allows for data to support both processes as thoroughly as possible.

Figure 3: Combining the Check-in and retailing processes for greater efficiency

Luggage and Baggage Process Improvements

Another major area of process improvement McCarran needed to focus on was luggage and baggage handling. The airport had been losing between 10% to 30% of all bags, leading to high levels of customer dissatisfaction and many manual processes attempting to compensate for the confusion around this broken process. Relying on Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) McCarran piloted several programs for baggage tagging, management and retrieval using the RFID standard. In the retail industry, Wal-Mart has been a pioneer in establishing higher levels of performance in logistics and supply chain performance using RFID, and McCarran's many efforts have…

Joustra & Dijik (2001) - Paul E. Joustra and Nico M. Van Dijk. SIMULATION OF CHECK-IN AT AIRPORTS. Presented Proceedings of the 2001 Winter Simulation Conference B.A. Peters, J.S. Smith, D.J. Medeiros, and M.W. Rohrer, eds.

Liu and Wang (2006) - Integrated RFID Data Modeling: An Approach for Querying Physical Objects in Pervasive Computing IBM Silicon Valley Lab and Siemens Corporate Research Princeton, NJ, USA CIKM'06, November 5-11, 2006, Arlington, Virginia, USA.

Study in Contrasts (2006) - A Study in Contrasts: The Evolving SOA Strategies of IBM And Microsoft Thursday, October 05, 2006: Dennis Gaughan. AMR Research. Article.

Yellow Roadway Having Made Several
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Another threat is that of strike. A previous strike debilitated the company, and those costs could appear again should the Teamsters desire to make more money for their constituents. No matter how well mitigated, there is the risk of a strike shutting down operations at YR for a significant length of time.

The final threat is that of legislation. Due to high accident rates, drivers are now subject to increased regulation, which adds to the cost of doing business. This has included special hazmat training and various registrations.

Competition is a threat. Although the industry is very fragmented (ATRI, 2004), there are still several strong competitors, both in terms of companies that offer a total shipping package the way YR does, and in terms of small operators who can specialize in a certain type of product or a certain geography. These may be able to undercut YR or offer better…


Harbin, James (2005). Case Study: Yellow Roadway Corporation 2005. Texas a&M - Texarkana. In possession of the author

Yellow Roadway 2004 Annual Report retrieved June 22, 2008 at

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Case 13 UPS Logistics and to Move Toward 4PL
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Why would 3 PLs consider a 4PL strategy, bearing in mind the nature of the 3PL industry?

Innovations in the logistics services business has resulted in the emergence of fourth-party logistics (4PL) providers. Generally, 4 PLs are involved in not only managing the physical movement of goods, but also more critical management and planning processes such as coordinating the movement of those goods. Despite intense competition in the industry and other inherent challenges, 3 PLs can consider a 4PL model for a number of reasons. First, a 4PL model offers an additional stream of revenue. Also, the 4PL model is less asset intensive compared to the 3PL model (Hoek, 2014). With cost being an emerging significant consideration, this may be detrimental to the bottom line. More importantly, as 3 PLs often boast lengthy operational experience, they enjoy strong relationships with their customers (Hoek, 2014). These customers are likely to embrace…

TNT Is a Multinational Company Specializing in
Words: 3219 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 99851539
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TNT is a multinational company specializing in the express service delivery. The company delivers parcel, document, and mail to its customers domestically and globally. Following the global recession, competitions, and recent development in the electronic message delivery, the company has recorded a decline in the profits delivered to the shareholders in the last few years. This document develops a marketing plan to improve the company sales and boost the revenue. The marketing plan will target Netherlands, the UK, and North America. The marketing plan will also target the emerging countries such as China, India and South America. The brand positioning will be used as promotion strategy where company will use its strong brand to differentiate itself from the competitors. Moreover, TNT will employ 7Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, People, Place, Process and Physical Evidence) as the marketing mix. TNT will use brand technique to differentiate its products in the market and…


Clarity Marketing Ltd., (2005). The marketing mix 7 Ps of the marketing mix…a framework for complete marketing. Clarity Communication.USA.

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Onkvisit, S. & Shaw, J.J (2004). International marketing: analysis and strategy.USA. Routledge.

Marketing Preliminary Marketing Plan Introducing
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For intermodal exports such as bottling factory equipment we will utilize CPT (carriage paid to) and CIP (carriage and insurance paid to) in place of CIF for all modes of transportation including intermodal.

A in some negotiations we will use FOB (free on board) for bottling plants that purchase from us directly at a buyer named port of export where we quote the buyer a price that will cover all costs up to and including the loading of goods aboard a vessel.

Pro Forma Invoice - During the initial export transaction, we will utilize the pro forma invoice.

Pro forma financial statements and budgets marketing budget selling expense

Actual selling expense 6/30/2004 $0

Projected selling expense 6/30/2005 $450,000 advertisement promotion expense

Actual advertisement expense 6/30/2004 $0

Projected selling expense 6/30/2005 $150,000 distribution expense

Actual distribution expense 6/30/2004 $0

Projected distribution expense 6/30/2005 $104,000 product cost

Actual product cost 6/30/2004 $0…


Boston Beer Company. (2004). Company Overview. Retrieved December on 10, 2004, at

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Yahoo Finance. (2004, December 9). Boston Beer Company. Retrieved December on 10, 2004, at

Parcel Industry
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Parcel Industry

History of FedEx:

The attempts at using airplanes for commercial transportation of goods started when the air planes started flying. One of the first air freight carriages took place in 1910 when a department store sent a bolt of silk by air from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio. This transport was studied by the local newspapers and they said that it had beaten the railroad transport that was the normal mode of carriage between the two cities. The volume of goods sent by air continued increasing regularly and in 1927, the total volume lifted by air became a total of 45,900 pounds and this grew in 1929 to a total of 257,000 pounds. The quantity lifted by air became more than a million pounds in 1931 a year. (A History of Commercial Air Freight)

The possibilities of lifting goods by air had been noted, yet the possibilities of the…


"A History of Commercial Air Freight." Retrieved from Accessed on 24 May, 2005

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FedEx Founded in 1971 Fedex
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Local networks in Poland and in the United Kingdom have also been built up and an utter focus has been laid on Asia.

y reinvesting the funds generated, the company sustains growth through acquisitions, the development of new products and the improvement of the services provided. A result of the reinvesting process is the Package Flow Technology. This is a multi-year re-engineering of their pickup and delivery of packages. It has proved very efficient.

Types of Costs Involved

As in the case of FedEx, UPS is basically confronted with the same types of cost. The variable costs are the wages of the employees; these are strongly related to the number of hours they spend working. Others are the ones which depend on the distance of transportation, or on the weight of the package. As for the fixed costs, they consist of the amortization, the salaries paid to the employees in…


FedEx Annual Report, May 2006

United Parcel Service, Inc.: Company Report. On the Internet at  (n.d.). Last retrieved on October 28, 2006

UPS Annual Report, Dec 2005

Open for Cost and Economic Analysis Class
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Economic Analysis

Application of Cost Benefit Analysis

EU Proposed Project Overview

Traffic Forecast

Investment Costs

Positive Impact of the Project

Economic Net Present Value (ENPV)

Cost benefit analysis (CBA) is a systematic process of comparing and calculating the cost benefit of a project. Recent business uncertainties within business environment make increasing number of businesses to implement cost benefit analysis to make a sound investment decision. Cost-benefit analysis is also an explicit or implicit method to assess the benefits and costs of a project. Typically, an organization is likely to go ahead with a project if the Benefits (B) > Costs (C). Cost-benefit analysis is often used by private organizations or government to evaluate the desirability of a project. (Anthony, David, Aidan.). The CBA is used to analyze the expected benefits and costs. However, cost effectiveness analysis is closely related to cost benefit analysis. Although both concepts attempt to achieve the…

Works Cited

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Levin, Henry and McEwen, Patrick. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis 2nd Edition Sage Publications 2001.

International Business Transactions
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C.I.F. contract on determining price, exchanging property and risks and methods outlined under this type of contract.

Review current information on C.I.F. contracts.

C.I.F. contracts provide a usable agreement for international trade between different countries. It clearly delineates the responsibilities of both the buyer and seller.

[C.I.F. Contracts]

Before discussing the importance of a C.I.F. contract in determining price and the obligations associated with this type of agreement, it is first necessary to understand what type of contract this is. The terms of a C.I.F. contract are very well delineated and outline the responsibilities of both the buyer and seller according to each one's obligations.

C.I.F. contracts refer to cost, insurance and freight for the international sales of goods, where the seller accepts responsibility for arranging insurance. The cost of the insurance is charged in the invoice itself and is prepared by the seller.

C.I.F. contract is considered an incoterm,…


UCC Articles 1 & 2.

Purpose and Scope of Incoterms. 

Cost, Insurance and Freight.

International Trade Opportunity
Words: 2298 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74579167
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negotiation, signing the contract and the actual operations of import that follow. Below is a rough plan of the report:


Commercial letters. Offer Demand.

Characteristics of Thai culture. Negotiation in an intercultural context

Signing the contract

Example of the contract

Import operations

Transport and Freight


Payment. Letter of Credit

Customs and Custom Duties


The first thing that the importer will be concerned with is identifying the Thai market and possible partners. This kind of information is usually delivered by mixed (bilateral) chambers of trade. As of my knowledge, a bilateral Canadian- Thai chamber of trade does not exist as such, so that information on producers and exporters of tins from Thailand will most likely be gathered either from the International Chamber of Trade in Paris or from local sources.

Once the Thai exporters have been identified, the Canadian importer can proceed to send each of them an…

Marine Insurance
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Marine Insurance

The concept of Marine insurance is something that has been developing at a fast rate of late. (Marine Insurance: Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert) What exactly is insurance and how long has the concept been recognized? Insurance can be defined as a form of provision of a safety net for the distribution of risks. This is generally made in the form of a financial provision that is meant to protect against losses that may occur due to certain unavoidable reasons. Insurance works like this: a person who wishes to insure an object or possession or belonging of his will pay a certain amount of money that has already been fixed by the insurance agent in order to offer the security of the money to distribute the risks when the insurer happens, by misfortune, to lose his possession or damage it because of an unavoidable reason. The insurer, by the…


Admiralty" Retrieved at Accessed on 19 September, 2004

Averagium" Retrieved at Accessed on 19 September, 2004

Commercial Hull" (2004) Retrieved at  on 19 September, 2004

English Marine Insurance Act 1906" Retrieved at . Accessed on 19 September, 2004

Marketing Maple Syrup
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sirop d'erable

H. Terms of Sale

The terms of sale tend to be negotiated when you have a sale, which in this case means when you have a wholesaler or business partner. There are a few different options with respect to this. Freight on Board affects the price, because FOB Seller means that the buyer will pay for the product to be delivered to the seller's location; FOB Buyer means that the seller is going to ship the product. FAS is "free alongside ship," which means that the seller's obligation is to get the goods to the ship (WCS, 2014). C&F means cost and freight, while CIF means "cost, insurance, freight." With these, the cost of the goods and freight are included in the price or the goods of goods, insurance and freight.

While obviously this is subject to negotiation, we are planning to ship to Europe, then distribute to…


WCS. (2014). FAS -- free alongside ship. World Class Shipping. Retrieved December 6, 2014 from


Challenges Issues, and Trends in the Logistics and Transportation Field

The complexity of logistics in terms of the split channels, a higher variance in products and demand for customer focused solutions has been on the rise. There have been several trends that indicate that there are many challenges down the line as global trade becomes even more interactive and complex (Editorial Staff, 2013).


Studies point to the following trends.

Emergence of New Technology: Most companies have realized that there is need to make use of new technology. esearch shows that 60% of major companies plan to invest heavily in data analysis tools in the coming five-year period. The tools are meant to enhance a holistic handling and precise and proactive connection of data so as to boost control and planning outcomes (Editorial Staff, 2013).

A Structural Change Freight by Air to Freight by Sea:…


Ciemny, W., Closs, D. J., Costa, O., Davidson, J., Harrington, J., Lafrance, S., Law, A., Neel, W., Norek, C. D., Ravi, P., & Seiersen, N. (2005). Global Transportation Trends. Logistics Quarterly, Vol II, Issue 5, 1-29. Retrieved from

Editorial Staff. (2013, August 9). New Study Reveals Nine Key Trends of Global Logistics. Retrieved May 9, 2016, from Supply and Demand Chain Executive: 

Nevhagen, P. (2014, June 10). 5 global logistics trends. Retrieved May 10, 2016, from GreenCarrier:

adopting an airport with MIA
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Adopt an Airport

The Miami International Airport (code MIA) generates upwards of $30 billion in revenue per year, bringing in the vast majority (70%) of all international visitors to the entire state of Florida ("About Us," 2017). Therefore, MIA is a gateway airport to Florida and not just Miami. Furthermore, MIA is the gateway airport linking Latin America and the Caribbean with the United States, with more flights to and from these regions than any other airport in the United States ("About Us," 2017). According to the Miami International Airport's own website, their goal is to become a "hemispheric hub," ("About Us," 2017). However, there are several impediments to MIA reaching its status, the main one being its outdated infrastructure and terminals, which are reflected in its outdated and clunky website.

Financial Performance

One of the key strengths of MIA is the role the airport plays in the community, as…


"About Us," (2017). MIA. Retrieved online: 

"Environmental," (2017). MIA. Retrieved online:

conducting a'security assessment of a building
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This assessment will be conducted for the Sun Tower, in Vancouver. Local law enforcement is provided by the Vancouver Police Department.. The area is patrolled very regularly. There is a major station 1km east and the headquarters is 1.5 km to the south. The nearest fire department is a major station that is across the street from the nearest police department. The nearest hospital is St. Paul's Hospital, which is about 2km to the southwest. There is a station for BC Ambulance Services about 2km away to the east. It is anticipated that VPD will have the fastest response time, given the density of patrol vehicles in the area. All emergency services are reached via 911.
The Sun Tower sits on the corner. There is one building directly adjacent. This is home to a beauty salon, and residential condominiums above. There is no security on site.
The main entrance is…

Cnr Canadian National Railway Is
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This company has an extensive network that extends into Mexico and beyond to the Panama Canal. This acquisition would therefore give CNR control over rail trade in much of North America. Trade with Latin America is growing, and NAFTA has meant in influx of trade with Mexico. A rail corridor between Mexico and Canada would allow for an increase in trade between the two nations. The current southern extent of CNR's track network runs into central llinois and both meet in St. Louis. There may be only minimal work needed to link the two networks.

Kansas City Southern is affordable for CNR. KSU trades on the New York Stock Exchange and has a market cap of $4.96 billion (MSN Moneycentral, 2010), compared with the $30.77 billion market cap of CNR. Thus, an equity-based purchase can be made. Although CNR does not have an unusual amount of debt for a railroad,…

It is recommended that CNR attempt to merge with or otherwise acquire Kansas City Southern Railway Co. This company has an extensive network that extends into Mexico and beyond to the Panama Canal. This acquisition would therefore give CNR control over rail trade in much of North America. Trade with Latin America is growing, and NAFTA has meant in influx of trade with Mexico. A rail corridor between Mexico and Canada would allow for an increase in trade between the two nations. The current southern extent of CNR's track network runs into central Illinois and both meet in St. Louis. There may be only minimal work needed to link the two networks.

Kansas City Southern is affordable for CNR. KSU trades on the New York Stock Exchange and has a market cap of $4.96 billion (MSN Moneycentral, 2010), compared with the $30.77 billion market cap of CNR. Thus, an equity-based purchase can be made. Although CNR does not have an unusual amount of debt for a railroad, it may wish to mix a heavy portion of equity into the purchase price. For its part, KSU is relatively healthy financially, although it is facing declining earnings and income.

CNR should stay in the freight railway business when it looks for a merger or acquisition. Although there are a number of small railways it could add to its portfolio, it is recommended that the company seek a railway that would allow it to expand its presence in North American trade significantly. KSU allows that, linking Canada with Mexico, and expanding the carriers networks into Texas as well. There are existing links or near links in both the St. Louis area and in Louisiana between the two company's existing networks, which makes the purchase logistically feasible. The market cap of KSU is within the range that CNR can afford with a stock purchase as well. All of these considerations taken into account lead to the conclusion that Kansas City Southern is an ideal purchase for Canadian National Railways.

Control Techiques for Bentley Motors
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Aside quality and financials, control techniques are also present in other organizational departments, such as engineering, logistics, information systems, pre-series center, production technical support, purchasing and sales and marketing. While all these organizational processes are thoroughly controlled, incremental emphasis is placed on control techniques at the level of logistics operations. At this organizational stage, the control functions refer to the following:

Timely delivery of the vehicles

Adequate supply of automobile components (achieved through an ongoing fruitful relation with the purveyors)

The sequence of vehicles and forecasting of future needs

The creation and verification of time schedules before production is launched and ensuring that the times are respected (during production)

At the level of automobile distribution: correctness of the receipts, verification of product sufficiency or shortness, global distribution of products through global access to the Bentley automobiles and finally, freight upon delivery, such as road freight, sea freight or air freight…


Quality Control, Tutor2U,  last accessed on June 28, 2010

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Mass Transit Transportation Is Important
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In short, providing transit using the current paradigms and strategies is unsustainble. Transit's success depends on the ability of planners to make the lives of travelers worse off by making it harder to get around, restricting housing choice and type, and subjecting people to all manner of externalities and lifestyles they routinely choose to avoid in the current housing market place (e.g., small homes, urban noise, and air pollution" (Stanley 2007).

Facts and figures publication of the Road Information Program, a Mobility omparison of Investments in Highways and Mass Transit, notes that Despite a 148.8% increase in operating subsidies between 1980 and 1990, mass transit was unable to increase its share of the nation's PMT. In fact, between 1980 and 1990, mass transit's share of the nation's passenger miles of non-marine, surface transportation decreased from 1.43% to PMT provided by mass transit exceeded 1% of total transportation in only…


From the evidence in this paper, mass transit is important for long-run economic growth and less traffic. This can be shown in many cities where the economic cost of the commuting time is huge. By eliminating issue, it would bring a significant improvement in the economy's efficiency and modern day continence. The economic and military power of a nation has been closely tied to efficient methods of transportation since it provides access to natural resources and promotes trade. A nation can gain wealth and power by increasing the use of mass transit since it allows the movement of soldiers, equipment, and supplies so that a nation can wage war. "Metra ridership grew by about 15% between 1985 and 1995.... Generally, all Metra zones have been experiencing steady growth since 1985.... Ridership in zones a and B (combined) increased by about 800,000 annual riders between 1990 and 1994. These are the zones closest to the CBD. This 14% increase may be due to switching of CTA (Heavy Rail) passengers to Metra to benefit from better fares and a better passenger environment." (Weyrich and Lind). Furthermore, it has become apparent that reliable transportation allows a population to expand throughout a country's territory without being traffic congested.

Mass Transit

Wearable Computers How Can Wearable
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This is one of the more fascinating areas of the use of wearable computers in the manufacturing industry, as there is always the need to keep customers informed of their orders, especially for those products that are custom made. Consider the implications of wearable computers being able to give a customer the status on over 1,000 PCs being built to be rolled out through their retail locations. As any roll-out of new technology takes a high level of collaboration and synchronization across an enterprise, having the most critical information of all - when the systems will be ready for configuring and shipping to the 1,000 sites they have been built for - is critical. From a logistics standpoint the coordination of all the other systems, processes, support staffs and delivery services to get the 1,000 systems delivered and installed in 1,000 different store locations, for example, would only be possible…


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BC Metal Fabrication Marketing Plan
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Develop a get a small trailer free for bringing in a new customer promotion to drive up word-of-mouth advertising.

As the word-of-mouth campaign is running also get brochures, testimonials and even small MPEG files for use on the Internet to further strengthen the expertise of BC in this market.

Roll out the section of the website with landscaping products including the MPEG files.

Develop a four-color brochure that is heavily weighted with customer testimonials and mail it to all landscapers within 300 miles.

Using the call center that is also calling other businesses, start calling landscapers and setting up appointments for a demonstration of the trailers.

Attend as many landscaping shows as possible to keep the name of the company active in this market.

Potential Segments:

Freight and Logistics

An entirely new market segment for BC, this is one that will require the enclosure of trailers. BC needs to do…

Air Cargo Security
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Air Cargo Security

Since the events of 911, airport security has been an important issue. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)" is responsible for ensuring the security of all modes of transportation, including cargo placed aboard airplaines and particularly focuses on passenger-carrying planes" (TSA). The TSA is part of the Department of Homeland Security. According to the latest information available, the TSA employs 620 Cargo Transportation Security Inspectors who are exclusively dedicated to the oversight of air cargo. One hundred twenty of these are canine teams. The numbers of security inspectors and canine teams has increased significantly since 2006 (TSA).

Obviously, no one wants to see another tragedy. Terrorism continues to be a threat and security measures must try to keep pace with ever-changing strategies that terrorists try to employ. There has been much in the news about passenger screening, x-ray technology, and rights to privacy. Passengers do not present the…


Beesley, A. (2010). Call for tighter security on air cargo worldwide. Irish Times 11/6/2010.

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Csx Financial Evaluation Evaluating Financial
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PP. 1). The railroad story is one of low cost, fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly shipping. CSX is well positioned to benefit from the growing surge of railroad traffic and intermodal capacity. The company's financial position is excellent, and shareholders will receive continued payoffs in dividend growth and stock appreciation. Over the coming decade the expectation will be that CSX expands into the western U.S. with mergers or acquisitions of smaller regional railroads. In so doing the company will continue its delivery of shareholder value by capitalizing on the tremendous growth in coal exports, domestic consumer demand, and intermodal connectivity.

References (March 19, 2012). CSX Corporation Quote. PP. 1. Retrieved

March 19, 2012 from (November 3, 2009). CNBC Transcript: Warren Buffett Explains His

Railroad 'All-in Bet' on America. PP. 1. Retrieved March 19, 2012 from (2011). Fortune 500. CSX. PP. 1. Retrieved…


(a) Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss primarily includes changes in pension and other postretirement benefit adjustments. These year-end balances shown above are net of tax. The associated taxes were $426 million, $413 million and $466 million for 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively.

See accompanying Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements