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Impressions of War the Most
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" There is a more calm feeling to his description. This is not to say that the author was portraying war as being a patriotic act, but the author was not as graphical in his describing what the soldiers were seeing and going through. The reader is more connected to the actions of the poem and not the fact that someone is dying. He ends his poem by referencing "hell" and the reader is left wondering whether the hell that he is referring to the war that is being left behind, or to dying itself.

3) Rites of Passage Activity

In speaking to my grandmother, I was able to find out what it was that she took when she first left her home. At the age of sixteen, she was married to my grandfather and was getting ready to start her knew life as a wife and very soon, as…

War Over Countless Years of
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Dim through the misty panes and thick green light,/as under a green sea, I saw him drowning./in all my dreams before my helpless sight / He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning./if in some smothering dreams, you too could pace/Behind the wagon that we flung him in,/and watch the white eyes writhing in his face,/His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin,/if you could hear, at every jolt, the blood/Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs/Bitter as the cud / of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, -- / My friend, you would not tell with such high zest/to children ardent for some desperate glory,/the old Lie: Dulce et decorum est / Pro patria mori. (Owen)

This is not how Owen "might" respond to patriotism this is a direct assault upon it. The words of Dali ring true as the toll of war is counted up among the youthful wasted…


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Health Care How Would You
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Futile medical care is the ongoing provision of medical treatment or care to a patient who does not show any hope of recovery. It is either that his condition is not curable and therefore the treatment that he is receiving is of no benefit. The common examples of these are that a surgeon is performing a surgery on a patient with terminal cancer. Patients who have terminal cancer have gotten the cancer spread all throughout their body. It is only until time that their organs will go into failure and they will pass away. Another example is of keeping brain dead people on life support for other reasons. As it would be expected, this is quite a sensitive area and it would involve arguments with the patient's relatives and friends.

It is understandable that the loved ones do want to do anything they can to keep the patient in front…


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The Limits of Human Perception in American Modern Poetry
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Twilight" by Louise Gluck and Stephen Crane's "Four Poems" on the Theme of Futility

The poem "Twilight" by Louise Gluck describes a specific moment in time of the subject's life, the only point during his day when he can experience any sense of freedom in his otherwise futile existence. This is highlighted in the first words of the poem "All day he works at his cousin's mill, / so when he gets home at night, he always sits at this one window, / sees one time of day, twilight." During the day he is a prisoner of his office and all he can observe of nature is the window showcasing "a squared-off landscape / representing the world." The word "representing" is significant, given that Gluck is suggesting by implication that the landscape in the window merely represents reality and is not reality itself, It is through this window that the…

1982 Lebanon War Introduction Thesis The
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1982 Lebanon ar

Introduction / Thesis:

The Middle East is famous for being a battleground. Throughout history, wars have been staged towards this corner of the world to gain control over religious Holy Land. Much of the modern conflict in the Middle East centers on the nation state of Israel and the responses of other countries to the presence on Israel. The Israeli film industry's portrayal of past ethnic conflicts present intimate points-of-view from which the audience can learn both the truth behind the events as well as the director's message. In the case of both Lebanon (2009) and altz with Bashir (2008), applying a human face to tragedy makes the conflict more personal and allows the audience to relate more to the events and to understand the inherent futility of violence and warfare and the damage to the survivors as well as the deceased.

History of the Conflict:


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Termination Process When There Are
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But there will also be situations where clinicians are asked to discuss with a patient whether they want to or should have resuscitation if they have had a cardiac arrest or life-threatening arrhythmia. The potential likelihood for clinical benefit in accordance with the patient's preferences for intervention and its likely outcome, involves careful consideration, as with many other medical decisions, in deciding whether or not to resuscitate a patient who suffers a cardiopulmonary arrest. Therefore, decisions to forego cardiac resuscitation are often difficult.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CP) is a set of specific medical procedures designed to establish circulation and breathing in a patient who's suffered an arrest of both. CP is a supportive therapy, designed to maintain perfusion to vital organs while attempts are made to restore spontaneous breathing and cardiac rhythm (Braddock 2).

The standard of care is to perform CP in the absence of a valid physician's order to…


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Baby K Was an Infant
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That is to say that relationships are considered above and beyond medical reasoning. "Futility would not be measured by the medical effect on the patient but by the effect on social relationships" (2000, p. 140). This means that even if a physician were to believe from his or her educated medical perspective that treatment would not prolong life or have any impact on integrated functioning, there is still a purpose in treatment in that it services relationships.

The case of Baby K. was quite controversial and the court's judgment was equally as controversial as they held that it was not within their realm or that it was way beyond the scope of their judicial duties or function to consider the moral decorum of whether or not an emergency room should offer emergency care to sustain life in infants with anencephaly. There are several implications in the case of Baby K,…


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Clean Well-Lighted Place One of
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This perspective gives us insight into the human condition in that it reveals that life experience is worth something and that notion is something young people simply cannot grasp fully. The young are more confident because they have not experienced as many hardships. For example, the younger waiter is "all confidence" (96) while the older waiter is not. In fact, he can relate to the old man more than he would like to. He knows there is nothing worse than going home to nothing. The younger waiter wants to hurry home while the older waiter feels as if he is doing a good deed by providing a "light for the night' (97) for the old man any anyone that might be like him. The older waiter knows why the clean and bright cafe is appealing to the people that come around at night and he does not mind keeping the…

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Pessimism in Poetry Pessimism in
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" The point made by the poet is similar to the poem above. The reference to John,

The Father of our souls, shall be,

John tells us, doth not yet appear;

is a reference to the Book of Revelations, at the end of the Bible.

That despite the promises of an Eternal life for those who eschew sin, we are still frail and have the faults of people. We are still besought by sin and temptations and there's really no escape. People are people. No matter what we say or do, we find that life is not so simple. Consider this reference, which really refers to a person's frame of reference or "way of seeing."

Wise men are bad -- and good are fools,

This is a paradoxical statement: there is large gap between spirituality and reality. Those we consider wise or bad, might make decisions that are globally profound,…

Warren Wiersbe Is Perhaps One
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Again the primary theme within this chapter is that the only way to achieve a better life is to stop consistently being frustrated by the vanity that one pursues and find acceptance and balance.

In the chapter "What about the Wicked," this chapters deals with the principle paradox of how the wicked many times triumphs over the good. Solomon concludes that there are many circumstances in life that we have little to no control over, such as the government that we reside in. Many times it may appear that evil wins far more than good and that the good will suffers at the hands of the wicked. However, one cannot discern God's purpose and therefore should accept these things as one of the conditions of life. Wiersbe uses this to illustrate the futility of attempting to find "extreme" answers. Many times we cannot understand the mysteries of God and should…

Crazy Sunday by Fitzgerald
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Crazy Sunday

"The natural state of the sentient adult is a qualified unhappiness," wrote Fitzgerald. His short story "Crazy Sunday" exemplifies this cynical resignation. The protagonist of "Crazy Sunday" is Joel Coles, an aspiring screenwriter who has "not yet broken by Hollywood." The short story represents "that end that comes to our youth and hopes," for Coles comes to terms with the futility of trying to garner self-respect in a thankless world. When Coles is invited to a party, he is certain it will mean his big break. Rather than enhancing Joel's career prospects or deepening his writing skills, Joel comes to terms with a "lulling indirection." The characters in "Crazy Sunday" uphold the central theme of the inevitable futility of personal ambition.

At the start of the story, Joel is filled with promise and hope, and he views himself as "a young man of promise." He is convinced that…

Futile Care Policy for Hospitals
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The hospital should always defer to the patient and family that has an advanced directive in place, and if the patient cannot speak for themselves but has an advanced directive, then a proxy must make the decision. The only case where the hospital should be allowed to make the decision on futile care is in the absence of a proxy, in the absence of an advanced directive, and only if it is in the best interest of the patient.

In this psychological-based model, the healthcare professional and hospital is put in the position of negotiating with the family and/or patient. Burns and Truog (2007) state that in these situations the healthcare professional should always follow the wishes of the patient's family in futile care efforts (Burns & Truog, 2007). However, that view places a burden on the healthcare professional to compromise medical principles when that professional deems the care to…


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Lord Byron One of the
Words: 2450 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32594470
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Therefore what is lacked is not freedom, but actually power. god is called the architect of everything that we use. The choice of the word Architect is not casual. Just like in the case of the Gardner, the capital letter underlines the importance of the character. Since we have two major characters, both with great and grand powers, it may be safe to state that their roles are analogous. The architect does on earth what the architect des in heaven.

The fact that god is only an architect, but not a master is a further argument supporting the idea of freedom. God's role is to project things and leave the compete realization of the project into the hands of the people. Unfortunately, man is condemned to remain nothing more but clay. Not even god can change this: " The Architect of all on which we tread / For Earth is…


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Life Sustaining Questions Ethics Withholding
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Many including Weijer (1999) comment on the futility of the current medical system as established in the United States. There are many doctors making decisions on whether patients need life support with or without just cause. Here lies the problem. With all patients, not just patients with disabilities, the writer feels multiple considerations must come into play. ight to life types may suggest it is the patient's right to live and the physician has an obligation to maintain the life of the patient for as long as feasible (Freeborn, Lynn & Desbiens, 2000). There are others however concerned that certain patients are not given appropriate consideration.

For example, some patients with disabilities may not be given adequate consideration. In cases as these doctors may feel they are better able to understand what is and is not in the patient's best interests compared with the wishes of the patient and/or…


Freeborne, N., Lynn, J., & Desbiens, N.A. (2000). Insights about dying from the SUPPORT Project. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 48, 5199-5205.

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Werth, James.L. (2005). Concerns about decisions related to withholding/withdrawing life-sustaining treatment and futility for persons with disabilities. Journal of Disability Policy Studies, (16):1, p.31.

Life Sustaining

Soldiers the 2002 Movie We
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42058391
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Moore responds by air-lifting his men to the valley in the first helicopter air cavalry used in the war, a creation of Moore. Before embarking, Moore delivers an impassioned speech to his men in which he references the multi-cultural heritage and composition of the Seventh Cavalry and their color-blind mutual commitment to one another. He also pledges to be the first man off the helicopter at the landing zone and the last to step off the ground at the conclusion of the battle they expect to encounter.

The ensuing battles are brutal and Moore suffers the loss of scores of his men. It turns out that they had fallen into a trap set by the North Vietnamese who outnumber Moore's regiment by a factor of ten, with four-thousand soldiers in the area. Despite the courage and determination shown by Moore and his men throughout the next two days of fighting,…

Strategy -- Rulers States and War it
Words: 1765 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 14256491
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trategy -- Rulers, tates and War

It is very difficult to look at the history of humanity and define a number of common, yet intangible philosophies of action that seem to be part of the overall human condition. One of these intangibles is the human capacity to produce both incredible beauty and horrific evil -- both of which occur during war. In fact, we may ask -- what is war? Every historical period from Ancient Mesopotamia to the present has added a new meaning to the word, but the very essence remains the same. War is a conflict between groups, a way to solve a political or social disagreement through force. Because war has been part of the human condition for millennia, however, we can look at it from both a theoretical and practical aspect of a way to use violence as a solution to problems. One of the most…


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Faulkner Tarantino and Inarritu Globalization
Words: 2874 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49112086
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In 21 Grams, the narrative darkens and is localized. Inarritu deepens his exploration of class differences, but this time on the U.S. side of the New orld Order that has been brought about by the North American Free Trade Agreement. According to Ohchi, 21 Grams consists of three narratives whose protagonists differ from each other, but are interconnected (ibid. 3-4)

Babel is just really Amores Perros and 21 Grams written on an international canvas and echoes much of the social commentary in Inarritu's 2000 maiden film. According to Soelistyo and Setiawan, another term for this type of film is hyperlink cinema. hile in many films, this methodology can result in a film where the interlocking stories spin out of control, in Babel Inarritu is fully in command and retains full control of the stories and plot lines (Soelistyo and Setiawan 176). As the name implies, seemingly disparate story lines are…

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Citizens." ADFL Bulletin. 40.1 (2008): 27-29.

Real Tragedy of Miller's Death
Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50060320
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He continued to repeat the same behavior without at least trying to do something different. His dream probably kept him alive a little longer than he might have lived otherwise. As pathetic as his dream was, he owned it and believed he could reach it on some level. illy's tragic flaw begins with a delusion. He chooses to foster that delusion instead of moving in another direction. He takes the lazy way out of the situation because anything else would take him out of his comfort zone and he might actually develop into something successful. illy lies to himself and to those around him because that is easy as well. illy is a fictional character but he is far more real than many would like to admit. His humanity makes him worth studying because many people live in this kind of complacent, unfulfilled state. illy is his own obstacle and…

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RICO ACT in Conception and
Words: 4576 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 80600205
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Moreover, a prosecution of the core leadership of an organization under RICO charges is likely to produce revelations concerning the relationship between leadership and other members who are either guilty of racketeering or some lesser scope of individual crime. This is to say that RICO was essentially designed to push the door open on the activities of such typically obscured enterprises in order to systematically disrupt its initiatives and priorities.

Still, as this investigation finds as a recurrent theme in considered research materials, even when armed with RICO's expansive authorities, there remains a fundamental difficulty in overcoming the effectively obfuscating structure of the modern organized crime enterprise. In the case of the long-ingrained style of activity instituted by La Cosa Nostra, the protective degree to which structure is designed to insulate the activities, connections and implications relating to real decisions-makers and bosses tends to effect the ability of RICO statutes…

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Applying Kant's Theory to a
Words: 1402 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80491684
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"(Kant, 30) Thus, Dorothea's action coincides with the first formulation of the categorical imperative. Had she determined to refuse the request made by Casaubon, the law would have contained a contradiction in itself and thus would have been violated. It is arguable that when asked for help, a person should grant it at the expense of his or her personal comfort. The contrary law could not have any validity since it would deny the existence of kindness and selflessness among people. Dorothea acted selflessly, although she did waver to make this sacrifice simply because she did not feel the actual end of the action would be noble enough. Nevertheless, the immediate end, that of completing her duty to her husband as a fellow human being, is a noble end in itself, and this is why Dorothea chose to fulfill it. Dorothea significantly rejects the circumstance- that of having to perform…

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Business Fashion Knockoffs Perils and
Words: 2829 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70879855
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In this manner, a chain of custody could be established. if, say, Aldo's product had suddenly jumped from one step of the process to another, it might indicate that Aldo had not gone through the usual channels; had possibly stolen the idea, or copied it to a significant degree from Alexander McQueen. In either case, the designer could protect himself or herself by following the customary procedures of their marketplace.

Can Knockoffs Be Stopped?

ith so many ways to counterfeit designer fashion items like clothing, shoes, and handbags, and so few laws to prevent the actual production of pirated merchandise, stopping knockoffs would seem to be an almost impossible task. Nevertheless, knockoffs can be controlled if designers, retailers, and government authorities remain vigilant. As noted by American designers, merchandising is the key to the American design process. It is also the key to controlling the flow of counterfeit goods. hile…

Works Cited

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David Sedaris in His Short
Words: 829 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5988287
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Sedaris then uses exaggeration to reinforce the threat of failure by describing the need to "... dodge chalk and protect our heads and stomachs whenever she approached us with a question."

The literal image is, of course, exaggerated for humor, but the fear of inevitable failure in the eyes of an authority figure who probably prefers our failures to our successes because of the opportunity they represent to chastise us is identifiable to most readers. Likewise, despite the exaggerated imagery, Sedaris also reminds us of the connection between anxiety from the fear of failure (particularly in front of an audience) and abdominal discomfort.

Sedaris continues in that direction, culminating in his description of the teacher's accidentally stabbing the shy Korean student in the eye with a "freshly sharpened pencil," also adding the humor in the sarcasm of the author's observation "in fairness" that the pencil attack was at least unintentional.…

Zionism Born in the Latter
Words: 3387 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64813280
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From the standpoint of non-Zionist religious Jews, the Zionist movement went against the teachings of the Talmud. The Neturei Karta noted in their writings that the group was against the creation of the State of Israel, and the uprooting of Arab individuals from their communities by Zionists wishing sovereignty. According to the group, the shedding of Jew and non-Jew blood for this sovereignty was against Judaism not only because of the violence, but because the cause for which the wars occurred was against Judaism. The Neturei Karta believed Eretz Yisrael would be returned to the Jews on the appearance of the Messiah, and that any other method of return was invalid. As such, the Neturei Karta opposed, and still opposes, the creation of a Jewish state, on the basis that the creation of such a state is against the teachings of the Talmud, and against the word of God.



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Johnson's The Vanity Jonson's Theme --'so
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98099530
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Johnson's "The Vanity"

Jonson's theme -- so often stated in his major writings, particularly in "asselas" - is the dangerous but all-pervasive power of wishful thinking, the feverish intrusion of desires and hopes that distort reality and lead to false expectations, where we picture things as one would like them to be, not as they are. Social psychologists would call this self-deception, and indeed evolutionary psychology teaches us that wishful thinking, or self-delusion, is very much a part of man's character.

A long poem, Johnson's perspective is a philosophical lament on the futility of human existence and the irrationality of our thinking. Blinkered humans that we are, Johnson observes, "How rarely reason guides the stubborn choice / ules the bold hand, or prompts the supplicant voice" (lines 11-12). ather, emotion is the dominating tone and, as often as not, squelches reason to the downfall of the human himself. It is…

Infinite Jest Was Released in
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S. status quo than traditional SNOOT prescriptions ever were. ere I, for instance, a political conservative who opposed taxation as a means of redistributing national wealth, I would be delighted to watch PCE progressives spend their time and energy arguing over whether a poor person should be described as "low-income" or "economically disadvantaged" or "pre-prosperous" rather than constructing effective public arguments for redistributive legislation or higher marginal tax rates on corporations. (Not to mention that strict codes of egalitarian euphemism serve to burke the sorts of painful, unpretty, and sometimes offensive discourse that in a pluralistic democracy leads to actual political change rather than symbolic political change. In other words, PCE functions as a form of censorship, and censorship always serves the status quo.) (2001).

There's a lot being discussed here, but to highlight the essential argument is to say that even when social justice pedagogy is applied, and there…

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Harper's Magazine. Retrieved from

Dimensions Criteria and Define Them in No
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dimensions (criteria) and define them in no more than one paragraph each.

Safe: avoiding injuries to patients from the care that is intended to help them.

Effective: providing services based on scientific knowledge to all who could benefit, and refraining from providing services to those not likely to benefit.

Patient-centered: providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.

Timely: reducing waits and sometimes harmful delays for both those who receive and those who give care.

Efficient: avoiding waste, including waste of equipment, supplies, ideas, and energy.

Equitable: providing care that does not vary in quality because of personal characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and socioeconomic status

(quoted from: Committee on Quality of Health Care in America, IOM)

Part B. Question 2b (2. In no more than one paragraph each, please evaluate the…


Committee on Quality of Health Care in America, Institute of Medicine. (2002) Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press.

Joyce Gender Plays a Prominent
Words: 1906 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36030207
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As Brivic points out, the labeling of females as hysterical is another means by which a patriarchal society genders certain behaviors. Behaviors related to emotionality are notably gendered, as males and females are socialized to react and communicate according to gender norms. Occasionally in Joycean narratives, discourse related to gender is overt, rather than covert. For instance, in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Stephen does not take offense at his father's calling him a "bitch" and instead mocks him: "He has a curious idea of genders if he thinks a bitch is masculine," (Chapter 5). Awareness of the futility of gender norms and gendered identities fuel Stephen Dedalus's character in both Ulysses and in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Feminist discourse is deliberately subversive in both James Joyce's Ulysses and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Male characters are central…

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Old Man and the Sea
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For Santiago, there is nothing that gives him more pleasure than baseball so he uses it to preserve himself and give him the strength he needs to survive one more day. He is not thinking about pleasing Christ when he refuses to resort to despair but his goal is a more earthly one. He wants to be able to make DiMaggio, his baseball hero, proud. Santiago is an ordinary fisherman and for him, a dream of DiMaggio is far more accessible than pleasing Christ. He just wants to be "worthy of the great DiMaggio, who does all things perfectly even with the pain of the bone spur in his heel" (68)

Similar in order to survive, Santiago keeps thinking about baseball. For example when the fish finally surfaces, it conjures up images of baseball in his mind as he muses: "his sword was as long as a baseball bat" (62)…

Works Cited

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Authors Are Obsessed With the
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The central focus of the book is the search for self and identity and an attempt to answer the question of what happens when men leave the protective normative and restraining influence of society. The central figure of Kurtz is a man who has broken free of the constraints of a sick society. However the novel also questions whether Kurtz too has become evil and lost his own sense of direction. The question is posed questions whether the human "heart of darkness" is not the real problem. If one interprets the book from this perspective, as a work that states that human nature or the human heart is essentially flawed, then one could conclude that Heart of Darkness is in fact more gloomy or pessimistic then the Wasteland.

The Heart of Darkness is a complex work that can be interpreted on many different levels: psychological, sociological, ethical and political. The…

Bibliography /PM.qst?a=o&d=98131559' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Indians Diverted Desire in Ten
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The scholarly heroine of the library set tale, entitled "The Search Engine," turns to books and literature, for the "huge number of books confirmed how much magic she'd been denied for most of her life, and now she hungrily wanted to read every book on every shelf. An impossible task, to be sure, Herculean in its exaggeration, but Corliss wanted to read herself to death," in a fashion that suggests this spinster has diverted her sexual desires into words and literature with a ferocious appetite. She feels ignored, so resolves not to allow books to go similarly ignored. "hat happens to the world when that many books go unread? And what happens to the unread authors of those unread books?" she wonders.

Frank Snake Church of "hat Ever Happened to Frank Snake Church," diverts his frustrated desires into basketball. Both Corliss and Church are incapable of expressing love, for a…

Works Cited

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Owen Wilson
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Wilfred Owen and Brecht

Wilfred Owen is indisputably one of the best war poets of 20th century. For him war was nothing but a futile exercise that produces mass death and destruction. It is amazing what the poet managed to achieve in his short life of 25 years before getting killed during the First World War. Despite his youth, Owen displayed eat maturity in his work and his work reflects his anger, frustration, hatred and intense disappointment at the futility of war. In his poem 'Strange Meeting', he encapsulated his views on war and his generation's experience of the same in one single line: 'The pity of war, the pity war distilled'. This line was followed by his prophetic views on war and its effects on people:

Now men will go content with what we spoiled.

Or discontent, boil bloody and be spilled.

They will be swift with swiftness of…

Retail Management Large Retail Stores Around the
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etail Management

Large retail stores around the globe aim for "similar look" in architecture so their stores can stand out and be an identifying factor for their brand. Even the fast food chains would aim for the same kind of architecture everywhere. However Prada goes against this philosophy of similar look and design and hence aims for architecture as different from its last store as possible. This is Prada's way of attracting attention and hence should be seen in a different context than what Muccia Prada apparently meant.

Let us thus explain this further. Ever brand has a unique identity and the bigger the brand, the most conscious the company becomes of its identity and identifying factors/features. For example for McDonalds around the world, the main identifying features are the yellow arches that are immediately recognizable all over the world. The same goes for the Polo horse logo or the…


Paul Goldberger. Building up and tearing down: reflections on the age of architecture. Random House Digital, Inc., 2009

"New York Architecture" Accessed May 1, 2011

Organizational Behavior Wal-Mart Was Founded
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Therefore, it seems as though it would be involved in less negative publicity if it merely concentrated on maintaining and actually improving the locations it already has open -- starting with its domestic ones.

Lastly, it is worth noting that one of the principle points of pride of Wal-Mart is the immense variety of goods it sells. In order to accommodate paying higher wages to unionized employees at the domestic level, it may be prudent to reduce its huge inventory selection, at least at certain locations. For instance, it is routine for Super Wal-Mart's to carry goods and offer products and services that others do not. This practice should be expanded so that the organization stratifies its items by popularity and sales revenue, and reduces the amount of its least profitable items by reserving them for certain, select locations. The goal is to reduce its overhead and divert some of…


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Alternative Punishment for a Population of Inmates
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Alternate Corrections Proposal

Alternative Punishment for a Population of Inmates

Alternate Corrections Program Proposal

The need for a major overhaul of the U.S. prison system, and its purpose, is becoming increasingly recognized by human rights organizations around the world (for example, see Bewley-Taylor, Hallam, and Allen, 2009; Pew Center on the States [Pew Center], 2010). Prior to 1972, the size of the prison population in the United States predictably tracked the growth rate in the general population, but during the past 38 years has grown by 705% (ibid., p. 1). In contrast, the U.S. population grew by less than 44% during the same period (U.S. Census Bureau, 2011, p. 1). If we include the number of Americans currently under community supervision, then about 1 in 31 Americans is under some form of correctional control today (Pew Charitable Trusts, 2009, p. 1; U.S. Department of Justice [U.S. DOJ], 2010, p. 2).…


Bewley-Taylor, Dave, Hallam, Chris, and Allen, Rob. (2009). The incarceration of drug offenders: An Overview, Report Sixteen. The Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme, International Centre for Prison Studies, Kings College of London, University of London. Retrieved June 12, 2011 from 

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Cusac, Anne-Marie (2009). Cruel and Unusual: The Culture of Punishment in America. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Film Comparison
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movies Gladiator and Braveheart both focus on the highly popular and time-honored, classic theme of humankind's unending struggle for freedom. Braveheart and Gladiator share numerous similarities, but are very different movies, in several important ways. In both movies, the average man becomes a true hero, after he is horribly wronged, and is thereafter forced to fight for freedom for both himself and others, against what seem to be almost hopeless odds.

In these movies, the average man becomes a hero, both through circumstance, and the strength of his individual character. The average, unassuming man who evolves into a classic, but tragic hero is charismatic. It is this charisma that allows him to attract loyal followers, against their common and powerful opponents.

In both Braveheart and Gladiator, the tragic and unassuming hero ultimately suffers a horrible and dramatic death, as a result of his struggle for freedom and justice.

Certainly, both…

Works Cited

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Disguise Costume and Role Playing in Ben
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Disguise, Costume, And Role Playing in Ben Jonson's Volpone

Ben Jonson's Volpone, first performed in London in 1605, was a highly successful play centering on the theme of greed. Volpone is particularly notable for Jonson's characters' use of disguise, costume and role playing both to advance the action of the story and to visually express Jonson's ethical beliefs to educate his audience. By writing in the satiric comedic style, the author offered a classic example of his own philosophy that the poet should fulfill a moral function in society. The delightful satire of Volpone clearly exhibits the traits common in all of Jonson's drama: the style and setting are simple and clean; the verse is fast-paced and full of life and humor; the writer's point-of-view is expressed without being either didactic or overly lyrical. In addition to the words the characters speak, the physical garb and personalities they don at…

Ellen Glasgow
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Ellen Glasgow, "Barren Ground"

In the 1996 article, Heroism and tragedy: the rise of the redneck in Glasgow's fiction, Duane Carr speaks of Ellen Glasgow as a transitional author entrapped by ideals of the traditional and the modern. Carr's stated thesis is associated with Glasgow's character as a person as well as an author.

Ellen Glasgow was an advocate of progress and a modern South where reality would tear away fantasy and science would bring economic benefits to the lives of impoverished people. At the same time, her ties to the romance of the Old South were strong, and therein lies the major conflict in her novels. She was never quite to work out a satisfactory compromise.

(Carr, 1996)

Carr contends that through her dichotomous background, with two very different parents Glasgow could not help but represent a dichotomy in her character san her works. "She seems to be the…


Carr, D.R. (1996). Heroism and tragedy: the rise of the redneck in Glasgow's fiction. The Mississippi Quarterly, 49(2), 333+. Retrieved June 2, 2003, from Questia database, .

Effect of WWI on Literature
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WWI and Literature

World War I was certainly one of the most productive periods in literature with millions of poets and authors emerging on the scene and each one contributing tremendously to the growth and progress of literature. It is quite strange that while WWI was a deeply disturbing and a largely horrifying experience for most countries, it inspired writers and poets around the globe and this resulted in significant growth of world literature.

In England alone, more than 2000 poets emerged during this period as Harvey (1993) elaborates: "From the very first week, the 1914-18 war inspired enormous quantities of poetry and fiction. The claim that three million war poems were written in Germany in the first six months of hostilities is difficult to substantiate, but Catherine W. eilly has counted 2,225 English poets of the First World War, of whom 1,808 were civilians. For example, William Watson (then…


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Salinger Is an American Literary Treasure Best
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Salinger is an American literary treasure, best known for his novella Catcher in the ye. However, Catcher in the ye is but one of many in the canon of Salinger works. Salinger's short stories have recently garnered renewed attention because several unpublished Salinger stories were leaked online in November of 2013, three years after the author's death (uncie, 2013). Salinger died a recluse, and a man of mystery who was as much an American antihero as Holden Caulfield of Catcher in the ye. There have been numerous cultural allusions of Salinger's iconic novel and its quintessentially postmodern protagonist. Although no film has ever been made directly from the story of Catcher in the ye, Morgan (2010) points out that there have been allusions to Salinger stories in films like The Collector (1965) and Six Degrees of Separation (1993). Additionally, a 2013 documentary film about J.D. Salinger promises to reveal the…


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The Will of the Crowd
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Shooting an Elephant," deconstructs many different notions about the concept of free will. Actually, free will concept is at the crux of this essay, which is about a young police officer (Orwell) in British occupied India who is called to stop an elephant which has gotten loose. The author expressly states in a number of different places that he does not want to have to shoot the elephant; moreover, when he comes upon the elephant the animal is acting peacefully. However, a large crowd of people has gathered about him, which largely compels him to murder the elephant. A thorough analysis of this essay indicates that the primary conflict is between that of the will of the officer and that of the will of the crowd. A prolonged examination into the factors that lead the officer to shoot the elephant unequivocally indicate that he did not have free will in…

Works Cited

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Predestination and Free Will as
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Therefore, they are compelled to choose what they do in order to instantiate God's foreordainment of history. It wouldn't seem to make sense, therefore, for the person to attempt to change their circumstances or to fight against fate. Affliction, tragedy and evil would be just what God wishes to throw at an individual, who could scarcely escape its occurrence. This seems to suggest a response of futility toward life in which all is merely endured and passes almost robotically. At the same time, one might interpret it as comforting, for it eliminates the human's striving and desire to achieve something before the eyes of God. Or if God allows good to enter a life, this good is not deserved or merited, but is purely random. God's character would appear fickle, if not even unjust, for subjecting people to a predestined fate they cannot hope to change. Perhaps the main problem…


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Cuckoldry in School for Wives
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8). Under such circumstances, the theme of tragic love in the seventeenth century is rife with passionate rebellion against such marital arrangements. Moreover, Arnolphe's view of wifedom is base: "And there are four things only she must know: to say her prayers, love me, spin, and sew" (I.1). Women are to remain austere peasants, obedient to their masters, and kept free from emulating flirtations wives upon threat of Hell (III.2). With such a view of women, it is not surprising he is afraid of their challenge and seeks to inoculate himself through rational schemes.

Arnolphe's tyrannical grip is broken through fate. As with all forms of tyrannical insulation, it could not last. The plight of Agnes is softened in two ways: by chance and through her own skillful rebellion against ignorance. y chance, first, and despite Arnolphe's best efforts to keep Agnes ignorant and secluded from worldly corruption, fate brings…


Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin. The School for Wives: Comedy in Five Acts, 1662. Translated by Richard Wilbur. New York: Harvest/HBJ, 1971.

Ezekiel in the Wilderness of
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In the context of these visions, any admixture of Jewish identity with foreign ways represented not only just such a hypocritical failure to trust God in all things but, ultimately, a decision to vanish from history. First, Ezekiel reminds his audience, the nations closely related to Israel failed through jealousy, pride, and treason.

Next, he prophesies that the great merchant cities of Phoenicia

are eventually doomed to ruin in the fullness of time -- whereas Israel itself will be regathered into its own land again.

This reminder of the election of Israel must have come as both a bitter challenge to the exiles (who had seen their nation brought low and their connection to it severed) and an argument that, even in such challenging circumstances, fidelity to the Covenant would ultimately reap much greater rewards than any attempt to attach themselves to a foreign civilization.

Significantly, Ezekiel's prophetic vision singles…


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Hero in Popular Culture- One
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Camera angles that focus on wretched faces, of young boys in red coated uniforms begging for mercy, and of the arrogance of the British officer corps, not just towards Americans, but towards their own enlisted men, are shown with filming skill. As might be expected for this type of film, John Williams' score was masterful and very much in line with the generation of epics from the 1950s and 1960s -- painting a realistic picture of the film without dialog. Similarly, the audience is set up between the idyllic farm and hard work of a widower in the opening scene to the juxtaposition and hoped for return to normalcy in the final moments -- however, knowing that things will never be as they were (See: The scene, however, that most stays with the audience is not one of the grander battles, but a one-on-one battle between Benjamin and Tavington,…


Bittarello, M.B. (2008). "Re-Crafting the Past: The Complex Relationship

Between Myth and Ritual." Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies. 10(2): 214.


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Strategy and Policies of the
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This is important, because physics has allowed the combustible engine to provide the world with a cost effective solution for traveling long distance. Sadly, the electric car can only be used for short to medium distances. Then, there is another potential problem that could be developing with the lithium batteries that are used, where China control 95% to 100% the resources for these batteries (lithium). This is problematic because they could restrict how much they are exporting (which they already have) to ensure that there is enough supply for the country to meet its own internal demand. (ryce 2010)

Despite this dire news, there are increased effort within the industry to support the use and development of such new technologies, to work in conjunction with the combustible engine. An example of this support for such technologies can be seen by the fact several oil companies hold the patents on several…


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Traces of Civil Rights in
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Every step of the African-American journey was a small one but it took a great of steps to make any headway. Mama knew this and wanted alter to realize it and be proud of his past so he could be proud of his future.

Dreams help us define people. e can see how the pre-civil rights mindset affected alter's mother as she understands the difficulties of her people and when she sees an opportunity to improve her family's situation, she takes it. She fights with alter because she watched her husband work long days. She knows what alter cannot and when he begins to whine she tells him, "e was going backward 'stead of forwards -- talking about killing babies and wishing each other was dead . . . hen it gets like that in life -- you just got to do something different, push on out and do something…

Works Cited

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Resource Database. Site Accessed April 23, 2010.

Vietnam American Society and the
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As Vickers (1989) notes, "…the size and intensity of U.S. intervention was met by escalation in the size and intensity of opposition to the war here at home'. (Vickers, 1989, p. 100) Vickers and many other critics state categorically that the anti-war movement in the country was "…a critical factor in preventing the U.S. from achieving victory over communist forces in Vietnam…" and that,

American public opinion indeed turned out to be a crucial 'domino'; it influenced military morale in the field, the long drawn-out negotiations in Paris, the settlement of 1973, and the cuts in aid to South Vietnam in 1974, a prelude to final abandonment in 1975." (Vickers 1989, p. 100)

As events in the war accelerated so did the public opposition to the war and protest changed into active resistance. A new stage of anti-resistance came into effect between 1967 and 1969 as a result of a…

Reference List

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Business Ethics Case the Examination
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Alford reports that "for some, the earth moves when they discover that people in authority routinely lie and that those who work for them routinely cover up. Once one knows this, or rather once one feels this knowledge in one's bones, one lives in a new world. Some people remain aliens in the new world forever. Maybe they like it that way. Maybe they don't have a choice." (Alford, 52).

ith respect to the case study at hand here, this was an experience which afflicted me with heavily mixed feelings at Allied. The vacuum of integrity in the industry was counterintuitive to my understanding of business practices that were sensible in the long-term and that abided traditional moral conditions in their execution. As a major consequence of this paradox, I found myself often in a position where balance was crucial. The major divide between my commitment to my principles and…

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Exegesis on Ecclesiastes - Chapter
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7I bought male and female slaves, and had slaves who were born in my house; I also had great possessions of herds and flocks, more than any who had been before me in Jerusalem. 8I also gathered for myself silver and gold and the treasure of kings and of the provinces; I got singers, both men and women, and delights of the flesh, and many concubines.*

9 So I became great and surpassed all who were before me in Jerusalem; also my wisdom remained with me. 10 hatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them; I

kept my heart from no pleasure, for my heart found pleasure in all my toil, and this was my reward for all my toil. 11 Then I considered all that my hands had done and the toil I had spent in doing it, and again, all was vanity and a chasing after…

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Prologue to This Book Caputo
Words: 1658 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 63888964
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His exorcism begins in the return to Vietnam and his final view of the doomed war. As he was first in, he is among the last out as the North Vietnamese take Saigon.

The postscript was published in 1996 and details some of the anxieties Caputo experienced while writing the memoir and the difficulties he had handling his fame and notoriety after its publication. The author on his experiences that, "My mind shot back a decade, to that day we had marched into Vietnam, swaggering, confident, and full of idealism. e had believed we were there for a high moral purpose. But somehow our idealism was lost, our morals corrupted, and the purpose forgotten (ibid., p. 345)." This is a profound change in his perception of the war when he first came to Vietnam in 1965.

The moral conflict plays through the entire book. The personal choice for him was…

Works Cited

Caputo, Philip. A Rumor of War. New York, NY: Holt Paperbacks, 1996. Print.

History of Western Art Discuss
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As the various are works are depicting the two as a perfect match. A good example of this can be seen in the painting the Meeting of Marie de ' Medici and Henry IV at Lyon. Where, Rubens is showing the two in heaven, looking down on themselves when they were younger riding lions. This is important, because the image of them in heaven is highlighting how they are God's match. While the lions are an illustration, of how they are from the same kind of background. As a result, a sense of mysticism is embraced with: heaven and the lions. While reality is depicted by: showing the two people as they actually appeared in real life. Therefore, the aroque style is illustrated through the use of: mysticism and realism that are connected to one another. ("Marie de ' Medici and Henry IV at Lyon," 2011)


Artermisia Gentileschi. (n.d.)…


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It was during the same period that hostilities with the communist leadership culminated into the bombing of Libya, loggerheads with the Soviet Union and a stiff arms race with the U.S.S.R.

It is also significant to note that it was during the same time that he successfully engaged Mikhail Gorbachev who was then the Soviet General secretary and culminated into the signing of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty that signaled the end in arms race and both countries agreed to decrease in nuclear weapons in their custody.

Upon ascending to presidency, Reagan was bent on introducing new political as well as economic dispensations radically. He advocated more for supply-side economics which saw him push for reduction of tax rates to speed up economic growth, money supply control to check inflation, reduction of regulation on the economy particularly business to encourage competitive and free-market free for all which as a matter…

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The message stays with us because the music and lyrics are memorable. Precious provides images that we can carry in our minds. Unlike text, where we must use our imagination to create pictures of characters and scenes, film does that for us. Anyone who has seen Precious surely finds it difficult to forget the images of violence and despair. The Things They Carried is part memoir. Author O'Brien has written other books about Vietnam, but this one is much more personal. It is the work with which most of us can most identify because there are a variety of character types and one is bound to resonate with the reader, reminding him of himself, perhaps, or someone he knows. O'Brien wrote the book in part as self-therapy. He carries the weight of what happened to him and his fellow soldiers in Vietnam.

The Burdens Teachers Carry

As teachers, we carry…


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Resiliency in Education Is a
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Unlike Downey's article which is a thorough review of the relevant literature that concludes with the author's synthesis of appropriate recommendations that could be implemented in a classroom-based setting, this article by Darlene is mostly a plain review rather than an analysis of the literature. One confounding aspect is the discussion of studies that report that resilient children have, "traits in common such as higher intelligence, lower thrill seeking, lower associations with delinquent peers, and an absence of anti-social behaviours, substance abuse and juvenile delinquency" [Darlene rackenreed (2010), pg 4] Does this mean that personal traits are as important as providing caring adult support?

The article however, does point out some valid points as mentioned above. The article concludes with a discussion of personal life experiences of the author, which though stated with a view to provide an example of the hardships that a student from a disadvantaged family experiences,…


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