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Group Activity Essays (Examples)

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Group Motivation Inventory Motivation Can Be Defined
Words: 1781 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54784109
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Group Motivation Inventory

Motivation can be defined as the various ways used to make people or a group of people to become more interested and committed to their work. Scholars' termed motivation to be more of sociological and psychological concept as it is relying on human behavior and how they relate to one another. Group motivation is an important aspect in group dynamics since most groups purely rely on motivation to be able to work together efficiently Xiangli, Solmon, Tao, & Ping, 2011.

Motivation can be derived from various things and because of that, each and every group member derive his/her motivation from different sources, which without their, existence results in differences in attitude and contribution levels to the group's projects or tasks. In the recent group motivation assessment, we carried out, I got to discover how I view group participation and some of the issues that affect both mine…


Amiot, C.E., & Sansfacon, S. (2011). Motivations to identify with social groups: A look at their positive and negative consequences. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, 15(2), 105-127. doi: 10.1037/a0023158

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Group Cohesion
Words: 733 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80283946
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Group Dynamics

From the inception of the group at the beginning of the group work engagements, the team had little idea about the personalities of the members of the group, there was a lose relationship that was purely based on the issues to be discussed or the research to be conducted and each person went his way after that. This changed with time as the group members got more and more acquainted with each others' personality and there was more understanding that grew among the group members. This meant that the group members did not just talk about the real academic issue in the meetings but there was opening and closing issues and comments that had nothing to do with the matter being discussed. In the process, there grew several contentious sections of disagreements, discontent as well as too much unanimity on an issue that made it uncomfortable for the…


Chattillon R., (2013). Tuckman's Five Stages of Group Development. Retrieved September 30,2014 from

Activities to Reduce Inappropriate Behaviors Displayed by
Words: 10021 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93835103
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Activities to Reduce Inappopiate Behavios Displayed by Childen With Autism and Othe Developmental Disabilities

The pupose of this dissetation study is to test the effectiveness of an eveyday activities-based potocol (Holm, Santangelo, Fomuth, Bown & Walte, 2000) fo managing challenging and disuptive behavios of 13- to 23-yea-old esidential students (male and female) with Autism who live at Melmak Homes, Inc., of southeasten Pennsylvania, and attend school o adult day pogams. Applied behavio analysis and a focus on eveyday occupations (activities) will be combined duing the intevention phase. Reinfocement will be fo subtask completion and duation of paticipation, NOT fo absence of taget maladaptive o disuptive behavios. Behavio analysts, howeve, will document the fequency/duation of the taget behavios duing each condition. Inteventions will occu daily, Monday though Fiday. A single-subject, multiple-baseline, acoss-subjects design with nine subjects will be used to evaluate change in behavios unde altenating conditions. Data will be analyzed…

references, and favorites)

Child and Family Assets

(Abilities, strengths, skills, accomplishments, and capabilities)

Functional and Meaningful Interactions

(Purposeful interactions; ways interests and assets are used in everyday life)

Group Facilitation Organization Using the Theory of
Words: 1852 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26718328
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group facilitation organization using the theory of constraint as portrayed by Eliyahu Goldratt. It uses 3 sources in MLA format.

The purpose of any management theory is to achieve maximum productivity out of limited resources. This could be done through process management and inventory management. There have been many studies conducted on this topic but Eli Goldratt provides a comprehensive background for management application. The reason being that he provides practical solutions to management problems from the viewpoint of a manager. Any one in a supervisory level will understand how management works and could easily adapt his theory of constraint to their own situation and finally resolve the situation according to the organization need. After having studied his theory of constraint as portrayed in the Goal and Its Not Luck, I have also endeavor to apply it to my organization. Its analysis is as follows:

group facilitation consultancy service company…


Goldratt, Eliyahu and Cox, Jeff. The Goal. Gower. 1992 ISBN 0 566 07418

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Groups and Classroom Education by
Words: 1193 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93856876
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One theory holds that a variety of sociometric techniques will bring relations into view, structure, them, and use sociometrty to measure and diagnose the peer relations, friendships, and social status of individuals within the classroom. Once this data is recovered, using the proper template, an aggressive management of group dynamics may occur -- more powerfully in the younger years where authority and time are more conducive, but still powerful in the secondary classroom (Sherman, 2002; Harris, 1998).

In the primary grades, the instructor can often create and manage the group -- size, composition, stabliity, etc. For maximum effect on certain projects. This allows students to both learn and teach, but the instructor to manage the inner dynamics in a proactive manner (Baines, Kutnick and Blatchford, 2009). In fact, one of the great pedagogical challenges that, if done correctly, meets a number of classroom goals is the ability to create high…


Baines, Kutnick and Blatchford. (2009). Promoting Effective Group Work in the Primary Classroom. New York: Routledge.

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Carter, N. (2008, July). Visual Group Theory. Retrieved October 2010, from Bentley University:

Group Agrees Over the Decision
Words: 950 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55495904
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The ignorance which was nuisance has been removed. In a group where the people of equal status have gathered, have the sense and aptitude towards the relevant topic, the grouping of people with difference in status might not be productive, and the possibility of the singularity of idea, and acceptance on the basis of seniority are the elements of concern. The lower status member is less likely to oppose the debate and conduct of the group activities, which will develop groupthink. The lower status member is less likely to be among the dissenters because such act will offend the seniors, which will develop negative consequences over the performance and the professional association with the company and the high command.

Question No. 3

The occurrence of the groupthink can be avoided, provided that the leader of the group plays dominant, neutral and significant role in the proceedings of the group session.…


Michael Rosander. Groupthink: An Inquiry into the Vicissitudes of Regressive Group Processes. Linkpings universitet. 2003. pp. 143-176.

Robert J. Brym, John Lie. Sociology: Your Compass for a New World. Thomson Wadsworth Publication. 2006. pp. 123-154.

Managing a Group
Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15591344
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Group Dynamics

In the lifetime of an individual student in any learning institution, he is bound to work within a setting that brings him together with other students with a common goal to be achieved collectively. Group work seems inevitable in many aspects of a student's life and our group discussed herein was one of the several groups that I have found myself in the course of my academic pursuit.

The group here was out to set a vacation for the group that had been working together on several assignments and it was agreed that it was in order to end the year by having a weekend vacation together. This was interesting since it presented a unique and somehow queer situation since the group had been working together on school and academic based assignments for quite sometime, but since it has never worked on the arrangement of a vacation, it…


Mind Tools Ltd., (2014). Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing: Understanding the Stages of Team Formation. Retrieved September 28, 2014 from

Activity Base Costing and AIS
Words: 1114 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75926082
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Activity-Based Costing and AIS

Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is an accounting method that identifies the activities a company carries out and then assigns indirect costs (overhead) to products.

Activity-based costing shows the relationships between the activities, the costs, and the products, and correctly associates the lion's share of the resources used with the actual production or provision of services.

The recognition of these relationships enables the indirect costs to be assigned to products in a more rational, less arbitrary manner than traditional methods that would allocate a broad percentage of costs to products without any true measure of the accuracy of the approach.

By using activity-based costing, a company can treat more indirect costs as direct costs. This is important because some products or services consume more indirect costs than do other products or services.

In effect, the activity-based costing enables an accountant to trace the resource consumption and costs, which…


Romney, M.B., and Steinbart, P.J. (2009). Accounting information systems. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

____. Accounting Information Systems: Information on Collection, Storage and Processing of Financial and Accounting Data. Accounting Information Systems.

The accounting coach. Retrieved

Group Stage of Development Individual
Words: 2146 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55806480
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The AA also provides a strong network of relationships that is important for the recovery and support process as pointed out by Khantzian & Mack, (1994, pp.348).

The steps are important since they assist the alcoholics in becoming patient. They also admit that they are reckless and out of control. They also give up the alcoholic struggle with self and the bottle in order to allow the higher power as well as assistance of other to emancipate them. In the recovery process, there are sponsors. A sponsor is an alcoholic who has fully recovered and the recovering alcoholic can reach them at any time.

Alcoholic Anonymous believes even the alcoholics are important help to others. The concept of AA is beneficial in getting rid of the incessant alienation as well as shame that the alcoholics feel. It then proceeds to instill a sense of hope, contact with other as well…


Alcoholic Anonymous (2002). Service Material from the General Service Office: THE TWELVE STEPS OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 

Browne, B.R. (1991). The selective adaption of the Alcoholics Anonymous program by Gamblers Anonymous. Journal of Gambling Studies, 7(3), 187206. Fagan, R.W. (1986). The use of volunteer sponsors in the rehabilitation of skid-row alcoholics. Journal of Drug Issues, 16(3), 321-337.

Doweiko, H.E. (2009). Concepts of chemical dependency (7th ed.). Pacifi c Grove, CA:

Group Processes 12 Angry Men
Words: 1078 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 17748022
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It is critical to remember that the jury is composed of 12 white men and that the defendant is a member of a minority. As a result, the groupthink is revealed in alarmingly prejudiced ways, with one of the jurors dismissing the defendant as a "slum kid," a sentiment that appears to be shared by many of the other jurors. It becomes clear that one of the reasons that they are willing to believe in the defendant's guilt is that he is different from them. This is an example of devindividuation. First, rather than acting as individuals, the eleven jurors are acting as a group. This causes them to lose some of their social constraints and act in ways that are considered deviant. Although racism was more acceptable during that time period, there was still some social taboo against suggesting that the defendant was guilty simply because he was Hispanic…


Kassin, S., Fein, S., & Markus, H.R. (2010). Social psychology. Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

Lumet, S. (1957). 12 Angry Men. New York: MGM Studios.

Group Protocol for Adolescents -
Words: 1719 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96453566
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Next, the facilitator will pose an introductory question that will stimulate brainstorming by engaging students in the "why" of their involvement in the group (Bouassida et al., 2006). Next a transitory question will lead to examination of the problem at hand, where the members of the group attempt to answer key questions including (1) what is the foundation of the problem (2) what tools are available to solve the problem (3) what are the most probable outcomes of a problem given the information provided (Bouassida, et al., 2006).


Bouassida et al. (2006) provide the rationale for this protocol, suggesting it enables group members to participate in a manner that allows greater collaboration and verification of the results. This form of focus group enables each member to participate on an equivalent basis. The outcome will result in rapid resolution of complex problems including those presented in the future to students…


Bouassida, M.S., Chridi, N., Chrisment, I., Festor, O. & L. Vigneron. (2006, Jun).

Automatic verification of a key management architecture for hierarchical group protocols, in, Cuppens, F. And Debar, H., editors, 5th Conference on Security and Network Architectures.

CEISMC (2006). Focus Group Protocol, Center for Educational Integrating Science,

Mathematics and Computing at Georgia Tech College of Sciences. Retrieved October 18, 2007:

Groups and Teams in This Text I
Words: 729 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32899780
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Groups and Teams

In this text, I highlight the main differences between groups and teams. Also, I examine workplace diversity and its relevance in an organization. Further, I determine how diversity relates to workplace team dynamics.

Groups and Teams: Key Differences

It is important to note that although the terms teams and groups are in most cases used in the same context, they do not mean the same thing. When it comes to their definition, a work group according to Griffin and Moorhead (2011) "is two or more persons who interact with one another such that each person influences and is influenced by each other person." On the other hand, in the authors' opinion, "a team is a small number of people with complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable" (Griffin and Moorhead, 2011). Apart from having…


Griffin, R.W. & Moorhead, G. (2011). Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations, (10th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Schermerhorn, J.R. (2011). Organizational Behavior, (12th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons.

Group Cohesion Discussing Group Cohesion
Words: 3093 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47357272
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Individuals trust that agreement speaks something relating to the fact. Complying with the group norms hence fulfils our requirement relating to mastery. When individuals privately, show their compliance since they trust group norms represent fact, the group has the impact of information. At the time when the chances are high, individuals are more inspired to take correct decisions, and hence correspond even strongly. Going away from the agreement weaken the impact of the group. Additionally, it weakens confidence, and hence we could feel perplexed, apprehensive and ambiguous. (Smith; Mackie 315-319).

Norms accord us the feelings of linkage since compliance to group principles lead to achieving a positive as well as principled social identity and getting respect from the members of the other group. Compliance as such gives rise to encountering a view of belonging, and it indicates assurance to members of other groups. A group has positive impact at the…


AlRoomi, Dhari. The effect of Cohesion of Group Productivity. The MBA Journal. 23 February 2006. 

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Glass, Scott. J; Benshoff, James. M. Facilitating group cohesion among adolescents through challenge course experiences. The Journal of Experiential Education. Fall, 2002. vol. 26, no. 2, pp: 47-51.

Activity Plan Guidelines This Activity
Words: 723 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 98314357
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Students will learn to categorize information and to evaluate differences and similarities. They will also learn to grasp abstract concepts, like the fact that solids can be things like ice but also books and pencils.

Materials needed:

Bunsen burner or small stove top, to boil an ice cube is required. Boiling the ice can be performed in the classroom, or in the faculty lounge kitchen, or in the home economics or Chemistry classroom, if there is a stove or hot plate present on the premises. A TV monitor is needed if the teacher elects to show a film. If students must 'move' from the classroom, the 'treasure hunt' for objects can take place on the way back, provided that students return the materials they find to their original owners! Some supervision will be required of the treasure hunt, naturally, to make sure that things do not go 'out of control'…

Group Behavior in Companies
Words: 2457 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36267350
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Group Behavoirs in Companies

Group Behaviors in Companies

There are so many different companies that have embraced executive coaching and mentoring as their principal way to support development creativities in hospital settings. However in today's corporate world these do not talk to the real-world, group dynamics that managers have to deal with. Behavior within a group in a hospital setting can be manipulated by group dynamics, interactions, group cohesiveness, the work environment, social influences, and leadership. This paper will explore each of these components of group behavior in the interior of an organization such as a hospital.

Defining Group Behaviors

Group Behavior can be described as, conditions that enable groups of people to have interaction rather it be large or small group settings. These individuals collaborating among each other may appear to coordinate their behavior by performing in a certain way that will bring them to a design that differs…


Alam, M., Gale, A., Brown, M., & Khan, A.I. (2010). The importance of human skills in project management professional development. International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 3(3), 495-495-516. doi:10.1108/17538371011056101

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Group Leadership Skills
Words: 2827 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41628099
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GOUP LEADESHIP SKILLS refer to the ability of a leader to manage a group in a manner that ensures maximum cooperation between group members and helps each make significant contribution for the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. ecent studies in the field suggest that group leadership skills may differ from individual leadership but the essential core competencies probably remain the same. For this reason, let us first understand what leadership means and how crucial a role in plays in organizations today.

Fenton (1990) explains who a leader is: "Leaders stand out by being different. They question assumption and are suspicious of tradition. They seek out the truth and make decisions based on fact, not prejudice. They have a preference for innovation."

Leadership is therefore "an interactive process that influences, motivates, and elicits human potentialities in the pursuit of group goals or interests" (Sogunro, 1996, p. 31). The most damaging…


Adrianna Kezar, Reconstructing static images of leadership: an application of Positionality theory. Journal of Leadership Studies. Volume: 8. Issue: 3. 2002. 94+.

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Working in Groups Can Be a Very
Words: 861 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2627981
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Working in groups can be a very contentious issue given the underlying circumstances prevailing at a particular firm. Groups offer much strength when activities are conducted in a manner that allows for a collaboration and innovation. Groups often provide varying perspective and corresponding's solutions to problems. Groups also help increase employee buy in for very contentious and often difficult corporate initiatives. Furthermore, group activities help facilitate a mutual exchange of ideas that otherwise may not have been though of through individual assignments. However, as will be indicated in this document, groups can also pose significant threats to the efficient operations of a business entity. For one, groups could be cumbersome and inexperienced. They also may create conflict rather than harmony within the work environment. In addition, cultural aspects must be considered when group activities are formulated. These aspects become even more profound in the context of a global company with…


1) Hofstede, Geert (2001). Culture's Consequences: comparing values, behaviors, institutions, and organizations across nations (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. ISBN 978-0-8039-7323-7.

Theory Whether Formal Every Group
Words: 4055 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74699701
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While there are clearly circumstances where the civil society sector is at odds with the state, there are at least as many where the relationship is one of interdependence and mutual support…. The state has thus emerged in the modern era not as a displacer of nonprofit activity but as perhaps the major philanthropist… (Salamon & Anheier 1997, p. 63-64).


Calprig is an independent statewide student organization that works on issues such as environmental protection, consumer protection, hunger and homelessness. In essence, members of Calprig desire to build a better society through a plethora of volunteer activities. The group also provides students with the opportunity to practice their effective citizenship both on and off campus. This semester, the organization focused primarily on six campaigns: The Ocean and Plastic Ban is a short-term goal to ban plastic bags in Los Angeles California; Big Agriculture, although not a lot planned for…


Addams, Jane. Democracy and social ethics. United States, 1889.

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-. Foundations of social theory. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Analyzing Depression in Adolescents Group
Words: 3394 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83809960
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Depression in Adolescents Group

Curriculum overview

This group aims at aiding participants in modifying their cognitions, maladaptive schemas, and behaviors. Participants acquire a grasp of how to be more relaxed and occupied in more pleasing activities. Such changes to behavior will trigger the succeeding profounder change levels. Participating individuals will be aided in altering their depressogenic and impractical thoughts as well, to thoughts that are more practical, successively decreasing their depression levels. In order to achieve true, longer-term change, as well as to lower the possibility of recurrence of depression, one needs to modify maladaptive schemas. The group is presented with the 'schemas' idea, group members are aided in distinguishing their respective schemas, and efforts are initiated towards altering schemas. However, one must bear in mind the fact that this process of schema transformation is time-consuming and won't be achieved by the time of the group's termination. Participants in the…


Association for Specialists in Group Work. (2007). Best practice guidelines 2007 revisions. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 33(2). doi: 10.1080/01933920801971184

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Participant in a Community-Based Group for Troubled
Words: 1587 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 38887821
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Participant in a Community-Based Group for Troubled Youth

Literature has shown group psychotherapy to be an effective way of improving the mental health outcomes of multiple populations, including adolescents and young children. Today, community-based psychotherapy groups are among the most common platforms for dealing with troubled youth, and helping them avert the risk of falling into delinquency, substance abuse, and other antisocial tendencies. I happened to participate in one such group in my local community. The group served as both an intervention and a preventive measure to help local youth lead responsible lives, free of delinquency and antisocial tendencies. The subsequent sections seek to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs based on what I experienced as a participant in the above program. The paper provides insight to therapists seeking to design community-based groups for young people. It outlines the dos and don'ts as well as the best practices for designing…


Corey, M., Corey, G. & Corey, C. (2010). Groups: Process and Practice (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

Yalom, I.D. & Leszcz, M. (2008). The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy (5th ed.). New York, NY: Basic Books

Session of a Group You Are Leading
Words: 3450 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 56050818
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session of a group you are leading and members are giving each other feedback. One member, Jody, an Indonesian woman, says to another member "You know, there are negative feelings that I have been holding onto for weeks -- and before it's too late I think I am going to have to tell you what I've been feeling about you!"

What intervention would you make at this point? Would you encourage or discourage Jody from directing her negative feelings?

The group leader has a responsibility to create and maintain a safe environment where members can interact positively and productively to maximize their health outcomes. Negative confrontations at any of the four stages of group development ruin the calm environment that had already been created, creating room for defensiveness and scapegoating that could turn ugly if left unchecked (Corey, 2012). Based on this, I would intervene by discouraging Jody from voicing…


Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. (2006). Substance Abuse: Clinical Issues in Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Pressure Groups in What Ways
Words: 1945 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71513028
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At the same time there are also many areas of contention and criticism of these groups. In order to put this debate into perspective one has to take into account that the concept of democracy is complex and that there are many views of what true democracy is and how it should function. As suggested above, the pluralist notion of democracy is different in many respects to the more formal or 'elitist' views of democracy. One's assessments of pressure groups will therefore depend to a great extent on one's concept and understanding of democracy.

On the one hand the pluralistic view that pressure groups expand involvement in the democratic process and bring important issues to the attention of both the public and the state is a view that many pundits tend to accept. But there are many other arguments against these groups; such as the view that they can in…


Do pressure groups add to democracy?, viewed 8 August, 2010, 

Bhandari J. 2003, Democracy of pressure groups, viewed 8 August, 2010,

Moral Obligations of Group Leaders
Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 49461459
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Business Ethics - Application Project

Groups tend to bring out the moral best and worst in us. -- C. E. Johnson, 2016,

Because most significant projects require a group effort, self-directed groups are becoming increasingly commonplace in companies of all sizes and types today (Johnson, 2016). These groups are being tasked with a wide range of responsibilities including making decisions that are important for achieving organizational goals (Johnson, 2016). As the epigraph above emphasizes, despite their importance, not all groups succeed in achieving their goals and others fail to achieve their full potential due to unethical activities or suboptimal moral choices (Johnson, 2016). These issues came to the fore during one recent experience involving a seven-person group that failed to achieve its goals due to various immoral behaviors on the part of group members, including the author. This paper evaluates my performance as a morally responsible group member, including the…


Johnson, C. E. (2016). Organizational ethics: A practical approach (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Jake Green Case Study Group Counseling
Words: 3282 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 23639234
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Group Counseling for Jake Green

Group Description

The group will be designed for children suffering from Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The group will be for young children aimed at focusing on self-awareness. The children will be taught self-management skills like positive self-talk techniques and self-soothing behaviors. All this is aimed at improving their social skills and improve interactions with others. Having a group of ADHD children will allow Jake to recognize he is not alone and he will be able to interact with other children who have the same challenges. The group to be created will be a psychoeducational group because the purpose is to develop the members feeling, thinking, and behavioral skills by using a structured learning format. Psychoeducational groups are aimed at high-functioning individuals who have a deficit in specific areas (Pitschel-Walz et al., 2006). The group will be focused on educating group members regarding their disorder…


Ates, B. (2016). Effect of solution focused group counseling for high school students in order to struggle with school burnout. Journal of Education and Training Studies, 4(4), 27-34.

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Shell Group's Kpi Program Analysis
Words: 887 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19887646
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That's because it will help get views into the program that insiders will be forced to address. That can help breakdown some of the internal and self-serving hype that can emerge, especially with the more unquantifiable type KPIs.

On the other hand, some outside stakeholders may have an agenda irreconcilable with the Shell Group's vision or they are simply intransigent on some issues. Shell Group will need to rely on having competent evaluators of inputs to deal with difficult external stakeholders that carry strong image-harming possibilities to itself.

But the strength of such KPIs is that the Shell Group will be better aware of external stakeholders' perceptions of its actions -- and, thus, have an opportunity to alleviate unnecessary misunderstandings too.


Jane Wei-Skillern, (Rev. July 6, 2004) case study presentation: Sustainable Development at Shell (A) published in Harvard Business School Publishing Co., Boston, MA, / retrievable at


Diversity as a Barrier to Group Psychotherapy
Words: 3329 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 60383525
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Diversity as a Barrier to Group Psychotherapy

According to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, the psychopathology of college students, and their demand for counseling services in university college centers (UCCs) has risen substantially over the last decade (Center for Collegiate Mental Health, 2014). Well, there are number of reasons why this is so. The most significant of these perhaps is that the modern-day college student faces significant psychological concerns in the form of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, and history of hospitalization resulting from lifestyle factors. It is reported, for instance, that between 15 and 20% of college students today suffer from depressive symptoms, compared to between 5 and 6% ten years ago (Center for Collegiate Mental Health, 2014). For this reason, most UCCs have adopted and expanded the use of group psychotherapy platforms as an alternative to the traditional individual psychotherapy in a bid to address the…


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Riva, M. (2013). Emphasizing Training and Supervision. The Group Psychologist, 23(1), 1-24.

Group Leader Five Characteristics of
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That way the next time we meet I can help steer the group in the right direction. For example, I once realized that we wasted a lot of time at the beginning of the meetings with small talk because everyone was afraid to be the first to start. The next time we met I just started talking. I also believe that we share common values like cooperation, commitment, competence, and positive collaboration.

4. Assumes responsibilities for interrelating with groups and units and reporting results to group members.

I have gathered information from individuals in the group and from our collective meetings. Then I will let the group decide in a democratic fashion. We often have question and answer sessions, which gives the opportunity for all individuals to voice their concerns in a safe and supportive environment. I am always willing to act as a mediator or an intermediary between members…

Activity Based Costing
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Activity-based costing (ABC) employs numerous cost groups, organized by activity, in the allocation of overhead costs. The conception is that activities are necessitated to generate products, basically activities, such as procuring materials, setting up machinery, assembling products, and scrutinizing finished products. It is imperative to note that these activities can be expenses and therefore the cost of activities ought to be apportioned to products on the basis of how the products use the activities. The costs are placed on the products on the basis of the use of individual products for every activity (Hansen et al., 2007). In the traditional product costing system, to begin with, costs are not linked or mapped out to activities but they are rather traced to a unit within the organization, for instance a department or a division, and thereafter to products. This implies that in the traditional and ABC costing systems, the second as…

Group That I Have Recently
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This should be done firstly from an outsider perspective reading accounts form other anthropologists and people who have visited their community in order to gain a knowledge of their overall philosophy from a Western perspective and the challenges as well as growth lessons that outsiders have experience.

More important, however, is reading insider reports and narratives. This include reading their core newspapers (they don't have TV, Internet or radio) and magazines. An education in Yiddish and secondarily Hebrew would be beneficial. Yiddish is their prime language; they believe it to be the only and true 'Jewish' language and even though many may grow up in America, many of their children may never know or speak English.

A knowledge of Hebrew and Yiddish would be invaluable to reading their texts and absorbing oneself in their culture.

Attending their schools, and preferably enrolling in their schools for at least a year, would…

Group MGN412 300 Words Section Critically
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group MGN42 ( 300 words section) critically analyse incident models theories levels organisational behaviour ( individual, group organisation) show understandings gained group experience draw conclusions recommendations manage future recommend manage work occurrence future.

Group Incident Analysis

The following pages focus on analyzing an incident in a company. This incident is represented by a conflict between the sales manager and the account managers in the company. The conflict is analyzed on individual level based on the hierarchy of needs model, and on organizational level based on the diversity theory.

The workplace environment and its characteristics are very important in determining employee satisfaction. The level of satisfaction of companies' employees significantly influences their performance, which affects the performance of these companies. It is important that managers understand these issues and focus on analyzing the organization behavior in their companies in order to develop workplace environment that are in accordance with employees' needs…

1. Rahim, A. (2001). Managing Conflict in Organizations. Retrieved June 7, 2012 from .

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Groups I Sent You a
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The reason the first problem-solving/quality circle "holiday rush" group I had worked with failed read like a textbook case of the disadvantages of group work. The manager, who led the group, was feared by many in the team as being quick to fire. As a result, participation in the group included saying what the manager wanted to hear, not necessarily what was the best or most feasible idea for the team. Even if an alternative suggestion to how to handle the holiday rush was offered (and, as I recall, maybe only one was), it was quickly squashed by the others who cared more about keeping their position rather than ensure customer satisfaction. Upon analyzing whether one individual dominated the discussion, that, indeed was the case in this group. As (cite author's name here____) says, "When all is said and done (that individual) insists that his or her position on the…

Activity and Your Community I
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It was a man's brown leather wallet. I hurriedly looked up in time to see the owner speeding away, oblivious that the wallet had fallen.

I was late so, I cantered on believing that the other persons in the subway would give him the wallet. When I got to the subway, I looked back towards the direction of the wallet and observed that it was still on the ground. No one had taken it up. There were several persons around the wallet, a young man listening to an iPod, a woman chuckling and talking on her cell phone. They each looked at the wallet but did not attempt to return it to the owner. This infuriated me; I looked further down the station to see if I could see the man who dropped the wallet.

He was tearing though the station like a cheetah. I ran back, picked up the…

Group Has Chosen Lil Wald
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1% greater than the Texas average.

The cost of living in Canyon is 2.6% less than the national average.

The cost of living index is based on a national average of 100.If the region shows a cost of living index that is lower than 100, it means it is living below national standard, and the reverse shows it is living above national standards. Canyon's living standard is 97, which shows that it is living below average national standards. At the same time, however, it is significantly greater than cost of living in Texas in general. Its groceries, its goods, and its transportation are one or more notches higher than Texas in general. Its housing index is considerably higher. Its utilities index is however significantly lower than Texas and certainly than the Nation as a whole. Its health care index is also slightly lower than Texas in general.

Misc. The price…


Area vibes. Canyon Education 

Area Vibes. Canyon transportation information.

Groups in Social Work
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Social Work Groups

Definition of Three Types of Groups

Most of us have participated in a task group at one point, and indeed many of us participate in tasks groups on a regular basis. A task group is any group of individuals who come together (or who are brought together) to produce a particular outcome, either a particular product or a specific action. Such groups exist in every aspect of life. Such groups can be found in business, such as a group formed to assess whether a company should shift to a new software system. Such a group might do research on different types of software, interview managers at other companies to determine how well different software systems work in similar situations, and survey the staff on their needs.

Task groups also exist in the political realm. Many communities across the country have recently been hosts to such groups as…

Group Can Become a High-Performance
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Organize a regular meeting.

A regular meeting is strategic way to monitor the progress of the team. Through meetings, any existing problems can be discussed for an immediate resolution. In this way, if there are dependencies of tasks, the other tasks can be prevented from being affected by the problem.

Create some rules that can guide the workflow of a team.

Following some work rules within a team won't do any harm. The provision of work rules is one way of maintaining discipline and a proper workflow within the team.

Promote team responsibility.

Encourage every member to take responsibility of the tasks assigned to him. It is ideal if each member would strive to become an example to the other team members. This can be done by meeting the tasks requirements, as well as completing the tasks on time. It can be helpful to introduce a reward after meeting the…


Becoming a Manager of a High-Performance Work Teams.

2002. Virtual Advisor Online. 2004. 

Strategies for Developing an Effective Team.

1998. MSH Online. 2004.

Activities Whether They Are Experimental
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With respect to the McGuckin studies neither randomization nor sample selection is ever discussed. In fact sampling per se is not presented except for cursory mention in the results section. Again, without proper identification as to the sampling method implemented, the reader is ever cautious as to how legitimate the results will be. Not wanting to pre-empt the discussion on statistical methodology, mention must be made at this time with respect to the Poisson egression statistical tool selected for use in these two studies in terms of sampling. This particular regression technique, if utilized properly, requires the sample size to be determined on the basis of the square root transformation of the Poisson random variables. More specifically, the formula for calculating the sample size of the Poisson variables is as follows:

2) 2

The data received from this calculation will give the research investigator the number of sampling units per…


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London: Blackwell Publishing.

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Corning, S.P. (2002). Profiling and developing nursing leaders. Journal of Nursing

Group in Society and How
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Otherwise, you face rejection, and in some cases even murder or other violence. This indicates the great influence groups can have over our minds and our actions, and indicates how whole groups of people can get swept up into a movement like Nazism, where Hitler created a "master race" that was better than everyone else and wanted to exterminate others from the earth. That's a good example of a very frightening and influential primary group (the German people, which seems like a secondary group, but they had nationalistic pride that brought them together as a "family").

In an article, sociologist Gil Friedman talks about much the same group dynamics in our own nationalism and patriotic pride after the events of Sept. 11, 2001. He notes that leaders can use rallying tactics to "mobilize the public through patriotic appeals" (Friedman, 2006). This is exactly what Hitler did when he mobilized the…


Henslin, J.M. (2005). Essentials of sociology a down to earth approach. 7th Edition. New York: Allyn & Bacon.

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Activity of Companies or of
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There are several approaches used by researchers that prefer to combine the two methods, like triangulation, complementarity, conceptual development, expansion, and others. Triangulation consists in the fact that it is more useful to address several methods intends to study the same problem, because these ensures that findings are verified, and aspects that have not been resolved by one of the methods are identified. Complementarity consists in the fact that several methods are used in researching the same research question because the findings of one method can be supported by the findings of other methods.

In the case of conceptual development, qualitative and quantitative research methods are used in a sequential manner, in order to identify the relationships between the ideas in the research project (IDC, 2010). Expansion refers to the fact that a combination of methods is likely to increase the scope and the number of aspects addressed by the…

Reference list:

1. Silverman, D. (2004). Qualitative Research: Theory, Method, and Practice. SAGE Publications Ltd. Retrieved November 2, 2010 from .

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Group Performance Individual Assessment it Is Stated
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Group Performance: Individual Assessment

It is stated in our team charter that "teams work better when members have a common understanding of the team's goals and the ground rules for team activities." I found this to be true in my experience working on this team. We did set some basic ground rules and we decided on our goals. Because we did this at the beginning, I feel we were able to avoid a lot of the misunderstandings that could have happened. Also, in writing down the things we agreed on, we made it official. This seemed more formal and business-like, but it turned out to be a good idea, although in some areas it would have been helpful to be more specific about what we meant.

My role in the group was to contribute to the group performance and do my part. I felt very committed about doing this, and…

Group Dynamics and Teams
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With workplace tasks becoming increasingly complex, the significance of teamwork cannot be overemphasized. Teamwork often facilitates faster and more effective execution of tasks. Nonetheless, managing a group or team of people can be a challenging endeavor in large part due to conflicts and communication issues. Indeed, conflict, misunderstanding, and miscommunication can greatly affect team success and productivity (Bateman, Snell & Konopaske, 2016). With reference to Kolb's learning model, this paper describes my own experience with a team. Following a description of the experience, I reflect on the experience, interpret the experience at a deeper level and identify ways to respond to a similar experience in the future.

Concrete Experience

At my place of work, I was recently appointed as one of the members of a team aimed at investigating the potential of a certain product the organization wanted to venture into. More specifically, the responsibility of the team was to…

Group Designing for People Concerned About Bullying in a School
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Designing a Group

A Group for Individuals Concerned about School ullying Incidents

What population is the group designed to serve?

The group is ultimately designed to serve students of a school where bullying has occurred, and the entire school students, staff, and administrators. Local community members, such as physicians and health professionals would also be welcome; individuals who are professional counselors may have useful contributions. As well, it will serve the students' families, friends, and the community. Each of these individuals has something to contribute in a group dialogue about bullying, from a different perspective. The largest issue to be faced at the onset is empowering individuals, such as students, to speak frankly in the presence of not only their peers, but also in the presence of perceived authority figures.

Parental involvement is important so that the parent can assist with issues that their child may have had concerning bullying;…


Anti-bullying procedures for primary and post-primary schools. (2013). Retrieved from: .

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Group Process
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Sandy Hook Case: Reintegrating Adam Lanza Into Society

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School will never be fully understood. How anyone could reign such terror on innocent children is mind numbing. Yet, if Adam Lanza were to have survived, he would have to deal with life after such a horrible massacre. If he had successfully been treated in a state mental health facility, it might have been possible for him to have one day re-entered the community. In such a situation, there would need to be ongoing treatment and supervision of Lanza himself, along with special health care services provided to Peter Lanza to help care for the ongoing treatment of his son. Overall, the community would also need to stand together and work towards a positive change in light of the tragic events that occurred in the sleepy Connecticut town.

Plan of Action

There are several areas in…

Group Teaching
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Technology can be used to enhance learning

An oral presentation used to present information and teach individuals about a particular concept. Lecture is often used to convey critical information.

An investor presents his investment thesis and rational to an economics class. The investor, teaching the basics of Finance, provides the class with a copy of his lecture notes and slide

Video and websites provide visuals to better allow student to learn. Video conferencing can also be used to talk to multiple people in varying locations

Demonstration is the ability to show or prove the merits of a particular product, service, or idea. This allows students to better conceptualize material and its application

An investor presents his methodology to a finance class. He uses a sample annual report and step-by-step shows the class how he arrives at an investment decision. He provides an example of a bad company and a good…


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Introductions and Group Wiki
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Group Wiki: Introductions

Hello fellow group members. My name is Stephen Hawking and I am delighted to be part of this Group Wiki. I have had great academic experience in writing as I have undertaken a scholarly course in writing. I hope to receive support from you in this project process and offer feedback to actions taken in all activities I undertake. In the same manner, I am inclined and willing to offer healthy feedback to each and every one of you to the best of my ability and experience. I have had experiences in strategic planning which I am look forward to share and offer insight into this aspect.

My academic qualifications include writing as I have undertaken a course in writing. In this duration of time, I have had academic experiences in the field of strategic planning. This is because in writing, there is need for strategic thinking…


Barksdale, S., Lund, T. (2006). 10 Steps to Successful Strategic Planning. America: American Society for Training and Development.

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Disrupting Terror Group Finances to
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Financial and law enforcers, military and reporting of intelligence are carried out by respective agencies drawn on limited coordination efforts (Whitmore, 2002). While agencies can pull and push intelligence data, these structures lack a centralized system for collecting intelligence. This limits the ability to conduct a meta-analysis of data across inter-agencies systems. Lack of proper coordination efforts reduces the usefulness of financial intelligence thus making it difficult to link the financial intelligence with other useful information. Critics claim that financial evidence is useful in supporting a case; it does not lead to prevention of terrorism attacks (Linden, 2007).

However, a centralized system of coordination may be an effective way of exploring financial data through linking it with other useful information. This can be made useful if the agencies improve their overall understanding of the financial networks of terrorists. The new homeland security departments are signals that there are efforts for…


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Manual. New York: Signalman Publishing

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California: IOS Press

Theories of Psychology in Group Work
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Psychology in Group Work

Learning Theory

There are many theories that describe the process of human development. Most of us have identified with the learning theory. The learning theory has been given credit because it makes sense. In this article, we shall discuss one theory, which the author developed in an educational setting. The focus is on Bandura who is the key theorist in his learning theory (Agnew, 2007). Behaviors are taken into focus in Bandura's learning theory. The theory is significantly useful offering techniques of teaching and modifying of behavior. In the following sections, examples are going to be provided. This study will begin with clarification of the basic concept of the specified theory. This will be followed with a discussion of the theory's practical use: both classroom and clinical application (Bandura, 2006).

The learning theory of Bandura

The learning theory of Bandura provides that we learn from one…


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Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall

Managing Sustainability Bt Group in UK
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These tiny particles are poison and damage the green effect. For the reason that they reflect solar energy back into space they have a preservation result on the world.

Ocean current is a problem because it has an effect on the greenhouse. Also, ocean currents are something that has been able to move vast amounts of all heat all over the planet. Also, winds are what push horizontally towards the sea surface and then also drive the ocean current patterns. There are as well interactions among the ocean and atmosphere can likewise create phenomena for instance El Nino which happens every 2 to 6 years.

Graph 4 a low greenhouse gas emissions in the UK

Earth orbital changes have an effect on the greenhouse management. The organization has been able to find out that earth makes one full orbit around the sun every year. The earth is tilted at an…


Baue, B., 2013. Threading the Needle: How BT Integrates Climate Stabilization with Economic Prosperity (Economics). [Online]

Available at:  [Accessed 30 March 2014].

BT, 2014. BT Trace. Supply chains that flow. [Online]

Available at:  [Accessed 30 March 2014].

Prayer in Individual and Group
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The superimposition may then change the meaning of the ritual. What after all is "pure" worship? As Smart remarks, the utterance of a group of ritual words complete with the relevant bodily postures made during the worship service. This can also be seen in readings of the Holy Quran where the opening verse is read out loud some thirty times per day. Much of this can be seen as pure worship with no ritual imposition. This practice literally is pure prayer and has no other interpretation, but given our definition of prayer as a ritual object is included, if nothing more for the fact that the quotation is from a literal book, that is, the Holy Quran (ibid., 74-75).

It is in the above way that Smart points out that the ritual is integrated into and becomes a part of a person's ritual life. In this way, worship is…


Ninian smart's seven dimensions or religions. (2010). Retrieved from

Smart, N. (1996). Dimensions of the sacred: An anatomy of the world's beliefs. Berkeley, CA: Harper

collins Publishers.

Merger Activity Due in Large
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Finance-dominated proponents also maintain that boom economic periods generate a more varied divergence of valuations that fuel merger activity (Medlen 2007). In this regard, Medlen concludes that, "Taken collectively, these understandings may explain some of the merger activity in booms, but they involve certain asymmetries that undercut their explanatory power. High stock valuations allow stock to be utilized as currency and collateral for takeovers; yet stock booms also make targets expensive" (p. 202). Moreover, despite the commonly held perception that mergers are a "quick and dirty" way to grow a business and achieve organizational goals, there remains a lack of convincing empirical evidence in support of this perception (Medlen 2007). As Medlen points out, an "anomalous fact about mergers concerns the lack of evidence that mergers are profitable. This fact begs the question: why then are mergers carried out with such frequency and with such large levels of capitalization?" (p.…


Ahern, K.A. & Weston, J.F. (2007). 'M&as: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.' Journal

of Applied Finance, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 5-7.

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Publishing Company.

National Group Technique the Nominal Group Technique
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National Group Technique

The Nominal Group Technique (NGT) is a very helpful and practical process for a sports facility due to the fact that a facilitator is always on hand to mediate discussions -- especially those discussions which become arguments. hen a university intercollegiate facility, for example, is using NGT and a decision must be made, the NGT strategy is to allow every person in the group that has any part in the presentation of activities to participate equitably in the process. This paper delves into the advantages to the group -- and to the public that will utilize the facility -- of a sports facility organization implementing the NGT.

The Seven Steps to Solving Difficult Problems -- Making Sound Decisions

Step ONE: A group by definition will always have a variety of personalities within its structure, and those varied personalities can be (and should be) the source of strength…

Works Cited

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Abu Sayyaf Group Asg Has Re-Emerged Among
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Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has re-emerged among the list of most critical terrorist organizations fighting the federal government of the epublic of the Philippines (GP), America, and it is allies within Southeast Asia. Established in 1991 by Abdurrajak Janjalani, a veteran in the Afghan Mujiheddin as well as associate of Osama bin Laden, the gang rapidly rose to popularity as being a deadly terrorist group dedicated to the institution of a separate Islamic county. Together with cash from Saudi charitable organizations managed by bin Laden's relative, Mohammad Jamal Khalifa, the ASG progressed rapidly. The gang targeted its terrorist, killing, as well as kidnapping initiatives on sectarian targets. But, following a plot directed by amzi Yousef along with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to explode Eleven U.S. airliners as well as assassinate the Pope, Khalifa's and also the ASG's functions had been exposed (Laude, 2004).

Khalifa had been struggling to go back to…


Fellman, Z. (2011). Abu Sayyaf Group. Centre for Strategic and International Studies. Aqam Futures Project Case Study Series.

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Gomez, J. (2005). Terror Suspect Details Training, Plots, AP.

Improving Group Productivity the National Call Center
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Improving Group Productivity

The National Call Center for the Veteran's Administration (VA) Education Department employs over 700 people, which can be called upon to answer incoming calls from veterans. Within the four regional offices, there are employees of various positions, including Case Managers, Educational Liaison Representatives, application processors, and leaders who verify compliance, productivity, etc. With all employees being called upon to answer incoming calls, each employee needs to be aware of changes on an immediate basis, which can incorporate over 50 changes on a given day. As a result of work demands on all employees in different roles of the organizational structure, adequate training programs are of extreme importance in ensuring employees are properly trained, contain clear definitions of expectations in the various roles, and support teamwork within the groups to provide for efficiency in operations as well as performance goals and objectives.

A key component to the process…


Anthony, L. (2013). How do I Improve Team Communication? Retrieved from Chron: 

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GI Bill. (2013, Nov 22). Retrieved from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs:

Lewis Group Sustainability Model The Lewis Group
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Lewis Group Sustainability Model:

The Lewis Group is a retail furniture company operating in South Africa that sells its furniture to low-income customers. Notably, approximately 60% of the company's merchandise is being imported from some countries in Brazil and China. As the leading retailer of household furniture, home electronics, and electrical appliances, The Lewis Group sold its products mainly on credit through Best Home and Electric, the Lewis, and My Home Brands. The success and profitability of the Lewis Group is associated with the scope of its business and its business model. Currently, the company has more than 600 stores throughout the main metropolitan areas and has a strong presence in the rural areas in South Africa. Moreover, 56 of the firm's stores are located in the neighboring southern African nations like Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, and Lesotho.

The Lewis Group Business Model:

The Lewis Group business model basically revolves around…


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Cultural Group Polish
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Culture Group- the Polish

Culture Group -- the Polish

The Polish

The polish culture group is a category of people who speak the Slavic lingo of Poland and practice the cultural norms in line with their beliefs and customs. It is perceived that the culture essence of the polish is one that unconstrained emotional expressions (Wierzbicka, 2003, pg 121). The culture originated from a confluence with interweaving ties alongside Germans, Latinos and the Byzantines. The originality is also as a result of cultural traits of the proto-slavs. The geographical position and occupancy of the polish are found in the heart of Europe, the nation of Poland. Their nation is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Ukraine and Belarus, Germany, Czech epublic and Slovakia to the northern side, east, and west and southern respectively. The polish people experience a long-term climatic environment. It is rough and adverse and has taken long…


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Assessment Activities
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Activity #1: Discuss the pros and cons of testing from two perspectives: (1) as a test-taker and (2) as a test-giver

From the point-of-view of the test-taker, the 'cons' of taking a test seem obvious. Besides the nerves and the fear of being put under pressure, from the test-taker's point-of-view being tested requires subjecting something quite unique, namely their individual human mind, to an objective test that cannot take into consideration adverse circumstances, from a lack of engagement with the material, poor teaching, or an eccentric learning style. Testing can thus discourage creativity and a sense of fun in learning for the test taker. Test can also encourage students to learn how to take a particular teacher's tests, rather than to truly learn and actively engage with the material on an individual basis like a research paper.

This is also the downside of testing from the teacher's perspective as…

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Effectiveness of Group Cohesion in an Organization
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Group Cohesion Within an Organization

We often hear much about "miracle" sports teams such as the 1986 New York Mets, U.S. Hockey's Soviet Union defeating team, and even this year's curse-destroying oston Red Sox. Long after the individual exploits of individual players are forgotten, the team effort and lore will remain. Sometimes, the team stories will even build over time. For instance, today baseball fans will remember the 1986 New York Mets as an underdog team that surmounted insurmountable odds to capture the World Series. In reality, the Mets were heavily favored that year, and had to be saved by the opposing oston Red Sox's errant play.

Why is the concept of team so powerful in history? ecause it means so much in the present. Specifically, the "chemistry" by which a team is brought together contributes to a team's success more than any other single factor. Group cohesion means more…


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Analyzing Group Process and Skill Selection
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Group Process and Skill Selection

ecent developments at the medical industry increase the life expectancy. Census reported that 36.3 million Americans were 65 and over in 2004 and 71.5 million Americans will be 65 and over in 2030 (see, Therefore, the age related diseases and related industry (i.e. eldercare) have been taking an important part of the American society. Taking care of a person with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer's disease is a demanding task as it requires mental and physical strength. Social supports groups are very helpful to deal with mental and physical distress for Alzheimer's patients' caregivers. In this brief document, a social group session is discussed.



Garvin, Gutierrez, and Galinsky (2004) describe the social work groups in which the social workers participate as part of their professional activities either as participants or facilitators. The interaction between social workers and…


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Study of Groups
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The experimental method is usually taken to be the most scientific of all methods, the 'method of choice'. The main problem with all the Psychodynamic Method is lack of control over the situation. The experimental method is a means of trying to overcome this problem. The experiment is sometimes described as the cornerstone of psychology: This is partly due to the central role Experimental method play in many of the physical sciences and also to psychology's historical view of itself as a science. A considerable amount of psychological research uses the experimental method. An experiment is a study of cause and effect. It differs from Psychodynamic Method; in that it involves the deliberate manipulation of one variable, while trying to keep all other variables constant.

Psychodynamic psychology, although still practiced clinically, is not one of the current major approaches to personality psychology. During the 1950's and 1960's, numerous attempts…


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