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Growing Pains Essays (Examples)

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Growing Agricultural Hemp on an Experimental Basis
Words: 1075 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28684482
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growing agricultural hemp on an experimental basis for three years. Specifically, it will discuss the findings so that a Montana congressional representative can craft a bill and present a case before her fellow legislators. Agricultural or "industrial" hemp growth has mounting support in the United States, from farmers, businesspeople, and educators, to name a few. Industrial hemp is used in a variety of products, and growing hemp is a viable cash-crop alternative for farmers who have seen their incomes decline in recent years. Agricultural hemp is far removed from its' distant cousin, marijuana, and it should be considered as a viable alternative for Montana farmers who need to rejuvenate their fields and their livelihoods.

Growing Agricultural Hemp - An Analysis

The cultivation of hemp for industrial use is not a new idea. Americans have been cultivating the hemp plant for hundreds of years, and it was not until 1937 that…


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Supplementing Relaxation and Music for Pain After Surgery
Words: 1135 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 40615112
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Music and Pain

The use of music in relation to relaxation and pain control is universal in application. Many cultures use music, tones, chanting, drums, or other forms of biofeedback to treat patients in acute pain, women in labor, recovery, and now, most recently, in pre- and post-operative care. In fact, the therapeutic value of music has been recognized as vital and powerful since Ancient Times; archaeological evidence shows flutes carved from bone in pictures of physicians healing patients, Greek physicians used music and vibration to heal, aid in digestion and induce sleep; the Early Egyptians used musical incantations to help with the healing process; and certainly, numerous native tribes use singing and chanting as part of their healing rituals (Nilsson, 2008).

Further, most postoperative patients have pain, despite the use of analgesia. Nurses are constantly trying to be more effective in delivering pain medication. One study showed that patients…


Ghetti, C. (2011). Active music engagement with emotional-approach coping to improve well being in liver and kidney translplant recipients. Journal of Music Therapy. 48 (4): 463-85.

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Healing Growing Dying in Chapter a Broader
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21846232
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healing, growing, dying in chapter "A broader view healing" Margaret Coberly argues dying a healing process -discovery. We find a similar claim coming Mwalimu lmara essay "Dying Last Stage Growth" asserts: "dying stage life experienced profound growth event total life's experience.

According to Mwalimu Imara's essay "Dying as the Last Stage of Growth," rather than rejecting death as abnormal (for death comes to us all) or fearing death, death should be viewed as simply another stage of life. Imara recounts the experience of a woman who said that she lived more fully in the last months of her life than she did throughout her entire existence, because only then was she able to appreciate the goodness in people and open herself up enough to be emotionally vulnerable (Imara 1975: 154). The same could be said of Leo Tolstoy's character Ivan Ilyich.

Throughout most of his life, Ilyich is an ambitious,…

Q3. In Ira Byock's book Dying Well, Byock chronicles the painful process of watching his father die. At first, it was inconceivable to him that his father could pass away, and he met the first stages with a denial of the severity of his father's condition. "It was incomprehensible how all this could be lost" (Byock 1998: 5). This parallels the story of "The Death of Ivan Ilyich" by Leo Tolstoy, in which the title character first sees many doctors who give him conflicting diagnoses about his terminal condition and his family tries to ignore the fact that his condition is worsening, despite the treatment he is receiving. However, unlike Ivan Ilyich, Byock stresses that his father Seymour's life was a life 'well lived,' and his father ended his life surrounded by caring family members. Being with the dying person and tending to their needs, believes Byock, can be a powerful way to ensure that the dying process has a component of 'healing.'

However, Ivan Ilyich does experience flashes of insight. For example, he asks the peasant Gerasim to hold his legs to relieve his pain at times. Although this probably has no physical effect, instinctively Ilyich finds that Gerasim's compassion and matter-of-fact attitude towards illness and death is healing for him. He forms his first simple, human connection with someone else. Even though he is at first angry at his wife and children for their materialism, he dies forgiving them.

Ilyich is literally 'killed' by the house he has so carefully decorated -- he dies as a result of the accident he sustained while hanging curtains. However, after feeling anger about the way he is dying and the fact that someone who has tried to 'make it' in the world for so long must die, in death he finally comes to understand the meaningless nature of all of the things he has been striving for and can appreciate simple goodness and kindness. Although Ilyich may not have 'lived well' in the terms defined by Byock, at the very end he can be said to have 'died well' in the sense that he learned from the experience.

Subspecialty Postgrad Pain as Most
Words: 1837 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47490390
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The changes in the age demographic of the U.S. As well as the need to reduce overall spending in health care are significant reasons why advanced practice and specialty provision practitioner's skill sets and demands have changed. It is for this reason as well as for patient efficacy that such a subspecialty should be offered at a postgraduate level to AAs. These advanced practice alternative providers can be successfully and efficiently trained to provide services at a significantly lower rate, creating a potential opportunity for more people to receive advanced pain management care in a broader setting. This could only improve outcomes for chronic pain sufferers and broaden the scope of opportunity for AAs and possibly other advanced practice alternative providers. As need continues to rise alternatives must be sought within the system to provide care to patients who will likely need pain management service in growing numbers in…


American Board of Pain Medicine Website. Retrieved February, 21, 2008 at 

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Medical Marijuana Growing in Butte County
Words: 2199 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24923351
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Medical marijuana has increasingly been in the news as a growing number of states throughout the U.S. have passed measures or at least put on the ballot an initiative to legalize either medicinal or recreational marijuana usage.  The history of marijuana in the U.S. is one that goes back as far as the country itself:  hemp (a type of marijuana plant) was used for rope, paper and a number of other purposes because of its strong fibrous tissue.1  It was not until the Prohibition Era of the 1920s that marijuana began to be prohibited by law in the U.S.—and within a decade, it was regulated among most states under the Uniform State Narcotic Act.2  Thus, from its very first days as a crop grown by the Virginia Company for exporting to England by decree of James I—and in fact from the days of the first President of the U.S.…

Complementary and Alternative Pain Management Methods
Words: 1134 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24829910
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Alternatives to Pain Medication

Given the growing concerns over opioid addictions in recent years and the potential for tolerance, clinicians continue to search for efficacious alternatives to convention pain medications (Moore & Anderson, 2016). Fortunately, a number of alternatives to conventional pan medication are readily available, including cannabis, yoga, hypnosis, mind-body meditation, therapeutic touch, herbal remedies, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage therapy, homeopathic practices (Tan & Craine, 2007) and aromatherapy (Esposito & Bystrek, 2014). To learn more about these alternatives, this paper provides an initial reference list of ten relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly sources concerning pain medication alternatives, followed by a description of clinical guidelines and an implementation plan for these alternatives. A discussion concerning the manner in which the implementation of the intervention should be tested is followed by an assessment of potential barriers and strategies intended to gain cooperation from individuals who will be implementing the change. Finally, a timeline…


Clinical practice guidelines. (2016). U.S. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Retrieved from .

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Pain management guidelines. (2016). U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Retrieved from ?.

Vaginosis a Growing Scourge Among
Words: 4124 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 84440910
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A newer and easy test is the OSOM Vlue, which mixes a swabbed specimen from the vagina with a reagent. The test yields sialidase activity or presence in the vaginal fluid in 10 minutes. Sialidase is produced by V pathogens (Mashburn).

pH Level

The most reliable criterion for detecting V is a pH>4.5 (Mashburn, 2007). A normal pH should, therefore, rule out V. A pH >4.5 can also indicate trichomoniasis or muco-purulent cervicitis. Vaginal inflammation more strongly suggests trichomonas or muco-purulent cervicitis, in turn associated with gonorrhea or chlamydial trachomatis (Mashburn).

The patient's pH level is 6, indicating V.

Wet Smears

These are an inexpensive and relatively easy screening procedure for the most common sexually transmitted diseases, such as V (Iglesias, Alderman & Fox, 2000). The practitioner should be appropriately trained and experienced in using this procedure. Hence, the proper protocol and quality control are needed to insure accurate diagnosis.…


Alfonsi, G.A.; Cshlay, J., and Parker, S. (2004). What is the best approach for managing

Recurrent bacterial vaginosis? Journal of Family Practice: Dowden Health Media,

Inc. Retrieved on July 7, 2009 from;col1 

Brown, M (2007). Treating a case of bacterial vaginosis -- case study. Health and Republic News: Health Republic. Retrieved on July 12, 2009 from

Rocket Boys -- the Pain
Words: 1025 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29682071
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Turner resented the boy's efforts, and accused the members of Homer's Rocket Club of starting a bomb club, much the same way Homer's father's friend Doc warned the boys that they would blow themselves to kingdom come. Mr. Turner only begins to look differently at what came to be known as the Rocket Club after the high school's football season was threatened, because of the school's poor academic record. Homer's instincts and his mother's wise words were correct -- Sputnik changed everything, and America's leaders agreed that America had to look to the future. Homer was a defiant boy of conventional wisdom, a rebel, but not because of the clothes he wore or because of his anger, but because of his determination to look beyond the confines of Coalwood and to use his mind.

Homer's efforts were encouraged by his teacher Miss Riley, a rebel in her own right. She…

Works Cited

Hickman, Homer. Rocket Boys. New York: Delta, 2000.

Kids Who Kill the Growing
Words: 3413 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87599756
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These children also might see their own feelings of a wish to do physical harm toward another reflected in the feelings of others, the psychological term known as projection, and may be afraid or paranoid of others intentions.

Sometimes the criminal act of murder is an extension of previous anti-social acts of less serious forms of delinquency and criminality and children merely graduate to more extended and more violent and extreme forms of behaviour in the form of murder.


Anti-social behavior is rare but is often a trigger for the child, he or she does not have a clear sense of self or a clear sense of the pain he or she inflicts with his or her actions toward another. They are partly or completely disassociated from the emotionally charged elements of violence. They do not have fear, and as Lownstein states they do not often experience guilt.…

Works Cited

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Company Stage I II III Discussed Text
Words: 808 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38829816
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company Stage I, II, III discussed text. Please creative. MY NOTES: You summarize stage (stage) management stage. Then make a list practices discussed text address (a literal list fine - words, copy text).

Potential best practice for a company in Stage I, II, or III

Facebook is a controversial company amongst investors. Almost everyone uses Facebook (or so it seems), particularly consumers in some of the critical demographic markets for advertisers, such as young people and twenty and thirty-somethings with disposable income. However, the company has struggled to achieve a profitable model that is commensurate with its popularity as a social networking tool. As seen in the recent disaster regarding its going 'public' and the fall in share value, investors are uncertain if the popularity of the site can translate into meaningful revenue for shareholders over time and truly reach target audiences. "Facebook is not yet profitable, and marketers say…


Darwell, Brittany. (2012). Facebook tests page post ads in news feed to reach users beyond fans and friends. Inside Facebook. Retrieved: 

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Flamholtz, Eric & Yvonne Randle. (2000). Growing pains. Jossey-Bass

Stage I Stage II an Stage II Companies
Words: 798 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6485289
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Long-Term Success

Six key developmental tasks (Flamholtz & andle 2012: 11-18)

Identify a market and create a niche

egardless of whether the market niche is small or large, it is essential for an emergent organization to define the needs of the customer base to distinguish the new product from its competitors. Getting to know the target customer (and the target customer's price point) is an essential component of this stage.

Develop products and services

Defining market needs is only the first step: an appropriate product or service that the likely consumer will desire and can actually use must also be created.

Engage in resource management

As well as producing suitable products and services, the firm must be able to engage in cost-effective production techniques and deploy the resources used in production to their maximum capabilities. This also includes effective use and management of human as well as material resources.



Flamholtz, E. & Randle, Y. (2012). Growing pains: Transitioning from entrepreneurship to a professionally managed firm. New York: Wiley & Sons.

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Entrepreneur to Professional Management
Words: 724 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26296250
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Perfect manager for all stages of growth is difficult to find in just one person, but there are examples. During the initial stages, the manager needs to be visionary. This is often the entrepreneurial stage, where an idea is just being articulated, and the manager needs to first coalesce the business plan for the product/service idea, and then get a team of people to buy into the idea on top of that. Entrepreneurial leaders are often visionaries, and this is their key strength (Lewis, 2014). They are often risk-takers as well. But the key to the success of an entrepreneur is to have a great idea, get the buy-in from others, and then begin to professionalize the operation.

The next stage of a business is the growth cycle. At this point, the operation is probably focused on building markets and on scaling up the business. Flamholtz and andle (2007) note…


Flamholtz, E. & Randle, Y. (2007). Growing pains: Transitioning from an entrepreneurship to a professionally managed firm. John Wiley & Sons.

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Sula Marie Nigro States of
Words: 1182 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79128997
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Whereas the pristine manicured lawns of the course might seem to be a boon for Bottom, the encroachment of white culture onto African-American culture will prove devastating. The golf course signifies white control over newly-gained black property, the imposition of white culture on that of African-American culture, and also the reclamation and reformation of land, something that African-Americans had only recently been permitted to own. While it would seem that such a tragic possibility would serve to strengthen the tries between Bottom residents, by the end of the novel, black families are slowly edging their way out of Bottom and into Medallion, destroying the integrity of the African-American community. Added to the moral and ethical conundrums symbolized by Sula, the problem of American race relations threatened to shatter Bottom's fragile identity.

Sula becomes an unwitting martyr for her community. "In Sula, the character of Sula must sacrifice her 'self' completely…

FDI in India Is Ripe for the
Words: 3569 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48969221
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FDI in India

India is ipe for the Picking

India ranks second only to China in its attractiveness as a target for foreign direct investment. Of particular interest are the retail and technology sectors, as well as construction and manufacturing sectors. India is an up and coming market with potential for companies that want to expand into this lucrative land of opportunities. This research examines the opportunities exist in India as well as the climate that makes it a favorable location. It also addresses the obstacles to its continued expansion.

Although India has many opportunities, it has several problems with its policies that make create a certain risk, particularly in the area of taxes and other policies. India is in a state of flux and it is experiencing growing pains. As a result the Indian government keeps changing policies as far as taxing issues are concerned. This decreases confidence due…


Ahmed, R. (2011). Is FDI the Magic Wand for Indian Retail? India Real Time. 22 September

2011. Retrieved from 

Babu, S. & Prabnesh, K. (2008). Causal relationships between Foreign Institutional Investments

and stock returns in India. International Journal of Trade and Global Markets. 1 (3): 259-265

Demographics of Denver Metro
Words: 740 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21570628
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Denver Facts

The city of Denver, not to mention the wider state of Colorado, is blooming in terms of demographics and population. Whether it be the scenic views or the legalization of recreational marijuana, Denver has seemingly become a "go to" place in terms of places to move. This quick report shall discuss the population of the town, whether the population is increasing or decreasing, the age distribution of the town and how that compares to the wider United States, the ethnic composition of the area, the educational level of the population and how it compares to the wider population of the United States and the public health problems that are prevalent in Denver. While Denver's cost of living and other factors might dissuade some from moving there, the good seems to outweigh the bad for more and more people.


As a metropolitan area, Denver has a population of…


Census Scope. 2015. 'Census Scope -- Population Pyramid And Age Distribution Statistics'. Retrieved October 16, 2015 ( ).

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Effectiveness of ASEAN
Words: 14078 Length: 37 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84307607
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The study will be delving into: What ASEAN constitutes and what remains beyond its scope? The aim of this study will be handing out a wide-ranging presentation of the present stance of ASEAN and its accomplishments till date, along with its challenges. The paper is intended as a suggestion for a master-plan that can be employed as a future pathway where ASEAN political-security support must be going towards in the forthcoming years.

To start with let us have a brief introduction of the organization. The creators of the Association of South East Asian Nations - ASEAN, visualized it as ultimately assembling all the nations of the region and managing them to lend a hand in assuring the peace, permanence and growth of the area. While the area was in a state of turmoil, a lot of nations were under pressure for the existence of the nation or autonomy. First…


ADBI (2002) "Did East Asian Developing Countries lose Export Competitiveness in the pre- Crisis 1990's?" ADBI Research Paper 34; Tokyo.

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Wal-Mart Was Formed by Sam Walton in
Words: 1969 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51497512
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Wal-Mart was formed by Sam Walton in 1962 with the intention of concentrating on small towns and not on downtown retail districts. He had set up the super store from small beginnings on a town's interiors, stock various kinds of goods in the shelves, and sell the goods to the customers at comparatively lower prices. The progress of Wal-Mart has been tremendous, with the expansion to 4,300 stores recently from 874 stores in the year 1985. Wal-Mart is a 39-year-old retail store which is very popular in U.S. companies, and it is only behind ExxonMobil in annual turnover. (Lawsuits a volume business at Wal-Mart) It could be witnessed that every week, certain 138 million do their shopping at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has its retail stores in all states and more than 80% of U.S. families have had made at least a single purchase from a Wal-Mart retail store. (Analysis: Wal-Mart's growing…


Boczkiewicz, Robert. Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Wal-Mart Pharmacists' Case. The Pueblo Chieftain. September 30, 2004, p.8-12

Learn about us. Retrieved from  Accessed on 12 October, 2004

Pharmacist Employment with Wal-Mart. Retrieved from  Accessed on 12 October, 2004

Retail Store Managers. Retrieved from  Accessed on 12 October, 2004

Parkland Hospital A Dallas Icon the History
Words: 3857 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25491878
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Parkland Hospital: A Dallas Icon

The history of the City of Dallas would hardly be complete without consideration of Parkland Hospital and its contributions to the Dallas community. Parkland Hospital began in the Civil ar Reconstruction era and has always maintained operations that were state of the art for the time. Parkland hospital has always aligned itself research and the academic community and it is for this reason that Parkland has always offered the latest in techniques and technology. Parkland Hospital has a long tradition of caring for the poor and those who cannot otherwise care for themselves. The following research will highlight the major accomplishments of the hospital from its primitive beginnings to its present position as a leader in patient care and technology Seven years after the end of the Civil ar; Dallas became a thriving city. In 1885 the Dallas Morning News began publication, at that time…

Works Cited

Abraham, Laurie. Dramatic Differences: Dallas Public Hospital: A Lesson for County? Chicago

Reporter. May 5, 1990.  Accessed February, 2003.

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Dallas Nephrology Associates. History of DNA. Online.  Accessed February 2003.

Facets of global leaders
Words: 1124 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71173612
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Global leadership used to be a bit of a novelty or niche part of doing business. While many businesses have engaged in global commerce and discourse for quite some time, it was much more limited in many other parts of industry. However, the advancement of technology, the internet/computers in particular and supply chain logistics has been a game changer. Also significant is the massive movement of many peoples from their customary and common parts of the world to new endeavors and locales. Whether it be the refugee migrations from Africa and the Middle East or whether it be professionals from Asia finding new frontiers in the West as doctors and so forth, demographics are changing swiftly and significantly and this will require a level of cultural awareness and understanding even for businesses that do not intentionally operate in a global fashion.

Even though much of the developments relating to…

Poem To William Wordsworth by Coleridge
Words: 1472 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 88304796
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Romantic era poets like Coleridge and ordsworth both relied heavily on nature imagery to convey core themes, and often nature became a theme unto itself. In "To illiam ordsworth," Coleridge writes accolades for his friend using many of the tropes of Romanticism, including the liberal use of nature metaphors to commend ordsworth's creativity. The metaphors are mainly encapsulated by the spirit of springtime and the ebbing of energy that seasonal rebirth entails. Elements of nature in "To illiam ordsworth" include the tumultuous transition from winter into spring, with its attendant storms, as well as the swelling and ebbing of energy that comes from the act of gestation, procreation, and birth.

In "To illiam ordsworth," Coleridge shows that poetry and the act of creating poetic verse is akin to the mystery of creation itself. Coleridge uses analogies of pregnancy and birth to underscore the parallel between creative writing in poetic format…

Works Cited

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. "To William Wordsworth."

Bobby Sox by Kelly Schrum
Words: 2080 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35596357
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Most of all, they wanted to live, and that was evidenced through their choices in things like movies and music. A lot of the older generation during that time objected to the changes that society was making, though, because they saw rock and roll music as vulgar and felt that young people were growing up too fast and without the right kinds of morals and values that the previous generation had going for it.

Another thing that changed with the way that society viewed young women and teenage girls was the concept of work. The concepts of 'women's work' and 'men's work' are no longer as strong as they used to be, and those teenage girls of the 1950s deserve part of the credit for that. For example, there are men that are full-time, stay-at-home 'moms,' and there are women who work in construction, drive tractor trailers, and perform other…

Healing and Loss in Nelson S I Ll Give You the Sun
Words: 4832 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40637261
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New Identity through Healing in Nelson's I'll Give You the Sun: A Feminist Critique

I'll Give You the Sun is a Michael L. Printz Award-winning young adult novel by Jandy Nelson that examines the complexities of coming of age, dealing with grief and loss, burgeoning sexuality, and healing. It gives a dual-gender perspective -- that of fraternal twins Noah and Jude, and from a feminist critique it offers an example of how the oppressions of patriarchal society are overturned by the subversion of the male status quo and the valorization of the oppressed (in this case, the valorization of the homosexual Noah and the female Jude). Throughout the narrative, the growing pains, experience of loss, and the concomitant healing process is given breadth through application of the feminist critique, which provides the framework for how Jude overcomes her initial negative sexual experience at a young age to grow into a…

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Ethnicity, And Quality In Young Adult Novels." Dissertation Abstracts International 74.5 (2013): MLA International Bibliography. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.

Childhood Depression
Words: 4442 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78449735
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Childhood Depression

Major depressive disorder, or MDD, may affect up to twenty percent of the adult population. The recognition of depression as a serious and common mental disorder has been vital in the identification and treatment of depression in adults. Leaps and bounds have been made in the field of depression research. The widespread recognition of the many possible causes of depression, including chemical imbalances with genetic or medical origins as well as traumatic life events, has made it possible for those suffering from depression to openly seek treatment options and discuss their depression without necessarily feeling the same overwhelming shame and isolation that were inevitable in generations past. Depression is more likely to be identified in an affected individual by family members, physicians, or others because of the public information that is available for professionals and the common people. Research is constantly revealing new treatment options, identifying causal factors,…

Works Cited

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Louters, L.L. (2004, September) Don't overlook childhood depression: an effective approach to childhood depression requires that you maintain a high index of suspicion and understand the disorder's full spectrum of manifestations. JAAPA - Journal of the American Academy of Physicians Assistants. v17, i9, 18(7).

Change as We Will See in the
Words: 2993 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88894956
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As we will see in the case studies, leadership is a decisive factor in the process of diagnosing and in the implementation of changes in the operation of a corporate organisation. IT, HR and corporate work ethics may be excellent. However, without secure and decisive leadership, the best organisational makeovers can fail miserably.

In this part of the essay, this author will illustrate three models and techniques in the change management professional literature for diagnosing organisations. ith regard to this, we will compare and contrast three different diagnostic models/techniques, including the main strengths and weaknesses of each. In this discussion, we will also examine the relationship between each diagnostic model/technique and the organisational development and political approaches to organisational change.

In the first we will consider, a great person and a great organisational management team leads change and the charge, focusing in on areas that needs to be changed.…

Works Cited

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Immigrating to America Contains a Unique Set
Words: 1910 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19877470
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Immigrating to America contains a unique set of circumstances that are individual to each person and their home country of origin. In an effort to better understand these migration patterns it is useful to analyze the specific cases of immigration. The purpose of this essay is to examine the policies regarding immigration on three different countries. The three countries in question are Mexico, China and India. The essay will compare and contrast each country as they are described. In these descriptions the essay will argue for reasons as to why citizens of these countries are motivated to immigrate to America. Also included in this analysis will be the reaction from the collective forces of America and the specific impact that each country's immigrants create and sustain. Finally, a brief overview of how immigration effects the economy of the hosting America and whether it is necessary to enforce or create new…

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Networking Explained
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Networking & Telecom

Networking and telecommunications have come a long way over the last several generations. Some people ascribe the 1990's or perhaps the 1980's to be the point in which networking came to be but the answer to that question is actually the 1970's. Indeed, APANET has evolved into what is now the modern internet and it is now hard to see the lines that exist between telecom/telephone infrastructures and the broader internet because they are very much one and the same nowadays at one level or another. This report will cover how local and global connectivity exists with data and voice networks around the world, the basic concepts related to the same and the impact that telecommunications and computer networking have on today's business and team performance paradigms. While person-to-person contact is still craved by many people, the leveraging of voice and data networks is…


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XYZ Company Is in Decent
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However, we can see in 2001 that the company has worked out many of the difficulties associated with the purchase. The long-term debt is being reduced. Many of the costs that had skyrocketed were brought under control. Thus, while revenues increased, expenses such as &D and interest decreased. Other expenses grew at a slower rate than did revenues. Selling expenses grew at half the rate of revenues, and G&a expenses were held stable in 2001. These cost controls returned XYZ to profitability.

Overall, XYZ is a rapidly growing company with a strong financial position. They have strong liquidity ratios and can easily meet the interest on their debt obligations. They are whittling down their long-term debt as well. The firm enjoys high rates of return on both assets and equity as well, although the new, larger firm does not return as well as it did when it was small and…

Recommendations would recommend that XYZ continue to carry on their current path. The company had a tough year in 2000, but they have moved to rectify many of the problems. The R&D budget had become bloated, but they have reduced costs, presumably due to achieving greater synergies as a result of more thorough integration of two different R&D operations. XYZ should also continue to retire the debt it acquired. Doing so would give them the option to issue more debt should they so desire to raise more capital, or make another acquisition.

There are a couple of areas of relative weakness that could be addressed. One is the accounts receivable. While many areas of the company improved significantly in 2001 versus 2000, a/R only saw marginal improvement. More focus should be placed on improving the receivables turn, as that is money the firm could be re-investing. Stronger working capital management demands faster receivables turns.

Another relatively area of weakness to be dealt with is that of selling expenses. These increased in 2001 at a pace almost as quick as that of revenues. To me that indicates that our sales and marketing teams did not improve their efficiency last year. I want to see selling expenses held in check, but without a noticeable sacrifice in performance. That is to say, I recommend XYZ freeze the marketing budget and demand that their marketing and sales people do more, without giving them more resources. Force them to be more efficient.

IT Strategies to Maximize the
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However, during the little more than 10 years of this research line, contradictory results have been found (Brynjolfsson, Hitt, & Yang, 2002). From the 1970s to 1980s, those companies that invested more in IT suffered a relative setback in the work factor productivity indexes. This paper will discuss the relationship between IT and competitive advantage in following content. We believe that IT is necessary to improve competitive position of the organization.

Many business professionals point to the use and deployment of IT as a point of weakness, not a point of strength in their organizations. They think that the reason for this is often that IT is being driven from a technical perspective, not from a business perspective (Orlikowski & Iacono, 2000). This phenomenon exists because many businesspeople think that the IT is too complicated, too expensive, too risky and too changeable. They would not like to spend time on…


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Study on Improvement of Low Cost Airline in Thailand
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Low Cost Airline in Thailand

The Study on Improvement of Low Cost Airline in Thailand

Geography of Thailand

Nature of Airlines

Variables under Study

The Profitability of Low Cost Airlines in Thailand

Thai Economy

Operating esults, Selected Airlines, Financial Year 1999

The Economies of Scale Attained By Airline Industry

Human esource Practices

The future of low cost Thailand Airlines

Contrasting Qualities of State Owned and Non-State Owned Airlines

The Study on Improvement of Low Cost Airline in Thailand

Thailand is a global source for customers seeking cheap labor or material inputs. The country is rich in natural resources -- tin, rubber, natural gas, tungsten, and timber being a few examples. The country is a major source for agricultural products1a.

Thailand also has an abundant supply of low-skilled labor with high participation rates in the workforce 86% for males and 67% for females in 1995. At the same time, the country…


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Compass Group Marketing Strategy Case
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There is also the threat that given the significant inefficiencies in Compass Group that the risks of currency fluctuations could become very significant over time, especially as the dollar loses value and yet suppliers and logistics networks must be paid in this currency. Simply put, the price of food and the costs of running a global supply chain in perishable goods is exorbitant when currency fluctuations are also taken into account (Buzalka 2005, 46,48). To date there does not appear to be any benchmarking of sourcing, procurement, labor or inventory carrying and obsolescence costs, all factors that are major threat to Compass Group operating throughout North America and in the UK. All of these risks are in addition to the acute financial condition the company finds itself in during this period, with Net Current Assets as a Percentage of Total Assets (Table 1) negative throughout the five-year periods. This is…


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Treaty of Lisbon Is the
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Six weeks later the Czech Republic became the 27th and final nation to sign the Treaty. On December 2, 2009 the Lisbon Treaty went into full effect one month prior to the date originally projected.

Ratification Procedure

The driving force behind the drafting and ratification of the Lisbon Treaty was German Chancellor Merkel. When she assumed her six-month presidency of the European Union in January of 2007 she was determined to effect a change in how the Union was operated. At the European Council meeting in June of 2007 she was able to convince other EU leaders to join her in amending the treaties under which the Union operated. A prior attempt at organizing the Union under a constitution had failed and so it was believed that proceeding under the treaty procedure would be more acceptable to the other member states. The constitution concept had been rejected several other times…



Bale, T., the End of the nation-state?. In European Politics: A Comparative Introduction, 2nd edit., Houndmills: Palgrave MacMillan (2008).

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Biodiesel Plant Marketing & Business
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The price charged for the company's biodiesel product lines will be tied to the prevailing prices charged for feed stock and production costs, but any costs in excess of traditional diesel fuel alternatives will be offset by marketing initiatives designed to promote the environmentally responsible aspects of the products' use, as well as the patriotic aspects of reducing America's reliance on foreign oil.

Distribution (Place). Transportation for the company's product line will be outsourced.

Promotion. As noted above, biodiesel products possess a number of characteristics that can be promoted to different industries and organizations depending on their specific needs. Larger enterprises such as Universal Studios Theme Park could be encouraged to use biodiesel alternatives based on the tax advantages and public relations opportunities such use affords; likewise, governmental agencies could reap economies of scale by converting large vehicle fleets to biodiesel applications and also enjoy the P benefits that accrue…


Cravens, D.W. (2000). Strategic marketing (6th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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Christian Counseling Theory
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Concise Summary of Theory

Christian counseling is usually rooted in both Biblical truths and in psychological research. In Telling Yourself the Truth and How to Help People Change, the authors discuss how to counsel from within a Christian theoretical perspective. Although these two books have different areas of focus, their core messages are the same: change is to be instigated by God and sustained in the light of Christ.

The authors view traditional psychological theories such as psychoanalysis as being helpful as starting points, but no longer relevant from either a scientific or a spiritual perspective. Therefore, Backus & Chapain (2000) and Adams (1986) infuse psychology with Christian concepts. Christian concepts, drawn directly from the Bible and its parables, can help the individual see his or her life in a new and more accurate light.

Specifically, How to Help People Change defines change within a Christian context, whereas Telling…


Adams, J.E. (1986). How to Help People Change. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

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Television Shows Since the 1950s Television Has
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Television Shows

Since the 1950s, television has become an increasingly vital part of life, providing both an escape from the pressures of everyday life as well as offering social commentary. Television shows that center on family life have historically been among some of the highest-rated shows. One of the reasons why these shows are among the most popular are that they reflect the realities of actual families and family problems yet do so in a unique and refreshing way. In order to understand the role of television in explaining family structures, it is necessary to compare television shows from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s with contemporary television shows.


There are numerous similarities and differences between television shows of the 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s that center on family life and television shows depicting contemporary families and family forms. In general, television shows have adapted to reflect changing…

Internet Advertising
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Internet Advertising as a Career Choice

Using the Internet, entrepreneurs can run sophisticated businesses from anywhere. That is why places like oulder, Colorado, now have some of the densest concentrations of technology-related businesses in the country, most of them small independent firms. The desire for and availability of more lifestyle choices will continue to drive economic decentralization. Splintering consumer tastes are also moving the industry away from its centralized past. Cable, satellite broadcasting, and the Internet all feed Americans' appetites for customization. This trend has helped create three new broadcast networks and more specialized media, while the market share of mass network programming has declined sharply. Larger media companies now depend on small-scale producers to meet the new consumer demands. (1)

More successful Internet businesses have been spawned by Caltech graduate ill Gross than by any other person on the planet. Through idealab!, his Southern California-based incubator, he has launched…


Kotkin, Joel. The Rise and Fall of the Big, Bureaucratic Corporation, The American Enterprise, Jan 1, 2000.

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Chipotle's Entry Into Singapore Market
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Country and Company of Specialty Marketing Strategy

Introduction about Singapore

Introduction of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Background of Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

Global Macro Environment

Macro Environment Analysis, PEST analysis

Politics, ules and egulations


Society and culture


Opportunities and the threats



Global Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

Primary competition in the selected market

Secondary competition

Entry Strategies Discussion & Evaluation in the selected country

Entry Strategy Selection and discussion in the selected country

Target market analysis & segmentation

Target market analysis

Target market segmentation

Global Marketing Mix Strategies

Product Strategy

Current product strategy with examples

ecommended product strategy

Price Strategy

Current price strategy with examples

ecommended price strategy

Promotion Strategy

Current promotion strategy with examples 13

ecommended promotion strategy 13

Place strategy 14

Current place strategy with examples 14

ecommended place strategy 14

eferences 14


Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., simply referred to as Chipotle, is a…


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Negative Effects of Globalization
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Urbanization in Turkey

hen it comes to concerns about rural areas versus that of urban areas, there are most certainly pros and cons involved. Turkey is certainly a country that could and should be included in this debate. hile many people tout the improvements and advancements seen when an area becomes urbanized and more developed, it is seen by many that there are tradeoffs. One such tradeoff is the effect on wages. In many instances, people see stagnation and suffering of wages as an area becomes more urban. In other words, as populations shift, gross domestic product grows and so forth, there is a dragging effect on wages that is seen as people make less money than they probably should given the advancements and changes that are otherwise occurring. Put another way, it is seen that the wages of people like those in Turkey do not advance proportionally with the…

Works Cited

Fu, Albert. "Neoliberalism, Logistics & The Treadmill Of Production In Metropolitan Waste

Management: A Case Of Turkish Firms." Urban Studies 53.10 (2016): 2099-2117. Web.

Karahasan, Burhan Can, Fatma Dogruel, and Ali Suut Dogruel. "Can Market Potential Explain

Regional Disparities In Developing Countries? Evidence From Turkey." The Developing Economies 54.2 (2016): 162-197. Web.

Developmental Learning and Technology
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Elementary Special Education Teachers Place Value in the use of Technology Resources for Students?

Alix Desulme

Technology is an integral part of society. Students learn through use of technology like personal computers, tablets, and e-books (Garland & Tadeja, 2013). Computers can provide access to videos, documents, and other forms of data that students have the choice of absorbing via visual or auditory methods. Tablets provide the same access but with a light-weight, touch responsive interface. Technology investment within schools not only enables varied learning opportunities for students, but it also helps students discover or improve their own ability to research and analyze information, collaborate and communicate, and solve problems (Lim, Zhao, Tondeur, Chai, & Tsai, 2013). Comment by Steve Moskowitz: Yes, this is the reason

Technology helps provide other benefits. Integrating technology in schools, especially in other areas like special education enable staff to develop new ways of teaching and…

Change Management
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A change management plan to implement a new process in the workforce to allow for a business to provide more personalized service is needed in the retail industry (Aloysius, Hoehle, Goodarzi & Venkatesh, 2018). Brick and mortar stores must do something to differentiate themselves from e-commerce businesses, which can provide more convenience to shoppers who prefer not to have to leave their homes. In other words, brick and mortar retailers need to give consumers a reason to come in—and that reason is personalized service. This has been demonstrated successfully by companies like Best Buy, which introduced the Geek Squad to provide a service-oriented approach to consumers so as to get them physically into the store (Meyer, Shankar & Berry, 2018). This paper will discuss the topic of implementing a service-oriented approach to consumers for brick and mortar retailers as a change management plan, using examples such as Best Buy…

Sleeping Giant Awakens China Known
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This paradigm shift can best be understood by looking at a Chinese tradition dating back centuries. However, to understand modern China, we must also understand the basis for Chinese culture -- Confucianism. It was Confucianism, though, that dominated ancient Chinese history as a socio-religious philosophy. The trend towards philosophical underpinnings, too, was part of Ancient China's view of law, order, and state control. Confucianism is a Chinese ethical and philosophical system based on the teachings of Confucius. It is a system that focuses on social, moral, political, and philosophical through, and stresses the important of education and the actualization of the individual. In combination, individuals then are able to govern the state by morality and virtue, rather than extreme coercion or violence (Sprunger). Unlike many religions, Confucianism expects to be part of the political/legal process and governance is part of the expectations of service by the populace. A basic sense…


"1972 in Review." (January 1973). UPI.Com. Cited in: 

China Country Profile. (October 2010). BBC News. Cited in:

Art Representing Life in the
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Dupin becomes the "individual as the creature of history" (187) and the orangutan represents the "terror of a history secularized and devoid of design" (187). This pot was to usher in a new genre of plots that looked at the universe in a new way. The detective story, as a result, "responds to a new era of world history" (187). The crimes against the women can also be seen as symbols from Poe's own past as he lived through the deaths of the women he loved the most. Tragedy, of course, must make its way into Poe's fiction but the grisly murders of thee two women could easily be representations of the death of Poe's mother and cousin.

Society was all the inspiration Poe needed. Terrance halen maintains that Poe's tales "arose from within the specific conditions of capitalist development which were then emerging in antebellum America" (halen 386). Poe's…

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59.1. 1987. JSTOR Resource Database.  Information Retrieved

December 4, 2009.

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Aviation Is an Aspect of
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According to IATA, freight within Asia Pacific, between Asia Pacific and North America and between Asia Pacific and Europe will account for 57% of the 36 million tonnes of international air freight tonnes in 2011, up from 55% in 2006. The majority of this growth will be from the outbound leg from Asia Pacific ("2008 Annual Report - Air Freight: Carriers Alter Course")."

Overall the article characterizes airfreight as an aspect of the industry that will continue to grow in spite of the fuel cost and economic slow down that seems to have negatively impacted the airline industry. The growth of economies such as China and India seems to contribute to the increased profitability of the air freight segment of the industry. It seems that the growth in air freight will continue well into the future.

Week 7-Article Critique

Issues associated with traffic flow, have been at the forefront of…

Morrison Mary E. July 14, 2008. "Most airlines shun marketing as way to fly through storm" Retrieved July 24 at

What is General Aviation.

Winston C. And Morrison S.A. (2008) "The State of Airline Competition and Prospective Mergers" Retrieved July 24 at

Children There Written by Alex Kotlowitz a
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Children There

ritten by Alex Kotlowitz, a reporter for the all Street Journal, the book There Are No Children There follows two boys' activities around the Henry Horner Homes, a low-income public housing project in Chicago, Illinois. The book covers the time period from the summer of 1987 through September, 1989, and follows the protagonists, Lafeyette Rivers (nearly 12 years old) and Pharoah Rivers (nine years old). This is not an ordinary American neighborhood. It is a heavy gang area, a war zone where shootings are commonplace, drugs are a catalyst for crime and death seems to lurk around every corner. This paper will review the book chronologically through five chapters then provide a closer critique of LaJoe Rivers, the mother of the protagonists.

The average American comes home from work in the evening, opens a refreshing cold drink, gets comfortable on the couch and turns on the evening news.…

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Kotlowitz, Alex. There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other

Strategic Business Plan
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Strategic Business Growth Plan for:

For Fiscal Years 2002-2009

Green Forest, Arkansas 72638-1900

Mr. Clint Horton, Proprietor

Offering quality agricultural structures since1992

-1.0 Executive Summary

-2.0 Vision

-3.0 Market analysis

-4.0 Competitive analysis

-5.0 Strategy

-6.0 Products/services

-7.0 Marketing and sales

-8.0 Operations

Strategic Plan

-10.0 Financials

-11.0 Conclusion

Horton Contracting is a sole proprietorship licensed in the state of Arkansas as a general contractor. The company has been in business since 1992. Horton contracting began with the business of building agricultural buildings such as poultry houses, barns, and small shops. They began with a single shop in Arkansas and since their beginning, have expanded their business to Missouri and Oklahoma. They have expanded their products as well to include commercial buildings, residential homes, and concrete projects. They serve as a sub-contractor for other construction companies such as excavators and masons.

Currently Horton Contracting fluctuates between 10 and twenty employees,…

Works Cited

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Report. Little Rock Arkansas. February 2001.

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Association's annual meeting minutes. June 2001. Washington, D.C. Accessed February

Net Jets
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The two primary attributes that NetJets relies on are convenience and quality, including safety of the jet aircraft (Infanger, 2007) from maintenance through its operation. The following is a graphic of these two attributes relative to competitors.

NetJets Comparison Quality vs. Convenience


NetJets segments its markets geographically with NetJets U.S. And NetJets Europe being the primary segmentation criteria (Salter, 2005). This geographic segmentation is based on the needs for logistics to be more aligned with the needs of their fractional aircraft owners. In the past NetJets supply chain throughout Europe was the cause of dissatisfaction, therefore the company created a separate European subsidiary (Foust, 2007). Earlier this year, in April 2008 the company also announced a spin-off subsidiary to sell into the Indian market as well, relying on the European supply chain for this specific new market development strategy (Govindasamy, Sarsfield, 2008).

In addition to these geographic…


Dean Foust (2007, January). ONE JET, 16 OWNERS, BIG PROBLEMS:NetJets, Flexjet, and other fractional operators have severge growing pains. Business Week,(4019), 38. Retrieved September 27, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1203125601).

Siva Govindasamy, Kate Sarsfield. (2008, April). NetJets link-up targets lucrative Indian market. Flight International, 173(5132), 25. Retrieved September 24, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry database. (Document ID: 1465608741).

John F. Infanger (2007, March). NET JETS POISED FOR GROWTH. Airport Business, 21(4), 18-19. Retrieved September 27, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry database. (Document ID: 1240232741).

David Learmount, Murdo Morrison, Kate Sarsfield, Graham Warwick. (2006, May). Jet Aviation launches franchise. Flight International, 169(5035), 36. Retrieved September 27, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry database. (Document ID: 1048947371).

True Story of Holocaust Survivor in Hana's Suitcase
Words: 1320 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 93574406
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Coming of age is challenging in the best of times; under unfathomably oppressive circumstances like the Holocaust, coming of age has the potential to erase a childhood entirely. Hana's Suitcase: A True Story pieces together the life of a girl who never was able to realize her hopes and dreams. A victim of the Holocaust, Hana became encapsulated in her material belongings, left behind for others to interpret and comprehend. Hana's Suitcase bridges cultural barriers because the suitcase is discovered by Japanese people endeavoring to understand what Hana went through and what her ordeal means for humanity as a whole. "Really, it's a very ordinary-looking suitcase. A little tattered around the edges, but in good condition," the narrative begins (Levine 1). The opening line summarizes the innocence of the title character, Hana, whose life becomes a symbol of everything the Holocaust itself represents: the tragedy of human existence.

Japan provides…

Works Cited

Eichler-Levine, Jodi. "The Curious Conflation of Hanukkah and the Holocaust in Jewish Children's Literature." Shofar. Vol. 28, No. 2, Winter 2010.

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Rothberg, Michael. Multidirectional Memory. Stanford University Press, 2009.

Databases Fundamentals of Databases Database
Words: 807 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73733860
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Databases and their relational file structures have also progressed to the point of being open in architectural structure enough to allow for real-time updates via XML calls and integration points throughout individual and shared files (oth, Hernandez, Coulthard, Yan, et al., 2006). This open architecture-based approach to XML integration is also making databases ideally suited for transaction-intensive environments throughout e-commerce websites and throughout complex transactions involving multiple selling partners through a supply chain as well (Smyrlis, 2005). As a result, databases are the foundation of distributed order management, enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning (EP) and Customer elationship Management (CM) systems.

Databases and Security

Databases in organizations and governments often hold the most confidential data that exists and therefore need to be protected extremely well. The dominant standard for database security is ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) compliance (Dolgicer, 1993). When an ACID test of compliance is completed on a…


Dolgicer, Max (1993, June). The ACID test for distributed transactions. Data Communications, 22(9), 25.

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Ken Krizner. (2002, May). Turning inventory into profits. Frontline Solutions, 3(5), 16-20.

It Solutions to Coach Inc
Words: 3831 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 29972904
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Again, it is not simply good enough to have a policy that addresses the need for a broad, systematic outline of changes to the telecommunications network, such as is the case with Coach, Inc. But rather, it is imperative this policy address both the broad policy issues (strategies) and the daily integrations of this new policies within various aspects of the organization (tactical)(MILLE 2003).

The third component of this methodology will focus on the training aspect of integrating a newly designed telecommunication strategy within the whole of the organization. Specifically, this section's theme will revolve around the central question of "Is the user manual easy to understand and does the user manual include a brief description of the application or system and input instructions?"(COMPTOLE'S HANDBOOK, 2005) This section is the most critical of the investigative inquiry given the premise that if a policy satisfies the need for both broad and…


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Microsoft V Google a Comparative
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Baker (2006) reports that Google has worked hard to balance its entrance into the restrictive media market that is China with its own values. Baker defends this balance by reporting that "the company's contention that it believes it furthers its mission more by being present in China than it does by not is at least a rational response to a set of unpalatable choices." (Baker, 1) Other sources have not been as forgiving, arguing instead that Google's censorship of its search returns according to the demands of the Chinese government is active participation in the repression of information freedom. This denotes that even where a company presents itself as desiring to behave in a responsible and socially conscious way, a certain scale of success can make this an increasingly difficult achievement.

Microsoft has received similar criticism for its attempts at entering into the Chinese software market. However, the bulk of…

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Management in China Today Is
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The most recent trajectory for China's economy has been notable for its absence of emphasis on heavy industry. Mao's original plans focused on heavy industry the major driver of Chinese economic growth. Deng, too, had wanted to build out China's capacity in steel and heavy manufacturing industries. In recent years, service industries and light manufacturing have taken a more prominent role in the Chinese economy. The sense is that during the first years of the reforms, it was essential for China to build out its industrial capacity. Having done that, the only role left is to leverage the heavy industry infrastructure in order to help build out the fledgling service industry.

It was the heavy industry that facilitated productivity growth in China in the past couple of decades. Productivity has contributed 13.5% of China's economic growth since the early 1930s (u, 2003). Substantial improvements in infrastructure and technology were able…

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Women's Rights in the Twentieth
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In 1963, the Equal Pay Act equalized pay between men and women by law, but did not apply to many types of employment such as administrators, professionals, and executives. The following year, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination based on gender (and race), in conjunction with the creation of the Equal

Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to enforce employment rights and redress violations of law in that regard.

Homophobia, Limitations of Equality, and Room for Future Improvement:

Today, American women enjoy most of the same rights and privileges and men, although certain inequalities still persist. In a practical sense, female wages still lag substantially behind many of their male counterparts in wages in non-regulated employment areas. One of the areas in which civil rights and privileges still reflect considerable inequality is in the realm of same-sex unions. While some states recognize the equality of same-sex couples…

Korean Economy When Park Chung
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Korea had gone from 22% literacy in 1945 to almost 90% by the end of the 1970s. Thus the Korean workers' knowledge level picked up the slack - Koreans were working smarter rather than simply harder.

One of the reasons productivity decline in the 1970s was increased political instability. A wealth gap had emerged in Korean society, evidenced by a reduction in the Gini coefficient. Park was assassinated, resulting in increased instability. After the economic boom was established, further changes were made in economic policy at the political level. Deregulation was imposed in order to rectify some of the social sacrifices that had occurred as a result of the nation's push to prosperity. The Park government had been roughly modeled on a colonial system and reforms were required. Inflation was high and the country was developing strong class divisions that threatened the social order.

These reforms brought South Korea its…

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Nuit Blanche Was Founded in
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That history is then applied to the 2008 Nuit Blanche, with an explanation of some of the exhibits in the Nuit Blanche and how they fit into the paradigm of conceptual art.

Ramsay, Grant. (2006). "City of Toronto announces further details for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche." Live ith Culture. Retrieved November 2, 2008 from

This article outlines the first Nuit Blanche in Toronto. From the period when the project was first being announced, this piece lends an explanation of the basic concept of Nuit Blanche, and announces some of the exhibits. It is useful to the understanding of the history of Toronto Nuit Blanche because it illustrates the event from its earliest times, when it had not yet taken place.

No author (2008). "Nuit Blanche." Retrieved November 2, 2008 from

This article outlines some of the history of the Nuit Blanche in Paris. It provides a useful timeline…

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Airmail in the United States
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S. Postal Systems 1775-1993). A third segment of this transcontinental route was established in 1920 and ran from Chicago to Omaha by way of Iowa City, with feeder lines to this primary route being provided from St. Louis and Minneapolis to Chicago (U.S. Postal Systems 1775-1993). The final transcontinental segment was established on September 8, 1920 and ran from Omaha to San Francisco by way of North Platte, Cheyenne, awlins, ock Springs, Salt Lake City, Elko, and eno (U.S. Postal Systems 1775-1993).

One of the more interesting aspects of this early transcontinental route was the need to remove all of the mail from airplanes at the end of the day and place it on trains for continuation of the service at night by trains since these early aircraft were unable to fly at night; despite this added contrast, though, the transcontinental route was truly a "Pony Express" of the era…


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Human Resources Function the Company
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Those employees with the strongest enthusiasm for FedEx culture are often those who have been with the company the longest. If FedEx is able to offer a compelling package to Kinko's workers, sufficient to improve retention rates, they may also build a group of leaders in the workplace, those who can help indoctrinate new workers into the FedEx culture.

Solutions and Implementation

To bring the cultures of FedEx and Kinko's closer together, FedEx should do two main things. The first is that they should afford Kinko's workers the same level of wages and benefits. This will help to attract and retain workers who are more in line with the FedEx culture. It will also help to ease the transition towards a greater level of professionalism for the existing workers. There needs to be opportunities for Kinko's employees to move into other areas of the company. In the retail environment, a…

References no author (2007) a Ream of Culture Clashes at FedEx Kinko's. Retrieved May 19, 2008 at 

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Canadian Perspectives of Capitalism as
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One of the failures of the current system is that it often does not account for cultural and resource differences between nations - instead a one-size fits all economic system is imposed universally. Over time, each society will find its own path. Some societies will fail to adapt and ultimately disappear. That is part of the evolutionary process. The key is that right now all societies are not given the same opportunity to succeed whereas the fundamental principles of capitalism suggest they should be.

As more people realize that happiness is more important than money, we will see profound shifts towards knowledge and culture, and the pursuit of wealth will be taken up by other cultures. As they too achieve the type of sustained comfort experienced today in many estern societies, they too will shift towards the pursuit of happiness over money. There will be a major obstacle to overcome…

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Lukoil Resulted as a Result
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S. Lukoil's American operations are also a reflection of the development process that the company is experiencing globally. The success of the exploration and development of oil fields in the near future will determine the long-term viability of the company in the U.S.

Oil exploration and extraction has always been a risky business. Significant deposits of crude oil will have to be identified for any petroleum company to stay as a significant player in any region of operation. Lukoil is a relatively new operation when compared to the other established players such as ExxonMobil, Shell and P. In addition, there are also many international companies such as Saudi's Aramco, Venezula's PDVSA and razil's Petrobras that enjoy the benefits of being a state run organization and not being subjected to the regulations that are faced by private organization. Constant fluctuations of the oil market have probability made this industry the most…


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Building Strategy Partnership as the
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This was one of the factors that led to the foundation of the EU, as small, less powerful nations united in an effort to gain and hold power in a collective effort (Tyldesley). Therefore, in the "Five Lenses" and especially so in the case of EU, power is in essence the coin of the realm. In other words, without holding a superior position to others, class structure would not really help any coalition, as the ability to leverage into more lucrative relationships would not exist.

Risk- Any coalition is extremely risky; referring back to the earlier elements, there is the possibility of losing power or coming out of the collaborative effort worse off than when the effort was entered into.

Risk being understood, when looking at the coalition that has come to be known as the EU is extremely risky, especially when one considers the turbulent and violent past of…

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Cold War Era the End
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It was during the middle of the 1980s that the Soviet Union first decided that a pattern of renewal was needed for the country. Of course, that was not something that could take place overnight. The country would have to weed out economic problems, along with issues like corruption and alcoholism that were further weakening the country and its economy. The position that the Soviet Union held from a global standpoint was worsening, and action had to be taken if the country was to pull itself back from the brink and find a way to survive and to grow once again. The Soviet Union was giving help to many third-world nations, but it wasn't getting anything in return. In addition, there was no friendship or alliance with the United States, and the Soviet Union decided to start correction some of the issues that was plaguing it in an effort to…

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