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Business the Company's Objective Is to Develop

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The company's objective is to develop capabilities in the Reseach and Development aeas as well as ensuing poducts that can be sold and distibuted in the Euopean and Ameican makets. It should be noted, howeve, that such a move must be taken with caution and cae; appoaching the Euopean business maketplace may not wok in the same manne as othe business envionments. As one expet ecently wote "appoaching the Euopean makets without ecognizing the impotance of national languages and cultues in daily life is a cucial mistake" (Robet, 2010, pg. 31). It would be wise fo the company to emembe Robet's wods due to the unique natue of the Euopean makets and Gemany in paticula; since that is the county this pape ecommends the company conducts its business.

It is impotant to note that choosing a county to base the company's opeations is a delicate and time-consuming matte that…… [Read More]

references of political actors, German Politics, Vol. 18, Issue 3, pp. 281-300

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Business Vision Mission Values and Strategic Direction

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Business Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Direction

Egelsbach Private Investigation is a company that undertakes investigation services to clients in the U.S.A. It services include private security to individuals and corporations, giving legal advice to clients on business and personal matters, and conducting investigations to uncover information otherwise unavailable to our customers. Private investigation services entail digging and revealing information that can lead to legal action against offending parties. This is why Egelsbach Private Investigation has included in their service outlay the legal service of litigation and advising clients.

In providing security to individuals and property the company embraces both personalized and general services. The personalized services which are premium services are offered in accordance to client specific needs and depending on the risks the client(s) would be in. The general services include gate manning and transportation services which is mainly provided to companies and corporations in transfer of their…… [Read More]


Crans, F., Gaich, N., & Hisscock, E. (2009). Relationships drive transitional supply chain leaders. Healthcare Purchasing News, 33(7), 44-45.

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Michael A., & Jude K. (2005). Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations. Second Edition. . Australia: John Wiley and Sons.
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Business Plan for Marketing and

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The existence and specialization of these three competitors materializes in the need for Creativity Sure to excel in the offering of the three types of products and services offered by challengers Karina Advertising, Falling Agency and Dorna PLC.

4.2 PEST Analysis

Political forces: The development of a full legislation within the advertising field has yet to become a complete process. ecent efforts have however limited the operations of advertising campaigns in the meaning of having eliminated all features that are not compatible with the product or which promise unrealistic outcomes, such as the tremendous loss of weight. Other issues regulated by the new laws refer to truth-in-advertising, product labeling requirements, online advertising and marketing, the advertising of specific products, telemarketing and direct marketing, and finally, regulations relative to environmental marketing (The Official Business Link to the U.S. Government, 2009). The new Obama administration has yet to take a new stand…… [Read More]


Chesbrough, H.W., 2003, Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology, Harvard Business Press School, ISBN 1578518377

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Business Information Systems Intuit Case

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For a product configuration system to be effective it must be able to submit orders directly into production while at the same time being able to determine what the Available-To-Promise (ATP) ship dates are (Mendelson, Parlakturk, 2008). Instead of just giving the standard four to six weeks I'd also integrate the product configuration systems to supply chain systems to ensure that accurate Available-To-Promise (ATP) dates (Gunasekaran, Ngai, 2009). I'd use this as a competitive differentiator to ensure that customers could be very well informed as to when their sofa or furniture was going to arrive. All of these systems would also be integrated to an analytics system so it would be possible to know what the status of orders and shipments were on a continual basis.


Gunasekaran, A., & Ngai, E.. (2009). Modeling and analysis of build-to-order supply chains. European Journal of Operational esearch, 195(2), 319.

Johansson, Johny K.,…… [Read More]


Gunasekaran, A., & Ngai, E.. (2009). Modeling and analysis of build-to-order supply chains. European Journal of Operational Research, 195(2), 319.

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Business Models Positioning Strategies and

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For example, someone interested in green technology from a cost perspective might value operational excellence in a company -- seeking the lowest price replacement windows in the least amount of time with the least amount of disruption to their family. Someone interested in the greenest home possible may be interested in innovation, and still others might be attracted to the idea of a custom-built home. Just as there is no one housing market, even within the market of green housing consumers, many different segments and demographics exist, along with conceptions of what conveys value.

orks Cited

Treacy, Michael, iersema, Fred. (1993, January). Customer intimacy and other value disciplines. Harvard Business Review, 71(1), 84. Retrieved April 3, 2009, from ABI/INFORM…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Treacy, Michael, Wiersema, Fred. (1993, January). Customer intimacy and other value disciplines. Harvard Business Review, 71(1), 84. Retrieved April 3, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1102472).
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Business-Human Resources Introduction Review of

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Proposed Plan for Improvement

The above assessment of the current personnel management challenges facing the organization indicates that there are a number of pertinent issues that must be addressed if the organization is to effectively optimize its human resource capabilities and help facilitate the development of change in the organization. With this in mind, the proposed plan for organizational development focuses on two specific areas for improvement. First, the proposed plan considers the need for the strategic development of human resource practice in the organization. Strategic human resource management will enable the organization to embed human resource function into the process of facilitating organizational objectives. Second, the proposed plan considers the need for a comprehensive change management program which will facilitate H integration while building the necessary organizational infrastructure to help improve change outcomes.

Strategic Human esource Management

Strategic human resource management or SHM is the process by which human…… [Read More]

Reference List

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Business Strategies Why Is a

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The graphic shown in Figure 1 was also provided in the article (Porter, 2008).

Figure 1: Five Forces Model

(Porter, 2008)

This model's effectiveness does not however capture the increasingly critical role of tacit and explicit knowledge in businesses. The tacit knowledge, of the type that is learned from the continual streamlining of core processes, is not easily captured and communicated. It is often called tribal knowledge as this type if intelligence often stays within workgroups where it originates and seldom is captured for broader use. Specific knowledge, or the type of intelligence that can easily be captured and communicated, is often not used to its full potential as well. Studies in the auto industry suggest that knowledge, not products or pricing, is the new competitive advantage (Dyer, Nobeoka, 2000). The Five Forces Model does not recognize how important knowledge is as a competitive force in the definition of competitive…… [Read More]


Jeffrey H. Dyer, & Kentaro Nobeoka. (2000). Creating and managing a high-performance knowledge-sharing network: The Toyota case. Strategic Management Journal: Special Issue: Strategic Networks, 21(3), 345-367.

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Core Competency or Unique Strength of the Business
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Business National or Regional Innovation

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MESIC's have been singularly unsuccessful, and have been deemphasized in recent years.

Related to this are: State-sponsored venture capital investments. Countries and regions invest in venture capital funds as Limited Partners, meaning that they have the same or similar financial returns as all other investors in a Fund. In many cases, such state investments require some conditions on the privately-run venture fund. The most popular conditions include:

fixed percentage threshold of investment in the region or country, or certain number of jobs to be generated by their investments, or Attracting a certain multiple of investment from outside the state or region into the fund, or Limiting the venture investments to the types of technologies and industries which are of greatest interest to that state or region.

Examples of the above can include the Indiana Futures Fund, in which the State of Indiana invested $100 million in several venture funds. Among…… [Read More]


Asen, R. "The Multiple Mr. Dewey: Multiple Publics and Permeable Borders in John Dewey's Theory of the Public Sphere." Argumentation and Advocacy, 2003: 174-182.

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Business the Inclusive Workplace in the Modern

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The Inclusive orkplace

In the modern business world employees expect more and have more rights than ever. To accompany this, employees are seen as core contributors to an organization. The workplace has changed from one where employees blindly follow the guidelines of the company to complete tasks, to one where employees are central to the organization. Employees are also more educated than ever before.

In recent decades, issues like employee empowerment, collaboration, teamwork, self-managed teams and cooperation have all become important. Each of these issues have the idea of giving more and getting more at their basis. In Ideas that will shape the future of management practice (Bohl 1996, 8), human resources is described as being the way of the future, "e will see a more mature articulation of the importance of people as a firm's only sustainable competitive advantage." The change is described as giving high reward for…… [Read More]

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Business Ethics Values Direct and

Words: 1732 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44748970

Finally, the universalizing stage is often referred to as enlightenment, or having achieved a true understanding of the nature of good virtue. (Fowler, 1995; p.p. 73-145).

Clearly, my personal ethical values are heavily influenced by my stage of personal development. As I continue to grow, my values will evolve and adapt to my new way of looking at the world. The way that defining moments influence me will also be controlled by my ethical level of development. However, having at least a conscious understanding of my level of development allows me to better understand my ethical influences, work to overcome the obstacles my ethical development stage creates, and better work to be a better employee and leader.


adaracco, Joseph L. (2002): Leading Quietly: An Unorthodox Guide to Doing the Right Thing. Cambridge: Harvard usiness School Publishing.

adaracco, Joseph L. (2006): Questions of Character: Illuminating the Heart of Leadership through…… [Read More]


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Business Decision Analysis

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Business Decision Analysis -- Cipla

Yusuf Hamied pioneered the Chemical, Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories, which is more popularly known as Cipla, in India. The main function of Cipla was to reverse engineer some of the most demanded medications in the market and then reconfigure or re-synthesize them in a different manner (to avoid patent law suits) and sell them to the masses at affordable rates. The problem for Dr. Hamied, though, was a recent upgrade in patent laws that were meant to be applicable from 2005 in India. This new upgrade was being implemented on a global scale by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and was officially called Trade elated Aspects of Intellectual Property ights (TIPS) and it mainly required India to accept the patent laws with regards to pharmaceuticals and other intellectual inventions that had been standardized for over 2 decades. This would mean that a majority of the…… [Read More]


Deshpande, R. (2006). Cipla. Harvard Business School, President and Fellow Of Harvard College, 9-305-085.
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Business Marketing Hong Kong Telecom Learning

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Confidence in Hong Kong's legal system is a direct result of its links with the rest of the world. if, in our haste to use Chinese, we change the standard and the meaning of the law, and non-Chinese speakers get pushed out of practice, then we risk losing those links.' The traditional Chinese structure has focused on mediation for civil and commercial cases, with lawyers widely viewed as troublemakers, and on executive punishment for criminal cases; there has been no history of justice through an adversarial process. As the Asian Wall Street Journal warned, "A drift into linguistic balkanization -- part English and part Cantonese, plus jargon grafted from the Chinese mainland -- could unmoor Hong Kong from the international business community." (Callick, 1998, p. 84)

Part of doing business with a foreign county is seeing how they see you. It was essential to impress upon the American companies with…… [Read More]



Austin, Michael. "Saul and the social contract: constructions of 1 Samuel 8-11 in Cowley's 'Davideis' and Defoe's 'Jure Divino.'." Papers on Language & Literature 32.4 (1996): 410+.

Hong Kong Telecom
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Business - Information Systems This

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The basic objectives of Information Systems in the future will be to focus on the design, construction and use of internal software and computer systems so as to increase the company's output from their people and technology. The internet has allowed IS to refocus its attention to what they historically have done best. When IS was focused on the needs of external systems development, they more than often were less than ideal so they did not facilitate optimum system implementations. The internet has reduced the need to focus on external program implementation and therefore internal processes benefit.

In conclusion, this report aimed to come back with an answer to the question of why so many Enterprise esource Planning projects fail and to focus on how the Internet has provided an opportunity to have businesses focus on the development of their internal applications.


Koch, Christopher. "The ABC's of EP." CIO…… [Read More]


Koch, Christopher. "The ABC's of ERP." CIO (2005): Retrieved on 18 March 2005, from  http://www.cio.com/research/erp/edit/erpbasics.html .

Ross, Jeanne w. And Weill, Peter, "Six it Decisions Your it People Should Not Make" Harvard Business Review, Nov 2002, vol. 80 issue 11, p84, 8p.

Bus Tech
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Businesses Make Decisions on a Daily Basis

Words: 1088 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13045825

Businesses make decisions on a daily basis. Some of these decisions affect man people in the organization, where other decisions are minor and only impact a few people. A decision-making procedure based on sound information and data leads to effective conclusions. Today's fast-paced business environment demands the making of informed decisions based on critical thinking skills. It is our thinking that determines the extent to which we think through the implications of the decisions we make. It is our thinking that determines whether we can identify the assumptions we are making, and whether we should questions those assumptions. A number of different decision-making processes have been suggested. Depending on the type of decision faced, some techniques are more appropriate than others. As a supervisor for United Parcel Service, overseeing 40 individuals who must process and drive thousands of packages to the San Diego airport each morning at 6:30am, organization is…… [Read More]

References Cited

Foreman, Charles W.L., "Modeling and Improving Human Decision-Making," from the Management Course for Presidents, 3-4.

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B.A. Peters, J.S. Smith, D.J. Medeiros, and M.W. Rohrer, eds.
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Business Why Does Crafting Strategy Have a

Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56893202


hy does crafting strategy have a strongly entrepreneurial character?

Courtney (2) notes that in a rapidly changing environment, this year's indicators are not a good measure of what will happen in the future. Instead, there is a need to develop foresight. This involved looking to the future and spotting potential opportunities and potential threats before they are actually present. This is entrepreneurial in the sense that it involves looking to the future and seeing things before they are actually present. Crafting strategy also involves a new approach to business where the focus is on managing and risk and choosing the best kind of action, while there remains a level of certainty. These aspects of crafting strategy have a strong entrepreneurial character. Finally, crafting strategy requires vision and creativity. It differs from traditional management strategies because there are no certainties. Organizations cannot simply accept the environment as it is and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Business Policy J-Food Has an Opportunity to

Words: 3216 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29557714

Business Policy

J-Food has an opportunity to become the first one to shift in the "all-you-can-eat steak buffet" notion to grow into a market leader. The steady attractiveness of steak along with a perception of economy in buffet seems to be the perfect combination in foreign markets and is bound to produce the same results here (Clancy et al., 2000).

By analyzing the situation in the market, we have characterized groups into various subdivisions. The only exclusion comes when we characterize our subdivision for lunch. We strongly trust, and have observed, that a much widespread desire prevails for this lunchtime slot because our pricing is on the economical side and includes our J-Food's Specialty Beef burger. The following are our targeted subdivisions (Clancy et al., 2000).

* Age -- Aged, Baby-Boomers, youthful couples with children, and labor of all areas.

* Family Unit -- We will send requests to small…… [Read More]


Allen, E. And Fjermestad, J. "E-Commerce Strategies: The Manufacturer Retailer Consumer Relationship," Proceedings of the 5th Americas Conference on Information Systems, 2000.

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Business Illegal Downloads the Purpose

Words: 1398 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64650665

There is one platform that supports the downloaders, however. Studies have indicated that downloading music for free actually helps sell music in the long run. The music industry cites fallen revenues for the last four years as evidence that illegal downloading is cutting into their profits. However, a study by two academic researchers finds that some people who download music illegally eventually purchase the music they have downloaded. A reporter writes, "In fact, illegal downloading may help the industry slightly with another major segment, which Oberholzer and Strumpf call 'samplers' -- an older crowd who downloads a song or two and then, if they like what they hear, go out and buy the music" (Silverthorne, 2004). However, the researchers also discovered that the majority of downloaders are teens and college students who have plenty of time to download, but do not always have the resources to eventually buy the music…… [Read More]


Editors. (2007). Minn. woman to pay for illegal music downloads. Retrieved from the NPR.org Web site:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1503722320  Oct. 2007.

Editors. (2007.) Terms & conditions. Retrieved from the Napster.com Web site:  http://home.napster.com/info/terms.html20  Oct. 2007.

Silverthorne, S. (June 21, 2004). Music downloads: Pirates -- or customers? Retrieved from the Harvard Business School Web site:  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/4206.html20  Oct. 2007.
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Business Source Premier Nielson Library Deals Marketing

Words: 1232 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18513070

Business Source Premier (Nielson Library) deals marketing issues. The article current ( month). efer text chapter titles heading topic suggestions. Make include article attachment include UL I refer article.

Business Article Analysis

The article that is reviewed in this paper is titled "Off and unning: Professors Comment on Olympics" and presents certain important opinions on the Olympic games. The article presents the comments and opinions of important specialists that focus on marketing and business administration, like Stephen Greyser, John Macomber, and John Gourville. These are some of the most important professors at the Harvard Business School. The most important points of this article refer to the explanations these experts try to provide on the marketing success of the Olympics in comparison with other sports competitions. In addition to this, they try to identify some of the factors that determine the success of the organizers (Greyser et al., 2012). The pricing…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Greyser, S. et al. (2012). Off and Running: Professors Comment on Olympics. Harvard Business School. Retrieved August 14, 2012 from  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/7072.html .

2. Blanding, M. (2012). Why Good Deeds Invite Bad Publicity. Harvard Business School. Retrieved August 14, 2012 from  http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/7001.html .
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Business and Society

Words: 2049 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18166870

Sustainability is a term that is often used in reference to environmental responsibility. This is the most common use of the term that many people have come to associate with "sustainability." Seldom do people consider sustainability to be associated with other areas of the business environment. Upon reading the article by Swartz (2010), two different connotations of sustainability stood out in my mind. The issue that Swartz addressed which created his very long day was accusations that Timberland was engaging in corporate irresponsibility concerning the environment. This is the only definition of sustainability that many people consider.

Swartz's reaction to 65,000 emails made me think about what I would have done as a CEO, if I had been the one to open my own e-mail inbox to find 65,000 angry emails. Upon reflection of Schwartz's response, I feel that he acted in the best way possible. First, he knew that…… [Read More]


Friedman, M. (1970). The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits The New York Times Magazine, September 13, 32-33 (and then continued on pages 122 -- 126). Story of Stuff ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLBE5QAYXp8 )

Porter, M.E., & Reinhardt, F.L. (2007). A strategic approach to climate. Harvard Business Review, 85(10), 22-26.

Swartz, J. (2010). "Timberland's CEO on standing up to 65,000 angry activists." Harvard Business Review, 88(9), 39-43.
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Business Ethics in the Context

Words: 2866 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37518394

Employees are being rewarded for their honesty, and managers continue to encourage communication between supervisors and subordinates. Management is also looking for ways to encourage employees to tell the truth about other employees who may be involved in something dishonest or illegal (Jones, 1982). Not all employees will take advantage of this, of course, because some still believe that they will face punishment for being a 'whistle-blower', but there are laws in place now to protect the rights of employees who blow the whistle on other employees or their employers.

Employee rights have become increasing important over the last 20 years, and this is another area in which Enron had difficulties. Those people who advocate employee rights make two different arguments. The first argument is that tougher laws and regulations are needed to ensure that employees get the rights that they deserve. It cannot be left up to the companies…… [Read More]


Bernstein, S. (2000). "Shell in Nigeria." Business Students Focus on Ethics. Eds. Ryan, Leo V., Wojciech W. Gasparski, & Georges Enderle. New Jersey: Transaction Publishers.

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Goodpaster, K.E. (1984). Ethics in Management. Boston: Harvard Business School.
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Business Plan Page Introduction and How it

Words: 1975 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96703752

Business Plan

PGE "Introduction and How it Fits into MB"

The development of this plan is critical for the enhancement of my MB studies. In this study, I will try to develop a "for profit" (as opposed to non-profit) company to compete in the U.S. food industry. My organization will be a C Corporation in order to raise money from ngel investors and perhaps Venture Capitalists as we grow. It is my understanding that VC's and ngels prefer C Corporations for a myriad of reasons, but most importantly because of the flexibility of the different classifications of stock that C Corporation afford to its shareholders. In addition, the rationale behind choosing this company is based on the concept that sweet treats and refreshments seem recession proof, and that people will always use their disposable income for sugar or refreshment in. I saw on CNBC a documentary on Coca Cola, which…… [Read More]

Although Marshal Healthy Foods will show improvement over other retailing organizations in the present economy, its reputation and image are genuinely influenced by criticisms from environmentalist and labor unions. Marshal Healthy Foods is likely to be accused of various claims on distinctive issues such as bad working conditions, issues pertaining to child labor, wage issues and discrimination (Manian, 2007).


Marshal Healthy Foods will have internal labor relations issues besides confronting some outside threats postured by the economy and its rivals. Since Marshal Healthy Foods will have constantly great sales performance, certain areas are expected to be affected by sales problems. The sale of some areas is likely to decline from 5% to 15% all through the pastries line. This decline will not harm traditional pastry retailers like La Baguette Bistro but hurt the sale in Marshal Healthy Foods.
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Business Plan for Ivy Discover

Words: 4333 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86747731

The market analysis is provided in Table 2.

Table 2: Market Analysis






Potential Customers



Home Office








Small Office








































The company will also use different market strategy to achieve its business goals. Ivy Discover will run a very attractive advertising banner on different websites, which are constantly being visited by target customers, and the business will use several different form of promotion to attract potential customers. The promotion strategy will include discounted package deal. The sale process will include several criteria such as product presentation, relationship building, customer requirements, or needs. The company will build technical products that…… [Read More]


Chaffey, D. (2002) E-business and e-commerce management. Financial Times/Prentice Hall. Harlow, UK.

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Kooten, M. (2009).Software Industry Defies Economic Crisis. Top 100 Research Foundation.

Chantrill, C. (2012). U.S. Real GDP Chart. Government Spending.USA.
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Business Value How Information Technologies

Words: 1299 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71672176

As costs continued to escalate and IT was not creating any significant cost reductions through efficiencies, the focus shifted to outsourcing non-critical functions that were routine in nature and could be therefore replicated easily. In 1991, BP senior executives chose to begin outsourcing operations, telecommunications, systems development and IT maintenance. This strategy, along with the recentralization of IT led to the company eventually cutting their IT budget in half from $360M to $170M. BP also was able to redefine their entire centralized spending strategy for IT, with 70% of their budget going for core applications critical to their business including geophysical analysis software and core technologies to help the company be more effective in discovering new energy sources (Cross, Earl, Sampler, 1997). What had been so elusive for BP for decades of IT spending had been hidden in the high costs of duplicated enterprise software licenses that were spread across…… [Read More]


Ball, Alasdair J. (1995). Process Innovation - Reengineering Work Through Information Technology. R & D. Management, 25(4), 421.

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Davenport, Thomas H. (1993). Need radical innovation and continuous improvement? Integrate process reengineering and TQM. Planning Review, 21(3), 6.
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Business Pertains to What That Business Does

Words: 755 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56307412

business pertains to what that business does and what it is, as a whole. The kind of philosophy it has, the products it makes or services it provides, and the all-encompassing theme o the entire business make up its definition (Sullivan & Sheffrin, 2003; Swarming, 2006). The mission and goals, however, are only a part of that business definition. The goals are specific, concrete, and attainable, and they keep the business moving forward (Christensen, 1997). They can be made public, so the community has an idea of what the business wants to accomplish, or they can be kept private. Either way, they have to be realistic, and they must be worked toward steadily and revised at various intervals until they are achieved. Then, new goals can be set that build on the original goals the business had. The mission of the business is its statement to the public about the…… [Read More]


Christensen, C.M. (1997), The innovator's dilemma: when new technologies cause great firms to fail, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Harvard Business School Press

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Businesses and Information Technology

Words: 12773 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97000525

Strategic Planning in IT

IT Impact on Service Industry Performance

Cooperative Competitive

Competitive Advantage

Implementation of IT Innovations





This paper addresses the following problem statement: "ithout information technology (IT), a business will not be able to compete globally in any industry, nor in any market it wants to enter. It will not be able to effectively and efficiently optimize its success."

In order to evaluate this statement, a number of issues were examined. The rapid pace of technological change and the effects of technology revolution have launched the world into an era of organizations that are experiencing extraordinary growth in both the development and the dissemination of information and communications technologies. This paper reviews the current literature on the subject of the integration…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Bailey, M.N. And Quinn, J.B. (1994). Information Technology: The Key to Service Performance. Brookings Review, 12 (3), 36+.
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Business Organization Questions

Words: 3538 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70162489

.....ethical dilemma you know of, and how it was dealt with by management.

Recently, Harvard Business School itself was involved in an ethical scandal when it turned out its dean might be involved in a gross case of conflict of interest (Galani, 2016). Conflicts of interest similar to this one at HBS happen often in organizations of all sizes. I was recently made aware of a case in which a local organization experienced an ethical dilemma involving a conflict of interest. One member of the board of directors had previously served on the city council, and still retained strong connections with the local community. Because the company was a real estate development company, the organization's leadership came under considerable pressure for what appeared to be a conflict of interest and corruption -- using the former councilman's political ties for facilitating development projects and accepting additional advice and contracts.

When the…… [Read More]

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Business Policy Strategic Management

Words: 563 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70797326

Strategic Management

Please discuss, in detail, what is meant by a hierarchy of strategy?

In any organization there must be a hierarchy of strategy when any strategy is designed on an organizational level because to implement such a strategy it will have to be coordinated on many levels. For example, the CEO or the Board of Directors may wish to push an organization in a new direction with a high level strategic plan. They could see an opportunity in the market and wish to better position to take advantage of the opportunity that they have identified. However, to move towards such an opportunity it takes effort from the entire organization and they must move in unison. Therefore on lower levels of the organizational hierarchy there will have to be tactical decisions made about how to best organize daily operations to move towards the organizational strategies that have been implemented on…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Haanaes, K., et al. "Making Sustainable Profitable." March 2013. Harvard Business Review. Online. 6 June 2013.

Harvard Business Review. "How Hierarchy Can Hurt Strategy Execution." July 2010. Harvard Business Review. Online. 6 June 2013.
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Business in the Era of Technological Disruptions

Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40407061

Accounting for Disruptive Technologies

There is a significant amount of insight found in Christensen and Overdorf's "Meeting the challenge of disruptive change," especially for those in a managerial position or studying to be in such a position. The article is useful because it combines theoretical knowledge with a solid application of real-world examples, so that the reader is best able to grasp the author's concepts. Moreover, the article takes a wide and integrative approach at addressing the various challenges and potential solutions organizations can implement pertaining to a very real facet of conducting business in the 21st century, "disruptive changes," typically in the form of technological innovations.

Quite frankly, however, a number of points that the authors make are trenchant and can aid those who are looking to prevent disruptive change from ruining their organization or its method of conducting business. One of the more notable of these is the…… [Read More]


Bower, J.L., Christensen, C.M. (2000). Disruptive technologies: catching the wave. Harvard Business Review.

Christensen, C.M., Overdorf, M. (2000). Meeting the challenge of disruptive change. Harvard Business Review.
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Business Investigation of Final Touch

Words: 1983 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1049609

Questions to be answered throughout this process include "What is the salary range for the position? What is the hiring salary range for the position? Do you (the company) ever pay higher that that range? If so, for what reason? What is the average increase being given? After one year?... How often is the employee reviewed? For performance? Salary" (Krueger, 2008).

Negotiation should be used for both salary raises, but also the granting of premiums and benefits. Some of the most notable benefits of engaging in negotiation include the creation of better communication networks between staff members and management (Hinkel, 2005). Then, the levels of trust between the parties increase and finally, as the employee gets a sense of being valued and listened to within the organization, his efforts, performances and commitment to the organizational goals are likely to register significant increases.

The executives at Final Touch should also consider…… [Read More]


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Business Leadership and Organizational Change

Words: 2988 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27685324

Importance of Effective Change Management

An old adage goes that "change is inevitable." It is a constant phenomenon. Organisations exist in an ever-changing world. Factors such as competitive pressure, regulatory changes, shifts in consumer tastes and preferences, technological advancements, workforce changes, globalisation, and industry adjustments compel organisations to initiate change initiatives targeting strategy, leadership, management, workforce, structures, and processes (Lam, 2009; Nehar, 2013). The initiatives are primarily aimed at improving organisational efficiency, productivity, and performance. Indeed, the ability to adapt to change has been termed as an important source of competitive advantage in today's world (Nehar, 2013). This largely explains why the subject of change management has attracted a great deal of scholarly attention in the last few decades. Nonetheless, managing change may often not be an easy undertaking for organisations. If improperly managed, change may not generate the desired outcomes. In fact, many change initiatives have failed due to…… [Read More]

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Business Education Training

Words: 2615 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52713621

Mentoring Process in a Business Setting

In most professions, the first years in a new position are fraught with uncertainties and problems. The need for supporting teachers and people in other professions was cited as far back as the Conant eport (1963). During the next twenty years, many attempts were make to put effective mentoring programming in place throughout the business world. This study will address the level of mentoring which exists in different professions, specifically, education, medicine, and law.

As early as 1962, induction programs that provided assistance to beginning teachers were being described (Shaplin, 1962). Mentoring in a business setting is described as being very desirable and conducive to interaction among the protege' and the established workers (Young & Adams, 2000). Medicine has long had a system of mentoring in place which is called residency. Whether nor not the condition of this process is optimal depends upon to…… [Read More]


Anderson & Shannon. (1988). "Toward a conceptualization of mentoring." Journal of Teacher Education, 39(1), 38-42.

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San Francisco, CA: Far West Laboratory for Research and Development.

Bolton, E. (1980). "A conceptual analysis of the mentor relationship in the career development of women." Adult Education, 30 (4), 195-196.
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Business Structures Are'so Highly

Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77848257

The difficulty for most contemporary leaders (and frankly most managers at all levels), is to encourage proactive and positive dissent without feeling threatened by it -- part of the ability to ask the right questions that tend to engender new and creative answers. A wise CEO thus says, "I don't shoot messengers -- that's why I have them."

Clearly, globalism has changed the world of business in all aspects. Gone are the days in which visionary leaders simply set the strategic plan in a well-orchestrated seminar. Instead, leadership becomes an even more all-encompassing and difficult paradigm shift. The modern world is adaptive, and requires individuals who can adapt proactively, positively, and without becoming mired in bureaucracy. The modern leader must certainly be innovative, relatively charismatic, and certainly informed. But that same leader must understand that leadership is not the responsibility of the few, but the many. Dissent should be encouraged…… [Read More]

Heifetz, R. And Laurie. R. (January-February 1997). The Work of Leadership. Harvard Business

Review. Retrieved from:

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Information Technology IT for Small Businesses

Words: 3448 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57912833


Information Technology and the Small usiness

Information technology has had an impact on all areas of society, including a major impact on the business world. For some small businesses, there is an assumption that information technology is only required for major businesses operating on large scales. In contrast, it is suggested that information technology may be even more important to the small business than it is to the large business. Small businesses are often required to be successful against the odds, and while facing major competitive forces. Information technology can provide the kind of advantages that can make the difference. To illustrate this, five areas where information technology can be effectively applied in the small business will now be discussed.

Information and Decision Making

As the business environment becomes more competitive there becomes a greater need for every business to make good decisions. For the small business especially, there…… [Read More]


Gates, B. (1999). Business @ The Speed of Thought. New York: Penguin.

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Sustainability and Core Values in Business

Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28000961

Business sustainability is about realizing the pathway to preserving and protecting profits, people, and the planet. It is expressed through a company’s focus on the triple bottom line, also defined as the management of financial, social and environmental risks, duties and opportunities. Firms that engage in sustainable practices typically have some form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) program or policy in place that allows them to support and promote initiatives that are considered to be important either to the communities in which the firm operates or else good for the overall environment as a whole. Sustainable practices that businesses focus on can include anything from “going green,” reducing one’s environmental footprint, protecting water supplies, promoting scholarships in communities where economic disadvantages are high, and so on. Engaging in sustainable practice is the essence of maintaining a commitment to culture and to one’s core values. This paper will define the term…… [Read More]

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Communication in the Business World

Words: 1380 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22085967

Business Communication

The success of any business enterprise depends on a multitude of crucial factors, one of them being the ability of its administrators to communicate in a clear and effective manner. The quality of business communications therefore, having a direct impact on the economic act, is hereby studied at four specific levels, as follows:

Interpersonal business communication


Conflict management, and last

Inter-cultural business communication

Interpersonal business communication

Melinda Knight starts her 2005 article at the premise that efficient business communications at the managerial level are quintessential for the overall success of the enterprise. Yet, despite this generally accepted notion, the managers have little actual training of interpersonal communications during their formation in universities or other non- U.S. MBA programs. While some programs have some unaligned courses of interpersonal communications in the business settings, other programs do not include the subject in their curricula at all. Knight asserts the…… [Read More]


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Business Challenges Small Medium Business Challenges Small and

Words: 850 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4081606

Business Challenges

Small/Medium Business Challenges

Small and medium sized businesses produce most of the revenue in the United States and they account for more jobs than the largest corporations. Yet there are challenges that these companies face that set them apart from their larger competitors. The fact that a business is small makes it difficult to maintain growth, and it is also difficult for these types of businesses to maintain the employees that they have trained. Large competitors can poach trained employees that are valuable to any organization, but can be essential to a small business. Another issue if the fact that small and medium sized businesses sometimes operate with financial margins that can be incredibly tight. This means that upgrading to new software and hardware necessary for the business can be a challenge. The many difficulties that these types of companies face are somewhat mitigated by helps that are…… [Read More]


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Business Structure John and Fred

Words: 1613 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39943183

Under this system, "each joint venture partner would separately account for and pay tax on its income and claim the proportionate share of joint venture expenses" (Ernst & Young, no date).

Liability is also limited in the joint venture under Australian law. It is worth noting that in this case one part of the joint venture "cannot make the other joint venturer liable for debts that they incur in the name of the joint venture, unless authorized under the joint venture agreement" (Cordato Partners, 2012). Thus, John cannot undertake a cost and then ask Fred to foot part of the bill. This is something that differentiates a joint venture from a partnership, and is worth taking into consideration, depending on how the two men expect to handle the operations and financing of the venture. This also makes joint ventures a little bit more complicated to manage than a partnership, because…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Net Lawman. (2013). Choosing a legal structure for your business: Partnership. Net Lawman. Retrieved April 22, 2013 from  http://www.netlawman.com.au/info/partnerships-ins-and-outs-australia.php
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Business Data Analysis - Writing

Words: 1089 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67581825

3. SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are likely to affect the outcome of launching the electronic commerce at Blue Cut Fashion. The strengths and weaknesses derive from internal features and amongst others, may refer to financial highlights and previous expertise. The opportunities and threats are generated by the external environment and may refer to commercial trends and technological advancements. All these are presented in the following table:

Table 1: SWOT for e-commerce at Blue Cut Fashion



1. International recognition and favorable image on the market, facilitating as such the penetration of the online market

2. Blue Cut Fashion possesses sufficient financial resources to engage in an electronic commerce venture

3. The existent logistics system could be extended to cover the delivery of the online sold clothes and shoes

4. Blue Cut Fashion employs dedicated workers which produce high quality products…… [Read More]


Ghosh, Anup, K., 1998, E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses, 1st Edition, Wiley

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Business the Development of Business

Words: 2699 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69935709

For instance, if a business is keenly aware of the manner in which different conditions are effecting business relationships, that businesses to work to make the appropriate changes.

Stages of Development

All relationships are governed by stages. Business relationships are no exception to this rule. There are various characteristics that businesses must be aware of as it pertains to each stage.

According to Brooks (2008) that are four primary stages of business relationship development. These four stages of development are as follows:

Emerging - getting familiar with one another with test transactions. These test transactions are both financial and non-financial (Brooks, 2008). During this stage first impressions are made and businesses can determine the reliability, quality of products/services and whether or not the cost of the product/service is equivalent to the cost of the product. This stage is critical because it establishes the type of relationship that the businesses will…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Hakansson, H. And Snehota, I. (2006) No business is an island: The network concept of business strategy. Scandinavian Journal of Management

Volume 22, Issue 3, September 2006, Pages 256-270
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Business Plan This Business Plan

Words: 2364 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59889851

The office and administrative expenses would remain constant even to that point, as would the insurance expense.

Exhibit B: Cash Flow Statement, Year Two

At this point, the business is earning a healthy return and Mr. Ahn is receiving will be able to bring in a reasonable salary. The nature of the business may well change at this point. At the maximum revenue of $144,000 per year the pretax profit would be $63,600. As a result, it is likely that a clinic will be formed with other practitioners in order to minimize expenses and increase profitability.

e did not include taxes in our cash flow examples because the company is going to be set up as a sole proprietorship. This means that the income from the company will be rolled into the income for Mr. Ahn, as well as his liabilities. Mr. Ahn's personal expenses are therefore not included in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Census information from U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved December 18, 2008 at  http://factfinder.census.gov/home/saff/main.html?_lang=en
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Business Competitive Intelligence Proposal for

Words: 875 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91927275

First of all, the Internet, as well as local press and articles, will be important in defining the general characteristics of the market and consumers. Subsequently, specialty articles, edited by business organizations such as the local Chamber of Commerce will provide useful information on all the companies in a certain economic sector, namely the company's direct competitors. Relevant information in terms of the consumers can also be available from public information.

The off-site category will likely provide more in-depth perspectives on local issues. This will include a survey of the local consumers through interviews and questionnaire, as well as the development of a local network of information that could provide helpful information on companies active on the local market and their potential future moves.

Organizational structure and resources

The unit will be organized on the two separate on site/off site categories, each led by a director. The two directors will…… [Read More]


1. What is competitive intelligence? On the Internet at  http://www.aurorawdc.com/whatisci.htm.Last  retrieved on October 25, 2007

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4. Kahaner, Larry. Competitive Intelligence: How to Gather, Analyze, and Use Information to Move Your Business to the Top. Touchstone. 1998.
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Business Market of Airlines What Is the

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10116960

Business Market of Airlines

What is the Business Market of an Airline Industry?

Business market has been defined as a market that is characterized by fewer customers and larger transactions. Customization is the key and the usage of the product or service determines its value. Brand name means little to customers and there is no retailing. Also, selling is a complex process and the target of the sales pitch may not always be the end product's users (NarayanDas 2005).

This kind of market is different from customer markets and, service is the cornerstone of business markets. The products are customized to meet the needs of different customers in different geographical or operational regions. Also, every company operating in a business market strives to attain customer loyalty though the means by which they create and sustain it varies between industries.

With regards to the airline industry, business markets determine many aspects…… [Read More]

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Business Organization Coursework Mary and Joseph Stakeholders

Words: 2596 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55895148

Business Organization Coursework:

Mary and Joseph, stakeholders in Kings plc, are concerned about the company's management practices by its current directors. One of these recent practices includes the desire by these directors of Kings plc, which owned a hotel, to acquire two additional hotels. As a result, these directors created a subsidiary company for the sole purpose of acquiring the two hotels. In this new development, Kings plc could only acquire few shares of the new subsidiary whereas the directors and the company solicitor purchased the majority of the new subsidiary's shares. Therefore, the new subsidiary was eventually sold and the directors made significant profits. However, the shareholders of Kings plc i.e. Mary and Joseph want to know whether the directors were legally entitled to carry out such practices. These shareholders are specifically concerned with the legality of the directors' actions and the relevant legal sanctions against the directors, which…… [Read More]


Birds, J & Boyle, A.J 2011, Boyle and Birds on company law, 8th edn, Jordan's Publishing, St.

Thomas Street, Bristol.

Dignam, A 2011, Hicks and Goo's cases and materials on company law, 8th edn, Sweet & Marxwell, Avenue Road, London.

Hannigan, B 2012, Company law, 3rd edn, Oxford University Press, Great Clarendon Street,
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Business Policy Case Study Analysis

Words: 2837 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75423539

Those did not have much power on the manufacturer, however, the consumer were rather sophisticated, so maintaining the high quality standards was crucial.

Substitutes. After the trade liberalization, Phillips had an enormous pressure from Asian companies that managed to copycat its products and the price performance of the substitute products was net superior.

Supplier power. The suppliers did not have high bargaining power. The high tech industry in Europe and U.S. was quite developed and the number of suppliers was big.

Rivalry determinants. Those determinants refer to product differentiation, where Phillips was standing out in the industry and manufacturing costs, where Phillips was overrun by Asian counterparts. The fact that Phillips' products were easy to imitate, made its innovation advantage weaker than the Asians' cost advantage.

PEST Matsu*****a

Political factors. The political context from home helped a lot the company's evolution. The Japanese government was in favor of intensifying business…… [Read More]

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Business Ethics Is Business Ethics

Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72260906

However, often firms face dilemma: should they recall the product and suffer loss or should they be silent? An organization that takes its ethical responsibilities seriously would recall the products, because it knows that in the long-run, consumers will trust the company and will have high confidence with the company's responsibilities.

Another thing that management needs to consider is that traditionally belief of firm relies on a 'win and loss" strategy. That means, if a business gains benefit, someone else will bear the costs. However, in the present time, the philosophical outlook has changed, which relies on a "win/win" strategy. That means, if a firm that follows ethical rules seriously will win as well consumers win by buying the reliable products and services from the company.

ecognizing interdependence between business and society, therefore, becomes important for managers for clearly visualizing the role of the ethics for the organizations. By clearly…… [Read More]


Collins, John W. (1994) Is Businss Ethics an Oxymoron? Business Horizons (Sept-Oct).
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Business International - Wal-Mart vs

Words: 2461 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62860699

Perhaps they're put off by the cracked floor tiles or the cobwebs on the headless, foam-rubber mannequins. Whatever the reason, the store's rock-bottom prices and helpful service clearly aren't pulling in many shoppers" (Fairlamb and Cohn, 2003).

After nearly a decade of trying to penetrate the German market, Wal-Mart counted its losses and exited Germany. A Wal-Mart spokesman argued that, despite the million dollar losses, the experience was a positive one as it represented a turning point and a lesson for the future. The lesson was that in spite of its national success, Wal-Mart is vulnerable in the international context (Lander and Barbaro, 2006). Similar situations are also encountered in Asia, and the question that is being posed here refers to the future strategies Wal-Mart could implement in order to reduce its vulnerability and increase its position in the global context.

5. ecommendations

Two recommendations are of vital importance when…… [Read More]


Fairlamb, D., Cohn, L., October 6, 2003, a Bumpy Ride in Europe, Business Week

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Featherstone, L., June 28, 2004, Rollback Wages! Will Labor Take the Wal-Mart Challenge? The Nation, Vol. 278

Greenwald, R., (Director), 2005, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price
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Business Law This Document Contains Legal Advice

Words: 1891 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99989610

Business Law

This document contains legal advice made on request of Zmags, an Australian Holiday Brochure. Paper covers the customer law, contract law and other legal issues as found in the brochure for Coasts and Bays. The brochure claims to make the holidays 100% rejoicing for the clients and to offer them a lifetime experience. The brochure offers guidelines about the travel routes as well as the resorts. There are legal concerns involved in the advertisement made by any company. Often an advertisement campaign is too tempting or misleading that the customer's rights are violated. Australia has strict laws against the rights of customers that are almost universally applicable in all the states and regions of the country. The report advises what to include or exclude from the report to make it legally effective.

Consumer Law

The consumer law of Australia generally bans all the misleading activities in the business…… [Read More]


1. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 2013, Retrieved from;


2. Bradbury, H.D., 2010, the Australian Consumer Law, Retrieved from:

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Business Data Analysis A Group

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The analysis of the scenario involves copying by hand devoid of utilizing excel formulae. The terminology 'What if ' scenarios mainly refer to the underlying base case of the numerical figures in the tables of the financial planning business model. It is significant to undertake checking of the entire changed cells that have altered back to their corresponding original numerical values prior to processing to a new 'What if '.

In order to aid Kitchenware Product in visualizing the underlying table that pertains to figures within the scenario 3,an individual require to draw a graph utilizing Excel's chart depicting the prevailing comparison of the corresponding profits for the diverse sales volumes taking note of the profit peak within year 3 (ARLOW, 2005, pp23-56). In the underlying report that pertains to every scenario's of net profit after tax is adequate. Nevertheless, in case there is complete spreadsheet details are demanded for…… [Read More]


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Business Plan Classic Clothes Classic Clothes Is

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Business Plan: Classic Clothes

Classic Clothes is a non-profit community service organization that services the public by providing free clothing and household products to women and children and distributing them through various agencies and programs that target these populations throughout London. Our services include providing coats, gloves, and business attire for women entering the workforce, school supplies, and basic household items for women and children at, or just-below the poverty line, or those identified as "at risk." Classic Clothes receives support from charities in the surrounding area and corporate sponsorships. Classic Clothes also solicits local organizations for donations, especially organizations that are in the clothing industry, business attire, and organizations that supply general household items.

According to statistics 25% of women in the UK live in poverty; 22% of women have persistently low income (osenblatt & ake, 2003). Single mothers and women are most at risk for poverty, requiring the…… [Read More]


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