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Wire and Changing Urban Markets
Words: 1094 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34061822
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For instance, in Season 2, Hard Cases (Episode 4) explores the idea of individuals who are repeat offenders, and the difficulty for the police to even come close to managing crime. Just as one crime is potentially solved, three more pop up that may never be. The police must count on people from the neighborhood to assist them, but these same individuals are torn between helping the police and being part of the community. The idea of hopelessness is summed up when one of the characters, Nick, asks his father if he misses his work at the dock (the shipyards are closed, and the father now spends much of his time at a local bar, drinking to dull his pain). His father replies, "ouldn't matter if I did" (the ire 2005).

Also apparent is some real systems thinking with the ire that goes to the heart of inner city labor…

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Credit Crunch on UK Residential
Words: 9799 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 46529648
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While it was generally agreed that the increase in prices was due mainly to an insufficient offer as the stock house was limited, opinions have also been forwarded according to which the buy-to-let purchases have contributed to the inflation of the house prices (Property Mark).

The debate concerning the reasons for the massive price increases for residential properties (materialized mostly between 1996 and 2005) is however still ongoing. On the one hand, there are the property bulls, who argue that the increase in the prices of residential builds is the result of natural processes of economic growth and development. In other words, they state that the increase in prices was the natural reaction to higher levels of employment, economic stability and lower interest rates. On the other hand however, sit the property bears, who claim that the increase in property prices is not linked to any economic processes, but is…


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Big Fail Title a Recent Book a
Words: 751 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68090408
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Big Fail" title a recent book a movie HBO. It refers bailout major financial institutions began 2008, time concern,, United States fall a depression aid. For purpose discussion I include bailout General Motors Chrysler.

Too big to fail

In the second half of 2007, the real estate sector in the United States of America showed the first signs of weakness. Devaluations were gradually observed and the investments made in the field came to lose value. The problem was mainly represented by the fact that the population did not afford the properties, but the financial institutions had traded in money as it had already been reimbursed. The bubble eventually burst and the financial institutions were the first to suffer the major hit.

In Too big to fail, the focus falls on the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, based on the recurrent assumption that it was this bankruptcy which onset the unfolding of…


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Too big to fail, HBO Movie, Directed by Curtis Hanson, based on a book by Peter Gould and Andrew Ross Sorkin

Financial Rumors' Affects on Stock
Words: 1618 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3968381
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3.2: Data Used: The data used in this study effot includes pimay and seconday data. Along with infomation etieved fom the liteatue eview, this eseache also pesonally compiled fom... (Consideations fo this section: What spatial and tempoal chaacteistics do data include? Do any known o anticipated souces of eo exist in the data?

3.2.1: Spatial and tempoal chaacteistics: Specific data chaacteistics within a sub-section

3.3: Methods and techniques: Two specific types of methods and techniques ae elated in this section

3.3.1: Method fo Specific Field wok: Subsections discuss specific technique.


4.1: Intoduction: Hee, this eseache discusses the contents of the sections included/following in this chapte. A numbe of coss-efeences fom the methods chapte ae also included. This analysis chapte does not sum up the findings etieved fom the liteatue eview and this eseache's study "in one wod," albeit, it does pesent a synopsis of elevant findings etieved…

references from the methods chapter are also included. This analysis chapter does not sum up the findings retrieved from the literature review and this researcher's study "in one word," albeit, it does present a synopsis of relevant findings retrieved from this study's efforts.

4.2: Results for two rumours explored during this study are presented in this section. Data is synthesised and presented in numerous figures.

4.3: Discussion of results: This last section of this analysis chapter synthesizes results from the study, with key results highlighted and their importance emphasised in relation to this dissertation's overall aim.


5.1: Introduction: Here in this final chapter's introduction, this researcher reminds the reader of this study's original study aim and objectives relating to financial rumours and their affect on stock prices. The point that research questions have been answered is presented. The determination of this study's hypothesis is revealed.

Game of Thrones
Words: 3000 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Array
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Game of Thrones
Even though the series has officially ended, everyone is still talking about Game of Thrones.  However, this high-fantasy epic, which ran on HBO, was not for everyone.  Whether because of lack of access to cable programming, concerns about the violent subject matter, or just plain lack of interest, there are actually plenty of people out there who never watched Game of Thrones.  This article is created as a primer for those who have never seen the series or were casual viewers.  It discusses the series, including main characters, overall plot, the ending, ratings, and whether there are any spin-offs or potential spin-offs being planned.   
Game of Thrones is a television show on the cable network, HBO, which was based on the George R.R. Martin fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.  The television series took its name from the first novel in the…

Community Health Systems Chs Is
Words: 5245 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97136709
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The company's board believed they could not find a replacement for Chaney by the date of his intended departure, and so the directors put the company up for sale. In March 1996, the New York-based investment banking firm Merrill Lynch was hired to generate interest in the company, and a suitable buyer was found, a New York-based private investment firm named Forstmann Little & Co. This company was headed by Theodore Forstmann, a leveraged buyout specialist. Forstmann's firm had more than $20 billion invested in 20 companies and made its living by acquiring companies and selling them for a profit. Forstmann Little acquired Community Health in 1996, and this was the firm's first purchase of a healthcare company. The firm paid $1 billion for Community Health, which at the time operated 38 hospitals in 18 states, and this change in ownership made Community Health a privately held company. In January…


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Oppression MLK Jr Iron Jawed
Words: 1176 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28788199
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The second way to resist oppression listed by Martin Luther King in his essay is the violent way, a way he disapproves of and a way against which he speaks. "A second way that oppressed people sometimes deal with oppression is to resort to physical violence and corroding hatred. Violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem; it merely creates new and more complicated ones. " This type of resistance is the most striking of all, and the easiest to recognize in real life, and also in this film. It is a type of resistance that both the oppressed and the oppressor sometimes use. A march of protest sometimes turns violent, and by doing so it serves no goal and brings no deliverance to the suffering. In…


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Strategic and Innovative Marketing Future
Words: 2244 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36914406
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Since the generation with the highest birth-rate is reaching the retirement age, they are prone to travel more and lead to an increase demand for hotel rooms. (15%) j. Fast food outlets in emerging markets

The fast food industry is expected to register an increase during the following years, especially within emerging markets. Here are some factors that would generate the increase in demand for fast food products:

Increased interest from foreign investors which enter the emerging markets and strongly promote the products (45%)

Growing economies and wages, implying an increased focus on jobs, in the detriment of home cooking (35%)

Changing consumers needs (20%) k. Credit cards issued by financial institutions

Credit cards encompass products offered by banks or other financial institutions which allow their clients to use the bank's money and then pay them back at a previously specified interest rate. Credit cards have always had great success…


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Policy and Politics Rights and Powers
Words: 681 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17267180
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Policy Paradox" and the ire

In Chapter 14 of Policy Paradox, Stone (2001) unearths the shaky foundations upon which citizen's rights rest. According to Stone, there is a constant friction between those rights which are defined by a legal system and those which an individual ought to have. hen these rights are defined, it is often as a result of a judge's ruling: "...judges thus articulate new standards of behavior in the course of resolving disputes about existing constitutional, statutory, administrative, or judicial standards" (p. 330). This implies that judges, and all officials at the judicial level of a legal system, work in the interest of the public and society as a whole. However, as episodes 10 and 11 of the first season of the television series The ire reveal, this is a naive assumption.

Episode 10, "The Cost," reveals the corruption and self-interest that runs rampant at state, and…

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Life of Temple Grandin Grandin May Be
Words: 1843 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90773413
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life of Temple Grandin. Grandin may be the best known person with autism in the United States. She achieved success in her field, animal science. She has also been a strong advocate for people with autism. Much of her success is attributable to early childhood intervention led by her mother Eustacia Cutler.

Being born autistic in the 1940's was at that time, a virtual prescription for a life of institutionalization and isolation. Temple Grandin, however did not suffer the same fate as most because her mother refused to allow it. With the help of her mother and many others, she dealt with the mental and physical limitations imposed upon her by autism and became a major societal contributor and "hero" to many (Cutler, 2004).

At an early age (around two) it became apparent to Temple's mother that she was not developing "normally." She could not make eye contact, wasn't trying…


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Samantha Jones Like Will Rogers
Words: 1513 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82101148
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There is disagreement as to whether CSB is an addiction, a psychosexual developmental disorder, an impulse control disorder, a mood disorder, or an obsessive-compulsive disorder, however most scientists dispute the idea that someone can become addicted to sex in the same way they become addicted to alcohol, thus abstinence as a treatment is viewed as an oversimplification of the problem (Compulsive).

Samantha Jones might be the first to admit that she has CSB, or not. But as long as it does not harm anyone, then "ho cares what you are just enjoy it."

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Policy and Politics
Words: 676 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70841231
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Policy and Politics

Policy and decision-making are complex issues. Even for what might appear to be a simple decision, there many underlying factors that influence the final outcome. Some of these factors are obvious, but some can be elusive and hidden from all of the parties. Policies are not instituted in a flash and the process of policymaking should not be taken lightly. This makes the process of policy making a slow one at best. The many facets of the issue must be discussed and debated for often long periods of time. Policymaking is wrought with many problems for which there is no obvious right or wrong answer. Deborah Stone addresses these paradoxes in The Art of Political Decision-making.

Stone's work stands apart from many authors that focus on the application of their model in only a few specific applications. One example is einhart and einhart (2011) who recently discussed…


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Retrieved from

Greek Myth
Words: 744 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96419684
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Lotus-Eaters: From Literature to Television

Greek myths have long been utilized as backdrops and inspirations for various works of arts from literature to popular media such as television programming. The myth of the Lotus-eaters, or the lotophagi, was first popularized in the epic poem The Odyssey which details Odysseus's quest to return to Ithaca, his home, after having participated in the siege of Troy. Alfred Tennyson used the lotus-eaters myth as the basis for his 1832 poem "The Lotos-Eaters." Moreover, the lotus-eaters myth was referenced in the 2011 season premiere of the television show True Blood. The lotus-eaters have inspired great works of literature, such as Tennyson's "The Lotos-Eaters," as well as popular media as in the case of HBO's True Blood.

In Tennyson's "The Lotos-Eaters," the unnamed Odysseus addresses his crew and provides reasons as to why they would indulge in eating the lotus flower. The poem is written…

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Hot Coffee
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 94028537
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Hot Coffee: Movie Legal Analysis

One of the most famous cases used to indicate the over-litigious nature of modern society is that of Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, in which an elderly woman sued McDonald's after spilling hot coffee upon her lap.[footnoteRef:1] Although the case was much-mocked, the plaintiff in question actually suffered severe burns as a result of the mishap. The film underlines the need for the legal system to take an active role in securing justice for wronged consumers, and suggests that we should not be deterred by the conservative, pro-business propaganda that views such exercises as silly or frivolous. [1: Hot Coffee (HBO 2011)]

The elderly woman at the center of the lawsuit had placed the coffee between her legs to open the lid. The coffee, unbeknownst to Stella Liebeck, was nearly 200F. hen it spilled, it gave her third-degree burns on her legs and pelvis, resulting in…

The Impact of Queer as Folk on GLBTQ Acceptance
Words: 1935 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25085164
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Cultural Representations of GLBTQ Peoples and Communities in the Mainstream Media

Attitudes and laws in American society concerning the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and queer (GLBTQ) communities have changed in substantive ways in recent years, and many observers credit the cultural representations of these communities in the mainstream media as contributing to this progress. Notwithstanding the progress to date, though, some observers suggest that the status of the GLBTQ communities today is still comparable to the status of women and blacks a half century ago and there is clearly a need for greater understanding of these alternative lifestyles communities by the general American public. To this end, this paper provides a review of the literature concerning current GLBTQ issues in American culture followed by a discussion concerning the manner in which interpretation of mainstream media content such as films, television shows, books, plays or events can provide fresh insights into…

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Eating Disorders Over the Last
Words: 1517 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 27320047
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Project Evaluation

While no one knows what the future will bring, based upon what the background / significance uncovered, it is clear that a large portion of the population sample will more than likely suffer from some type of eating disorder. This will help to achieve the various aims / objectives of project, which are to assist these people, in realizing that they do have a problem and to seek out effective treatment options. This could be a real challenge, in identifying the problem as one issue, while encouraging someone to seek out help is another matter. As these people, must be able to realize that they have a medical condition and want to be able rectify the situation. The only way that this can occur, is for someone to admit that they are suffering from an eating disorder.


Women and Eating Disorders. (2007). Now Foundation. Retrieved from…


Women and Eating Disorders. (2007). Now Foundation. Retrieved from 

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Mike Nichols Film Wit Director
Words: 718 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69828493
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Jason Posner (Jonathan M. Woodward) who was once her student. Now the power is the intern's, and he has the choice to use his power compassionately; or in the same way as Vivian used hers when she refused to forgive the young student's need to be late with an assignment. It brings the viewer to the thought: Does the professor (healer/physician) want to be known as the brilliant one, the one with the unquestionable and utmost knowledge; or does he (she) want to be known as the brilliant healer (professor) because he (she) uses their own brilliance to bring about brilliant results in their students (patients)?

This is something we are supposed to ponder, because Posner has a conversation with nurse Susie Monahan (Audra McDonald), and tells Susie about Vivian's brilliance, her academic scholarship, admitting to Vivian's brilliance, even though, in his own case, she chose to be perceived as…

Reference List

Nichols, Mike (Director), 2001. Wit, HBO Films, Avenue Pictures Productions, USA.

Personhood an Interdisciplinary Look at the Individual
Words: 5434 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24383626
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person within the Christian worldview. Specifically it will discuss technology, the environment, and the media as it relates to my personal Christian worldview. As noted in this course, understanding a worldview can help a person understand other people and all their roles in today's society. Today's culture is broad, and influenced by a variety of sources, from scientific to religious, and they combine to create a contemporary Christian worldview in others and myself. Personally, my worldview is one of balance between my Christian beliefs and scientific study and analysis, which may be fairly common for a modern Christian worldview.

First, it is necessary to define worldview and what it is. A worldview encompasses every aspect of life, so understanding it is crucial in decision-making and living life to the fullest. It is really a wide-ranging perception of the world around us, formed using a Christian viewpoint. In other words, it…


Editors. (2009). About us. Retrieved 22 June 2009 from the Evangelical Climate Initiative Web site: .

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Holy Bible. New King James Version.

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Dish Networks SWOT Analysis Parrilla
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 63622177
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The ability of DISH to continually bundle new services that are sports-oriented in addition to offering price-competitive services has emerged as a signification differentiator and core competency for the company (Solman, 2006).

The third major strength of DISH networks is their pioneering work in the area of providing MPEG-4 Service. Beginning in ugust, 2008 the company initiated offering MPEG-4 programming as part of its TurboHD Service. MPEG-4 is considered the best possible format or resolution for high definition television broadcasting. The technological advancements in MPEG-4 programming has emerged as a competitive advantage for the company, giving them a lead technologically against TiVo Services (Wildstrom, 2007).

The three major weaknesses of DISH Network Corporation are the Operations being too concentrated in specific areas, programming content is often difficult to access, and the subscriber base is dwindling through churn and attrition. For each of these specific weaknesses, strategies of minimizing them are…

A third weakness the company is facing is their dwindling number of subscribers. In the last calendar year for example, DISH reports subscriber declines in three of their four quarters, which is the first company-wide decline ever seen in the satellite TV industry. In the 3rd quarter of 2008 alone, the company lost over 10,000 subscribers. To overcome this loss of customers, DISH spent 10.8% on subscriber-related expenses including equipment and product upgrades from the previous 2007 timeframe and also began introducing higher-end services including HDTV-capable satellite systems. These were all significant investments for DISH yet did not deliver exceptional results. The company needs to embrace a more focused strategy of segmenting only on the most profitable customers, minimize churn in these highly profitable segments and quit trying to be all things to all people. A more focused marketing message would help significantly, one focus only on the highest value customers.

Section III: Analysis of Opportunities and Threats

Despite the weaknesses DISH has, there is also an abundance of opportunity for the company to grow well into the 21st century. Accessibility to the technologies for digital broadcasting and content, the potential of bundling more services to increase customer loyalty, and high definition television market growth are the top three

History of Film in Latin
Words: 1647 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 43039748
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After some ineffective negotiating with the police both Sandro and a passenger on board of the bus get killed.

The main concept of the movie revolves around the unjust system; the blind Brazilian authorities that single-handedly create criminals by neglecting and aggressing most of the poor people instead of creating ways of improving their lives.

Favela Rising" is yet another motion picture intended to expose the truth concerning the Latin-American slums. The action again takes place in Rio de Janeiro, but the intriguing part about the film is that it is a documentary which tells the story of Anderson Sa, a former drug dealer from the Vigario Geral district.

Anderson had been living in a favela in Rio de Janeiro when he heard that his brother has been accidentally shot in the middle of a gang war. Just as the characters in the previous movies and in Carolina's book, Anderson…

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Quality TV Some Critics Might
Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 3397657
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Quality TV generates interest about social problems

Quite often, fictional TV programs can raise national consciousness and awareness about social problems. Through fiction, viewers care about people far away because problems and issues are personalized and humanized. For example, the HBO program Oz about life in prison has generated compassion about the fate of incarcerated individuals and motivated calls for prison reform in a way that seeing someone in handcuffs on the nightly news cannot. The Sopranos was not simply a high-quality TV drama, its location in a suburban community also forced viewers to think more critically about their daily lives, like the lies, pain, and murder that lay behind the closed doors of affluent suburban New Jersey. The use of violence in these shows is designed to accurately depict life

Quality TV is cinematic

Violence has become part of the cinematic vocabulary, and modern television dramas with legitimate aspirations…

Reality in America According to
Words: 413 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6914584
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Siegel paints a picture of modern television in America as childish and escapist, and controlled more often than not by capitalist influences that sponsor these shows and use them for profit. Significantly, most of the shows praised by Siegel are on for-pay television stations like HBO. True, with reality TV, there is some rough democracy in the way that celebrity is deglamorized, that everyone with talent can seemingly become a singing idol with enough votes. Reality TV also shows what aspirants to becoming a top model look like without their makeup. But ultimately by rendering inner experience in a superficial way, merely because the participants are supposedly 'real people,' reality is in fact subverted by reality TV. Unlike a drama that aspires to show the inner life of a character, reality TV shows only surfaces, but it presents the illusion that it is real, simply because the participants go by…

Works Cited

Siegel, Lee. "Reality in America." From Telling Stories, pp.173-175.

Economic Alternative to Lecture-Based Education
Words: 2673 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 91443480
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esearch Questions:

Unfortunately, as promising as the potential benefits of incorporating brain-based, active learning, inquiry-based, hands-on participation, and multiple intelligence-based methods of academic instruction is, comprehensive programs of this nature are largely unavailable on a wide scale, owing to budgetary considerations. However, since virtually every tested addition of multidimensional instruction has been associated with beneficial results (Schroeder & Spannagel 2006), intuition would suggest that the addition of instruction via educational programming is also likely to be conducive to improvement over traditional lecture and textbook-only methods of instruction.

Obviously, if given the choice between non-academic programming and educational programming, most middle and secondary school students would prefer the former. On the other hand, where methods of instruction depart from the traditional limitation to lecture and textbooks only (Bimonte 2005), even voluntary class attendance increases. Nevertheless, contemporary education programs generally neglect the potentially valuable medium of televised instruction except in connection with…


Active Learning: Getting students to work and think in the classroom (1993). Speaking of Teaching, 5(1). Retrieved May 1, 2008, at http://ctl.stanford. edu/Newsletter

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Bimonte, R. (2005, November/December). If your class were optional, would anyone attend. Momentum, 36(4), 6.

Ariel Levy's Inquiries Into the
Words: 1105 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20523828
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Levy makes reference to Girl's Gone ild and uses it as an example of how our society has allowed females to be exploited for profit. (Levy, 7-17) I agree with her here, but at the same time I don't believe this marks the death of feminism, for all females, but rather only for a select part of society who chooses to participate in such events as flashing big groups of people, or making out with other females for the whole world to see.

Another one of Levy's examples are based on other television programs such as HBO's Sex and the City and G-String Divas, a show in which strippers talk about their experiences. Although these shows have indeed redefined what it means to be a woman for those who buy in to the idea, there are still many women who don't believe they themselves fall in to that category of…

Works Cited

Levy, Ariel. Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. Simon and Schuster, 2006.

Andrew Verity 2007 Virgin Media
Words: 721 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52020249
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A settlement amount is then agreed upon. The basic dispute to settle is one of ethical and honest business conduct in a partnership between two companies.

The dispute appears to be civil, as the government is not involved in the possible lawsuit. If choosing to go to court, the private party, Virgin Media, would file the suit and become the plaintiff. Furthermore, this is not a case where a specific crime was permitted, but rather a dispute involving one company attempting to suppress the rights of another through unfair and unethical business practices.

The main difference between criminal and civil cases is the punishment and burden of proof paradigms. If tried in a criminal court, the possible outcomes for ky would be either a period of incarceration in a prison, or a fine paid to the government. A trial in a civil court would result in damages paid to the…


Standler, Ronald B. (1998). "Differences between Civil and Criminal Law in the U.S.A." 

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Role of Psychics in Criminal
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1985) held that municipal ordinance prohibiting fortune-telling and any related activity were in violation of Cal. Const. art. I, 2; while arrests for fortune-telling are now less frequent in California than before Azusa, they still occur. For example, in San Diego, four women belonging to the same Gypsy family were recently charged with theft by false pretense; as a precondition of being offered bail, these psychics were prohibited from engaging in fortune-telling or from being in locations of psychic activities (Weyrauch, 2001).

Certainly, there has been much skepticism concerning the reality of paranormal powers since antiquity. A number of "natural philosophers," people that would eventually be known as scientists when more organized systems of thought came into existence, disproved such claims several centuries ago (andi, 1982). For example, in 1692, a French dowsing practitioner by the name of Jacques Aymar was hired by municipal authorities to discover a murderer by…


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Warner's Human Resources Commitment Although
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Further recommendations to improve the human resource management function in this organization is to extend soliciting employee input beyond that of online-based surveys and extending this solicitation to focus groups, and other sources of information generation. This will not simply provide research for the various division of Time arner, but create a greater sense of company cohesion and loyalty. A sense of mutual investment is the spirit of Time arner. Such a cohesive spirit is often difficult to achieve in an internationally-based company with so many outposts, and diverse corporate divisions and cultures under the management's umbrella. Although inevitably there will be differences between different divisions and different types of employees, creating a sense of a company with a few common values, such as diversity, integrity, youth, and a commitment to free discourse can infuse a common spirit into Time arner that improves company functioning, and reinforces company productivity, vision…

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Women and Television What Roseanne
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Even more interesting is how oseanne was treated as if she were somehow an anti-feminist because she wished to push her own agenda on the show, creating conflict with one of the producers. Interestingly enough, Barr observed, "I made the mistake of thinking Marcy was a powerful woman in her own right. I've come to learn that there are none in TV. There aren't powerful men, for that matter, either- unless they work for an ad company or a market-study group. Those are the people who decide what gets on the air and what doesn't" (Barr, 2011). What her comment makes clear is that, even while perceived as social commentary by others, oseanne perceives her show as commercial, leading one to wonder if it is possible to have a truly feminist television series in a society that struggles for post-feminism and worships capitalism.


Barr, . (2011, May 15). "And…


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2011 from website: 

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Journal, 39. Retrieved December 4, 2011 from

Sex in the City Reflecting Common Assumptions
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Sex in the City: Reflecting Common Assumptions About Women, But Not Women's Real Lives

The popular HBO comedy series Sex in the City portrayed the fortunes of four upscale Manhattan women looking for love. The feminist or liberated nature of the show was much-debated, throughout its duration. On one hand, the close relationship of the protagonists -- Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte -- was the one constant amongst the sea of changes in all of the characters' lives. These changes encompassed marriages, births, cancer, and other life-altering events. However, on the other hand, the characters' relationships with men formed the primary focus of the series. Their sexual and romantic troubles drove the series' plots and were more important dramatically than the characters' work lives or even their hobbies. The cultural myth that women, no matter how successful, are obsessed with finding the right man, and are only fully 'female' when…

Global PR Trends A Recent
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But in Bali," where she went on a business trip "it was politely but pointedly noted that when you stand that way it's seen as a sign of rudeness or defiance.'" (Garfinkel, 2004)

hen do you need proactive PR planning? And when do you utilize reactive crisis management?

If only all gaffes crying out for crisis management were so small. hen launching a new product or introducing a new enterprise on the part of a company, such as Starbuck's entry into the music selling business, or as the release of a new film starring a new, up and coming star, public relations must be active and proactive in a positive fashion. However, crisis management when a major executive commits a personal or professional ethical lapse or linguistic gaffe requires damage control or reactive management. A recent such problem occurred for the real estate firm Douglas Elliman when its star employee…

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Crisis at Central High the
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Formally, 'Aparthied' may have been dispersed inside the United States and South Africa. On the other hand, there is still the illegal version, in every way that is still bad, every bit as evil and just as belittling as all segregation was destined to be.

In "Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later," HBO's 2007 which was a documentary concerning the present-day Little Rock Central High School, a teenage girl mentions, "You [Caucasians] have it all fed on a silver spoon from the day you were born." The writer Jonathan Kozol makes this affirmation in his statement that was in a 2005 article from Harper's Magazine: "The current per-pupil expenditure level in the New York City [public] schools is $12,700, which can be linked with a per-pupil expenses equal in the additional of $23,000 in the wealthy suburban region of Manhasset, Long Island." Furthermore, he mentions that New York City schools…

6 Baer, Frances Lisa. Resistance to Public School Desegregation: Little Rock, Arkansas, and Beyond. 2008. 328.

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8 Reed, Roy. Faubus: The Life and Times of an American Prodigal (1997)

Bee Gees
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Bee Gees

The Bees were a British and Australian band that was originally a pop singer-songwriter combinations and then reborn as funk and disco (Bee pp). The brothers Gibb were born in the Isle of Man during the 1940's and consisted of lead vocalist Barry, and twins, co-lead vocalist Robin and keyboardist-guitarist Maurice (Bee pp). The Bee Gees have found their way into every corner of popular music around the world (Taylor pp.)

The Gibb family moved to Brisbane, Australia in 1958 where the Brothers Gibb began performing at local clubs and eventually made their way to a local television show (Bee pp). It was their father taught them how to work an audience once he realized how good they were and threw his support behind them (How 1977). In the beginning, they performed under several names, including the Blue Cats and the Rattlesnakes, however, in 1962, they signed their…

Work Cited

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Religious Convictions and Practices of
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There is no one standard for what is considered right and wrong in the world of American religion. The American religion that exists today may be described as "Agnostian-Secularian" meaning it is made up of multiple faiths, beliefs and convictions, some more Christian based and some more abstract in nature.

By and large the American 'religion' or modern society is varying accepting of people of many different faiths and idealisms. Though the government of this country is somewhat heavily influenced by Christian fundamentalist ideals such as those that Bush emphasizes, the public by and large particularly in the eyes of the media, is much more open and flexible in nature. There are some beliefs that may be considered more 'universal' in nature than others. There is for example an obvious preference among people living in the modern American world to belief in the basic concepts of right and wrong.…

Sex and Career in Sex
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It is through these facets of every "Sex" woman character that makes the show meaningful and realistic enough to make it audiences believe that they, too, can attain the personalities and triumphs in love, sex, and career lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda.

Indeed, love, sex, and career as depicted in "Sex" is actually embedded in the show's women characters. The close relationship of the women with each other symbolically represents the intertwined relationship of love, sex, and career, wherein each factor is representative of a woman character in "Sex." Through its characters, "Sex" has managed to cultivate and maintain the ideology of liberal thinking in matters concerning love, sex, and career -- an ideology that proves essential for women, in order to further strengthen their personalities and individualities without resorting to radical expressions of femininity, a fault that feminists often suffer from.

As Richards (2003) discusses in her…


Fairley, J. (2002). Cash in the city: Affording Manolos, martinis, and manicures on a working girl's salary. NY: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

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Managing Change
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Turning around a failing organization: NBC

One of the most outstanding management success stories of the latter 20th century was Jack elch's revitalization of the then failing GE corporate enterprise, through his statistically quantified quality control procedure known as Six Sigma. Quality control is defined as "the managerial process during which actual process performance is evaluated and actions are taken on unusual performance. It is a process to ensure whether a product meets predefined standards and requisite action taken if the standards are not met." ("Quality Control," Six Sigma, 2004) elch set standards for his new corporation in specific and quantifiable ways, and forced its different divisions to meet those specifications.

However, at present, there is a glaring decline in one of GE's key divisions, that of NBC. Once upon a time, long, long ago in entertainment news history, NBC was at the forefront of cutting edge television, with its…

Works Cited (17 Jan 2005) "CBS Back on top of the Ratings." Retrieved 23 Jan 2005.

Six Sigma Dictionaries. (2004) "Quality Control." Retrieved 23 Jan 2005.

Frankie Manning the Father of
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Well, I kind of introduced that into Lindy Hopping. And we call it an air step because that's the way that we envisioned it -- as a step. We said, This has to be done in time with the music. it's not a lift -- it's a step -- so you gotta do it as a step (Editors).

Many people would add innovations and other moves to the basic Lindy, and it would spread out to create an entire form of swing dancing that included air-steps, synchronized dancing, and jitterbugging, all popular forms of swing dance. However, Manning was a true innovator in swing dance, and has been honored with several documentaries. He also was interviewed for the Ken Burns documentary "Jazz," and HBO plans to make a full-length feature film about his remarkable life.

In conclusion, Frankie Manning is the true father of the Lindy Hop, and with his…


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Evolving and Multifaceted Roles of
Words: 2280 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89744963
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Change, however, rather than pure survival propels newly female created and depicted Italian women -- in Barolini, women are not forces of the home front and reaction and religion, as they are in male urban narratives. Rather, beginning even in Barolini's Italian Calabria, women propel a family destiny of fundamental change. After the first years of struggle, the woman and her husband relocate the family to upstate New York where it is Umbertina's determination and innate intelligence that propels her family to unexpected and unanticipated middle class success and security. Thus, because of the determination of a successive generation of women the family can live out the destiny of the American dream that their forbearers set in motion so many years ago in Italy and resolving the tensions between the Italian-American women's conflicts between their socially constructed dual identities and their yearnings for both success and security, family life and…

Works Cited

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Classical Drama
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The Roman play Hecyra is a comedy of errors that did bomb in its first two showings and could easily bomb again if it does not have the right mix of stage direction and acting. The actors must be able to have a very subtle comedic style, not playing any role with too much zaniness or spoof. There is a fine line between being credible and too hard to believe.

There are four main characters: The newly weds, Pamphilus and Philumena, the mother (mother-in-law) Myrrina, and mistress Bacchio. In addition to being a little young, naive and ditzy, Pamphilus, Philumena and Bacchis have to look (the part) as if they could have a Latin background. The mother-in-law must be pleasant yet proud. She is not a dislikable character -- after all, she is not really the reason for the split of the newly weds. All four characters (even the…

101st Airborne Division Headquartered in
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The 101st Division has also supported humanitarian relief efforts in Rwanda and Somalia, and have been deployed as peacekeepers to Haiti and Bosnia (101st).

As part of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Screaming Eagles were deployed once again to Iraq (101st). "The division was in V Corps, providing support to the 3rd Infantry Division by clearing Iraqi strong-points which that division had bypassed" (101st). Using the city of Mosul as their primary base of operations, they then went on to become part of the occupation forces in Iraq before being withdrawn in 2004 for rest and refit (101st). The existing infantry brigades, artillery brigade, and aviation brigades were transformed as part of the Army's modular transformation, with the addition of re-activating a new 4th Brigade Combat Team, called Currahee, and its subordinate units to form a 6-7 major units division, one of the Army's largest (101st).…

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Television Journal Wide Flat-Screen Televisions
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The range of television programs that I watch includes HBO dramas like "Six Feet Under," animated comedies like "The Simpsons" and "South Park," and occasionally the news and "The Daily Show." I also enjoy watching professional sports on TV too. The shows I watch occasionally relate to my daily life but usually they do not. For example, "Six Feet Under" portrays relationships and family more realistically than any other show I know but for the most part the shows I watch, including "The Simpsons" are exaggerated, which is why they are funny. I enjoy shows that make me laugh, but some dramas like "CSI" are occasionally fun to watch, even if they have no bearing on my every day life. In generally I like shows that entertain me for whatever reason, whether they make me laugh or whether they simply distract me for an hour or two.

Zygmut Bauman Markets Without Edges
Words: 634 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 84819448
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9. Bauman is talking to all humans and is asking us to take stock of our attitude and human togetherness, he calls them emancipation, individuality, time/space, work and community -- all need to change.

10. In deference to Roger Von Oech (Whack on the Side of the Head), Bauman is asking us to take a different look and approach to the ideas of consumerism in postmodern society / a shift took place that altered society from producers to consumers, and tradeoffs were made; security was given up to enjoy more freedom to purchase and consume. His works are difficult and the concepts a bit amorphous, but the general idea is to get back in touch with the human side of being human -- to use technology not to hide from the world, but to engage with the world. Instead of our children spending hours playing video games, have them engage…

Transformative Art the Artists That I Have
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Transformative Art

The artists that I have chosen to spotlight come from three continents and different ethnicities. They are actors, musicians, lyricists, rappers, poets, and comedians. They are also revolutionaries who are using art to transform the world that they live within into a better place.

Saul illiams

Saul illiams is an artist with many interests and abilities; he is hard to place in a single category. Saul illiams is a poet-both written and spoken; an actor; a philosopher; a rapper; a rock-star; a productive musician; a producer…and the list continues (illiams, Bio). No matter what genre illiams is creating within, one thing remains the same- namely, the theme underlying his work. In all of illiams's work, whether one looks in the albums, the movies, the song tracks, or the books, one can find illiams' commitment to transforming individuals by challenging and transforming how they think, what they believe, what…

Work Cited

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Tour." Lesbian News 01 Mar. 2005: 26-27. < .>

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Dec. 2011.< .>

Complex Intersections Criminality Gender and Work
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Career in Prostitution


Criminality, Sex, and Work

'Choosing' a Career in Prostitution

'Choosing' a Career in Prostitution

The concept of 'career' has been defined by economists as "… the means through which human capital is accrued through experience and education" (Murphy and Venkatesh, 2006, p. 132). Sociologists on the other hand, propose that the definition of 'career' also includes nurturing a positive social role. Mainstream America would probably define 'career' using both these concepts, in addition to others. For example, most Americans would probably include a significant degree of choice and commitment to a specific type of occupation.

While most Americans would probably not imagine crime as a possible career choice, many of the same core concepts of 'career' seem to be present when speaking of drug dealers, thieves, and prostitutes, as they are depicted in the HBO television series The Wire (Simon, 2002-2008). On…


Bourgois, Philippe. (2003). In search of respect: Selling crack in El Barrio, Second Edition. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Race the Problems of Race & the
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The Problems of ace & the Myths of Urban Poverty

ace is a social construct. There is exists very little genetic difference among the various "races" of humans on Earth. This construct is central to many, and perhaps even most people on our planet. ace is a physical difference that draws clearly defined boundaries between people. ace can be the inspiration for war. ace is hardly an inspiration for peace, unfortunately. This paper will briefly examine situations when race has been used to hurt and subordinate others. This paper will reference examples of groups of people that are systematically via the social realms and institutions who suffer due to their race, an aspect over which they had no choice or say. Drawing from the series, The Wire, and a few readings, the paper will propose what the myths of urban poverty are, who are the authors of such myths,…


Dreier, P. And J. Atlas. 2009. The Wire - Bush-Era Fable About America's Urban Poor. City & Community, 8: 329-340.

Edin, K. And K. Harris. 1998. Getting Off and Staying Off: Racial Differences in the Work Route off Welfare. Pages 270-301: Latinas and African-American Women at Work: Race, Gender, and Economic Inequality, New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation.

Newman, K. 2001. Hard Times on 125th Street: Harlem's Poor Confront Welfare Reform. American Anthropologist, 103(3): 762-778.

Management Action and Productivity Businesses in Developed
Words: 2475 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 22553671
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Management Action and Productivity

usinesses in developed countries tend to think of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a characteristic that is centered in their own businesses or, failing that, situated in the industries of wealthier nations. The CSR movement is substantively skewed in the direction of the developed world where the motivation for adopting a CSR initiative is driven more by altruism -- or "enlightened self-interest" (Vogel 2006: 18) -- than profit margins. It is unusual to find a perspective that considers CSR from the perspective of a sourcing company. In the centrically-oriented corporate arena of the developed world, CSR is seen as originating with the company that establishes a supply chain with a multinational company -- not the other way around. In order to manage and control ethical issues arising from doing business with overseas markets, many corporations rely on a social compliance model (PricewaterhouseCoopers 2007).

The social compliance…


Buying your way into trouble? The challenge of responsible supply chain management. 2004. Insight Investment, HBOS. London, UK: Acona Investment Consulting. Retrieved 

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Eslenshade, J. 2004. Monitoring Sweatshops: Workers, Consumers, & the Global Apparel Industry. Temple University Press.

Issues of Social Class
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Social Class

My current social class is dependent upon the fundamental reason why I am writing this paper: my level of education. Even though it is an idealization to consider that education in America is as meritocratic as it pretends to be, and whether its high price-tag is merited. The price tag looks particularly high when viewed in comparison with most European countries, in which the cost of university education is virtually subsidized. Recent riots broke out in London over the raising of the level of school fees required to be paid by students at universities like Oxford and Cambridge. By American standards, even the proposed raised fees make Oxford only as expensive as a community college education would be for an American. Nevertheless, the price tag of an education in America is only part of the complex process whereby it does offer an automatic way of increasing one's own…

Nursing & Humanities Alice Munro Slides for
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Nursing & Humanities, Alice Munro


"The Day of the Butterfly" by Alice Munro is a quiet portrayal of elementary schoolgirls in 1950s Canada learning one of their classmates has a terminal illness.

"It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career" performed by Belle and Sebastian is a song about a young stroke victim and his caregiver.

"Angels in America" is a television-film adaptation of the Pulitzer-Prize-winning play by Tony Kushner, and depicts the AIDS epidemic in 1986 before any cure or medication had been discovered.


From the standpoint of a professional Nurse, these artistic depictions of terminal and end-of-life illness teach us emotional lessons about the experience of survivors -- they ask…

Living Memory Disappears Having Read the Second
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Living Memory Disappears

Having read the second slide in the Power point presentation concerning the deaths of the last French veterans of World War I, what difference do you think it makes to our appreciation of history when those that actually experienced it die?

The appreciation of history is intensified when the living connection to the event is extinguished. That particular time in history cannot be revisited through the stories and tales from the people who actually lived through it, but can only be accessed via books, magazines, newspapers and photos. For this reason, the event actually becomes more significant because it is historical and there is no way to retrieve details of it anymore through the people who experienced it firsthand. The difference in appreciation of history comes from the knowledge that a closure to an event has arrived.

Question 2

Belle Epoque and World War I

If you…

Halle Berry Made American and World History
Words: 423 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62920414
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Halle erry made American and World history by becoming the first African-American woman to be awarded with the prestigious and renowned Oscar award for best actress for her performance in Monster's all. A speechless Halle erry accepted her award in tears at the 74th Annual Academy Awards. An emotional erry commented, "This moment is so much bigger than me...this is for every nameless, faceless woman of color who now has a chance because this door has been opened." As the camera swept across the celebrity crowd, it was visible that many onlookers shared in Halle's emotion. The humble Mrs. erry went on to thank the women who come before her including Dorothy Dandridge who she portrayed in a HO movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge as well as Lena Horne and Diahann Carol. erry also went on to thank her mother, her husband singer Eric enet and others who she felt helped…


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Film Psych Analyzing the Sopranos Through the
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Film Psych

Analyzing the Sopranos through the eyes of Carl Jung

Unconscious Eyes

The award-winning HBO television series, The Sopranos, is one that can be analyzed by people everywhere. Each time a new episode airs, it has more symbolism than the last. The various storylines, plots, and characters are divulged in a way that creates a certain tension among the audience; and week after week, people feel compelled to come back for more.

So why is it that people feel bound to their television sets each fall when a new season of The Sopranos commences? Most people in America will answer this way: "It's great drama." But there must be a driving force behind the drama, a technique that the writers, directors, and producers use to hold America's interest. Carl G. Jung, author of Man and His Symbols, might have a few ideas regarding this.

In Man and His Symbols,…

Works Cited

Estes, Clarissa Pinkola. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. New York: Ballantine Books, 1992.

Jung, Carl G. Man and His Symbols. Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company Inc., 1964.

Sex Gender
Words: 1679 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55696312
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Sex and Gender

Six Feet Under is unique among American television shows in its depiction of sex and gender. Because it is an HBO cable series, the writers are offered considerable leeway in the use of partial nudity and coarse language. Ironically, however, Alan Ball, the writer/executive producer/creator of Six Feet Under, keeps the show relatively free of gender bias or stereotypes. Moreover, depictions of sexuality in the series are realistic and tasteful, not nearly as sensationalized as they are often shown on network television. Episode 13, entitled "Knock, Knock" aired November 16, 2003. This episode is particularly revealing in demonstrating that Alan Ball's critically acclaimed show Six Feet Under quite accurately reflects the mores, folkways, and values in American culture, including those that have to do with sexuality and gender. hile most shows on network television do drive American culture by imparting a sense of consumer-based identity on male…

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Ellen Degeneres
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Ellen DeGeneres [...] DeGeneres and how her life has influenced the Gay and Lesbian community within the entertainment world. Ellen DeGeneres; comedienne, talk show host, and lesbian. Her candid exposure of her life has made a difference to gays and lesbians everywhere, and has created a new understanding of gender and sexuality in much of the media.

Ellen DeGeneres was born on January 26, 1958, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, and spent much of her young life in the suburbs of New Orleans. She has a brother, Vance, who is four years older than she is, and grew up in a Christian Scientist family. Ellen spent her high school years in Atlanta, Texas, after her mother and father divorced and her mother moved to Atlanta. She seems to have been good at some athletics, such as tennis, and a bit heavyset. When she graduated from high school, she moved back to…


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Sex in the City
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Construction of Modern Hetero, Homo, and Bisexual Identity in "Sex in the City"

Are the ladies of "Sex in the City" heterosexual women or homosexual men? Although the answer may seem obvious, the rampant sexual play and obsessive quality regarding sexual performance on the part of the women, their love of shopping and definition of themselves through conspicuous consumerism, and the overall aesthetic of the show's sense of sexual and pop cultural 'camp' might suggest that Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda are in fact drag queens rather than actual Manhattan, urban, female apartment dwellers. At one point, in an episode entitled, "Boy Girl, Boy Girl," Charlotte is photographed in drag as a man. In another episode Charlotte attempts to enter the lesbian art mafia. Breathless about her new found discovery of her latent, non-heterosexual drives and the ability to be around intelligent women unconcerned with male, she is brutally informed,…

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Film Analysis American Beauty Women's Sexuality Film
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Film Analysis: American Beauty

Women's Sexuality

Film Analysis: American Beauty

Film Analysis: American Beauty

American Beauty (1999) was written by Alan Ball, creator of the HBO series 6 Feet Under, and directed by Sam Mendes. American Beauty centers around the Burnham family, who, on the surface seems like a picture-perfect, white, upper-middle class, suburban family. The protagonist of the film is the father and husband of the Burnham family, Lester, who, fed up with the boredom and monotony of his life, has an interesting "mid-life" crisis, that includes a very active crush on his adolescent daughter's Lolita-type best friend.

The film follows the Burham family as each member (mother, father, and daughter) transition into new stages of their lives. Lester's transition is the most notable and spectacular. He loses his high paying job and begins working at a fast food restaurant. While working the drive-thru, he discovers that his seemingsly…


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Organizational Behavior Case Analysis
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Terkel, Working (Organizational Behavior)

The interview subjects in Studs Terkel's book Working run the gamut from farm wife to university professor, but all are able to be articulate about what it is that they do for a living. However, some basic patterns emerge upon examination of a representative sample of Terkel's interviews. The first thing to note is the relationship of education to work: in some sense, these people are all concerned with how their education did or did not prepare them for the work that they do. A second point to note is the sense of institutional difficulty, in how the individual relates to the larger structures of the workplace -- this can take the form of labor organizations like labor, or the corporations, or even competitors. The final thing that is worth noting in Terkel's interviews is whether or not the individual feels dehumanized or alienated from the…


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Lens Into the Worlds of Interesting People
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lens into the worlds of interesting people, movements, cultures, and practices. Three films, two of which are documentary, show how the presidents of the United States behaved and were involved in scandal. Although the films were effective in highlighting the lapses in judgment these former American presidents have, it did little to help the audience viewing the film understand why it was done and how it impacts the country. ith the exception of the atergate scandal, a lot of the information shown in these films was meant to drive entertainment values more than anything else. Sadly that is what the news is slowly becoming, something that is meant to grab ratings.

Unlike the news, documentaries have the ability to truly develop character and persona in their subjects of interest. There is a scene in the film, "Journey's with George" that discusses George Bush Jr.'s dietary habits. One of which is…

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Netflix Is One of the Most Innovative
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Netflix is one of the most innovative companies of 2014. They are an internet TV business. They provide online streaming content, including DVD/Blu Ray rentals shipped directly to the home of subscribers. The company's CEO is Reed Hastings. Netflix's main headquarters remain in Los Gatos, California. It boasts 2,022 employees towards the end of 2013.

A brief background reveals was founded on 1997 and its mission statement at the time was to offer online movie rentals. In 1999, the company began offering a selling and subscription service. That same year the secure $30 million from Group Arnaul as investment capital. In 2000, the company launched CineMatch, a personalized movie recommendation service.

In 2002, the IPO brought the company 850,000 members. In 2006, the business announced a prize of $1 million for ten percent improvement in accuracy of recommendations. In 2007, Netflix introduced streaming. In 2008, Netflix collaborated with consumer…

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Matthew Shepard
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Matthew Shepad Stoy," diected by Roge Spottiswoode, is a 2002 Canadian-Ameican television film highlighting the tue stoy of 21-yea-old gay youth, Matthew Shepad. The film scenaio witten by Jacob Kuege and John Wieick, stas Stockad Channing as Judy Shepad, Sam Wateson as Dennis Shepad, and Shane Meie as Matthew Shepad. The poduces of the film wee Alliance Atlantis Communications and the film pemieed Mach 16, 2002 on NBC and CTV. "The Laamie Poject," a simila film, aied the same day on HBO.

The film "The Matthew Shepad Stoy" depicts the violent hate cime committed by a pai of men who beat and ob Matthew one night in Octobe 1998 in Wyoming. Matthew was left to die, while the two men sped off in the ca. The fist scene in the movie goes staight to the violence, showing the two men tying up, beating Matthew, and taking off his shoes. The…

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