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Jean Rhys Good Morning Midnight
Words: 2537 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71321410
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Jean Rhys "Good Night, Midnight"

The explanation for the title of the book, exposed as a poem by Emily Dickinson, sets the tone for the work. It is assumed from the words that a woman is coming home after a night out with a suitor and she was, for some reason, rejected. Thus, since the "day" would not have her she is happy to say good morning to the midnight that is her life (Gardiner, 1983). This seems, according to the research, to be a familiar lament among the women who work as main characters in Jean Rhys books. The fact that this woman feels abandoned and, apparently, ashamed is nothing new for a Rhys heroine and would not be the last time that such a forlorn woman was the subject of one of her books. "Good Morning, Midnight" is a prime example of prose and writing style that so…

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Japanese Film Ozu's 'Good Morning'
Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71448758
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The film is about rather ordinary events taking place in an environment that experiences a forceful change. Adults practically contrast children through their thinking and the way that they behave, considering that in spite of the fact that they talk while the children are on a silent strike, they fail to put across thorough thought and only manage to fuel each-other's prejudiced nature. Isamu and Minoru are intriguing through the fact that they manage to display clever and sincere acting, demonstrating that they had a special relationship with the director and that they collaborated in making it possible for the film to express authentic feelings. The fact that their actual role in the film regards their interest in criticizing their parents over their reluctance to say what they think when they think it adds to the thought that the children take on a more rational character. This makes their parents…

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Inward Morning Philosophy Response to
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92712229
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11). I understand that he thought his life might end suddenly during the war, and that made meaning more important to him. But it seems unrealistic to demand that every word a person speaks should be meaningful. "Please, pass the salt," is not very meaningful, but it is necessary to say such things in order to get through life. We can't go about saying to our neighbors, "Time is a human illusion. There is only the Eternal Now," although this is certainly a meaningful statement. We have to talk about the fence we share that need to be fixed and whether the man next door can borrow my lawn mower to cut his grass.

This doesn't seem too meaningful, and yet it is. Bigbee (1958, 1976) quotes Spinoza as saying, the true good is discovery of the union between oneself and all beings. If I remember this, I can get…

From what I have read of quantum physics, the "union between oneself and all beings" is literal and not just a metaphore. Everything in the universe is really all one thing, one substance. Nothing is separate from anything else; all are parts of same whole, like different patterns in an ornate Persian carpet: "One enormous something that has extended its uncountable arms and appendages into all the apparent objects, atoms, restless oceans, and twinkling stars in the cosmos" (Talbot, 1991, p. 48). If this is so, and it is what quantum physicists claim, then, there is really only one man -- and separation is an illusion brought by the human experience and the way we perceive it. We are not separate from nature and other animals either, but connected. What we do to others, we do to ourselves. Would environmental damage or war exist if people knew this was so?

Bigbee (1958, 1976) compares reflection to tilling the soil and turning it over and over. He is in favor of reflection, of course, but he warns that "a sense of estrangement from the truth that is one's own" can be the result if we go about it the wrong way. It reminds me of something my grandmother told me. She had Freudian psychoanalysis when she was young, and she said it was like stirring a big pot of garbage over and calling it soup. She was old when she said that.

I think the problem is analysis itself as a method for getting at the truth. It seems to me

Mall on a Sunny Saturday Morning the
Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75183284
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On a sunny Saturday morning, the mall is a quiet place to be. Most people, unless they have a job or an errand at the mall, contrive to be almost any place else where they can enjoy the golden light and gentle warmth of a new day. Early on Saturday morning, the weekend still lies ahead, with the promise of relaxation, enjoyment, chores accomplished, or whatever else one hopes the weekend will hold.

On a rainy Saturday morning, however, the mall is a bustling place. There is no need to postpone errands. The sky is dark and the air is chilly and wet. There will be no ball games or picnics or walks in the park. It is a good day to get things done indoors and perhaps even snuggle under a summer-weight blanket and take a nap.

Don't children watch cartoons on Saturday mornings anymore? Mothers and fathers,…

U S Defend the Home-Front Against
Words: 2255 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96371813
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Going back to the attempted Northwest Airlines bombing in December 2009 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, he was traveling on a multi-year, multiple-entry tourist visa issued to him in June 2008 (Garcia & Wasen, 2010). Thus, he was able to attain his U.S. visa legally even though if one was to look at his background, there will be "red flags" already pertaining to his terrorist leanings. It seems though that the State Department, the embassies, consulates and missions charged with the issuance of various visas to foreigners do not have the resources and capabilities to conduct proper and thorough screening. In this regard then, it is critical to have better systems, processes, and procedures in place that can better vet and investigate foreigners seeking visas to enter the United States. "The Enhanced order Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002 aimed to improve the visa issuance process abroad as well…


Crowley, P.J. (2008). "Homeland security and the upcoming transition: What the next administration should do to make us safe at home." Harvard Law & Policy Review, 2: 289-312. Retrieved July 21, 2011 from 

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Nanda Home Case
Words: 2541 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 2477125
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New Product Development

Nanda Home, in 2011, is starting to struggle. The company basically has a single product, Clocky, that has been on the market for several years. The company has in this time introduced some variants on the alarm clock theme, but has yet to be successful in any other business. The founder, Gauri Nanda, is unsure of what the next step should be, given that she is unsure of what the issues are with the company.

The current situation is that the flagship product, Clocky, is nearing the end of the normal product life cycle in this category, something that is evidenced by the fact that prices are falling to spur demand, and that the company is frequently selling to existing clients. The two newer products also seem to appeal the most to existing clients. Nanda Home had introduced a line of bags, but this venture failed for…

Elearning A Balanced Assessment Elearning Before the
Words: 1188 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70232809
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Elearning: A Balanced Assessment


Before the Internet, if we wanted to find out information on a topic, we would have to check out a book and weed through information we didn't necessarily need or want. In this modern age, information is a Google search away. If someone wants to know how the Civil War started, all they have to do is type it into the search box. This saves time and money. Another modern change is how we take classes. For years we have taken traditional classes that have worked for us, but now there is a new trend, online learning. Online courses are more cost effective, a better environment in which to learn, and more time flexible than traditional learning.

A student runs into a lot of different costs because of a traditional class. One of the largest is the gas bill to and from school every day.…


Case, D.E. And Davidson, R.C. (2011). Accessible online learning. New Directions for Student

Services 134 (Summer 2011), 47-58. Retrieved from DOI 10, 1002/ss:394

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from: doi:10.1111/j.1467-8535.2010.01081.x

Quiet Mourning One Has a
Words: 3698 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 78741839
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I am not sure what I expected about my check-up. I suppose I thought that the new relationship I had the OBGYN because of my pregnancy would continue on as a special relationship. I was wrong. My visit was, once again, the sterile, medical kind, and not the kind that I had with him while I was pregnant. My OBGYN performed the post surgical exam, and then spoke with me briefly.

"You're healthy," he said, "and I would recommend beginning again, as soon as you're ready, to get pregnant again. If that's what you." Then he was gone, and the nurse came in with a prescription.

"This, she said, is a prescription for a mild pain killer for cramping. Really, it's just a prescription strength aspirin." Then she looked at me and added, "I know what you're going through."

I thought she was the connection I needed. Someone who had…

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Nineteen Thirty-Seven and the River Edwidge Danticat
Words: 1331 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44797561
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Nineteen Thirty-Seven and the River

Edwidge Danticat and Flannery O'Connor both explore the influence of religion in creating a belief system in individuals who have been disconnected from societies' main stream in their shot stories Nineteen Thirty-Seven and The River. Characters in both stories have been abandoned by humanity and strive to regain their identity through God's grace. Danticat uses a poverty stricken Haitian woman, Manman, who has been accused of being a witch and incarcerated, while O'Connor incorporates a very young affluent boy, Bevel, who has been discounted as a human being and forsaken by his parents to frame their stories. Both Manman and Bevel use religion, specifically Christianity, to help them find an identity under hostile conditions.

Danticat's story is set in Haiti, in a society that is dominated by poverty and superstitious beliefs. Manman is hauled out of her home one morning, beaten by her neighbors, and…

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Republican - Retelling of The
Words: 487 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53055967
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" few moments later, a social service volunteer hastened down the sidewalk. When he saw the young man, he paused for a moment and shook his head.

I'm really trying to rid this city of people like you," he said, shaking his head. "Sleeping in the streets shouldn't be an option. I wish there was something I could do, but I'm late to help society."

Finally, as a wealthy businessman driving down the road near the young man caught a glimpse of what he thought was a hand lying on the sidewalk. The businessman, a local Republican candidate and member of a fundamentalist Christian church, quickly pulled his large, Lexus SUV to the side of the road, and hopped out, kneeling on the ground next to the young man wearing his tailored Armani suit. He noticed the young man's bruises and tattered sign. Quickly, he took off his own jacket…

Social Work - Biopsychosocial Case
Words: 4418 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29831604
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She did not have the benefit of a bedroom door for the last two years of high school.

Without the bedroom door, the client changed her clothes in the bathroom and was often unable to sleep at night because of her father's snoring. The first time her mother confronted her for being wide awake (and reading) in her room in the middle of the night, the client admitted that her father's snoring kept her awake. A few minutes later, her father entered her room and whipped her with the belt for "being disrespectful."

After discovering that alcohol allowed her to fall asleep and sleep through the night, she began drinking vodka at bedtime, which she chose because it was odorless and easy to hide in alternative containers in her room and among the cleaning supplies in the bathroom cabinet.

The client has always recalled the details of her childhood physical…


Butler, K. (1997). The Anatomy of Resilience; the Family Therapy Networker, 21(2):22-31

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Social Work, 40(6).

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Patriarch Nothing Stays With Us in Life
Words: 4845 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81294708
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Nothing stays with us in life as powerfully as the images of our parents we take with us into adulthood. A harsh father, a loving mother, a single parent who was on the edge of exhaustion, but always available... The emotions attached to these memories affect our adult decisions. These recollections influence how we see ourselves, who we believe we can be in the adult world, and who we see when we look in the morning mirror.

In the equity of the universe, it seems unfair that the species which spends the most time in its home before heading into the world is most influenced by its parents. When looking across the animal kingdom, lion cubs are ready to hunt for themselves after a number of months. Sea turtles are born on the beaches, devoid of any parental influence.

Those lucky enough to make it back to water are…


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Gilman Was a Social Activist and Herself
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15747691
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Gilman was a social activist and herself experienced mental illness. These elements infuse her story "The Yellow Wallpaper" with greater meaning and urgency for Feminism and for plight of females then and now.

Gilman as social activist

Gilman advocates for woman. The woman owned by males and disallowed by husband, male physician, and brother from leaving the room becomes mad.

The woman is imprisoned -- locked in. Males stunt and kill her life. In the end she steps over them; Gilman is telling females to do so too.

Gilman's experience with mental illness and its treatment

Description of Gilman's experience

Elaboration of the haunting description of the wallpaper. Gilman's familiarity with the psychosis

E. Typical 19th century views/treatments of mental illness.

Description of contemporary treatment

b. Treatment of the character. It matched social beliefs and was created by males


How this knowledge enhances our understanding of the story and…

Sources Charlotte Perkins Gilman biography 

Brainy Quote  Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Yellow Wallpaper

Transformation of Virginia the Book
Words: 1140 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15235027
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As an example of how effectively he uses his sources, and where he gets them, on page 32 the author is pointing out that slaves didn't work in the fields and labor at other tasks seven days a week. They had Sunday off, as a rule, and they made the most of it. hereas many history books make it seem like slaves were out there under the whip almost ever day of their lives, working fingers to the bone and being beaten if they refused any order.

Sundays they commonly spend in fishing making Potatoes [digging up their small lots of ground allow'd by their Master], building and patching their Quarters or rather cabins" (taken from a Plantation tutor of the Old Dominion, illiamsburg VA, 1957). And also on page 32, the author takes a passage from a book that was published in 1784 by Englishman J.F.D. Smyth, a Tour…

Works Cited

Isaac, Rhys. The Transformation of Virginia 1740-1790. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1982.

Chinese Calligraphy or Chinese Weddings
Words: 783 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49364994
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Chinese eddings

Ancient Chinese weddings began with elaborate preparation, including the proposal and acceptance. However, the wedding itself was rather simple, and generally comprised of the bride and groom paying homage to Heaven and Earth, the family ancestors and the Kitchen God, Tsao-Chun, at the family altar, after which they drank tea offered by the groom's parents, and then bowed to each other (Chinese pp). This completed the marriage ceremony. Although the marriage ceremony itself was simply, there were numerous customs that were required both before and after, many of which are still observed today.

Today, many Chinese-Americans choose to combine their traditional culture with modern estern traditions. Traditionally, the color red is the symbol of happiness and joy, and is used throughout Chinese celebrations, including weddings (Traditions pp). The wedding invitations and reception menus are a deep red with black or gold calligraphy, and the guest book is always…

Work Cited

Chinese Wedding Traditions. Chinese Historical and Cultural Project.

Traditions and Wedding Customs: Chinese Weddings. Japanese Wedding

Li-Young Lee Within the Poetic
Words: 1197 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 49102522
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/This desire, perfection./Your closed eyes my extinction./Now I've forgotten my/idea.... (Lee, 2002, This Room and Everything in it)

Each work demonstrates how easy it is to become complacent about the mundane character of even the most sincere of emotional expression, that of sensual love and then makes an attempt to etch something that is essential to life into memory, as Lee was taught to do by his father. Lee, as a child gave riper persimmons to his father and the persimmons became a tool of symbolism for the child, as he grew to a man;

Finally understanding/he was going blind,/my father sat up all one night waiting for a song, a ghost./I gave him the persimmons,/swelled, heavy as sadness,/and sweet as love. (Lee, 2002, Persimmons)

The poignant memory of a young boy offering his father a consoling gift of two now ripened persimmons that he had found in the cellar,…

Works Cited

Lee, Li-Young, This Room and Everything in it. Retrieved November, 5, 2008 .

Lee, Li-Young, Persimmons. Retrieved November, 5, 2008 .

Day in a Life
Words: 1372 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15472940
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My morning ritual begins at 7:30 A.M. when I wake up, wash my face, apply fresh make-up, fix my hair, put my clothes on and let the dogs out. This is a weekday ritual that I have performed everyday, except Saturday and Sunday, for seventeen years. I know that it takes me exactly twenty minutes to get myself ready for work.

At 7:50 A.M., I woke up my 4-year-old grandson and dressed him for Daycare, then I gave him his vitamins and fed him his breakfast, which consisted of an apple and apple juice. hen he has finished eating, he goes to the restroom.

At 8:20 A.M., I let the dogs back into the house and two minutes later my grandson and I walked outside, picked up the newspaper, and headed for Daycare. e arrived at 8:30 A.M. And after goodbyes, I leave the Daycare and stopped at the…

Work Cited

"Excerpt from C. Wright Mills, 'The Sociological Imagination.'"

Sarah's Legal Adviser Under the Previously Described
Words: 1904 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83327934
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Sarah's legal adviser under the previously described scenario, there a several questions I would like to ask my client before devising any potential defenses against Barry's charge of breach of contract. According to the facts presented by both parties, on Wednesday a conversation took place to negotiate the terms of a potential sale, with ownership of a refurbished laptop being transferred to Barry in exchange for $1,000 payment. On Wednesday, Sarah also informed Barry that her asking price was firm, and as a courtesy she also offered to withhold sale of the laptop until the end of the week if he was still interested. This proviso is central to Barry's eventual claim that a contract has been breached, because in his view this offer to reserve the laptop until Friday night at the very earliest was extended by Sarah and duly accepted by Barry, an agreement which would represent a…


Australian Woollen Mills Pty Ltd. v Commonwealth (1954) 92 CLR 424 at 457 per the Full High Court

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F & G. Sykes (Wessex) Ltd. v Fine Fare Ltd. (1967) 1 Lloyd's Rep 53 at 57

Family Assessment the Assessment of My Family
Words: 1290 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71821605
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Family Assessment

The assessment of my family is presented here for the academic purposes. The family comprises of six members that are working at different positions and live in personal home. Each member of family is educated. Based on questionnaire filled by all the family members, the summary is composed that will give an insight about the health of family.

Summary of each functional health pattern for family

The health perception-health function of the family suggests that it has an average health status. The health is not poor and the members are less vulnerable to severe health issues like diabetes and allergies yet there is a mild risk of getting cold and fever since there is low temperature at night and cool breezes during the morning. The family is suggested to have regular checkups and to take vitamins. Nutritional Metabolic Pattern of family shows that it has a healthy diet…


Doyer, B.M. And Radovich, N.H., (1990), "Functional health patterns: the postanesthesia care

Unit's approach to identification," Journal of Post Anesthesia Nursing, 5(3):157-62.

Vincenz, M.C., and Siskind, M.M., (1994), "Functional health patterns: a curricular course

Model for adult acute care," Nursing Diagnosis, 5(2):82-7

Larry Explain How Common Skills E G Communication
Words: 3785 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 959526
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Explain how common skills (e.g. communication and values attitudes and beliefs) can ensure good interprofessional practice for Larry and his wider family.

Communication skills are a vital part of both personal and professional practice (Axtell, 1990; Dimitrius & Mazzarella, 1999). They are necessary in the workplace and in families that function well, but they are also certainly necessary when it comes to how people are treated when they are injured, sick, or unable to care for themselves (oter, 2001). Because Larry was the primary caregiver to his wife but did not want anyone to know that she was suffering from dementia, he made the problems that he is currently facing more difficult for himself and also for his wife, Jeanie. Larry should have been open and upfront about Jeanie's problems, so that others would be able to plan for any eventuality. If people who are sole caregivers for ailing…


Axtell, R.E. (1990). Gestures: The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

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Amazing or Remarkable Things Take Place The
Words: 1115 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25323028
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amazing or remarkable things take place. The remembrances from those days are so special they remain ingrained in the mind through the years. At any time of day, morning or evening, thanks to the workings of the mind, that particularly meaningful memory can be brought into perfect focus and the recollection of events on that day warms the human spirit and brightens the heart.

My special day was the day I met my love. That wonderful day and the time we spent together will always be the brightest reminiscence in my mind. The darkest memory in my mind will be the day he was killed in the streets of Tehran by the police. It was June, 2009, and millions of Iranians honestly believed that the results of the national election had been rigged. Before the election, the polls all showed that Mir Hussein Mousavi was leading and would likely be…

Charles Ives' Music
Words: 1179 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 92387636
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Charles Ivey Song Lyrics

"Charlie Rutlage" by Charles Ives (1920), from Cowboy Songs and Other Ballads

The song "Charlie Rutlage" by composer Charles Ives was released in 1920 as part of Ives' collection Cowboy Songs and Other Ballads, and the work is distinctive of his signature style. The lyrics are mournful and melancholy, as Ives eulogizes "another good cowpuncher (who) has gone to meet his fate," telling the story of Charlie Rutlage, a hand on the XIT ranch who was killed after his horse fell and crushed him underneath. Ives sings the opening lines of the song with a celebratory bravado, lauding Rutlage by saying "Twill be hard to find another that's as liked as well as he" to suggest that the fallen cowboy was beloved by his friends and family. In my estimation, this passage is used by Ives to form an emotional connection between his listener and the…

How Did Nursing Change Social Roles of Northern Women During the Civil War
Words: 7299 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 96446723
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Nursing & omen's Roles Pre-and-Post Civil ar

The student focusing on 19th century history in the United States in most cases studies the Civil ar and the causes that led to the war. But there are a number of very important aspects to 19th century American history that relate to women's roles, including nursing and volunteering to help the war wounded and others in need of care. This paper delves into the role nurses played in the Civil ar (both Caucasian and Black nurses), the way in which the Civil ar changed the woman's work roles, the role women (both Black and Caucasian) played before, during, and after the war, and the terrible injustices thrust on women of color in a number of instances throughout the 19th century.

The oman's role in America prior to the Civil ar

"A woman's work is never done," is an old maxim but it…

Works Cited

Brockett, Linus Pierpont, and Vaughan, Mary C. (1867). Woman's Work in the Civil War: A

Record of Heroism, Patriotism and Patience. Chicago, IL: Zeigler, McCurdy & Co.

Child, Lydia. (1837). The Family Nurse [or] Companion of the American Frugal Housewife.

Bedford, MA: Applewood Books (originally published by Charles Hendee in Boston).

Family Case Study Presenting Problem
Words: 4052 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32471628
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Expressive functioning is related to communication such as emotional, verbal, and nonverbal communication, problem solving and roles within the family. Beliefs within the family are also a part of expressive functioning.

For the purpose of the Calgary Family Assessment Model, a family is defined as who they say they are. It is very important that the clinician performing the assessment not assign their own beliefs upon what he or she believes a family is, and take into account what the patient feels about family as to the patient is may mean not only the people who actually live within the household but can also address past, present and future emotional attachments.

Calgary Family Intervention Model:

The immediate family is composed of Mr. Herbert Schelley (the patient), Mrs. Annette Schelley (his wife), and their son Thomas Schelley. The extended family consists of the Schelley's two married daughters, their husbands and their…


Brownwald H. ed. (2003) Harrison's Textbook of Internal Medicine, 15th edition,

McGraw-Hill, New York

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Echeverry D.M., Dike M.R., Washington C., Davidson M.B.. (1995). The impact of using a low-literacy patient education tool on process measures of diabetes care in a minority population J. Natl Med Assoc. (11):1074-81

Brand Strategy Is a Challenging Task for
Words: 1402 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36831777
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brand strategy is a challenging task for many companies but it is a vital step in giving the company an identity of its own. It is this identity that is repeatedly communicated thought the business life. Developing a brand management strategy involves applying marketing techniques to a brand, or a product with the intention of giving it a unique image and to set it apart from the competitors. We will focus on the competitive analysis or model analysis that will briefly introduce our project, the competition or model, as well as describing the strengths and weaknesses of the competition or model.

The group is intending to come up with the shuttle bus service which is to serve the York collage, its student as well as staff. This shuttle bus service will transport valid students and staff from York College to predetermined stops in the area. By doing so, the shuttle…


Alex, W, 1999, The Brand Marketing Book, McGraw Hill, London. Retrieved September 26, 2013 from 

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Keller, L. 2003, Strategic Brand Management', Prentice Hall. Retrieved on 25/09/2013 Retrieved September 26, 2013 from

Entrepreneurs' Unusual Tactic Buying Up
Words: 326 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83424478
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I think this type of financial management plan must depend on very long-term investment solutions and options, and that it is not something to enter lightly or without the proper capital and time. With the downturn in housing, many of these homes will be difficult if not impossible to sell right now, because the average middle-America family who are the market for these homes cannot afford them without the sub-prime lenders who have already done so much damage to the housing market. That means these homes will have to continue to be rentals, and that eats up more administrative and repair costs. Thus, from a financial management standpoint, this seems like a good program, but only if the company is capitalized enough to weather the lending storm that is hitting right now, and is poised to make their investments last over time, rather than pay…

Unlucky and Edison- Lennie Edison Employed by
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Unlucky and Edison-

Lennie Edison, employed by Vulcan Systems, is on call 24/7 as a trouble shooter. Because of this, he drives a company vehicle, to and from work, and occasionally stops for errands after work on his way home. Edison is involved in a collision with Unlucky, who suffered bodily injury and damage to his car. Unlucky is suing both Edison and Vulcan in joint and several liabilities.

ule- Unlucky's attorney cites respondeat superior which states that an employer is responsible for the actions of employees within the course of their employment. When applied to physical torts an employer/employee relationship must be proven with the act committed during the scope of employment. Three general conditions apply: 1) Was the act committed while the employee was at work or on work property? 2) Was the offense committed during a normal working situation? 3) Was the agent motivated to benefit by…


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Retrieved from: 

Burleson, G.P. (March 6, 2011). In California, Minority Shareholders Can Sue Majority

Proust Narratology F Specifications Narratology and Proust
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Proust, Narratology f. Specifications

Narratology and Proust: An Essay on the Narrative Form

Narratology refers to the narrative form in literature, and all that it entails. It is concerned with the order and method by which the narrative is crafted. y design, a narrative must contain at minimum characters and a narrator, a voice apart from the characters that plays the role of storyteller, observer, and commentator. It is important because narration touches our lives through mass media, television, news print, and almost every form of information we receive in our daily lives. Four our purposes however, we will examine its use in fiction, or more finitely, the novel. In order to best understand the use of narratology within the novel context, we will examine the various elements of narratology according to conventional theory. Then, we will explore the example of Proust's style of narratology in his famous works, "In…


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Barthes, Roland. S/Z. Trans. Richard Miller. New York: Noonday P, 1974.

Coping With Death
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Linda Wertheimer and Robert Siegel extensively interviewed Helen Payne, an 81-year-old woman dying of leukemia, and family members, regarding the process of coping with terminal illness in a loved one. hey included observations from Payne's oncologist and hospice nurse as well. heir interview shows a wide range of logical and emotional responses exhibited by family members as Payne's illness progressed, and demonstrated just how complex our reaction to such illness can be.

Wertheimer and Siegel are presumably competent radio reporters. heir article was organized around open-ended questions they put to Helen Payne, one of her granddaughters, and medical experts. he result is a compelling narrative reflecting how families handle the complex emotions that occur when a loved one faces death. Family members demonstrated both logical and emotional responses to Payne's situation, although Payne herself accepted the doctor's diagnosis with poise and dignity. Since this article was not research, including…

That anecdote in particular was moving to me because my grandmother did something similar when she was dying. I spent hours sitting by her bedside. One time she drifted off to sleep. When she awoke, she told me that she was ready to die. She had dreamed of heaven, and in the dream, when she got there, was told of her beloved cousin who had died many years before. She was told this cousin was anxiously waiting to see her again. This belief that death would rejoin her with loved ones gave her great comfort.

In doing more formal research on this topic, it would be interesting to see if it is typical for those in say, the eightieth or ninetieth decades of life to accept the prospect of impending death more easily than their family members can.

Wertheimer, Linda, and Siegel, Robert. "All Things Considered." National Public Radio, 1997.

Loved One You Love Them Every Time
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loved one you love them every time before they go to bed or before you leave them, because you never know if it will be the last time you see them alive. Includes standard thesis statement, three-point body, and conclusion. Five sources are used. Cited bibliography.

Three Little ords

Johnny is late for school again. He's always late, and you're exasperated and even angry. He's still looking for his homework while his ride is honking outside the house. 'Hurry up' you say. 'hat am I going to do with you? You're always late.' You're still scolding him as he runs down the sidewalk. Johnny may have forgotten his homework, but you forgot something much more important. hile you're rushing to get ready for work, still putout that he's made you late, you get a call. The call. There's been an accident. No survivors. 'I love you.' Three little words. They…

Works Cited


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Hannigan, Glenn. "My angel is gone." The Atlanta

Constitution. May 24, 2001; pp A1.;Lib&dtype=0~0&dinst=0&author=GLENN+HANNIGAN%2C+Staff&title=%27My+angel+is+gone%27++&date=05%2D24%2D2001&query=love+and+911+tragedy&maxdoc=40&idx=38.(accessed07-01-2002).

Workplace Supervision Tardiness Problem Identification
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Also, there would be no related resentment issues in terms of Paula's additional training or supervision responsibilities. In terms of the employee viewpoint, this solution would probably be easier for George to implement, as only Paula's potential resentment will have to be handled, rather than the resentment of multiple employees.

In addition to a penalty system, it could also be a good idea to implement a reward system for excellence in performance. This would encourage employees to perform to the best of their ability while reducing any resentment as related to race or unfair treatment.


Although more costly in terms of financial investment, the solution of transport is chosen as the best option in terms of the least disruption. Furthermore, the advantage is that the transport solution can be implemented for other workers who also face Paula's situation. This would improve the company's image as one that is concerned…

References (2003). Problem Employees: Tardiness. Retrieved from 

Hicks, Tim. (2010). Seven Steps for Effective Problem Solving in the Workplace. Retrieved from 

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Paintings Colors and Self-Portrait Introduction
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Pissarro took a special interest in his attempts at painting, emphasizing that he should 'look for the nature that suits your temperament', and in 1876 Gauguin had a landscape in the style of Pissarro accepted at the Salon. In the meantime Pissarro had introduced him to Cezanne, for whose works he conceived a great respect-so much so that the older man began to fear that he would steal his 'sensations'. All three worked together for some time at Pontoise, where Pissarro and Gauguin drew pencil sketches of each other (Cabinet des Dessins, Louvre).

Gauguin settled for a while in ouen, painting every day after the bank he worked at closed.

Ultimately, he returned to Paris, painting in Pont-Aven, a well-known resort for artists.

X...for pic

Le Christ Jaune (the Yellow Christ) (Pioch, 2002) Still Life with Three Puppies 1888 (Pioch, 2002)

In "Sunny side down; Van Gogh and Gauguin," Martin…


Bailey, Martin. (2008). Dating the raindrops: Martin Bailey reviews the final volumes in the catalogues of the two most important collections of Van Gogh's drawings. Apollo Magazine Ltd. Retrieved February 26, 2009 from HighBeam Research: 

Martin. (2005) "Van Gogh the fakes debate. Apollo Magazine Ltd. Retrieved February 26, 2009 from HighBeam Research: . Bell, Judith. (1998). Vincent treasure trove; the van Gogh Museum's van Goghs. Vincent van Gogh's works from the original collection of his brother Theo. World and I. News World Communications, Inc. Retrieved February 26, 2009 from HighBeam Research:

Anthropology Japanese-American Internment During the
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... further, that it would be only a question of time until the entire Pacific coast region would be controlled by the Japanese.' Yet Japan's ultimate aim was not limited to California or the Pacific Coast but was global domination achieved through a race war. 'It is the determined purpose of Japan,' the report stated, 'to amalgamate the entire colored races of the world against the Nordic or white race, with Japan at the head of the coalition, for the purpose of wrestling away the supremacy of the white race and placing such supremacy in the colored peoples under the dominion of Japan.'

The presence of sizeable numbers of persons of Japanese origin in California and other Western states was seen as but the beginnings of a Japanese attempt to not merely expand territorially into the United States, but to literally substitute the existing racial order with a new scheme…


Asumah, Seth N., and Matthew Todd Bradley. "Making Sense of U.S. Immigration Policy and Multiculturalism." The Western Journal of Black Studies 25, no. 2 (2001): 82+.


Chang, Gordon H., ed. Morning Glory, Evening Shadow: Yamato Ichihashi and His Internment Writings, 1942-1945. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1997.

Food Crawfish Have Always Been
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Sure enough, both the traps (one old and one new) with the new bait boxes inside were filled with crawfish; the rest of the traps (including the new one)

that had the old bait jars inside had only a few crawfish, each. My dad admitted that he was as happy to find out that it was the jars all along, and not the traps themselves, because that meant he could continue using his father's old handmade traps, too. He decided right there to go get new bait boxes the next time we went into town, for all his traps. That day, my father also taught me some of the basics of crawfishing, such as never setting too many traps in the same place until June, because that is the end of their mating season; catching too many in one place in May could deplete the river for the rest of…

Rewritten Bible
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Bible: 1 Samuel 17

The story of David and Goliath has become a classic parable of how the weak can defeat the strong, size doesn't matter, and that all things are possible through "the Lord Almighty" (New International Version, 1 Sam. 17.45). From a secular point-of-view, it can be read as a parable of how physical size matters little when set against courage, skill, and an iron will, which is why it is often taught within secular households as well as in Jewish and Christian households.

David and Goliath's widespread notoriety is merely one of the reasons I chose 1 Samuel 17 as my rewritten bible passage. Personally, the story has always resonated with me as a tale of how the combination of courage, willpower, and faith in the Almighty can accomplish all things. hile David's courage allowed him to wrestle lions and bears, teaching him to be unafraid of…

Works Cited

The New International Version (NIV) Bible. Ed. International Bible Society. Nashville: Broadman & Holeman, 1995. Print.

Phone Wouldn't Have Rung Today
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" Although she had very little food for herself, she always had a great deal to give to others. She looked like a grandmother from an old-fashioned movie, although I couldn't give Marie a fairytale ending, only a ramp and a mended, but still-broken shack.

Marie would stay with us as we worked, anxious to be of help in any way that she could: she always offered us a handkerchief for our brows or a cold drink when we needed those things the most. I knew that living without air conditioning was normal for her, and so I tried to will myself not to care. She chatted with us, and she often told me how much I reminded her of her son, now grown, who lived far away.

Every day a few minutes before eleven, she would excuse herself. In the stillness of the heat, I would hear the phone…

Narrative Story
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Psychology Narrative

It is the intention of this paper to explore the methods utilized which resulted in the transformation of not only the behavior of a teenage boy but also in the transformation of his very life. Many methods have been utilized in attempting to modify behavioral-patterns in problem children and teens.

This paper will look at the changes in a young man whose name is Reuben, the elements that contributed to those changes and the viewpoint of Reuben as he tells us the story of his new outlook and life view.

This is a story told by Ruben about his life. It is a candid look at the manifestations of anger, frustration, rebellion against authority, and it is a story that gives voice to the possibilities of transformation or change within an individual. Further Ruben will reveals the conditions, or change of conditions in the environment that is conducive…

Christianity and the Death Penalty
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She answered that no one had condemned her. Jesus then said to her, "Then neither do I condemn you," Jesus declared. "Go now and leave your life of sin" (John 8:11).

Because the woman was not stoned in the end, many interpret it to mean that Jesus changed Mosaic law and then this argument is extended to capital punishment in general. However, Jesus still left the opportunity for her to be stoned. If one of the people in the crowd had been without sin, then the woman would have still been stoned. He did not tell them not to stone her, he only set a condition on who should cast the first stone. He said nothing about the second or third stone, only the first. Luckily, for the woman, there were no qualified takers who could cast the first stone. Therefore, Jesus did not abolish capital punishment in this passage.…

Works Cited

Anderson, Kerby. "Capital Punishment." Leadership U. 2010. Web, 5 May 2010.

Croucher, Rowling. et al. (2003). "Death Penalty in the Bible." John Mark Ministries. Web, 5

May 2010.

Achilles Tendon Broken Wrist I Have
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When I went home, I made a sandwich for dinner and ate it with an apple and some chips. I did not feel that I even wanted to try to cook anything or do dishes afterward.

Taking a shower that night was challenging. I thought I would just stand in the shower with my left leg resting on the floor outside the tub, but then I realized I had a "cast" on my right arm that I could not get wet. I ended up wrapping both simulated casts with plastic trash bags so I wouldn't get them wet. I still ended up getting a considerable amount of water on the bathroom floor. Just before going to bed, I removed the elastic bandages. Being disabled for one day was enough.

What surprised me most about the experience was the difficulty of even the simplest tasks. I had not realized how often…

Grandfather My Grandpa Was a
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I felt a little said I couldn't take them all home and show them to Grandma, but that was soon overcome by feeling good about letting them go instead of being greedy and wasting nature's beautiful resources.

That just had to be one of the best days of my life because I still remember it with warmth in my heart, appreciation for what I learned, and a deep love for Grandpa for taking the time to teach me.

He saved my cousin Richard's life too. I was eight. Richard was twelve, and almost didn't make it to thirteen. It was Christmas vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Arkansas. A heavy snow had fallen, and us kids were having an all-out snowball fight near the lake. Of course, Grandpa had warned us several times not to go near the lake, but, hey, we were kids and we were having fun,…

Horses My Earliest Meaningful Experience With Nature
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My earliest meaningful experience with nature occurred when I was an eight-year-old child. My family took a vacation to New Mexico to visit one of those family friends that I called Uncle Joe, though he was not actually related to me in any way that I could discern. Uncle Joe had been a Vietnam War veteran, and, even as a child, I could tell that part of Uncle Joe stayed in Vietnam, though it would be years before I even realized that Joe had gone to war and longer still before he began to explain to me some of the experiences he had there. When he came home, he became involved in some type of business, which was apparently a profitable one, and he moved from his hometown to a ranch in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico. To this day, I could not tell you the exact location…

Testicular Embolism
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Testicular Embolism

Special Procedure requiring Special Sensitivity on the part of the Radiology Department and Attending Physicians

Testicular patients dying through ignorance," proclaimed a 2002 article in Life Extension Daily News. Researchers from Nijmegen's University Medical Center St. Radboud warned that a treatment delay of more than three months for testicular carcinoma was associated with a "significantly decreased" five-year survival rate. The most commonly cited reason for this critical diagnostic delay was not monetary issues. Instead, the delay was often due to patients fear and embarrassment of the condition and the location of the condition in the body. (Health Media Ltd., 2002) One way to prevent the spread of testicular carcinoma is speedy detection and treatment. Patients must conduct self-examinations on a regular basis, of course, and take responsibility for their own health. However, after detection has been made of a suspicious testicular mass, the next step often is the…

Works Cited

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What Happens During the Procedure?" Fletcher Health Care. Accessed on July 28, 2003 at

Child Care Developmental Observation of Five-Year-Old Statement
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Child Care

Developmental Observation of Five-Year-old

Statement of esearch/Observation: To observe a five-year-old female child in her natural setting to determine age appropriate developmental stages.

Description of Child Being Observed: The subject is a five-year-old female: Maribel.

Planning Stages:

My friend has a five-year-old niece. The subject's mother was contacted and agreed to allow the observations to take place in her home and on the playground. The project was discussed and plans were made to accommodate all involved parties.

Introductory Visit:

The introductory visit was conducted at my friend's house, also the child's grandmother's home. Maribel often visits her grandmother and is very comfortable within this home setting.

Upon this visit, Maribel was introduced to me as her aunt's visitor. She said, "hi" to me, and asked me if I was visiting her aunt. I replied yes, and asked Maribel if she would like to sit with me and wait…


Alliance for Childhood. "Importance of play." 2 May, 2003

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Kagan, J. "Child." World Book Online Reference Center. 2004. World Book, Inc. 25 Mar. 2004. .

Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas
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Dylan Thomas

Understanding a poem is a matter of first and foremost understanding the poet. The individual poet's choice of words and emotions which grab the reader, make a connection, and then deliver an emotional message which leaves a lasting message can be achieved through a number of techniques. But the poet who achieves a lasting memory in the minds of hearts of his readers is a person who approached the pen and ink often from a radically different perspective or with an emotional charge to his life that others not only find fascinating, but envy. Such is the case of Dylan Thomas, a Welshman with a known history of avid drinking, little self-discipline, and a penchant for over-indulgence which lead him to an early grave.

As a young child, Thomas loved the written word. He began writing his first poems at 8 or 9, while his attention was fixed…


Mondragon, Brenda. Dylan Marlais Thomas. Neurotic Poets. 2004. Accessed 17 April 2004. Website: 

Thomas, Dylan. Fern hill. 2002. Accessed 17 April, 2004. Website:

Delight Is in the Details
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Other smells that give the shop character include the manure on farmers' boots, the odor of chain saw oil on loggers wearing flannel, wool, Carhart jeans, and dingy ball caps. The self-serve counter also offers up some tantalizing smells, such as hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers, and chili. All these smells combined remind me of the rodeo that comes through town. The aromas in the shop enhance the experience because they unify the entire experience.

The little store is truly a one-stop shop in that you can find almost anything you need. For example, the shelves are lined with the regular products you would expect to see in any shop including pharmaceutical items, such as pink, blue and green thermometers hanging from racks; staple groceries like Wonder bread with its red, blue and yellow packaging; toilet paper; liquor; cigarettes and Skoal; candy bars, ranging from Hershey bars to the healthy fiber…

Criminal Smehra Black Tar Heroin Dealer I
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Criminal Smehra

lack Tar Heroin Dealer

I am sitting in my ex-roommate's living room. The television casts the only light in the room. It dances on the coffee table and upon our faces; a dull placid light from some meaningless rerun on Nick at Nite. Sharon gets up from the sofa, murmuring something about popcorn and her 'stupid' boyfriend, Tony. They've been together for 4 weeks now, that's why she's my ex-roommate, and in a nutshell: I don't like him. Not because he took my roommate away -she still pays for her room there- and not because he greases back his hair with half a jar of rylcreem everyday I don't like Tony because he's scum. He's the kind of scum you tend to pull up your coat to avoid their stares penetrating the back of your neck as you walk past them on the street. The kind of scum…


Cooper, M.H. "Competition in the Heroin Industry"

The Business of Drugs

Washington DC Congressional Quarterly, 1990

Black Tar Heroin

Letters Evaluating Writing Dear Student
Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Peer-Reviewed Journal Paper #: 4333328
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However, I would be more careful about choosing the words and the metaphors that you employ to do this, because you have a tendency to use overly dramatic images that do not really fit the story that well. I also noticed that you do not provide a clear introduction that gives the reader a clear indication of the major themes and direction of your essay. You have described the circumstances of your birth in both the present tense and in the past tense, so I would remind you of the importance of selecting one or the other and then sticking to that choice throughout your essay.

The organization of your essay is also somewhat confusing because you seem to shift back and forth between a narrative description of your birth and of your family's history and of the philosophical (and historical) perception of the importance of gender in Chinese society.…

Representation of Death and the Impermanence in
Words: 3843 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96796499
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representation of Death and the impermanence in the short story "A Father's Story" by Andre Dubus, and the poem "Because I could not stop for Death" by Emily Dickinson. These two works were chosen because both speak of Death and impermanence, yet these authors employ different literary forms, characters, settings and plots. "A Father's Story" follows the format of a short story, being prose written in concise paragraphs with a main point or moral and portraying its characters by the way they speak. "Because I could not stop for Death" follows the form of poetry, being structured in shifted lines and using language to evoke imagination or emotion in the reader. In addition, the two writers substantively approach Death very differently. Comparison of these distinct forms shows how writers can make very different styles and statements about Death and impermanence through different devices, including but not limited to the short…

Works Cited

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Hba and the Building Trade the Liabilities of a Professional Association
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Non-Profit and for-Profit Ethical and Liability Issues

This paper examines the ethical and liability issues that non-profit corporations and for-profit businesses face, and compares them.

Non-Profit Corporations and For-Profit Business: Comparison of the Ethical and Liability Issues that are Faced by Both There have been a lot of scandals lately regarding large for-profit businesses. These scandals stem from both ethical and legal issues. Many of these scandals have resulted in lawsuits and even criminal proceedings against those who have been involved with them. The true extent of corporate liability is just beginning to be seen in our society. We are watching the large corporations of this country ever more closely now, in order to make sure that they are acting in an ethical manner. The corporations, for their part, are being extra careful in their actions and words, fully aware of the liability that they are under should anything they…

Accession no.:70437218).


Roanoke Times & World News p. A9 Roanoke Retrieved October 6, 2003, from ProQuest database. (Accession no.:47787202).

Social Work Preparation Exercises
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Social Work Exercises

Preparing for 3 Clients

Mrs. Nancy Cannon telephoned from her place of work ( the Capital nsurance Company -- phone [HDDEN] She sounded concerned. She said that on the previ-ous Saturday night, her 14-year-old daughter Amy had come home after her 9: 00 p. m. curfew, smelling of alcohol. She says that she " grounded" her daughter but now wants to talk with a social worker about the situation. Mrs. Cannon requested an appointment for herself alone, indicating that she wanted to sort things out with someone before she dealt further with her daughter.

Mrs. C. reported that this was the first such incident. She said, " 've never had any trouble whatsoever from Amy. She's been a wonderful child." She stated that she had not sought pro-fessional help before and that this was her first contact with any social service or mental health agency. She indicated…

I would have to take a moment to breathe and clear my head. My own frustration about the fact I id not get a raise should not interfere with the well being of my upcoming client. I would remind myself that I am in this field not for the monetary benefits, but for the joy of helping real people with real problems. I would tell myself that this is a testing moment; I either need to center myself and help those in need, or stop altogether.

Case 1

The issue of handling this case is a very sensitive one. Unfortunately, "despite many changes that have occurred in the treatment of rape victims, there still exists in our society ignorance about, and ambivalence towards the rape victim, causing for many an additional stress" (South Eastern CASA, 2012). This is especially true for date rape victims, who are often stigmatized as having not been raped in a traditional sense. Many tend to falsely believe that the victim was either using an excuse after the fact, or simply lost control because of their own vices in regards to drugs or alcohol. This creates a scenario where there needs to be a certain degree of trust built within the empathy provided by the social worker. Thus, "given that the victim's trust in people has been betrayed by the rapist, it may make it more difficult for her to trust others. The counselor needs to indicate that she can empathize with the victim's feelings, that she can listen and acknowledge the intense emotions the victim has, and encourage rather than suppress discussions of these" (South Eastern CASA, 2012). It is crucial that the social worker provide a sense of trust and understanding in order to best help the victim at hand. This trust will help

Marketing Plan Sweet Treats Coffee
Words: 4922 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85743183
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3 Competition

As stated before, the competition in the coffee shops industry has increased drastically during the past recent years. In 2003, the industry had registered total sales of over $6 billion (Ferguson, 2004). The top five competitors of Sweettreats would be: Starbucks, Nestle, McDonald's, Dunkin and Gloria Jean's.

Gloria Jean's is among the leaders of the industry and they basically address their products to the young population. The corporation is based in Australia but present in numerous countries of the globe through franchise contracts (Official Website of Gloria Jean's, 2008).

Dunkin Donuts is a U.S. based company, namely headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. In 2006, they registered annual revenue of over $4 billion. They address all types of consumers and sell a wide palette of coffee-based beverages and foods (Official Website of Dunkin Donuts, 2008).

Starbucks is the undisputed leader of the industry and in 2006 they registered annual revenues…


Dawidowska, K., April 1, 2002, Coffee Overload. Agree that coffee from gourmet coffee shops is too expensive - Almost 3 in 4 coffee shops patrons 72%, American Demographics

Dream, C.S., 1997-2008, How to Start a Coffee Shop, Home Business Inc., accessed on February 28, 2008

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Young Girl Esperanza Is Sitting
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7. Esperanza was being asked (or told) by Dona Trini that she was going to have to service more clients than just Mr. Haynes, and Esperanza told Dona that maybe an enemy was using a spell against her. Dona told Esperanza that she could think of eight enemies already.

8. Haynes was smuggling Esperanza across the border, and was sweating profusely. The immigration officer at first waved him through, but then yelled at him to stop. He recognized Haynes as the judge that had let his brother off with parole when accused of smuggling pot across the border.

9. This quote concerns the priest whom Esperanza has been contacting long distance in order to 'confess'. By his words, he has fallen madly in love with her (or at least in lust) and wishes for her to return posthaste, or perhaps never at all.

10. Esperanza met a man at a…

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Interview With My Grandmother Sharlene
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Oh now, there was no social life after work. e had work at home to do. I had a husband and two boys to feed. The housecleaning was my job too. My mom was very sick and she moved in with us in Massachusetts. e had a rough go of it, but we made it.

Question. hat did they pay you at the munitions factory?

Aunt Etta. I think we got about $25 a week. It wasn't a lot of money but money went a lot farther back then. Plus we had a big garden and I canned vegetables and froze some too, like corn and lima beans. The worst day I had at that factory was the day they fired us all. It was one week after VJ day, and when we came in the place was quiet, no machines running. They lined us up, gave us our paychecks,…

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Professional Platform for Ethics and Leadership
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agrees that ethics is an important part of effective leadership in the field of health care but there is no universally accepted understanding of what constitutes ethical leadership (Milton, 20004). The concept of ethical leadership has been addressed in the literature of a wide variety of fields associated with the health care profession but none have been able to clearly define its terms. The purpose of this paper will be to examine what ethical leadership means to me and how my personal viewpoints and attitudes have been affected by my background and experience.

Primary Influences

Having been raised in an Irish family my Irish heritage is an important aspect in the formation of my ethical viewpoint. Although I have lived in the United States for nearly forty years, I cannot escape the lessons and values that I learned growing up in the Irish countryside. My family lived in an Irish…


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Education the Key Elements of Classroom Management
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Classroom Management

Class room management holds extreme importance in the process of teaching. It is mandatory for a teacher to manage her class effectively in order to achieve her predetermined instructional goals. 'Successful classroom management involves much more than rules and discipline. Indeed research into classroom management demonstrates that effective teachers are proactive about student behavior, and they involve students in the process of establishing and maintaining rules and routines'. (Strong, 2007)

An effective instructional is dependent on various factors, and a properly managed classroom is definitely one of those factors. There is no way that a teacher can achieve her desire objective, if the process of teaching is taking place in a poorly managed classroom. A properly managed classroom along with attractive materials can definitely attract the attention of students and involve them in the process of learning. Management of classroom is also important to avoid any unnecessary wastage…


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True Meaning of Snow David Guterson Is
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True Meaning of Snow

David Guterson is the young, American author of Snow Falling on Cedars which heavily consists of human nature and human emotions. Snow Falling on Cedars, narrates the trial of a Japanese man accused of murdering a white man in the post-orld ar II era. Throughout this literary work, Guterson uses elements of nature: land, trees, water and especially snow, as literal and metaphorical tools to develop and resolve conflicts.

David Guterson uses the same aspects and characteristics of nature in two different ways. First he describes in visual detail the literal or actual effects that elements of nature have on the characters in the novel. But more importantly Guterson uses nature to convey substantial and symbolic meaning in the lives of the characters in the story.

One of the elements of nature that Guterson uses as a tool to develop the conflicts in Snow Falling on…

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Therapist Name Case Name Reason for Referral
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Therapist Name:

Case Name/#:

eason for eferral:

The client is a 15-year-old male who has issues with anger management. The client is also a gang member and given his age and background he is considered to be at risk for a number of antisocial behaviors.

Presenting Problems:

Clinical concerns: Anger management/acting out.

Clinical concerns: Interpersonal isolation/relationship issues.

Clinical concerns: Underage cigarette smoking.

Client is a high potential risk for substance abuse.

Clinical concerns: Client is at a high potential risk for depressive symptoms.

Contextual considerations:

The client has been in counseling with another counselor for four months before being transferred to this counselor's caseload. According to the reports from his previous counselor this client had made very little progress and was uncooperative.

He was uncooperative during the initial assessments and did not wish to discuss his feelings or acknowledge that he has difficulties with managing his anger. He tends to…


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Letter From the Principal Why Andrew Is
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Letter From the Principal

Why Andrew is best suited to Receive the Award

For the reasons I highlight in this text, Andrew has my full backing as recipient of the award. This particular candidate has over time demonstrated that he has the ability to not only enhance student learning, but to also spearhead the progress of learners. On this front, in addition to efficiently making use of formal and informal assessments to guide instruction, Andrew is also an avid user of student tracking systems (the Engrade online system to be particular).

The candidate also stands out in classroom instruction. This is more so the case given that he continues to meet student expectations (particularly by grading them on the same level regardless of Gen Ed. Or IEP) and demonstrate academic rigor by ensuring that all essays and work are common core aligned. I also dare say that the candidate's rapport…