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DaVinci Robot

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DaVinci Robot Purchase
The fact that the annual growth rate for robotic surgery is 2% per year is the most important fact that needs to be considered. The margins are high enough to justify the investment alone—but the 2% growth year over year indicates that robotics are the future and a facility that is not invested in them will not be competitive. As Gerhardus (2003) notes, the future is here and now with the Da Vinci robot: robot-assisted surgery cuts down on the potential for human error, reduces risk, and increases margins for outpatient operations. It is a win-win for the hospital any which way one looks at it.
The hospital can focus on providing more outpatient robot-assisted operations, thanks to the hiring of the new surgeon who is skilled on the Da Vinci robot. It can increase its margins substantially by shifting the focus to outpatient procedures away from…… [Read More]


Gerhardus, D. (2003). Robot-assisted surgery: the future is here. Journal of Healthcare Management, 48(4), 242.

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Southernmost Foot and Ankle Specialists

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Procedural History
In this case, the plaintiff, Southernmost Foot and Ankle Specialists, is suing John F Torregrosa, the defendant, in an appeal from a final judgment granting declaratory relief.
The legal questions presented in this case include:
1. Whether there was an abuse of discretion by the trial court with respect to rendering a final ruling that failed to put into effect the complete two-year term of the restraining covenant, that looked after geographic restrictions that were tighter compared to those enclosed within the oral declarations of the trial court
2. Whether there was an abuse of discretion by the trial court owing to the modification of the period and interval of the restraining covenant from 2 years to 1 year devoid of providing a validation or justification for the modification
3. Whether the trial court did not have the evidence to back up its discoveries that the public…… [Read More]


District Court of Appeal of Florida. (2004). SOUTHERNMOST FOOT AND ANKLE SPECIALISTS, P.A., Appellant, v. John F. TORREGROSA, D.P.M., Appellee. No. 3D04–1096